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Editor of 




" (Bui of monument*, names, Forbes, ptoberos, ttaoit(on& t prttmte 
teeoroes, antj ebfoences, fragments of stories, passages of 
lioote, nno tli c like, ine tjoe saue nnti reeouer comctofjat from 
tljc oetttge of tune," — Bacon. 

' VOL. III. 





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IN bringing this work to a conclusion I take the 
opportunity of thanking those who have given me their 
kindly support during the ten years that I have acted 
as Editor. 

It is not without considerable reluctance that I have 
decided to take this step ; but the lack of local support, 
and the small amount of interest exhibited by the 
general public in historical research at the present time, 
point to the fact that men are too busy now-a-days to 
give a thought to the past and all that it teaches us. 
. I have received several letters, from friends and 
subscribers expressing regret at the cessation of this 
publication, otherwise I might have thought that my 
labours were not appreciated. The production of these 
three volumes, though not claiming an)' literary merit, 
has been, I may say, a source of pleasure to me, as 
I hope the perusal of them has been to my readers. 

I doubt whether the future will develop a wider 
taste for efforts in this direction, but if such should 
be the case I can only, in laying down my pen, express 
the hope that some one more competent will be found 
to take up and continue the work which I now feel 
constrained to relinquish. 



April, 1893. 


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" 1630." 


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" Chillington " 

" Chellington 

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" 1673." 

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" Eccles." 

flDbijt 27° "Die JFebtuarij 1573. 3no actatia suae 77°« 

l)ere tjntier titty buueU tfje botip of Sir asiiniam Uparpcr ftnigf>t 
aiincrman anTi | late ILoroc ^-iflaiot of tl;e GKtte of HonUon tottjje SDame 
iflarcarctt I;i>3 Hast SMtfe to c & | ©it ftEii'IItam to borne in tins totonc 
of 33eofortJ, anti fjere fouXieti $ eaue nanus | for tl?e maintenance of a 
Cramer ^cljoole ^ 



%\x militant J&arpei\ l\t. 

INTIMATELY associated as this name is with the town of 
Bedford, whose prosperity may be said to be in a great 
measure due to him, yet, strange to say, but little has been 
attempted in the way of writing his Biography. True, his 
name, and that of Dame Alice, his first wife, are perpetu- 
ated in the now flourishing schools which have given Bed- 
ford a world-wide reputation ; and two streets, viz., I Iarp//r 
vol. nr. * 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Street (perversely so spelt), and Dame Alice Street, also 
attest his connection with the town, but one would like 
to know something more „pf the man whose name is a 
household word in Bedford, whence he sprang, what posi- 
tion his family held, and fuller particulars of his life. 
Though efforts have been made to ascertain something of 
his history, the materials which have been gathered together, 
are very scant ; the late Mr. J. G. Nichols was the first, T 
believe, to investigate the matter, and the results of his 
researches were given in a paper which lie read before the 
Society of Antiquaries on the 14th of February, 1870, printed 
in vol. iv. of the "Transactions of the Middlesex Archaeo- 
logical Society." In 1882, Mr. Duclly Cary-Elwes wrote a 
brief paper which appeared in " Bedfordshire Notes and 
Queries," vol ii. p. 27, dealing chiefly with his place of burial, 
and in " The Early History of the Guild of Merchant Tay- 
lors,"* part ii. p. 240, are some further particulars relating 
chiefly to Sir William Harper's connection with the 
Company and to his official position as Lord Mayor 
of London. I ought, perhaps, here to mention that there is 
a brief memoir of Sir William Harper in "The Guide to the 
Bedford Charity," compiled by James Wyatt, of Bedford, and 
printed in 1843. I have, therefore, thought it would prove 
interesting to gather together the few salient points of his 
life that are scattered about, and briefly to record them in 
these pages. 

According to the inscription on his brass in S. Paul's 
Church, it would appear that he first saw light In or about 
the year 1496, Bedford being the place of his birth, and that 
as a young man he went up to London, and was apprenticed 
to a Merchant Taylor, of which Company he became a free- 
man in the year 1533, when he would be about thirty-six 
years of age. Of his parents we know nothing except that 
his father's name was William ; the probability is that his 
family was of humble origin, as no mention of them is to 
be found in the ordinary channels of genealogical informa- 
tion. He appears to have had a prosperous career in business, 
and having served as Warden, he become Master of the 
Merchant Taylors' Company in July, 1553. His first wife 
was Alice, widow of Richard Harrison, her maiden name 
being Tomlinson, when and where married I have been 

* Edited by Chas. M. Clode, Master for 1873-4, and printed fur private 
circulation by Harrison & Sons, London, 18SS. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


unable to ascertain ; he was getting on in years though, when 
she died in 1569, and probably they had enjoyed many years 
of married life. He had no issue by her and she was buried 
in S. Woolnoth's Church, as the following extract from the 
Register shows : — 

" The xvth day of October 1569 was buried Dame Alice Harper, wief* 
of Sir William Harper, Knight and Alderman of London, and lyeth 
in a vaulte made of brick, the mouth being before his pevve dore in 
the North Isle of this cherclie." 

Shortly before her death, Sir William Harper was elected 
to the honourable position of Lord Mayor of London, in 
October, 1561, when he was sixty-five years of age, having 
previously accepted the office of Sheriff on the 15th of June, 
1556. He received the honour of knighthood at Westminster 
on the 13th of February following his election as Lord 

About a year after the death of Dame Alice, his first wife, 
he. married again, Margaret Leedare, the marriage licence, 
issued from the Bishop of London's Registry, being as 
follows : — 

" 1570 Sep. 13 William Harpare, Knight, of City of London, & Mar- 
garet Leedare, of same, Spinster, Gen. Lie." 

In the foregoing she is described as of the City of London 
which, probably, is correct. Mr. Clodc calls her a native of 
Bedford, but gives no authority for this statement. 

This Dame Margaret, soon after the death of her husband, 
Sir William, took to herself another husband, viz. Edward 
Thorne, to whom I think she was married in 1575, as in the 
Parish Register of S. Mary Woolnoth occurs the following 
entry, which I have, no doubt refers to her : — 

" 1576 Mar. 29 William, son of Mr. Edward Thorne, that married my 
Lady Marker. " 

"Harker" being evidently a misprint for "Harper." This 
William Thorne did not long survive, as his burial is recorded 
in the same register as occurring on the following day. 

Edward Thorne died about six years after the birth of 
this son, as his will, dated 19th January, 1582, was proven 
20th Eebruary in same year. The following year, that is, 
only eight months after, Dame Margaret essayed yet another 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

husband, as the following licence, also issued from the 
Registry of the Bishop of London, shows : — 

"1583 Sep. 4 Edward Maxie, of Orsett, co. Essex, & Dame Margaret 
Harper, widow, relict of* Edwaid Thome, of City of London, Gent., 
dec d - ; Gen. Lie." 

They were married at S. Alban's Abbey the same month ; 
their marriage being thus recorded in the Register : — ' 

" 1583 Sep. 28 Edward Maxie and Dame Margaret Harper." 

From this time we have no trace of her, and it is hardly 
probable that she was buried at S. Paul's, as the inscription 
suggests, for there is not to my knowledge any trace of her 
burial in the Registers. 

There is one peculiarity about the inscription on the brass 
to Sir William Harper, which forms the Frontispiece to this 
Number, which has not received the attention that it deserves. 
A reference to the same informs us that Dame Margaret 
was his last wife. I think, it may fairly be assumed from 
this that he had more than two wives, for if he had only two, 
then the second one would surely have been described as 
his second^ and not as his last wife. I am rather inclined to 
this inference by finding recorded in the Parish Register of 
Ridgmont the following entry : — ■ 

" 1 5 5 1 Luce, lady Harpar, was buried the third daie of the mounth of 


It is true that this event took place some five years before 
Harper was knighted, and thus militates against my theory, 
still, if she was not in some way connected with Sir William 
Harper, who was she? I know of no other knight of that 
name. I cannot now recall how the entry was made in the 
Register ; possibly some one may have interpolated the 
word "Lady" a,t a subsequent period to identify her more 
particularly. However, be that as it may, I give the sug- 
gestion for what it is worth. 

The inscription, above referred to, states, that Sir William 
Harper died on the 27th of February, 1573 ; the entry in 
the Registry reads thus : — 

" 1573, ffebruarii Bury'd Sr. William Ilarpar Alderman and Lord 
Maior of London ye 27th." 

Here is a discrepancy which requires clearing up, as it is 
obvious that Sir William dying in London on February 27th, 
could not be buried at Bedford on the same day. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Mr. Ehves, who examined the Registers of Si Paul's, says 
that the above entry is clearly an interpolation, being written 
in a later hand and with a different ink, and he draws the 
inference that notwithstanding the directions in his will for 
his body to be buried " within the parisshe church of St. 
Paull in the toune of Bedford," that Sir William Harper was 
never buried there. The Registers of S. Paul's for theft 
period appear to have been kept in duplicate books : in one 
'there is no reference at all to the death or burial of Sir Wil- 
liam ; in the other there is only the entry above given. This, 
then, being another point upon which some doubt exists, 
it would be well, if possible, to clear it up. The brasses are 
not now in their original place ; they have been moved and 
placed on a cumbrous altar-tomb of comparatively modern 
date, but the old matrix still exists in the South Chancel 
Aisle. Mr. J. G. Nichols considers the figure of Sir William, 
being in armour with an alderman's gown over it, as an 
unique example. 

His will, dated the 27th day of October, 1573, is compara- 
tively brief ; he gives to the " Worshipful Company of the 
Marchant tailors for a remembrance of the goodwill I bare 
unto them, vjl. xiijs. iiijd. in ready money, to make a Cuppe 
with all to remaync to th' use of the said Company." He 
makes his " wellbeloved wief dame Margarete Harper" 
residuary legatee, and appoints her sole executrix. No 
mention is made of any landed property, and the will was 
proved at London 6th .April, 1574. 

I would here observe that in his will, on his tomb; in S. 
Paul's Parish Register; and in the Archives of the Merchant 
Taylors' Company, the name is spelt Harper ; surely this 
evidence should suffice to determine the correct way of 
spelling the name: yet in the face of such evidence, the 
name still continues here in Bedford to be spelt Harpz/r, 
which is the name of a totally different family belonging 
to Derbyshire. 

Also, I would take exception to Mr. Ehves's statement 
that Sir William Harper did not found the Grammar School, 
but that it was founded by King Edward VI. Referring to 
the Letters Patent of 6 Edward VI., I find it set out 
that on the petition of the Mayor, Bailiffs, Burgesses, and 
Commonalty of the Town of Bedford for erecting and esta- 
blishing a free and perpetual School, the King granted them 
his licence "to erect, make, found, and establish a free and 
perpetual Grammar School, &c," and in order to enable them 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

to carry out their wish, the King thereby licensed the afore- 
said Mayor, &c, and their successors, to acquire, purchase, 
and receive lordships, manors, lands, &c. to the value of £<\o 
per annum, from any person or persons willing to give, grant, 
bequeath, or assign the same to them. This Instrument 
bears date the 15th of August, 1553, but it was not till the 
year 1 566, or thirteen years after, that the scheme was carried 
into effect, when, by a deed of gift bearing date the 20th of 
April, 1566, Sir William Harper, Knight, Alderman of the 
city of London, and Dame Alice, his wife, conveyed 13 acres 
and 1 rood of land, situate in Holborn, being portion of the 
possessions of the late dissolved Monastery of Charterhouse, 
to the Mayor, &c, of the town of Bedford, for the purpose 
of endowing a school, which the deed states he had already 
built in the town at his own expense. On the face of this 
direct evidence, it is rather hard upon Sir William Harper 
to deny him the credit of being the founder of the Bedford 
Grammar School ! 

The first person elected and admitted into the office of 
Master was one Edmond Grene, and the first usher was 
Robert El bone. 

In the same year this land in London, which Sir William 
acquired from Dr. Caesar Aldermare, in the year 1564, for 
the sum of £iSo, was leased for £12 per annum, in 1688, or 
120 years alter, for a term of 41 years at £gg per annum, 
and in 1760, the yearly rental of the land had risen to 
^3000. At the present moment, the annual value produces 
a sum of over ,£14,000. 

No portrait of Sir William Harper, that I know of, exists, 
but there are two small engravings of him which I possess. 
One appeared in James Wyatt's "Guide to the Bedford 
Charity," referred to above, which was taken from Granger; 
the other, which is very similar, though coarser in execution, 
is engraved from " an unique print in the collection of Sir 
John St. Aubyn," and was published by W. Richardson in 
1793. The features, do not exhibit any great intellectual 
force of character, but are rather those of an amiable, kindly- 
disposed man. There was formerly a portrait of him in 
the Hall of the Merchant Taylors' Company, but this was 
destroyed in the Great Fire of London. 

Having thus collected together a few brief records of 
this great benefactor to the town of Bedford, I hope that 
some one may be induced to take up the matter more 
fully. I cannot help thinking that there are sources yet 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. y 

unworked which would yield further material, and I 
would indicate as one field of research, the Records of the 
Corporation of Bedford, from which, I feel confident, some- 
thing might be gleaned. <" F. A. B. 

I am indebted to Mr. F. Hockliffe for the loan of the 
blocks to illustrate this article. 

Clcrgg list foe TBcpfbrD arcfjDcaconvj?, 1605. 

PART V. {Continued from Vol. II. p. 332.) 

Bedford, Cittb.— Parsonage propr. £5 9*4-^. The King's 

Matie. Wm. Foxcroft, no graduat. a preacher some 

tyme. Resides. 56 commts. 
Bedford, fohannis. — Parsonage. £21 os. lod. The Maior, 

Bayliffs, Burgesses, and Com. of Bedford. "Nathaniell 

Gilbie, B.D., a preacher* Resides. 90 commts. Non L. 
Bedford, Pauli. — Parsonage imppr. endowed with a Vic. 

Vic. £10. Nich. Luke, esq. Andrew Dennis, M.A. 

Resides. 600 commts. Recusant' 1 man. Non L. 
Bedford, Petri— Parsonage. £11 3* 5ld. The King's 

Matie. Martin Linford, MA. 87 commts. Non L. 
Bedford, Marice.— Parsonage. £11 4s. yid. Ye Lo. Bpp. 

of Lincolne. John Chambers, M.A. Resides. 200 

commts. recusants I man and 1 woman. Lie. per 

Wm. Ep. Line. 

* All have this. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Byddenham.— -Vicarage. £8. Wm. Boteler, esq. Wm. 

Gower, curat., M.A. Non L. 
Cardingto?i.— Vicarage. £7 iys. id. Mris. Jane Gaskoine. 

Thos. Wattes, M.A." Resides. 340 commts., recus. 

I man and 1 woman. Non L. 
Copley.-— Parsonage appr. endowed with a Vic. Vic. £7. 

Christ Ch. in Oxon. Fras. Hudson, B.A. Resides. 

127 commts. L. per Archbp. Cantuar. 
Elstozv.— Parsonage appr. with a Curat. Curat stip. £8. 

ye King's Matie. Rob. Hundley, curat., M.A. Resides. 

260 commts., non commts. 2 men and 4 women, recu- 
sant 1 man. Non L. 
Goldington. — Parsonage ppr. endowed with a vie. Vic. 

£8 \os. Ye Lo. Cobham [Langdale vidua 1681]. 

Oliver Roberts, M.A. 200 commts. Est L. per 

Elinor Ep. Lon 

Houghton- Conquest. — Parsonage. \ r\ 1 1 ^ r 5- 
Gild. -Parsonage. } Une CilUrcn ' £11. 

Sr. Rd. Conquest. Thos. Archer, M.A. Resides. 160 

commts. Est L. per Univ. Cantab. 
Kempstoiie. — Parsonage appr. endowed with a vie. Vic. £12. 

Matthew Beedles, gent.- Rd. Wheeler, B.A. Resides. 

450 commts. Recusants 3 men and 1 woman. Non L. 
Wellington. — Parsonage appr. endowed with a vie. Vic. 

£7 I ys, Wm. Gostwick. Anthy. Topcliff, M.A. 

Resides. T28 commts. Non E. 
Wilhamstead. Parsonage appr. endowed with a vie. Vic. 

£9. Sr. Edward Ratcliffe. Rob. Rislie, M.A. Resides. 

200 commts. Est 1. p. Wick . . . Ep. D. . . . 
Wootton. — Parsonage appr. endowed with a vie. Vic. 

£13 6s. Sd. Ye King's Matie. Humph. Totnam, 

M.A. Resides. 300 commts. Est L. per Holland 

[Ep.] Petr. 

I After each name is " behaviour good."} 



IRecent archaeological HXscotierics at IRcmpston, 

THE following is an abstract of a paper on " Recent 
Archaeological Discoveries at Kcmpston " read by Mr. T. 
G. E. Elger, F.R.A.S., at the Bedford Library on Thursday 
evening, February 29th : — 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Kempston for the past thirty-five years or more has been 
"a happy hunting ground" for the antiquary. Leaving 
out of account those rudely-shaped implements of flint 
found in such profusion in its ancient river-gravels, which, 
as pertaining to an epoch ages before the historical period, 
must be relegated to that misty borderland separating the 
researches of the geologist from those of the archaeologist # 
— these same gravels have yielded indubitable evidence of 
containing the remains and relics of three distinct races of 
men, the Briton, the Roman or the Roman ized-Briton, and 
the Anglo-Saxon. For more than half a century excava- 
tions for gravel have been almost constantly in progress on 
the eastern, or Bedford side of the village, but the place to 
which attention will be specially drawn is situated about ij 
miles W.S.W. of the town of Bedford, and is traversed by 
the road leading to Kempston. An examination of the 
Ordnance Map shows that this site forms very nearly the 
highest point of an almost circular plateau or table-land, 
about half a mile in diameter, bounded on the west and 
north by the river Ouse, to which, on the west, it presents 
a steep escarpment some thirty or forty feet above the 
water (known as the Hill Grounds) ; while on the south 
and east it falls with a very gentle gradient to the general 
level of the alluvial plain surrounding Bedford on the south. 
We know from the statements of work' men that skeletons, 
urns, and other relics were dug up in various places on this 
site long before " the finds " attracted the notice of archaeo- 
logists. In fact it was not till the year 1864 that Kempston 
began to be known to antiquaries as a specially interesting 
locality. In that year gravel digging was in progress 
on the south side of the main road, not far from the place 
where the road to Marston brandies out from it, and a 
large number of most remarkable relics were exhumed. 
The Rev. S. E. Fitch, M.D., who was then resident at 
Kempston, took a lively interest in the discoveries, which 
he has systematically described and placed, on permanent 
record in the " Reports and Papers " of the Associated 
Archaeological Societies, where the most noteworthy of the 
relics are admirably illustrated by the late Mr. Bradford 
Rudge. During the thirteen months that Dr. Fitch re- 
corded the discoveries, a great number of graves yielded 
not only skeletons in various stages of decay, but personal 
ornaments, such as fibulae, earrings, rings, etc., etc., some 
few of gold, others of silver and bronze ; beads of amethys- 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

tine quartz, of crystal clear and opaque, and a vast 
number of highly ornamental beads, of beads of coloured 
glass and of earthen material. 

Among the relics which were once used for household 
purposes and for the toilet was a wooden bucket, beauti- 
fully finished and encircled by bronze hoops; and'in some 
of the women's graves small cylindrical bronze-gilt boxes 
were found, containing fragments of worsted fabric and 
some linen manufacture of three distinct qualities. These 
boxes were about 2|in. in diameter and 2in. or 3m. in 
height, and were probably used as portable work-boxes 
or lady's companions. The weapons discovered included 
swords, spear-heads (with the remains of the wooden shaft 
in a more or less advanced state of decay), knives, and 
shields, or at least the central projecting part of the latter, 
termed the "umbo." The most notable "find" of all] 
however, was a beautiful glass drinking cup, as perfect as 
when it was deposited. It is ioJ,in. high, and 3-Jin. wide 
at the mouth, from which it gradually tapers to jin. at the 
base. It is pale green in hue, and is ornamented by shallow 
longitudinal grooves and by spiral threads near its widest 
end. In addition to these things a large number of urns 
were discovered, some containing apparently nothing but 
earth, others wholly filled with calcined bones, or with 
bones mingled with soil. These Jietilia were all of the 
type now generally classified as Anglo-Saxon. A few 
coins wen- found, but these had evidently been used as 
ornaments, as they were pierced for suspension ; one was 
of Carausius (A.D. 287-293), another of Constantine III. 
(A.D. 407), probably struck in London. In many cases the 
skeletons were laid at full length, and were covered with 
small slabs of rough limestone ; in others they were in a 
kneeling or bent posture. Though a kind of rough order 
was apparent in* the disposition of the graves, there was no 
sign of orientation, nor were any Christian insignia found. 
The depths of the interments varied from about eighteen 
inches to nearly five feet. Unfortunately Dr. Fitch's 
memoir is unaccompanied by a plan showing where the 
more interesting discoveries were made, but I am told that 
many relics were found on the site of the shop of Mr. 
Munns, the baker. This faces the Kempston Road, and is 
close to the turn to Marston. Early in the month of 
January last year the large level field on the north side 
of the road from Bedford to Kempston, and opposite the 

Bedfordsliire Notes and Qtieries. 

1 1 

place which yielded such an abundant harvest of antiquities 
twenty-six years ago, was sold by auction. A portion was 
purchased by Mr. George T. Jarvis, of Bedford, and the 
work of gravel digging began at once. An urn, a skeleton 
in a very imperfect state, and a fibula were found within 
two days of commencing the work. Though this augured 
well* for further discoveries, nothing came to light, beyond 
a small Anglo-Saxon urn, dug up on April 15th, till June 
5th. On this day a most remarkable group of urns was 
found in close contiguity, at a depth of about four feet, at 
a spot some forty-five yards from the west bo.undary of the 
premises pertaining to the recently-erected Board School. 
This pottery differs very distinctly from anything of the 
kind described by Dr. Fitch, as it is not Anglo-Saxon, but 
Roman or Romano-British. Seventeen urns, mostly in a 
very perfect condition, were brought to light within a space 
of four square yards. All of them were well shaped, and 
some of them are fine examples of the best class of Romano- 
British pottery. Three of the urns are of the beautiful 
Upchurch ware, manufactured on the Med way below 
Chatham, where the Romans had extensive potteries. 
One is shaped like a modern wash-hand basin, and is 
of a creamy-white colour. 

I have sent sketches and descriptions of it to several 
antiquarian friends, but no one seems to know what 
particular ware it represents. It was found near the bottom 
of the saucer-shaped trench in which the group was de- 
posited, and rested on a slab of stone. The other urns 
were ranged round it at a slightly higher level. Nothing- 
was found in it except fine clean gravel, locally called 
" chinks." Nor were there any bones in the other urns. 
In one urn, however, a pair of bronze tweezers, and in an- 
other a bronze implement, used by the Romans as an ear- 
picker, were discovered. When the trench was further 
broken into, on July nth, four other urns were found, 
evidently belonging to the same group. These arc also of 
the so-called Roman type, and are by far the most note- 
worthy examples of ancient pottery which I have seen 
unearthed in this neighbourhood. One urn is of a slaty- 
blue colour, and is ornamented round the widest part by 
groups of three incised parallel lines, arranged in a V-shaped 
pattern, bounded and separated by wide raised bands. 
Another is of a light bluish-grey hue, and is decorated by 
ten or more parallel rows of minute square depressions. I 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

think both these may be regarded as Upchurch ware. The 
remaining two are nearly plain, but are beautifully shaped. 
All these urns contained bones, presumably human, mingled 
with small flints, and in one of them a piece of a worked 
flint was found, which evidently once formed part of an 
arrow head. On August 2nd the excavation reached a 
stage affording a favourable opportunity for -examining the 
trench where these twenty-one urns were found grouped 
together in close proximity. It was a saucer-shaped 
depression, about twelve feet in diameter, and four feet in 
maximum depth from the natural surface of the ground, 
extending only a foot or so into the stratum of gravel 
underlying the vegetable mould. Towards the bottom of 
the trench, and below the level at which the urns lay, 
I found many stones and small pebbles which had clearly 
been subjected to the action of fire, and beneath this layer 
a stratum of charred wood and fragments of bone, but 
whether human or not I could not determine. A few days 
after this another somewhat similar but smaller excavation 
was discovered twenty-three yards west of the last, but at 
the same distance from the edge of the road. It was semi- 
circular in cross-section, about 3ft. 6in. in diameter, ex- 
tended to a depth of four feet below the surface, and 
penetrated the gravel to the extent of eighteen inches only. 
It was filled with what seemed to be bluish-coloured earth, 
but which was once, \ believe," puddled" or tempered 
clay. Nothing was found in this grave, if it may be so 
called, except a great quantity of broken pottery, composed 
of very coarse gritty clay embedded in the " puddle." This 
evidently represented broken urns, and from the appearance 
of the pieces it was evident that the fractures are of old 
standing, and that it was probably deposited in a broken 
condition. The bottom of the trench was lined with a well- 
marked stratum of mould between the "puddle" and the 
sides. On examining the face of the excavation betwixt 
these two trenches, many pieces of bone were noted, and in 
trying to remove them I came upon two large fragments, 
one representing the pelvis, and the other part of a femoral 
bone of a human skeleton. 

Between August, 1889, and January this year, no pottery 
of any value was discovered, though a vast quantity of 
broken urns was turned up at depths of about four feet. 
Judging from the fragments, the fractures seem to be 
. ancient, and from the way they were scattered about it 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


would almost appear that they had been disturbed since 
they were deposited, and thrown back anyhow. Only two 
skeletons were found in anything approaching a good state 
of preservation. The most perfect was exhumed at a spot 
about fourteen yards from the east boundary of the Kemp- 
Ston School Board property, and two yards from the north 
boundary of the road. It lay at a depth of about two feet 4 
six inches, with the head towards the north. The skull 
(evidently from the perfection and number of the teeth 
that of a young man) was in a wonderfully good state of 
preservation. On the right side of it rested a lance head 
of iron about six inches long, containing a portion of the 
wood of the shaft. The interments and relics described by 
Dr. Fitch are all undoubtedly of Anglo-Saxon date, being- 
very similar in character to those found in Anglo-Saxon 
cemeteries in Kent and other parts of England. The 
pottery, and the noteworthy absence of any of the usual 
accompaniments of Teutonic burial on the north side of the 
road, tends to show that the road, roughly speaking, divides 
the Anglo-Saxon portion of the cemetery from that used 
by another race. It was not uncommon for the invaders 
to continue to inter the remains of their dead where the 
Roman colonists had done the same long before, and 
during the gradual conquest of England and afterwards, 
Romanized Briton and Teuton were frequently laid in the 
same "God's Acre." Examples of this joint use of the same 
site are found at Canterbury, Colchester, and other places. 
At Kempston, as in man)' other Anglo-Saxon cemeteries, 
inhumation and cremation were practised at the same 
period. This is to be accounted for by the fact that 
though w r e apply the same generic term "Anglo-Saxon" 
to all the Teutonic tribes who invaded and colonized 
England after the departure of the Romans, these invaders 
consisted of clans differing widely in manners and customs 
and in other respects. One body of settlers practised cre- 
mation with urn burial, while another adhered to the custom 
of inhumation, and a third burnt the body, but, instead of 
inclosing the ashes in an urn, raised a mound over it. This 
part of England was doubtless the scene of constant 
change during the period when the cemetery was used. 
At one time the Angles, at another the Mercians, and then 
the West Saxons, occupied it and made it the scene of their 
peculiar modes of sepulture. It is impossible to say whether 
the Roman urns found last summer on the opposite side 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

of the road arc to be regarded as relics of the Roman 
period, or as representing Romano-British interments 
during the Anglo-Saxon epoch — most probably the latter.. 
Bedford, though possibly never a Roman station, was a 
place of note before the Teutons had established a per- 
manent footing in this country. It became a Saxon town, 
and ultimately a somewhat prominent one with a Royal 

As early as the year A.D. 571 there was a great battle 
fought here by the West Saxons against the Britons, and 
we may fairly conclude there was a considerable British 
population in the town at this period, which continued to 
dwell here long after the date just mentioned, and to bury 
their dead with their own peculiar rites in the same cemetery 
at Kempston, which must not be regarded as a mere local 
place of sepulture, but as a place used by the dwellers in 
Bedicanford, and the inhabitants of the " tuns " and " hams " 
in the vicinity. As to the epoch of the Anglo-Saxon 
cemetery at Kempston, Dr. Fitch, from the absence of 
orientation and Christian relics, considers it as possibly 
earlier than A.D. 579 ; but as the West Saxons were not 
converted till A.D. 635, and the Mercians not till nearly 
twenty years later, one does not see why it is necessary to 
adopt so early a date. It is quite possible that pagan 
interments may have been the rule in this neighbourhood 
down to the year 650, or even later. Mr. Hlger then 
referred to many urns of the Roman type in his own col- 
lection, and in that of Mr. Crick, said to have been found 
on the Bower Estate, east of Bedford, and in Edward 
Road, but which, he suspects, were really dug out at Kemp- 
ston during the last eighteen months. Some of these 
contained human bones, and are unusually large. One 
is a nearly 1111 fractured example of a Samian patera, 
with the master's name, MVRRA, stamped on a label in 
the centre. 

Many urns discovered at Kempston, from the collections 
of Mr. Geo. T. . Jarvis, Mr. Crick, and Mr. Elger, were ex- 
hibited, together with drawings of the trench in which the 
largest number was found. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

The following is the text of a charter of. Henry I. granting 
the Manor of Biggleswade to Alexander, Bishop of Lincoln, 
and his successors for ever, as an endowment for the 
Cathedral. I took the opportunity, when at Lincoln last 
year, of copying it from an old folio MS. volume in the 
Muniment Room of the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln. 
The scribe, however, appears to have muddled the date, 
which should properly be 1132. The manor was alienated 
in the reign of Edward VI. by Henry Holbeach, then 
Bishop of Lincoln, who surrendered it to the King in 1547, 
along with a great deal of other property belonging to the 

F. A. B. 

" H. Rex Anglor' Archiep'is epi's abb'tis Conestab' Justi- 
ciarijs vie' & omnibus fidelibus suis francis &c. anglis 
toti' anglie sal. Sciant me reddidissc & concessc d'o & 
Eccli'e beate marie line. & Alexandra Ep'o & omnibus suc- 
cessoribus suis inp'petuu' man'ium de Bicheleswada cu' 
tern's & hominibus & omnibus ipsi man'io p'tinentibus : In 
bosco & Piano in aquis & ext' in pratis & pasturis in 
molend' & Eccl'ia in via & semitis in piscariis cu' soca & 
saca & toll' & team & Infangeteof cu' om'ib lib'tatibus 
& quietationib' & consuetudinib' & om'ib' reb' eide' man'io 
p'tinetib' Ita b'n' & in pace & honorifice & quiete obtinend' 
eccl'ie & Preclarato e'po & om'ib' successorib' eius sicut 
ego illud man'm umq' meli' & lib'ius tenui du 5 fuit in manu 
mea et aliquis qui illud lib'ius ante me tenuisse. Mac itaq' 
redditione & concessione mea sicut sup'ius det'minatum e' 
factum collaudo collaudatum co'firmo & illam p'f'tc eccl'ie 
& ep'o Alexand' & successorib' eius integre il'libateq' 
p'mansura' regiam auctoritate & a d'o michi concessa po- 
testate corroboro. T. Rog. ep's Sar. & B. CancelTio & 
Nigello nepote ep'i & Rob'to dc Sigillo & Rob'to de Ver 
conestablo & Vmfrc de Buch dap' & Will's de Pontearch. 
Cam'rio apud Gellingeham. 

Anno x\b Incarnatione AnT Millesimo 
Tricessimo Secvndo. ' 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

C&c arcbDcacon of BetteD's aDmmistration 
act TBoofcfc 

A FEW volumes of the above are still preserved in the 
Archdeacon's muniment room at S. Paul's, Bedford. * They 
are very illegibly written, mostly in contracted Latin, with 
occasional pages in English. The writing is very bad, the 
records very brief, and the terminology peculiar, so that it 
would be a work of time to decipher their contents. Never- 
theless any one who had time would be amply repaid by 
the knowledge he would gain of life in the sixteenth century. 

An archdeacon in those days must have had his hands 
full, for besides the oversight and care of church buildings, 
he had to enforce discipline, correct immorality, hear com- 
plaints of non-payment of church dues and rates ; in his 
court, also, wills were proved, inventories certified, letters of 
administration granted, and marriage licences were issued. 

A favourite amusement of the rural population appears 
to have been playing at football on Sunday evenings, instead 
of going to Evening Prayer ; a great many were cited for 
this offence in the year 1620. But the most frequent cases 
seem to have been against morals, such as pre-nuptial incon- 
tinence, fornication, &c. Hardly a parish, I suspect, but 
furnished its quota of offenders ; some had to perform 
penance, others were lined, and some dismissed with a 
warning. The sentences do not appear to have been very 
severe, due, I expect, to the fact that church discipline was 
gradually losing its hold on the people. 

The following extracts will give some idea of the variety 
of information to be obtained from these books. 

F. A. B. 

8 August 1578. 

Felmersham.— Richard Leache, Robert Rota', & Thomas 

Leache have not receaved the Communio' at Easter last ; 

Willia' Burye, Thomas Hodsone, Robert Otwaye & his 

wyfe for the lyke offence. 
Farndishe.— The cha'cell & p'snage are in decaye by the 

p'sons defalt; they have but one sermo' this year. 
Wootton. — The cha'cell is in decaye at the queenes defalte. 

Willia' Borne of Marston detayneth a legacye of 0 iijs. iiijd. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

by the yeare fr. the poore of Wotto' ; he is behinde for xx 
yea res. 

Pavenham. — The cha'cell is in decaye & redye to faule downe 
at the defaute of Trynitye College Ca'bridge. 

Bletsoe. — We p'sent or p'son for cuttinge Tymber of all the 
p'sonage grounde. ♦ 

Biddenham. — We doe present that we had no Communio' but 
once this yeare & that or last Churchewardens dyd not 
make there acco'pte for the yeare. Thomas Wryghte, Bar- 
tholomewe Brytte'. 

Chellington. — Or cha'sell is in decaye at the p'sons Defalte 
but the p'son hathe begone to me'de hyt. Or Ghurche 
wyndowes wa't glasinge. Or p'son hath ij benefycyes. 

Bedford, Sa'cti Petri. — There is no pulpitte in the littell 
churche; the x Co'a'de'ets are not on the walles ; the 
ch'acell & Churche are not paved in su' places. 

Bedford, Sancti Johan. — Theyre church is in decaye & other 
things besydes, but they wyll repaire the' wthoute anye 
further authorytye. It. yt the Mynister weareth not his 
surplus at the Co'munio'. 

Cople. — The vicar Mr. '[?] Pewsey is not Resydent. 

Bedford, Sancte Maries. — Mistfes Gostwicke comcth not to 
the Churche to heare dyvyne servyce. 

Stratlye. — The vicar hath ij benefycies. 

Barton. — Thouroughe certayne co'.trou'yses be'tweene the p'son 
& his p'ishioners certayne have not receaved as John Prior 
thelder, Tho : Prior thelder, Nicholas Dento', Tho. 
Laur'ce, Os; others. 

.It. Samuell ffulke or p'son w th holdeth fr. the p'ishe a 
Bushell of malte &a pecke of wheate dewe by custome to 
vs at Hocktyde, a Bushell of wheate & a bushell of malte 
dewe by custome at Whitsontyde also. 
It. wee have no Homelyes reade. 

It. wee have no other sermones the' he maketh hymselfe. 
Langford. — Or Cancell wyndowes are in decaye, broken, & the 
Glasse thereof lyke to folic thereoughte. Mr. Wynche 
his Defalte. 

Tylsworth. — We have had but one sermone sence Michaelmas 

w ch vvas the sondaye after newyears day. 
Southill. — Tratters wife is not yet absolved. 

It. Mr. Morboroughe beinge p'son dothe not repayre or 

cha'cell beinge in decaye. 
Cardington. — John Roberts serveth vnder o r vicar & wee knowe 

not whether he be lyce'sed so to doe or no. 
Flitton. — Or mynister hathe not lyce'ee to serve & ) rt he serveth 

ij Cures. 

Harlington. — Or vicar hathe ij benefyces. 
Clophill.— We p'sent Willia' Spellings the 23 of Marche beinge 
the' callr Palme Sondaye in the churche and tyme of 

VOL. III. - 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Eveni'ge prayer before such maydes as the' had receaved 
the Co'munion' dyd in the [?] yere stated lye vpo' his backe 
verye vndecentlye till thende of the fyrstc lesso' & also 
ofte' tymes dothe seeme to forgette to yealde dewe Reve- 
rence in the tyme of dyvyne service. 

It. Edouarde ffysher ge'tleman hathe not receaved the 
Co'munio' since Easter nowe ij yeeres past in or p'ishe, 
but he hathe p'missed to prepare hymselfe thervnto* on 
Sondaye nexte. 

It. Agnes the wyfe of Michaele Tylcocke hathe byne 

co'playned of for hir inco'tynencye & hathe not done 

penance accordinglye but such.e as she thought good. 
Eyworth.-— John Buckmaster dyd mysvse the scholemaster in 

the Churche for beatinge of the childre' of the sayd John. 
Shillington. — Creeke the scholemaster kepeth a suspected p'son 

in his house who is w th childe. 
Barton. — Nicholas De'to ! & William Crawley have not receaved 

the Com'unio', they have offered the'selves but the p'son 

wvll not receave the'. 
Tempsford. — P'se'ta't Edwarde Noakes theyr Curat for yt they 

knowe not whether he hathe take' orders or no. 
Malden. — P'se't Mr. Kychyner the [/son of Nether Gravenhurst 

because he preached the xjth day of Maye & we knowe not 

whether he had a Licence. 
1 51%> J l, l- 8. Fiat Lice'tia matri'oialis Joh'em Short de Dunstable 

et Agnete' Sheppard de Houghto' Regis, vidua. 
1578, June 27. Qiieratur testamentum Richardi Sandres de 

Potsgraye mortuus circiter xl annos a retro fecit Richard' 

Sanders eius executore. 
1578, Jun. 6. Fiat Lice'tia Edouardo Smithe Curat de Nether 

Grave'hurste ad celebrandum matrimonium cum Alicia 

Amps de Camptoh in Eccl'ia p'ochali de Campton. . .xs. 
1578, Aj). 30. In Eccl'sia de Amptill inter horas 3am et 4am 

dns. John Browne Rector de Clophill institutus pleno 

possessione rectores, &c. 

* {To be continued?) 

AMPTHILL. — Some ancient Brasses have recently been 
discovered in an old cupboard of the Parish Church, where 
they have fortunately found a resting-place for many years 
past. Owing to the thoughtful care of Mr. John Bramwell 
Seward, the churchwarden, they have been carefully mounted 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


on stout wooden boards and securely fastened to the west 
wall of the nave, where we trust they will remain undisturbed. 
The writer of this similarly treated two interesting; sixteenth 
century Brasses of the Saunders family, which were loose 
in the Rectory of Pottesgrave, some years since. If all 
were as careful to preserve these valuable memorials of the 
past, we should not now have to deplore the loss of sq 
many relics of the past. The following are the inscriptions 
on the Brasses referred to : — 

l)it intent Mtllmg ^ucljccolt Molmmt qu°tiam 
CB'cator et locutcneutf fetapulc bille I Caliote qui abut 
jriui° lite mvw 3° dm #°CC€C°i 0 tt ima agues* W 
ei' q°r aiabo pptcer ht\ 

£)rate p atate Joljiss lo&pngton Junior et a)argarcte 
fcjrocia ft' qui quiDem Joijca abut penultimo Die fflmm 
&rptnnbri0 anno Dni m°€€€€° octogctfimo qmnto cm' 
aia ppicict Den'* 

Rafter of man 0 goD in Zmxitt 
djat Jia^t allone all in orDcnnce 
fforpebe tl)r trespass of mp JuUrnte 
^Jc tl)p(;e not loi'D up on mpn ignorance 
fforpeue mp s>oule all mp musgoncrunce 
Brpng me to hlimt tofiere tJioln art C'ternall 
Ghier to iope iwtl) aungeless cclcsstialf. 

Haines, in his Manual of Monumental Brasses, says that 
the above were loose in the parvise in 1857. A representa- 
tion of the brass of Sir Nicholas Harve, .153-2, is given in 
Fisher's Monumental Remains ; and the inscription is also 
to be found in the Gentleman's Magazine, vol. 87, pt. ii. 
p. 394, where it is described as on an altar-tomb ; the slab 
is now, I believe, covered by a pew. 

There was yet another brass, to John Chapman and his 
wife, the inscription belonging to which has, it is said, 
disappeared. The following is a copy of it taken from the 
last-named publication, vol. 86, pt. ii. p. 105 : — 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

£>f |io r cfiarite pcap for t£e goul* of Mm Barnard 
late of amprili I Cfiapma anU (fclpn Jjts touf tofiufie 
(Slim Drp'tcD to dDoti tlje wit dap of | april in p c per of 
our lorti got) 9)F f Dj ou tufiagc 0oult$ 31£m Babe I mercp 

F. A. B. 

A correspondent writes as follows : — 

In Transactions of the Cambridge University Association 
of Brass Collectors, Feb. 1890, at pp. 25, 26, is the following- 
notice : — 

"The brass of Sir Nicholas Harve, 1532, representing 
the knight in armour, was removed in December last, at 
the request of Mrs. Harvey, of Ickwell Bury, Bedfordshire, 
from Ampthill church, Beds, and placed in Northill church, 
the burial place of the Harvey family. Mrs. Harvey is 
about to place a brass tablet in Ampthill church, near the 
spot where it lay, stating when it was removed and where. 

Qu. Was a faculty obtained for the removal of the brass 
of Sir Nicholas Harve ? 

Ii. G. 

Elstow. — Brass of Elizabeth Hervy, Abbess. — In Sept. 
1864,1 communicated to ci local paper a list of monumental 
brasses within a limited district, chiefly in Bucks, which 
had, to my own knowledge, been recently mutilated. 
Amongst them I mentioned the very remark-able and 
important brass of Elizabeth Hervy, Abbess of Elstow, 
as having lost a portion of the border-legend (all after 
" defunctorum ") and the crosier head. 

I referred to the Statute 24 & 25 Vict. cap. 97, sec. 39, 
under which the destruction or mutilation of any monu- 
ment is punishable with six months' imprisonment. 

Another Act of Parliament imposing penalties on the 
destruction or injury of works of art, including monuments, 
is 8 & 9 Vict. cap. 44. 

The removal of a monument from one church to another 
is of course unlawful, unless under a faculty, or an Act of 
Parliament, as in the lamentable case of the desecrated 
churches of London. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


I suggested that it would greatly tend to the preserva- 
tion of the injured brasses, if all the wanting parts were 
supplied by the cavities being filled with some good 
cement, so that the least portion afterwards removed would 
immediately be missed. The cement would, of course, 
not be of an objectionable colour. 

From the Rev. S. R. Wi gram's Chronicles of the Abbey* 
of Elstoiv, Oxford, 1885, 8vo. p. 149 and plate, it appears 
that some part of the border-legend of the monument 
above noticed, though detached, was lately preserved in 
the vestry. It may therefore be hoped that it will be re- 
placed, if this has not been done already. The crosier 
head (which is in Fisher's plate, 181 1) is, however, not 
accounted for. , II. G. 

Bedfordshire Antiquities.— Below we give a cutting 

from a sale-catalogue of Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkinson & 
I lodge, dated February 17 and 18, 1890. As a record 
of an unique collection, it deserves recording in these 
columns. A gentleman who saw the volumes informs 
me that they were most sumptuously bound, and that 
the execution of the work left nothing to be desired. 
It is to be regretted that this fine collection has not 
found a home in the County, but, alas ! it is not every 
one whose purse is long enough to secure such a prize. 
There was keen competition tor the coveted treasure, and 
ultimately the hammer dropped not till it reached the goodly 
sum of £/$ \os.y at which figure it became the possession of 
a private buyer. 

F. A. B. 

u 616. Illustrations of Bedfordshire Antiquities. — Mo- 
numental Heraldry and Inscriptions in Bedfordshire 
Churches. Four Hundred and Twenty-two beauti- 
fully-finished Original Drawings of Armorial Bearings 
and Inscriptions on Sepulchral Monuments of interest 
anterior to 1700, as at present known to exist in the 
County, alphabetically arranged, with appropriate titles 
and contents, bound in 5 vols, olive morocco super extra, 
g. e. by Holloivay, royal folio. 1868. 

* + * The Heraldic Blazonry is an exact counterpart of the originals, while 
the legends are reduced to a given scale. Fur this purpose each 
Church in the County was carefully visited, many as often as four or 
five times, and ,the drawings alterwards compared with the actual 
monuments. Its compilation occupied the leisure hours ol ten years." 

22 Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

ROXTQN. — Extracts from the Parish Registers. 

1689, Mar. 24. Edward ye s. of Richard Thorowgood Buried. 
1691, Feb. 28. Edward ye sr. of Richard Thorowgood Bapt. 
1693, June 1. Charles ffield, gent., Buried. 
1693, Oct. 1 1. Anne ye wife of Will : Andrews, Gent., & Phebe 
his Daugh : (sic) buried. 

1693, Dec. 24. Richard ye s. of Richard Thorogood Bapt. 

1694, Oct. 22. Anne Hunt, vid : Buried. 

1 694, Eeb. 2. John ye s. of Jn. & Grace Rewse ; Borne Jan : 3 1. 
1697, Dec. 9. George Cartar bur. 

1703, July 15. Mr. Thomas Hawes &: Mrs. Mary fTarr mar. 
17 1 2, Oct. 15. William Andrews & jane Norfield mar. 

1714, July 20. Grace ye wife of Mr. Jn. Rewse vicr. of Roxton, 


1715, Aug. 21. Edward ye s. of John Fincham, Esq : & Anne 

his wife Buried. 
17 1 5, Oct. 8. Elizabeth Hunt, Gentleman, Bur. 
1717, Dec. 10. Mary Anne ye d. of John ffincham Esq. & 

Anne his wife bur. 
1720, Sept. 18. The Rev: Mr. Rewse, vicar of. ys Parish,- Buried. 
172.1, Apr. 20. Mr. John Rewse buried 

j 728, Ma}- 5. Ann Andrew wife of . . . Andrew of London 

1730, Nov. 9. Eliz : Garter, of Colmouth, bur. 
1730, Dec. 4. James Metcalfe Esq : bur. 

1735, July 1. Wm. Eaughtonof Temsford & Margaret Francklin 

of this parish by Licence. 

1736, Aug. 31. Captain James Edmonds of the parish of St. 

Mary-le-bonc Com : Middl : bur. 
j 737, Oct. 28. Mary d. of the Rev: Mr. Hughes & Mary his 
wife Buried 

1741, Apr. 28. Newman ye s. of ye Rev: Newman Hughes 

B uried. 

1742, Dec. 20. Mr. Wm. Andrews of the Parish of St. Paul's 

Wharf, London, Buried. 

F. A. B. 

Stanbridge. — In the reign of Queen Elizabeth, the 
inhabitants of Stanbridge filed a Bill in Chancery against 
Gabriel Fowler, to recover possession of a messuage called 
the Town-bouse, used as such by the inhabitants beyond 
the memory of man, and for the use of a minister by 
appointment of the Vicar of Leighton, to say divine service 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 23 

in. The defendant is stated to occupy the said house to 
the exclusion of the inhabitants, who aver that unless relief 
be had, they must be at the charge of building a new house 
for the like purposes. {C/ianoery Proceedings, in the Tower 
of London, S.S. 17-17). 

Dunstable; rare Roman Coin found at. — Amongst 
the numerous coins found at and near Dunstable it is by 
no means uncommon to see Roman examples. The Roman 
coins of this district are generally what are termed late 
Roman or Imperial coins, or coins of the Empire which 
followed the Roman Republic. A remarkable coin lately 
found is one of the so-called Consular coins, a Dena- 
rius of the Roman Republic, struck between B.C. 99 and 
B.C. 94. This date is 40 years earlier than the first invasion 
of Britain by Julius Cajsar, and 160 years before the con- 
flicts of the Romans with Boadicea. The coin is in good 
condition and clearly stamped with the name of the old 
Master of the Roman Mint, viz. Didius. 

W. G. S. 

Abstracted from the Origin a I Wills, and certified copies, at 
the District Court of Probate, Northampton. 

(Continued from Vol. II. p. 352.) 

Thomas Beaumont, senr., of Greenfield, in par. Flitton, 
gent., 12 May, 1694. To poor of F. & Pulloxhill £10 
ea. ; grandson Thomas B. £100; da. -in-law Mary wife of 
my s. Thomas one broad piece of gold, 2 gold rings, & my 
silver tobacco box. Residue to s. Thomas,, sole exor. Pr. 
23 June, 1694. 

Elizabeth Babington, of Bedford, wid., 2 Mar. 1694. 
To children of my da. Sarah, wife of Robert Courtman, 
gent, of B. £100; brother John Maxy, sister Lydia 
Marryott ; to nephew & godson John s. of my brother 
John Maxy £5 ; niece and goddaur. Eliz'th Marryott d. of 
my sister Lydia £5 ; brother Thomas Maxy £6 ; son-in-law 
Robt. Courtman, and Sarah my wife exors. Pr. 10 Nov. 
1 696. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

William Carter, of Kempston, 20 Jan. 1500. To be 
bur. in cemetery of All Saints, Kempston. To s. Walter 
[? Willm.] 5 acres of land meadow near Salis bushes; s. 
John Thomas 4 acres meadow near Holme ; s. John 1 acre 
& I acr. near hyllyfeld furlong, & another I ac. near hunt- 
sholt ; s. Richard 2 acres & | an acr. near Inge, and another 

1 acr. lying near mecleforlonge and another acr. near ru.^hen 
& one rood lying near lytlynge. If all his sons die without 
issue all lands to be sold and disposed of for souls of all his 
friends. To wife Alice Carter tenement in est ende, the 
same that I had from Lord Daubeny " comdaria d'ni regis." 
Appoints wife Alice sole extrix. with Nicholas Carter. 
Witnesses Thomas Bale, Richard Denet, Richard Petey, 
Richard Wylkynson. Proved 1 Mar. 1500. 

William Conquest, 12 Aug. 15 17. To be bur. in ch. 
of Southill in the space before the roode. To wife Eliza- 
beth, plate implements & household stuff; litle Ales 
my servant ; Edward Peck to be rcsid. legatee. Brother 
Edmond to be exor. with Robert Stewkley & Edward 
Peck. William Ha my Id en to be supervisor. Refers to 
last will "written w lh myn owne hande the xx day of 
Feb. viijth of K. H. VIII." Bardways place with the 
land to be sold, & 20 nobles thereout to be paid to the 

2 daurs. of John Bulmer ; xs. to Sir William Dapage to 
pray for me. Proved 2 June, 1 52 1 — Admon. granted to 
Edmond Conquest & Robert Stewkley exors. 

John CraWJLKY, of Luton, 24 May, 1519. To be bur. 
hi ch. of Luton nigh grave of my father. Eld. s. John to 
have the house at Nether Crawley which my mother 
dwelleth in, and the farm of Havryngs holy, and porcions 
of the tithes of Luton and chalky end. To wife Johan my 
house that I dwell in called plentissc till Richard my s. 
come of age of 23 years. To my 2 sons William & 
Thomas my house at Dane street. Son John, Thomas 
Crawley of Chiltern green to have half my tithe at newmil- 
end. Daurs. Johan, Alice. Appoints s. John & Thomas 
Madyngham exors. [Will finishes abruptly, no probate 
annexed. ] 

WILLIAM COBBE, the elder, of Sharnbrook, 14 Oct. 1522. 
To be bur. in the ch. of St. Peter, Sharnbrook. To Alys 
my wife all my lands, tenements, &c, in Sharnbrooke, 
Bletsoe and Felmersham, at her decease. William my 
son, Elizabeth Margaret & Jone Carter my daurs. £10 
apiece ; Ann Yeryell my da, £4. Residue between wife 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Alice & son William. Sir Richard Cobbe, my son, vicar of 
Felmcrsham, Will'm my son, and Robert Carter, to be 
exors. Also I bequeath to Margett Varnam d. of Thomas 
Cobbe a heifer of ij yerys old. Proved 25 Oct. 1522. 

William Crawley, of Luton, 13 Nov. 1525. To be 
bur. in Luton church. House and lands to wife & after to 
s. John. Sons Valentyne, William & da. Alice 20s. apieca. 
Residue to Judith his wife & Thomas Brusc whom he 
appoints exors. Witnesses — Mr. Roger Baldwyn, Thomas 
Crawley, Edward Crawley, &c. Proved 24 Nov. 1525. 

Nicholas Carter, of Kempston, 24 June, 1527. To 
be bur. in ch. yard of Kempston. Mouse that lie dwells 
in to be sold by his feoffees, Mr. Remold Gray, Esq., 
W'm. Smith, & John Newold ; proceeds to be distributed 
as follows : — To John & Bartholomew his children equal 
portions. Appoints feoffees exors. Proved [ ] 1527. 

JOHN Crawley, of Luton, 30 June, 1530. To be bur. 
in the ch. of Luton. To Richard my son my house in 
south end of the Towne of Luton ; Thomas my s. house & 
land in par. Wootton ; William my brother xx. quarters of 
barley ; Thomas my brother xx. quarters of barley ; Annes 
my wife, John, Richard, Thomas & William, my 4 sons & 
Annes my da. Makes Thomas Monyngham & William 
Aukke exors. These being present, Sr William Baston my 
confessor, John Thrall, John Wye, John Day, William 
Dyer, &c. Proved 8 Aug. 1530. 

EDMUND CONQUEST, of Houghton Conquest, gent, 15 
June, 1 53 1. To be bur. in the middle space before the 
rood of my parish ch. of Houghton. To Joan my wife my 
tenement in Chapel-end of Houghton, with all lands, 
meadows, &c. for life, at her decease to my nephew 
Edmund Conquest & his heirs for ever, on failure of issue 
to the ch'wardens of Houghton for the time being to 
sell & out of proceeds to make a new rood loft within 
the ch. To wife Joan a. tenement & appurtenances lying 
in Kebull Ende of Houghton Conquest for life, remainder 
to nephew Edmond & his heirs. Residue to wife Joan 
whom he appoints sole executrix. Witnesses — Sir William 
Coveng, parson of the gyldable, Thomas Scraton, John 
Purser, Thomas Dowson, &c. Proved 4 March, I 531. 

John Crawley, of Luton, 18 July, 1542. To be bur. 
in ch. of our Lady at Luton by my wife. To Elizabeth 
my wife £13 6s. Sd. ; da. Jone half my household stuff; 
John Crawley the younger my son, William my son, Eliz'th 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

my da. other moiety of my household stuff; da. Elizabeth 
Spayne, 40J. ; mentions son Umfray Crawley, and Robert 
Crawley, my son. Residue to s. John C. the younger. 
Appoints sons John Crawley the elder, and Edward Craw- 
ley, exors. Witnesses, Umfray Crawley, Robert Crawley, 
John Reynes, Elizabeth Spayne, &c. Proved Wednesday 
next after F. S. George Martyr, 1545. ♦ 

Thomas Carter, of Kempston, 12 Apr. 1544. To be 
bur. in eh'yard of Kempston. Da. Ellen Carter ; to Em. 
wife, his dwelling-house, remdr. to s. William. Residue to 
wife Em. whom he appoints extrix., s. William cxor. 
Proved 27 July, 1544. 

Edward Crawley, of Luton, singleman, 20th Dec. 

1544. To be bur. in the ch. of our Lady in Luton before 
the Trinity altar. To my mother 3 or. To brother William ; 
Richard, Thomas & William, sons of my brother John C, 
2 quarters of malt. Agnes Chapman and Joane Hill, 
sister's daurs. 3^. A,d. ea. To every child of my bro. 
Richard, 8^/. apiece. To Joan wife of Richard Hill, 
& William Norris, sundry bequests. Appoints Sir John 
Gweneth, Vicar of Luton, supervisor, and John Tyinmes, 
junr., & Edward Norris, exors. Witnesses, Sir John 
Gweneth, Vicar, Sir John Johnson, writer of this testa- 
ment, John Tymmes, the cider, &c. Proved 21 May, 1545. 

WILLIAM COBBE, of Yckewell, in Northyevell, 12 Dec. 

1 545 . To be bur. in ch.yard of our Lady in Northyevell. 
] louse at Ickwcll to s. John, house at Northill to s. William, 
to da. Elizabeth 2 cows. Residue between sons John & 
William. Willm. Clarke to be overseer. Witnesses, Sir 
Robert Greene, &c. Makes John Cobbe & Thomas Clark, 
exors. Proved 8 Mar. 1545. 

. Thomas Colbeck, of Tempsford, 17 Nov. 1545. To 
be bur. in Tempsford eh'yard. Sons Thomas, John, Lau- 
rance, Richard, & William ; daurs. Elizabeth, Katherine, 
Rose, & Alice. Wife Lucy. To his mother, 6s. Sd. Makes 
brother John Colbeck, sons Thomas & John, exors. Sir 
William Smith, Chaplain, to be supervisor. Witnesses, 
William Botcler, &c. Proved 8 Apr. 1546. Thos. C. exor 
having died. 

LUCY COLBECK, of Tempsford, 28 July, 1546. To be 
bur. in St. Peter's eh'yard, Tempsford. Sons Thomas 
& John, d. Elizabeth. Ric. Colbeck to be exor., John 
Colbeck to be supervisor. Proved Id June, 1547. 

JOAN CARTER, of Kempston, widow, 1 June, 1546. To 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


be bur. in ch'yard of Allhallows, Kempston. Mentions 
Ellen's children, William Carter's eld. da., to whom sundry 
bequests. Residue to d. Ellen, whom she makes sole 
extrix. Witnesses Sir John "Dewe, Vicar of Kempston, 
John Fox, &c. Proved 9 May, 1546 (sic), 

Richard Crawley, of Stopsley, in par. Luton, 15 June, 
155 I. To be bur. in my par. ch. near my father. To s* 
William and his heirs my dwelling house called " Plenties," 
and 7 acres of land, on failure of issue to his other 
3 brethren. To s. John & his heirs my house in Luton, &c, 
& £30, on failure of issue to other 2 sons, Thomas & 
Roger. To s. Thomas a close & 76 acres of arable land 
bought of George Acworth, Esq., & 30 acres of land bought 
of the King's Ma'tie in Lygrave, with remainder to Thomas 
& Roger. To Roger 60 acres of land bought of Geo. 
Acworth, Esq. To s. William a close called Grcnwicke, 
bought of John Perot, my bro. -in-law. To da. Alice, 2 
closes & 27 acres of arable land. To daurs. Julian, Isabell, 
& Christian, £20 apiece. William my brother. Residue 
to s. William. Joane my wife £40. Appoints s. W'illiam 
& Robert Perott, exors. Proved 20 Jan. 1578. 

William Cobbe, of Sharnbrook, 25 Aug. 1558. To be 
bur. in par. ch. of Sharnbrook, at the head of my father 
and mother. To Laurence Cobbe his s. and his heirs all 
his lands, &c, in Felmersham, lately purchased of John 
Childers (?) «x Tho. Leache. To wife Elizabeth house in 
Felmersham called Kilpins. To s. Richard C. tenements 
and lands in Felmersham, late purchased of John Cooper, 
of Bedford. Da. Mary C. £20. To s. George C. tene- 
ments and land lately purchased of Wm. Hardwyke, &c. 
To d.. Alice £20. To s. William £20. Sisters Joan Gore, 
Agnes Meryell. Son Thomas all his lands in Sharnbrook 
and Bletsoe. Appoints sons Thomas, Laurance, and 
Richard, exors. Proved 23 Jan. 1558. 

Reynold Collop, of Flit wick, gent., 29 Sept 1575. 
To be bur. in ch'yard of Flitwick, near where my 2 wives 
do lie. To s. George lands in Flitwick. Mentions daurs. 
.Elizabeth & Alice. Makes son Henry exor., Raphe 
Astreye, junr., gent., overseer. Proved 5 Nov. 1579. 

Margaret Crawley, of Luton, 9 Nov. 1580. William, 
John, and Mary, my brothers and sister, to have all my 
goods. Witnesses John Neyle, William Crawley. Pr. 
16 Jan. 1589. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

HENRY CATER, 18 Oct. 1581. Mentions sister Joane, 
father and brother late dec' 1 . Pr. 26 Apr. 1582. 

Reginald Collopp, of Flitwick, gent., 1587. To be 
bur. within the chapel lying unto the chancel and parish 
church of Flitwick. To s. John his dwelling house in 
Church end, Flitwick, & 31 acres of land as it lieth in the 
fields of Flitwick, & 3 roods of meadow, one rood o*f the 
same being in churchend mead, one \ acre more being in 
Stanyate mead now in the tenure of Robert Lumley, also 
a tenement that Thomas Crouch dwelleth in, & 5 roods of 
arable land and 1 rood of meadow in Fasterwine meade, 
now in the tenure of Robert Lumley ; also a tenement 
late purchased of Mr. Rafe Astrey, Esq., with one close 
joining to the common lane in Church end ; also a tene- 
ment called tagg lane in devil end, also a tenement in East 
end that John Mourwyne now dwelleth in, &c, &c. Re- 
mainder to sons Reginald and Thomas, together with 
lands in Pulloxhill. Remainder to daur. Elizabeth, & 
Anne,- youngest da. To da. Ales £20. To s. Charles 
Horsley an acre of rye, and to his children John, Reynold, 
'Elizabeth, & Dorothy Horsley, an ewe lamb apiece. Wife 
Katherine. Son John to give yearly towards the repair of 
the chapel adjoining the ch. of Flitwick 6s. Sd. for the 
space of 20 years. Son John to be exor., sons Thos. & 
Reginald to be supervisors. Proved 13 Apr. 1590. 

THOMAS Childe, elder, of Roxton, yeoman, 17 Dec. 
1605. To be bur. in par. ch. of Roxton. To my wife 
■Margaret the 3rd part of my lands in Roxton & Barford ; 
'sons Thomas, Warren, and Luke. To Joane Knight, my 
claur's da., £10, remd. to her sister, Margt. Knight. To 
Thomas Wagstaffe, my da. Cooper's son, £io, remd. to his 
bro. Hen. Wagstaffe. To da. Jane, wife of John Mokes, 
£20 ; one half to be paid to her by her bro.-in-law, Richd. 
Cooper. Thomas & John, s s of his s. Warren Child, 20s. 
apiece, &c. Bro. Henry Child, ICS. Residue to s. Thomas 
with remd. to Robert, s. of Thomas. Appoints s. Thomas 
exor. Signed, sealed & deld.,,21 Feb. 1605. Pr. 9 Oct. 

REINALD COLLOPP, of Pulloxhill, yeoman, 12 Oct. 1605. 
To be bur. in the chancel of Polloxhill or Flitwick. To 
brother Thomas Collopp his dwelling house and appurten- 
ances & also all his lands in par. of Flitton, in default of 
male issue to brother John C, in default of issue male to 
right heirs. To bro. Thomas 5 acres of land in Flitwick, 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


late purchased of Thomas Freman & Eliz'th his wife ; also 
an annuity of £20 issuing out of a farm in the par. of S. 
Peter's in the fields, Bedford, called the bury farm, which 
Mr. Thomas Hillsden, gent., & X late purchased of one 
Millward of Flitwicke. To Reinald Horsley my nephew, 
now prcntisc in London, £5. Residue to bro. Thomas 
whom he appoints' exor. Proved 4 Dec. 1606. 

THOMAS CHILDE, of Roxton, yeoman, 12 Feb. 16 12. 
To be bur, in par. ch. of Roxton. To wife, Grace Child, 
40s. a year out of a tenement in Roxton ; s. Francis Child 
als Clarke, £30 ; Thomas & Agnes C, my s, Robert's 
children, £40 apiece ; Mary Bull, £4 ; Anthony Clarke, 
my wife's father, 20s. ; John Clarke, 2C\s\ ; Leonard Bar- 
cock, £5. Residue to s. Robert, whom lie makes sole 
exor. Pr. 17 Mar. 1 6 1 2. 

Maude Childe, of Silsoe, widow, 27 Jan. 1614. To be 
bur. in Flitton ch. All her goods wh. she brought from 
Fieldon to da. Judith, wife of Thomas Hill. The sum of 
£100 in hands of eld. s. Robert, and the sum of £20 in 
the hands of her brother Norton to be equally divided 
between her 4 children, Robert, Francis, Elizabeth & 
Judith. Robert Childe, of Feilden, and Thomas Hill to 
be exors. Pr. 22 Feb. 1614. 

THOMAS CRAWLEY, of Maide-burie, gent., 11 Nov. 1 6 1 6. 
All his worldly goods to wife Frances, whom he makes sole 
extrix. (< Whereas 1 did purchase the wardship of my 
wile's eldest s. in the name of my brother Binge, yet in 
trust to my use and to the behalf of my two daurs., my 
will and mind is that if her said eld. s., my ward, shall 
marry either of my two daurs. that he shall be free at his 
age of 21 years." Residue to wife. Pr. 13 Jan. 16 16. 

JOHN CRAWLEY, of Grantumsteade, in par. Luton (no 
date). To be bur. in par. ch. of Luton. To sons John & 
William £100 each, & to Joane £80. Eld. s. Thomas to 
be exor. Pr. 21 Oct. 1617. 

Richard Crawley, of Dunstable Lane, Luton, yeoman, 
28 June 161 8. To be bur. in Luton ch. near to where my 
father lieth. To Mr. Birde, vicar, 6s. 81/. to preach at my 
burial. Wife Elizabeth to be sole extrix., gives her Mag- 
dell close containing 10 acres, also dwelling house, after 
her decease to s. William. Other lands to sons Richard & 
Abraham. Residue to wife ; bro. -in-law William Preston, 
of Child wick, gent., to be supervisor. Pr. 11 Nov. 1618. 

Christian Crawley, of Luton, widow, 12 Sept. 161 8. 


Bedfordshire Not en and Queries. 

To be bur. in Luton ch. To John Birde, vicar, los. to 
make a sermon at my burial. To s. Robert C. & d. Susan, 
wife of John Parratt, £10 apiece To son-in-law Thomas 
Cooper £y, & to d. Saraji Cooper, his wife, a coffer, &c. 
To d. Eliz'th Field, now wife of Thomas Field, a table 
cloth, &c. To Robert s. of Thomas Cooper, Eliz'th d. of 
Thos. Field, Edward C. & Sarah C. 2 of the child»en of 
my brother-in-1. Edward C, of Dollowe, part of my stock 
of malt. To Thomas, Edward & Francis, sons of Thos. 
Cooper, 20s. apiece. To the 4 children of my s. Moyses 
Crawlie, dec'd, 40s. apiece. To Eliz'th Collins, my godda., 
20s. To sister Jane C. my Monday gowne. Residue to 
Thos. Field, s.-in-l., whom she make sole exors. Pr. 1 r 
Nov. 1618. 

Margaret Colt. op, of Flitwick, late wife of Henry C, 
II June 1622. To be bur. in churchyard of Flitwick. To 
s. Edmund £80. To kinswoman Alice Farye a heifer. 
To kinsman Edmund Farie, my best ewe sheep. Residue 
to s. John C. whom I ordain exor. Pr. 9 July 1622. 

Cranfield Register.— The annexed communications 
are to be found in the Gents, Mag. for September and 
October, 1830, vol. IOO, part 2, pp. 194, 290 :— 

(1) "A Correspondent writes— A portion of a Parish 
Register, beginning in 1671, containing baptisms, marriages, 
and burials, each leaf or page signed ' Tho. Frank, Rector,' 
and the names of divers Churchwardens very regularly 
until 1689, has fallen into my hands, which I could wish 
to restore to the place to which it belongs, but have no 
means of ascertaining of what parish this Thomas Frank 
was Rector, and the names, though many of them very 
common, affording no clue to a discovery, not one parish 
in Buckinghamshire occurring to me as being likely to 
own it ; nor is there the name of one person or family of 
note, though probably many to whom such an authentic 
document might eventually be important. It strikes me 
that Bedfordshire might possibly comprise the parish, but 
only from the similarity of some very common names 
there in divers places. In one place, ' William Brittain and 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Mary Page widdow were marryed on y c thirteenth of Feb- 
ruary 1682, both these persons were inhabitants of North 
Crawley in y e eounty of Bucks. Tho. Frank Rector, 
George Gillett, Thomas Grumont, Churchwardens.' On the 
blank page at the beginning is T. F. 1783 ; to whom this 
relates, whether to a relative of the Rector, Mr. Frank, or 
not, is entirely unknown. It was purchased amongst the* 
offal of an attorney's office in London, as is asserted, many 
years ago; and by a subsequent sale has been transferred to 
the inquirer. The very strange name of Roger Ventiman 
occurs in 16S8. It must have been- some very small parish, 
the marriages scarcely averaging half a dozen in a year." 

(2) H.H.G. says: — " The Thos. Frank, inquired after in 
p. 194, appears to have been the Rector of C ran field, co. 
Bedford ; he was also Archdeacon of Bedford, and Preb. 
of Langford Manor in Lincoln Cathedral. He was suc- 
ceeded in the above-mentioned Rectory in 173 1, by his 
son. It is probable that the register in question was a 
transcript made by Thomas Frank, for the gentleman 
alluded to above was only sixty-eight years of age at the 
time of his decease in 1731. He was buried in Cran field 

Daniel Hipwell. 

34, Myddelton Square, ClerkemvelU London. 

Bletsoe, Nicholas Mason, Rector of. — Lambeth 
MS. 946, fo. 15. Presentations to Livings in various 
Dioceses, 1652 to 1659. folio. — "To the Commissioners 
for Approbation of' publiq preachers or any, five of them 
Greetinge.— I Oliver Earle of Bolingbrooke the true and 
undoubted Patron of the Rectory of the Parish Church of 
Bletnesho in the County of Bedford now voyd by the 
death of Christopher Lawry the last Incumbent thereof 
and to my p'sentacon of full right belonginge, doe hereby 
present Mr Nicolas Mason Gierke to the said Rectory, 
desiringe you forthwith to admitt the said Nicolas Mason 
to the said Rectory of Bletnesho aforesaid and invest him 
with all its rights members and apptenances whatsoeuer 
In witnesse whereof I hauc hereunto sett my hand and 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

seale on the first day of March in the year 1658 
BOLINGBROOKE." [Seal.] [Endorsed at back] "March 
16, -58 Aprill 6th, -59 Sealed and deliuered in the pre- 
sence of Thomas I-Jcaynes (The marke of) J E AMES 
Lucas." [In right hand corner] Mr. Mason. His death 
is thus recorded in the Parish Register : — " Nicol Mason 
Recto'" of Bletsoe was buryed Tuesday June the sixth 
167 1 And on a stone slab on. the Boor of the Chancel is 
the following inscription to his memory: — "Here restetli 
y e Body of y e Lords Faithfull Labourer Nicolas Mason 
who fell asleep — NE Anno Dni 1671 in the 72 11 yeare of his 
Life and in the — yeare of His Ministery." He matricu- 
lated as a sizar of Christ's Coll. Camb. 17 Dec. 1614; 
B.A. 1617-8; M.A. 1621, and was instituted 'to Irehester 
Rectory, co. Northampton, 13 August, 1623. 

Bishop LYSTER. — In going through the. Institutions 
for the Archdeaconry of Bedford, I find that on January 
I2th, 1664, "Bishop Lyster, clericus," was instituted to the 
living of Totternhoc ; on November 28th, 1068, he was suc- 
ceeded by John Gardiner, on cession of " Bishop of Lyster." 
Can any one tell me who he was? 

William Haulsey, or H anslly, was a Bell founder of 
bells in Beds, Cambs, and Hunts. 1 am anxious to fix his 
head-quartet. His career was short, 1620 — 1630. //<?made, 
I believe, bells in that period, now remaining at Barton Le 
Cley, Dunton, Edivorth, Melchboume, Milton Bryant, 
Shillington, Staughton-Parva and Tillbrook (see North's 
"Ch. Bells of Beds"). And I amanxious to ascertain whether 
the Parish Registers of the above parishes or parish war- 
den's account books give any particulars indicating the 
place where he lived or where such bells were cast. 

T. M. N. Owen, M.A, F.G.H.S. 

Daniel Hip well. 


F. A. B. 

Woodzvalton Rectory, Peterborough, Feb. 25, 1890. 





©teat IBramtngljam, 

TlIE old manor-house of Bramingham, Bramblehanger, 
or Bramhanger, now the farm-house of Great Bramingham, 
about three miles from Luton,* still contains an interesting- 
relic of its manorial period in the shape of a carved oak 
mantelpiece (painted white), of which a representation is 
given in the frontispiece to this number. The figures over 
the mantelpiece are evidently those of Faith, Hope, and 
Charity; the dexter shield is that of Cheyne of Braming- 
ham; the sinister, that of Pexsall of Beaurepaire, impaling 
Paulet. The former coat seems to be identical with the 
arms of Cheyne of Drayton Beauchamp, as they appear 
in the Bucks Visitation of 1 566 : — Quarterly 1 and 4, 
chequy Or and Az., a fess Gules fretty Erin. ; 2 and 
3 , Or, a lion rampant Sa. Possibly, however, the lion 
rampant in the Bramingham shield is the Brocas lion 
erroneously quartered. A crescent is added to indicate 
that Cheyne of Bramingham is a younger branch of 
Cheyne of Drayton Beauchamp. The crest is a bear's 
head erased. In regard to the sinister shield, the Pexsall 
part of it presents no difficulty ; it is simply Pexsall with 
the Brocas and De Roches quarterings. The crest is 
a Moor's head couped proper. The impalement is ex- 
ceedingly crowded and obscure, but an heraldic friend 
has succeeded in identifying it with the Paulet coat. 

The following genealogical facts will explain the juxta- 
position of these two shields. Robert Cheyne, of Chesham 
Bois, Bucks, married in 1521 his second wife Mary Lock, 

* The above estate, consisting of two farms called Great and Little 
Bramingham, was sold at the Mart, Toketihouse Yard, London, oa the 3rd 
of June, 1890, and was purchased by the trustees of the will of the late 
Sir Edward H. Page-Turner, Bart.— Ed. 

VOL. 111. 



Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

widow of John Lock, and daughter and one of the five 
coheiresses of John Sylam, who died in 1513, seised of 
the manor of Bramblehanger and of other lands in 
Stretley and Sharpenhoe/ To these Bedfordshire lands 
Thomas Cheyne, the son of this marriage, eventually 
succeeded, and died 30 Jan. 1553-4. Thomas, his son, 
was married at Ickenham, Middx., 9 Jan. 1577-&, to 
Frances, da. of Bernard Brocas, of Swakeley, Middx., 
afterwards of Beaurepaire, Hants, by Anne, da. and coh. 
of Sir Richard Pexsall (ob. 1571) by Lady Eleanor Paulet, 
da. of William, 1st Marquess of Winchester. Sir Richard 
Pexsall's mother was Edith, da. and sole h. of William 
Brocas, of Beaurepaire. Accordingly Sir Richard Pexsall 
would be entitled to quarter Brocas and impale Paulet. 

For further particulars respecting the Cheynes of 
Bramingham, see Beds N. and Q., vol. ii. pt. xv. 

E. C. 

Ciergg list for TBctiforn arc&Dcaconrp, 1605. 

PART VI. {Concluded from p, 8.) 

Barton in Luto. — Parsonage propr. £25 gs. yd. Patron, 
The King's Majestic, Incumbt. Sam. Fulk, M.A. Non- 
lie, too commts. 

Baddlesden. — Parsonage propr. £12 gs. yd. Sr. Edvvd. 
Duncumb. Rd. Marsh, M.A. Non-lie. 62. 

Caddiugtou. — Pars. appr. endowed with a Vic. Vic. 
£9 igs. lod. Dean & C. of S. Paul's. Rd. Roberts, 
B.A. (Mr. White). Lie. per Wickam Ep. Line. 399. 

Chalgrave. — Pars. appr. endowed with a Vic. Vic. £12. 
Nich. Potts, esq. John Bellamy, M.A. Lie. per Elmor 
Ep. Lond. 200. 

Dtmstable:— Parsonage* {blank) (*The King's Matie. 
May:. .1681, ? 83). {blank) Richardson, B.A., curat. 
Non-lie. {blank) 

Eyton {Bray*). — Parsonage appr. endowed wth. a Vic. 
Vic. £ii \os. 6\d. Trinitie Coll. Cambridge. John 
Houghton, M.A." Non-lie. 219. 

Higham Goobian.—Yars. ppr. £8 gs. yd. Sr. Henrie 
Boteler. Walter Gyles, B.A. (blank) 9. 

* Inserted in a later hand. 


Bed fords! tire Notes and Queries. 35 

Hockliffe. — Pson. ppr. £16 gs. yd. Mr. Sheapheard of 

Maulden (*or Mr. Gilpin). Thos. Benham, M.A. Lie. 

per Wiekam Ep. Line. 34. 
UoiigJitou Regis. — Pson. app. "endowed with a Vic. Vie. 

£11 $s. <.\d. The King's Matie. Roger Rogers. Noe 

graduat. (blank) 340. 
Luton. — Pson. app. endowed with a Vic. Vic. £35 12 s. i^. 

The King's Matie. Edwd. Brocket, M.A. Non-lie. 


Milton Brian. — Pson. ppr. £11 16s. yl. The King's 

Matie. Thos. Collins, M.A.f (*Dr. Ballow). Lie. per 

VVickam Ep. Line. 120. 
Potsgrave. — Pson. ppr. £10 I 8j*. 6ld. Sr. Edwd. 

Duncombe. John Raynes, M.A. Lie. per Wiekam 

Ep. Line. 44. 

Strcetley. — Pson. appr. endowed with a Vic. Vic. 

£6 15^. 2d. Geo. Ccppin (crossed out) (*Thos. Harris, 

gen., Will. Harris ejus Alius). Wm. Ernes? (crossed out), 

M.A.J Non-lie. 60. 
Stttdham. — Pson. app. endowed with a Vic. Vic. £18. 

(blank) Thos. Dockin, B.A. (blank) 140. 
Sondon. — Pson. appr. endowed with a Vic. Vic. £8 6s. 8d. 

Thos. Chcnic, Esq. John Parkington, MA. (*Mr. 

Daye). Lie. per Arc. Cantuar. 140. 
Tilsworth. — Pson. appr. endowed with a Vic. Vic. £8. 

Rd. ffouler, gent. John Lawson. Noe graduat. 

(blank) 96. 

Toternehoe. — Pson. appr. endowed with a Vic. Vic. £10. 

Sam. Mitchell, gent. John Ward, B.A. (*Mr. ffarring- 

ton), (blank) 1 10. 
Tuddingtou. -Pson. ppr. £292^. \ \d. The Ladic Chcnie. 

Rd. Neele, Buller [sic), D.D.§ (blank) 467. 
Whipsnade.—?son. ppr. £7 13s. 4^. The King's Matie. 

Nichs. Twisell, M.A. Non-lie. 42. 

* Inserted in a later hand. 

t Collins has also Brikhill Parva, Arch. Bucks. 
X Ernes? has also Ilarlington, Deanery of Meet. 
§ Buller has also Chesthunt, 20 miles distant. 

All are marked " preacher" except Potsgrave and Luton : this latter (Luton) 
has " catechisett " instead. 

All are marked "Qualification good," except Milton Brian, which is blank' ; 
and Streetley, which is "good. By the Lord Bartley," and Toddington, which 
is "By the King's Matie." 

All are marked " Resident " except Toddington, which is "Non Res.," and 
Whipsnade, which is blank. 

4, MMer 1W, Lincoln. A. GIBBONS. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries, 

€&e arcftueacon of IBettfortPg aiDmmtstratton 
9ct "Books, 

(Continued from p. 18.) ♦ 

THE following extracts, up to 1618, are taken from the 
end of the MS. vol., reading backwards ; they appear 
to be of the nature of memoranda with a view to 
keeping a record of fees received ; those that follow 
are the records of the Court itself. Judging from the 
numerous cases in which the plaints are re-entered for 
hearing time after time, it would appear that the Court 
either had not the power of enforcing its processes, or 
else abstained from proceeding to extreme measures. 

F. A. B. 

18 ffeb. i6i 6. 

Lin'a mat. Johi's Winche de Roxton rege in com. 
Hunt & Eliz: Barnardiston de Norhill. 

xj 8 iiij d 

18 Martij 161 6. 

Test'um Thoma Ward, Vic, de Potton. iij s x d 

Lice'tia mati. concesse Jo: davenport armig'ro et Eliz: 

Waller de eod. obligat' cu. Jo: davenport, Jo: 

waller pater Eliz: in 100 1 '. xj s iiij' 

Citetur Thomas Wallis de hardmead quia solem'zavit 

matriom. tempore phibito, vizt. vppon shrove 


Citetur Mr. tTowler minister ib'm p smli. 

Cit. Hugo Hunt de Clophill to shewe by what authority 
he teacheth schoole & practiseth phisick & to 
shew wher he was married, & for not frequent- 
ing the church. 

. Ampthill 30 Aprilis 161 7. 

Sequestrat' & relaxat' vie. de Sundon. xx 8 
Certe'm Inducco'is M ri Johnson. ii j s 
Lin'a mati. Joh'nis Potts gen. & Eliz. Piggott de Graven- 
hurst. xj a 
Lin'a mati. Will: Duncombe & Anne Dimcombe de 

Asp lev. xj 8 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Ampthill sexto maij 1617. 

Testu'm Eliz: Power de vpper Gravenhurst. v 8 iiij d 

Citetur Mr. Hewes de Risely ad ex'dum Lic'iam. 

Comiss' pro dilac' Jur'm vid: Harding relic' mr'i Harding 

de Norhill. vj 8 viij d 

Testu'm dci. M'ri Harding. v s iiij d 

Lin'a mat. RobtL Charnock de Hulcott & Agnetis St. t 
John de Bletsoe. xj 8 iiij d 

I\I d the fift of May 16 17 was shewed an inhibicon of 
the Lord Bishopp of Lincoln bearing date the 
7 of Aprill 1 6 1 7 by which wee are inhibited 
from the third of May to the third of September 

Ampthill Tertio Junij 161 7. 

Process' con' mru' Berridge de Shelton. xviij d 
Mr. Adkins Curat de Barton deb. ij s pro admissione. 
M a Jett the churchwardens of Elstow be cited after 
the 3 of September to make accompt of the 
legacye given by Curtis of Elstow to the pore. 

Ampthill 1 7 0 Junij 161 7. 

Lr'e Testi'oales Tho: ffoxcrofte de Bedd. v 8 4 d 

Lin'a Joh'is Hewes Clic. ad. deserv: Cure de Riseley. v 8 + d 
pispens' pro tempore prohibit' concess. Joh'is Hawkins 

& Gather: Gray de Pertnall. xj* 

Ampthill primo Julij 161 7. 

Git. Timotheus Mayes de Olney lor living married to 

his vncles wife 
Fiat Lin'a Rich'o Parker artiu' mag'ro ad deserv: Cure 

de Edworth vel Eyworth. v s 4 d 

Ampthill 29 Julij 16 17. 

M d to seek at Bedford for a hie of Wills of Barkshire 
for the yeare 1.592 & to send it to Oving. 

Ampthill 2 3 0 Septemb. 1617. 
Inducc'o mr'i Beard at Rec. de Pertenhall. xiiij 8 H d 

Ad' honor' Edmund' Mordant de Okeley. vj s 4 d 

Cit' primar' Edmund' Audley gen. de Roxton ad 

instaur' m'ri Wolstenholm. x l 
Induce. Robt'i ffooks ad "Vic. de Okeley cu. Cap: de 

Clopha'. xxix 8 4 d 

Apud Bedd. 3° Octob: 1617. 

Sequestrac'o Rec: de Aspley. x 8 
Inducc'o Rec: pred. xiii j 8 vil i" 

38 Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Apud Ampthill i° Octob: 1617. 
Cer: Indue. Vic. de Luton. iif 4.* 

Citetur Tho: Glenister for vsually sleeping in service 
tyme apud Ridgmont. *>■ 

18 Novemb: 161 7. 

Cit. vx' Rich'i- Ravens de El stow for Churching her self * 

the minister being at home. 
Cit. m r : Milward de Lidlington deserv: Cure de 


Ad°: bo: Edmund' de Bolnhurst. vj 8 4 d 

Citet'r Gabriell Morrill Vic. de Henlowe ad exh d : 

testat. Joanne Gidding. 
Cit. m r : Weaver de Stotfold to knowe whbe Carried 

Clay vppon All Saynts Day 

Ampthill xiiij" januarij Ao. dn'i 16 17. 

Lin'a mri'oal con: Edolpho Andrewes et Dorotheae 

Tompson de Husborne Crawley. xj 3 iiij' 1 

Lin'a mri'oal Henr: Beedle & Gather: Audlcy de 

Houghton conq. xj s 4 d 

Testat' jane Marsh de Dunstable. v» 4' 1 

Ad°: bo: Georgij Orlabeere de fflitton. vj s 4 11 

Ampthill 16 Decemb. 161 7. 

Lin'a mri'oal Joh'is Clark & Judithe I [awes de Bedd. xj s 4- il 
M d : fiat Ad°: bo: Tho: Rolt "de Wilden gen' deft con: 

Ag: Rolt filiae in die Sabbati prox: 
Testat. Will'i Tapp de Bromha: x a 

. Ampthill die Martij 27" Jan. 1617. 

Lin'a mri'oal Symon Gale & Siisanne Pigot de Graven- 
hurst. xj s 4- d 

Ampthill 2 3 0 ffe b ru ari j 1 6 1 7 . 

Dispens' con: pro temp'e prohibit' Rob'to ffaldo & 

Elizab Reeve de Bedd. v 3 

Ampthill xxiiij 0 Martij 161 7. 

Lin'a mri'oal Will'i Raynusden & Elizab: Linford de 

Hawnes. xj s ix d 

Lin'a mri'oal Rob'i Gould & Alice Ornie de Bletsoe 

deb: xj 3 4" 

Testat' joh'is Orme Rec. de Bletsoe. v s + d 

Ad (> : bo: Edw: Llipwell de Pavenham. iiij 8 x d 

Ampthill 1 4 0 April 1618. 
Indux: Theodor: Crowley ad Vicaria' de Bedd. p'li. xiiij 8 : 8 d 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 39 

Ampthill die Martij— 161 6. 

BLETSOE. — Offic' dni. v. Willm' Woodward for reading service 

& p'aching being in noe orders. 
Pertnall. — Offic. v. Richu' Tcvdd ad proband test'um patris sui 


Keysoe.— Offic. v. M ru : S t John ex ndm : testi Joanne S fc John 
defunct'. » 

Stondon. — Offic. v. gard' ib'm : the Kinges armes are not sett 
vpp in the Church. 

RlDGMONT. — Offic. v. gard' ib'm they have not a sufficient 
churche bible. 

Ampthill die Martij viij 0 Feb. 1 6 j 6. 

Milton Ern's. — Offic. v. Walteru' Griffin for setting his nettes 
& catching larks on a holliday. 

Ampthill 18 Feb. 161 6. 

Cardington.— Offic. v. Flenricu' ffoster exec' testa'ti Tho: 

ffoster ad proband. 
Gravenhurst Sup. — Offic. v. mr'um Kitchener for not reading 

prayers vsually on wednesdayes cv r ffridayes. 
Lidlington. — Offic. v. Thoma Snagg, gen. det. pro lion freq. 


Ampthill 18 Nov. 161 7. 

Ca.oiMiAM. - Offic. z\ mr'um. Latimer for serving the cure w th out 

Gouldington. — Offic. v. Olieuru' Roberts, vie. ib'm det. for not 
wearing the surplisse vsuallie for not reading prayers on 
Wednesdayes & ffridayes & for wanting a hoode. 

Wild EN. — Offic. v. Anna Smyth det. for throwing a basse after 
. Sara WagstafT in praier tyme 9th of November. 

* Ampthill 2 Dec. 1617. 

Elnstow. — Offic. v. vx. Richi. Ravens for Churching herself. 
Emanavit com. & allegauit that she coming to the church 
to thanksgiving and the minister having warning over- 
night & not coming to Church accordinglie she did take 
the book of com'on prayer & read thanksgivin'g herself 
openlie in the Church vnde ■ cu. monic'oe dimisit. 

Ampthill 16 Dec. 161 7. 

Elstow. — Offic. v. mr'um Bird vie. ib'm. for neglecting the Cure 
ther was noe seruice on Sonday was a fortnight. 

40 Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Amplhill io Feb. 1617. 

Houghton conq.— Qffic. v. poss'ioe bo: Richi Conquest Militis 
ad proband. 

LuTON.—Offic. v. Eliz. Bird ad redd. Compt. bo. Tho. Bird. 

Ampthill io Mar. 161 7. 

Wootton.— Offic. v. Boss. bo. Edmund Bray gen. ad proband. 
Gra VENHURST. — Offic. v. Ex rea testa'ti mr'i Bigot ad proband. 

(To he continued.') 

©leanings from pau.of) Betters* 

(Continued from Vol. II. p. 345.) 

1701 Feb. 10 Crofts, Joan, wid., an antient woman, an 
hundred & two years old, bur. 
„ Mar. 15 Wilks, Mary, wile of Mr. Thomas, Alderman, 

,, Sep. 21 Dyar, Ann, wid., bur. 
,, Oct. 3 Beadles, Mr. Matthew, bur. 
1704. June 5 Beadles, Michael, s. of Tho.., Grocer, & [ane, 

June 6 Wagstaff, Mr. William, of Potton, draper, bur. 
Sep. 8 WagstaiT, Mary, d. of George, gent., & 
Maria, bapt. 

,, Dec. 31 Faldo, Frances, wife of William, gent., bur. 
,, Mar. 21 Peck, Eliz., d. of Mr. John, maior, & Anne, 

1705 Apr. 30 Manley, William, gent., bur. 

May 3 Readies, William, s. of Thos., grocer, & Jane, 

July 31 Wagstaffe, Mr. George, Alderman, bur. 

1706 May 20 Wilks, Edward, s. of Mr. Thos., Alderman, & 

Eliz., bapt. 

„ Feb. 20 Beadles, John, s. of Thomas, grocer, & Joane, 

1707 July 8 Wilks, Eliz., d. of Tho., Alderman, eS: Eliz., 


Aug. 7 Edwards, Willm., s. of Willm., gent., & Anne, 

* Extracts up to 1701 will lie found in " Genealogia Bedford iensis. " 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


1707 Mar. 13 Nicholls, Willm., gent., bur. 

1708 Dec. 28 Edwards, Anne, d. of William, gent., & Anne, 


Jan. 18 Wilks, Judith, , d. of Mr. Thos., Alderman, 

and Eliz., bapt. 
Feb. 13 Luke— ffoster, Lancellot, & Mary, mar. 

1709 May 10 . Beadles, Jane, d. of Thos., grocer, & Jane, 

bapt. * 
,, May 27 Beadles, Thomas, grocer, bur. 
„ June 28 Beadles, Jane, d. of Jane, wid., bur. 

Sep. 4 Christie, Anne, wid. of Thos., late of Bedford, 

Esq., bur. 

1710 Nov. 19 Wilks, Eliz'th, wife of Mr. Thos., Alderman, 


171 1 May 13 Salusbury, Mr. Thos., s. of Martha, y e wife of 

Alex. Leith, vie, bur. 
,, Dec. 25 Pennington — Roberts, Mr. John, of S. Pauls, 
& Eliz., mar. by lie. 

1712 May 11 Edwards, Mary, d. of William, gent., and 

Anne, bapt. 
,, Dec. 22 Brace, Francis, gent., bur. 

July. 8 Manley, Mrs. Letitia, wid. bur. 
1715 Sep. 9 Hawes, Mrs. Mary, of y e par. of S. Mary, wid., 

,, Jan. 19 Swan— Hale, John, of Averslip, in com. Hunt., 
& Susan, of Potton, mar. by lie. 

17 17 June 22 Paradine, Mrs. Mary, wid., bur. 

July 21 ffaldo, Willm., s. of Martha, milliner, bur. 
Sep. 10 Wilkes, Anne, d. of Air. Thos., junr., Cole- 
merchant, & Ann, bapt. 
„ Nov. 16 Cobb, Mrs. Mary, wid., bur. 

Jan. 1 Ealdo, Mr. William, Alderman, bur. 

17 1 8 Aug. 4 Wilks, John, s. of Mr. Thos., junr., & Anne, 

bapt., bur. 28 Apr. 17 19. 

1719 . Aug. 25 Major — Nicholls, John, & Damaris, of Ridge- 

mart, mar. by lie. 
,, Sep. 6 Wilks, Thos., s. of Mr. Thos., junr., & Anne, 

Mar. 4 Pennington, Mr. John, Attorney- at- law-, bur. 

1721 Jan. 17 Wilks, Mr. Thos. junr., mercht., bur. 

Mar. 6 Anderson — Tysoe, Mr. Edmohd, of Eyworth, 
& Elizabeth, of y° sa., mar. by lie. 

1722 June 12 Stone— Drake, Mr. Richard, of S. Paul's, 

Covent Garden, Middx., & Eliz. of Turvey, 
mar. by lie. 

1723 Apr. 16 Wilks, Ann, d. of Anne, wid., bur. 
,, July 28 Brace, Mrs. Anne, wid., bur. 

Feb. 16 Shelton— Conquest, John, & Alice, both of this 
par., mar. 

42 Bed ford shire Notes and Queries. 

1727 June 12 Boyle— Harris, Robert, of Biggleswade, Esq., 

& Margaret, of Ampthill, mar. by lie. 

1728 Aug. 3 Rotheram— Farr, Thomas, & Eliz., of Dun- 

stable, ,rnar. by lie.. 
Nov. 27 Hawes— Wilkes, Mr. thos., & Mrs. Judith, 
both of this par., mar. by lie. 

1729 June 19 Potter, Catherine, d. of Mr. Chas., Vjc. of 

Cople, bur. 

Dee. 3 Hawes, John, s. of Thomas, gent., & Judith, 

Mar. 9 Cave, Eliz. d. of Thos., gent., coalmerchant, 
& Eliz., bapt. Bur. 1 1 Sep. 1730. 

1730 Sep. 3 Luke, Elizabeth, a servant, bur. 
Nov. 22 Wilks, Mr. 'Thomas, Alderman, bur. 

,, Dee. 23 Overay, David, Esq., bur. 

,, Jan. 15 Hawes, Thos., s. of Thos., gent., & Judith, 
bapt. Bur. 17th. 
173 1 Jan. 24 Hawes, Elizth. d. of Thos., merchant, & Judith, 

bapt. Bur. 30th. 
1732 Oct. 14 Leitll, Y° Rev. Mr. Alex 1 ', vie. of this parish, bur. 
„ Dee. 15 Hawes, Tho., s. of Mr. Tho., ^ r Judith, bapt. 
Bur. 1 3 Feb. 

1734 July 19 Hawes, Mary, d. of Tho., gent., cSr Judith, bapt. 

1735 June 23 Hawes, Judith, d. of Mr. Tho., & Judith, bapt. 

1736 July 5 Hawes, Judith, wife of Thos., gent., bur. 

1737 July j Bedford — Alston, Mr. Arthur, Clerk of Cran- 

field, Batch 1 ", & Temperance, mar. by lie. 

1738 Nov. 29 Leith, Mrs. Martha, wid., bur. 

1740 Nov. 25 Peck, Mrs. Ann, wid., from Hemsted, bur. 
Mar. 3 Brace, Mrs. Sarah,, bur. 

1741 Mar. 31 Hawes, Mr. Thomas, bur. 

May 24 Leitll, Margt., wife of Mr. Walter, of White 
Chappel, London, bur. 
,, Dee. 7 Leitll, Mr. Walter, of Whitechappell, London, 

1742. Apr. 11 Conquest, Eliz., d. of Willm., labourer, & 
Mary, bur. 

,, July 22 Garner— ffoster, Thos., of Northill, Batch 1 , 
& Ann, of Sandy, spr.,- mar. 
Oct. 1 1 Marchant — Hawes, John, Batch 1 ;, & .Mary, wid., 
both of this par. 

1747 Mar. j 4 Spenser, Dowglas, singlewoman, bur. 

1748 Oct. 25 Pepiat, John, gent., bur. 

1752 Apr. 10 Finch, Charles, s.. of Richard, gent., & Mary. 


,, May 24 Beadles, Jane, wid., bur. 

1753 Feb. 19 Finch, Richard, s. of Mr. Richard, bur. 

1754 Apr. 16 Smith — Hawes, Rev. Mr. William, & Mrs. 

Marv, both of this par., mar. by lie. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 43 

1754 Aug. 24. Finch, Mary, wife of Richard, bur. 

Oct. 31 Finch, Sarah, d. of Richard,' Town Clerk, bur. 

„ Jan. 18 Gascoigne, Mary, wife of Mark, bur. 

1756 Sep. 1 Gregory, Elizabeth, wife of Dixey, gent., bur. 

1758 July 25 Gregory, Sarah,' d. of Dixey, gent., & Sarah, 


1759 May 23 Gregory, Dixey, s. of Mr. Dixey, Attorney, & 

Sarah, bapt. 
1761 Mar. 31 Jessop, Francis, Esq., bur. 
1764. Mar. 31 Hopley, Rev. Mr. Richard, Rector of Turvey, 


Dec. 18 Cheney, Elizabeth, bur. 

1770 Oct. 18 Belsham, James, gent., bur. 
,, Oct. 26 Belsham, Samuel, gent., bur. 

1771 Aug. 1 St. John, Henrietta, bur. 

1772 Sep. 3 St. John, James, s. of Paulet & Penelope, bapt. 
1780 Dec. 28 Belsham, Mrs. Ann, wid., bur. 

1782 May 12 Smith, Rev. Mr. William, Vic. of S. Paul's, bur. 
,, Aug. 29 Franklin, Elizabeth, d. of Mr. John, at Waven- 
don, gent., bur. 

1787 Jan. 14 Lewis, Thomas, Esq., from the P sh of S. Cuth- 
bert, bur. 

1795 May i2 Conquest — Buncombe, George, & Elizabeth, 

mar. by lie. 

1796 July 6 Thompson, Jno., gent., bur. 

„ Sep. 25 Thompson — Crofts, Robt., & Dorothy, mar. by 

,, Dec. 6 Finch, Elizabeth, wife of Humphrey, bur. 

1797 Aug. 3 Theed, Wm., Esq., bur. 
Mar. 7 Belsham, John, gent., bur. 

1798 May 16 Thompson, Philip, s. of Robert & Dorothy, bapt. 

Porn 9 Sep. 1 797. 
,, Sep. 14 Fitzhew, Mary, d. of George, bapt. 
j 799 Nov. 27 Thompson, Charles, s. of Robt. & Dorothy, 
bapt. Born 19 Feb. 1798. 

1 801 Feb. 'i Fitzhugh, Susana, d. of George &, Sarah, bapt. 
,, Feb. 13 Thompson, Elizth., d. of Robert & Dorothy, 

bapt. Born 10 Dec. 1800. 
,, Apr. 14 Osborne— Rugeley, Geo., & Elizth., mar. by lie. 
Oct. 12 Impey — Christie, Samuel, & Ann, mar. by lie. 

1 802 Jan. 16 Hawes, John, Esq., from the par. of Luton, bur. 
,, Aug. 23 Nagle, Edw d . James, Esq., from the par. of 

Sandy, bur. 

j 803 Apr. 30 Payne, Sr. John, bart., at the par. of Tempsford, 

„ June 12 Fitzhew, George, s. of George & Sarah, bapt. 
Bur. 9 Sep. 

,, Nov. 13 Thompson, Anna Maria, d. of Robert & 
Dorothy, bapt. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

1805 Apr. 5 Fitchew, Thomas, s. of George & Sarah, bapt. 

Born 5 Nov. 1804. 

1806 Feb. 7 Bedford, Miss Mary, d. of Rev. Thos., of 

Hawnes, bur. 

1807 May 6 Fitchew, George, s. of George & Mary, bapt. 
May 29 Dawson, Charles Percivall, son of John Thomas, 

of Loversall Park, Yorkshire," Esq., & Mary 
Higson Dawson, his wife, bapt. Privately 
bapt. 1 7 June, 1 806. 

1808 Apr. 27 Nash — Adding toil, George Peregrine, & 

Hannah, mar. by lie. 
July 31 Tingey, Elizabeth, wid., an Hundred & Two 
years old at Northill. 
,, Sep. 13 Dawson, Mary Caroline, d. of John Thomas, 
Esq., of Loversall Park, Yorkshire, & 
Mary Higson Dawson, his wife, bapt. 
Privately bapt. 4 Sep. 1807. 

<8>m\mU, of latltingtoti 

(Continued from Vol. II. p. 191.) 

In a previous number I gave a brief account of the monu- 
mental inscriptions, relating to this family, in Wellington 
Church, and also abstracts of several wills, commencing 
with that of Robert Gostwike, capellanus, who was bur. 
at Bedford in 1541. Since writing the article I have 
discovered that he w T as Rector of 'Purvey, 1517-34. ; he was 
also presented to the Rectory of West-Horndon, co. Essex, 
by Sir John Mordaunt, and instituted 31 July, 1534; and 
on the 24th Dec. in the same year he was instituted to the 
Rectory of Ingatestone, in the same co., on the presentation 
of the Abbot and Convent of Barking. The last Baronet, 
Sir William, impoverished the estates by frequent election 
contests, and the Wellington property was, in consequence, 
sold to Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, in the year 173 1, 
and the Baronetcy appears to have fallen into abeyance. 
It is said that this Sir William finding his property all 
gone, and hearing that there was a branch of the family 
settled in the West of England, went down into Devonshire 
and married Loveday Gostwick, heiress of her branch. By 
her he is said to have had a large family, but all the sons 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 






o —r . 

PQ 13 J=> 

„ c o • 



6 < 

oo PQ PC ■ 


. 3" 

o « 


W S 

O rQ 


O - 1>- c 


A tao 

03 O O 

:=! cr o 

■ a^ t: • 

o PQ 

>"< PQ lH H o w 

"o 6 

+1 o 


0% vSTl O 

00 _q P3 vO T3 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


died in his lifetime. His will, dated 16th Sep. 1760, 
appears to have been made before his marriage with 
Loveday Gostwick, for in it, he speaks of her as his "much 
respected and truly esteemed friend and relation." As the 
will was proved in 1766 by Dame Loveday Gostwick, his 
w idow and sole executrix, it is clear he could not have had 
a numerous family, and none are mentioned in the will. 
The said Loveday Gostwick is therein described as da. of 
Mr. Edward Gostwick, late of Northampton, now of North 
Tawton, mercer and shopkeeper. I have not ascertained 
the relationship of the Devonshire branch to the main stem, 
but I append here two short pedigrees, compiled chiefly 
from memoranda supplied to me by a representative of the 
family through female descent. Perhaps some genealogist 
will be able to furnish the requisite information. 

I should mention that one of the last named in the 
pedigree entered in the Visitation of 1566, is Roger 
Gostwyke, elk., parson of Sampford-Courtney, co. Devon, 
1630, s. of Win. Gostwike of Shefford, in this county ; 
probably the Devonshire branch are descended from 

F. A. B. 

jTitjumiiam, of Kempston, 

THE pedigree of this family as recorded in the " Visitation 
of Bedfordshire, 1566," ed. ITarl. Soc.,, vol. xix. p. 29, has 
always been a puzzle to me. Comparing it with the 
pedigrees enterecl in the Visitations of Yorks, and 
Northants, it will be seen that there arc discrepancies 
not easily to be accounted for. In the latter it is stated 
that Thomas Fitzwilliam sold Kempston, but I have not 
been able to discover anything further of this Thomas, 
either in the Registers of Kempston, or in any other 
record. In the "Visitation of Beds" he is stated to have 
m. Alice, d. of John Rufforde, of Edlesborough, co. Bucks, 
but there is no trace in the P. R. of this match, nor can 
1 discover any record of the issue of this alliance as given 
in the above Visitation. The accompanying pedigree 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

shows the descent of the family from Humphrey Fitz- 
william and Anne, his wife, d. of Win. Dallison.. It was 

Humphrey Fi tz willi am, 
of Clayworth, co. Notts, 
ob. 28 Oct. 1556, bur. 
at Clayworth. 

Anne, d. of Wm. Dallison, 
of Laughton, co. Line, 
bur. at Clayworth 30 June, 

Humphrey Fitzwilliam 
of Kempston, Co. Beds, 
5th s. of above. Bur. 
at Kempston 17 June, 

Eliz'th, d. of Sir John Hungerfofd, 
of Downe-Ampney, co. Glouc, 
Kt., ob. 21 May, bur. 25 of same, 
1597, at Kempston. 

Sir John Fitzwilliam, =J ane, d. of Sir George Lewis, bapt. 

born 29 Sep., bapt. 5 
Oct., 1579, at Kemp 
ston ; Kt. 22 May 
1605 ; bur. at Blun 
ham 5 Jan. 1 631. 

Hyde, of Kingstons, at Kempston 
co. Berks, K.B. 24 Apr. 1583, 

bur. there 26 
June, 1584. 

I : I ! 

Humphrey, born 5 Roger, bur. at Lienor, William, of= Katherine 

Sep., bapt. 21 of sa. Elstow 4 Aug. bur. 25 Kempston, Hide, m. 

161 7 at Kempston. 1624. Nov. 1591. gent. 11 April, 

1 1 April, 
1603, at 

not until I had seen Foster's "West Riding Pedigrees" 
that I was enabled to attach Humphrey Fitzwilliam, of 
Kempston, to the main stem. The manor or hamlet 
of Kempston-Hardwick does not appear to have been 
acquired by this family till about the period of James I., 
probably about the beginning of his reign, or at the end 
of Q. Elizabeth's reign. I have corrected the dates of 
burial of Humphrey Fitzwilliam, and Elizabeth, his wife, 
which Mr. Foster has inverted the order of. I should be 
glad to know if the Thomas Fitzwilliam, of Kempston, 
who m. Alice Rufforde (see " Visitation of Bedfordshire," 
1566, p. 29) can be identified. Also, is anything known of 
the will of Sir John Fitzwilliam, Kt. ? I have been unable 
to find any record of it. 

F. A. B. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 



12 May, 1638. Richard Gery of Bushmeade in par. 
Eaton Soken, co. Beds. Esq. ' To be bur. in Little 
Staughton Chancel near where my loving- wife was bur. 
To the par. of Little Staughton £5, to par. of Eaton £io, 
to par. of Gt. Staughton 40?., to poor of Eynsbury £4.* 
To Rich. Gery my 2nd s. £400 as soon as he attains the 
age of 26 years, and till that time the sum of £6 per ann. 
To 3rd s. George £900 when he shall attain the age of 
26 years, and till that time the sum of £6 per ann. To 
Oliver, 4th s. £900 when he shall attain the age of 21. 
To 5th s. Thomas the sum of £800 when he shall attain 
the age of 21 years. To eld. d. Anne G. 2000 marks 
within I year of her marriage, or when she attains the 
age of 22 years ; & until either of such events shall 
happen the sum of £40 per ann. To youngest d. 
Elizabeth 2000 mark's within 1 year after her marriage, 
or when she attains the age of 22 years, with a yearly 
allowance of £40 per ann. Advises daurs. to be ruled 
in respect to their marriages by William their brother, 
testator's eld. son. In the event of either daur. dying her 
portion to go to eld. s. William. To daur. Gery £10 to 
buy her a diamond ring. To grandchild Katherine G. 
£20 for a piece of plate. To William & Richard G. my 
grandchildren £20 apiece to buy each of them a piece 
of plate. To brother Dr. Nicholls £20. To Cozine Anne 
Nicholls £10. To Cosine Joseph Nicholls & Henry 
Nicholls £5 apiece. To wife of my brother Win. Gery 
70s. to buy her a ring. To Richard, George, Oliver, & 
Thomas Gery, my 4 youngest sons, a yearly rcntcharge 
of £40 apiece charged upon my lands in Eynsbury, S. 
N'eots, Little Barforcl, Eaton & Wiboston, for their 
maintenance & education. To Richard Robyns, my 
auntient servant, a rentcharge of 40s. per ann. during his 
life, charged on aforesaid premises, also to have a house 
rent free and two good suits of apparel. Eld. s. William 
to pay all debts and legacies, bequeaths to him manor of 
Little Staughton with appurtenances, &c , also manors of 
Ensbury & Eaton, and all lands in Little Barford, St. 
Neots, Wiboston, Bolnhurst & Colmorth, also wood called 
Cadbury woods & Cadbury closes, and leaselands in 
Northamptonshire lately bought of Sr. Robt. Wangfield 
of Stampford, which last I appoint to be sold for the 


5° Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

payment of my debts ; makes s. Wm. residuary legatee 
& appoints him sole exor. Robt. Bernard, Esq., brother 
William, & bro.-in-law Mr. Nicholas ffrancklyn, & Mr. 
John Spencer overseers, to,whorn he leaves £5 apiece and 
20S. each to buy a ring. Signed in the presence of 

Anne Gery. Wm. Hewett. 
a. ffrancklyn. rlch. robins. 
George Gery. 

Pr. 14 June 1638 by Win. Gery the exor. 

%on\t TBeDforQ0bxte mills* 

Abstracted from the Original Wills, and certified copies, at 
the District Court of Probate, Northampton. 

(Continued from p. 30.) 

WILLIAM CRAWLEY, the elder, of Sunning Lane end, 
Luton, yeoman, 7 Feb. 1626. To be bur. in Luton ch. 
so near to my wife as may be. To poor of Luton 40s. ; 
to eld. s. Thomas dwelling house, &c. in south end of 
Luton ; to s. John 3 pieces of arable land & 5 acres in 
Blackwater field ; to s. Edward 5 acres of arable land in 
same field, wh. I lately purchased of John Crawley, late of 
Greathamsteed, deed., Also £'40 ; to s. George 3 acres 
of arable land ; to d. Sara 4.0s. ; to the 4 children of my 
eld. s. Thos. 10s. apiece. Residue to 3 sons Edward, 
John, & George, in equal portions. Son John to be sole 
Exor. Pr. 29 July, 1626. 

EDW. CRAWLEY, of Barton in Cley, yeoman, 28 May, 
1627. To be bur. in Barton ch. To poor of Luton 40s.; 
to wife Agnes a house at Barton, remdr. to s. Richard ; 
to eld. s. Thomas all houses, lands, etc., in Barton, Higham- 
Gobion, and Westhaye, also an annuity of £io; to s. 
John a house &c. in Pittlesthorne, co. Bucks, also £150; 
to s. Richard all his lands in Luton ; to s. Edward £700 ; 
to da. Agnes £150 ; to Edw, s. of John H ill of Willington, 
gent., 2C\s\ Residue to wife Agnes, sole extrix. Pr. 11 
May, 1629. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Thomas Crawley, of Leagrave, yeoman, 16 June, 
1034. To be bur. in par. ch. of Luton. To brother John 
C. £5, and to John his s. £5 ; to sister Ann C. £20; to 
EHz'th, d. of William Day, £§ ; to Frances d. of John 
Winth [Winch] of Leagrave, £40 ; to my aunt [ ] 20s. ; 
to poor of Luton £5 ; to brother Francis all my houses 
and lands at Shefford, &c. Appoints bro. Francis res* 
leg. & sole exor. (No probate attached.) 

Richard Crawley, of Harlington, Practitioner in 
Physick, 17 June, 1640. To my parents & the parents 
of my wife Rebecca & to our natural brethren and sisters 
lbs. ea. to buy rings; to wife Rebecca all lands in Har- 
lington ; appoints her res. leg. & sole extrix. Pr. 6 Oct. 

[Mem. — There is a Harlington Crawley will a year or two before this, 
which I did not abstract.] 

Thomas Crawley, of Dane St., Luton, yeoman, 22 
Apr. 1637. To be bur. in Luton ch'yd. near to wife. To 
Mr. Bird, Vicar iar. for funeral sermon ; to eld. s. Thomas 
£20 at the rate of 40s. per aim. ; to s. George lease of 
farm called Faulkeners Hall ; to s. William £5 at the 
rate of 20s. per aim.; to daurs. Mary, Agnes, and Alice 
a piece of gold ea. of 22.V. ; to Thomas, William, Purratt, & 
John Crawley, sons of Thomas C, my grandchildren, 10s. 
apiece; to John & Mary C. the s. and d. of William C, 
also my grandchildren, 10s. apiece. Residue to s. John, 
sole exor. IV. 10 Feb. 1037. 

SAMUEL COCK, of Bedford, gent , nunc, will, 24 Mar. 
1643. To Father & Mother 20s. ea. to buy rings, to 
brother Mr. Francis Clarke & his wife do., to Mr. .Qlivcr 
Cokayne & his wife, do., she to have £5, to Mr. John 
Beaumont 20s. Residue to wife Elizabeth, sole extrix. 
Father, Mr. Roger, Pitkin, bros. Mr. Fra. Clarke, & Mr. 
01. Cokayne to be overseers. Pr. 13 June, 1644. 

JOHN Crawley, the elder, of Stopsley, par. Luton, yeo., 
10 Dec. 1644. To be bur. in par. ch. of Luton. To poor 
of L. 40^., to minister of L. io.s\, to preach a funeral sermon. 
To d. Mary Piggott wife of Thomas P. £to, &c. To 5 
children of Thos. Piggott— Francis, Mary, Thomas, John, 
& Eliz'th— £10 ea. To Mary, d. of Hen. Piggott, £10. 
Residue to s. John C, sole exor., to whom he gives all his 
lands, &c whatsoever. Pr. 2 Aug. 1645. 

Thomas Crawley, of Luton, gent., 20 Jan. 1646. To eld. 
s. Francis mess, or tent, in Gadsden Magna, co. Herts, also 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Walsden wood, in Stopsley. To d. Eliz'th King a cabinet, 
& to goddaur. Eliz'th King one piece of my best plate, the 
rest to be equally divided among my children. To daurs. 
Dorothy and Sarah C. all my moveable goods and household 
stuff. To eld. s. Francis a cloak ; to youngest s. Thomas, do. 
To d. Mary Lucas, living a t Buckingham, £10 & to her 
2 children by her 1st husb. £5 ea. To youngest s. Thdmas 
all money now owing to me. Residue to s. Thomas, Sarah 
C, & Geo. Kinge of Luton, who m. my d. Elizabeth, in 
equal portions. Geo. King to be exor. Pr. 17 May 164^. 

Raynold QOLLOP, of Flit wick, gent., 20 Jan. 1657. 
To eld. da. Mary, my dwelling house, lands, &c, near 
Roxax in Flitwick ; 2nd d. Ann C. a water mill called 
Eaton Mill in Flitwick, & other lands ; youngest d. Eliz'th, 
a cottage at churchend, and sundry other cottages. Residue 
to wife Elizabeth, & daurs. .Mary, Ann, & Elizabeth, equally ; 
appoints them joint exors. Pr. at London 18 Feb 1657, 
under .£'452 1 $s, \d. 

Anne Child, of Poddington, wid., 23 Dec. 1658. To 
be bur. in chancel of par. ch. of P. To sister Elizabeth 
Potter £5; Robert s. of Robert Barcole £80; Richard, 
Thomas John & William sons of Robert Barcole £30 ea. ; 
Richard, Francis, and John, sons of Humph. Child, & 
Elizth. his wife, £40 ea., & to Eliz'th their da. £50, and 
furniture ; to da , Mary Child, £40 ; Margt. Houghton £40 ; 
William & Martha, children of William Houghton & 
Martha his wife, £20 ea. ; Richard, s. of Will'm Harris, 
deed., Alice 11., wid., Anne, d. of sd. Win, H., deed., £40 
each ; to William, John, Thomas, Margerie and Margaret 
Harris, children of sd. William H. deed. £20 each.; William 
Child of. Poddington 20s. ; 20s. to Mr. Chatterton to preach 
funeral sermon ; 20s. to John Laverocke minister of 
Puddington. Res. to Humph. Child, and Eliz'th his wife, 
exors. Appoints John Alston Esq., Geo. Orlebar junr., 
Esq., Anthony Potter gent., overseers. Pr. in P.C.C. 6 Oct. 
1662, under £971 Qs. yd. 

Robert Child, of Roxton, 19 Apr. 1660. To s. Thomas 
my house which was my father's, Wm. Childe's, situate in 
Roxton. To wife Amye 3 acres of land, bought of John 
Audley, for life, reversion to s. Thomas. To 3 sons 
William, George, & Robert, £20 each, & to da. Anne £50. 
Res. to wife Amye, sole extrix. Pr. 15 Dec. 1660. 

Elizabeth COLLOP, of Flitwick, wid., nunc, will., 10 
May, 1660. To da. Mary C. £10 ; da. Ann. C. 40s. per 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


arm., to be paid her by my da. Flizth, yearly. To my 
godson, s. of my cousin Weedon, £3. Residue to da. 
Elizabeth, sole extrix. Pr. at London in P.C.C. 24 Sept. 
1660, under £27 2s. lod. 

Anne Crawley, of Leagrave, 20 Aug. 1662. To Win., 
Thos., & Francis sons of Thos. Pruddon, 4CW. each ; Rebecca 
Crawley d. of John C. £3; brother John Crawley 2C\s\*; 
brother Francis C. all my lands in Leagrave ; appoints 
him sole exor. Pr. — 1662. 

William Crawley, of Milton Bryant, gent., 7 Aug. 
1678. To wife Mary J my moveable goods for life ; to 
granddaurs. Mary C & Jane C, £20 each ; to grandsons 
William C. £40, & Joseph C. £20. To John Durrant 20.$"., 
Sister Amy ICtf., s. Thomas, his heirs. & assigns my dwelling- 
house at M. B., & all lands belonging thereto. Residue to 
s. Thos., sole exor. Pr. 14 July 1680. 

ANNE Crawley, of Sumeris, in par. Luton spr., 8 Dec. 
168 r. To Dame Elizabeth, wife of Sir John Naper, of 
Luton Hoe, Bart., her heirs and ass., all that my mess, or 
tent, with the appurts. situate at Chilterne greene in par. 
Luton, and all my closes, pieces, and parcels of arr. land, 
& pasture ground, containing together 23 acres. To kins- 
man Jonathan Mastick & Mary M.his sister (grandchildren 
of Jane Feltus? my sister) 10s. ea. To Mrs. Sarah Bowser, 
my new feather bed & boulster. Residue to Sir John 
Napeir, sole exor. Pr. 16 May, 16S7. 

John Crawley, of Aspley Guise, 8 Mar. 1693. All 
my lands and estates to my only s. John & my wife Ann 
in equal shares. Pr. 20 Aug. 1693. 

John Carter, of Ampthill, gent., 3 Nov. 1701. To 
brother William a house in Husborn-Crawley, a close of 
pasture, & 2 orchards, also 7 closes of arr. land, & a copse 
of wood of 8 acr. in Aspley Guise, &c, &c., all which 
premises were given me by John C, clerk, my late father, 
deed. My sd. brother Willm. to pay thereout to my 
sisters Mary C. £200, Kath., wife of Mr. Randolph Taylor, 
£50, & Eliz'th wife of Mr. Robert Perrott, £50. To poor 
of A. 50.9. Residue to sd. bro. Win., sole exor. Pr. 31 
Jan. 1 70 1. 

RICHARD DECONS, of Marston, gent., 23 May, 1543. 
To be bur. within the church of Marston. Brothers 
Thomas & Francis Decons 100 marks due by the exors. 
of my lady Norton lately deceased. Ezabell my wife all 
lands, &c., in Reading, co. Berks, during her life, remainder 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

to s. Thomas and his heirs, in default to s. Richard. 
To wife the Rectory of Stoke Rrewerne with the pur- 
tenances in co. Wilts, the manor of Nevells in the p'ish 
of Abbots Langley, co. Herts, remainder to s. Thomas & 
his heirs, in default to exors. Makes Elzabeth his wife 
& Francis his brother exors. Thomas Decons supervisor. 
Witnesses Mr. William Marshall priest, Dns. William 
Becket curate, &c. Proved 13 July, 1543. 

James Dove, of Maldon, gent., 8 June, 1543. Wife 
Alice his lease of the Grange farm of Houghton, & other 
leases which I have of the house of Chicksands ; also leask 
of house in chapel end which I hold of Henry Audelcy, 
gent. Appoints exors. Alice his wife, brother William 
Wilborne, & brother Thomas Riche. Makes Sr. Thomas 
Coven, parson of the gildable of Houghton Conquest, 
overseer. Proved 12 Aug. 1543. 

Henry Dun combe, of Tyscote, co. Herts, gent., 25 
Feb. 1558. To be bur. in par. ch. of Masworth. To 
Tho. Blackhed, godson, £13 6s. Sd., cousin Joane Nayler 
£3 6s. 8d. } cousin Margaret . Duncombe £3 6s, 8^/., to 
John Duncombe of Wingrave £5. Sister Alice Blackhed, 
sister Margaret Moore. Wife Alice,* residue, also all lands 
in Betlowe, Tring, and Mawldwyke. To s. Henry, his 
lease of the manor farm of Tyskot, also manor of Sorrier- 
tons in Worthaston, co. Oxon, also pasture called Sowth- 
lest in Worthaston. Appoints s. Henry, Thos. Blackhed, 
& Win. Moore, his brethren, exors. Witnesses son Henry 
Duncombe, Marmaduke Claver, <xx. Proved in P. C. C. — . 

ROBERT DENTON, of Silsoe in Flitton, yeoman, I Nov. 
1578. Joane his wife to receive issues and profits of leases 
and farm that he holds of the Kail of Kent until son 

Nicholas comes of age ; bequest to dau. . Witnesses 

Nicholas Denton, of Barton, &c. No probate annexed. 

Joane Dent.ON, late wife of Robert, 28 June, 1580. 
To be bur. in churchyard of Flitton. Son Nicholas, d. 
Mary, to Richard, s. of Richard Mil ward, my son, a cow. 
To the da. of Elizabeth Woodward, my da., a bullock, 
Elizabeth Peare, my servant and cousin. Nicholas & 
Mary to be exors. Uncle Nicholas & John Ditchfield to 
be overseers. Proved 30 Sept. 1 5 So. 

Nicholas Denton, of Silsoe, 14 Apr. 1583. I owe- 
to Nicholas Denton, of Barton, £30 \ js. od. To s. Rich. 
Denton lease of his house, Matthew D. a cow, & to 
* lie m. Alice, el. of Thos. Skip with, of St. Albans.— II. xxii. 20. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Nicholas D. £10. Makes Richard Denton sole exor. 
Witnesses Thomas Faule vicar, &c. Old Nicholas Denton, 
uncle to sd. Nicholas, deed. I> T o probate annexed. 

JOHN Dyer, of Eaton, co. Beds, husbandman, r July, 
1605. All my lands in Gadsden parva, co. Herts, to my 
child now in the wombe of Catherine my wife after 
tlie decease of Robert D. my father, Agnes Dyer my 
mother, & Catherine my well-beloved wife. On failure 
of above, to William Maletrott [? Malcott], my sister 
Isabella's son. Residue to wife, whom he appoints extrix., 
Robert D. father, and Geo. Cocke bro. -in-law, to be ' 
overseers. Proved — Oct. 1605. 

Anne Denton, of Barton, wid 20 Oct. 1609. 'To be 
bur. in Barton ch. To the poor of Barton £7, do. of 
Ilexton 10.;. To da. Ann Stiles £8', da. Alice Anscell 
,i'io, son Chr. Goldsmith's children 20s. apiece, son Mathew 
.Denton's da., Anne D. 20.\\, bro. Edmond Crouch's children, 
Anne & Ursula C. 40.V. apiece, ec to his da. Eliz'th C. 
2 white coffers. To sister Jane Samme's 3 daurs. who 
dwell at Sackeswell 20^. apiece, cos. Alice Davie and her 
da. 20.y. apiece, Nicholas Knight & Daniel Brace 20s. 
apiece, Alice Crouch my servant 40^., Anye d. of Thomas 
Brace 2C\s\, Anne Woodward's da. 6s. St/., Joan Crouch 
her sister 3^. 4c/., Bro. Chr. Crouch's 4 youngest children 
3.V. <\d. apiece, Jone Mowsonne my s. Christopher Gold- 
smith's da. Residue to Chr. Goldsmith & Matthew 
Denton, her two sons, whom she makes exors. Pr. 9 Jan. 

Robert Day, of Bolnhurst, yeoman, 16 Mar. 1626. To 
suns Henry, John, Robert ; daurs. Alice & Ann ; sons 
Edward & Oliver I2d. apiece. Residue to wife Grace, 
.sole extrix. Br. 7 May, 1627. 

John Denbigh, of Ridgmont, gent., 26 May, — . To 
wife Susan all goods & utensils of household stuff that 
was hers before marr., and £14 due me from Abraham 
Bage. To daurs. Susan & Edee \2d. ea., they being pro- 
vided for. Son Edwin D. my gray mare, &c. ; grandchild 
John D. 80 sheep; da. Eliz'th 4 Darbyshire bullocks, & 
to Robert, Susan & Mary her daurs. (sic) a bullock ea. 
To grandchild Richard D. my silver tankard. Exor. to 
provide sister Joane Denbigh with meat, drink & apparel, 
&C., during her life. Residue to grandchild John D., sole 
exor. Br. . .. . 16X6. (Will torn.) 

John Dvar, of Marston-Mortaync, gent., 26 May, 1686. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

To nephew George D. £40, nephew William D. I2d., kins- 
woman Martha Toms i2d. f kinsman Henry D. I2d., 2 
daurs. of sd. Wm. D. £5 ea., Eliz'th wife of Anthony 
Wilcoxc £10, Anthony Wilcoxe £10, Mary d. of Anthony 
Wilcock £10, John & William, sons of John Wheeler of 
Wroxhill in par. Marston £5 ea. To 2 of the children 
of William. Toms of Cropridre, which he had by his* last 
wife, £5 ea. Residue to Mary Phillips, wid., of Marston, 
sole extrix. Pr. 30 Oct. 1686. 

John Dawks, of Bedford, Esq., 28 Dec. 1694. Recipes 
Indenture tripartite, dated 9 July, 1680, made betw. 
William Boteler, of ' Biddenham, Esq., William Farrer, of 
the Inner Temple, Esq., & Edward Farrer, of Clement's 
Inn, Esq., of the 1st part, and himself by the name of 
John Davyes, of London, Esq., & Mary his wife of the 
2nd part, and Christopher Hatton, of Triplow, co. Camb., 
gent., now Sir Christopher Hatton, Bart., Richard Orlebar, 
"of Harrold, Esq., and William Manley, of Bedford, gent., 
of the 3rd part. Whereby the sd. W. & E. Farrer did 
release and confirm unto Chr. Hatton & Richard Orlebar 
all that capital messuage or mansion house at Goldington 
and certain closes belonging to his use. I here bequeath 
sd. mansion to sd. Wm. Farrer & Edw. Bourn, of Bedford, 
elk., to hold the same after dec. of Mary my wife, to 
sell & dispose of same, & thereout to pay to Abraham 
Bourn, of London, trunkmakcr, £150 which I owe him 
on bond ; to lay out £450 in the purchase of an estate 
for my grandson John, eld. s. of my s. Hatton Davyes. 
Paid to Elizabeth Ford my d. on her marr. £500 in full 
satisfaction of her share of £3550. Mentions dau. Anne. 
To Dame Bridget Hatton, of Huntingdon, Sir Chr. Hatton. 
of Long-Stanton, & his lady, Wm. Boteler, of Biddenham, 

6 Elizabeth his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Robert 
Lovett, of Liscombe, co. Bucks, & Mrs. Elizabeth Brad- 
shaw. d. of sd. Mrs. Lovett, Mrs. Simons of Longshaw 
(or Longstow) in co. Camb., & Mrs. Bourn, wife of Mr. 
Edward B., of Bedford, a ring of 20s. each. To my sister 
Brilliana Davyes, Wm. Farrer, of Biddenham, Esq., & to 
Mr. Edw. Bourn, of Bedford, 20s. each for a ring. Residue 
to exors , Wm. Farrer & Edw. Bourn. Pr. 4 Apr. 1695. 
Seal, a chevron between 3 mullets of five points. 

Joseph EVERARD, of Beeston-green, in Sandy, 23 Mar. 
J 677. To bro. John E., of Beeston-green, a meadow of 

7 roods called Longlake in par. S. To nephew Lewis 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Mordaunt, s. of my brother George M., of Upper Caldecot, 
in Northill; gent., & of Elizabeth his wife £50, remainder 
to nephew Charles M., his brother. To nephew Samuel 
Kix, s. of my bro. Henry Rix, of Newport Pond, co. 
JSssex, gent., & of Mary his wife, £50, rein, to nephew, 
John R., his brother. Residue to bro. John, sole exor. 
Vr. 31 Dec. 1678. 

Sarah Emery, of Ampthill, spr. 8 Mar. 1691. To 
sister Eliz'th Emery all my lands & tents, in Wilsham- 
stead for life, after her decease to my friends John Salamon, 
elk'., Rect. of Meppersliall, my kinsmen George Watson, 
elk,, & Benjamin Norman, elk., Thos. Arnold, of Ampthill, 
liinr., gent., Edward Hill, of Maulden, yeom., Thos. 
Harvey, junr., of A., grocer, in trust to dispose of one 
moiety for the schooling poor children of Ampthill, the 
other moiety to the sa. purpose for poor children of 
Meppershall. To Aunt Anne Norman, £10, Aunt Frances 
Watson, a broad piece of gold to buy a ring. Sister 
Eliz'th E. sole extrix. Pr. 13 Oct. 1692. 

HESTER EVERARD, of Sandy, wid., 25 Oct. 1700. To 
friend George Fuller, of S., yeom., a tenement in Gamlingay, 
co. Camb., in trust to convey to Robert Jeakins for 
the sum of £50 \Js. od., such sum to be invested for 
benefit of my d. Mary, wife of Thomas Croot ; remdr. to 
George, s. of Thomas & Mary Croot. Mentions John 
Croot, of Bceston, father of sd. Thos. Croot. Makes Rev. 
Jonathan Hooker, Robert Edwards, & George . Fuller 
trustees. Pr. 31 Oct. 1700. 

John Faldo, of Maldon, & "John'a ux: mea una acensu 
ac una voluntate," make their last will 7 July 1501. To 
be bur. at Maulden. To s. Richard Faldo all lands & 
tenements, &c, in Maulden on condition of his paying- 
William Faldo his brother £20. Appoints Richard Faldo 
& Thomas Hill exors. Alex. Kyrke, of Ampthill, to be 
supervisor. Witnesses John Smith par. priest, Alex. 
Kyrke, John Samwcll, Simon Bird. Proved 10 Dec. 1501. 


THERE has recently been issued to subscribers the sixth 
volume of "Abstracts of Somersetshire Wills," edited by 
Mr. F. A. Crisp, from the MS. collections of the late Rev. 
F. Brown. These volumes must prove an invaluable aid, 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

not only to the Somersetshire genealogist, but also to 
genealogists in general, for they contain several abstracts 
of wills relating to other counties. In going through the 
series we have noted some abstracts relating to this county 
which we here reproduce, with notes in explanation. 
There are several more Taverner abstracts, but only three 
are here given. Of the abstracts relating to the >3yer 
family there are a considerable number : we give below 
three of them relating to the branch of this West of 
England family which settled at Great- Staughton and 
Colmworth. . p r \ 

Richard Taverner, of Wood Eaton, co. Oxon, Esq. 
Will dated 15 June, 1575, proved 8 Aug. following, by the 
exors. [32 Ptckeringi] To be buried at Wood Eaton near 
Margaret, my late wife. My eldest son Richard Taverner. 
My wife Mary. To my daughters Martha £300, & 
Penelope .£'200. Residue to my three sons Peter, John, 

6 Edmond Taverner, exors. — 4/// series, 85. 

Frances Taverner, of Hexton, Herts, widow of 
Peter Taverner, Gent. Will dated 6 June, 1636, proved 
9 Aug. 1636, by Francis Taverner. [93 Pile.) To 
be buried near my husband in St. Nicholas Chapel, 
Hexton. To my sons Francis & John Taverner, & my 
daughter Wyngate, £50 each. Francis Taverner to be 
exor.— VfaV/. 

FRANCIS TAVERNER, of Hexton, Herts, Esq., aged near 
75. Will dated 19 August, 1651, proved 21 Nov. 1657, 
by his sen Richard. [366 Rutheu.] To be buried at 
Hexton near my parents. My son Richard Taverner, 
exor. Residue to my wife, she to take care that my lands 
descend to my son. — Ibid. 

DAME MARY, ROLT* widow of Sir Thomas Rolt, of 
Sacombe, Herts, Knt. Will dated 8 Oct. 1710, proved 

7 May, 17 16, by Edward Rolt. [106 Fox.] My daughter 
Constantia Ernie {sic). My son Edward Rolt. My 
daughter Stephens. My son Samuel Rolt. My daughter 
Mrs. Jane Calmady. Edward Bayntun Rolt, second son 
of Edward Rolt. — \th series, 120. 

* She was m. at Ilornsey, co. Middx, 18 July, 1685, to her husband, who 
was 3rd son of Edward Rolte, of Pertenhall, and oh 4 Apr. 1716, ECt. 69. 
Edw. her son m. Anne, d. of Henry Bayntun, Esq., of Spye Park, co. Wilis. 
Constantia, her, da., in. Lo John Kirle timley, Esq., of Wheatham, co. Wilts. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Mary Crawley* of N.orthaw, Herts, widow. Will 
dated 12 June, 1699, proved 29 Nov. 1700, by John & 
Richard Crawley. [166 Noel] To be buried in the 
Chapel of Luton, near my husfband. Poor of Luton, 
& of Northaw £10 each. My brothers Jasper & Laurence 
Clutterbrooke, £10. My brother-in-law, Sir Edward 
Clarke, & my sister Mrs. Saudis, £10 each for mourning. , 
My goddaughter Elizabeth Crawley 10 guineas. My 
daughter Bedford. My sons John & Richard Crawley, 
exors. Nov. 28, 1700, Ann Sandys, Spinster, & Margaret 
Sandys, Spinster, both of St. Botolph's, Bishopsgatc, 
London, make affidavit to verify will. — 41/1 scries, 140. 

* Widow of Francis Crawley, of Luton, Esq., and da. of Richard Clutter- 
buck, of London, merchant ; she was bur. at Luton 13 June, 1700. 

Nicholas Luke* of Woodend, co. Bed. Will dated 
20 May, 1613, proved 9 Jul}', 16T4, by Sir Oliver Luke. 
[67 Lawe] My son & heir Sir Oliver Luke. My 2nd 
sou Thomas Luke. My eldest daughter Dame Ann 
Fleetwood, wife of Sir Miles Fleetwood, Receiver Gen', 
of the Court of Wards. My daughter Judith & her 
husband John Cooke, esq. To my youngest daughter 
Katherine £800. My brother Sir John Luke, of Annables, 
Herts, Knt. — series, 41. 

* He was eld. s. of John Luke, of Woodend, in par. Cople, by Anne, his 
wife, d and coh. of John Heming, of Arlesey, and was bur. at Cople 5 July, 
KUj. — II. Ktx. 197. — bi>. 

Lady Maud Luke,* widow of Sir Oliver Luke, of 

Hawnes, co. Bed. Will dated 20 Mar. J 65 5. Codicil 13 
Aug. 1656. Proved 23 Sep. 1656, by Rich' 1 . Edwards. 
[332 Berkeley] To be buried at Copell with my husband. 
My nephew Henry Trcnchard & my niece Frances Trench- 
ard, £50 each. My cousin Catherine Edwards, £50. My 
cousin Richard Edwards. My daughter Jane Luke, £100, 
daughter of Sir Samuel Luke. To my son John Luke, 
houses, lands, &c. — Ibid., 41. 

* She was bur. at Cople 16 Aug. 1656. Her husband, Sir Oliver Luke, 
was returned, in 1640, to represent this county in the Long Parliament, but 
when he died I have not yet discovered. Can any one tell me who were 
the parents of Lady Maud Luke, and where her marriage to Sir Oliver Luke 
took place ? — Ed. 

Sir Richard Dyer* of Great Stoughton, co. Hunt. 
Will dated 8 Dec. 1605. Codicil 9 Dec. 1605. Proved 
12 Feb. 1605, by Sir Wm. Dyer. [6 Stafford] Atom!) 
to be set up in Great Stoughton Church in remembrance 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

of Sir James Dyer, sometime Lord Chief Justice of the 
Comm. Pleas, & Dame Margaret, his wife, sometime the 
wife of Sir Thos. Elliott, Knt., & of me Richard Dyer, 
Krit, & of Mary, my late wife, & £30 to be expended on 
the same. To my daughter Anne Dyer, £300 at age of 
2 1, besides the Manor of Upton already assured to^ her. 
To my sister Frances Honnings, an annuity of £'4 to* be 
paid by my son, Sir William Dyer. To my sister Margaret 
Smith, 20 marks. My sons Francis, Richard, & Edward 
Dyer, all under 21. Residue to my son Sir William Dye^r, 
Knt., Robert Naunton, esq., & Henry Lee, preacher of 
God's Word, exors. — GtJi series, 61. 

* lie was bur. at Great Staughton iS Dec. 1605; Mary, his wife, da. of 
Sir Win. Eitzwilliam, Knt., Lord Deputy of Ireland, was also there bur. 
22 Oct. 1601. His da. Anne was the first wife of Sir Edward Carre, of 
Sleaford, co. Line, Knt , and Hart., to whom mar. 11 (Jet. 1637. Frances, 
his sister, mar. Henry, son of Win. Huninges, of Carleton, co. Suff.— Ed. 

Catherine Lady Dyer* of Colmworth, co. Beds. 
Will dated 8 Oct. 1653, proved 20 Nov. 1655, by Sir 
Edward Cooke, Richard Dyer, & Serjt. Bernard. [460 
Ayletti] To be buried at Colmworth, where I have erected 
a monument to my late husband, Sir William Dyer, & 
myself. My three daughters are married, and each have 
had £1500, duly raised by my care. My son Richard 
& his wife, settled at Colmworth. My son Doyley, settled 
at Hailworth. My son George. To each of my said 
three sons, £20. My daughter Wardour. My son-in-law 
Sir Edward Coke or Cooke. My cousin-german Serjt. 
Bernard. My daughters Ann & Mary. My sister Lady 
J [arrington. My son Sir Lodowick Dyer. — Ibid., 62. 

* She was da. and coh. of John D'Oyley of Merton, co. Oxon, and w as 
bur. at Colmworth 13 Jul)', 1654. Of her three daurs., Anne m. Win. Gery, 
of liushmead Priory, Esq. ; Cath. 111. Sir Edward (Joke, of Longford, co. 
Derby,' Bart., 111. at Colmworth 13 Jan. 1641 ; the 3rd da. 111. ?— Ed. 

SIR LEWIS £)YER* of Colmworth, co. Bedf, Bart. 

Nuncupative Will, 26 Oct. 1669, proved 4 Feb. 1669. 

[18 Peun.] My nephews Richard Dyer & Doyley Dyer. 

William Dyer, eldest brother of Richard & Doyley. Ann 
Dyer. — Ibid., 62. 

* He mar. Elizabeth, da. of Sir Henry Yelverton, of Easton Maudtiit, co. 
Norlhton, and had an only s. Henry, ob. infans 22 Sep. 1637. Sir Ludovic 
died and was bur. at Colmworth 15 Nov. 1669, when the baronetcy, cr. 
8 June, 1627, became extinct. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 



ON page 86 of the "Visitations of Bedfordshire," vol. xix. 
bf the Harleian Society's Publications, is a short pedigree 
Of three generations of the Briers family, stated to have 
Come out of Lancashire. The first who settled in this 
county was William Briers, of Salford (bur. n July, 
l6o2*)> who by Alice, his wife, daur. of — Frere (bur. 
5 Aug. 1592*;, was father of Sir William Briers, the 
subject of this article, and of John, bapt. 3 Sept. 1559* 
Jane, bapt. 2 Apr. 1561, m. 27 Nov. 1591* to Richard 
Lynges or Kynge (both names occur in the Registers of 
Salford, under circumstances which suggest their being- 
meant for the same person), Amy, bapt. 30 Oct. 1565. 
The same Registers also contain the following entries 
relating to this family : — 

"1564 Nov. 3 Amy Bryar. bur. 

1569 Jan. 13 William Bryar & Anne MuLsoe, mar. 
1657 Mar. 5 John Bryars & Lucia Cash, mar." 

Sir William Briers was knighted at Whitehall 29 Apr. 
1627; he was twice married, and by his first wife Anne, 
daur. of Noah Duckett, of Broughton Astley, co. Leic, 
appears to have acquired the manor of Upbury, in 
Pulloxhill, which he made his home. This manor was 
formerly held by a family named Fitz, some of whose 
monuments are still in the Church. How the Duckett 
family acquired the manor 1 have not been able to 
ascertain. Lad)' Anne was bur. 13 Oct. 1631.*)- About 
twelve years alter he took for his second wife Arabella, 
daur. of Sir John Crofts, of Saxham, co. Suffolk, Kt. 
Sir John Crofts would appear to have been living at 
Toddington, a neighbouring parish, about this time, pro- 
bably in the retinue of Thomas, Lord Wentworth, of 
Toddington manor;, cr. Farl of Cleveland, whose first 
wife was Anne, daur. of Sir John Crofts, and sister to 
Lady Arabella. No doubt it was the influence of the 
Wentworth family which advanced the interests of Sir 
William Briers and procured his being knighted, for the 
family does not appear to have held any position in the 
County before this ; his father, William, is described in 
the Registers of Salford as Bailiff of that place. Sir 
William died at the ripe old age of 84,! and was buried 

* P.R. Salford. f P R. Pulloxhill. 

t In the P.R. of Salford is recorded the bapt. of William, son of William 
ft rye r, 25 Mar. 1571. If this is the baptism of Sir William, which seems 
probable, it would make him only a little over 82 years of age. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

in the Chancel of Pulloxhill, 7 June, 1653;* he does not 
seem to have had issue by either of his wives. Mis 
baptism does not appear to have been recorded in the 
Salford Registers, so he may have been born and possibly 
baptized at some other place. On the north wall of 
the Chancel is a handsome marble monument, with his 
bust, in relief, carved thereon, erected to his memdry by 
his second wife, Lady Arabella, who died in London 
5 June, 1662,* and was also buried on the 13th. of the 
same month in the Chancel. The following- is the f in- 
scription on his monument : — 

" Here lyeth the body of S r WILLIAM BRYERS 
Knight | Depvty Leiftenant of y e Sheire for 
many years twice | high slieriffe & ivstice of 
Peace & Qvorvm, 30 yeares | together wiioe 
having discharged thes high offices | of trvst 
with sing year ivdgement & integrety to the 
great i benefit of his covntry & his owne 
Honovr Died y e 28 th day of | Maye 1653 beinge 
aged fovrscore & fower, hee. was in religion 
to I ins God constant witi-iovt wavering to his 



What fruits the Industry of youth a na I grot 'he 
To riper yeares could in the ire time bring forth 
Idee reaped in plenty whose exemplar fame 
Hath taught f world Jioiv they may reap f same 
Knowledge" hot Ji how to goiter ne and obey 
For wisdome ledd him hand in hand the way 
Health op body, love of Freiuds, releefe of poore, 
The Goods of fortune, and of mind and more 
Did all in him concur, And being see blest 
Hees now arriued att his Eternall rest, 
In full assurance that .; from earth and dust 
Hee shall be raised to line amongst the lust. 

Lice had two Wives y c first ANNE DVCKETT, in whose 
right he En- | ioyed the Mannor of Vpberry being the 
* P.R. Pulloxhill, 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

place where he made his | constant aboad & wherein hee . 
exercised the Indvstry of his yovth & | wisdom of his 
Jjge, his second Wife was Ar.RABELLA C.ROFFTS one of 
the | Davghters of S r John Cfoffts of Saxham in the 
Covnty of SvfTolk, Kt. | who lived with him nineteen 
- years and odd months and hath | since his death ovt of 
hir piovs and gratefvll affection towards | him erected* 
this monvmen' to his memory and desert/' 

On a brass plate affixed to the North wall of the Chancel 
is the following inscription : — 

OCTOBER 1631." 

And on a flat stone beneath the Altar is this inscription 
relating to his second wife: — 

"In hops of a joyfull resurrection Here lyeth y e body of 
Dame ARRABELLA BRYERS second wife of Sr. William 
Bryers of Pulloxhill in y c County of Bedford K l and 
daughter of S K JOHN CROFTES of Little Saxham in y e 
County of Suffolke K c . She died a widdow y c 5"' day of 
Iune in ye year of our Lord God 1662 being aged ? 57." 

Above the Inscription are these arms on a lozenge: 
Az. a chevron flory counter (lory [erm.] between three 
mullets pierced [ar.]— BRIERS. [Or], three; bulls' heads 
cabossed sa. — CROFTS, on the sinister side of another 
lozenge. F< A< B> 


Discovery of an Old Roman Well. 

Sir, — Through the kindness of Mr. Frederick W. Langlcy, 
Leagrave, Luton, who first called my attention to this 
discovery, and subsequently conveying me to the spot, I 
am able to relate the following facts. As the Midland 
Railway is being widened for the purpose of laying down 
more lines, a large quantity of earth has to be removed in 
the cutting of chalk, in the parish of Chalton. About two 
miles north of Leagrave is a bridge over the railway near 
to the Lime Kilns, and ninety yards south of this bridge, 

64 Bedfordshire Notes and Queries, 

and on the east side of the railway, the men came upon this 1 
old Roman well, which was forty feet deep. At the bottom 1 
they found three water bottles, one of which the men 1 
smashed ; the other two I secured. They are of the kind 
known as " Unchurch ware," not quite perfect, but good I 
specimens. Higher up in the same well, and. at different I 
distances, were found a large quantity of animal bones, 
some of which are in my possession. 

April \ j. F. W. Crick. v. 

f i 


MARMADU KE CARTWRIGJ IT.— In the Register of Wicken, 
a village situated in the south of Northamptonshire, occurs 
the entry of the marriage of Marmadukc Cartwright, of 
Leighton Beaudesert, and Ann Gibbs, of Wicken, 1st 
March, 1711. Is anything known of these persons? 
What was their subsequent history? 

C. H. M. 

HARVEY OF ICKWELL BURY— John Harvey, Esq., the 
fir-t of this family that became possessed of the Ickwell 
Bui)' estates, is said to have married a " Mary Vassalf (or 
Vassal), widow." So far as I am aware no printed pedigree 
of Harvey gives any further particulars of this lady. 1 am 
desirous of learning her parentage. Jt is almost certain 
that her first husband was John Vassal!, of London, 
Merchant, who was possessed of lands in the parish of 
Bedalc, co. York, and whose will, in which he mentions 
"Mary Vassall my loving wife," is dated 29 Feb., 1664, 
and was proved on the 30th March, 1665. By this marriage 
she appears to have left no issue. John Vassall was eldest 
son of Samuel Vassall, M.P. for London in the Long 
Parliament — a well-known historical personage {Vide 
u Visitation of London," Hark Soc.- vol.). It is probable 
that Mary Vassall's 'youngest son Samuel, by her second 
husband, received his name after her first husband's father. 

W. D. Pink. 

Leigh) Lancashire, 




Cfje monumental 'Brasses of TBeDforOsljire. 

" Find native graves upon the which, I trust, I 
Shall witness live in brass." 

— Shakespeare, Hen. V. Act iv. Sc. iii. ' 

THE facility with which perfect copies of these interesting- 
relics -of the past can be taken by means of the com- 
position known as heel- ball, has induced many hundreds 
of persons, since the year .17 So, to engage in the work 
of forming collections of what are termed rubbings. The 
lack of artistic skill being no detriment, all can enter upon 
the occupation with a feeling of certainty that the exercise 
of ordinary care will , produce a perfectly faithful impression 
of the brass it is w ished to copy. So common was the 
practice some forty years since that one could scarcely 
enter a country house or rectory without finding its library 
and passage walls hung with the black figures of long 
departed ecclesiastics and mail-clad warriors. To the 
taste thus fostered the study of archaeology is indebted 
for many of its brightest and most learned followers. 
After a time, as is generally the case with everything that 
is new, the practice fell into comparative disuse, and little 
was heard of the doings of the band of brass collectors. 

Now, the mania for so-called church restoration having 
brought to light many hitherto unknown memorials long 
hidden under pews, aided by the great change in public 
taste which now evinces a desire to cherish the memorials 
of the past, and to keep before our eyes the vestiges of 
times which are brought so vividly before us in no other 
way, has awakened all the former interest in these 
frequently really exquisite works of art, culminating in 
the formation of the "Cambridge University Association 

vol. in. 5 j 


Bedford shire Notes and Queries. 

of Brass Collectors," a society which has already done 
good service by bringing about the restoration of several 
brasses to the churches from which they had been stolen 
in past years, and whose great object is to compile and 
publish a complete list of the figures, shields, and in- 
scriptions yet remaining in the still United Kingdom. 

It is frequently asked, What can be the use of making 
a collection of such rubbings? The answer is obvious. 
That from no other source can we obtain so clear an 
insight into the costume of past ages ; and if we apply 
ourselves to their study we escape the danger of falling 
into the utter inconsistency and confusion so prevalent 
among the artists and actors of a past generation. By 
the aid of the Monumental Brasses enshrined within the 
walls of many of our parish churches the Crusader who 
bled at Acre, the victors of Crcci and Poictiers, the 
conquerors at Agincourt, rise before us in a correct re- 
presentation of the arms and armour they really used and 
wore. We can trace the gradual deterioration of armour 
through the leaders who strove in the Wars of the Roses 
to those who glittered on the Field of the Cloth' of Gold. 
Then another series commences, and we see the cumbrous 
armour of the time of the first James give way to the 
sturdy buff jerkin and jack-boots of those who fell for 
the cause of England's murdered King, or the sad-coloured 
cloak and steeple hat of the rebel Puritan. 

From the same sources also we are able to picture many 
a scene in which the priests of our early church bore so 
prominent a part: St. Thomas Becket as he defied King 
Henry at Woodstock, as he fell foully murdered before 
the little altar of St. Benedict at Canterbury, the Abbot 
of Suehaffray as he appeared when giving absolution to 
the Scottish army before the Battle of Bannockburn, 
Wolsey as he issued from his palace at Whitehall, Latimer 
as he preached at Paul's Cross, Laud as he walked to his 
death upon the scaffold. All these start up before us 
in no fancied or unreal costume. So too, the merchant of 
bygone centuries in his long, flowing, miniver-faced robe 
with rosary and gypciere or purse attached to its girdle, 
and his own particular sign or trade-mark represented 
beneath his feet will be added to our pictorial store, with 
the civilian gentleman and his lady in their appropriate 
gowns. And yet another and a fairer list remains — the 
queens of love and beauty at many a long-forgotten 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


passage of arms, whose names are now unknown, or 
merely recorded in the short memorial of a legendal brass. 
We can picture sovereigns who, .like Margaret of Arijou, 
took up arms to defend the throne from rebels, for, at 
Shernebourne, in Norfolk, we find the effigy of Jemima 
<Se Chcrney, the faithful friend and maid of honour to 
this unhappy Queen. She is habited in the robe, * 
and Wears the curious horned head-dress, probably a 
facsimile of one worn by her Royal Mistress ; or, like 
fhilippa of Hainault, who, while her husband was engaged 
III Continental conquest, led an army to defend his 
kingdom against the Scotch invader. 

These are (Airs to re-produce, to re-invest with what they 
doubtless would have considered no mean or unworthy 
subject of meditation and care — a correct costume. We 
know that during the reign of the third Edward changes in 
apparel were so frequent, and ornamentation so elaborately 
and expensively adopted, as to elicit an Act passed by 
Parliament for the curtailment of luxury in dress, and that 
in the subsequent reign of Richard II., extravagance of 
this description attained even greater proportions, as 
proved by the brasses of that period now existent. 

Frequently the most curious and interesting brasses will 
be found in remote and out-of-the-way little churches ; and 
an unknown Knight will perhaps mark the period of some 
change in defensive armour, and a nameless chantry priest 
ma)- afford a better example of ecclesiastical vestments 
than the effigy of the rich and chronicled rector. The 
origin of this kind of monument may probably be found in 
the effigies of low relief common in the twelvth century, 
which may have been relinquished for Hat plates from 
motives of convenience as they forming" part of the pave- 
ment would be no t obstacle or encumbrance. By this 
supposition it is evident that the beautiful canopies so 
often found in brasses are the retention of the architectural 
accessories to the figure in relief. 

The art was by no means a new one, for metals had been 
long most successfully engraved for ornaments, etc., so that 
the monumental brasses arc found to exhibit no rude 
beginnings, but on the contrary, may be said to have 
been in perfection at their first introduction, and to have 
slowly deteriorated at the close of the fifteenth century till 
they became utterly debased both in design and execution 
in the seventeenth. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

The earliest Brass of which we have any record was in 
the church of St. Paul, Bedford, to Simon de Bcauchamp, 
who died in A.D. 1208, but that no longer exists, though 
fortunately the inscription has been preserved by Weever 
in his " Funeral Monuments." At present the earliest 
known Brass is that of Sir John D'Abernon, A.D. 1277. 
Several brasses of an early date were apparently executed 
by the same artist, as great similarity in minute points 
is shown in them. For instance, the fine brasses com- 
memorating Adam de Walsokne, 1349, and Robert 
Braunche, 1364, in the church of St. Margaret, King's 
Lynn, Norfolk; Alan Fleming, 1361, in the church of 
St. Mary Magdalene, Newark, with those of Abbot 
Thomas Delamere, at St. Albans, and the priests at 
Wensley, in Yorkshire, and at North Minims in Hert- 
fordshire, are undoubtedly from the hands of one and 
the same Flemish artist. England is now the only 
country in which they are found to any extent, the 
greater number being in the Eastern counties. This 
has been accounted for by the theory that they had been 
brought over from Flanders and chietly used in the 
parts lying nearest the continent. Others have thought 
it to be in consequence of the greater wealth of the 
manufacturing districts; but such is not at all probable, 
as if that were the case costly altar-tombs of marble 
would have been used with figures sculptured out of the 
same material. The real cause was probably the scarcity 
of stone in that part of the Kingdom. 

The counties in which the greatest number of brasses 
remain are Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Kent. They are 
numerous in Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Bucks, 
Herts, Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex, but in the Western 
counties they are comparatively rare. There are very few 
in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Shropshire ; while 
in Staffordshire there are scarcely any. In Wales not mure 
than thirty remain. Glasgow Cathedral is said to contain 
the only Scottish example, and in Ireland there are two of 
late date in Dublin Cathedral. In this county they are 
to be found in the old churches of Ampthill, Aspley- 
Guise, Great Barford, Little Barford, Barton-iii-the-Clay, 
St. Mary, and St. Paul, Bedford, Biddenham, Biggleswade, 
Blunham, Bromham, Caddington, Campton, Cardington, 
Clapham, Clifton, Colmworth, Cople, Cranfield, Dean, 
Dunstable, Eaton Bray, Eaton Socon, Elstow, Eyworth, 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. Cg 

Parndish, Felmersham, Flitton, Goldington, Lower Grave- 
hurst, Hatley Cockayne, Hawnes, Holwell, Houghton 
Conquest, Houghton Regis, Hulcote, Kempston, Langford, 
Leighton Buzzard, Lidlington, jUiton, Marston Morteyne, 
Maulden, Mepshall, Pottesgrove, Puddington, Pulloxhill, 
Renhold, Roxton, Salford, Sutton, Sharnbrook, Shillington, 
Souldrop, Stagsden, Stevington, Thurleigh, Tilbrook, 
Tingreth, Toddington, Totternhoe, Turvey, Wilshamp- 
Stead, Wirnington, Yielden, with in all probability some 
others recently discovered, or little known. 

Any information respecting unrecorded, or recent " finds "' 
of figures, shields, inscriptions, or even fragments thereof 
would we are sure be gladly received by the Honorary 
Secretary of the C. U. A. B. C, at Corpus Christi College, 
Cambridge. On the continent they are found at Bruges, 
Aix-la-Chapelle, Meissen, and in some other parts of 
Germany; one at Seville in Spain; a few in Funchal 
Cathedral, Madeira. A very interesting one remains in 
Constance Cathedral,' commemorating the English Bishop 
Hallum, who died in that city in 1416; it is of English 
workmanship. There are a few of the fourteenth and 
fifteenth centuries in Denmark. Revolutions have de- 
stroyed all that ever existed in France, and Italy has none. 
The study of these memorials, therefore, has a special 
claim on our interest as being peculiarly a national one. 

But, unfortunately, England during the last few centuries 
has by no means escaped all plunder: it it had, there would 
hardly be a village church in this county without its ancient 
brasses, and our cathedrals would literally be paved with 
these glittering memorials. In the year 1 6 J 2 the pave- 
ment of York Minster alone contained 120 brasses, and 
of these but one remains ! Look at Westminster, and see 
how many lovely crosses and episcopal figures have been 
stolen. In Canterbury and Rochester Cathedrals not one 
remains. The despoiled slabs and vacant matrices in 
almost every church in this county tell us the wretched 
tale of a far too literal interpretation of the injunction 
of 1547 against superstitious inscriptions and the like, 
which were to be so utterly destroyed " that there should 
remain no memory of them in wall, glass windows, or 
elsewhere within churches." The common plaintive 
appeals "Orate pro anima," and "On whose soul Jcsu 
have mercy," were held sufficient to doom them to destruc- 
tion, excepting in some instances where family influence 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

was able to save them by the erasure of the obnoxious 
prayer. The churchwardens' account-books of this period ' 
literally teem with entries of sums received for "latten" 
or metal " of y' which lave over the grave stones." The 
unhappy civil war of the seventeenth century, which 
transformed the very face of nature into a semblance of 
perpetual slaughter, and ' roused internecine conflicts in 
countless households has also much to answer for in 
this matter, the misguided zeal of the victorious Puritan 
unfortunately leading him in his ignorance to destroy gyms 
of inestimable value, and urging him to the commission of 
acts at which his calmer judgment undoubtedly recoiled. 
Then again in the eighteenth century, when the church 
bells were so generally being recast, most assuredly came 
another sad period of plunder, hundreds of invaluable 
memorials being for " very greed inesse of metal " cast into 
the melting pot to save the pockets of the parishioners. 
In the early days of the present century apathy and 
wilful carelessness on the part of both clergy and church- 
wardens permitted the destruction and abstraction of 
innumerable fine brasses when, the churches were under- 
going repair ; but in our time, fortunately, there has sprung 
up to a degree hitherto unprecedented a love of what 
is old, of what is beautiful, of what is venerable, which 
will for the future effectually protect these memorials of 
the dead. 

Considered as works of art, the earlier brasses partake 
of the simplicity and religious feeling observable in the 
architecture of the period. In some cases the drawing 
may not be anatomically correct, but the drapery is usually 
deserving of high praise, and where chain-mail, or 
ornaments of a minute character, as on the apparels of 
priests at Totternhoe, Barton, and other places in the 
county, arc errfployed, they are executed with such care 
that the labour expended must have been very great. 
The material of which they are made is that anciently 
called "latten," a hard mixed metal similar to that now 
used for taps. As there was no manufacture of brass 
plate in England till the year 1639, the " cullen " plate 
made at Cologne and in the Low Countries was probably 
used. But though the plate was of necessity imported, 
there is every reason to believe most of the brasses were 
engraved in England, there being a great difference 
between the workmanship of known English and Flemish 


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examples. We find on examination that the incised lines 
'Acre filled with pitch, or some composition of a resinous 
character, either black or otherwise ; thus the design was 
rendered more apparent. Shields of arms, the apparels 
of ecclesiastical vestments and official robes were very 
generally coloured, and accordingly we find the surface 
hatched in cross-lines. The pigment so frequently visibly 
on brasses placed upon altar-tombs was a substance very 
similar to sealing-wax, and required coarse hatching fol- 
ks reception. The colour was of course easily effaced 
by being trodden upon, and thus but few instances of f 
coloured brasses remain. Sometimes, though rarely, the 
metal was burnished or gilt. In brasses, founders of 
churches, hospitals, or chantries are sometimes represented 
holding a model of the building in their hands; at Creak, 
in Norfolk, the resemblance even now is very apparent. 
Judges have a. coif of fur on their heads. Notaries and 
schoolboys are represented with ink-horn and penner 
attached to their girdles— a line example of the latter 
is at Little II ford in Essex. Huntsmen • are engraved 
with their sporting accessories. Unmarried ladies wear 
long hair flowing over the shoulders ; widows are dis- 
tinguished by a gorget under the chin, its height denoting 
the social status of the wearer ; as in armour, so in dress, 
regulations were made and enforced for propriety as to 
differences in rank'. The vestments of the clergy, so 
numerously represented in this count)', consist of three 
varieties — the eucharistic, processional, and academic. 
Priests here, as elsewhere, are often represented holding 
a chalice with a consecrated wafer, bearing either a cross 
or the sacred monogram. In some few instances the 
figure, of a chalice alone marks the last resting place of 
some good priest of olden time. Mitred abbots are dis- 
tinguished from bishops either by holding the pastoral 
staff in the right hand and giving the benediction with 
the left, or by having it in the left hand with the crook 
turned inwards. Emaciated figures and skeletons, with or 
without winding sheets, arc common, and were probably laid 
down during the lifetime of the person commemorated, 
to serve as a gentle reminder of their approaching dissolu- 
tion. At Yielden, they are merely more or less shrouded 
emaciated figures, but some are very repulsive in their 
details, as at Oddington, in Oxfordshire, and are possibly 
of continental origin. Children are represented in groups 

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beneath their parents, the number in many instances is 
calculated to excite our astonishment and pity. Infants 
are frequently represented in swaddling clothes, but some- 
times in cradles or beds. Ladies, especially those wearing 
the "butterfly" head-dress, wear much jewelry, the ringer 
rings being very numerous, and the necklaces rich and 
large. Cushions are placed under the head of a lady, 
and the tilting helmet under those of the knights so 
frequently appearing in the churches of this county. 
Dogs are put beneath the feet of ladies, and sometimes 
have collars with bells attached ; lions, and frequently 
dogs — emblems of courage and fidelity — beneath the 
soulieres of their warrior husbands. The most beautiful 
and the rarest of all. monuments arc the cross brasses, 
common in the fourteenth century, that were formerly 
to be seen in the chancel of nearly every parish church 
in the county, covering the grave of at least one of its 
departed priests. In no case has the destroyer's zeal 
defeated its purpose more than in this, for by leaving the 
indented stones to show the extent of the devastation, 
they have roused up indignation against themselves and 
unfeigned admiration for those who designed and laid 
such charming memorials : fortunately one or two ex- 
amples have escaped destruction. 

Many brasses have been found to be engraved on both 
sides ; these: arc termed palimpsests, and are probably 
spoilt plates, or portions of destroyed memorials turned 
and re -engraved lor economical purposes. In many cases 
more modern inscriptions have been placed beneath figures 
of a much earlier date, demonstrating not only a robbery 
of the dead, but the perpetration of a fraud upon suc- 
ceeding generations. These form a distinct class of 
palimpsest, and are sometimes difficult to detect, while 
in other instances the deliberate theft is patent to even 
a superficial observer. Some of the double and triple 
canopies common in this county, and dating from the 
fourteenth century, are very beautiful, and add greatly 
to the appearance and dignity of the composition in 
which they form so prominent a part, being full of elegant 
details and patterns of varying decorations. The earliest 
inscriptions, like that of the Beauchamp brass formerly 
in St. Paul's, Bedford, were composed of distinct capital 
letters running round the four sides of the stone slab, 
but these were soon displaced by narrow incised strips 

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of metal with, in the case of ecclesiastics, the Evangelistic 
emblems at the four corners; until about 1410 they were 
frequently in French, though Latin was generally used. 
The earliest instance of an English epitaph occurs in 1393. 

Taken as a whole, the Monumental Brasses of Bedford- 
shire, rich as they are in knightly and ecclesiastical figures, 
compare very favourably in design and execution with, 
those remaining in any part of the kingdom, and are 
well worthy of that loving care which it is the honour 
and privilege of our age to devote to those relics of olden 
time, which have been handed down to us among our 
most precious inheritances. We grieve at the present sad 
state of some in decay, suffering from the neglect of ages, 
or mutilated by ignorant improvers, yet we receive the 
trust as it has been handed down to us — a precious in- 
heritance from remote generations; let it be our endeavour, 
as it is our privilege, to bequeath that inheritance to those 
who come alter us in all its integrity, knowing we possess 
but a life interest therein. The county does indeed offer 
a wide field for the formation of an excellent and varied 
collection of rubbings, embracing nearly every grade in 
life, highly valuable for their historic associations and 
generally interesting. Long may the churchwardens and 
other legal custodians of these ancient and artistic 
memorials of the dead exercise their power and authority 
to preserve them in situ from desecration and injur)', 
allowing, at the same time, reasonable and free access 
to the antiquary and student of history. 

Abstracted from the Original Wills, and certified copies, at 
the District Court of Probate, Northampton. 

Elizabeth. Fitzgeffray, widow, 7 Dec. 1532. To 
be bur. in the ch. of Thurleigh, upon the north side by my 

J. A. Sparvel-Bayly, E.S.A. 

©ome T3enforti0f)ire unfits* 

(Continued from p. 57.) 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

husband. To eld. s. Edward, 2nd s. George, Katherine 
my da., Robert Sackefeld my son-in-law, my da. Bridgett, 
John, s. of Robert Sackefeld, Edmund Bendowe, Margaret 
Bendowe, Elizabeth Condi/ sundry bequests. Residue 
to eld. s. Edward, sole exor. Witnesses Sr. Robert 
Shackefeld, Sir Edmund Bendoe, Sir John' Gale, priests. 
Proved 10 Dec. 1532. ♦ 

JOHN FlTZGEFFRAY, of Crewkirs, in par. Barford, Esq., 
17 Sept. 1534. To be bur. in par. eh. of Barford, before 
our lady altar. Mentions Elizabeth, mother-in-law. All 
lands in Barford, Renhold, & Ravensden for a priest to 
say mass and to sing for my soul for the space of 2 years. 
Residue to wife jane, sole extrix. Sir Henry Gray, 
Knight, of his special goodness to be supervisor. Proved 
— day — month, 1535. 

Nicholas Faldo, of Biddenham, 23 May, 1536. To 
be bur. in chyard of St. James, Biddenham. To William 
my son, Joane Ealdo my d„, & to John Faldo my s. 26s. &d. 
apiece. To Mawde, my wife, my house in Bromham 
bridgend for her life, so that she remain unm. If she 
marry again, to s. William, with remainder to John & 
Joane in succession. Makes wile Mawde, s. William, & 
Sir Thomas Cowper, par. priest of Biddenham, exors. 
Proved 2 Aug. r 536. 

ROBERT FALDO, of Biddenham, 1537. To be 

bur. in ch'yard of Biddenham. Rouse and lands to wife 
Alice, whom he appoints extrix. Proved lo Jan. 1337. 

William Faldo, of Oakley, 16 Apr. 1542. To be 
bur. in Oakley Ch. To s. Richard all lands whatsoever 
in co. Beds. Margaret my wife, da. Mary, grand-da. of 
Hen. Pycard, William my son. To Thomas my son the 
p'sonage of Oakley. Eliz'th my da. Appoints Sir John 
Wya'n, Vicar of Oakley, wife Margaret, son Rich., & 
Thomas Gayle, exors. Proved 10 Dec. 1543. 

Elizabeth Faldo, widow, of Maulden, 8 March, 1540. 
To be bur. in chyard of Maulden. To the high altar in 
Maulden ch. 8d. Richard my son, Katherine my da. 
To William Faldow's four children I2d. apiece. Appoints 
s. Richard & Edmund Abbot exors. Witnesses William 
Tateham, curate, & others. Proved 12 Oct. 1549. 

William Ealdo, of Bromham, husbandman, 21 Dec. 
1 561. Mentions son John Faldo, wife Elizabeth, whom 
he appoints extrix. John Faldo, brother, to be overseer. 
Proved J 563. 

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JOHN Faldo, of Sutton, gent, 28 Dec. 1579. To be 
bur. in par. ch. of Sutton. To Margery my wife, David 
& Robert my sons, all my goods & chattels. Appoints 
them exors. Mr. Burgoyne to be overseer. Proved 20 
June, 1580. 

Thomas Foster, of Cardington, Cotton end, gent., 14 
July, 1647. To be bur. in par. ch. of Cardington. All ♦ 
lands, &c, to Thos. F., Rowland my brother's son and his 
lieirs male, in default to John, s. of my cozen John F., of 
Harroden, & his heirs male, in default to Henry F., of 
Scrattee, & his heirs. To sister Lawrence & her 2 sons, 
to sister Munn's children, and to Henry F., of Scrattee, £5 
apiece ; to my bro. Francklyne's child, £8. To poor of 
Cardington £5 yearly for ever out of Rates close in 
Cotton end, the Churchwardens & Overseers to distribute 
same. To 2 claurs. of my bro. Rowland, deed., £200 ea., 
to bro. John Winch my wife's best ring, to sister Coventry 
my wife's next best ring, &c, to cozen Cokayn, of Cotton 
end, $s. to buy a ring, to cozen Swynny Asseldyne, of 
Marston, wid., £5, to Katherine, late wife to my bro. 
Rowland, £5 ; trustees to pay her £600 due from 
Captain W hi thread after decease of Lady Savage. 
Residue to exors. during minority of Thomas, s. of 
Rowland. Bro. Thomas Franklyn to be sole exor. 
Cozen Cockayne & bro. John Winch to be overseers. 
Witnesses John Cockayne, John Winch, Jo. Coventry. 
IV. 21 Sept. 1047. 

Margaret Fountayne,. wife of Thos. F., of Eaton 
Bray, yeoman, 17 May, 1658. To poor of Eaton B. £20; 
to kinsman Thomas Perkins, of Dunstable, £ 1 0 ; to Eliz'th 
Doggett, of Whipsnade, £5 ; to Sarah Crouch, wid., d. of 
above E. D., £5 ; to Anne Powell, da. of my first husband's 
brother, £10; to Mary God man, £10 ; to Robert Barnes, 
£5 ; to godson William Howes, £5 ; goddaur. Mary Bur)-, 
£5 ; to Susan, my husband's da., wife of Bernard Collins, 
my black gown ; to William Doggett, brother of my late 
husband, Francis Doggett, 3 acres of air. land in Stan- 
bridge; to John D., brother of sd. William Doggett, land 
in Stanbridge. Residue to husband, Thomas Fountain. 
Pr. 22 Dec. 1664. 

JOHN Faldo, of Bedford, gent., alderman, 8 Oct. 1657. 
To be bur. in St. Mary's church, Bedford. Appoints bro. 
William sole exor. Recites that he has settled in jointure 
on wife Anne his dwelling-house at the Bridge foot in 

7 6 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

High Street with all makings and outbuildings, gives 
her also a eottage in El stow, & a stall in the Tuesday 
market of Bedford & £150 ; after her death devises 
sd. premises to nephew William, eld. s. of his brother 
William for life & to his heirs, in default to John, 2nd 
s. of William. To nephew William all goods in my 
dwelling-house. Exor. within 6 years alter testator's 
decease to lay out £2000 in land for the use of William 
F., junr. To nephew John F., £500; to nephew William 
F., grocer, £200; to each of the daurs. of my bro. William, 
£50; to brother William, farm buildings lately purchased 
by William Abbis, gent.; to brother Matthew F., all such 
sums as he owes me ; to niece Mary HeWett, wid., d. of 
my bro. Rich. Faldo, deed., £5 ; to nephew Thomas 
Christie, £10 ; to 60 poor people of St. Paul's parish, 
to 30 poor people of St. Mary's parish, to 20 poor people 
of St. John's parish, to 20 poor people of St. Peter Martin's 
parish, to 20 poor people of St. Cuthbert's parish, 4^/. 
apiece. Pr. 16 Jan. 1657. Admon. granted to Wm. 
Faldo. Pr. 16 Jan. 1681. Admon. granted to John Faldo, 
his grandson. 

JOHN FOSTER, of Harrowden, in par. Cardington, nunc, 
will about 3 or 4 days before his death, wh. took place in 
March last past, did bequeath to his brother Charles F. 
£200, to his sister Elizabeth F. £100, to Theodore Under- 
wood the elder, s. of Thos. U., of Bedford, £50; to Oliver 
Py infer? *x Thomas Watts 40*. ea. All his lands and goods 
to Rebecca, his mother, whom he made sole extrix. Pr. 
18 June, 1667. Admon. granted to Rebecca F. 

Laurence Faireclough, of Renhold, gen., 1 Oct. 

1667. To be bur. near where my wife Rebecca is bur. 
To wife Elizabeth part of my lease of Salphobury, wherein 
I now live, and certain lands ; to son Thomas £10 ; to son 
Richard £100; to Mr. Tennant, Minister of Ravensden, 
20 nobles ; to kinswoman Mary Honnor 20s. Residue to 
s. Laurence F. & my s. Paul Bamford, of Bedford, whom 

I appoint exors. Pr. 8 Feb. 1667. Admon. granted to 
Laurence F., Paul Bamford having renounced. 

CHARLES FOSTER, of Harrowden, in Cardington, gent., 

II Mar. 1668. To mother Rebecca my manor of I r enlake 
Barnes for life, after her dec. to my sister Martha F. and 
her heirs for ever. To mother Rebecca all the rest of my 
lands whatsoever for life, she paying all debts and legacies; 
reversion to my 3 sisters Martha, Elizabeth, & Man-, and 

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their heirs for ever. To godson Edward Gascoigne £5. 
To the poor of the endshipps of Harrowden, Cotton, & 
jpenlake 20s. Residue to mother Rebecca, sole extrix. 
IV. 4 May, 1669. Admon. granted to mother Rebecca. 

ELIZABETH FaIRECLOUGH, late of Bedford, wid., nunc, 
will, 27 August, 1670. Bequeaths wearing apparel to 
Mary, wife of John Rennolds, of Bedford, glover; t*> 
Margaret, wife of Robert Langford, of Bedford, carpenter; 
and to Mary, wife of Thos. Skelton, of Bedford, baker. 
To Mr. John Bradshaw, to preach her funeral sermon, 20s. 
Residue, including £13 10$. due her from Lawrence F., her 
late deed, husband's son, she gave to Paul Bamford, of 
Bedford, mercer, and Elizabeth his wife. Pr. 3 Oct. 

JERARD FRAN KL EN, of Marston, yeoman, 12 July, 1681. 
To eld. s. Jarard, £ioo; 2nd s. William, £60; 3rd s. John, 
£60; 4th s. Mathias, £60; 5th da. Margaret P., £100; 
6th s. James, £50; and 7th s. Henry, £50. To Thomas F., 
s. of my brother Thomas, £5 ; to wife Margaret " all the 
pullinge in the ycarde." Residue to s. Thomas and his 
heirs ; appoints s. Thos. sole exor. Pr. 30 June, 1683. 

Estwick William Freeman, of Stotfold, gent., 15 
Aug. 1687. To Edward Phillip, of Stotfold, scrivener, 
£ic ; to poor of S. £5 ; to wife Jane all my houses, lands, 
ix tenements. Appoints her residuary legatee and sole 
extrix. Pr. 8 Dec. 16S7. 

LUCY FALDO, of Biddenham, wid., 28 Dec. 1696. To 
grandson Thomas F. 4 acres of land in B., he paying 
thereout to my grandson John F. & to my granddaur. £10 
ea. Son Thomas F. 20^. ; makes him sole exor. IT. 
14 Feb. 1 70 [. 

MARY GALE, of Elstow, widow, 13 June, 1632. To be 
bur. in Elstow church near my mother. To brother John 
Andrew, a brass pot ; to Alice Andrew, his wife, her best 
gown ; to brother Robert Andrew, a warming-pan, and to 
Anne, his wife, wearing apparel ; to John, s. of Lewis 
Latham, gent., her little box ; to Mrs. Decons, two pewter 
candlesticks ; to Mr. Bellie, her best chair ; Residue to s. 
John Abbes. Brother John Andrew to be exor. Pr. 23 
June, 1632. 

Thomas Gamble, of Pulloxhill, gent., 23 July, t6S6. 
To s. John (by my wife Susan, d. of Thos. Beale, of 
Hertford, gent.) all that my messuage with appurts. in 
P. & closes of pasture. To eld. s. Thomas land at Higham 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Gobion. Residue to s. Thomas, sole exor. Appoints 
friend William Helder, of Offley, gent., & father-in-law, 
Thomas Beale, overseers. Pr. 16 Apr. 1692. 

Elizabeth Hunt, widow, of Roxton, 7 March, 15 19. 
To be bur. in ch. yard of Roxton, at the E. end, by my 
son. Mentions Edward Hunt, Roger Hunt, Gregory 
Hunt, Thomas Hunt, Christian Fisher. To da. Mary,*late 
wife of Roger Hunt, disposition of all my moveable goods 
within the manor of Chalversterne. Appoints d. Mary 
Hunt, Thomas Hunt, & Roger J hint exors. "Also I wjll 
that all such goods as I have bequeathed to Roger Hunt, 
to Gregory and to Edward after my decease be in the 
custody of my daughter their mother until they be of 
age." Proved 1 7 A ug. 1521. 

John Harding, the elder, of Aspley, 29 Oct. 1530. 
To be bur. in ch. yard of Aspley. To Robert, s. of John 
Harding, a house at Little Brickhill ; to William, s. of 
John Harding, a house at Little Brickhill ; to Ellen 
Estamforth and her heirs, a house in Husborne Crawley; 
with remainder to her brother Henry Estamforth, in 
default to my s. John Harding ; to John Harding, the 
younger, my Sonne's son, a copyhold in Little Brickhill of 
iiij nobles a year. Dau. Lucy. Residue to s. John, whom 
he appoints exor. Sir Richard Birche, vicar of Husband 
Crawley, overseer. Witnesses, Sir Ric. Birche, Robert 
Hunt, John Potts. No probate annexed. 

Thomas Hunt, of Chalversterne, gent., (3 Sept. 1546. 
To be bur. in the chancel ende where my father and 
mother were buried. To 5 children, Thomas, da. Sax- 
borowe, Roger, Anne, & Barbara, 5 marks each. Residue 
to exors., viz. : wife Alice, s. William, & brother Roger. 
Witnesses, Mgr. Thomas Harvey & Thomas Hunt. Proved 

[OHN Hill, of Silsoe, 9 Oct. 1546. To be bur. in par. 
ch. of Flitton. To Alice, my wife, my manor called 
Ragons, for life ; remainder to Edward my s. cc Ins heirs male, 
according unto the last will of Thomas my father; to wife 
messuage in Maiden; also to s. Edward certain lands in 
Maiden lately purchased of Frances Morgan, gent.; sons 
William, Thomas, Edmond, George; to da. Jane, £20; 
Residue to wife Alice, sole extrix.; John Colbeck and 
Edward Gostwicke, gent., to be supervisors. Witnesses, 
Edward Danyell, gent., Thomas Hill, &c. Proved 15 Nov. 
I 546. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


William Hitche, of Kempston, 15 June, 155 1. To 
be bur. in ch'yard of Kempston. To wife Alice, house 
standing" at Kempston Hardwick, with all lands, meadows, 
pastures, &c. ; .after her decease to eldest da. Ellen. To 
wife Alice his house at Green end, "wh. I hold of Mr. 
Astrie"; after her decease to 2nd da. Alice. To da. 
Christian £3 6s'. Sd. Appoints wife Alice & father-in-law,* 
Thomas Newold, exors. Sir John Dewe, Vicar of Kemp- 
ston, to be supervisor. Witnesses, Roger Allen, Austin 
Hitche, &c. Proved 23 March, 1586. 

EDWARD HUNT, of Chalverston, in par. Roxton, Gierke, 
9 May, 1557. To be bur. in Roxton ch'yard, where his 
father & mother were bur. To the high altar of Roxton, 
2d'. Mentions brother Roger Hunt, cousins WhTm Hunt, 
Joane Hunt, and Roger Hunt. Mentions Richard, Joane, 
Robert & Richard Chessame, also Alice, Edward, & 
William Chessame ; godsons Edward Cooper, Edward 
HoQvey, cousin Thomas Hunt. Appoints brother Roger, 
& cousin William Hunt, exors. Proved 15 June, 1557. 

Alice Hunt, of Chalvcrstone, widow, late wife of 
Thomas Hunt, gent., dec, 12 Jan. 1559. To be bur. 
in Roxton eh. yard by my husband. To Will'm H., 
her son, her house at Maldon. Mentions da. Jane Hunt, 
cousins Joan Hunt, Margaret H., Marie H., Da. Eliz'th 
Temple, cousins William Temple, Thomas Temple, Marie 
Temple, Amy Temple, Eliz'th Temple, Henry Temple, 
William King, godson, Thomas Hunt, Joan Hunt, the 
younger. Appoints s. Will'm Hunt and d. Elizabeth 
Temple, exors. Son-in-law Thomas Kyng", supervisor. 
Witness, John Colbeck the elder, Robert Colbeck, Will'm 
Hunt. Codicil dated 8 March, 1559. Proved 22 Mar. 

EDWARD HILL, of Silsoe, 27 June, 1584. To my 4 
children — Edward, Henry, Elizabeth and George — £40 
apiece. Mentions brother Thomas, Thos. Fawley, vicar, 
brother Michael Hill, William Hill. Residue to wile 
Judith, -sole extrix. Witnesses Richard Bowlley, gent., 
Steven Daniell, gent, John Hill, Tho. Hill, Thos. Fawley, 
vie. Brothers John & Thomas Hill, & Peter Richardson 
to be supervisors. Summa Inventia £298 1 is. \d. Proved 
22 Oct. 1584. 

GEORGE HILL, of Silsoe, yeoman [no date]. To be bur. 
in par. ch. of Flitton. Third part of all his goods to wife 
Mary ; to s. Peter H., lands and tenements unbequeathed ; 


BedfordsJiire Notes and Queries. 

to daurs. Mary and Alice Hill and to s. Giles Hill, £20 . 
each ; to s. Edward, of Maulden, 20s, Appoints wife Mary 
and s. Edward exors. Pr. 12 May, 1612. 

William Harding, of Elstow, yeoman, 25 Oct. 1634. ' 
To bro. Richard & Ann his wife a cottage at Elstow. To 
wife Anne S-j* acres of land, also dwelling-house in Elstow, 
lately purchased of Michael Dimock, gent. Mentions 
niece Ann Allotson, cl. of my bro. Wrn. Allotson, and 
sister Elizabeth Harding. To Mary, wife of Edward Bray, 
of Cardington, 20s., and to godchild, William S.ilbie, 4.OSM 
Residue to wife Ann, sole extrix. No probate. 

John Hill, of Stanfordbury, in Southill, gent., 20 Oct., 
1642. To be bur. in Southill ch. near 1st wife Alice. To 
wife Elizabeth £40, and to mother Erne Raymonte, 40s. 
per ami. ; to eld. d. Alice I:L, £320; 2nd d. Mary H., £300; 
3rd d. Philadelphia H., £280 ; to youngest s. Jonathan II., 
£700; son Edvv. to be exor. ; brothers Edward H. & Edw. 
Crawley to be guardians. To the 4 children of my wife, 
John, Henry, Edward and Katherine Barnewell, 20 s. 
apiece. To Mr. Taylor, elk., vie. of Southill, 40s. Resi- 
due to s. Edw., sole exor. Brothers William and Edward 
Hill, and brothers Richard and Edward Crawley to be 
overseers. Codicil — To sister Joane Randall, 40s. ; and to 
her s. John, my godchild, 20s. Brother Thomas Hill, 
20s. ; and to Erne Hill, his d., my goddaur., 20s. No 

HENRY HUNT, of Woburn, gent., nunc, will, e. Dec. 
1662. To 2 children of his brother Thomas i I. all his 
estate. Sworn 8 Sept. 1663. 

Henry Hale, of Shillington, gent., 14 Dec. 1654, 
To repair of S. ch. 20s. & to poor of S. 40s. To children 
of brother Simon H. an ewe apiece ; to Mary d. of my 
bro. Simon, my silver cup. Residue to Master Thomas 
Hale, my father, sole exor. Pr. 28 Jan. 1630. 

RICHARD H ELDER, al's Spicer, of Little Staughton, 
gent., 24 Feb. 1668. To eld. s. Richard my college lease 
& all free lands to him and his heirs for ever. To da. 
Anne Stocker \2d., da. Dorothy £80 & furniture, s. John 
£80, da. Elizabeth £yo, s. Robert £60, and to sons William, 
Walter, and Oliver £70 apiece. Residue to s. Richard, sole 
exor. Pr. 15 May, 1669. 

JOHN HaWKES, of Elstow, gent.* To wife Katherine, 
land in White fryers, near Fleet St., London, and lands in 

* This will is imperfect. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

8 1 

Worth ill. To daurs. Elizabeth and Frances, £300 each. 
Having" reed. £60 with George Crayford, my apprentice, 
I'.jo thereof to be repaid him. To Mr. John Beecher. 
Mentions 2 daurs. Alice and KatrTerine. ... if Alice m. 
— Barnardiston, who renounces. Pr. 26 May, 1670 (Will 
& Cod.) Admon. granted to widow Catherine (codieil 
Of Alice Barnardiston, wid.) & to Arthur Jordan, exors. 
Seal 3 bends, — a chief vair. 

Richard Hill, of Maulden, yeoman, 23 June, 1675. 
All my stock and goods whatsoever, except household 
goods, to be sold by Edward Hill & William Milward, both 
of Maulden, proceeds to be applied as under. Three 
youngest children to have £40 ea., son Thomas to be 
apprenticed. To wife Elizabeth for life a cottage in 
Maulden. Son John to be sole exor. To da. Alice £30. 
Pr. 6 J ul)', 1675. 

Thomas Hale, of Everton, gen., 10 Dec. 1681. To 
Sons Thos., George, & John £5 ea , and to s. William is. 
To da. Rowneinge a feather bed, <xc. To my son Wood's 
2 children by my daiir. $s. ea., and himself is. ' Residue 
to s. George, sole exor. Pr. 13 May, 1682. 

Thomas Hill, of Litlington, gent., 29 Apr. 1696. To 
brother Edward IT., of Maulden, and my cozen William 
Parker, of Eversholt, 21 acr. of an*, land in Grundon held, 
Hey den field and Westwood field in par. L., and Eield 
pjose containing" 9 ai res in trust tor my s. Thomas Hill. 
Tod. Anne 11., £200, charged upon Great Close containing 
15 acres. Son Thos. to be sole exor. Pr. 19 Dec. 1696. 

William Iremonger, of Ampthill, gent, 3 Jan. 1662. 
To William Wheelowes, of Gayton, co. Southton., gent., 
and to John Mansell, of }Stouglitoatford, in co. Bucks,, 
gent., my uncles, all that mess, or tent, in which I now 
dwell in Ampthill, & also all other lands in A. & Maulden, 
and windmill in Stanbridge, also all his hinds in co. 
North'ton. Upon trust within eight years after my dec. 
to sell & to pay to Martha, Judith, Margaret, & Frances 
Ire monger, my natural sisters, & Thomas, Humphrey & 
John Iremonger, my natural brothers, equally to be divided 
amongst them. To wife Frances all my plate. Pr. 18 
July, 1665. 

William Joye, of Salphoburie, 14 July, 15S1. To 
wife Joane all his leases & farms of Salphoburie for life 
during her widowhood except the furthest part of the 
laysure next Styrtilend, also except the two bradfeilds 

vol. m. 6 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

next to Salphoende, after the young William Joye's lease 
is ended. To son-in-law William Cleyton & Elizabeth 
Cl.eyton all my copieholds called Hilles al's Arrundells, 
with Cannons close & the two Bradfeilds. To da. Joane 
£80, if she marry with her mother's consent, if otherwise 
or she die unm. to remain to my children's children, i.e. 
to the children of William Cleyton £30, to William 1 of 
Robert Smith £10, residue to other children of Robt. 
Smith equally & the children of Paul Pecke. Makes wife 
Joane, & son-in-law Paul Pecke, exors. Robert Smith & 
William Cleyton to be overseers. To William s. of Robert 
Smith, of Thurleigh, a house on the hillside at Ravensden, 
where William Cleyton now dwelleth ; to Mr. Legge, curate 
of Reynold; 20^. ; to Paul Peck, son-in-law, the mansion 
house or the bury-steede of Salphobury, with all the 
houses, closes, meadows, feedings, arable lands, sheep- 
gates, commons, water rings, & tithes, &c. Mentions 
William, s. of Paul Peck, god -daughter Hester Cleyton. 
Pr. 23 March, 1586. 

JOHN Johnsonne, Vicar of Eaton, 27 Sept. 1581. 
To cousin William Johnson a bed, &c. ; to sister Ellen 
Greene, 2 milch cows ; to the poorest householders in 
Mydleton where I was born 6s. To Thomas Vaux 40s.; 
to cousin Thomas Johnson 40s. Residue of all his goods 
to be sold & the proceeds distributed amongst the children 
of John Cook, which he had by his cousin Margaret deed.; 
the children of my brother Richard ; the children of Simon 
Matine ; the children of Nicholas Taylor, &c, &c. Makes 
Thomas Taylor, cler., p'son of Drayton p'slowe, & William 
Moore, of Eaton, overseers. Pr. 26 July, 1583. 

WILLIAM JOHNSON, of Biddenham, gent., 18 July, 1617. 
To Katherine, d. of Edw. Johnson, my dee'd brother, now 
the wife of John Stockton, 2 messuages. & tenements in 
town of Bedford ; remdr. to Sara, another d. of sd. bro. 
Edward. To Mary, wife of Valentine Coburne, of London, 
taylor, da. of my sister Alice dee'd., £40, and to her s. 
Thomas £5. To my good Mrs. Ursula Boteler, £10; to 
Sir Thomas B., her eld. s., £5 ; to my lady his wife, £5 ; 
and to William B., their eld. s„ £10; to all their other 
children £5 apiece. To Mr. Oliver B., 2nd s. of my sd. 
Mrs., £20 ; to Katherine, wife of John Kynnersley, d. of 
my s rt . Mrs., £5. To Eliz'th,. youngest da. of my s d . Mrs., 
and wife of Richard Taylor, Esq., £5 ; to s d . Richard T, 
£5. To Frances, wife of William Newton, of Biddenham, 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


gent., £5, and to William N., their eld. s., his cottage & 
land in Biddenham. To Robert Ewleston, of London, 
gent., 50 J. William Newton to be sole exor. To be bur. 
in Bidd. chancel. Rich'd Taylor to be overseer. Pr. 17 
Jan. 1623. 

WILLIAM Joy, of "Bedford, gent., 22 July, 1676. To 
brother Richard J., £50. All lands in Bedford, Cardington, 
and Kempston, after dec. of myself & wife, to s' 1 . brother 
Richard, he paying yearly thereout to his s. William Joy 
£8 per aim. Residue to wife, sole extrix. Pr. 23 July, 

Thomas LlLLINGSTONE, of Millbrook, [no date] 1543. 
To be bur. in ch'yard of Millbrook. To Richard my son, 
Agnes my da., William my s., John my s., Jone my da., 
Thos. my s., George my s., & Edward my s. 20-v. apiece. 
Residue to wife Agnes, whom he appoints extrix. with 
John Lyllingston. Pr. 11 Jan. 1543. 

GEORGE LlLLINGSTONE, of Millbrook, 11 Apr. 1559. 
To be bur. in ch'yard of S. Michael of Millbrook. Mentions 
John eld. s., Annis d., William s., June ) r oungcr d., Jone 
elder d., John, s. of Thomas Mill, s. -in-law, to whom sundry 
small bequests. Residue to wife Jane. William Lilling- 
stone, of Litlington, & John Lillinsgton, eld. s., to be exors. 
Pr. 24 Sept. 1 56 r . 

John LlLLINGSTONE, of Millbrooke, 3 Aug. 1559. 
To Lions Lillingstone, godson, s. & h. of his s. William, 
£20 \Os, jd., in gokle, & £10 in silver. To daurs. of his 
s. Will'm, viz. Flizabeth & Agnes £6 13.W 4^/. ea. John, 
s. of his brother George Lillingstone. To Marian Hill, 
d. of bro. George L., 20.s\ Residue to s. William, whom 
he appoints exor. Pr. at Ampthill 3 Apr. 1560. 

William Leach, of Felmersham, nunc, will, 27 Feb. 
161 5. To my 6 children £30, to be equally divided 
amongst them, 3 sons' & 3 daurs. Makes wife sole extrix. 
Pr. 23 Mar. 161 5. 

Humphrey Layton, of Harrold, gent., 18 Jan. 162 1. 
To wife Joane 20s. a year for life. To sister Mrs. Martha 
Farrer 6s. to buy a ring ; to friend Sir Thomas Boteler, 
& Lady Anne his wife, 20s. apiece to buy them rings. To 
s. William L. my best cloak, and to each of his children 
20s. apiece. To brother Thomas Farrer's children I2d. 
apiece, & to Mr. Paule, Vicar, $s. \d. To cousin Mr. 
William Farrer his s. 12^/. Residue to Lady Anne 
Boteler, whom he appoints extrix. Pr. at Bromham 
6 May, 1623. 

8 4 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

MARY LANE (of S. Paul's), relict of Joseph Lane, 
formerly of London, gent., dec 11 , u Nov. 1637. To sister 
Elizabeth £10, and to the 3 children of my s J . sister- 
William, Francis, & Thomas' Lane £10 ea. To daur.-in- 
law Jane Lane £20, & the profits of houses in llounsditch 
London, for 2 years. To cosen Ursula Child £20, and 
to cosens Mary Paly & Tho. Paley £5 ea. To Alexander 
Bouskil 4.0s. ; to Tho. Jey, of London, 40J. ; to brother 
Lane £5 , to Mr. Daniel Goldsmyth 10 pieces ; to Mrs. 
Collier, of Bedel. S. Peter, $s. Father-in-law, Francis 
Banister, Dr. of Physick, to be sole exor., to whom residue. 
Pr. 22 Nov. 1637. 

©leanings from parislj iKcgtoters, 

(Continued from p. 44.) 


Saunders — Deverell, Thomas, & Katherine,m. 
Duncumbe, Marye, bur. 
Saunders, Thomas, the younger,, bur. 
Saunders, r rhomas, bapt. 
Duneombe, William, ba[)t. 

Duneombe, Francis, s. of Thomas, gent., bapt. 
Duneombe — Conquest, Roger, gent.,& Cicely, m. 
Duncumbe, William, s. of Thomas, bapt. 
Fawkner — Duncumbe, Richard, & Alice, m. 
Andrewes — Duneombe, John, gent., & Suzan, m. 
Duncumbe, Isabell, wife of Thus., bur. 
Beake — Duncumbe, Thos., & Anne, m. 
Saunders, Elizabeth, d. of William, bapt. 
Duncumbe — Nurse, Thomas, & "Agnes, m. 
Dyer, Alice, d. of Richard, bapt. 
Saunders, W'm., s. of W'm., bapt. 
Saunders, Thomas, s. of W'm., bapt. 
Duncumbe, Marye, bapt. 
Saunders, Richard, s. of William, bapt. 
Duncumbe, Katherine, d. of John, 
Duncumbe, Thomas, bur.' 
Duncumbe, Francis, s. of John, bapt. 
Duncumbe, Dorothee, d. of ,, 
Duncumbe, Rennet, s. of 




> > 



> > 


2 5 

I 560 


2 9 

1 56 1 


2 1 









1 574- 


1 1 



1 7 

1 587 









5 > 








] 7 




1 594 



? > 





' > 












Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 








1 > 



1 003 

1\ L ell . 



2 3 



t it 


j + 








I 608 












t . 


2 3 

1 6 r i 



1 6 1 2 


2 7 


1 0 

1 (> 1 6 





1 0 



j 623 



163 1 


1 2 




I64 J 


* / 



1 1 






2 5 








1 2 








? > 

2 1 

■ A A c 




1 2 



I 0 



2 I 






I I 










Saunders — Paine, Thomas, & Ellen, m. 
Saunders, foane, d. of Thomas, the younger, 

Saunders, Thomas, bur. 
Duncumbe, George, s. of John, bapt. 
Saunders — Taylor, Francis, & Thomazin, m. 
Duncumbe,, s. of John, bur. 
Combe — Saunders, Gilbert, & Joane, m. 
Saunders, Richard, s. of Thomas, bapt. 
Sanders, Catherine, d. of 

Sanders, Elizabeth, d. of Francis, „ bur. 7 May, 

Saunders, William, s. of „ ,, 

Saunders, Thomas, an infant, bur. 

Bunnion, Dorothy, d. of Rob't., bapt. 

Cobb — Duncuinbe, Paule, gent., & Mrs. Ra- 
the rine, m. 

Saunders, Elizabeth, d. of Thomas, bapt. 

Saunders, Nicholas, s. of Francis, 

Saunders, Katherine, widow, bur. 

Bunnion, an infant of Robert, bur. 

Saunders, Elizabeth, d. of Francis, ,, 

Bunnion, Anne, d. of Robert, ,, 

Saunders, Thomazin j d. of Francis, bur. 

Meade — Saunders, Robert, & Alice, m. 

Parry, W'm., s. of the R* Rev. Father in God, 
William, Lord Bishopp of St. Asaph, bur. 

Bunnion, William, bur. 

Buncombe, John, s.of John, Fs.q.,& Phillis, born. 
Duncombe, Lucie, d. of „ 
Buncombe, Joane, d. of ,, ,, 
Duncombe, Phillis, d. of ,, 
Sanders — Bush, Francis, & Susan, m. 
Duncombe, John, Esq., ob. 5th, bur. 
Duncombe, Phillis, d. of John, bur. 
Massing'berd, Robert, gent. ,, 
Duncombe, Phillis, wife of John, bur. 
Sanders, Edward, s. of W'm. lS: Anne, bapt. 
Cox — Sanders, John, & Anne, in. 
Saunders, Sarah, d. of W'm. & Anne, bapt. 
Austin — Duncombe, John, gent., & Mrs. Mary, m. 
Saunders, William, bur. 
Sanders, John, ,, 
Duncombe, John, Esq., bur. 
Duncombe, Mrs. Susanna, widow, relict of John, 

Duncombe, John, bur. 
Sanders, widow, bur. 









1 7 io 



17 17 



I 720 


. T 

J / " D 


1 J 



I 724. 

/ T 





3 0 



* t / 

An' 1 -. 





/ J J 




1 7 

I 7 3 S 

/ J 0 


2 7 




> > 


1 2 

17 37 








I 7 5 Q 


1 c 






2 I 






p 1 1 


2 6 

t i 


1 3 

I 74. 2 


2 7 

> > 


j » 


I Q 

I 74- 3 




> > 



» J 


1 c 
1 J 

/ 1 



] 7 J. 7 



I 74-8 


I 7 

1 75° 



1 753 











Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Dimcombe, Mrs. Joanna, bur. 
Barton — Dimcombe, John, & Mary, m. 
Barton, Samuel, s. of John, Clerk, born 10th, 

Barton, Philip, s. of ,, ,, Apr. 10, 


Chase — Dimcombe, Stephen, M.D., of y e parish 
of St. Andrew's Holborn, (Sr Mrs. Philip, m, 
Saunders, Thos., s. of Thos, & Mary, bapt. 
Saunders — Sheffield, Francis, & Eliz'th., m. 
Saunders, James, s. of Francis & KHz., bapt. 
Saunders, Elizabeth, d. of ,, ,, 
Saunders, James, s. of ,, ,, bur. 

Saundeis, Ann, d. of ,, ,, bapt. 

Duncomb, Mrs. Bridget, bur. 
Saunders, Sarah, d. of Francis & Eliz., bapt. 
Saunders — Salisbury, Francis, sojourner, - m. 
Saunders, Hannah, d. of Francis & Eliz., bapt. 
Saunders, jane, d. of Francis & Eliz., bapt. 
Saunders, Hannah, d. of ,, ,, bur. 

Barton, Dimcombe, s. of John, Rector, ,, 
Saunders, Martha, d. of Francis, cS: Eliz., bapt. 
Saunders, Jane, d. of ,, ,, bur. 

Saunders, Hannah, d. of ,, bapt. 

Saunders, d. of ,, ,, bur. 

Duncomb — Lawson, William, & Sarah, m. 
Saunders, John, s. of Francis & Eliz., bapt. 
Saunders, John, s. of ,, bur. 

Dimcombe, Win., s. of William & Sarah, bapt. 
Chase, Stephen, M.D., one of the Lords of the 
Manor, bur. 

Dimcombe, Elizabeth, d. of W'm. & Sarah, bapt. 
Duncomb, W'm., s. of Wm., bur. 
Gilpin, Mary, wife of Benj., gent., bur. 
Dimcombe, Sarah, d. of W'm. & Sarah, bapt. 
Gilpin, Benjamin, gent., bur. 
Mayo, Charity, d. of Mary, bur. 
Duncomb, W'm., s. of W'm. & Sarah, bapt. 
Duncomb, W'm., s. of W'm., bur. 
Dimcombe, Hannah, d. of Will. & Sarah, bapt. 
Dimcombe, John, s. of ,, ,, ,, 

Saunders — Cosier, Francis, & Ann, m. 
Sheffield — Saunders, John, & Mary, m. 
Saunders, Francis, bur. 
Dimcombe, Hannah, bur. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


monumental inscriptions, 

UNDER this heading it is proposed to give from time to 
time a selection of Monumental Inscriptions from the 
various Churches of the Archdeaconry which have not 
hitherto appeared in print. As many have been printed 
in the two previous volumes of this work, reference should, 
be made to them by those interested. Nearly all of them 
have been carefully copied by the Editor from the originals, 
and every care has been taken to ensure accuracy and to 
preserve all peculiarities, etc. The Editor will at all times 
be glad to receive copies of any that have recently come 
to light, in the course of church restoration or otherwise. 

( N. Aisle, Purbeck slab on floor.) 

Here lyes interred the Body of | S r Edward Sa.DLEIR 
Baronet third | son of S r Edward Sadleir late of | Temple 
Dinsley in y e County of Hertford | Baronet and Grandson 
of Thomas I Sadleir Esquire heretofore of this j place 
lineally descended from S r | Ralph Sadleir of Standon in 
the I said County of Hertford Banneret | he dyed the 14th 
day of July Anno | Dom: 1 7 19 in y° 58 lh ycare of his Age. 

(Eng. on copper framed in alabaster ; in Chancel.) 

Es Mi hi Mors Lvcrvm. 

Subjacet [nclysvs GULIELMUS STONUS in urna ; | Cui 
Natale solum Norfolcia uillaq' Burnham, j Oceanum iuxta 
non ampla stirpe creatus, | Veste Magisterij quern Canta- 
hridgia cinxit. | Sederat hie Hyemes Decies ter quincq' 
peractas, | Septuaginta duos vitae compleuerat annos. | 
Cum tria Iacobvs moderasset lustra Britannos ; | Spe 
certa fidens virtute, resurgere Christi ; | Et cum ccelicolis 
/Eternam ducere uitam. 


Samuel Browne eques auratus | Vnus e Iusticiarijs 
Communium placitorum | Et Elizabetha vxor ejus arnica 
societate et placida | Qua via erunt, quiete hinc recumbunt 
et obdormiunt: | I He juris et aequi et simul consultissimus :| 
In legis apicibus versatissimus, & tamcn pads amantior. | 
Plurimas enirn lites magnis impensis scnescentes | Ecelici 
utrinque succcssa saipissime sopiuit & extinxit: | In causis 
audiendis utraq' pars patientem, | Nec minus in dijudicandis 


Bed fords /lire No Us and Queries. 

sensit integrum. | Ilia pia, modesta, mitis, atq' adeo omni 
virtute | Quae aut Vxorem,' aut Matrem deceat, insignita. | 
Vtrosq' vltimus dies de pulvere suo | in gloriam simul evchet. 


Ilia 281 



; April* Anho SaluU 1 ^itatis , 
1c 1 1 J 1 • [1668J [70, 

H.S.E. I Thomas Madox armiger | Rcgiac Majcstatis | i 
Historiogra'phus humilis | Vxorem duxit Cathcrinam | 
Fili-am Ricardi Edwards | De hac villa Arleseya j 
Armigeri | Obijt xiij 0 die Januarij | Anno Domini 
MDCCXXVI I Catherina, conjux Obijt | xv die Julij 
MDCCLV I /Etatis suae LXXX. 

Near this place lieth the body | of | Anne the dearly 
beloved wife of VlGERUS EDWARDS Esq: | a younger 
son of Richard Edwards: Esq: and Elizabeth his wife | 
late of this parish deceased. | The said Anne was the 
Daughter and Heiress of Joseph LANE, Esc}: | One of 
the Masters of the Bench of the Society of the Middle 
Temple London. | And Cousen and Heiress of Benjamin 
Lane Esq: | of Upton in the Count)' of Bucks, | She had 
one Son Lane. Edwards who died young, j She died the 
I of April 1733, aged 58 years, | Me died the 13 of May 
1760 aged 88 years. 

Hie subtus jacent corpora | ROBERTI VlGEROUS 
generosi, Familia | Vigerosum nuper de Langham in | 

Elizabethae, primae 


ralfe de Hvll | 1 


n a«rro 

Agro Essexiano onundi ; j Ac 
vxoris ejus, | Filial Alexandri iVIe 
Eboracensi generosi. 

I lie j An": lxxxiiij ') 

Obiit - 

Ilia j Aetat. Ixxviij 

Hoc monumentum Elizabethae Edwards | vidua, relicta 

Ricardi EDWARDS | Nuper de hac parochia armigeri | 

Supradictorum , Roberti & Elizabethae | Fitia unica 

superstes, in Fiam | F are n turn memoriam | Fosuit. 

To the pious memory of | His father & mother RlCHARD 

EDWARDS, Esq, | and Elizabeth his wife | daughter and 

heiress of Robert VlGEROUS Esq. & Elizabeth his wife | 

He ) ,. ,21 Oct. ) A T , f \6gi ) A , f 60. 
tM Vdiecl -xt . \ Anno Dom. \ _ \ Aged | Mrs 
She j 21 Nov.] (17123 b (70. 

Their bodies lie buried in the middle aisle near this pillar. | 
He was the last Grand Reader of the Inner Temple 
London, A.D. 1686 | And the son and heir of Richard 
Edwards and Catherine his wife | (The second daughter 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


of Sir Henry WHITEHEAD of Norman's Court in | 
Tithcrly in the county of Southampton Kt and Constance 
his I wife) buried also in this Isle ; whose fourth son 
George Edwards Esq. | was chief Deputy Register of the 
Court of Chancery many years and | is buried in the 
jjliancel of the parish church of Hen low in this county. | 
And in that church are buried many ancestors of the * 
family. | The said Richard and Elizabeth had eleven 
children Elizabeth | Richard Vigerous George Catherine 
Robert, the others died young. | Elizabeth married John 
COCKAYN of Hinxworth in Hertfordshire | Gent, and is 
buried in the chancel of that parish church | she left by 
him three daughters. | George went young a volunteer into 
the army in all the | English warrs with France and Spain 
in the reign of King William the third and | Queen Anne 
he died major of a regiment A.M. 17 12 and lies buried 
at Gibraltar, lie married and | left; a son George (who 
died at 2f unmarried) and 2 daughters | Katherine married 
Thomas Madox Esq. Historiographer to Queen | Anne 
and King George the first. 

Willm. Bedford Edwards Esq. nephew of Richard 

Edwards | Capt. H.E.I.C.S. ob. 27 Nov. 1800, his son 
Richard Edwards ob. 6 Apr. 1807, aet. 9. 

Coffin Plates on zvall of I r estry. 

Mary the wife of Jul IN SCHULTZ Esq. | Died Sept. 3rd. 
1802 I Aged 87 years. 

Mrs. ELIZ™ St. Jojin | Died May 8th | 1768 | Aged 
78 years. 

Mrs. I Mary Brown | Died Feb ry 13th j 1759 | Aged 
72 years. 

Arms — Brown impaling St. John. 

John Lee | Esq 1 ' J Died Sep 1 '. 17th \ \yGi | In the 68th 
year | of his age. 

Arms — Lee of II art well ; on an inescutcheon of pretence, 


Here lieth bvried the | Body of loi-IN NORTON | Late 
minister of this | Place, departed y e 15 | of Avg. 1662, son 
of I Richard Norton, Esq cr * 

Arms — Gu. a fret arg., a bend vair. 

Here lyeth the Body of RICH: NORTON | Gent. Son 
and heir of Jo: Norton late | Minister of Barton in the 

OO 1 Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

County of Bedford, and of Anne his wife, which | said 
Richard was married to Anne the | Davghter of Will: 
FALDOW of Bedford | Gent. Who departed this life the 
8 th day of May 1679. And left two daughters | Anne 
and Mary. | D : M : S : 

Here lyeth the body of Anne | late wife of Iohn 
NORTON | Clarke deceased some time | Rector of* this 
Church who | departed this life the 14 th day | of April 
1696 and in the | 62 years of her age being | in her life 
time, of an | humble meek and | Charitable Spirit. 

Arms — Norton, impaling — a fesse dancettee. 


Heic facet | Praenobilis Vir JOHANNES D UNCO M BE | 
Eques Auratus | Gulielmi Battlesduni in agro Bedfordiensi 
Armigeri | Et Eliz : Johannis PoiNTZ Equitis Aurati 
gnatae filius I Eliz: MAIJ antequa et honesta oriundae 
familia Maritus | Ex Septem unico Conjugio natis, iinici 
Gulielmi superstitis Pater, j Pater Maritus Filius Optimus 
Carolo Secundo | Triumvir Armamentaritis et a Secreti- 
oribus Consiliis | Rebus bene gestis baud multo post 
Quinquevir ./Eravi Praetor. | Res Rcgias administrabat 
pura admodum et parca. manu | Munifica hujus Rex et 
Dominus, res privatas restituit et auxit | Singularis sic 
coinparata res domi I V ir j Tanti Regis fiducia Spectabilis, 
tot tantisque muneribus clams j Fide virtute, probitate 
saeculi concensu et existirnatione egregius | Sed dimissos 
post honores, quam praesentis inter Splendores illustrior | 
Respondit ipse quippe Dominus Euge[naeus] Bonus et 
Kidelis Servus | Laeta vox ctsi terrena | Ccelitus olim 
exaudita | Resurgenti ; o Beata | Obijt | IV Nonas Martii | 
Anno Salutis MDCLXXXVII | /Etatis Suae LXIV. 

Arms — Quarterly, 1 & 4, Buncombe; 2, Reynes ; 3, 

In the Chancel on the south side is the following mural 


The Rev d . | EDWARD Henry WllINFIELD, M.A. I 
xxxvii years | Rector of Battlesclen and Potsgrove | Died 
6 July 1 82 1 I Aged lxv years | Blessed is the memory of 
the just 1 Ellen Whinfield | Relict of the above [ Died 
10 th Sept r . 1827 I Aged 71 years. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


In the Churchyard is a large tomb enclosed by iron railings 
inscribed as folloivs. 

The Honorable 
* Juliana Page Widow 
of Thomas Page Esq 

Died July the second 1780 
in the 79th year of her age 
Her virtues are recorded in the Breast. 
Of those to whom she was known, 

* She was dau'r: of Sir Scrope Howe Rnt. (who in 1701 was elevated to 
the Peerage of Ireland as Baron Clenawley, Co. Fermanagh and Viscount 
Howe) by his second wife Juliana daur. of Lord Allington of Horseheath. 
Thomas Page was 2nd son of Sir Gregory Page of Wricklemarsh, Co. Kent. 

In the Churchyard. 

Here Lieth y° Body of | DANIELL Fox He was Cook 
to I The Hon b,e S r John Duncombe | Kn* & to y e Hon ble 
W. Duncombe | Esq 1 ' 38 years He Departed | This Life 
the 7 th of Feb y \jot | In y e 58 th year of his age. 

WILLIAM BLACKER.! Late Captain 12 Royal Lancers I 
Only son of the late | Colonel S l John Blacker | Born, 
June 2. 1836. Died Oct. 27. 1875. 

hllllj.. |ilil..i 1 |ilil,i.!i|i|ii'ili|i|i«.liH 

(Continued from Vol. II. Part xx. p. 240.) 

TllE list of Mayors, as printed in "A Schedule of the 
Records and other Documents of the Corporation of 
Bedford," compiled by the late Town Clerk. Mr. Theed 
William Pearse, and "also in the "Municipal Handbook," 
commences with the year 1647 and is complete to date, 
with the exception of the years 1718-20, the records of 
which are missing. In previous numbers I have given 
a few names of Mayors of earlier date, which I have 
noted during my researches. Subjoined are a few more, 
chiefly gathered from a cursory examination of the 
Borough Records in the muniment room. I should be 
very glad to receive additions to the list from those who 
may be in the way of coming across any. 

F. A. B. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


1 307 Nich. le fferoun. 

1344 John MareschalL* 

1348 Henry Arnold. 

1352 John Mareschall.-j- 

1362 W. dc Kempston.j 

1400 Thos'. Jordan. 

1437 John fTrcepurs. 

1444 Wm, Betts. 

1 496 John Alwey. 

1508 Alex. Crowle. 

1512 Simon West. 
1 545 Hen. Ward. 
1547 Willm. Hall,§ 
1602 Thos Hawes, Junr. 
1610 Mr. Beaumont. 

1629 John Spenser. || 

1630 Robert Bamfordflf 
163- Willm. Waller. 

1634 Thos. Paradine. 

1635 Francis Banncster. 

OF BEDFORD a.d. 15S7. 

The following" names are extracted from Lansd. MS. 53, 
articles 89 and 91, folios 190b, and 195, in the British 
Museum. In Lansd. MS. 737, folio 149, is a list of Nobility 
and Gentry in England and Wales, qualified to act as 
Justices of the Peace, circa 1584, but the first folio, con- 
taining those for this count)', is wanting, it is worthy of 
remark that the only name now remaining in the county 
is that of St. John, Baron St. John of Bletsoe. 

F. A. B. 

Commissioners of the peace displaced. 

ffbrttscue, esq. : vnmeet to be restored beinge touched in 

the 2 articles for his wiei is recusant. 
Willm. Mordaunte, esq. : vnmeete, thoughte to be back- 

vvarde in Religion. 
And re we Graye, esq. : a lawyer vnmeete, lie is in Comission 

w'in Hertfordeshere, a quarresom & contentious 

man, & his wief even nowe p'sented to me Recusant. 

Com m i ss i o n e r s re rn ay n i n gc. 

Lewes Dyvc, esquier. 
Edw. Radclife, esquier. 
Oliver St. John, esq. 
George Rotheram, esq. 
Nich'us Luke, esq. 
Henry Butler, esq. 

* Bushmead Cartulary, 
f Coleman's Cat. No. exc 
X Newenhain Cartulary. 

Richarcle Conqucste, esq. 
Ralfe Astrie, esquier. 

— Hogeden [Hoddesden], 


Oliver St. John, of Kcysho. 
Wm. Butler, esquier. 

§ Penes C. R. Wade Cery, Esq. 

|| Lay Subsidy Roll. 

If Conveyance of Thos. Hawes. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


The names of all that arc in Comission of the Peace in 
everie the seueral sheres follo.winge. 


Robertus Nudigate Rob'fus Hackley [Hatley] de 

Andrew Grave Goldington 
fcjc'us Conquest Rad'us Austrey 

oh'es R.owe Thomas Norton 

oh'es Barnarcleston Georgius Kcnsham 




Circa 1399. 

" Noi'a burg' 


Wills. Cothrstoke, maior. 

. Johes, Blake. . 

Thomas Jurdon. 

Waltus. Baker. . 

Willus. Clervaux. . 

Ricus. Il'vnehe. . 

Wills. Tunstall. . 

Thomas Wardereue, mortuus. 

Wills. Brorin. . 

Radus. Pyre well. . 

Ricus. Bethewater. . 

Rob! us. Strynger. . 

Thomas ffrereman. . 

Ricus. Clerk. . . 

Gilbtus. Drye. . 

. folios. Ilermer. 

Wills. Coke, x 

[ohes. 1 luylbury. x 

Henr. Hunte. . 

Thomas flyssher. . 

Ricus. Blesworth. x 

Thomas Bur well. . 

[ohes Glouere. x x 

[ohes. Chechele, Spyc'er. 

Willus. Lauender, . 

Wills. Walvngton. 

Giilfrus. Plomere, . 

Ricus. \ lulerw ode. . 

Rogus. Kcmpston, flyssht 

r. x Wills, Keruer. . 

Rogus. Kempston, jun. x 

* Thomas Okeles. 

Johes. Haliday, mort. 

Wills. Crowle. 

Niehus. 1 Iermcr. . 

Thomas Punne. 

Henr. West. 

Simon Rysle. . 

Rogus. Bartelot. 

Wills. Chaloner. . 

Wills. Harbour, x , 

johes Pysshonn. 

Wills. Dowe. . 

Thomas Beyst, jun. . 

Hugo fibster. . 

Wills. Barton, Cowper. 

Rogus Clone' . x 

Johes. Okele. . 

Thomas Beele. . 

Robtus. Aspelond. . 

Johes. Tannere. . 

Ricus. 1 1 ante, Smyth. 

Wills. Godesman. . 

)o1il j s. Stanton. . 

Adam Iremonger. . 

johes. Strixton. . 

Nichus. Bathon. 

* [ohes. So we re. 

Stephus. Smyth, mort. 

Ricus. fferthyng. . 

Simon Brasyer. 

Robtus. Pec hat. . 

Johes Schernian. . 

[ohes. Godesman. 

* Tlu'se are crossed out in the original. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Johes. Dymbylton. . 
Ricus. Smyth atte travye. x 

* Elena Cooke. 
Johes. Hechebon. x 
Johes. Hunte. . 
"Wills. Akelond. . 

Johes. Prentys, Bocher, mort 
Johes. Wryghte, mort. 

* Ricus. Symond. 
Johes. Channfeld, mort. 

Johes... ffysher, Glouer. 
Thomas Hunte. . 
Thomas Bole. . 
Johes. Wanton. 
Johes. Kent. 
Johes. Godehous. . Baker. 
Johes. N cuboid, mort. 
Wills. Hunt. . 
Henr. Spark. . 

II. Circa 1625. 
Villa Bedford. Not' a Burgen. 

Stephus. Luxford, maior. 
Thomas Hawes. 
Wills. Abbys. 
Johes. Goodhall. 
facob Lawrence. 
Wills. Waller. 
Robtus Bam forth. 
Thomas Spencer. 
Wills, ffaldoe. 

Edro. Gostwick, mil. & Ban*. 
Oliuerus Luke, mil. 
Samuel Luke, mil. 
ffranc. Crawly s'uien'.ad legem, 
Anslow W ynch, ar. 
I .odovic 1 .eigh, ar. 
Thomas I aike, ar. 
Oliuerus Bromhall, gen. 
Thomas Awdley, gen. 
Chr. Turner, gen. 
Ricus. Cowne, gen. 
Ricus. Beckett. 
Ricus. Sanders. 
Johes. Pateman. 
Johes. Beard, sen. 
Thomas Croote. 
Johes. Richardson. 

(On the other side of the leaf) 
Johes. Albaney, gen. 
Thomas Albanye, gen. 
Joseph Walker. 
Wills. Beckett. 
Wills. Beard. 


Thomas Waller. 
Simon Beckett. 
Wills, ffitzhtigh. 
Samuell Beckett. 
Thomas Paradyne. 
Johes. Spencer. 
Wills. ( ioodwyh. 
Wills. Paley. ' 
Thomas Christye. 
Johes. Beckett. 
Thomas Hale. 
Robtus. (joodhalle. 
Wills. Paradyne, 
jonas Andrewe. 
Johes. 1 low t-s. 
'Wills. Hawkyns. 
Wills. Mil ward. 
Johes. Bamforth. 
Ricus. Milward. 
Johes. West. 
Georgius Paradine. 
( j (i o rg ius Go o d \vy ne . 
Robtus. Bell. 
Robtus. Cowne. 
Robtus. Walker. 
Edrus. Welbone. 

Com'on Couhcell. 
Johes. ffoster. 
Wills. Lavender. 
Thomas Hardinge. 
Johes. Gascon. 

These are crossed out in the original. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 



Subsidium dimidie quindene -eoncesso dno Regi in 
parliaments tento apud Westm. post oct J sancti hillarij 
Anno regni Regis henrici iiij" post conq' 

lohanne Godesman, 

Const. x d 

Will mo ffero' 

vj d 

Roberto Pechat 

x d 

Sarra ffullere 

iiij d 

ignete Rokitt 

iiij d 

Johanna Tanerner 

vj d 

Tphanne Bulle 

xvj d 

Agnete Pekel 

xij d 

Roberto Mattemaker 

viij d 

Dauid Kenerton 

xij d 

lohanne Blake, Sche 

mard iiij d 

Johanne Hunte 

iiij d 

Thoma Laverok 

iiij d 

Rico. Clanpere 

viij d 

Plio. Ade 

iij rt 

Willrao. Dodekyn 


jwhanne Tannere 

iiij 1 ' 

Johanne Cayno 

viij d 

Rogero B roust ere 

xij d 

lohanne Granthin, const. xij d 

Km a Grey 

xii j' 1 

Willmo Coupe re 

vj d 

Nicho. Irisschman 

x a 

J 0 h a n n e W< ) d e ro u e 

iiii d 

lohanne Norman 

viij d 

Willino. Gerueys 

•••s •• --d 
in nil 

Henrico Barker 

ij d 

Galfro. Plomer 

lohanne Schepherde 

ij d 

Rogero Tounstal 

iij 3 

Rico. Walssch 

i'j d 

Johanne Coupe re 

iiij d 

johanne Waryn 

ij d 

Johanne Lilys 

iiij' 1 

johanne Mason 

vij d 

Hugone Wrighte 

i"i d 

lohanne Olyuer 

ij d 

Phio. Wrighte 

iiij d 

JThotna Tannere 

xvj d 

Willmo. Prudden 

ij d 

Rico, attc Wode 

ij 9 

Henrico Braban 

iiij d 

Rico. Clerk, const. 

xvj d 

Willmo. Kent 

ij d 

1 lenrico Auborn 

xx a 

Johanne Cok, ca'pell. 

Johanne ffbluyle 
Will mo. Cartere 

ij d 

Agnete White 

n) d 

ij d 

Reginald Cartere 

Henrico Milne 

xij d 

Johanne Dorant 


Matheo Rede 

ij d 

[ohanne Molend 

viij d 

Matilda atte corner 


Willmo. Bartelot 

iii'j d 

Thoma Deistere 

xx d 

Roberto Cartere 


Agnete Grey 

ii d 

Johanne Irisscheman 

ij d 

Rado. Segfie 
Johanne Denys 

ij d 

Alano Chaloner 

ij d 

xij d 

Johanne Braban 

iiij d 

Stephano Smyth 

jj j'jU 

Isabella Little 

i, d 

Henrico Cartere 

ij d 

*Simone Cook 

ij d 

Agnete Borezate 

vj d 

• Hal id ay, const. 

ij 8 vj d 

johanne Makepec 

ij 11 

■ Bo re we 11 

XV j d 

Johanne Blake 

xviij d 


xx d 

The foregoing Burgess and Subsidy Rolls were tran- 
scribed by me from the originals now preserved amongst 

* The Roll is damaged here, a few names being torn off. 

9 6 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

the Corporation Records in the Muniment Room at the 
Shire Hall. There are two or three more, but the writing 
is so faded that it is almost impossible to decipher them. 
As a record of names of householders in this ancient 
Borough, some five hundred years back, they possess an 
interest which renders them worthy of being preserved 
in print. ' * 

F. A. B. 

A Bedfordshire Custom.— Notes and Queries, under 

date June 28, contains the following: When my valued 
friend, the late Mr. J. Howard, sometime member for Beds, 
enclosed his park at Clapham, near Bedford, he pulled 
down an old farmhouse which was within his grounds. As 
the work was going on, a niche in the wall of the old 
kitchen was discovered, which had been carefully bricked 
up. In it were a fine linen smock-frock, such as labourers 
and small farmers used to wear, in my memory, on Sundays, 
and a fine linen shirt. One of the oldest labourers on the 
estate remembered that in his youth, early in the present 
century, the farmer who lived in the house died, and that 
the clothing was said at the time to have been put in the 
niche, and bricked up by the dying man's orders. I have 
forgotten the farmer's name, which 1 once knew, as Mr, 
Howard and myself sought in vain for a headstone with 
the man's name, in the churchyard of Clapham. I only 
remember that his descendants lived till recently in the 
village, but in very reduced circumstances. Some time 
ago I mentioned the fact to my friend Mr. Edward Taylor, 
who asked me' to send them to Notes and Queries as 
perhaps a very late survival of a well-known and once 
widespread custom. Of course the idea of the farmer was 
that the spirit of the clothes would accompany him after 
death. The clothes, Mr. Howard tells me, though to 
appearance sound, soon fell to pieces. The people, how- 
ever, who were about, and knew the motive of their 
dedication, would not, he told me, have appropriated them. 
It would be curious if any of your correspondents have 
found so late an instance of the custom as that of the 
Clapham farmer. — J AMES E. TliOROLD ROGERS, Oxford. 


ancient TBeflfova. 

By Thomas Gwyn Elger, F.R.A.S. 

The discovery of archaeological relics in Bedford being 
bf late years a somewhat unusual occurrence, notwith- 
standing the activity of building operations and the 
consequent repeated disturbance of the ground, the " find " 
on Mr. Charles Wells' premises about two years ago has 
excited sufficient interest to justify a very brief account of 
the various objects which were brought to light and 
a few words of speculation as to the periods of the past 
to which they may be referred. Bedford, though now 
a flourishing town, was once of much greater relative im- 
portance. than it. is at present. Of this we have abundant 
proof furnished both by written history and antiquarian 
remains. Its position on a fordable reach, of a fine 
navigable river in the midst of a wide fertile valley 
would very naturally lead to it being selected and 
maintained as a stronghold even by tribes not far ad- 
vanced in military or tactical skill. Hence we may be 
tolerably sure that' the manifest physical advantages of 
such a site as that on which the greater part of the town 
now stands would not be neglected. It is recorded in 
the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle that in the year 57 r Cuthulf, 
the brother of Ceawlin, King of VVessex, fought against 
the Britons at Bedford and took four towns, a statement 
which is confirmed by a reference to Richard of Ciren- 
cester, who 'says that the King of the West Saxons " cepit 
Castellum Bcdccuifonle, quod modo Bedeforde nitneupator" 
with other towns. This "castellum/' as has been re- 
marked, does not imply anything so pretentious as ;i 
vol. nr. 7 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

castle according to our modern notions of such a structure, 
but probably only a fortified stronghold or earthwork. 
Be that as it may, the pottery and coins which have been 
occasionally turned up in and about Bedford tend to show 
that it was a military post of no mean importance even 
before the epoch of the Roman Settlement. Though it 
is clear that Bedford was at no time a Roman town in 
the sense that London, Lincoln, Gloucester, and Verulara 
were, or, like Sandy, Irchester, or Towcester, an important 
military station, the discovery of Roman pottery, coins, 
and other relics of the Roman, occupation in the town 
and neighbourhood proves that it was populated by 
Roman settlers during the Romano-British period. In 
fact, lying as it does nearly midway in a line between 
the important stations, Salenae (Sandy) and Lactoclorum 
(Towcester), it would naturally be traversed by a vicinal 
way connecting these places. Indeed, traces of such a 
highway have been detected, and some have gone so 
far as to assert that what was formerly known as Potter 
Street represents a portion of this road leading up to a 
Roman gate ' (porta), hence the name. While questioning 
the soundness of this etymology, I think there can be no 
question as to the great antiquity of the name Potter 
Street, which for no ostensible reason was recently changed 
by our Town Council to " Cardington Road," — an alteration 
conceived in the same snobbish spirit as that which gives 
us "academy-' instead of "school," and "villa" in the 
place of " house." Fortunately we have an Act of Parlia- 
ment for the preservation of ancient monuments, but it 
would be well if something could be done to prevent 
historic names of streets and places from being uselessly 
erased to satisfy the ever-changing whims and fancies 
of public bodies who frequently fail to appreciate the 
historical and antiquarian value of time-honoured desig- 
nations. Referring to the reduction of the Danelagh, the 
Anglo-Saxon Chronicle states that Eadward the Elder, the 
son of the great /Elfred, went with his forces to Bedford, 
A.l). 919, gained the town and stayed there four weeks, 
'•commanding, before he left, a new town to be built on the 
south side of the river." This new town was called 
" Mikesgate," and was enclosed by a ditch called to this 
day " King's Ditch." Eadward's defensive works at Bedford 
were put to the proof almost as soon as they were com- 
pleted. A strong army of Danes, concentrated at Temps- 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


ford, besieged the town, but were defeated with great 
^laughter by the men of Bedford. Whatever uncertainty 
there may be as to the size or importance of Bedford 
jOUring the Romano-British and early Saxon periods, there 
can be no question that from A.D. 955 down to the time 
of Stephen, A.D. 11 54 — an interval of two centuries, a 
Royal Mint was' established here — a fact which shows 
that the town was then a centre of life and activity. To 
return now to the more immediate subject of this paper, 
Speed's Map of Bedford, published in 1610, shows a wide 
ditch coming down from the north-west side of the town 
;md running into the River Ouse through Mr. Wells' 
property. It is now filled up, but within living memory 
it existed much as it is portrayed. An old Map, dated 
1807, shows it running south of the Franciscan Monastery, 
or the Grey Friars (founded about A.D. 1300), and then 
trending due west, though Speed represents it bordering 
the Friary on the east. In any case there was doubtless 
a branch into it from the latter place. Speed's Map also 
shows very prominently the "King's Ditch," part of the 
defensive work undertaken in the early part of the tenth 
century by the command of Fad ward the Elder, to protect 
the new town, called Mikcsgate, then built on the south 
side of the river. With the exception of the ditch, not 
a remnant of any work of this date seems to have existed 
at the time Speed prepared his Map. The watercourse 
on the north side of the' Ouse enters the river at a point 
a little east of the junction of King's Ditch with the 
opposite side of the stream. At a time when Bedford 
was one of the principal towns of Mercia and of the 
South Saxons, nearly ten centuries ago, both the rivcr 
and its tributaries were undoubtedly of much greater 
size than they are now, and probably often bore the 
.ships of the Danish' Vikings when these worthies were 
bent on their destructive expeditions, as possibly at a 
still earlier date they may have reflected the coracles 
of the aboriginal Briton and the boat of the Roman 
settler. That this is not an unlikely supposition is 
.shown by the records we possess relating to many other 
English rivers, indicating that centuries ago they were of 
far greater extent than they arc at present. In that very 
interesting account of Roman London, included by Mr. 
Loftie in his history of that city, he gives some interesting- 
particulars bearing on the subject in connection with the 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

River Thames, and that subsequently malodorous stream 
which runs into it, known in modern times as the Fleet 
sewer or ditch. During the Roman occupation this ditch 
was so wide that Roman ships used to navigate it, 
and Roman gentlemen built their villas on its banks. 
Though our Friars' ditch was probably never comparable 
in importance to its metropolitan prototype, it wduld 
nevertheless be a considerable stream, and, as a navigable 
creek, a site of human activity. 

In March, 1887, Mr. Foster's workmen in digging the 
foundations of a malting then in course of erection at 
Mr. Charles Wells' Brewery, on the south side of Home 
Lane, came upon a wide and thick deposit of black mud 
with an underlying bed of peat, which, as reference to the 
position on Speed's Map of .Bedford clearly shows, was 
the site of the ditch coming down from the Greyfriars' 
monastery. The excavation extended to a depth of eleven 
or twelve feet and was made through ground all of which 
has probably been disturbed on previous occasions. At 
a depth of about ten feet, in the midst of this deposit, were 
found two combs, both of which are most interesting relics 
of, I believe, Anglo-Saxon workmanship ; and 1 am con- 
firmed in this opinion by a reference to Mr. Llewellyn 
Jewett's "Grave Mounds and their Contents," where a 
comb very similar to the larger one is figured, which was 
dredged from the bed of the Thames and is considered to 
belong to this period. It merits careful examination as 
presenting to modern eyes man)'- remarkable peculiarities, 
It is constructed of bone and is six inches in length. Its 
cylindrical handle is rather under an. inch in diameter at 
one end and tapers uniformly to a diameter of half an inch 
at the other. There is a rough attempt at ornamentation on 
one side only. Unfortunately most of the teeth are broken, 
but enough remain to show that it was what we should 
term a coarse comb. The way in which the teeth are 
fitted is very noteworthy. There are five distinct sections, 
each section including ten or twelve teeth, and these are 
most artistically fitted into a slit made for the purpose in 
the body of the comb and secured by iron rivets passing 
from side to side. The other comb, which is in a very 
fragmentary condition, is a double one, with teeth fastened 
by rivets (like the first in sections), between two bone sides, 
ornamented in a primitive fashion with slanting strokes 
and short notches on its edges. The pottery exhibited 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


is only a small portion of that which was found on the site 
of the ditch. It is unfortunately all in a broken state, 
so much so that, with one exception, it is impossible to 
obtain a clear notion of the shape or character of the vessels 
it represents. A handle and part of the neck remain of 
what may originally have been an amphora, which seems 
to belong- to the Romano- British period. The other pieces 
are very fragmentary, so that it would be idle to attempt to 
classify them. What little detail there is in the way of 
ornamentation is of a somewhat elaborate but rude kind, but 
seems to pertain to the Romano-British type. There was 
a large oak pile found also embedded in the ditch with an 
impression of the wear caused by cordage very distinctly 
traceable at its upper end. Near the western side of the 
excavation was found, at a depth of seven or eight feet, a 
very perfect specimen of Roman workmanship — a brass 
key. It is rather more than two inches in length, and half 
an inch in breadth at its widest part. Its design and finish 
are very noteworthy, and would do credit to a modern lock- 
smith. It is almost identical in type with one figured in 
Mr. Roach Smith's "Roman London," apropos of which and 
other specimens that eminent antiquary remarks, "Modern 
ingenuity in the construction of locks and keys has achieved 
hut little, if an) thing, beyond what the inventive genius 
of the ancients had accomplished. As one of our most 
eminent lock-smiths admitted when he examined these keys 
and found among them clear evidence that the principle of 
gome of his patent keys was only a revival of what was 
perfectly understood by the Romans and commonly used in 
London " (and we may now add in Bedford also ) " sixteen or 
seventeen hundred years ago." This example is, judging 
from the drawings in Mr. Roach Smith's classic work, if 
anything, more highly finished than any which are there 
illustrated. There was a small ring at the end of it, so 
that it could be attached to a larger ring (as in a modern 
bunch of keys) or connected to the girdle. Near to the 
key was found a knife, twelve inches in length, with an 
eight-inch blade nearly two inches wide near the handle, 
which, being doubtless originally of wood, has decayed. 
There is a great family likeness among knives of all ages, 
and it is impossible to conclude with certainty that this 
specimen is Roman, though it was found practical lw at 
the same depth and near to the undoubtedly Romaa key, 
and perfectly resembles in dimensions and shape certain 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

specimens of Roman cutlery figured in Watkins' " Roman 
Lancashire/' A little south of the key and knife a 
Roman coin of Diocletian was found. It is a fairly perfect 
specimen of the Roman brass coinage, rather more than one 
inch in diameter. The head of the Emperor (during whose 
reign Britain was restored to the Empire) is considerably 
disfigured, and the legend on the opposite side is scarcely 
decipherable, but appears to represent a figure emblematic 
of " Plenty." The coin carries us back to the beginning of 
the fourth century, but of course its date is no exact index 
of the period when it was found, after a prolonged respite 
from the wear and tear of circulation, in the soil south of 
Home Lane. In addition to these objects two bone pins 
were discovered, broad in the middle and tapering to a 
somewhat sharp point at either end. They belong to a 
type often turned up at Kempston, where, as we know, 
there was an Anglo-Saxon settlement and cemetery. They 
are undoubtedly Saxon, and were probably used by women 
for fastening their hair. I am inclined on the whole to 
consider the greater part of this interesting " find " to be- 
long to the Roman and Romano-British period. The ditch 
was probably for a long time the receptacle of the broken 
crockery of the people who lived in its vicinity, and forming, 
as it in all likelihood did, an important creek and water- 
course, coins and other objects of value would frequently 
find their way into it as they do into modern arterial outlets 
of drainage, It is unfortunate that the pottery is in such 
a fragmentary condition, as it w ould otherwise have been 
possible to speak more positively about the epoch or epochs 
to which it belongs. But, at any rate, we have the combs, 
the coin, and the key, to say nothing of the knife, to 
strengthen the supposition, now rendered almost incontro- 
vertible, that coeval with, if not previous to, the time 
of the Anglo-Saxon, the existence of a Romano-British 
population in Bedford is not altogether a dream of the 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries, 









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> > 



©leanings from Parts!) Eegtsterfr 

(Continued fr6m p. 86.) 



Gascoyn, Ann. 

Peck, Thos., s. of Mr. Oliver. 

,, Mrs. Ann. 

„ Mary. 

,, John. 
Gascoigne, John, s. of George. 
Peck, John, gent. 
Blundel, George, Esq. 
Peck, Oliver. 
Cockain, John. 
Peck, Mr. Oliver. 
Spencer, Airs. Eleanor. 
Peck, Alice, an infant. 
Cokayne, Mary, vvid. 
Pillinger, .Mrs. Susanna. 
Peck, Dorothy, an infant. 

,, Mrs. Alice, wid. 
Sandys, Mrs. Elizabeth, 
Spencer, Mr. Win. 

Blundell, Dame Elizabeth., Relict of Sir George, 

Elundell, Elizabeth, d. of Sr. George & Dame 

Cockayne, William, from ye workhouse. 


Gostwyck, Mr. William, bur. 
Nelthorpe-Gostwyk, Mr. Edward, of darken 

Well, St. James, London, & Mrs. Ann, 

mar. by lie. 

Nelthorpe, William, s. of Edward, gent., bapt. 

Bur. 4 Aug. j 7 1 1 . 
Gostwyck, Mrs. Joanna, bur. 
Jones, Matt., clerk, bur. 

Nelthorpe, Mrs. Dorothy, d. of Edmund, Esq., 

Jones, Ann, wid., bur. 

T04 Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Holloway, Francis, s. of Benjamin, Clerk, bapt 

Bur. 24 Dec. 
Holloway, Benjamin, s. of Benjamin, Clerk, & 

Frances, bapt. 
Gostwick, John, Esq., bur. 
Holloway, Joseph, s. of Benj., Vicar, bur. 
Gostwick, Sr. William, Bart., bur. , 
Holloway, Francis, infant, bur. 
Betts, Belinda Luke, d. of John, Clerk, & Ann, 

Betts, Charles, s. of John, Clerk, & Ann, bapt. 

,, Anne, d. of ,, ,, ,, 
Dewbury — Alston, Samuel & Ann, mar. by lie. 
Betts, John, s. of John, Clerk, & Ann, bapt. 

Bur. 17 Jan. 
Betts, Benedicta, d. of John & Ann, bapt. Bar. 
2 Sep. 

Betts, Maria, d. John & Ann, bapt. Bur. 1 Sep. 
,, John Barron, s. of John & Ann, bapt. 
Bur. 21 Mar. 
Betts, Betty, d. of John & Ann, bapt. Bur. i\ 

Sep. 17+5. 
Shepherd, Rev. Mr., bur. 

Smith — Jones, Kenelm, of Barrowden, co. Rut- 
land, & Anne, wid., mar. by lie. 
Smith, Thomas, s. of John, vicar, bur. 
Holloway, Ann, wid., bur. 
Silby, Ann, d. of James & Mary, bur. 
Leach, Richard, Vicar, bur., act. 67. 

1 7 r 4- 


2 0 

i7 r 5 



> > 

lvi ar. 


j / 1 0 

J unc 


> > 


2 4 

I72 I 





! 3 

1 733 



1 737 


2 1 

> •> 














2 7 





s 75 1 

J un . 

1 0 

T 753 




May . 

2 5 

1 779 






1 S 1 0 


2 3 

r 669 


1 1 

1 670 



1 67 1 


2 1 

1 672 



1 676 





















Wye-— Edwards, Will'us, gen., & Jane, mar. 
Spencer — Puller, Johannes, S.T.P., and Hanna, 

Harding', Amie, filia Ludovici, gen., bapt. 

Crowley, Theodore, sep. 

Lane, Magister Antonius, Clericus, sep. 

,, Maria, filia Antonij, bapt. 
Parker — Faldoe, Job: de Kimbolton, & Amy, 

de Bedford, mar. 
Spencer, William, s, of Samuel, gent., & Abigail, 

Hanscombe— Kent, Mr. Robert, & Rebecca, 

Beckett, Ann, wid. fr. S. Marie's par., bur. 
Faulkner — Penn, Benjamin, of S. Clement's 
Dean, London, and Constance, mar. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


1607 Nov. 5 Bedford — Bamford, Wm. and Dorothy, mar. 
\ 699 June 4 Bourne — Oresby, Edward, Clerk, & An, spr., 

1700 Aug. 10 Rabey— Gardner, Jn., gent., of Huntingdon, 

& Ann, spr., mar. 

1701 Apr. 3 Bedford, Thos., s. of Thorn., bapt. Bur. 2 Aug. 
„ Oct. 7 Bourne, Edward, s. of Edward, Clerk, bapt. , 

1706 May 8 Powers— Winch, John, Clerk, Vicar of Thur- 

leigh, & Mary, of Clifton, mar. 

1707 Aug. 20 Spencer, Wm., Clerk, s. of Mr. Samuel, bur. 

1708 Oct. 11 Calton, Humphrey, gent., bur. 

1711 Feb. 15 Underwood, Mr. Thomas, Alderman, bur. 

1713 July 20 Bourne, Mr. Edward, Rector of St. John's, bur. 

1714 Apr. 15 Faldo, Mr. Paul, Clerk, Rector, bur. 

1 7 1 5 May 26 Frank—Bourne, Ralph, Clerk, Official of Bed- 

ford, & Ann, wid., of this par., by lie. 
1 7 1 7 June 25 Wing-ate — Hawes, Robert, gent, & Mary, wid., 
both of S. .Mary's, by lie. 
Aug. 19 Hay — Wingate, John, M.D., of St. Paul's, 
& Phillips, of S. Mary's, by the Chancellor's 

Sep. 30 Towersy — Edwards, John, Clerk, & Elizabeth, 
both of this par., by the Chancellor's Lie. 
1717 Dec. 11 Whitbread — Winch, Henry, of Cardington, 
gent., & Elizabeth, of S. Mary's, wid. 


1538 Oct. 12 Coper, John, s. of Michael. 

1540 June 17 Hemynge, William, s. of Edmund. 

1541 June 22 Copper, Michael, s. of Edmund. 
,, July 22 ,, Richard, s. of Michael. 

1542 Dec. 1 Cooper, Edmund, s. of ,, 

,, Dec. 3 ,, Thomas, s. of Edmund. 

,, Mar. 4 Hemynge, Jone, d. of Edmund. 

1543 Apr. 13 Emery, Edmund, s. of Richard. 
,, Jan, 25 Cooper, Siceley, d. of Henry. 

1544 Mar. 10 Emerye, Elizabeth, d. of Richard. 

1545 Sep. 7 Hemynge, Cateren, d. of Edmund. 
1547 Apr. 2 3 Emerye, Margaret, d. of Richard. 

,, Nov. 28 Hemynge, Edmond, s. of Edmond. 

1549 July 25 Emerye, Thomas, s. of Richard. 

,, Sep. 12 Pygat, Anne, d. of John. 

Dec. 20 Hemynge, Margaret, d. of Edmond. 

1551 Nov. 30 Emerye, Elizabeth, d. of Richard. 

„ Mar. 9 Hemynge, Margaret, d. of Edmond. 

{From 1552 to 1557 are wanting.*) 

106 Bedfordshire Notes and Queries, 

Page, Jaspery s. of Air. John, gent. 
Emerye, Anne & Jane, dams, of Richard 
Page, Thomas, s. of John, gent. 

,, Doritye, d. of ,, ,, 

,, Anne, d. of ,, ,, 
Emerye, Clare, d. of Richard. 

Richard, s. of Richard. 
Page, Edward, s. of John, gent. 
Emerye, Bryget, d. of Richard. 
{From 3573 to 1585 are wanting.) 

Browne, Hewegh, s. of Richard. 
Emery, Cateren, d. of Thomas. 
Florence, d. of ,, 

,, Jane, d. of ,, 
Mary, d. of 
St. Jones, John, s. of Mr. fTrancis, gent. 
Browne, Ales, d. of Richard. 
Emerye, Anne, d. of Thomas.' 

Richard, s. of Richard. 

,, Cateren, d. of ,, 

,, Anne, d. of ,, 
Martha, d. of ,, 

,, Susan, d. of 

,, Judah ? d. of ,, 
Devenish, Anne, d. of Robert. 
Browne, Thomas, s. of Samuel, Esq. 
Edwards, Thomas, s. of Richard. 
Winch, Elizabeth, d. of John. 
Devenish, Katherine, d. of Robert. 
Browne, [ohn, s. of Samuel, Esq. 
Winch, Mary, d. of John. 
Edwards, Elenor, d. of Laurence, gent. 

,, ffraiicis, s. of Richard, Esq. 
l)evenish, George, s. of Robert, gent. 
Winch, Edward, s. of John. 
Emerie, Edward, s. of Jasper, Citizen. 
Edwards, Katherine, d. of Richard, Esq. 
Devenish, Jane, d. of Robert. 
Taileur, Margaret, d. of William, gent. 
Winch, John, s. of John. 
Browne, Oliver, s. of Samuel, Esq. 
Winch, Hanna, d. of John. 
Browne, Man', d. of Samuel, Esq. 
Edwards, Vigorous, s. of Mr. 

,, Katherine, d. of Richard, Esq. 







i\i ay 

> » 



I 562 ay 




l l 






> » 







1 2 



2 3 


IN U V . 

1 5 8 9 

} une 


1 5 9 3 


2 7 




] 59+ 

] une 


y » 

A 11 rr 


' 1 

J 59° 

1 ),in 


1 599 

0 c p . 


> > 

I\ ov. 

1 1 

1 60 1 


1 6 1 0 


1 6 

1 6 1 3 

U Ct. 


1 6 1 0 



1 6 1 q 


3 1 

1 040 




1 '(.'(. . 




i\l ay 


IN O V. 

2 O 

> > 

lj ec. 




1 3 


iviai . 


1 044 

A nr 

1 1 

' ' 

KJLi . 

1 0 

1 O45 


2 7 

> j 

A tirr 



> > 



] 04b 

i\i ay 


1 f\ 1 1 

J J 











J 667 






Bed fords J tire Notes and Queries. 107 

1559 Oct. 22 Baldock — Audley, Robert & Jane. 

I Jan. 15 Edwards— Stringer, Matthew & 

1564 Aug. 14 Coper— Wyne, Edmund & Mary. 
j'567 Feb. 20 Hurst — Hemmynge, William & Jone. 
1568 Oct. 10 Loring — Baldocke, William cSc Ales. 

Nov. 10 Petchat —Edwards, Michael & Fllen. 
1 5S9 Apr. 20 Smith — Love, John, Gierke, & Anne. 

„ Aug. 31 Loringe — Gates, William & Elizabeth. 
1593 Sep. 23 Luke— Clerksone, Nicholas, gent., & Olive, 

1595 Feb. 1 j Gierke — St. Jones, Thomas, gent., & Anne, 


j 597 Aug. 2 Browne — Austene, Richard & Anne. 
1602 Oct. 11 Young' — Emery, Edward & Anne. 
1606 Apr. 28 Emery— Parker, Fid ward & Jonne. 
16 1 6 Feb. 10 Dawley — Whithead, Walter, gent., cSc Christian, 

1641 July 7 Norman— Emery, William, minister, & Anne. 

13 (JRIALS. 

Loring, Margaret. 
Emery, Jane, wife of Richard. 
Peck, Thomas, gent. 
Pickman, William, Vicar. 
Luke, Anne, d. of Mr. John. 
Page, John, s. of Mr. John. 
Smith, Jasper, s. of Mr. Jasper. 
Luke, the wyf of Mr. John. 
Bowles, Dive, s. of Thomas. 
Page, John, gent. 
Loringe, William. 
Browne, Elizabeth, d. of Richard. 
Emery, Richard, gent. 
Loringe, William. 
Browne, the wyf of Richard. 
Emery, Catharen, d. of Richard. 

Browne, the wife of 

Emery, Hannah, d. of Richard. 

,, the wife of Thomas, gent. 
Coper, the wife of Win. 
Emery, Edmund. 
Underwood, Lawrence. 
Coper, the wyf of Robert. 
Cooper, Mrs., widow. 
Edwards, Richard, s. of Richard, gent. 

,, Richard, gent. 
Devenish, Katherine, d. of Robert, gent. 



2 7 

1 560 


3 1 

> > 














i + 














> > 












I 6 T 0 



1 613 








1 6 1 8 





2 1 



2 3 










108 Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

16+1 Apr. 12 Browne, John, s. of Samuel, Esq. 
1643 July 6 Thomas, s. of Samuel, Esq. 

Sep. 23 Page, widow. 

164+ Doc. 31 Edwards, Oliver, s. of Thomas, gent. 

164.6 Apr. 20 Winch, Edward, s. of John. 

164.7 Dec. 2 9 Browne, Oliver, s. 01 Samuel, Esq. 
Mar. 22 ,, Mary, d. of ,, ,, % 

164.8 June 17 Edwards, Thomas, s. of Richard, Esq. 

1649 Nov. 22 Winch, John. 

1650 Dec. 18 Ashurst, Jane, my mother. 

1665 Apr. 22 Edwards, Katherine, d. of Richard, Esq. 

May 5 Browne, The Lady Elizabeth, wife of Sir 

1667 Aug. 26 Edwards, Hellen, wid. 

Dec. 28 Vigorous, s. of Richard, Esq. 

lUUlDIUlUU 1 ! 

a^antnncntal Jiiiscviptions. 

(Continued from p. 91.) 


Vnderneath Lies Interred | The Body of M™ SUSANNA 
BOVRNE Davghter of Mr. John | Robins of Bvckingham 
and I Mary his wife Descended of an | Ancient Family of 
the Lamberts | In that town and Wife of Mr. | Edward 
Bouvrne Rector of this | Chvrch and master of the | Hospital 
Who departed this | Life the 25 1,1 day of September | In 
the 59 th year* of her Age | And in the year of ovr | 
Lord God 1698. 

Here lyeth EDWARD | BOURNE Rector of this Church | 
Master of the Hospital | Dyed y e 28 of June 1713 | in the 
72 year of his age. 

PAUL FALDO Rector | of this Church & Master | of 
the Hospital Dyed in | the 51 year of his age | April 12 th 
1:7 H- 

Here lie y c Remains | of | John TOWERSEY. B.D. | 
sometime | Fellow of Trinity College in Cambridge | & 
27 years | Rector of this Church | A man of Various & 

Bedford si lire Notes and Queries. 


Extensive Knowledge | Learned & Accurate in Divinity | 
A Judicious, Instructive & moving | Preacher | Whose 
Life was all He Taught | lie went to his Reward | on 
Good Friday March 27 1741 | afDay which He had often 
Celebrated I With a Great and truly. Christian | Devotion, 

Here rest the Remains of | WILLIAM BEDFORD, M.A. | 
lute Rector of Yieldon in this County | & Rector & Master 
of this Church & Hospital | who departed this Life | May 
y" 30 th 1754 in y c 55 th year | of His Age. 

In Mcmoiy of | John | Son of IQHN TOWERSEY Clerk | 
And Elizabeth his wife | Who died Nov. 3 1756 | Aged 37. 

In memory of EDWARD | BOURNE lie Departed this 
life I August — 17 — Aged | 86 years | Also Sarah the 

Wife of I Edward Bourne who | died the | 

Aged 63 years. 


Hie, spe futurae Gloriae situs est | Henricus H in D E 
A.M. I Quondam Oxoniac in Collcgio Reginae Alumnus | 
(iihi Litems humaniores et sacras hausit) | Et per xxxiii 
fere Annos hujus Ecclesiae Rector | Hospitiiqiic M agister | 
Obiit 30 Die Mart: Anno Dom: 1787 | Aetatis suae 68. 

In Memory of | Mrs. ANN TOWERSEY | Relict of the | 
Rev. Edward Towerscy A.M. | who died March 26 | 1807 | 
Aged 88 years. 


Here lies interred Bridgit onely dav | ghter of Peter 
WOODCOCK of Cawcot | in Rutland Gentleman : Widow 
of GEORGE ThwaYTS of London Merchant | who left 
her childless wife of John BAR 1 BOR of Caldwell nigh 
Bedford Esq: to | whome she brovght forth children male | 
& female, the last t dead within hir and | vnborn, brovght 
hir forth throvgh the | pangs of death to rest in this bed 
pf dvst I A dvtifvl Child Accomplished virgin | Faythful 
Wife Tender Nvrse Carefvl Mother | Helpful Neighbor 
Charitable Christian Piovs | Sovle Lover of God married 
to her hvsband | 6* of November 1650 hir body bvried on | 
the same day 1660 hir sovle now in | heaven their ioyned 
in everlasting Kspovsal | in the pretiovs memorie ol whome 
hir loving | hvsband erects this monvment 4 th of ] Decemb. 

Here waites Saviour's reappearing | MARY DYSONS | one 
of y° davghters of VV m Lysons late of Jh-istol merchant 1 

I 10 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Whose beautiful 1 and virgin body | was a fit receptacle for 
her | Virtuous and pious soul | She lived much desired & 
died much lamented | Sept. ,20th A 0 Dom: 1682 Aetat. 21 | 
to whose sacred memory & that of her tender nephew | 
William Farrell | son to FERGUS FARRELL of Firlickin in 
Ireland Esq. | the Peere of her innocence & meet com- 
panion I in- her grave ] her most disconsolate mother | Ann | 
now wife of EDMOND GARDNER. of Coldwell Esq, | dedi- 
cates this monument. 


Lector siste | Morae Pretium erit non nescire te cuius 
hoc sit Monvment VTn j viri sanctissimi | Fidel is olim huius 
eccles: Vicar ; vigilantiss: nuper sanct: Iohan: Rector: | vbi 
corpvs iam sepvltvm iacet in certain felicis resvrrect: fidv- 
ciam I idem | Exemplari pietate in Deum admiranda saga- 
citate in rebvs | Profvsa benignitate in egenos, incvlpab: 
integritate in omnes, | Et virtvtibvs christi dignis, | 
Vnvs, et nemini secvndvs. | Andreas DENNYS | Migravit 
hinc ad Coeleste domicilivm Octob: xxiii° Anno Regis 
Caroli ix Christi MDCXXXIII 0 | Aetatis svae LXVI°. 

Hoc tan turn est (lector) qvod te Thorn: Hillar.sdon de 
Elstow armiger \ amicissime volebat | Ovi in memoriam 
viri praedicti honoris et amoris ergo | Spectatvm hoc posvit 
nocrotaphivm | Moerentes amici | Epitaphivm. 

1" y s bod of d vst is sown | & sleepeth MARY BradSIIA\V| 
Tiovs prudet loved wife | of loll' Bradshaw viccar | of 
y° chvrch: dav: of job' EASTON I S.usa his wife she was | 
married May 2 1639 dyed, | I" childbed May 9 1640. 
an n V s q V o o b 1 1 c o 1 1 1 V X 
Mater Iohannls braDshaVV 

Here | Lyeth | WILLIAM Abvtt hee de | parted this 
life the 28 | of April] 1695. 

Near this spot | Lie the remains | of the | Rev. THOMAS 
GADSBY, M.A. I Vicar of Wootton in this County | who 
died universally regretted | May 3 rd 1840 | aged 81. 
Thomae Christie Armigeri 
Cineres hie depositi Jvlij 9: 1^97. 

In memoriam svarum Conjugvm | Ahciac e Polorvm de 
Clerk en well Familia Annae e Lucarum de Cople Woodend 
prosapia | Monvmentvm hoc posvit | Thomas Christie 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

1 1 r 

Anniger | Non sine Lachrymis ct suspiriis | Mam qvod 
imiscrit Istam qvod amittere poterit | Ablati boni jactv- 
ram | Possessi Magnitvdo adavget: | Praecvntis virtutes 
»deo feliciter | Subsecvta clidfeit. | Suas addidit | Eheu: 
tot tantasq' dotes | Vel mori posse, vel posse toil i : | Salv- 
taris tandem jvdicij intvitv. | Mortalitatis gravamina | In 
liisce sepulchris | Celarvnt | Alicia Octob. 9 0 1666 | Anna 
peptemb. 4° 1709. 

ELIZABETH JARVIS Wife of | Thomas Jarvis citizen 1 and 
Ironmonger of Lon | don and daughter of Mr. JOHN 
ESTON Alderman of | Bedford shee dyed in | London 
February 9 th | 1649 and lyeth heare | interred. | Here also 
lyeth I Interred the Body of j GRACE E is TON to | Whose 
Memory the | Monument on the wall | Was erected 
February | the 29th 1699. 

Underneath lyeth | Interr'd ye body of Thomas Hawks | 
late of this Parish Gent. | Me married CONSTANCE SHEP- 
HERD by I whom He had Issue Five Sons | & Seven 
Davghters | l ie departed this Life | y° 14 th of July 1689 | 
In y° 84 111 year of his Age | Also at y e foot of these steps j 
Lyeth Interr'd his Father | Thomas 11 awes j with Lettis 
Vi is wife I And | Thomas Hawes his Grandfather | with 
Sarah his wife | Who were all Benefactors | To this 

Here lieth the | Body of Sarah | Smith wife of Ralph | 
Smith Alderman | Who departed this | life the 12 th day of] 
October A 0 Dili 1697 I Actatis svae 53. 

lOHN FsTON Esq, I Late High Sherif of tins County | 
of Bedford, lustice of the peace for | this Town and for 
the County | son of John Eston Gent, deceased | who was 
lustice of the peace for this Town and thrice Mayor 
thereof. [ .Married GRACE STAPLEY | Daughter of John 
Stapley of | Twineham in the County of Sussex | Esq. 
With whom he 4 lived in marriage | Forty-six years. | 
Resigned his soul to God on the | sixteen da)- of October 
1697 in the | Seventy-one year of his age, and | left his 
body to be here interred. 

To the memory | of GRACE EsTON | wife of John Eston | 
of this Town Esq. Daiigh: | ter of John Stapley of Trem- 
ham in the County \ of Sussex .Esq. who Departed | This 
Life the 29 Day of | February in the 78 th year 1 of Her 
Age And in the year | of our Lord 1699 and was | I nterred 
near this place. | John Peck of this Town | gent, erected 
this I Monument. 

I 12 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

In Hope of a Joyful Resurrection 

Here lyeth y e Body of 
Alex 1- . | son of ALEXANDER 
LEITH I Vicar of this Church 
& | Martha his wife he | de- 
parted this life y e II th | of 
June 1709 Act: 9 0 . 

Here lyeth y e Body of 
Thomas Son of Mr. Thomas 
SALUSBURY citizen of L011 \ 
don & Martha his wife nowj 
y° wife of ALEX R LEITH he J 
departed this life May | y« 


1 7 1 1 Act: 1 7 0 . 

To the I Sacred memory of | J oi IN PECK gent. | who' 
with his plentiful fortune | Imploy'cl & relieved the poor, 
was I twice Mayor of this Town and many | years a faithful 
Justice of the Peace. He | Marry ed Ann the eldest 
daughter of RALPH | SMITH, gent: of whom he had six 
children but | two only daughters who with his sorrowful 
widow did survive him. he departed this | Life much 
lamented October the | 6th An" Acta: 53 | Dom! 1713. 

Arms. — Arg. on a chevron gules, 3 crosses formee of the 
held, PECK ; Impaling — Azure, two bars wavy ermine, on 
a chief or, a demi-lion rampant sable. SMITH, of Hough, 
co. Chester. 

M.S. I Under this place lieth the body of | Mr. JOHN 
PARA.DINE I Gent, who departed this life | March y e 25 th 
1686 I And of Martha Ins wife daughter | of Mr. SlMON 
BECKETT of this | town Gent, who departed this life | June 
y 1 -' 19 th 17(7 I And of MARY CaPEL, widow | of Robert 
Capell, Citizen \ of London and daughter of y e s d | John 
& Martha Paradine j who departed this life | Aug. y e 2 (1 

M.S. I Fecit Elugens Vidua.} | Dulcissimo indulgen.tissimo 
Conjugi: | FRANCISCO Brace Generoso. | Fortis qui semper 
in suis saepe sed motus | Publicis Casibus tristis dolebat | 
Patriae insanientis (in Sacris & Civilibus) discordes animos | 
Mollis inertiae infraenataeq' Licentiae | Castigator atq' 
Censor Morurh prudentorum degeneris Aevi | Inter Famili- 
ares, Lenior nemo | Creditis in rebus, fidelis fidus amicis | 
Egenis et nudis, Misericors, et pius | Benevotus Omnibus | 
Huic prima duarum Conjugum quas habuit | FRANCISCA 
Georgij BECK de Hun don in Com. | Suff. Generosi filia; 
Georgium et Francis'cam | (nondiu superstites) Amoris 
pignora dedit: ) Secunda ANNA, Cohaeres olim | Joannis 
Tl-IURLOE de Astwood | in com. Bucks, Arm., quam reliquit 
viduam | E qua suscepit duas filias Annam et | Annam 
Mariam quae infantes obiere | cum 'duobis filiis | Ioanuem 
Thurloe | et | Franciscum | Adhuc | Viventcs | 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Arms. — Sa. a bend betw. 2 hands & arms couped at the 
t»ki\vs ar., habited in mail ppr. BRACE of co. Wore., 
rapaling — a chev. erm. betw. 3 roses or 4 foils.* 

Sacred to the Memory | of MiflfcGARETT FLETCHER | 
who was Born January nth 1699 | & died January 17th 
j Full of years & Good Works. | Here | also licth 
Body of Eliz: | Ekins Fletcher Sister of | Margaret 
Fletcher j who departed this Life December | the 16th 
Aged 80 years. 

Sacred | to the memory | of the Rev' 1 WlLL M Smttii, 
A.M. I Prebendary of Lincoln j Rector of Barton in the 
Clay I & upwards of thirty years | Vicar of this Parish | 
He died May 6 1782 | Aged 57 years. 

Underneath Rest y e Venerable Ashes | of ALEXANDER 
Li:mi, M.A. I Prebendary of Lincoln | And 43 years Vicar 
of this Parish | And Rector of S l . Cuthbert's in this Town j 
A Constant Learned and. Instructive Preacher | Assiduous 
and Unwearied in all y e Duties of His Holy Function | 
Who lived (as He taught) what was Great & Good. | Of 
unblemished Integrity and singular Humanity | Serious 
and exemplary Devotion, | Condescension and Charity. | 
Wisely He temper' d the Austerity of His Religion 
with the Chearfulness becoming | An Holy Innocent and 
benevolent mind. | Who, besides His continual labours in 
these great Cures, | Was frequently called out | To the 
Defence of Religion in general | And the Church of 
England in particular. | He is now gone to that Blessed 
place I For which He had prepared Numbers before. | Ob 1 
Oct: 11 th 1732 Ait. 74. 

In Memory of | HENRY HORTON Gent. | An eminent 
Attorney at Law | And Clerk of the Peace | For this 
Town & County. | He died | Greatly Lamented | January 
20 th 1759 I In the 55 year of his age. 

Near this place j lieth the Body of | GREY ARNALD 
gent. I and also of | Katherine his wife | She Died March 
the 15 I 1755 I aged 71. 

[Here lyeth] the body of Mar | Sonne of 

JOHN | B of Spalldich In the | County of Huntington 

yeoman | Prentice to Mr. NlCHOLLS — — J Ford Hec 
departed this life | September 25 1677 and lies | Here 

* Francis Brace was bur. 22 Dec. 1712, and Anne, his vvid. was bur. 28 
Jul. 1723. See p. 41 ante. 

VOL. in. 8 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Near this place | arc deposited the Remains of | Mrs. 
Frances Durham | .Relict of the Rev d Mr. John Durham, 
A.M. | Rector of S l Mildred Bread Street | in the City of 
London | Daughter | of JO&EPI-I ARIS of Adstone | in the 
County of Northampton, Gent. | She | departed this life, 
July the 6 th 174O: | in the 70 th year of Her Ago: | And had 
Issue two -Daughters | Frances and Letitia. | Frarfces | 
died in the year 172 1 : | and was buried at Wappcnham | 
in Northamptonshire. | Letitia | Her surviving Daughter 
married | Mr. Robert BATTISON Merch*. | She | out of 
a grateful memory to the best | of Mothers, caused this 
monument | to be erected. 

To the Memory of | Mrs. Mary Smith Relict | of the 
Reverend William Smith | Many years Vicar of this 
Parish | and Rector of Barton in the Clay in this County. | 
She was one of the Daughters of | THOMAS 1 1 AWES Esq. 
formerly of this Town j and died on the II th Day of April 
1792 I in the 57 th year of her age. 

In Memory of ROBERT Battisson | Merchant an 
Alderman of this Corporation | in which having served 
the highest Offices | with distinguished Integrity and 
Ability | he died much esteemed and lamented the | 21 st 
of December 1747 in y° 43 d year of his Age | His widow, 
by whose order this Monument | was erected was Lretitia 
Daughter of | the Reverend JOHN DURHAM. Rector of 
S< Mildred Bread Street in the City of | London She 
finished a life of Piety and j Resignation under a long 
Series of Sick | ness & Infirmities the 14 th of October 
1788 J aged 87 years, and pursuant to her last | request 
was buried in this place near her | Husband. 

Here lyeth the body of |. GEORGE WaGSTAFFE on of | 
the Aldermen | of this town | who departed this life the | 
28 of Ivly 1705 I in the 40 th year of his age. 

Underneath "this Stone | Are deposited y e Remains of 
Frances | wife of y y Rev d Mr. Charles Fletcher,] 
Rector of Clophill in this County j She Departed this life 
a truly | Good Christian justly lamented | by her Family 
and Friends | the 2 d Day of December | in the year of 
our Lord 1738 | Aged 69 years. 


Beneath lie the Remains | of the Rev d JOHN WlNSMORE 
CROWE, A.B. | who departed this life | on the 13th of July 
1794 I in the 50th year of his age. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Near this place | are interred the Remains of | the Rev. 
joiIN HEMSTED, A.M. I Who departed this life j on the 
20th day of July 1813 | in the 25th year of his age | Also 
of the Rev d John Hemsted ( his father | upwards of 11 
years Vicar of this Parish | Who departed this life | on the 
||th day of February 1824 | in the 78th year of his age. | 
Also Charlotte Relict of the above j who died November 
|th 1 86 1. 

THERE was a knight named Harper before Sir William, 
the Lord Mayor, whose memory is associated with the 
town of Bedford. Sir George Harper was knighted by 
Edward VI. on 22 Feb. in the first year of his reign 
(1546-7). The arms' attributed to him are those of the 
Derbyshire family, commonly . called Harpur (M etcalfe's 
Book of Knights, 1885, p. 93). As no other knight of 
the name is mentioned at the period, it can scarcely be 
doubted that " Luce, Lad)' 1 larpur" who was buried at 
Ridgmont, 3 Aug. 1551, was his wife. The same Sir 
George appears to have left a widow, named Audrey, who 
was afterwards married to George Carleton, of Wollaston, 
CO. N'ton. In the Visitations of Northamptonshire^ ed. 
Metcalfe, 1S87, p. 9, Sir George, there called Harpur, is 
described as of Sutton, Kent. 

With regard to the burial of Sir William Harper, the 
entry in the register of St. Paul's, Bedford, cited by Mr. 
Gary Elwcs {Beds lYotes and (Queries, Vol. I. p. 28), must, 
no doubt, be given up as an interpolation. Yet 1 believe, 
on the combined evidence of his will and the inscription on 
his gravestone, that he was interred in St. Paul's church, 
where also the burial of his widow was contemplated. As 
she married a second husband, and a third, no doubt she 
was in fact buried elsewhere. The only other place where 
it is at all likely that Sir William would be" interred is the 
church of St. Mary Woolnoth, London, in which parish 
he resided, where his first wife was interred in 1569, and 
where it is believed that he died. As his name is not 
recorded in the register of burials for the year 1573 at 
St. Mary Woolnoth (transcribed in 1599), it may fairly 



Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

be presumed that he was not buried there. All the 
evidence we have is in favour of his burial at Bedford. 

The fullest and best account of Sir William Harper 
which has yet been written ' is that by the late Mr. John 
Gough Nichols, F.S.A., printed in Transactions of the 
London and Middlesex Archccological Society, vol. iv. 
pp. 70-93 ; also in Proceedings oj tlie Evening Meetings 
of the same Society, First Issue, pp. 50-73. The numerous 
errors of preceding" writers are therein corrected by a 
master's hand. 

With reference to the plate of Sir William Harper's 
gravestone, facing p. 1, it should be noticed that there 
were upon it originally two shields of arms, uniform in 
size, one above each figure ; and that before 18 1 2, when 
Fisher's plate was published, that above the lady's head 
was lost. The last-mentioned shield, doubtless, contained 
the arms of Harper impaling Leeclare or Lethers. .When 
the brasses were relaid, the only remaining shield was 
put in the middle. 

H. G. 


P. 2, line 11, read "London and Middlesex Arclixological 
line 15, read. " vol. i." 
P. 3, line 4, read " St. Mary Woolrioth's." 

WiMjMn wiiMiiaifal riTnLn'r ■ n'lnVil i ml.Ii ft ritl-jjii'liii iV'rfiif I 


TlIE following are transcripts of two old deeds preserved in 
the Muniment Room of the Corporation, marked " D 27." 
and "A 2." On the back of the first is endorsed in con- 
temporary handwriting " Carta MagWi RoUti Correy redd, 
xij* f duos Auui termmos" The seals, as is generally the 
case, are wanting, and no date is mentioned ; but from the 
character of the writing I should be inclined to assign 
them to the commencement of the thirteenth century. 

F. A. B. 

" Sciant prescntes et futuri quod ego Mag'istcr Robertas 
Coreye de Bedef : dedi conccssi et hac presenti carta mea 
confirmavi Alicie de Boyssedene pro servicio suo duas 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


§eras terre mec jacentcs in campis de Bedef: super qucrcum 
inter terrain [Will'i CJullebere et terrain que quondam fuit 
Ricardi Oliver & lanceant a terra Johannis Culleberi usque 
pd Regiam Viam que ducet versifs ? prioratum Habendum 
tenendum totam predictam terrain cum sua longitudine 
■ct Iatitudine et omnibus aliis pertincntiis suis quibuscunque 
predicte Alicie et heredibus suis v.el cui quando ubi dare ♦ 
vendere legare vel assignare voluerint liberc quiete bene 
Iflpace inperpetuum Reddendo hide annuatim Johanni 
Cullebere et heredibus suis et assignatis duodecim denarios 
ad duos anni terminos videlicet ad festum sanncti Michaelis 
>ex denarios et ad festum Sanncte marie in Marcio sex 
denarios et mihi et heredibus meis vel assignatis unum 
granum piperis ad pascham pro omni gen-ere servicii ex- 
actione et demanda et ego pred ictus magister Robertus 
Coreye et heredes mci vel assignati totam predictam terrain 
cum sua longitudine et Iatitudine et omnibus aliis pertinen- 
dis suis quibuscunque predicte Alicie de Boyssedene et 
heredibus suis vel assignatis sicut plenius prescriptum est 
jper prenominatum servicium contra omnes gentes Waranti- 
zabimus acquietabimus et defendemus inperpetuum In 
hlijus rei testimonium presenti scripto sigillum meum 
apposui Hiis testibus Thoma de Ippegrave tunc Aldere- 
mano Bedef : Henrico Salewy Johanne filio Ricardi Lec 
tunc ballivis Johanne Cullebere Roberto de Steventon 
? tunc * — et sciendum est quod quicunque predictam terrain 
tenebit faciet sectam ad Curiam Johannis Cullebere." 

Omnibus Christi fidelibus prcsens scriptum visuris aut 
audituris ffrater Johannes magister Hospita.lis sancti 
Johannis Baptiste Bedefordie [et ejusdem] domus rTratres 
salutem- in domino Noveritis nos vnanimi consensu & 
assensu nostro dedisse et concessisse & hac presenti 
carta [nostra] confirmasse Rogero Mareschal Bedefordie 
unum messuagium cum pertinenciis in villa Bedefordie 
in parochia sancti Cuthberti quod quidem messuagium 
continet in Iatitudine duas perticas & xij pedes & in 
longitudine xix perticas sicut jacet iuxta messuagium 

Johannis le— ex parte ? NortJi ex opposite 

ecclesie sancti Cuthberti Tenendum <x habendum dicto 
Rogero et heredibus suis de nobis & successoribus nostris 

* This word is hardly legible, being at the extreme edge of the parchment. 
Mr. Gibbons, to whom 1 showed the deed, thinks it might be ''cum aliis." — 



Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

libere quicte & in pace in pcrpetuum Reddendo indc 
annuatim nobis & successoribus nostris duos solidoS 
argenti ad quatuor anni terminos videlicet ad festum 
sancti michaelis sex denarios et ad festum sancti andrcc 
sex denarios et ad festum saiicte marie in marcio sex 
denarios ad nativitat' sancti Johannis Baptiste 

sex denarios per omnibus secularibus serviciis & demantlis 
Et si contigerit quod prsedictus Rogerus vel heredes 
sui in solucione predictorum .... cessaverint . . . . 
liccat magistro &. fratribus qui pro tempore fuerint 
dictum messuagium intrare ceysere cum omnibus cataliis 
. . . . et illud .... contradictione aliquo in perpetuum 
. . . . Nos et successores nostri predictum messuagium 
cum pertinenciis prefato et heredibus suis contra omnes 
gentes warantizabimus in pcrpetuum In cuius rei testi- 
monium present! scripto in modo cyrografphi . . . . 
sigilla sua apposuerunt Hiis testibus magistro Johanne 
de Donstaple Domino Matheo Rectore ecclesie sancte 
marie Bedefordie Johanne Slye tunc maiore Bedefordie 
Roberto Byssop tunc ballivo Johanne Curreye et aliis. 

Some 15eDfotti0f)ire Wills* 

Abstracted from the Original Wills] and certified copies, at 
the District Court of Probate, Northampton. 

(Continued from p. 84.) 

Simon Latham, of Bletsoe, 22 July, 1642. To be bur. 
in Bletsoe Church. To s. Oliver £50, now in the hands of 
Oliver, Lord St. John, of Bletsoe. All his ppty. to be sold 
and given to wife, whom he appoints sole extrix. ; if she 
marry, then to his daurs. Frances and Elizabeth. Pr. 19 
May, 1649. 

Edward Lacon, of Willian, co. Herts, Esq., 6 Sept. 
1642* To be bur. in chancel of Willian ch. near to ray 
wife. To da. Eliz'th Neale £100, which George Lacon, of 
Kenley, county Salop, gent., oweth me, also a bason & 
ewer of silver p'cell gilt, which was bought at her christen- 
ing. To grandchild Walter Neale, s. of my sd. da. Eliz'th, 

* There appears to be some error in the date. — Ed. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


/lOO, being the sum my son-in-law Henry Ncale, Esq., 
eweth me. To grand-da. Frances, d. of Eliz'th Ncale, ^100, 
and to grandchild Lacon Ncale, s. & h. of Henry Ncale, 
I :,y s, -in-law, all my lands, &c,, irV Willian, & in Hornscy & 
fjogsden, co. Midds, on" condition of paying £20 per annum 
to his mother. To s.-in-law, Mr. Thomas Wilson, & tod. -in- 
law, Mrs. Ann Butler, a ring of gold of 20s. ea. To John 
Brockett, s. & h. of John Brockett, Esq., my s.-in-law, £20. 
To Lacon Brockett, da. of sd. John B. & Jane his wife (my 
da. deed.), £20. Residue to grandchild Lacon Ncale, sole 
rxor. Sr. Edward Bromcley, Kt, Baron of the Exchequer, 
& Sr. Francis Lacon, Kt., to be overseers. Br. in P.C.C. 
9 Nov. 1625. Exhibited at Bedford 25 Mar. 1626. 

Humphrey Lane, of Bedford, gent., 20 July, 1667. To 
wife Mary a messuage in Shenley, co. Bucks, & meadows in 
ga. for life, remainder to eld. s. Robert & his heirs male, in 
default to s. John. To brother Edward L. £150, & to d. 
Mary £200. To brothers-in-law Mr. VVal.lis, & Mr. Thomas 
Crafts, iojt. ea., appoints them overseers. Wife Mary to be 
sole extrix. Pr. 10 Dec. 1667. 


A short memoir of this gentleman, who died at the 
Manor House, Eelmersham, on December 25th, 1831, will 
he found in Cent. Mag. 1832, Vol. 102, Fart I. p. 281. 
His MS. Collections relative to the County of Bedford, 
were sold by Messrs. Leigh and Sotheby, of Wellington 
Street, Strand, on August qth, 1832. They comprised : 
Accounts of Birchmore House, Apsley Guise, VVoburn Abbey, 

etc. with a Memoir of the Bedford Family. Lot 405, \~>s. 


Biographical Account of the most eminent Persons of the 
County of Bedford. 2 vols. 4-to. Lot 406, £ ^ -js. Rodd. 
(Now Add. MS. 21,067, Brit. Mus ) 

Miscellaneous Papers, Deeds, etc., of various Manors in Bedford- 
shire. Lot 409,/ 2 2s. Rodd.. 

MS. Collections for the Antiquities of Bedfordshire. 12 vols. 
Lot 410, £'G 10s. Wilson. ("These volumes form a series 
of mature information and interesting materials towards a 
correct history of the county." — Gent. Mag. i8j2 ; Vol. 102, 
Part II. p. ib 1.) 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Original Letters from Literary Men to Mr. Marsh (comprising 
several hundred Letters relative to the History of Bedford- 
shire, from Messrs. Curtis, Dixon, Sowerby, Martyn, H. H. 
Goodhall, etc.) Lot 41 t, £tyi$. Dawson Turner. 

Extensive Collection of Papers relative principally to the 
Natural History of Bedfordshire. Lot 412, £ 2 ^s. Rodd. 

Daniel Hipwell. * 

34, Myddleton Square, CkrkemvtfL 



By an Order dated 11 October, 1655, it was ordered 
amongst other payments yt Mr. Ffrancis Church Recr. doo 
from time to time pay unto Robert Pcrrett, minister, of 
Deane the y'rly rent of £30 out of the ty the of Biggleswade 
" for & in full satisfac'ion of all such augmentac'ons allow- 
ances and payments as hoc standcth charged to pay since 
the 25 of March last to be made and continued to them For 
such time as they shall discharge the dutyes of their severall 
places in respect whereof the same are granted or till further 
ordr of the said Trustees too be accounted from the said 25 
day of March last past provided yt where any of the afore- 
said persons have received any augmentac'ons or allowances 
clue to them since' the said 25 of March that ye payments 
to bee made unto them bee accounted from their last re- 
ceipts only" (MS. 972, f. 328). 

June 18 1657. 

Ordered that Mr. Francis Church Receiver doe pay all 
arrears of the augmentac'on graunted to the Minister of 
Biggleswade in ye county of Bedford or certifie the obstruc- 
tion to these Trustees by the 5th of July next (MS. 974, fo. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


DEANE. — Septemb'r 26th 165 1. 

In pursuance of an order of the Comm'ttee for Refor- 
mac'on of the Universities of the 21st May 165 1 It is 
ordered that the yearly rent of twenty poundes vizt. twelve 
poundes out of the Rectory of Deane in the County of 
Bedford reserved to the Deane and Chapter of Worcester* 
and eight poundes out of the Rectory of Biggleswade 
reserved to the Deane and Chapter of Windsour be 
continued unto Mr. perrott Minister of the said Deane 
And it is further ordered in pursuance of the said Order 
of the Comm'ttee for reformac'on of the Universities that 
the further yearly sumc of thirty poundes be and the same 
is hereby granted unto him for a further increase of his 
rnainten'ce to commence from the 25th day of March last 
his pri'te* allowance being expressed by the said order to 
be but xx//. a yeare. John Thorowgood. Fran's West. 
Geo. Cowper. Rich : Young. 

Jo. Pocock. (MS. 976, f. 1.) 

Septemb'r 26th 1651. 

In pursuance of an order of the said Trustees of this 26th 
of Septernbr instant grounded on an order of the Comittce 
for Reformation of the Universities of the 21st of May 065 1 
It is ordered that Mr. James Elsby Recr. doe from time to 
time pay unto Mr. Robert Perrott Mirir. of the parish church 
of Deane in the county of Bedford the yearly rent of Twenty 
poundes (vizt.) twelve poundes a year out of the Rectory of 
Deane aforesaid reserved to the Deane and Chaptr of 
Worcester and eight poundes a year out of the Rectory of 
Biggleswade reserved to the Deane and Chaptr of Windsor 
for and during such time as the said Mr. Perrott shall con- 
tinue to officiate ye cure of the said church and till the said 
Trustees shall give* further order therein the said augmen- 
tac'on to be accompted from the 25th March last his p'sent 
maintenance being by the said ordr expressed to bee but 
twenty poundes a yeare. 

Jo. Thorowgood. Jo. Browne, ffra. West. Jo. Pocock. 
Ric. Young. (Ibid.) 

Dccembr 31st 165 1. 
In pursuance of an order of the said Trustees of the 26th 
of Scptenibr last grounded on an order of the Comm'ttee 

* Present ? 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

for Reformac'on of the Universities of the 2ist May 165 1 it 
is ordered that Mr. James Elsby Recr. doe from time to 
time continue and pay unto Mr. Perrot Minister of the 
parish church of Deane in the County of Bedford the yearly 
sume of fifty pounds vizt. the rent of £\2 a yeare reserved 
out of the imp'priate rectory of Deane aforesaid to the 
Deane and Chapter of Worcester & eight pounds a year 
reserved to the late Dean and Chapter of Windsor out of 
the impropriate rectory of Bigleswade in the said County 
and the sume of thirty pounds a yeare more out ol the rents 
& profitts of tithes vested in the said Trustees in all amount- 
ing" unto the yearly sume of ^50 as aforesd the same to be 
accompted from the 25th March last and from thence to be 
continued and paid for and during such time as the said 
Mr. Perrot shall continue to officiate the cure of the parish 
church of Deane aforesd and till further ordr of the said 
Trustees his present mainten'ce being by the said order 
expressed to be but twenty pounds a yeare. 

Jo. Thorowgood. — (Ibid.) 

April 22nd, 1653. 
The above order confirmed and then proceeds " which 
Mr. ffrancis Church Recr. is hereby ordered to pay unto 
the said Mr. Perrot accordingly." 

Thursday May 20th 1658. 
Mr. Hall, Mr. Humphrey, 

Mr. Sydenham, Mr. Young. 

That augme'acon is in pay to Mr, Rawlins | yeare 
arreare. (MS. 985, f. 70.) 

Thursday Apr. 29 1658. 

sr. jo. Thorowgood, 
Mr. Cresset, Mr. Pocock, 

Mr. Sydenham, Mr. Young. 

Add '£10 remainder of Aug'ton [Ibid). 

POTTON.— Deer. 9th 1659. 

Where as the vicarage of ye parish church of Potton 
in ye County of Bedford exceedeth not ye ycarely value 
of forty poundes & the said parish containeth a Market 
Towne In pursuance of an Order of the Committee for 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


ptundred Ministre in that behalf it is ordered that the 
yearely su'me of twenty poundes be graufited to & for 
increase of mainten'nee of such godly & painfull preachers 
of ye gospell as shall be IYcmu time to time settled 
Ministre of ye said parish churche and approved of as 
by Authority of Parliam't is directed and the same be 
from time to time paid unto Mr. Esdras Marshall of 
whose godly conversac'on ability & fitness for ye said 
place these Trustees have received good testimony To 
hold from ye 29th day of September last for such time 
as he shall continue faithfully to discharge ye duty of 
Ministre of ye said place or further Order And that Mr. 
Lawrence Steele Trea'r doe pay ye same vnto the said 
Mr. Marshall accordingly. 

Jo. Thorowgood. Win. Steele. Jo. Pocock. 
Richd. Yong. Wm. Skynner (MS. 987," f. 159). 

BIGGLESWADE.— November 29th, 1659. 

Ordered that the ten'nt of the impropriate tithes of 
Biggleswade in the County of Bedford doe produce vnto 
these Trustees on the fourteenth day of December next 
the p'sent lease by which, he holdeth the s'd tithes to the 
end these Trustees may be satisfied concerning the 
covenants thereof when he is to show cause why he 
should not pay the arreares of Sepdismes payable out of 
the said Rectory (MS. 987, f. 102). 

March 20th, 1658. 
Ordered that the yearely sume of fforty poundes be 
and the same is hereby granted to the Minister of 
Biggleswade in the County of Bedford to and for in- 
crease of his maintencc His Highness and the Councell 
having approved thereof the 15 May 1656. And it is 
further Order that the said fforty poundes a yeare be 
from time to time paid vnto Mr. Wm. Rawlins Minister 
of Biggleswade aforesaid (approved according to the 
ordinance for approbac'on of publique preachers the iSth 
of March 1656) to hold for such time as he shall dis- 
charge the duty of Minister of the said place or until! 
further Order these Trustees out of the rents and profitte 
of the rectory of Biggleswade aforesaid to be accompted 

I2 4 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

from the 29th September 1656 And that Mr. Ffranc^f 
Chureh receiver doe pay the same accordingly. 

Jo. Pocock, Ric. Hall, gdw. Cressett. Ric. Yong, 
Jo. Humphrey (MS. 993, f. 128). 

ffebruary 11 165 1. 

Ordered that the arreares of tenthes due out of the 
Vicarage of Biggleswade in the County of Bedford be 
paid out of the augmentac'on to become due the 25th 
day of March next to the Minister of Biggleswade 
aforesaid And that the remainder of the said augmen- 
tac'on the said tenthes being first satisfied be paid to such 
person as shalbee then duly setled and approved Ministr 
of the said place. 

Jo. Thorowgood, Edw. Cressett, Rich. Sydenham, 
Jo. Pocock, Ric. Hall (MS. 995, f. 70). 

J. G. R. 


In my account of the Crawley family, of Stockwood 
Park, on page 274 of. No. XXI. Beds Notes and Queries, 
I ask' for information about Thomas Crawley, M.B., of 
Dunstable, who, in 1 748, was High Sheriff of Bedford- 
shire. From information I now have, it appears that 
Robert Crawley, Dr. of Physiek, married, in 1 663, Joane, 
d. of Richard Taverner, of Hcxton, co. Hurts, being 
then about 38 1 years of age. His children, baptized at 
Dunstable, were — 

1670 John, bapt. Oct. 4. 
1672 Katherine ,, 2 May. 
1675 Robert Dec. 30. 

John, born in 1670, was of Lincoln College, Oxford, matri- 
culated in 1688, taking the B.A. degree Oct. 27th, 1692. 
He apparently settled in Dunstable, and I shall be glad 
to hear if anything further is known of him, and who 
he married. The Dunstable register gives the following 
entries : — 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


1708 Ann, dau. of John Sc Ann Crawley, gent. bapt c1 . June 15. 

1711 John, son ,, bapt. 30 

j 713 Thos. y c son ,, ,, „ bapt d . 15 9 ber . 

1727 Doctr Croaly, gent., buried 30 November. 
174I-2 Jane Crawley, widow, buried J r cb. ''27th. 

1 774 Benj. son of Thos. & Alice Crawley, born April 29, 1769, bap.t d . 
Oct. 19, 1774. 

Thomas Crawley, M.B., of Dunstable, was a churchwarden 
i'ir that parish in 1750, as his name appears on the cover* 
of the Register beginning in that year, together with his 
fellow churchwarden Joseph Pomfrett, gent., and Thomas 
Hill, A.M., Rector. On page 500, in the June number of 
the Gentleman's Mag. for 1807, I find the following in 
I letter entitled, Memoirs of Dr. Nathaniel Cotton: "All 
that I have ever heard of his (D r . Cotton's) outset in life 
was, that there was formerly at Dunstable, in Bedfordshire, 
a house for the reception of lunatics, kept by a D r . Crawley, 
at whose death the establishment broke up : but D r . Cotton 
engaged D r . Crawley's housekeeper and a few of his re- 
maining patients to remove with him to St. Albans, where 
he opened a house of a similar kind on a small scale." 
In the May number of the same magazine it appears that 
I) r . Cotton, who was a man of some poetical merit, died 
at St. Albans in 1788, having' established there a large 
practice and a good reputation. The registers between . 
1700 and 1800 give other entries of Crawleys, but they 
do not seem to belong to the physician's family. The 
name of Crawley was know n in Dunstable 50 years ago, 
as the tombstones in the churchyard show. 1 copied the 
following lately : — 

■" Sacred to the m. of Kitty wife of George 
Crawley who departed this life 
Nov r . II 11 ', 1830, aged 53 years 
also of 
. George Crawley 
who died Jan. 12 th , 1 840, aged 65 years." 
On another — 

"Mary Edith Crawley 
Born March 21 in the year 18 . . 
Died Sept. . . 181 2." 
This Mr. George Crawley was, I am told, a wine merchant, 
but whether he was related to the physician's family I am 
unable to say. 

I expect that Thomas Crawley, bapt. at Dunstable 15 
Oct. 1713, is identical with Thomas Crawley, M.B.,. the 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

H.S. of Beds in 1748. I should suppose, from the fact 
that he was Sheriff of the County, that he was a man: 
of means. I should be glad to know whether he was 
married, and, if so, to whom— possibly Benjamin CrawlcyJI 
bapt. 19th Get. 1774 (born 1769), was his son. I have 
some old medical works with the book-plate of ThqJl 
Crawley in my possession — an Aldine edition of Cicero 
with the same bookplate and name, which was found by 
a brother of mine in a second-hand bookshop in Oxford, 
is now in the library at Stock wood Park. 

I wonder whether the burial of Doer. Croa/ej\ gent., 
30 Nov. 1727, is that of Dr. Robert Crawley, or one of 
his sons. IF it is that of Robert Crawley, he must have 
been about 102, for he was married in 1663, being then 
about 38 years of age. It is not improbable that it was 
that, of his son John, bapt. 4 Oct. 1670, and that he 
succeeded to his father's practice, and was in turn suc- 
ceeded by his son Thomas, the High Sheriff of Beds of 
1748. Is there a list of medical men, other than Munk, 
to which I could refer for information about the Dunstable 
Crawlcys, who seem to have been a family of doctors? 
I believe Dr. Robert C. is the only one mentioned in 
Munk's list. I could not find any monuments in Dun- 
stable church to the Crawlcys. It is curious there are 
none to Dr. Robert Crawley, 4th son of Sir Francis, or 
to Thomas Crawley, M.B:, High Sheriff of Beds, 1748, 
and who was probably living in 1700, if the' entry of the 
baptism of Benjamin in the Dunstable register, 1774, is 
that of his son. 

In Beds Notes and Queries, Part V., page 156, is a refer- 
ence to a petition as follows: "Luton, June 17, 1618, Sir 
Robert Napier & Art. Crawley to the Council," etc. I 
should be glad to know who this Art. Crawley was. By 
the will of Anile Crawley, of Sumeris, in par. of Luton, 
spr. 8 Dec. 1681 (sec p. 53 ante), there appears to have 
been some connexion between a family of Crawlcys with 
that of Sir John Napier of Luton Hoe. 

Can any one identify the following from a list of Oxford 
Graduates ? 

Humph. Crawley, Magd. Hall, B.A., Mar. 18, 1733. 

Edmund Jones Crawley, Jesus Coll., B.A., May 28, 
18 1 3 ; M.A., June 17, 1818. 

[He was a son of Admiral Edmund Crawley, b. 1756, 
who married at Carnarvon, in 1787, Elizabeth Jones. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


EJ.C. was a Prebendary of Wells, and died in or near 
Path about 18 , and his father, the Admiral, died in 
Hath in 1835, and was buried at Claverston.] I should 
touch like to find out who Admiral Edmund Crawley was. 

In the Supplement to Gent. Mag. 1 801, appears the 
following 1 : — "16 Oct. at Aber, co. Carnarvon, Capt. John 
Crawley, of the "royal navy, to Miss Roberts, daughter of 4 
she late Rev' 1 . Griffith Roberts, many years rector of that 
parish." Who was this Capt. John Crawley, R.N., and 
is anything" known of him ? 

II. II. Crawley. 

II ey for J, Weedon. 


TlIE following are extracts from a lecture delivered at the 
Working Me.) Cs Institute^ in February last by Dr. Lawford, 
F.S.A., " On the Inhabitants of Britain prior to the Norman 
Conquest, illustrated by objects of a remote antiquity found 
at Leighton Buzzard and in the neighbourhood." 

Those who knew the town of Leighton fifty years since 
will remember that it was bounded on the North by an 
extensive heath, rough and covered with gorse, which 
had never been brought into cultivation, but. two circular 
mounds of considerable size, "1111111111'," attract the attention 
of the traveller on the north-west as he passes along its 
sandy lanes. These, although cut down and defaced, are 
still to be seen distinctly. This heath-land was put up for 
sale by. auction some years since, the purchasers being the 
late Mr. Bassett, and the late Mr. Lawford, and it was 
during the process' of levelling and digging sand on Mr. 
Lawford's estate that these Anglo-Saxon remains were 
chiefly discovered. 

The urns are sepulchral, of the Anglo-Saxon period, made 
of partially burnt clay ; they are contracted at the mouth, 
made by hand, not on the potter's wheel like many 
Romano-British vessels of an earlier period ; they are in 
colour dark brown, having projecting knobs, with zig-zag 
or encircling lines, with straw ornamentation, arid what 
Sir J. Lubbock calls " thumb-nail marks." They contain 
human bones after the process of cremation,- some portions 

128 Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

of which are easily recognized by the osteologist, and to .: 
this ancient method of disposal of the dead we are again 
returning. If " dust to dust," w hy not ashes to ashes ? 

The following is a list of objects found on the Heath 
or in its immediate neighbourhood, and 1 venture to think 
it is a list worthy of being placed on permanent record, 
since a great authority, Mr. Augustus Franks, considered 
some of them to be of sufficient importance to find a 
resting-place in our great National Collection, the British 
Museum, where they ma)' now be seen : 

1. A large: Anglo-Saxon urn, plain, containing burnt bones. 

2. A smaller ditto ditto. 

3. Ditto, with straw and thumb-marks. 

4. Fragment of large urn. 

5. Ditto small urn. 

6. Tad of an urn, red Samian ware, potter's mark "Albani op." 

7. Ditto ditto fragment. 

8. Fibula, bronze, harp-shaped. \ ^ , 

9. Ditto, bronze, plaited with gold, circular. i\t 

• a 1 .111 4. P 11 \ Lntish Museum. 

10. A large crystal bead, part 01 a necklace. ) 

11. Neolithic celt, highly polished. 
1 2. Ditto, notched. 

13. Upchurch ware, two specimens, light bluish grey colour. 

14.. Three unbaked vessels, quite pale. 

15. "Urbs Roma," bronze coin of the Republic period. Romulus 

and Remus under the Wolf. 

16. Two gold Roman coins. 

From the interesting paper by Mr. Elger, which appeared 
in the January number of this publication, it would appear 
that our county is almost as rich in Prehistoric remains 
as is Abbeville, and the Valley of the Somme, and it is 
much to be regretted that no safe depository, in the way of 
a Museum, exists where such illustrative memorials of a 
bygone age can be safely preserved, for it is difficult to 
overrate the precise value of the information which the 
study of ancient pottery has been the means of affording 
as a contribution to the history of the world, and by means 
of which we are enabled to trace these primitive vessels 
absolutely to their original source. 

tunic Sfiitj.* apfin* bit »%ih$ prfawfl tdtoand biguh cfti nod mo ( 
(cm ptdste eonfen0tttt>^ uom qui iiftttiouis) tmtttttc tto btetftttt, 
dVcttu paj&quattfe complete. (Pa ptoptev btlerh m briofiUt ucft'tf 
iniKd plh t la aabs^mti) ojnmutyitc^iilirtniCiL^roitatJiirflenHnbj 
tome mn ocrfurfhae qm utittautd one m ptefeaaftjj. tuite i Wtio 
I nabtittf pffitxm.&xa* mfnturn miW mobie pidbutte bifo prttt/l 
abuwfa.fnb.hmn pay* umj)trmi>iicf«ihpninsp»lttiV\iire ttnWi 
qsl]U£f ttt Ddlo£fiuip>fihutf> uw? stuhfr.ftajfr tttffcfli 
ni«rioVaio«btl*ftt0nAlLttic plan* gauctiu*.? 1100 miUacpi 
mate p(Ti^ft» nob' ac {> \te$ ccdte uft auttotmttc aplita aftrmfttu 
v pt&artuj uiipti pm-octuio rotituumi .f^uTu ergo annuo liomtnti 
j JiccAt Ijrtitr piguta tiil k pote£feom& *i gtbtu&cdid tnfiuijgcrc ul*ci flu 
rat tcmaatto amtrmt^Biquit} ante liar attcptare pfupferttwubtg- 
matunie oimprteutidta p±S piult aplou cme & upucrtt 
nat^fiu'tl.ld&tu' hlu.yanuari)* ponttfbirrmgmio 
jfS^nauiid <^d(enmtf CSEpttfintuir1)ouof6^t. Cpmito 
fl^y ii^V £a.l^ikrhijftto. ptiou<* Cotuartut tc BtnVmab? 
Jj^L^tohtmii tnoc Sair 1 Aplirablifcvm.&anttfm Uoma 
tin etrliA fcmotos ft foamtlce ftho$p; Attiittrjpictatte officio pio 
! jrufm&btligttc zfneuthx nc pianos Ijomtml motelhitJagt 
Iftimtr.coB tauqrtt pta matffue,ptttftomi mtttumme eoufc 
I net*. £aptopt? btlerit mbuofilu um mfhtf pjtecity Idmati. 
jia^iaa * monAtknu mw mquobmmottimiapftcfhdoft, 
Ifenmo m otmlv tutus quo ibtit ^onalhanil tsi piefenna^mi 
lac canotuccpJlVituti anf m fittiitii ptclteittt buo urfks moDi^ 
p?tcttt abiprfh.fub Lean pit 1 um^piriioncfnffipmh^pilttvr 
i a ittx jwflfe lit 0 ue&tvio it£tui no <n 1 0 lotbt ti AMctitom.yxAt&,\&( 
b t mu. fulrtirt. ncr non ltkrtttttd^ tmnti ttatta a infl^ttiuibt :fuglic 
ftoKoMiaiwe. ar ahn tojia itm fmt^i o»ua rnfte ac piafcc abii 
ttctis nob* vji Mo^ abai ajoaaftcno a«fh«itfHi! aph'ca centewa 
nuid-^ ptdTcimofmpti pm*oaitu3cbnaiatnf.palU^otimio 
fyommu Uccftfrljanc pi^na urc^ttrtion^ confuiuftr&i^ tii 
tnitS&cuVa audi taaa-fttto^trauc.Si qutsaatc lw attctap 
tatt picfapfiatti. inbi^tianouS otmfotameba.^ fcoji p?^ 1 put 
ih aplo^ uoumti uioufuru.^ftpJim^tV.ya/^^ 
ibuujm. potmficfriffttt imio.(ItatirhwlLottfu-tuar '£>^ikiV. 

I(JSl!iifl{kiit Biit^auftl» due qi ft&tak tiuit piefctttityqaH) 
^tetung ttgtktc u ttft pi o^t^ttpaygt tuL K cligiofi urtd 1 








— •> o - (!v?~! — ■ 

Cijc TBiwlmteaa Cattulatp, 

BUSIIMEAD PRIORY was founded by Hugh, son of Oliver 
k\ - Beauchamp, in the twelfth century, for Canons of the 
order of S. Augustine, and was dedicated to the B.V.M. 
It was situated in the parish of Eaton-Socon, on the borders 
of Huntingdonshire, and appears to have been substantially 
endowed. At the dissolution of the Monasteries this House, 
with its lands in Bedfordshire, was granted to Sir William 
Jj»T.J>coignc, of Cardington, Knt., and soon after it came into 
the possession of the Gery family, with whom it still remains. 
Of the monastic buildings but little now is left.; a portion 
of the Chapel or Refectory, with some traces of stained 
glass, is used as a lumber room, or barn. 

Though the buildings have well-nigh disappeared, fortu- 
nately the Cartulary has been preserved, and, owing to the 
courtesy of its present possessor, W. Hugh Wade-Gery, 
Esq., I am enabled to present my readers with a facsimile 
(except as to colours) of the first folio, and also a tabulated 
summary of its contents. I have likewise transcribed a list 
of Priors written on the recto of the second leaf, eleven 
of which, commencing with Joseph de Copmanford, are 
beautifully written in an early fifteenth century hand. On 
the verso of the same leaf is a "Taxatio" of the possessions 
of the Monastery in the same hand as the rest of the book. 
Words within ( ) are additions by a later hand ; those 
within [ | are added by myself. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Noi'a om'i Prior' de Btsshemade. 
(Willielmus Cappellanus de Colmord.) 
Joseph de Copmanford. 

Joh'es Oyldebouf qui obijt monachus Wardori (A 0 dm 

ml mo cc lj°). 
Simon de Colesdene. 

Ric'us ffolyot temp'e Regis Henric' (tercij). 

Simon de Redbourne qui resignauit post 1. prelacois sue 

annos (A° E. p'mi & s'cundi). 
Rob'tus de lobbenh'm qui resignauit post xxxiiij prelacois 

sue annos (A° E. Tercij). 
Ric'us de Stokton qui obijt post ij prelacois sue annos. 
Simon de Grantesdene qui resignauit post j. & di. 

prelacois sue annfi. 
Adam de leuerington qui resignauit post ij. vx di. prelacois 

sue annos (A° E. t'cij xxix). 
Johannes de Ryslee qui resignauit post xxviij prelacois 

sue annos. 
Willm's de lytlyngton. 
Willm's chanu xxv resignauit.* 

Willm's Stokton qui obijt post octo prelacois sue Annos. 
Thorn's Stokton qui resignauit post octo prelacois sue 

Robertus de Potton p'or qui resignauit post vnu' Annu' 
p'lacoTs sue. 

Johannes de bosworthe Prior qui obijt post xj & di. 

prelacionis sue annos. 
Magist' gregory norwych p'or q 1 resignauit post xvij 

Annos sue p'laciois 
M r Nicholaus Smith p'or q l resignauit post xx prelac' sue 

An nos. 

Dns Ric. Rorgord quodrn p'or de broke et p'or istius 
ecclie qui obijt post ij mens 5 prelac' sue a° Dni M p 
v° xxxj° A 0 r. R. Henrici octaui post conquestu' 
xxiij 0 . 

Dns Rob'tus Burre p'or q 1 . 

Tliis, and all that follow, in later and various hands. 

Bedfordshire No/es and Queries. 

Taxacio tempalifi P'orat' 
Decanatibus subsc'ptis 
taxacionu honor' Relig 
jjpfialifi in Dioc' Line' in 
immanent' finalit' discussa. 

de Bisshemade in din'. sis 
scd'm rnagnos Rotulos 
iosor' til tempaliii qui 
Scaccario dni Reeris 

at Eton. 



<ie scd 


) Hfity'gd\ 

<k Nesse. 

Prior de Bisshemade het in Eton 

de redd' tr' duos sol. & v.d. 
I tm het in Bereforde de tr' p'tis. 

redd' t'g'Tta septe s. & octo d. 
Itm hot I Wilden in t'ris . . quinq' 


Itm hot in Stachedefi in tr' .... 

q'ndeci s. & q'tuor. d. 
Prior de Bisshemade het i Stilton P 

tr' redd' mol\ p'tis. . . \ r ij li. & 

fvj s. 

Itm het in Copmanford' in t'ris. x.s. 
Prior de Bisshemade h't I pua 

Pax ton I redd' & o pi bus 

bondorum . . . xxs. & iij'.d. 
Itm hot in magna Paxton in redd'. 

q'nq' solid'. 
Itm het in Southo in tr' . . q'nq' 


Itm het in Blaiseworth in tr redd' 
& p'tis .... iij.s. & iiij.d. 
Prior de B. het T Burton & Risshe- 
den deredcl 1 .... lxiij. s.& iiijd. Northmton. 
Sm. . . . xxxj. li. vij s. viij. d. 
Inde decima ij.s. ix.d. ob. 
Prior de Bisshemade het in 
Talyntoh I molend'. xxxvj.s. 

Sm patet. 
Inde decima. iij.s. viij.d. 
Prior de B. h't \ Triipiton. 

Maclynglee. Drayton & Brunne 
in t'ris & redd' . . . . xlv.s. Cantabr'. 
Sm patet. 
Inde decima. iiij.s. vj.d. 
Sm total' tii tepalifi qui spiiaP xix.s. iiij.d. 
Inde decima iiijli. x.s. xj.d. ob. 



Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

The volume, which is an excellent state of preservation, 
bound in the original oak boards, contains 96 leaves of 
vellum measuring 12 inches by 8, the text occupying a 
space of SI inches by 4|. The total number of instruments 
recorded in this volume is 282, of which the following is a 
summary : — 


i Confirmacio Innoc' pp e . iij. (terras quas Hugo de 

Bello Campo contulit.) [Datfi Letcran'. 
ij Kl'u Januarij Pontiflcat' nil anno 

ii „ Honor' epl. (possessiones a magnatitus 

angiios concessus.) [Dat' Lateran' vij 
Id' Februarij Pontificat' nrl Anno 

iij „ Grgor. pp e . ix. .(possession!!, et: 

privilegiorfi.) [Hugh de Beauchamp 
mentioned as founder.] 

iiij „ Gregor'. pp e . viij. (decimaru in paro« 

chia de Eton.) [Dat' Periisij t'cio Kl'u 
Junij Pontificat' nri Anno Tercio.J 
v „ Gregor'. pp e . viij. (generall.) 

\j „ Gregor'. pp°. viiij. (Indulgentia non 

compel! i ad compositio provisioni dc 
ecelesiasticis bene-ficiis.) [Dat' Viterbu' 
xiij Kl' Septemb' Potiflcat' nri anno 
anno Vndecim'.] 

vij „ Innocencij pp°. iiij. [Dat' Lugdun' Kl' 

J 11 Iij Potific' nri Anno Sexto.] 
viij ,„ Hugonis dei gra Line' EpI. (de do- 

natione Hugoni de Bellocampo.) 

ix „ Hugonis dei gin Cantuar' Archiepi. 

(Gonfirmationis Episcopi Lincoln'.) 
x „ Willi dei gracia Line' EpI. (Gonfir- 

mationis LIugoni.) 

xi „ Confirmacio Simonis dei gra Cant' 

Archiepi. (Gonfirmationis dicti 
Willielm' ep'i Lincoln.) [Dat' ap'd 
Oseneiam. xiij. Kl'. Septemb'. Anno 
scd'o relaxacoTs general' interdicti 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

xij Itm' Confirmacd Simonis dei gra Cant 1 ArchiepT. 
(de protectione.) 

xiij Hugonis sede dei gra Line' EpT. 
(Similis confirm' Hugo*ni p'decessoriu'.) [Dat' 
,p manu' Willi' dc Tourac' Arch'i Stowe. ap'd 
Meidestan iij° Kl' Septemb'. Pontificat' nri Anno 
Sexto.] • 

xiiij Composicio dc minutis decimis & oblacionibj de 

Bisshemad'. (In Septeber 1236.) 
xv Confirmacio Nich'i dc Bello Campo psona eccl'ie de 

Eton. (Literae sepulturae et minutaru' decemaru'.) 
xvj Dimissio dni Walt'i Cant' Archi'epI de iur' p'setad'. 

nni' Ca. ,p R. dc Stokton. [Dat' ap'd Dunstapl', 

v. Kl'. Marcij Anno dni. MiLli'o cccxix.] 

BEDEFORD'. Etone. 


Carta Hug' fil' Oliu'i dc Bello Campo, 

„ ,, „ Oliueri de Bello Campo. 


„ Hugonis dc Bello Campo fil Oliu'i. 


de „ „ fil'. 



„ Hug', de „ „ fil'. 



„ Hug'.de „ „ fil'. 



„ Mug' de u „ fil'. 



1 lug' de ,, „ fil'. 



„ Hug' de „ ,, fil'. 



„ Hug' de „ „ fil'. 


X J 

„ Hug' de „ „ fil'. 


x !-! 

„ Hug' de „ „ fif. 


xiii . 

„ Hug' de „ „ fil'. 



Hug' de „ „ fir. 



„ Hug'de „ „• fil'. 



„ Hug' de „ „ fif. 



,. Hug' dc „ „ fil'. 



Cofirmacio Rog'i de Bello Campo fi 

r. 0. 


-„ „ „ » fii' 0. 


Itm Rogeri de Bello Campo fil' Oliueri. 


Confirmacio Joh'is de Bello Campo. 


Carta dni Will'i de Bello Campo fil 




Final' Cdcord' apd' Glouc' it' Joh'cm 


de Bello Capo. [1255.] 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

xxiiij Carta Will'i de Bcllo Canipo. 
xxv „ Will'i dc Bcllo Campo. 

xxvj Indet'a dc Comun' I p'to de Eton q' uocat' North* 

broch. [1336.] 
xxvij Carta Will'i dc Bcllo Campo. 
xxviij Cofirmacio Rad' dc Bcllo Capo fil'. Will'i. 
xxix Cofirmacio Rog'i dc Bcllo Canipo fil' Rad' de Bcllo 

Capo. [1322.] 
xxx Cofirmacio dni Joh'is Dengayne dni de Eton. 

xxxj Record' de visu Franc' plcgg' con! Just' itin' apd' 

^ Bed'. [1330.] 
xxxij Carta Hcnrici de Braibroc. 
xxxiij [A blank page of vellum.] 

xxxiiij Dimissio Simonis de Pateshiill' ad feod' firma. 
xxxv Quieta clamaco dni Simonis de Patcshull'. 
xxxvj Confirmacio dni Joh'is de Pateshull'. [1 333-] 
xxxvij Placita apd' Westm' com VViU'o'de Ilerle & sociis 

suis. [1333- Ro. Ixij.] 
xxxviij Carta Will'i Uancnsi. 
xxxix Confirmacio Erne uxoris Will'i Danensi. 

xl Placita apd' Westm' cor' Justic' dni Reg'. [13 1 3. 
Ro. xxxv.] 

xli Carta Will'i dc BruttcuiT fil Galfrid' dc Brutteuil' 

dc Tepseford'. 
xlij Confirmacio Galfrid' dc Brutteuille. 
xlhj Carta dni Galfrid' dc Brituille militis. 
xliiij „ Dionisij q°nd' fix Walt'i dc Knelle de 
G rauele. 
xlv Carta Adc dc Chauton'. 
xlvj n Will'i de Chauton'. 
xlvij „ Matild' de Chauton'. [1232.] 
xlviij „ Reginald' de Baa. 
xlix „ Reginald' de Baa. 

1 „ Ric' Aurifab' fil' Will'i Aurifab' de Sco 

lj Carta Will'i Arraz. 

Hj „ Rob'ti fil' & hed' Ric' Aurifab' de Sco Neoto. 
liij Indenta int' Robtu' dc Wauton & p r ore de 

l^isshcmade. [1327.] 
liiij Carta llugonis Heluin [de Stapelho]. 
lv „ Amfelisie fil' Will'i Aurifab' dc sco Neoto. 
lvj „ Radulfi dc Weldebof. 
lvij Confirmacio Will'i de Weldebof. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Iviij Carta Joh'is fil' Will'i de Eton, 
lix „ Nich'i fil' Will'i dc Eton. 
Ix „ Rog'i fir Nicho'i Junet'. 
lxi „ Ricard' dc VVeldebof. * 

lxij Sc'ptu joh'is Oyldebof fil' & hered' Joh'is Oyldeb'. 

Ixiij Ouieta clamacio Joh'is fil' Joh'is dc Colmord'. 
lxiiij „ „ Joh'is lc Ghana dc Colmord'. 

Ixv Carta Will'i lc Costcntyn fil' Henr' lc Costentyn. 
Ixvj „ Reginald' Costcntyn. 
lxvij „ Ric' fil' Rad' dc Costcntyn. 
Ixviij „ Rob'ti Brussell. 

lxix Indenta it' p r ore Joseph & Henr' dc Braibroc. 
lxx Carta Laurcnc' dc Sihiford'. 



Ric' fil' Matild' fil' Ric' Fab'. 



Ancclli Ruffus. 


Albini fil' Bernardi. 



Alicic dc Curtige. 


Walt'i dc Carun. 



Rog'i fil' Nich' fil' Will'i dc Eton. 


Walt'i dc Stachcdcn. 


Simonis fil' Rad' dc Wibavvdestofi 



Will'i dc Arraz. 



Will'i Carboncl cl'ici. 


i Carta Rogeri fil' Reginald' Decani [dc pua Stokton], 
ij Cirograffii Rog'i fil' Reginald' Decani, 
iij Carta Rog'i fil' Reginald Decani, 
iiij „ Ivog'i fil' Decani, 
v „ Walt'i Forstar'. 
vj Cofirmacio Reginald' fil' Decani, 
v ij Carta Will'i de Tillebroc. 
viij „ Walt'i Tornator'. 

ix „ lvog'i fil' Decani. 

x „ Will'i le Turnur. 

xj „ Ricard' fil' Math'i & Margcr' sororis ei' [de 

Boleme de nochia de P'tenhale.] 
xij „ Reginald' le Torn our. 
xiij Ouieta clamacio Rog'i lc Den. [13 10.] 
xiiij Carta Rog'i le Den. [1310.] 

xv CirografT' Rog'i lc Den. [13 10.] 

i $5 Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

xvj Carta Rob'ti Capcllani Vicar' de Weston', 
xvij ,, Ricard' de P'tenhal'. 

xviij Record' de Banco cora Willo' de Bereford' & sociis 
suis. [1310.] r' 

xix Carta Cecilie P'tesoyl [soror Rogori P'tesoyl.] 

xx „ Cecilie P'tesoyl. 

xxj Confirmacio Walt'i P'tesoyl. * 
xxij Carta Simonis P'tesoyl. 
xxiij „ ' Rog'i P'tesoyl [de Risleia]. 
xxiiij Confirmacio Simonis P'tesuyl fil' Rogi P'tesuyl. 
xxv Carta Hub'ti fil' Wimundi de pua Stokton. 
xx vj „ Will'i fil' Thome, 
xxvij „ Will'i fil' Thome, 
xxviij Confirmacio Jordani fil' Will'i. 

xxix Carta Henrici le Neuu. 

xxx Confirmacio Jordani fil' Will'i. 
xxxj Carta Osberti Clerici. 

xxxij „ Laurencij fil' Hugonis [de pua Stokton]. 
xxxiij „ Thome fil' Hugonis. 

xxxiiij Confirmacio Will'i de Bello Campo fil' Simon' de 
Bcllo Capo. 

xxxv Cirograffu de feod' firma Will'i fil' Walt'i de la 
Sale. [13 14.] 

xxxvj Sc'ptH Will'i fil' Walter' de la Sale [de pua Stokton 

C3 1 4-1 ' 
x xxvij Carta Galfrid' fil' Thome Ballican [de Parva- 

xxxviij Carta Robt'i Bissop. — P'TENHALE. [13.II.] 
xxxix „ Rogeri de Templo. — Stokton. [1276.] 

xl „ Ricard' de Peaucurt. — Felm'shm'. 

xlj „ Henr' fil' Will'i fil' Nigilli. — SCHARNEBROK, 

xlij „ Nigelli fil' & hered' Henr' Attewode „ 

xliij „ Plugonis fil' Ricard'. — LEGA. 

xliiij Cirograffu It' P r ore Ricard' & VVill'm de Aspeley. — 

xlv Carta Will'i fil' Hugonis de munfort. — WymintoN, 

i „ Cristian' P'teseil. — CaVSHO. 

ij „ Helte P'ancelun „ 

iij „ Will'i Fortyn „ 

iiij Hugonis de muule. — BOLNHURST. 

v Emme de muule „. 

vj „ Will'i de Wodende „ 

vij Ricardi de Bello Campo. — ChalfST'NE. 

viij „ Roysie fil' Vmfridi de Bereforde „ 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


ix Carta Alicie sororis & hered' Will'i fil' Thorn' de 

Colesden. — ClIALFST'NE. 
i „ Bartholomei Berde.— WlLDENE. 

ij „ Thorn' Tyrel fil' Rad' ! 'TyreI .— WlLDENE. 

iij „ Walt'i de Wilder! Cappll'i „ 
iiij „ Rog' Chanu & Dionis ux' sue „ 

v „ Rog' Chanu & Dionis ux' sue „ 

vj „ Rog'i Chanu & Dionis ux' sue „ 

vij Cof'macoDionisiq'nd' uxorisRogi'Canuci „ 

viij Carta Hugonis Agu. „ 

ix \ „ Nich'i Cli'ci de Rauenesden „ 

x Sc'ptu Joh'is de PabenhiTi militis. [1323.] „ 


i Carta Girard' de Weldebof. 

ii . „ Rica rd' de Weldebof. 

iij „ Radulfi de Weldebof. ["1249.] 
iiij Walt'i fil' Rob'ti de Weldebof. [1250.] 

v ltni carta Walt'i de Oydebuf. 
vj „ „ Walt'i de Wildebuf. 

vij Cirog'ffu Walt'i de Oyldcbuf. 

viij Carta Ric' fil' Walt'i de Weldebof. 

ix Confirmacio Rad' de Wildebof. 

x „ Willi de Weldebof. 
xj Carta Rad' frT Thorn de Styltofi. 

xij „ Rad' fil' Thorn de Sty 1 ton. 

xiij „ Zozime de Bolehurst fil' Walt'i. 

xiiij „ Will'i fil' Thorn de Colesden. 

xv . „ Hugonis de Westvvode. 

xvj „ Will'i fil' Ricard' Templarij. 

xvij „ Agnetis q' fuit ux' Joh'is de Wilden medic'. 


xviij „ Gerard' fil' Godefridi. 

xix „ Will'i de Melchcburne. 

xx „ Walt'i fil' Aldredi. 
xxj „ Rob'ti Chanu. 
xxij „ Will'i Canuti. 
xxiij Joh'is le Broy. 

xxiiij „ Will'i fil' Jordan Fab's. 
xxv Final' edeord' It' Will'm fil' Jordan & P r ore de 
Bisshemade. [1240.] 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


i Carta Ri-card' de Lega. 
ij „ Ric' de Bletteshc>& BeatVis fix sue. 
iij „ Walt'i de Kirkeby. 

x i ij Final' concord' it' Joh'em P r ore de Bisshemad' & 
Ric' de Blechesho. [1240.] ♦ 
v Carta Will'i fil' Simonis de Lega. 
vj Sc l ptfi Will'i de Lega. 

vij Final' concord' It' Joseph P'ore de Bisshemade & 

Will'm de Lega. [1231.] 
viij Confirmacio Hugonis de Bretteuile. 
ix Carta Will'i fil' Hugonis de Bretteuile. 
x „ Humfrid' fil' Plenr' de Bereforde. [1259.] 
xj Cirog'ffii Humfrid' de Bereforde de excabio. [1276.] 
xij Itm Cirog'ffii Humfrid' de Bereforde. [1275.] 
xiij Carta Henr' Poire, 
xiiij Itm Carta Henr' Poire de Rokeston. 
xv „ „ Henrici Porre. 

xvj Carta Rob'ti Hardi & Philipp' ux' sue. — SUT13URI. 
xvij „ Will'i de Sutburi fil' Rog' de Sutbur' milit'. — 

vj Carta Luce Sorel.*— MOGERIIANG'. 
vij „ Will'i le Heyr. — COUPOL. 
viij „ Ricard' fil' Henr' de Stratton. — WARDON'. 

ix „ Henr' de Braibroc. — Stachedex'. 

x „ Joh'is de Bisshemade „ [ 12 75-] 

Villa de Bedeford*. 
i Carta Salomon Capell*. 

ij Placita apd' Wcstm' corii joh'e de Stonore & sociis 

suis. [I339-] 
iij Carta Ade fil' Drogonis. 

iiij Placita apd' Westm' cora. J. de Stonore & sociis 
suis. [1339.] 
v Cirog'ffii It' P'ore de Bisshemade & Joh'em de 
Sautre. [i344-] 

HUNTYNGDON'. Stokton'. 

i Carta Will'i Quint', 
ij Itm Carta Will'i Quint'. 

* In a different hand. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 139 
iij Carta Herb'ti Soysfot. 

iiij „ Eustachij Rectoris eccl'ie de Stokton. 
v „ cine" Isabel le Pauncefpt — BLAYSWORD'. 
vj O'eta clamacio Bricij le Daneys „ [1302.] 
vij Carta Nieholae Margerie & BeaPc' 

„ dnar. de Magn Stokton. „ [1274.] 

viij Grog'ffii It' dnm Joh'em de Creting' milit' & P'ore, 
de Bisshemad'. — BLAYSWORD'. 
ix Q'eta clamacio JohTs de Blaysworth. — BLAYSWORD*. 
~ [1303.] 

x Indenta hit 5 Roberta P l ore & Johem Euerard'. — 

Blaysword. [1346.] 
i Carta Nigell' de Louetoth. — SOUTHO. 
ij Ciro'gffu in t' P'ore de Bisshemadc & Will'm fil' 

yuonis. — SOUTHO. 
iij Carta Yuonis Monac'. — PAXTON' PUA. 
iiij Itm Carta Yuonis Monac' „ ,, 
v Carta Will'i le Botiler fil' Galfrid' le Both'.— 

Paxton' PUA. 
vj Carta Galfrid' le Moyne. — PAXTON' PUA. 
vij Sc'ptfi Will'i le Engleys „ „ 

viij Carta Yuonis Monac'. — PAXTON MAGNA. 

ix Cirog'ffO Joseph P'oris „ „ 

x Carta Marger' de Draiton. — TOULESLOUND. 
xj Itm Cartd Margerie de Draiton „ 

xij Cofirmacio dni Rob'ti de Totenhale Milit'. 
xiij Carta Sinionis Constentyn. — COPMANFORD'. 

[dns ile Copemaneford'.] 
xiiij „ Cecilie q' fuit ux' Will'i Engayne. — COP- 
MANFORD. [13 14.] 
xv Carta Walt'i Lenueyse.— COPMANFORD'. [13 14,] 
xvj „ joh'is fil' Thorn Gerrard'. — COPMANFORD. 
xvij „ Reginald' Costentyri. — Eynesbtjry. 

Stilton. . 

i Carta Alicie de mudeuile. 

ij Itm Carta Alic' de mundeuile.- 
iij „ „ Alic' de mundeuile. 
iiij Itm Alic' de mundeuille. 

v „ Alicie de mundeuile. 
vj „ Cofirmaco Alicie de mundeuile. 
vij Cofirmaco Helye de Amundeuille. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

viij Carta Nigelli cle Amundeuile. 
ix „ Alicie fiT Rob'ti cle Hastinges. 
x Rob'ti Caukesnef, 
xj Rog'i de Louetoth. 
xij Itm Carta Rog'i de Louetoth. 
xiij Carta Walt'i fir Rob'ti de Bolenhurst. 
xiiij „ Thorn fil' Walt'i de Stylton. ♦ 
xv Itm Carta Thorn fiT. Walt'i fiT Lefsi. 
xvj Carta Thorn fil' Walt'i de Stilton, 
xvij „ Thorn fil' W T alt'i de Stilton, 
xviij „ Gerard de Weldebeof. 

xix „ Ric' fil' Will'i de.Houcton. 

xx Final' concord' It Simone P'ore & Ric 1 de Iloucton. 


xxj Carta Walt'i fil' Thome de Stilton, 
xxij ,, Thorn le Noreys. . 
xxiij Itm Carta Thome le Noreys. 
xxiiij Carta Will'i fil Simon de Stilton, 
xxv „ Will'i fil' Simon senioris de Stilton, 
xxvj „ Will'i fil' Simon fil' Walt'i. 
xxvij „ dnc Geue ux' Osb'ti de Wdestonia. 
xx viij „ Iuette fil' Osb'ti de V ndestetune. 

xxix „ Will'i del le Foulere [de Stilton]. 

xxx „ Gilb'ti fil' Rob'ti de Stilton. 

xxxj „ Henr' Capll'i nepos Rob'ti fil' Rad' de liolen- 

x\xij „ Ileruici 1 .e Panmer [de Stiltona.] 
xxxiij Ileruici le I'aumer, 

xxxiiij Itm Carta Ileruici Palmarij. 
xxxv „ Heruici Paum'. 

xxxvj Cirog'ffu it' P'ore & Couetu de 13isshemade & 

Galfrid' Pep. [1292.] 
xxxvij Carta indentata Will'i Vnderhul. 
xxxviij „ Joh'is de Salne & Marger' uxoris ei'. 
xxxix „ Indentata Walt'i Forst. 
xl „ Pet 1 di 1 [addon Indentata. 


i Carta Joh'is de Littelbur'. — MadYNGLEE. 
ij Itm Carta Joh'is de Littelbur' „ 
iij Carta Simonis de Cayli. — TRUMPITON\ 
iiij >, Cecilie fil' Alexandri de Cayli „ 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 141 

v Itm Carta Cecilic filie Alexandra de Cayli. — Trum- 

vj Carta Joh'is de Cayli. — TRUMPITON, 
vij Itm Carta Joh'is de CayK „ 
viij „ „ Joh'is de Cayli „ 

ix „ Joh'is de Cayli „ 

x Carta Rad' de Stapelford' „ ♦ 
xj „ Will'i de Kaysoia caplli' „ 

xij „ Saheri fil' Joh'is de Littejbur' pson de 

D od i n t oh . — Trumpiton, 
xiij Carta Dionisie de Drayton. Quer 5 hanc carta stati 
post carta de Russheden I Com it' Northmp. 

LINCOLN'. Talinton. 

i Carta Henrici de Brabroc. 
ij Sc'ptii P'oris & Con uen t' de Beluero. 
iij Confirmaco Will'i Abb'is scT Albani. 
iiij Cofirmaco Isabell' c} 1 iuit ux' dni Rob'ti de Ros. 
v Cirog'fffi Ric' Foliot P'ore de Bisshemaclc diiiim 

Isabell' de Ros. 
vj Carta Thorn de Kelene \ A icar' de Talinton. 

N O RT H M ' T O N '. \\ U RTO N . 

i Carta I Ienr de Bratbroc & Cri.stian uxoris ei'. 
ij „ CristianeLcydetqu'd uxoris Henr'dc Braybroc. 
iij Confirmaco Gerard' fil' Gerard' de Furniuall'. 
iiij Licencia dni Rep;' de t'ris in Burton. [1282.] 
v Carta Will'i de Hurst. 

vj Cofirmaco Gerard' fil' Gerard' de Furniuall'. 
vij Carta Galfrid' fil' Rad' Mose. 

viij Hug 5 fil' Ric' de Lega & Agnetis fix ei'. — Russhe- 

As a specimen of caligraphy of about the middle of the 
fourteenth century it would be hard to beat ; the scribe, 
whoever he was, must have been a painstaking and careful 
transcriber, for the regularity of the writing is almost as 
precise as printed work. The whole volume, with the 
exception of one deed (No. vj. on p. 13S) and some later 
writing on the fly-leaves is, apparently, in one hand. All 
the initial letters, as well as the headings of the deed, are 
rubricated, the initials themselves being in blue, and many 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

of the pages are ornamented with flowing scroll-work 
executed in red with a pen ; here and there grotesque 
heads are introduced. Certain notes in handwriting of a 
later date appear to indicate that the volume has been used 
as evidence in some law court. Monasteries were not 
always able to retain quiet possession of their lands, and 
it frequently happened that descendants of original grantetfs, 
looking with envious eyes on those lands which their for- 
bears had given "pro Dei amore" to some Monastic 
Institution, contested their right to hold them, while others, 
showing a better spirit, confirmed the gifts their ancestors 
had made. Six of the Charters and a Bull of Pope Gregory 
IX. have been printed in full in Dugdale's Moiiasticum 
Anglicanwn. The writing exhibits certain peculiarities, 
e.g. there are no dots over the letter " i," but on the other 
hand there is one over every " y" ; the letters "u," "n," 
" in," and " i" are run together, with nothing to distinguish 
them and, in the case of proper names, it is not always 
easy to determine the correct reading. Nearly all the 
deeds arc in the monkish Latin generally used at that 
period, there being but one in- Norman French; a few 
only, at the commencement of the volume, have the names 
of witnesses ; the rest are without, ending with the usual 
formula " /// cuius" etc. Very few are dated ; these will 
be found noted in the foregoing pages. .The original deeds, 
if they could be found, would prove interesting, as they 
would give the nanus oi witnesses which, in man)' cases, 
would help to determine the date ; but the)' have probably 
shared the fate of thousands of other valuable MSS., and 
have most likely been destroyed. 

The following deed 1 have transcribed as it appears in 
the Cartulary ; it is the last one of those relating to 
this County. The "water' 1 or brook called the Severn 
exists no longer. Possibly it may be identical with the 
"Conduit" which formerly ran across the Bromham Road, 
of which no trace now remains, but the memory of which 
is preserved in the newly made and built " Conduit 

" Cirograffu' int' P'iore' de Bisshcmade & Joh'em de Sautre. 

Sciant presentes & futuri q'd nos P'or de Bisshcmade 
& eiusde' loci Co'uentus dedim' concessinV & hac present! 
carta nostra confirmation' Agathc de Sautre & Joh'i tilio 

BedfordsJiire Notes and Queries. 


pO duo mesuagia cu' p'tin' iacencia in villa de Bedcford' 
in p'och' om'ium sc'or' quor' unu' continet in latitudi'e ad 
capd' u'sus aq'lone' none' p'ticas p' pertica' sexclecim pedu' 
fk dimid' & ad aliud capd' u's Airstru' septern p'ticas & 
d'i & iacct ill'd mes' int' mesuag' p'd'ci Joh'is de Sautre 
& Walt'i de Pyrle & abuttat ad unu' capd' sup' altam 
uia' & ad aliud capd' sup' aqua' q' uocat' Seuerne & aliud 
mesuag' continet in latitudi'e ad capd' tiers' Aquilone' tres 
p'ticas & ad capd' u's Austru' duas p'ticas & dimid' & iacet 
ill'd mesuag' int' mesuag' p'd'ci Joh'is & prede'am aqua' 
q' uocat' Seu'ne & abuttat ad unu' capd' sup' alta' uia' & ad 
aliud capd' sup' prede'am aqua' tie Seuerne. Hab'nd' 
& tenend' predca' mesuag' cu' omib' suis p'tin' de nob' & 
successorib' n'ris pred'eis Agath' & Joh'i & heredib' de 
corpore ip'ius Joh'is exeuntib' p' s'uiciu' militarc & p' 
suiciu' t'uni solid' & q'tor denar' p' annii' videlicet ad festa 
Annunc' b'e marie & sc'i michael' Archang'li p' eq'les 
porciones. Et nos pred'ei Agatha & Joh'es uoluin' & 
concedim' p' nob' heredib' & assignatis nostris q'd si 
contingat pred'em redditu' in p'te.u'l in toto p' unu' mense' 
post alique' t'minu' pd'em aretro esse extu'c bene liceat 
pred'eis P'ori & Couentui & com' successor!*])' pred'ea 
mesuag' cu' p'tin' suis ingredi & retinere in p'petuu' sine 
contradictions mei hered' u'l assignatpr' n'ror' u'l p' redditu' 
pred'eo p' uoluntate pred'ei P'oris & conuerit' & eor' 
successor' distring'e et in mesuagio q'd ego Joh'es h'eo in 
Bedcford' ex feoffamento Thorn' Attewal. Et nos pred'ei 
for <S: Conuent' & successores nost' pred'ea' mesuag' cu' 
o'ib' suis p'tin' pred'eis Agathe & Joh'i & heredib' de 
corpore ip'ius Joh'is exeu't contra om'es gentes Warantiza- 
bim' inp'petuu'. Et si contingat pred'em Joh'em obire 
sine he'd' de corpore suo exeunt' extu'c post morte' 
predcor' Agatha & Joh'is pred'ea mesuag' cu' o'ib' suis 
p'tin' nobis pred'eis P'ori & Co'uentui & successorib' 
n'ris plenar' reu'tantur. In cui' rei testimoniu' hiis pre- 
sentib' cartis inde'tatis partes pred'ee' sigilla sua alt'natim 
apposueru't. Hiis testibus Joh'e Mareschal maiore de 
Bedeford', Walt'o de Pyrle, Simone Cullebcre, Ricardo 
Frereman, Henrico Arnold, Roberto le Wrygthc, Will'o 
Flour & aliis, Dat' ap'd Bisshemade die niartis p'x' fe.stu' 
Circumsisionis d'ni. Anno Regni Reg' Edward' t'eij a 
conquestu decimo octauo." [1344.] 

In the An tiqiiary of November, 1890, p. 208, is an article 
on the " Peterborough Gentleman's Society," from which I 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

extract the following note, which doubtless refers to this 
Cartulary : — 

"1733 February 14. — Communicated* to the Society by 
the Secretary a fair IMS. of the Charters of the Priory 
of Bishmede in Bedfordshire now in the custody of 
William Gery, Esq." 

At the end of the volume is inserted a deed of Nicholas 
Smyth, Prior, dated 11 November, 1515, also the following 
memorandum : — 

"Ad cura' due Kat'inc Due' Norf tent' apud Bed die 
sabbati xx piet f'm sa michael' arehangii A 0 MPxviij venit 
Prior de bushmede p stephanu' Rawns celerariu' Et daL' 
pro fine due xvjd. Seneschallus fuit Thomas Rakes." 

As well as a memorandum relating to a disputed boundary 
which I here give in full : — 

" Memorand' to all men be knowen that on An 0 : dni 
1581 & xxiij yere of the Reign of Elizab'th by the g'ce of 
god queene of Inglande ffrance and Ierlend def. of the 
ffaith &c. Nicholas Luick of Woode ende in the counte of 
bedf. Ar. & other Cop'cers owners in fee simple of the 
howse & lands vv th the app'tennces belongynge to basmay 
in the said Count And Willm. Gery esquier of the house & 
lands of Bushemead in feesimplc debate ec contravers' did 
then Ryse & grow betwen the said owners of either the 
said howsses of bushmeade & basmay for el r consern' the 
fall & falynge of the Rou e of woods beyinge a duble hedge 
Rowe then ledynge & growing & divide the said lands & 
grounds of bu.shem.ede & basmaye V r ppon wiche Contencon 

ec the pties aforsaid compr'mitted them selffs to the 

order determinacon & Judgem 1 of [ ] of sainct 

Edes gent M r sainc John M p John of littlyngton : 

& Robarte more of bowlnhurst yeomen for ther right & 
Intrest in to the , same hedgerowe & for the sale & falynge 
of the wood then beynge and growynge inn & vppon the 
same dublc hedge Rowe The said arbitrators did awarde 
order & judge that all the hedge & trees then beynge & 
now growynge in & vppon bushemede syde only to belonge 
vn to bushemede And did also ord 1 ' & judge that all the 
wood & tymbrc growynge & beynge then & vppon the said 
duble hedge to be sold & fallen And that the halff parte of 
the money for wiche the said hedgerowe was then soulde 
for to be payed to the said \Vm. Gery & to his heiers at all 

* I presume this is equivalent to " exhibited." — En. 

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tymes & when so eu r it do or shall happen the said duble 
hedge Rowe of woode heraft' & at any tyme to be sold in 
hke maner for the salle and fallynge of the said duble 
' hctlge & Rowe of wood at the tyme of the contenco'n & 
j*ariance now between y° said pties for the same was payed 
la the said Will'm Gery Thirten pounds syx shillyngs 
vital, vvich the said Wm. Gery received & had by the hands* 

of [ J that then sowlde the woode ther & then 

gjfowynge in & vppon the p'misses In witnes & for ppetuale 
fecmorie therof hathe caused to be wrytten in this booke. 

Wrytten by me Wm. Gery 
w th my oune hande 
Witnesses wich wer p'sent at the tyme of the order & 
juclgem 1 Robart Gray of Staploe Symont Grey Robarte 
Ratell Wm. Smyth M r Hulks of Standon gent Wm Barcok: 
Roger Sandr: John Smithe & man)- others. 
Win. &c. Thomas Kippis." 

A cursory study of the contents of this volume has con- 
vinced me that it possesses matter of the greatest interest, 
hot only to the County historian, but also to the world 
of letters at large. A study of the field-names and 
proper names, of which there are a considerable number, 
would be helpful in determining the racial influences which 
have been instrumental in colonizing this country in days 
of yore. The variety of conditions upon which the grants 
were made throws a light on the social and religious habits 
of our ancestors. The details of boundaries, mentioning 
woods, streams, roads, wells, parks, etc., tell us how in 
some cases the face of the country has altered in the course 
of six hundred years ; on the other hand, we can occa- 
sionally identify some of the places mentioned, even after 
that lapse of time. It is a matter for regret that so valuable 
and important a MS. should remain imprinted ; the Dun- 
stable Chronicle has been twice printed, once by Jlearne 
the Antiquary, and more recently in the series of " Chronicles 
and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the 
Middle Ages," published under the direction of the 
Master of the Rolls. This volume would make a fitting 
addition to the Series, could any one be found willing to 
undertake the work of transcribing and editing. 

F. A. B. 

VOL. til. IO 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

monumental Inscriptions. 

(Continued from p. 115.) 


Sub hoc tumulo | Depositae sunt mortales exuviae { 
Reuerendi Viri, N I COLA I A SPIN ALL, A.M. | apud Standon, 
in agro Lancastrensi nati, | In Schola Gram: de Clithera 
in eodem cducati, | Collcgij Immanuelis apud Canta- 
brigiensis alumini, | Quod centum libris per testamenturn 
gratitudinis ergo donavit: | Clarissimi Viri Edmund! 
Castelli, olim amanuensis, | Quippe linguarum orientalium 
periti, cetera docti, | Ludi literarii qui est in hoc oppido, 
non ita pridern Archididascali j Eidem in Collegio Novo 
sive S ,!ie Mariac apud Oxon: praepositi, | Cui Collegio 
etiam centum libris per testamenturn demo dedit | Hujus 
Ecclesiac nuper Rectoris fidelissimi | In tuendis ejus 
juribus strenuissimi, | Erga Deum pii, j Sibi duri, | Amicis 
percari, | omnibus facilis ac bencvoli, | morum gravitate 
venerandi, | veri et aequi, si quis alius amantissimi. | 
humilis, modesti, et injuriarum patientissimi, | contemptoris 
mundi valde, et coelestia anhelantis, | Ecclcsiae, Patriae, 
Monarchiaeque Anglicanae cultoris inflexibilis | Viro 
optimo I Aleliora merito | Hoc monumentum erexit 1 
Moercns Soror, D 11 " Priscilla Whallcy I Septuaginta annos 
nato, I Non is Octobris denato | Sexto id us se]Hilto j Anno 
Salutis humanae | 1727. 

(Now Extn x in uraL ) 

Within the Chancel and near to | the Entrance of the 
South Door I are deposited the Remains of Alethea the 
wife of John Parker M.D. | Nat. An° D 1 1724. | Denat 
10 bm 2( 3 jb^o ijgi, j She was the Daughter of | Edmund 
Jones Gent. & | Citizen of London. | In solo Deo spes 
nostra unica | To the Memory of | John Parker M.D: | the 
Friend of the afflicted poor | who died May 18. 1809. I 
Aged 80 years. | When the Earth heard him, then it | 
blessed him, and when the Eye saw | him it gave Witness 
to him, the Blessing | of him that was ready to perish | 
came upon him. * 

In Memory of | William son of | Thomas & Eliz. 
Parker, | died July 24 th 1789 | Aged .12 days. 

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Depositum Tuomm: Bromsall* I Militis | Qui cum 
Ifgurn, juriumq', custos | esset acerrimus | Ea tamen fuit 
I^Orum suavitate, | Ut tot fere unices habuerit quot 
familiares I Lectissima fcemina' in 2' l0s Nuptias J Ascita 
fa:licitas specimen videbatur | Cum subito, post trimestres* 
nuptias | Vix tridui morbo extinctus, | Guam brevia 
pumana sont guadia | Documentum ingens fractus est. | 
Vidua maestissima hune statui lapidem jussit, | I Hi quiclem 
in memoriam, | Sibi vero, cum Deo visum fuerit, ut | aegrum 
|j}iritum trahere desinat | Delectum, pro cineris consortio. | 
Rcceptaculum | An: D: 1706, Aetat., 63. 

In Memory of | EDWARD RUDD Gent, | Who departed 
this Life I Oct I st 1797 | Aged 60 years. 

Brass.— |^tc latent ©atetcD qtxi obnt xxx° &fe 

Jflimarii anno Dn't $p°C€€C I X\\X° ft Jsabclla ac 
flltcta toxom ct'ac ptim ror'tiem quor' aiabj p'pinct Or, 

Effigies of W. IT. and wife (sans tete) Alicia. The name 
Alicia engraved on shoulder. 


M.S. I Gray Longueville de Shidlington Berry | in 
coin. BEDFORD Annigeri, filij natu secundi | MiclLELiS 
LONGUEVILLE Equitis Aurati et no- | bilissimaj Donse 
Susannae Grey, Caroli Comitis | Cantij Ouinti Heredis 
et Eilice Vnicae juxta | condita^: Qui in fiduci;e beati 
Rcsurrectionis | Supremum diem clausit, Decimo die 
Decembris | Anno Dni 1678. | Posuit charissima atq' 
Amantissima Conjux Lucia | filia Roberti Lowell de 
Civitate THEORODINENSI | in Coin. Somerset Generosi, 
Quae Eilios 1 11 i duos | GRAYUM & HENRICUM ; rlliasq' 
octo Elizibetham, I Luciam, Susan nam, Raciialem, 
Margarettam, Marti j am, Franciscam, et Joan nam 

Conditur sub hoc marmore corpus GRAYI | LONGUE- 
VILLE, nuper de Shillington Berry | in Com. Bedford, 
annigeri, filij natu | maximi GRAYI LONGUEVILLE juxta 
recumbentis, | Qui setatis sme (lore, annum novum et | 

* See p. 130, vol. ii. for burial of Dame Mary Bromsall, second wife of 

T 48 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

vigessimum vix superans, naturae debitum | Exsolvit 
septimo die Octobris, Anno | Salntis 1680. 

In spe felicis Resurrectionis | Hie jacet Corpus | TllOM.E 
BROMSALL"* I de Blunham Armigeri, qui obijt vicessirno j 
Secundo die Maij Anno Domini 16S2 | Ac etiam j 
MARGARET/E Bromsall I uxoris ejus dilec'tissimae filia? 
GEORGII I ORLEBAR de Puddington Generosi natu | 
Maxima* quae obijt 27 0 die Maij | Anno Domini 1664 j 
Una fuerunt | Una sunt et | Una (uti spero) felicita crint | 
Hoc memorise sure sacrum posuit Radulphus | BROMSALL 
filius natus maximus | Hoc nobis, Hoc vobis | Mementote 

Sub hoc marmore | jacet sepultum Cadaver | RADOLPHI 
BROMSAL Armigeri | Filij natu maximi TlIOM/L BROMSALL 
Armigeri | Diem obijt die Martij 30 0 An° Dom. 1693 0 | 
Annoq' yEtatis suae 44°. 

Sub Hoc marmore j Sepultum jacet Cadaver | THOM^E 
BROMSAL Armigeri | Filij Secundi | TllOM/E Bromsal 
Armigeri | Diem obijt die Nov. 25 0 | An. Dom. 1705 0 | 
Annoq' ^Etatis sine 54° 

Sub hoc marmore | jacet sepultum Cadaver | RADULPHI 
BROMSAL Armigeri | Filii natu maximi | RADOLPHI 
BROMSAL Armigeri j Hie vita defunctus est | inter 
fugendum Officio Vice Comitis in Comitatu BEDFORD 
3 110 die Jan. An 0 Dom. 171 i° | Annoq' yKtatis sine 24 0 . 

To the Memory of | The exemplar)- Piety, Humility 
vS: I Charity of A nne the Daughter of Sr. | ALEXANDER 
RadCLYFF of Ordshull | in the County of Lancaster lv c of 
the I Honourable order of the Bath | & dearly beloved 
Wife of Samuel Fowler^ Rector of this Church | She 
departed this life June 15th 1686 | Aged 45 Years. | On 
the left side of this stone lyes | Interred the Body of Jane 
Fowler, their | eldest child, who deceased Dec. 29 | 168 1 
in the 6 th year of her age | And the body of Susauua, 
their youngest ; who deceased April 12 | 1683. Aged 4 years. 

Here lyeth y e Body of | John and MARGARET | Son 
and daughter of | Iohn BROMSALL of | Blunham, Gen. 
and of j Elizabeth his wife | Margaret dyed y° 6 th of | 
lanvary 1684 | Iohn dyed y e 20 th of | Oct 1 ". 1688. 

Here lye thy body | of IOIIN BROMSALL of | Blunham 
gent & son of THOMAS BROMSALL Esq 1 ' | who dyed y e 

* Thos. Bromsall of Blunham, High Sheriff of Co. Pods 1650, during his 
shrievalty preserved the Cottonian Library during the Civil Wars. Ob. 1628 
(Nich. Leic. ii. p. 837). 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


19 of May 1702 I Aged 44 years | Leaving issue only one 
.son I named Thomas. 

Rev. Richard Prosser, A.B., oh. 1757 | May 19, a:t. 30. 

f ' 


Under this weeping Marble lyes ye Body of Sr. JOHN 
Pjr'ANCKLIN Knt. son of George | Francklin of Mavorn in 
}*e County of Bedford Esq. and Dorothy his wife w'ch 
.said I Dorothy was ye Daughter of WILLIAM HALSEY 
of great Gadsden in ye County of | Hertford Esq. He 
was Brother and Heire of Sr William Francklin Knt. 
descended | from ye Ancient family of ye Francklins of 
Skipton in Craven in ye Count)' of York | He first tooke 
to wife Frances Daughter of Sr. Francis Clerke of 
Ulcombe in ye | County of Kent Knt. And after her 
decease he took to wife DOROTHY CLERKE | one of ye 
Daughters and Coe-heirs of George Clerke of Watford in 
ye County of | Northampton Esq. He was one of ye 
Masters in Ordinary of ye High Court of Chance | ry 
for thirty three years before his death dureing wch. time 
he executed his Place | with ye utmost integrity diligence 
and exactness and without fear or favour He alwaies | 
prcferr'd ye publick and ye due execution of justice in his 
Office before his owne | health or his private profit Great 
sumes of money belonging to infants and others | were 
lodged in his hands by ye order of ye high Court of 
Chancer)- dureing ye | time that he was Master there all 
wch. money was faithfully paid back againe | pursuant to 
his Trust and he never made any private interest or 
profit thereof | to himself He was wholy devoted to Justice, 
Piety, and Charity He left behind | him Monuments of his 
Generosity and Charity in Lincolns Inn Chappel and | 
Library, and at Christ-Church Hospital He died ye 7th 
day of August | In the year of our Lord 1707 | His Just 
Memory can never die | To the Eternal Memory of ye 
said George Francklin and the Sd. Dorothy his w ile | Sr 
William Francklin and Sr John Francklin who lye all here 
near this place | Interred Dame Dorothy Francklin Widow 
and sole Executrix of the said | Sr John Francklin hath 
according to the Will of her Dear deceased | Husband 
erected this Monument. 

Here lyeth the Body of | Dame DOROTHY FRANCKLIN | 
2nd wife of Sir John Francklin | late of Bolnhurst, Knt. 
deces'd | who departed this life | the 7 th October, 1727. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

(Extracts from " Cole's 99©^" 

s. John's Church. 

British Museum, Add. MS. 5S32, fo. 85 [Cole's MS. Vol. 31]. 

June 14, 1760. Passing thro' this Town from Eynesbu*y 
to Blecheley. I dined with my Friend Mr. Hinde, Rector 
of St. John's Church, and Master of the Hospital there. 
The Church is a poor shabby Building, both within and 
without side, consisting of a square Tower at the West End 
to the Street, a Nave or single lie leaded, and a very large 
Chancel tiled. The Parsonage House stands close to it 
on the North, and is an excellent old House, with great 
Conveniences of Yard, Outhouses and Gardens, and has 
a Cloister running under the N. Wall of the Church to the 
Chancel Door from the Rectory House. Mr. Hinde was 
very lucky to succeed Mr. Bedford, not only as he found 
the House in good repair, but as the Corporation of Bedford 
asserted their Right of Presentation against the Pretensions 
of Mr. Williams of Huntingdon, and gained their Point in 
a Chancery Suit. The Church is dedicated to St. John, 
and has an Hospital annexed to the Rectory, which 
together is worth £200 p. ami. The Rector as Master of 
the Hospital maintains ro Beadsmen, who have each gd. 
p. week, & lets Leases, & sets Fines, as a Corporate Body. 
The Altar stands on an Eminence of one Step, and is 
railed -in at a great Distance, all within the Kails being 
paved with an hard Plaister, or line Kind of Mortar. On 
the .South Wall, above the Cleristories, which are handsome 
& of 4 Arches, the uppermost less than the 3 others, is 
a neat mural Monument of white Marble ; above the 
lowest of these Arches, with these Arms at Top, G. a 
cheveron inter 3 'Lambs passant A. a Cheif checquy O. & 
S. for Lambert. On the Table is this Inscription : 

In Memoriam 

charissimae suae Uxoris 

Susannae Bourne, quae 

sancte vixit pieq' obi it 

et juxta sepulta jacet. 

Maestissimus ejus Maritus 

Edwardus Bourne hoc 

M o n u m entu m posuit 
1 6c, 8. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Idem hujus Monumenti reverend us Erec- 
tor ad ultimum Anion's testificandi Sym- 
bol um Corpus suum ad Latus praedic- 
tae Uxoris collocandum ultimo Testamcn- 
to injuxerat. Anna Conjux posterior 
dilectissima et maxime obsequiosa 

adimplevit Julij 2. 1713. < 

About 2 or 3 Feet from the S. Wall under this Monu- 
ment, at the Foot of the Rails, lies a free Stone thus 
inscribed. (Sec 1st inscription, p. 108, ante.) 

Close to this, on a free Stone, is this Inscription and 
Arms beneath it, viz. : a Cheveron inter 3 Lions rampant ; 
Crest, a Buck's J lead erased and gorged with a Ducal 
Coronet. (See 2nd inscription, p. ro8, ante.) 

Close to this there lies another free Stone just in the 
middle before the Doors of the Rails, with this Inscription : 
In Memory of Edward Bourne. He 
departed this Life August 5, 1734, 
a-£' cd 33 years. 

He was Son to the Rector of St. John's & was Vicar of 
Thurlye in this County, & left a son by his last Wife. 

About 3 feet to the N. in the same Line just under the 
Steps of the Altar Rails and near the N. Wall, or Vestry 
Door, lies another black Marble with this Inscription, 
Composed by my late Friend Dr. Parne, Fellow of Trinity 
College in Cambridge, and a Native of this Town. (See 
4th inscription, p. 108, ante.) 

In the Middle of the Chancel, about 3 Feet above the 
Head of Mr. Edw: Bourne Junior's Grave Stone lies an 
old Blew Grey Marble which had formerly the Half Figure 
of a Priest and on it an Inscription in Brass under it ; 
jfc below it a Cross cut in the Stone & inlaid with Brass ; 
nil which are now reaved and lost ; it was probably 
designed for one of the old Rectors & Masters of the 
Hospital, and is now converted to serve the same Purpose 
for one of the more modern ones, having this inscribed on 
the Top of it above the Figure. (See 3rd inscription, 
[). 10S, ante.) 

Above these 2 last Grave Stones lie several other free 
Stones for the Name of Edwards, which I did not give 
myself Time to copy. 

In the Window of the antient Hall of the Rectory or 
Hospital is this old Coat viz: Argent a chevron Sable, 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

&■ on a Chief Sable, 3 Martlets, Argent, being the Arms 
of Wylcle, impaling Argent, a Maunch Sable & a Mullet 
Sable for a Difference, being the Arms of Hastings. 
There is also in the same Window a Royal Crown of about 
Henry ; ths time. 

In the Hall hang two tolerable Pictures of 2 Masters, 
viz : Mr. Ar'rowsmith's who was 78 when it was painted : 
& Mr. Dennis who is drawn in a flower'd Cap, holding 
a Staff in one Hand and a Book in his other, and was 
61 years of Age in 1 63 i * 

See a short Account of this Hospital in Bp. Tanner's 
" Notitia Monastica," p. 9, Edition 1744. 

Mr. Hinde gave me the following List of the Rectors 
and Masters of the Hospital taken out of his Parish 

Rectors of the Church & Masters of the Hospital 
of S l John the Baptist in the Town of Bedford. 

Robert de Paris, the Founder of the Hospital of S. John 
the Baptist in Bedford is said to have been the first Master 
in 9S0. 

Edward Buckingham was Master 1316. 
Robert de Rouse of Steple Morden was Master in 1333, 
when John de Cantebrigg was Patron. 
William Rouse 1349. 
John Appeland 1374. 

Walter de Swynesheved was Master in the 7 th of Richard 
2 ml and in the 12 th of Henry 4 11 '. — " v. my MS. vol. 26, 
p. 169. VV.C." 

Thomas 11 ore without date. 

John Thorpe, 1444, p. Resignationem Tho. More, was 
presented by the Corporation of Bedford as all the suc- 
ceeding Masters have been. 

John Brinckloj 1446. 

r "John Dove Magister Hospitalis 
Wm. Athall, 1448. (sive Custos) Sc'i Johis Bedford- 

Henry Ruding, Bachilaure \ iae A 0 . 1458. — Regr. Acad. 
in the Decrees, 1470. Cantab, vide vol. 26, p. 169. — ■ 

Wm. Morgan, LL.D. 1497. 
Humphrey Gascoigne LL.B. 1509. 

Wrexhill, without date. 

Wm. Franklin 1521. 

* These pictures are still hanging in the Rectory. — Ed. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


John Stringer, A.M. 1530. 

Hen : Smyth alias Mylwarde, Rector of Turvey, Chaplain 
to Lord Mordant, 1546. 

Robert Lynford, Fellow of Queen's College in Cambridge, 
B.D., was presented by the Earl of Bedford in 15( 8. 

Nathaniel Gilby, B.D., Preacher at S. Paul's in Bedford, 

"In an Obituary by Mr. Archer, Rector of Houghton 
Conquest, in my MS. Collections, vol. 29, f. 193, is this 
entry : 

'Obit Mr. Nathaniel Gilbic Magister Hospitii Sc'i Join's 
in Bedford 8 Julij apud London, 1606.' — W.C." 

Andrew Dennis, A.M., Preacher at St. Paul's, 1606. 

Theodore Crowley, A.M., 1633, who was sequestered in 
the Rebellion, and John Gilford and John Burton [? Bunyan] 
enjoyed the Hospital & Living. However, Air. Crowley 
lived to be restored to them both. 

Robert Guidot, Rector of Little Barford, 1662. He was 
also a Preacher at Sr. Paul's in Bedford. 

Joseph Arrowsmith, A.M., Fellow of Trinity College 
in Cambridge, Rector of Papworth in Cambridgeshire, & 
Chaplain to the Earl of Aylesbury, 1677. 

Edward Bourne, A.M., Preacher at St. Paul's in this 
town, was Master & Rector in 1689. "He died 28 June, 
17 1 3, aged 72. — W.C." 

Paul Faldo was Vicar of Ravensden, and succeeded 
Mr. Bourne as Rector of the Church and Master of the 
Hospital in 17 13, which he enjoyed only about 6 months, 
dying 12 Apr. 17 14. 

John' Towers}-, B.D., Fellow of Trinity College in Cam- 
bridge and Curate of ElstOwe ; succeeded in 17 14, and 
died on Good Friday, March 27, 1741. Having been a 
Rector & Master 2*7 years. 

Wm. Bedford, A.M., of S. John's College in Cambridge, 
& Rector of Yelden in Bedfordshire, was presented in 
1741, and died May 30, 1754. 

Henry Hinde, A.M., of Queen's College in Oxford, & 
a native of Warwickshire, & a Bachelor, is the present 
Rector of the Church & Master of the Hospital, to which 
he was Instituted, 1756, after a two years' Contest and 
Suit in Chancery, between the Corporation of Bedford 
and Mr. Williams, when it was determined in favour of 
the former, June 17, 1760. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Calling upon Mr. Hinde, with Mr. Hanmer of Sympsonl 
in Buckiughamshire, on Sept. 16, 1765, I found he had 
put up some old painted glass in a Lancet window of his 
Hall, one part of which was an old Coat of Anns, which 
the Glazier had ignorantly turned topsy-tur.vey, and was 
A diapre a Cross flory S, on it a Crescent A, impaling 
quarterly of 4, 1st & 4th G on a cross engrailed 0, i 
crescent 2nd & 3rd A, a bend between 3 mullets pierced S. 

In the Autumn of 1775* being Chaplain to the Lady 
Dowager St. John, he had a Dispensation to hold the 
Rectory of St. John together with the Mastership of the 
Hospital of St. John Baptist -in Bedford with the Rectory 
of Bletsoe. 


• British Museum, Add. MS. 5834, fo. 247. [Cole's MSS. vol. 33. J 

July 22, 1765. Passing thro' Bedford in my Way from 
Blechelcy to Haclenham in the Isle of Ely, after breakfast, 
& while my horses were harnessing and refreshing them- 
selves, having half an Hour to spare, 1 employed it in 
going to see St. Paul's Church, the principal one of the 
Town, standing near the River. 

It is a very spatious and large Church with the Tower 
standing in the middle between the Nave and Chancel, 
having on it a very fine & lofty Spire of free Stone ; in the 
Tower hang 8 Bells, with a clock & chimes. The Chancel 
is very large & spatious, but rather slovenly, being never 
made use of but at Communions and has | ] Stalls of 

oak carved on each side with a Flight of 3 Steps up 
to the Altar. The Nave is full of Pews and has no North 
Isle: In the South Isle the Mayor and Aldermens seats 
placed against the North [? South] Wall opposite the 
Pulpit are very handsome ; the Pulpit is placed against 
the first Pillar to the East, opposite the Mayor's Pew, and 
is of Stone & very handsome, tho' they talk of removing 
it and making a new one of Wood : they may make it of 
what they please as no Corporation in the Kingdom will 
be better able to ornament their Churches & Town than 
Bedford, as the great Estate at London is now fell into it ; 
and after great Opposition, Uneasiness & Squabbles among 
the Magistrates and Freemen, who had no Mind that the 
Duke of Bedford should have the management of it, it is 
at last, by Art and Address, got into the Hands of the 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


pKTSon they seemed to be most averse to ; and so, 
probably, that great, and opulent Family, will have the 
Management of that Estate, and Corporation. No 
lUKtll Acquisition to the Happiness of which Family 
ippened to it on this very Day, as I conceive, by the 
rth of a Son & Heir to the Marquis of Tavistock at 
Ampthill House; for on my Return back into Buckingham- 
ire on Friday July 26, they were just getting to them- 
&'!ves again, after Illuminations and Rejoicings for 2 or 3 
Jays Before, as they told me, on that Occasion ; & a very 
{Signal Piece of good Fortune it was to that Family, whose 
last Estate, reckoned the biggest of any Nobleman's in 
England, of ,£50,000 p. ann, had my Lady Marchioness 
proved sterile, would have gone out of that Family, to 
have encreased another Estate of about equal Dimensions ; 
I mean the Marlborough Family ; the present Duchess of 
which Title is Daughter to his Grace of Bedford and Sister 
to die Marquis of Tavistock'. 

At the Bottom of the South Isle is an handsome gilt 
Organ in a Gallery or Organ Loft, and near it, painted on 
the South Wall, is a Monument* to the Memory of King 
Charles I. painted as I have a Print of him, lying royally 
robed, under a funeral Canopy with Arms & other Insignia, 
and some Verses by it. By the side of the Tower & 
Chancel runs a large Chapel or Chancel, near as long as 
the End of the great Chancel. 

It is a Vicarage in the Gift of Earl Granville, and 
antiently belonged to the Priory of Newnhain, and stands 
in the Archdeaconry and Deanery of Bedford. The 
present Vicar, Mr. Smith, is a married man and resides 
at Barton in the Clay, where he is Rector, & Mr. Towersee 
is his Curate here. 

Both the Church & Church Yard are full of Monuments ; 
but my Time would allow me to take Notice of the 
following only. In the large Chancel of the Church of 
St. Paul at Bedford, near the South Door leading into the 
South Isle or Chancel, about 6 feet from it and just at the 
Foot of the 3 Steps up to the High Altar lies a Black 
marble Slab with this Inscription. (See 3rd inscription, 
p. 113, ante.) 

I should suppose him to be a Scotchman from both his 
names. Close to him, on his left hand, lies his Wife, as 

* This, which was a mural painting or fresco, lias lung since disappeared. 


1 5 6 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

the Clark informed me; the- 1 the Gravestone lies on the 
upper Step of the Altar towards the North Side. 

Against the South Wall, just above the Steps of the 
Altar, is fixed a large and ckfmsy Mural monument of 
Marble, the middle Part being the full Rust of a Clergyman 
in a Master of Arts gown & tasseled Cassock, as preaching 
& leaning on a Cushion ; under which is an Inscription 
in gold Letters for 

Andrew Dennys, Vicar : ob : 23 Oct. 1633, set 66. 
The Writing was too long, and the Letters seemed to 
be too imperfect by Time & Accidents to be readily copied, 
& so [omitted taking the Inscription. (Sec 1st inscription, 
p. 1 10, ante.) The Head of the Man was knocked off in 
Oliver's Time, but lately supplied by a Person in the Town 
who cut one in Chalk', and painted it, ee is very like a Print 
or Picture of the Person for whom it was designed, as they 
told me. 

On the Step of the Altar, against the North Wall, is an 
old Altar Tomb disrobed of its .Arms & Brasses, and the 
upper Stone turned the wrong way.* 

Above this, on the same North Wall, is a very large, 
clumsy, & heavy Mural monument of Marble for 
Thomas Christie,' Esq., who died 1697, & his two Wives 

I think the Clark said this Gentleman founded an 
Hospital in the Town, or gave some Charity to it.-f* 

About the middle of the Chancel lies a white Marble 
slab with these Arms at top, which are thus partly blasoned 
on a Monument on the North Wall, for one ot the same 
Name & Family, tho'the Colours are cheifly gone. I think 
the Feild is Gules, on a Fess Or, between a Greyhound 
currant in Chcif, & a Bird in Base Argent, a Ouaterfoil 
Gules: under them is this Inscription, which, 1 suppose, 
I have shortened. (See the inscription, p. ill, ante.) 

On the South Wall of the Chancel near the West Paid, 
above the Stalls, is a neat mural Monument of White 
Marble, at the Bottom of which arc these Arms. S. a 
Bend inter 2 hands couped midway A. impales S. a Cheveron 
erm : int : 3 Cinquefoils Or, with the same on an Plscochcon 
of Pretence on the first Coat. On the Tablet is this In- 
scription, which has 2 or 3 short lines utterly obliterated 

* This, which is traditionally asserted to have been the founder's tomb, has 
disappeared. — En. 

t He built and endowed 8 almshouses in the Town, and le-endowed the 
Church with the great tidies.— -Ed. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


|t the Bottom, being the Date.s, it being within Reach of 
Boys who rather than do Nothing do Mischief. (See 
,*h inscription, p. 1 12, ante.) 

! think this was for the Father of Thurloe Brace, Esq., 
vdio was Member of Parliament, as I judge, for the Town 
uf Bedford, and who, 1 think, lived a Loose kind of Life, 
gjjld run out his Estate ; but was a Man of parts and 
Ingenuity. The John Thurloe mentioned in the Epitaph, 
I take it, was the famous Secretary to Oliver Cromwell, 
who for ln's Services in those Times, has the Castle of 
Wisbeche, belonging to the Bps. of Ely, given to him, or 
fey Purchase ; which he pulled down and rebuilt, and which, 
at the Restoration, reverted to its rightful Owners. 

Against the East Wall of the South Chancel, near the 
South Wall, is painted on it, in a Coarse and ordinary 
manner these Arms and Inscription : B. on a Ecsse O. 
inter 3 Eaglets displayed A. a fret between two Martlets 
B. impaling p. Cheveron G. & A. 3 Trefoils slip'd counter- 
changed, on a Chief A 3 Martlets, G. 

Sir William Harper seems to have had an Eye to Lord 
Chancellor Audley's Coat, which is, in a Manner, the same. 
Sir William J larper, Alderman 
& Lord Mayor of London, a good 
Benefactor to this Town, obiit 
27 Feb. 1573. ;.et. 77. 

This is but roughly perform'd by a Painter in Water 
Colours probably ; or if in Oyl, it is in a decaying Condition. 
By it is a raised Seat, seemingly as if for the Archdeacon's 
Court; and by the Entrance into the North Chancel is an 
old Altar Tomb ; but for whom I had no Time to observe. 

In the Chancel lie 2 very old gravestones with large 
Crosses on them, but for want of Time I could not decypher 

i S 8 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

©omc lecDfoiOofjtre Wills* 

Abstracted from the Original 111 lis, and certified copies, at 
the District Court of Probate, Northampton. 

(Continued from p. 119.) ♦ 

JOANE LlNWOOD, of Cardington, wid., 6 Sep. 1669. To 
grandson Thomas Endersby drawing table, &c, to grand- 
child Elizabeth Taylor, my best bed, to Ann, wife of 
Edmund Gascoignc, my da., my black cow, to grandchild 
Robert Andrew my little brass kettle. Son Giles Taylor, 
& son-in-law Richard Andrew, to be joint exors. Item — 
Whereas S r Thomas Savage was indebted to my husb. 
Giles Taylor in the sum of £4°. & whereas my sd. husb. 
Giles Taylor did by will bequeath .£10 thereof to me, sd. 
£10 to be equally divided betw. my 3 children Giles 
Taylor, Richard Andrewes, & Edmund Gascoignc. Pr; 
16 Mar. 1 67 1. 

William LAUNDY, of Bedford, gent., 27 Jan. 1695. To 
daurs. Spencer, & Hodges, £5 ea. 'To d. Winch £67; 
mentions her children .Benedict and Mary. To grand- 
children Benedict Winch, & William 1 lodges, £60 ea., & 
to grandchild Ann 1 lodges £100. To grandchildren Susan, 
Elizabeth & Sarah 1 lodges £50 ea., & to grandchild Mary 
Winch £50. Residue to wife Anne, sole extrix. Pr. 
9 Apr. [696. 

Richard Moore, of Colmworth, yeoman, 2 Aug. 1558. 
To be bur. in Colmworth ch'yard. Mentions Henry & 
Laurence Moore. To wife Amye the 3rd part of all his 
goods, also his house and land commonly called the 
Chantrie at the Church. To da. Ellen £20, & to s. William 
lands in Col m worth, Colsden, & Wilden. Brothers Robert 
More, & Geffery Moore. Appoints Mr. Colbeck, of Temps- 
ford, Esq., overseer, brothers Robert & Geoffrey to be exors. 
Witness Edward Moseley, p'son of Colmworth & writer of 
this testament. Proved 9 Jan. 1558. 

Henry Mountfort, of Southiil, gent., 15 July, 1 58 1 . 
To be bur. in ch'yard of. Southiil. To wife Ellen all his 
lands, &c., in Broom & Southiil, makes her sole extrix. 
Mentions children Oliver, Katherinc, Richard, Henry, 
Judith, & s. Mathew, to whom sundry small bequests. 
William Petet, brother of his wife Ellen, to be supervisor. 
Pr. 3 July, 1582. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


JOHN Marbery, of Langford, gent, 24 Nov. 1581. To 
!>c bur. in the parish church of Langford. Anne my wife, 
da. Eliz'th. Wife to be exor. Pr. 9 May, 1582. 

John Morgan, of Ampthill, gent., 6 Aug. 1604. Son 
Francis M. John Morgan, base s. .£10, son Thos. £10, da. 
jane £10, son Richard £10. To wife Agnes, da. of John 
Lee, £10 and makes her sole extrix Mr. Fit/, and Mr.* 
Thomas Hillersdon to be overseers. Pr. 17 Jan. 1604. 

William Man, of Egginton, 22 Jan. 1606. To the 
|>oore of Laighton 2cw. To the poore of Egginton \6s. 
To my 5 younger sons, viz. Robert, George, William, 
Francis, & Thomas, their heirs and assigns for ever, all my 
freehold lands in Laighton, to be divided equally amongst 
them. To my w ife Johan one half my goods and chattels ; 
the other half to my children Robert, George, John, William, 
Francis, Ann the elder, Ann the younger, & Elizabeth, in 
equal portions. Appoints wife Johan sole extrix. Witness, 
Robert Cropwell, clerke. Pr in the peculiar of Leighton 
Bussard, 5 Feb. 1606. 

EDMOND MORDANT, of Oakley, Esq. Nunc, will, 8 Sept. 
1617. "The laste will and testament nuncupative of Mr. 
Edmund Mordant of Oakeley in the countie of Bedd : 
Esquier deceased : The saide Mr. Edmunde Mordant 
vppon the 8th daie of September in the yeare of our lorde 
god 1617 : being the day before he departed this life, was 
intreated by Elizabeth Mordant his wife to giuc her some 
pease in consideration of one hundred powndes & more 
\V? h she had lent vnto him ; then he the saide Mr. Edmunde 
Mordant answered, Besse, I confesse I owe thee more then 
one hundred powndes, & I will giuc the my pease, & all 
that I have after my death to dispose of as thowe vvilte, w ch 
wordes or the like in effecte, vveare vttered, the da)' & yeare 
aboue written in the presence of those whose names are 
vnder written, Elizabeth Mordant and Constance Arm- 
stronge." Probat, fuit I3°die mensis Decembris- 1617. 

William Matthew, of Wootton, gent. 15 May 1628. 

Appoints William Nayler of Offord Darcey, co. Hunts, 
gent., his son-in-law & Elizabeth my da. his wife, exors. 
To sd. William Nayler all his title & interest in lands 
& tenements in Kempston Hardwicke lately conveyed to 
me, W. M., Richard Sanders, Esq., Robert Barker, & others, 
by John Parsons, of Kempston, gent., by. deed dated 
28 Dec. 1627, also lands in Wootton & Mars ton. To 
Elizabeth eld. d. of Geo. Blundell, Esq., my son-in-law 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

deed. .£300, she not to many without the consent of W. 
Nayler, her uncle, or Sarah Blundell her mother. To 
Sarah, 2nd da. of Geo. BlundcH, £50, & to George, s. of 
George Blundell, deed,, £50. Mentions Frances, youngest 
da. of sd. Geo. Blundell. Residue to exors. Pr. 30 June 
[year torn off]. 

. &uerfe& . 

JOSEPH PONTIFEX. — I am anxious to ascertain some 
particulars of the above, who was Recorder of the Borough 
and died about 1780. Robson's Heraldry gives the Arms 
from a tomb, but the locality has been lost sight of. A 
Mr. Pontifex, who m. a Yarborough of Co. Line, appears 
to have seen the tomb in question and to have copied and 
used the Arms. The first of the name that I have come 
across was chaplain of East Ham, co. Essex, and died in 
15 1 1. In or about 1520 a William Pontifex was killed 
in a riot at Leighton-Bussard, Domestic State Papers. The 
family appears to have been located in Buck's, in the posi- 
tion of yeomen ; and lived at Wycombe, Beaconsfield, 
Burnham, and Iver. Any particulars relative to this family 
will be gratefully received by 

C. J. Hersey, 

41, Great Russell Street, London, W.C. 

Bishop Lister or Lyster. — lie was instituted to the 

Rectory of Dunstable 4 April, 1662, on the cession of 
the Rev. Isaac' Bringhurst, the Letters Patent bearing 
date 20 March, 13 Chas. 2 (Patent Roll, 13 Chas. 2, 
part 47, No. 67), and to the Vicarage of Totternhoe, 
12 January, 1664. He appears to have been instituted 
to the Vicarage of Kensworth, co. Hertford, on 3 August, 
1666, his predecessor in the latter benefice, Mr. Bringhurst, 
being instituted to the Rectory of Toddington, 2 Sept. 
1668. On Mr. Lister's death, John Lord, M.A. (instituted 
to Dunstable 11 Feb. 1683), was instituted to Kensworth 
27 January, 1680. 

Daniel Hipwell. 



— J-® Oo(^~ 

m i 
Proceetiingo of Committee for pitmDcrcD 

30 January 164.! to 5 Oct. 1646; and from 1 May to 30 Oct. 1647. 
{Brit. Mas. Add. HISS. 15,669—15,671.) 

AMPTHELL, August 23" 1645. 

Ordered that John How minister of Ampth.ill and 
Ijtarston Mortayne in the Count)' of Bedd be sumoned 
to answere y u articles p'ferred agt him on the 25 th of 
September next. Sumon him ad respondent die pdict 
Surnon witnesses ad testif ex pte grent die pdict. {Add. 
fIS. 15,669, fo. 144; ft". 189, Oct. 11, 1645 ; 213/;, Nov. 27, 
1645.) • 


Maries & Cuthkert in the towne of Bedd. 

Julij 27° 1646. 

Accordinge to an order of the howse of Comons of the 
24 th of July instant It is ordered that the tithes & 
proffitts of the seuall benefices of Maries and Cuthberts 
in the towne of Bedd be collected and secured by the 
Church Wardens & Overseers of the said several I pishes 
from Mr. Thorne the (?) Incumbent & kept & pserved by 
them till the pleasure of this Comitee be further knowne. 

VOL. 111. II 

J 62 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

To the Church Wardens & Overseers of the respective 
pishes of Maries & Cuthbcrt in the towne of Bedford; 
{Add. MS. 15,670, fo. 

August 6° 1646. 

Sumoned .Giles Thorne Minister of St. Maries in Bedd 
Com Bedd to appeare the 11 th of this instant Angus* to 
answere Articles ex ted ag* him before this Co tc ". vt in 
fol. i° Dat 6 : August [1646]- {Add. MS. 15/70, fo. 168.) 

Ordered that the Keeper of Ely howse or the ffleete 
doe bring before this Co tee the bodie of Giles Thorne 
Clarke on the 1 I th day of August instant at one of the 
Clock in the afternoone. {Add. MS. 15,670, fo. 168.). 

August. 1 9 0 1646. 

Sumoned Giles Thorne Minister of S ct Maries in Bedd 
Com Bedd to answere ccrtaine matters depending ag' him 
before the sd Comittee And it is further ordered that the 
Keep of Ely house doe appear before the sd Co tC( wth the 
sd Giles Thorne on the sd day. (Add. MS. ] 5,670, fo. 184&) 

20 0 Augustij 1646. 

In pursuance of an Order of y° house of Comons of 
y° xxiiij tb day of July last this Comittee haue called 
before them Mr. Thorne minister oi the seuerall Churches 
of Marys and Cuthberts Bedd in y° towne of Bedford and 
vpon his owne confession it appeareth y l hec hath written 
a tract in wch are many seditious passages tending to y u 
withdrawing of y° harts of his pishoners from y e Parliam* 
& y 1 hec hath sent y e same to his pishoners vizt to each 
a booke himselfe being a -prisoner in Ely house It is 
therefore ordered y l y° sd rectoryes shall from henceforth 
stand sequestred from him to y e vse of some Godly and 
orthodox di\*ine and y l it bee reported to y° house and 
one seauennights tyme is giuuen for y 6 noiateing ministers 
for y e sd Church 8 and y e sequestraco ,s thereof. {Ibid., fo. 

Julij 19° 1647. 

Vpon Consideracon had of the peticon of the pishioners 
of S CL Maries in Bedd It is thought fitt & ordered lor the 
tyme to come that Mr. William Paley Air. Oliver Cockayne 

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' Mr. George Paradine & Mr. John Spencer pishioners of 
IK* 1 Maries aforesaid doe provide for the service of the 
Cure of the sd Church & Collect & gather the tithes rents- 
duties & proffitts of the sd benefice for & during the space 
of 3 monthes next ensueing & therewth satisfie as well 
tuch p'son & p'sons as they shall provide for the said 
service as the ffiFt pte due vnto Mrs. Thorne the wife of * 
Mr. Thorne from whome the sd benefice is sequestred. 
pidd.MS. 15,671, fo; 145 ; ff. 148, July 10, 1647 ; 166/;, Aug. 
.11,1647; 184, Aug. 24, 1647; 253, Oct. 23, 1647; 257X 
Oct. 25, 1647. 

Octobr 2 3 0 1647. 

Rcf Richard Woolhowse minister to the Assemblie for 
pje Church of.Cuthberts in the towne of Bedd. {Add. 
MS. 15,671, fo. 250.) 

Octob : 23 0 1647. • 

Whereas the Rectorie of the Parish Church of St. 
LUthberds in the Towne & Count)' of Bedford is & 
standeth Sequestred by order of this Comittee from Mr. 
Thorne ; It is ordered That the said Rectorie shall from 
henceforth stand sequestred to Rich; Woolhouse a Godly 
& orthodox Divine And that bee doe forthwith officiate 
the Cure of the said Church as Rector & preach dilligently. 
(/did. fo. 201.) 

BRUMHAM, Dec. 11° 1645. 

Ordered that the Vicarage of Brumham in the County 
of Bedd shall stand sequestred from Anthony Waters 
who hath another benefice & substituteth to officiate Oliver 
Thorowgood a scandalous Curate and that the said Mr. 
Thorowgood be dismissed from any further service of the 
said Cure. {Add. HIS. 15,669, fo. 224/A 

Dec. 13 0 1645. 

Whereas the Vicarage of the pish Church of Brumham 
in the County of Bedd is and standeth sequestred. by order 
of this Co tu,e of the 1 I th of December instant from Anthony 
Waters for that having another benefice lie hath substituted 
to officiate in y° said Church Oliver Thorowgood a scan- 
dalous Curate Jt is ordered that the same shall stand 


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sequestred to the vse of Nicholas East M r of artes a godly 
& orthodox divine who is hereby required forthw th to 
officiate the Cure of the said Church as Vicar & preach 
diligently to the pishoners there &c at pag 106 in Hurst. 
{Ibid, fo, 227/;.) 

CARLETON, Julij 24 t0 1645. • 

This Comittee doe appoint to lake into Cons icier aeon the 
Cause ag l Mr. Pargiter Minister of Carleton in the County 
of Bedf : on the Nynth day of September next whereof the 
sd Mr Pargiter is to have Convenient notice who may have 
sumons for producinge such Witnesses as he shall produce 
in the said Cause. [Add. MSS. 15,669, fo. 116; 184, Oct. 
4, 1645; 188/;, Oct. li, 1645. 1 55670, ff. 110, June 13, 1646; 
207/;, Sept. 4, 1646; 222/;, Sept. 18, 1646. 15,671, fo. 149/^ 
July 3, 1647.) 

Carlton, August 2 (i0 1645. 

It is ordered that the Com'ittee of Parliam 1 for y° County 
Of Bedd be & they they are hereby desired to call before 
them & examine the witnesses that Mr. [Win. J Pargiter 
minister of Carlton in the County of Bedd shall produce 
for proofe of his defence to the Articles and exaiacons 
transmitted to this Comittee agt him & to Certihe the 
same on the second of September next. And the said 
Comittee are desired to pmitt aswell the prosecutor of die 
Cause agt the sd Mr. Pargiter as the said Mr. Pargiter 
to be p'nte at the exaiacon of the said Witnesses whereof the 
said psecutors are to leave Convenient notice. {Add. MS. 
I 5,669', fo. 126/a) 

Julij 3 0 1647. 

Referred Nathaniell Cole minister to y e Assembly for the 
Church of Carlton com Bedd. (Add. MS. 15,671, fo. 102.) 

Julij 5 0 1647. 

Whereas the Rectory of the p'ishe Church of Carleton 
in the countie of Boclcl is sequestred from Mr. Pargiter 
It is Ordered that the said Rectory shall stand sequestre[d] 
to the vse of Nathaniell Coles a godly & orthodox Divine 
& that lie doe forthwith officiate the Cure of the said 
Church as Rector & preach diligently. (Add. MS. 
15,671, fo. 149/O 

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C0CK.AINN1: ITatlev— Alt the Com'ittee for plundred 
ministers fTebruar 28 0 Anno dmi 1645. 

Vpon ye humble peticon of Andrew Growby to whom 
y* Rectory of Cockainne Hatley in y & County of Bedd. 
I Scquestred This Com'ittee doe hereby desire y° Justices 
Of peace in y e sayd County to releiue y u sayd Mr. Grooby 
in his recouery of the tythes of y° sayd Rectory detayned 
& taken from him by Mr. Thistlethwaite or Tho. 

Coleman or any other p'son or p'sons whatsoeuer ac- 
cording to the ordinance of Par 1 in y' behalfe And whereas 
Compl't is made y rt y e sayd Mr. Grooby hath by vertue 
of a former Order of this Com toc receiued seuerall of y° 
p'fitts of y e sayd Rectory due before hee came to officiate 
there And notw'thstanclinge refuseth to satisfy such as 
hiiue officiated y e *said cure accorclinge to y u sayd Order 
This Com'ittee doe likewise refcrr y° same to y° sayd 
justices hereby desireing them to see y u former orders 
of this Comittee concerning y (; sayd Rector)' and p'fitts 
thereof bee duly executed ec obeyed. (Add. MS. 15,670, 
fo. 2 J If.) 

Co PELL, Jimij 24 0 1645. 

Vpon the humble petic'on of the wife of Mr. Gwin from 
whom the Vicarage of Copell in the County of Bedd is 
scquestred It is ordered that she shall have for <S: towards 
the maintenance of her and her children the full cleere fift 
pt of all the tithes rents gieab Lands & Easterbooke of 
the said Vicarage all taxes and charges first deducted out 
of the whole vnlesse good cause be shewn e to the contrary 
the said Mr. Gwin & his wife yealding all due obedience 
to the said Sequestra con to be quarterly paid by such p'son 
& p'sons who doe & shall from time to time receive 
y* p'fitts of the said Vicarage. {Add. MS. 15,669, fo. 96/).) 

EATON CU SOCX. — Att the &c. April 5 0 Anno Domi 1645. 

Vppon the humble peticon of Agnes wife of White 
from whom the vicarage of Eaton cu Soca in the County of 
Bedd is scquestred. It is ordered that the sd Mrs. White 
shall have for and towarcles the maintenance of her and her 
children from henceforth the full cleere ffift parte of all the 
tithes rents glcablandes and Easterbooke of the sd vicarage 

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(all taxes and charges first deducted out of the whole) vnles 
good cause bee shewne to the contrary by the tenth of 
June next the sd Mr White and bis wife yealding all due 
obedience to the sd sequestracon to be quarterly paid by 
such person and persons to whom the sd vicarage doth and 
shall stand seq.ues.tred. The examinacon of wch cause (in 
case any shalbe shewne) This Committee doe refer to th<S; ■ 
Committee of parlia'm 4 for the sd Count)- who are hereby 
desired to examine the same and take care what the sd 
Mrs White shall say for herselfe therein calling before them 
the parties and witnesses on both' sides in the premisses 
and to certify the same to this Committee by the sd tenth 
of June next. {Add. DISS. 15,669, fo. 52/;; 15,670, fo, 
178/;, Aug. 12, 1646; 15,671, fo. nob, July 9, 1647. 

Junij io° 1645. 

Whereas this Comittee haue graunted vnto Agnes wife 
of Mr. [Robt] White from whome the Vicarage of Eaton 
Soca' in y e County of Bedd is sequestred a 5th pte of the 
proffitts of the sd Vicarage vnlesse good cause should he 
shewen to the Contrary before the Com'ittee of Parliam 1 for 
the sd Countie And the sd Mrs White hath procured 
Mr. Abbot to whome the same is sequestred to be sum'oned 
before the sd Com'ittee on the xiijth of May last & the sd 
Mr. Abbot accordinglie made his apparance before them 
but the sd M ns \\ lute made default it is therefore ordered 
that the sd order for the said 5th pte be discharged & that 
the sd Mr. Abbott shall enioy the said sequestracon wthout 
any defalcacon thereof. (Add. MS. 15,609, fo. 88.) 

Maij 12° 1647. 

Ref Thomas Beck minister to the Assemblie for the 
Church of Eaton Socon Com Bedd. (Add. AfS. 15,671, 
fo. 44^.) 


By vertue.of an Order made by y e Com toe of y° house of 
Comons in Parliam* concerning plundred ministers These 
are to require and eomaund you William Ramsey viccar of 
fflitton & Silshoe in ye County of Bedel to make y r 
personall appearance before the sayd Comt oe on y 1 ' 3 d day 
of Aprill next ensueing att two of y° clock' in )' t! after 
noone in y e Excheq^' att Westminster to answere to all 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 167 

Such matters as shall be obserted ag l you vpon ceftairie 
Articles p'ferred ag l you to y° sayd Comtee hereof faile not 
&s you will answere y u contrary att y r perill dated y e r/th 
day of Januar' Anno Dni 1645. (Ci^/. MS, 15,670, ff. I, 
p ; ff- 55^ Apr. 4, 1646 ; 205, Sept. 3, 1646.) 

Maij IT 1647. 

Vpon hearing of the Cause concerning William Ramsey 
Vicar of fflitton cu Silsoe in the countie of Bedd in the 
psce of the prosecutors & their Councell the said Mr. 
Ramsey not appearing though duely sumoned. It ap~ 
peareth that the said Mr. Ramsey is a compn drunkard Jt 
is therefore Ordered that the said Vicarage & the profltts 
thereof be from henceforth sequestred from him the said. 
Mr. Ramsey to the vse of some godly & orthodox Divine. 
(Add. MS. 15,671, fo. 14/; ; ff. 27?;, May 19, 1 647; 92, June 
29, 1647 ; 1 1 6, July io, J 647 ; 242, Oct. 16, 1647.) 

Hawnes, Julij 2 9 0 1645. 

It is ordered that the Rectory of Hawnes in the County 
of Bedd & the proffilts thereof shall from henceforth 
.stand and be sequestred. from John Bird Rector thereof for 
the misdemeanors certified ag l him from the Comittee of 
Parliam* sittingc at Bury St Edmonds in the county of 
Stiff vnlesse hee shewe very good Cause to the Contrary on 
Thursday the ;th da)' of August next ensueing. {Add. 
MS. 1 5,669, fo. 122.) 

Julij 29 0 1645. 

This Coittee doe appoynt to take into Consideracon the 
Cause transmitted from the; Coittee sitting at St. Edmonds 
Bury in the County of Suff against John Bird rector of 
Hawnes in the County of Bedd being also rector of Bayle- 
ham in the County of Suff on the fourteenth of August next. 
Whereof he is to have convenient notice & it is ordered 
that the plitts of the said rectory of Hawnes be secured 
& put into safe hands vntill the pleasure of this Coittee be 
further knownc. (Ibid, fo. 124b ; fo. 129/;, Aug. 2, 1645.) 

August 1 9 0 1645. 

It is ordered that Mr. Bird Minister of Hawnes in ye 
Countie of Bedd be forthwith, discharged of & from the 
Cure of the sd Church of Hawnes & all proffitts and 

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benefitts thereof for the matters depending ag* him before 
this Com'ittee & for that he hath another benefice w'th 
Cure of Soules at Baynham in., the County of Suff And 
it is ordered that the pishioners of the sd pishe of Hawnes 
doe nominate vnto this Com'ittee a minister who maie be 
appointed to officiate the sd Cure by this day month. 
(J bid. fo. 146/;.) ♦ 

ffebruar 7 0 1645. . . 

Ordered that the Church of Hawnes and Cure there 
in the County of Bedd from wch Mr. Bird minister there 
is by order of this Co ttee removed shall be officiated by 
Willm Tutty minister of ye word Mr of Arts Ref 
Willm Tutty minister to y e assembly. {Add. MS. 15,670, 
fo. 20; if. 51^, Mar. 24, 1645; 73/7, Apr. 23, 1646; J 1 2^, 
May 28, 1646.). 

ffebr 7 : 1 64 5. 

Whereas Mr. Bird minister of the p'ish Church of 
Hawnes in the County of Bedd is discharged by order 
of this Co ttee of & from the Cure of the said Church &: 
all profits & benefits thereof It is this day ordered that 
Willm Tutty M r of artes a godly and orthodox divine 
doe pntly officiate the said Cure and preach diligently 
to the pishoners there and shall have for his paines 
therein all stipends ffees profitts & availcs ol e< belonging 
[o the minister of the said C hurch till further order shall 
bee taken in ye p'misses & all p'son and [/sons are hereb)' (?) 
required quietly to p'mitt the Said Mr. 'butty to officiate 
y e sd Cure & to have possesse [and] enioy all stipends 
ffees benefits pfltts & availes of & belonging to ye minister 
of [the said] Church as they will answere ye Contrary at 
their pill. {Ibid. fo. 20.) 

9° Maij 1646. 

It is ordered that Mr. Tutty setled in the Church of 
Hawnes in the Countie of Bedd by order of this Com'ittee 
& now leavinge the same for want of maintennce & 
havinge desired satisfacc'on for the tyme of Ins service 
there It is Ordered that the said Mr. Tutty shall have 
a proporconable pte of the proffitts due to the minister 
of the said Church according to the tyme of his saiel service. 
(Ibid. fo. 84.) 

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LEIGHTON, At: Martij 22° Anno dmi 1644. 

This Coittcc have taken into Consideracon the pcticon of 
John Goodwin from whom the Vicarage of Leighton in 
the County of Bedd is sequestred to be restored to the 
pid Vicarage notwthstanding wch this Coittee thinke not 
Jitt to discharge the said sequestrac'on. (Add. MS. 15,669, • 
fo. 39^ ; fo. 78^ May 24, 1645.) 

At: [Julij 5° 1645.] 
Whereas the Vicarage of the p'ish Church of Leighton 
Ikitezard in the County of Bedd is and standeth sequestred 
from John Goodwin by order of tin's Co ttee lor seual] 
inisdemeands It is ordered that Jacob Tomkins a godly 
& orthodox divine doe pntly officiate the Cure of the 
said Church as Vicar & preach diligently to the pishoners 
there & shall have for his paines therein the vicarage house 
and gleab Landes and all the tithes rents dueties and 
brofitts whatsoeu' of the said Vicarage till further order 
jjliall be taken in the p'misses & all arreares due by vertue 
of the said sequestrac'on And all p'son &c. vt in Hurst 106. 
[Ibid. fo. 1 02.) 

Little Stoughton. Maij 19° 1647. 

Vpon the humble peticon of William Lake Batchello 1 ' 
in Divinity It is ordered that Mr, Mason minister of the 
word shall haue liberty to shew what Cause he can where- 
fore the said Mr. Lake should not enioy the Rectory of 
little Stoughton in the County of Bedd according to his 
Claime thereto And the said Mr. Mason dismissed there- 
from on the first day of June next. (Add. MS. 15,671, 
fo. 31^.) 

Junij 4 t0 .1647. 

This Comittee doe appoint Tuesday next to he are pties 
& Councell on both sides in the Cause betweene Mr. Lake 
& Mr. Mason concerninge the Rectofie of little Stoughton 
in the Countie of Bedd. (I did, fo. 47/;.) 

Junij i° 1647. 

Whereas this Com'ittee did appoint this day to heare 
what Cause Mr. Mason would shew wherefore Mr. Lake 
should not enioy the Rectorie of little Stoughton in the 


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Countie of Bedd accordinge to his clayme therevnto & 
the sd Mr. Mason dismissed therefrom And the sd 
Mr. Mason hath produced t*he order of the 19 th of 
December [644 whereby this . Comittee had confirmed 
him in the sd Rectorie Vpon hearing the said Mr. Lake 
concerninge his clayme therevnto by vertue of a pnt^con 
thereof from the Mr. cc ffellowes of Corpus Christi Colledge 
in Oxon patrons of the sd Rectorie It is therefore ordered 
that the said Cause be dismissed & that the said former 
order of the 19 th of December | be] confirmed. {Ibid, fo. 48//.) 

Junij 8° 1647. 

Mr. Mason entred his appearance' this day in the Cause 
appointed to be heard this day betvveene him & Mr. Lake 
by Order of the fourth of J Line instant. (Ibid. fo. 49.) 

July 5 1647. 

In the cause betvveene Mr. Lake Rector of Little 
Stoughton in y° County of Bedd & Mr. Mason who 
holdeth y e said Rectory by order of this Co Uc It is 
ordered by consent of both sides y l y ,! former order of 
this Co 11 '' of y e ninth of July Anno DonV 1644 -whereby 
y" sd Mr. Mason was set led in y° sd rector)- & y e order 
of y° 1 < of Dec. 1644 whereby y c said Mr. Mason was 
confirmed in y° sd rectory be taken of! <N: discharged 
& y ! y° sd Mr. Lake be setled in y c sd rectory & y l he 
eriioy y c same & y° p'fitts thereof according to his legall 
right therevnto by vertue of his psentacon thereto from 
Corpus Christi Colledg Oxon ^ his instituc'on cc inducc'on 
therevpon & y° order of this Co ll,J of y e first of November 
in y° said yeare for his sd setling & investing in y e said 
Rectory in p'suance thereof. {Ibid. fo. \o\.b.) 

LUTON, Decemb 1 ' 6 t0 Anno Dni 1645. 

Whereas Mr. Samuell Austin to whom y° Church of 
Luton in y c County of Bedd is sequestred hath giuen 
p'sonall satisfac'on tins day to this Coin'tee wherefore hoc 
leaueth y e cure of y e sd church ee hath desired y l an 
especiall care may bee taken for y° setling of some Godly 
minister in his steed in regard of y° deuicons of y e sd 
parishe This Com tee doe recomend y e same to y e Kn ts of 
y e sheire & Gent of y e sayd County who are desired 

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lo take some speedy courese for y c Reconsiling y e sd 
differences & to enquire some other able & Godly Divine 
for y e sd Church in y ( steed of y e sd Mr. Austin And 
y* sd Mr. Austin is desired to attend the sd Kn ts & gent 
and acquaint them herew'th And y e Justices of peace 
[or y c sayd County are desired to take some speedy & 
pfcctuall Course for y e sd Mr. Austin .his Recoueiy of ♦ 
y c tythes & p'fitts of y e sd Church due vnto him. (Add. 
MS. 15,^69, fo. 220k) 

3 0 March [1645]. ; . 

Ordered that the vicarage of Luton scqucstred to the 
vse of Mr. Austin & by him relinquished shall stand 
scquestred to the vse of Thomas At wood Rotherham 
minister of the word Refer him to y c assembly to be 
exaicd. (Add. MS. 15,6/0, fo. 30/;.) 

7 0 Martij 1645. 

Whereas y e vicarage of y l> parishe Church of Luton in 
y (! Count)' of Bedel was by order of this Com'ittee 
scqucstred by consent of Mr. -Bird to y L ' vse of Samuell 
Austine a godly and orthodox Divine who hath since 
left y e same It is ordered y L y G sd vicarage shall from 
henceforth stand scquestred to y e vse of Thomas Attwood 
Rotherham a Godly and Orthodox Diuinc who is required 
forthw'th to officiate y° cure of y° scl Church as vicar 
and preach Diligently to y° parishioners there. {Ibid. fo. 38.) 

Marston, August \y° 164/. 

Vpon Complaint made by John How to whome the 
Rectorie of Marston in the Countie of Bedd is scquestred 
that notwithstanding the sequestrac'on & in Contempt 
thereof Doctor Couckson from whome the same is 
scquestred did the 5 th of this instant August by 
Combynacon wth Thomas Couckson his sonne & one 
Richard Sanders discharge the sd Mr. How from receiving 

of the proffitts of the sd Rectorie It is ordered 

that the said Doctor Couckson Thomas Couckson & 
Richard Sanders doe make their appearance before this 
Com'ittee on the ninth day of September next to answere 
their said Contempt (&c.) (Add. MS. 15,671, fo. 182.) 


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MELCHBURNE, At: ffebr 4 0 1644. 

Ordered Strickland Negus Clarke to y e assembly fur 
y° Vicarage & Church of Melchburne in Com Bedd vt 
supra verbatim. [Add. MS. 15,669, fo. 8/;.) 

♦ . 

At &c. ffeb: 6 t0 Anno dmi 1644. approved of by y° 

Whereas John Ailmer Vicar of the p'ish Church of 
Melchbourne in the County of Bedd is a Comon frequenter 
of Alehouses and tipler there as well on the Lords dayes as 
otherdayes & a Comon drunkard & it was therefore 
y e eighteenth day of May last: ordered that the said 
Vicarage should be sequestred from him It is this day 
ordered that Strickland Negus a godly & orthodox 
divine doe pntly officiate the said Cure as Vicar and preach 
diligently to the pishoners of the said parish in the said 
Church and shall have for his paines therein the Vicarage 
house & gleab Landes & all the tithes rents dueties and 
profitts whatsoeu' of the said Vicarage till further order 
shall be taken in y° pmisses & all pson & psons whatsoeu' 
are hereby required quietly to permit 1?) the said Mr. Negus 
to officiate the said Cure cc to outer possesse & enioy 
y (! said house & gleab Lands. & to have receive take to 
his owne vse all the tithes rents dueties & p'fitts whatsoeu* 
of ye said Vicarage as they will answere the contrary at 
their pill. (Ibid. fo. 10.) 

Meppershall, July 5 0 1645. 

Whereas this Committee haue by their order of the xvth 
of October Anno Domi 1^4.4 referred vnto the Coittee of 
Bedd or any 4 of them the setting out & apporconm* of 
the 5th pte towards the maintenance of Mrs Archer & her 
children out of all tithes rents gleablands ec Lastcrbooke 
whatsoeii 1 ' belonging to the rectory of Mepershall in the sd 
County who haue accordingly apporconcd the same & by the 
full & cleerc consents of Mr. Syms to whom the sd rector)- is 
sequestred and the sd Mrs Archer haue ordered that the 
sd Mr Syms should pay to the sd Mrs Archer \o£ of 
law full money on the first of Aprill then next ensueing & 
that thereafter the sd Mrs Archer for and towardes her 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


riwiintenance should receiue & haue in possession in Meper- 
fehall aforesd the tithes of Richard Emery Henry Kympton 
Henry Mathewe & young Mr Newdicks Landes with the 
plher halfe of the tithes belonging. to Robert Mathcwes 
ferine excepting the Easterbooke out of all the said parties 
•is 1))' their order of the 30th of January last now read 
$sppeareth It is ordered that the sd order & apporconm* be 
[and the same is hereby ratified & confirmed & this Com- 
mittee doe hereby require & enioine the sd pties to yeald 
all conformity & obedience vnto the sd order & determinacon 
of the sd Committee in all points thereof accordingly. 
(Add. MS. 1 5,669, fo. 104A) 

, Julij 24 t0 1645. 

Whereas this Comittee have apporconed vnto the wife 
of Dr. Archer from whome the Rectory of Meppshall in 
the Countie of Bedd & Hertf is sequestred the 5 th pte for 
maintennce of her & her Children out of scuail of the 
proffitts of the sd Rectory to be by her received in kinde. 
It is ordered that she shall paie tor & out of the said ffifth 
pte soe ordered vnto her a 5 th pte of all taxes charges 
& paym ta whereof the said Rectory hath stood charged 
since the tyme y l a 5 th pte was ordered vnto her & w th the 
.said Rectory doth and shall from tyme to tyme hereafter 
stand charged wth. {Add. MS. 15,669, fo. II3&) 

Julij 14° [64;. 

It is ordered that Charles Noble one of y° pishion" o.f 
Mepsall in the countie of Bedd & Hertford doe forthwith 
pay vnto Mr. William Simes to whom the Rector)' of 
Mepsall aforesaid is sequestred the tythes of the said 
Rectory from him due vnto the said, Mr. Simes. In default 
whereof it is Ordered that the said Mr. Noble doe make 
his appearance before this Co ttc on the 27 th day of July 
instant to shew Cause to the contrary. {Add. MS. 15,671, 
fo. 133.) 

MILBROOKE, Att &c. ffebr 22 0 Anno Domi 1644. 

This Committee doe appoint to consider of the seu'all 
petic'ons of Mr. Carre late Curate of Milbrooke in the 
County of Bedford and of Mr. Widdowcs to whom the 
Rectory of Milbrooke standeth sequestred on tuesday next. 
{Add, MS. 15,669, fo. 18.) 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Att the &c. ffebr 25° Anno Domi 1644. 

It is ordered that the Justices of Peace in the County of 
Bedd be desired to take some'' course that the tithes due 
to Mr. Widdowes of and belonging to the rector)- of Mil* 
brooke in the County aforesaid be forthwth paid him 
according to the late ordinance of Parliament due by virtue 
of the orders of this Comittee in that behalfe & that the said 
Mr. Widdowes doe out of the said profitts and vpon his 
receite of them pay vnto Mr Car late Curate there so much 
as they shal find vpon exaiacon to be iustly due & owing 
to the said Mr Carr by the said Mr. Widdowes tor his 
service of the said Cure & lor other the iniuries & abuses 
the said Mr. Widdowes hath sustained by the said Air. Car 
or any others in opposing his execucon and enioyment of 
the orders of this Comittee this Comittee doe referre the 
same to the Comittee for the said. County who are hereby 
desired to examine & determine the same yf they can or 
otherwise to certify the saide exaiacons to this Comittee. 
{Add. MS. 15,669, fo. 21.) 

Junij 12 1645. 

Tt is ordered that the .Articles this day p'ferred ag' 
Daniel! Widdowes Minister of Milbrooke in y° County of 
Bedd he referred to the Comittee of the sd County who 
are desired to take the sd Mr. Widdowes his Answere 
therevnto & the: exaiacons ol the witnesses w'ch he shall 
p'duce as well for proofe of the sd Articles as of the sd 
Mr. Widdowes his defence therevnto & to certifie the 
same to this Com'ittee summoning before them y e witnesses 
on both sides in the sd Cause. {Ibid. fo. 88. J 

• Pot ton, Sept 2 0 1647. 

Vpon Complaint made by John Kinge to whome the 
Viccarage of Potton in the Countie of Bedd is sequestred 
that notwthstandinge the sd sequestracon & in Contempt 
thereof George Sheeres from whome the sd Viccarage is 
sequestred hath latelie by Combynacon w th & en- 
couragem 1 of Richard Perrott Abraham .Perrott George 
Briggs & Thomas Tansly pishiomers of the sd pish 
intruded himselfe into the Viccarage house laid violent 
hands vpon the sd Mr. Kings wife & serv 1 & prohibited! 
the pishioners to paie . their tithes vnto him the sd Mr. 

Bedfordsliire Notes and Queries. 175 

King. It is ordered that the said pishioners & all other 
j&n & psons whatsoever doe forthwith paie- vnto the 
|q Mr. King all tithes & proffitts of the sd viccarage from 
pem respectivelie due vnto him' notwthstanding the 
tlayme & p'tence of the sd Mr. Sheeres therevnto, &c. 
\Add, MS. [5,671, fo. 191b] fo. 229$, October 6, 1647; 
fo, 248 bis, Oetober 21, 1647.) . 

Sun don. 

Att the Committee &c ffebr 25° Anno Domi 1644. 

It is ordered that Mr Palmer and Mr Bowles members of 
the assembly of divines be desired to attend this Committee 
to testify their knowledge to what shalbe propounded to 
them concerning Mr John Davie desired by the inhabitants 
of Sundon in the County of Becld to have the sequestracon 
of the vicarage there by their peticon this day preferred by 
Mr Welles and that a copy of the sd peticon be sent vnto. 
the said Mr Palmer and Mr Bowles. {Add. MS. 15,669, 
fo. 20 bis.) 

October 4 t0 1645. 

Ordered a fift p't to Elizabbeth the wife of Sands Potts 
from whom the Vicarage of Syndon in the Count)' of Bedd 
is sequestred vnlesse good cause be shewne to the contrary 
before the Co tteo for y° said Count)-. \'t in Minster 279. 
{Add. J/SS. 15,0(19, fo. 182 ; and 15,671, fo. 240/;, Oct. 15, 

Tr: MS FORD, Sept 2 5 0 [16 ]46. 

It is ordered that the Articles exhibited ag st Giles Kinge 
minister of Tcmsford in the County of Bedds (a copy 
whereof is hereto ,annexecl) be referred to the Comittce 
of p'liam t: for the said County or any 3 of them who are- 
desired to receiue the said Articles and to' call before them 
and examine the wittnesses that shall be p'duced as well for 
profe of the said Articles as of the said Mr. Kings defence 
And to certifie the sd articles answere & examinac'ons to 
this Comittce. (Add. MS. 15,670, fo. 233/;,) 

Maij 28 0 1647. 

Referred Edward Rolt to the Assembly for the (aire of 
Tempsford com Bedd. {Add. MS. 15,671, fo. 37/;.) 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Maij 28 0 1647. 

Whereas the Rectorie of the p'ish Church of Tempsforjj 
in the Couritie of Bedd is & stafidcth sequestrcd from Giles 
Kinge by order of this Comittee of the 4 th of March last 
It is ordered that the sd Rectorie shall from henceforth 
stand sequestred to the vse of Edward Rolt a godlie & 
orthodox Divine & that he doe forthwth officiate the Cure 
of the sd Church as Rector & preach &c. {Add. MS, 
15,671, fo. 46//; ff; 1 1 2$, July 9, 1647 ; 145, July 20, 1 647 ; 
178, August 17, 164.7.) 

TILBROOKE, Julij 5 0 1645. 

Ordered that the Committee of Parliam 1 sitting at Bed- 
ford be and they are hereby desired to receaue the articles 
that shalbe pferred ag l Edward Saviclge recto 1 ' of Tilbrooke 
in the sd County and to take his answeare therevnto and to- 
call before them & examine the witnesses on both sides 
in the sd cause & to certify the same to this Committee. 
(Add. MSS. 15,669, fo. 104; ff. 144/;, Aug. 23, 1645 ; 151/^ 
Aug. 30, 1645 ; and 15,670, fo. 55^ Apr. 4, 1646.) 

Sept. 1645. 

Tt is ordered that the rectory of Tilbrooke in the County 
of Bedd be sequestred from Edward Savage for that hee 
hath expressed great Malignancy ag L the p'liam 1 & their 
proceedings inveighing ag l them wth seu'all fearefull 
curses & saying hee hoped to see them haing (?) in Hell 
and that there arc none belonging to them but rogues 
& Rascalls. (Add. MS. 15,669, fo. 176b.) 

Martij 26 1646. 

Ordered that the rectory of Tilbrooke in the County 
of Bedd sequestred from Savage by order of this 

Co tlco for seu'all Misdemeano vs shall stand sequestred to 
the vse of John Eldred minister of the word. 

Referred John Eldred &c to y° assembly. (Add. MS, 
15,670, fo. 49A) 

Martij 26 1646. 

Whereas y° Rectory of y° parish Church of Tilbrooke 
in y° County of Bedd was by order of this Comittee 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


pequestred from Sauage It is ordered y t y e sd rectory 

'hall from henceforth stand sequestred to y e vse of John 
Kldred minister of y c word a Godly & orthodox Divine 
Who is hereby required forthwth to officiate y° cure of y° 
Church as Rector & preach diligently to y e parishioners 
there & shall haue for his paines &c. vt pag 7" Hothfeild. 


Martij 26 0 1(546. 

Whereas the rectory of the p'ish Church of Tilbrooke 
in the County of Bedd is sequestred by order of this 
Co ttee from Edward Savage for seu'all Misdemeanor 8 It 
19 ordered that the said rectory shall stand sequestred 
to John Eldrcd a godly & orthodox Divine w ho is hereby 
required forth vv'th to officiate the Cure of the said 
Church as rector & preach diligently to the p'ishoners 
there. {Ibid. fo. 

August 1 1° 1647. 

Ref Nicholas' Mason minister to the Assemblie for the 
Cure of the Church of Tilbrooke in Com. Bedd. {Add. 
MS. 15,67 1, fo. 164.) 

August 1 1° 16)47. 

Whereas the Rectorie of the p'ish Church of Tilbrooke 
in y e Countie of Bedd is by order of this Co leo sequestred 
from Edward Savage to the vse of John Eldrcd whoe 
hath sithence relinquished the same It is Ordered that 
the said Rectorie shall from henceforth stand sequestred 
to the vse of Nicholas Mason a god lie and Orthodox 
Divine & that he doe forthwith officiate the Cure of the 
said Church as Rector & preach &c. (Ibid. fo. 165.) 

TlLSWORTHj Octobr 25 1645. 

This Co tte0 doe appoynt to take into Considerac'on the 
cause transmitted from the Co tleo for the County of Bedd 
against ffrancis Kines Vicar of Tils worth in the said 
County on the rx day of December next whereof he is 
to have convenient notice. (Add. MS. 15,669, fo. 200b.) 

VOL. 111. J 2 

1 7 8 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

TlNGRAVE, Maij 9 0 1646. 

Ordered that W'us Witton minister of Tingraue in the 
County of Bedd be sumoned to answere the Articles ex te(1 
ag l him xxiiith Junij next. Sumon ye said \V lls Witton 
ad respond die p'dict. Sum witnesses ad test contr* 
W 1 * Witton die pdict. (Add. MS. 15,670, fo. SCb ; ff. 125, 
June 23, 1646; 142$, July 4, 1646; 180, Aug. 13, 1646; 
232/;, Sept. 25, 1646.) 

Septcmb 1 ' 17 [i6]46. 

Vpon hearing the cause betweene Willm Witton Rector 
of Tingrith in the County of Bedds & the pishioners 
thereof in p'sence of counsel I on both sides It appcareth 
that the said Mr Witton hath published in his Church 
a pclamacon from the King pclaimeing the Earle of Essex 
& all his adherents Tray tors but hath refused to publish 
such, declaracons as come from the pliam* & hath other- 
wise expressed great malignancy ag st the pliain 1 It is 
therefore ordered that the said Rectory & the pifits thereof 
be sequestred from the said Mr. Witton to the vse of some 
godly & orthodox divine. (Add. MS. 15,670, fo. 217.) 

Tu uwr. — 4 t0 Sept 1 646. 

It is Ordered y t y e Articles ex tetl ag* minister 
of Turvcyc in ye County of Bedd a copy whereof is here- 
vnto annexed be referred to y e Com tee of Pari for ye sd 
County or any three of them who are desired to receiue ye 
sd Mr Answere to ye sd Articles and exaine such 

wittnesses as shall be pduced as well of ye said Articles as 
of ye sd Mr Defence and to certifie ye sd Articles 

Answere & exaiacons to this Comittcc. (Add. MS. 
15,670, fo. 208A) 


Somoncd Rawlings and wittnesses ad Testificant 

contra Rawlings p'dict vicar of Wenstning in Com Bedd 
21 0 April Instant. Dated 4" April 1646? (Ibid. ff. 52, 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


April 28° 1646. 

Whereas Mr. Rawlins Vicar of Westning in the County 
Bf Bedel hath married the diiely daughter of Mr- 

Vincent of being but 3 miles distant from his said p'ish 

to one in a private manner in his p'ish Church in 

the p'sence onely of the said his brother wthout asking 

her fathers consent or publishing the contract of matrimony 
hctweene them, & contrary to the direcc'ons in the Directory 
It is therefore ordered that his said offence be reported to 
the house to the end that such punishment maybe inflicted 
mi him as they shall in their wisdome think fit. {Ibid. 

k 83.) 

Daniel Hip well. 

34, Myddleton Square, Clerkenwell, London. 

monumental Jinscuptions, 

(Continued from p. 149.) 

Nus. 1, 2, and 3 are tablets on the wall ; Nos. 4, 5 and 6 arc stones on the 


1. Near this place lyeth interred the body of JOHN 
COPPIN of Margret Cell in this parish and of Ubbury 
in y c County of Bedford Esquire : to whose pious memory 
Mary his relict hath erected this Monument in testimony 
of her own great losse and his great merits. A gentleman 
not without honour by his descent but deriving greater 
to himsclfe by his virtue. An husband the most constant. 
A father the most affectionate. A friend the most faithful!. 
A subject the most loyall, deare to the rich by his courtesy, 
to the poor by his charity to all by his civility devoting 
himself to y e service of his Prince & Countrey, was 
made deputy Lieutenant and Captain of a troop of horse 
under y° Right Hon ble Robert Earle of Ailesbury, Lord 
Lieutenant of y e County of Bedford: He died y e first 
Of fuly 1684, aged 52 years lamented by, because a losse 
to all that knew him. -Here lies buried in this chancell 

i8o Bedford si lire Notes and Queries. 

of his children THOMAS aged 3 years died 1665, GEORGE 
aged 3 years died 1668, MARY aged 16 years died i679» 
another THOMAS aged 7 years ^died 1682. His surviving 

Anne, Leticia, Elizabeth, & Sarah. 

2. Near this place lyeth interred the body of Mrs. 

Martha Coppin the relict of Thomas Coppin, Esq., 
Gentleman of the Privy Chamber to King Charles the 
first son of Sir George Coppin, K r , Clark of the crown 
to king James the first. She was the daughter of LUKE 
Norton of Offly of Hertfordshire, Esq., and had by her 
Husband 7 children, 3 sons & 4 daughters who all died 
before her and most of them lye Buried in this Chancel 
w llL her. She died the 24" 1 of Jan: 1685 in the 8o lh year 
of her age. This Monument was Erected at the Charge 
of Mrs. Mary Coppin her daughter in law whom she left 
her sole executrix. 

3. MARTHA COPPIN of Market Cell Widow deceased 
Gave by will Oct the 4 111 1684 To the Parson Vicar or 
Curate & to the Church Wardens of the Parish of 
Caddington in ye county of Hertford & Bedford and to 
their Successors & assigns for ever to see disposed of, 
to and tor the use of six poor Housekeepers that frequent 
God's Ordinances and divine Service at the said parish 
Church of Caddington one Annuity or Rent Charge of 
.six pounds per Annum to buy them Cloaths, .share and 
share alike: the said' Martha Coppin settled a House and 
Lands belonging lying and being in Market Street in 
the parish of Studhain in the County of Bedford now 
the Cross Keys, and what Rent or profits shall be made 
or arise hereafter Yearly and every Year from the said 

Mouse and Lands belonging more than six pounds per 
Annum to be preserved and kept by John Coppin and 
his Heirs for ever to keep the same House and Premises 
in repair. Hone in the year 1763, by the order of 
William Blow and John Day, Churchwardens. 

4. Here lyeth interred the body of THO. COPPIN of 
Markyate Cell, Esq., sone and heire of Sr George Coppin 
Kt haveing issue by his wife Martha one of the daughters 
of Luke Norton of Offley Esq. three sonnes THOMAS, 
JOHN, and GEORGE ; . and lower daughters ANNE, 

Elizabeth, Lettice, and Martha, who died the eight 

day of December Ano Dni. J (362. in the 58"' yeare of 
his age. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


5. Here lyeth y e body of THOMAS COPPIN, Esq., eldest 
$onne of Thomas Coppin of Markett Cell in this parish 
and of Martha one of y e daughters of Luke Norton of 
Offley in y e County of Bedford Esq. who dyed y e i8 lli day 
pf July in y c yeare of our Lord 1658, being then high 
serife of ye County of Buckingham in yc 28 yeare of 
his age. ♦ 

6. Here lyeth the body of SAMUELL REYNARDSON who 
tlyed the 12 th day of September 1691 in the third year 
of his age he was y e eldest son of Mr. Joseph Reynardson 
and Ann his Wife grandson to Sr Abraham Reynardson 
and by his vertous Mother descended from the ancient 
family of the Coppins. 


Inscriptions relating to the following families : .Banister, 
ploomfield (the Poet), Carlyll (brass), Davenport, Fuller, 
Gouldsmith, Hicks, Milward, and Osborne will be found 
in "Collectanea Topographica ct Genealogica," London, 
1836, vol. iii. pp. 123-34. 

C A R D I N G T 0 N . 

In the Chancel. 
(Brass on a tomb S. side of the Altar.) 
"Heere lyes S l " IARRATE HARVYE Knight second sonne 
to Iohn Harvye of | Thvrly Esq. and dame Dorathie his | 
wife on of the Coheiares of IOIiN Gas | COINGE of Card- 
ington manner Esq. | who decesed in the yeare of his age | 
69 in the yeare of the Lord 1638." 

(Figs, of a gent, & lady.) 

(Brass plate on a tomb N. side of the Altar). 
"To the memory of CECILL BUSSY Gent (onely sonne | 
of Andrew Bus'sy Esq 1 ', yovnger sonne of Iohn Bussy | of 
Hather in the County of Lincolne Esq 1 '.) whoe | died the 
first day of March .Anno Doni 1632. And | of Elizabeth 
his wife one of y e davghters & coheires | apparent of S r 
Gerrard Ilcrvy of Cardington in ye Count. | of Bedford 
K l by Dorothy dav r & coheire of 1 11 Gascoigne | of Card- 
ington aforesaid Esq 1 '. To whose memory his | sorrowful 


I 82 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

relict erected this Monvment. Moritur Pcclict Cecill Bussy 
anno ./Eta' svi 29." 

"Death is the path that all must tread, found out 
Ouickl\' by some, whilst others goe about : 
Then greiue not freindes because I elide so soone 
I my da-yes tourney finished by noone." k 

(Figs, of a gent. betw. 2 ladies, coats of arms on all their mantles.) 

" Hie jacet | Corpus GEORGII BLUNDELL militis | ciirccti 
Successoris ct Heredis \ Blundelliana; et Gasconianae 
Familiar Bedfordiensis, | epitaphium ejus propria Minerva 
exaratum : | Anima et corpus | Ficti Locutores." 

Anima, "Ab invisibile venij, ipsa invisibilis | Invisible 
liter juncta fui etiam visibili ; | Ncc non soluta | Refugio ad 
invisibilem | Expers criminis. | Corp. Ale secum reddidit 
Culpa? obnoxium | 1 lac spe autem fruimur | Quibus aliena 
Transgressio impertiit | Et miserias et mortem; | Meritum 
alterius donabit | Et /Eternitatem et gloriam 1 Obiit 11 
die Novembris | Anno Domini 1688." 

" Here lieth the body of | Dame ELIZABETH BLU N DELL 
relict of | Sir George Blundcll, Krit. | Who departed this 
life in a joyful | Expectation of a better, | March 23 in the 
year of our lord 1724 | And of her age 81. | Here also lieth 
the body of | Elizabeth Blundcll, their daughter, | Who, 
unable to bear her Mother's absence | With whome she 
lived in pious duty, | instantly accompanied her | the da)' 
and > ear above mentioned | in the 46th year of her age." 

Arms. — On a lozenge, — A/, ten billets, 4, 3, 2, & 1, on a 
canton or a raven proper. — BLUNDELL, impaling — on a 
chevron — three garbs— a canton — charged with a fret — 

? Yardley. 

{The two follozving are loose in the ehureh) 

" GEORGE BLUNDELL | Esq: Eldest Son of S r I Gcorpe 
Blundell & Eliz: Byatt his wife | Died an Infant & was | 
buryed at Sauston in | Cambridge-Shire | This is set up by 
his I Sister Lady Sandys." 

u Here lyeth M rs Sara | BLUNDELL Daughter | of 
S r George Blundell & 1 Eliz: Balam his Wif. She | Dyed 
in the 7th year of | her age & lyeth buried | in this Chancel, 
this was I sett up by her Sister | the Lady Sandys/' 

[There appears to be some confusion here in the name ol Sir George's w ill'. 
Can any genealogist conversant with Lancashire pedigrees set me right ? — Ed.] 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

" II. S. E. | GEORGIUS BLUNDELL Arrniger | Vir ob 
eximiam morum suavitatem, | Et singularem erga omncs 
benevolentiam | Domi forisque dilectus | Obiit | Augusti 
1 1° A.D. MDCCLVI | /Etat: LV: *" 

"Underneath lieth Interred y° Body | of Dorothy wife 
of Henry Wagstaff | & Daughter of John Peck of this 
Parish | Gent, by Elizabeth his wife Daughter of | JOHN, 
POMFRET sometime Rector of Maulden | in this County 
& Sister to John Pomfret Late | Rouge Croix Pursuivant 
at Arms, who all lie [ Buried near this place. She died 
February | y° 29 th 1752 in y u 26 lli year of Her age. | Near 
this place lieth the Bodies of | John, Oliver, & Elizabeth ; 
Sons I and Daughter of the said John and | Elizabeth 

" Ripe for Heaven her soul ascending flew 
And early bid this sinful world adieu 
Short was her time the longer be her rest 
In the eternal mansions of the blest." 

"The Rev' 1 F ROOM ERE CUMMING., A.M. | Formerly 
Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge | A Prebendary of 
Lincoln | and Vicar of this Parish | And of | Keysoe in 
this County 30 years | Died May 4 th 1820 aged 72." 

"The Rev' 1 Bar WELL COLLINS | was 29 Years resident 
and faithful Pastor | of this Parish | Eminent for his Care 
both of the Souls | and Bodies of his Flock | He died 
Feb: 23' 1 1743 Aged 55. j Anne his Wife died July 2 d 1737 
Aged 45. j their Remains were deposited near this place. | 
They left issue The Rev 11 Rob 1 Collins, Vicar of Gouldington | 
who died Aug sL l6 lh 1749. Aged 27. | Anne who married | 
the Rev d W 11 - CUMMING A. M. | Vicar of Great Barford | 
and Elizabeth | who died May 6 th 1777, Aged 55." 

"AND W PelLINGER, Gent. | of Cotton End | Died 
September 23, 171(5 | Aged 67 | Susannah his wife | Died 
April 1 1721. Aged 44 ?." 

"Here Lyeth the Body of | GEORGE B LUND ELL, Esq., 
y° Onely | Son of S r George Blundell Kt | of Fenlakc 
within this p'sh who | Departed this Life July y c 8 th 1709 | 
Aged 88 ? years." 

(In the Churchyard,. S. side.) 

" Beneath this Stone are deposited the Remains | of the 
Rev a ROB' 1 ' Willan A.M. Vicar of this Parish ec Keysoe I 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

who died Jan y 31 st 1796. /Etat. 49. | And near the same 
lies the Body of CHARLES Thomas | Son of the above 
& ANN his Wife who died Oct r 7 111 1 7 9 1 . Aged 13 | Also 
of Robert Smith, who died t>ec r 26 111 1792 | Aged 11 
Years & 7 -Months. | And of FRANCES AUGUSTA, who 
died Feb y 4 th 1794. | Aged 7 Months | Manet memorial 

" On the south side of this stone | lies the body of | 
Elizabeth sixth Daughter of | the Rev d ROBERT WILL AN 
Vicar of Cardington | who died September 8 th 1841. | Aged 
49 Years." 


"Underneath are deposited the remains | of JOHN 
THOMPSON, | He was born at Anlaby near Hull | in the 
County of York | in the month of October 1745 | and died 
at Cardington on the 24th day of May 18 14." 


" Here lyeth buried y e bodye of ANNE | WAEERER y° | 
wife of Thomas Turner of Avdelcy end in Essex | who 
Deceased in Childbed the viij th clay of Febrvary Anno | 
Domini 1617." — Brass. 

Arms. — On a bend three cross crosslets, a label for 

difference, ; impaling, gu M a fess nebulec between 

three plates, WAEERER. 

The arms on ihc dexter side of tlie shield appear to correspond with those of 
Pooley of Biddenham, the adjoining parish ! 1 cannot associate them with any 
family uf Turner. .Ann, wife of Thos. Turner, was da. of Thos. Waferer, of 
London. See " Visitations of Essex," Hail. Soc, part ii. p. 612. — Ed. 

"In memory of Ursula TAYLOR | Vicina h;ec tacita 
tumiilantur LIrna | Ursula; Piliohe Sacrae Reliquse : I Dum 
vixit, Patris Forma & indole | Vera Effigies. | Phthisis 
utrisq' fuit fatalis, Lachrymas absterge, bis vidua mater, | 
Patrem visit qui est cum Deo | Et plusquam 10,000 
Caelestium Virginum | Caetu divino Splendet triumphans. | 
Obiit Martii 20" 10 1703 0 Aetat. 15 0 ." 


(On a brass tablet in Chillington C/i.) 

" lOANE GODDARD | Here lyeth hir corps entombed 
which was ever | (From Infance to age) a d\ ing liver. ! 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Hir Bodie here doth lye : noe | Massie stone entombs hir 
smile. I her soule is god ward gone. | Who godward ■ lives 
with God I shall live and reste | Than is her soul entomb'd | 
|p Abram's Brest. | 1610 | Vet let not-man defer to y e last 
howr I Repentance is of God not in man's powre<" 


{In the Old Church) 

CHAS. Fletcher, A.M., 68 years R. d. 13 Dec, 1753, 
act. 87. 

William Pierce Neti-iersole, R. ob. 6 Dec. 1843 aet - 

EZEKIEL RoiJSE, ob. 27 Feb. 1792, aet. 84, R. 57 years. 
Rev. William Rouse, ob. 18 Nov. 1792, aet. 58, R. 4 

Rev. EZEKIEL ROUS-E, ob. 1 7 Apr. 1 799, aet. 60, R. 
6 years. 

Rev. Decimus Reynolds, A.M. R. of Ohalfont St. 
Giles, Bucks., ob. 7. Dec. 1790, act. 81. 

(Altar tomb of white marble, N. side of chancel.) 

" M.S. WILL DYER Kt. Sonne & Heire of S r Rich. Dyer 
Kt. heire of ye anticnt family of ye Dyers, in Somers* & 
heire of Judge Dyer Lord Chiefe Justice of the Comon 
Pleas. Of famous memory who put on immortality April 
ye 29 Ano° Dni. 1621 /Etat s suae 36. Who married 
Katherine Daughter & coheire of TllOM. DOYLEY of 
Marton in yc county of Oxon Esq of ye Anticnt family 
of the Doylcys who in her life time at her owne charge 
put of the loyail respect to her hvsband did erect this 
monument Ano. Dni. 1641. 

Who multiplied themselves into seven children. 

S r Lodowick Dyer Bart 
Richard, Doyley, & James, 

and three daughters 
Ann, Mar) - , & Katherine 

Henry son & heire of S r Lodwick Dyer Baronet Dyed 
Sept. ye 22 1637 aged I yearc 11 weeks, & 3 days." 

[There are also memorials relating to this family in the church at Gt. 
Staughton, Co. Hunts.— Ed.] 

1 86 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

C O K A YN E- 1 1 AT L E Y. 

Inscriptions relation to the Cokayne family arc recorded 
in the "Gentleman's Magazine," vol.71, ii. p. 1183, and in 
Fisher's " Monumental Remains.'' 


" Here lyeth interred the body of THOMAS | GRVBBE and 
a painful preacher & | Pastor of y° word of God 33 yeares 
in I this parrish lie was aged 58 yeares | and deceased the 
31 day of Avgvst 1652." — Brass. 

"To the I Memory of | THOMAS FRANK | late Rector 
of this Church | Who died the fourth day of | February 
A° D ni 1690 i and on y c 63 d Year | of his Age." 

Rev. Tlios. FRANK vicar 40 years Comissary 1 & Arch- 
deacon of Bedf. Ob. 2 Mar. 1730 ;et. 68 \ & Ann hid 
w ife d. & heiress of THOMAS | WILLIAMS of. Glouc. Esq. 
Barrister at law set. 63 | d. Mary, aged 30, Fliz'th "Mother 
ec relict of Thos (30 years Rector) aet. 89. 

"Here is interr'd | part of the Family | of VENTRIS 
FIELD, Esq 1 *. | Sir Francis and the | rest of the | Family | 
are interr'd in their | Ancient Burial Place | at Campton 
Church I in this County." 

( Notes from the Charity Board.), . 

George Bury, gent , will dated 1601, gave 40 j. to the 
poor of Cranfield. 
Thomas Butler, A.D. 1619, gave by will, 2 acres. 
Richard Grange, gent., A.D, 1685, gave by will £200 

for apprenticing poor children. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Field, wid., A.D. 1694, gave by will 
10s. yearly. 

Bedfordsliire Notes and Queries. 

.Some OBeDfornsfHte JSJills* 

Abstracted from tJie Original Wills, and certified copies, at 
the District Court of Probate, Nortliampton. 

(Continued from p. 160.) 

DANIEL Marsh, of Dunstable, gent., 9 J line, To 
my 2 sisters Anne and Elizabeth £20 ea. To my 3 brothers 
John, William, & Francis, ,£io ea. To my uncle's 2 children, 
Thomas & Edward, lOs. apiece. To poor of Dunstable 
mOs. Residue to loving father William & Eliz'th his wife 
my mother. Appoints father sole exor. Pr. 11 Aug. 163CS. 

JOHN MAXEY, of Darlington, gent., nunc, will, 6 Feb. 
1641. In the house of John Chenye of Hockliffe in the 
presence of John C. & Anne his wife. Adam Lewgar to 
be his exor. Walter Baker to have his sword & Robert 
Cheney to have his hanger. Pr. at Toddington 17 Mar. 

David Malcott, of Eaton Socon, gent., 13 May, 1650. 
To Susanna, d. of Richard Briscoe, T20. Mentions son-in- 
law Richard Swann. To each oi my wile's grandchildren 
£3 apiece, except the 3 eld. child, of Thomas Hale, gent., 
to which three 15.9., equally to be divided. To brother 
Thomas M. 20 of my best ewes. Marie, d. of John Luke, 
gent., & Margaret Dixie, wid., 40s. each. Thomas Kent, 
gent.., 2CU*. to buy a ring. Barbara Stocker, wid., & Ann, 
her da., $s. each. To Mr. Thomas Beck', lor tithes due, 
Residue to wife Katherine. Pr. 10 Sept. 165 1. 

John Marvaile, of Dunstable, Beds, gent., 17 Dec. ' 
1662. To be bur. in par. ch. or ehyd. of D. To wife 
Elizabeth dwelling-house called the White Mart in Dunst. 
Father Robert M. Reversion of White Dart to brother 
Robert M., of Chelsta, co. Middx. Kinsman John Wickens 
to have £50. Residue to wife, sole extrix. Pr. 9 Aug. 

Mary Martin, of Moger Danger, in par. Blunham, 

wid., 1663. To da. Mary M. £140 to be added to 

the remainder of her portion, she having lost so much by 
the failure of my Cozen William Browne. To s. Joseph M. 
£\00, da. Mary T40, s. John M. £20 & my wedding ring. 
To da. Elizabeth £40 & J- doz. of my newest silver spoons 
and 1 silver porringer. To da. Faith £20 and my silver 
tankard, and to da. Dorothy T20 To grandchildren 

1 88 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Thomas & John Bullockc a 20s. piece of gold ea. To 
sister Dorothy Phillips my diamond ring. To cozen George 
Wyan, of M., Esq., my silver sugar, box. Da. Mary M. to 
be sole extrix., to whom she gives residue. Pr. in P.C.C. 
15 Nov. 1G67. 

John Morris, of Woburn, gent., 15 Mar. 1669. To 
wife Sarah £20 & household goods, to 2 sons John & 
Robert £50 ea., to 2 daurs. Sarah and Grace M., £20 ea. 
Friends Mr. Henry Gouldsmith and Mr. Nathaniel Lawson 
to be exors. Pr. n April, 1671. 

William Moore, of Milton Ernys, gent., nunc, will, 
10 Feb. 1672. Being asked what he would give away, 
answered that he would give nothing away, but make his 
wife Elizabeth, his now relict, sole extrix. IT. 21 Feb. 

Richard Moore, of Colm worth, yeoman, 1 Mar. 1674. 
To wife Bridget tenement and land in common fields in 
G., to jefferey M. the elder, my brother's s., is., & to 
Jefferey M. the younger is. Residue to wife, sole extrix. 
Pr. 10 Apr. 1675. 

©leanings front Pau.olj lRcgi.otcro; 

(Continued from p. 108.) 



\ 564 

1 57 1 
1 573 

' 59i 


Lake, Thomas, s. of Richard. 


1 + 

i o 

1 2 

Pig'got, John, s. of Christopher. 
Wilmer, Nicholas, s. of. Thomas; 
Lake, Libiah, d. of 

George, s. o( ,, 

William, s. of 
Agnis, d. of 
Marie, d. of 
George, s. of 
Susan, d. of 
Eliz'th, d. of 
Frances, d. of 



1 600 

1 2 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 189 

Lake, Mary, d. of Thomas. 
Collop, Reignold, s. of 
Pigot, Anne, d. of John. 
Collop, Joane, d. of Thomas. 
Hill, Susan, d. of 1 [enry. 
Collop, Thomas, s. of Thomas. 
,, joan, d. of ,, 

Adams, Mary, d. of Mr. Francis & Eliz'th. 
Lake, Will'm, s. of William & Sarah. 

s. of, „ & „ 
Sarah, d. of ,, born. 
Fountayne, Thos., s. of John, born. 
Wright, Fleetwood, d. of Mr. John, min., born. 
Bathurst, Eliz'th, d. of Mr. John & Lottis. 
Stanton, Eliz'th, d. of Mr. Robt. cK; Eliz'th. 
De-la-Port, Chas., s. of John James & Eleanor, 
born 1 2 J Line. 


Bemant — Piggot, Robert & Alls. 
Wilmere — Lake, Thomas & Agues. 
Pigott— Deermer, Henry & Ann. 
Manden— Lake, Richard & Susan. 
Iverye Lake, John & Elizabeth. 
Hill— Harvey, Peter & Katharen. 
Eden — Butler, Henrie c\: Mary. 
Lake— Gamble, George & Mary. 
Caud well — Sanderson, Mr., Clerk, Vicar of 

Flitton, and Mrs. of this parish. 
. . . derfield — Danby, Stephen, clergyman, & 
• Ann, of Ampthill. 
1714 ... Anderson — Coote, Edmnnd, gent., apothecary, 
of Potton, & Judeth, of Ampthill. 


1576 Jan. 3 Claye, Thomas, who had been ? clar. of Pullox- 

158 [ July 23 Piggot, Christr. . 

1594. July 7 Lake, Richard, s. of Thomas. 

1596 Mar. 28 Egell, Elizabeth, the wile of Cutberd egell was 

hanged at Bedford ffor wichecraft y e 28 

day of March ] 51)6. 


2 1 




if 607 





2 1 

t ; „ 






2 5 

1 6 1 7 





I 0 





J 4 

» 6 43 












l() 55 


1 6 







j 664 




f 2 

1 7 1 5 








2 5 

1 5^7 

2 1 



161 1 


E 636 




1 1 






l i 




19° Bedfordshire /Votes and Queries, 

1597 Nov. 16 Fitz, Anne, wife of George, gent. 
1600 ,, 29 Lake, George, s. of Thomas. 
1604 Mar. — Collins, Joan, y e d. of John, vie. 
1 610 Aug. 18 Fitz, George, gesft'. 

16 15 June 3 Collyns, J o 1 1 11 , vie. 

1636 July 14 Crawley,, Anne, wife of Richard, of Barton. 

1637 Se p ..15 Pigott, Joseph. 4 

1640 Feb. 22 ,, Mary. 

1 641 June 17 Hopkins, Parnell. 

Mar. 3 Lake, Susan, wife of George. 
1643 Feb. 28 ,, George, s. of ,, 
1(150 June 25 ,, William, s. of William. 

1653 >> 7 Briers, Sr. Win., Kt , dyed at Vpbury on the 

28th day of May & was bur. in the Chancel, 

1654 Nov. 23 Kent, Thomas. 

1050 Aug. 19 Lake, Old George, yeoman, died 17th August, 

,, Sep. 25 Lake, George, eld. s. • of above, died 24 Sept. 

betimes in the morning ec was bur. in the 

evening follow ing. 
,, Mar. 17 Lake, Sarah, wile of Will m. 

1657 July 1 1 Fountayne, the s. of John. 

,, Aug. 24 Kent, Thomas. 

,, Oct. 17 Hopkins, Mr. Samuel, Minister of God's Word. 
Nov. 26 ,, Parnell, wife of Mr. 
1659 Mar. 8 Lake, William. 

1602 June 13 Briers, The Lady Arabella, dyed on the 5th 
day of June, at London, and was bur. in 
the chancel. 

,, Jan. 10 Pickat, Mr. |ohn, died Jan. 6 & was buried at 

1666 Nov. 25 Hall, Mistris Judeth, d. to Mr. Simon Hale. 

1677 Mar. 4 Hale, Mr. Simon, at the Lordship house in 

Pulloxhill, died 2 Mar., and was bur., 
aet. 78. 

1678 Oct. 18 Legat, widow, aged 103 years. 

1680 May 23 ' Hale, Mistris Judeth, wid., bur. in Linnen, died 

of the small-pox, aet. 80. 
1708 Feb. 22 Sanderson, Madam. 
Mar. 24 „ Mr. 

17 1 3 Feb. 19 Nevill, Mr. William, of Haynes. 
,, June 9 Reynardson, Mr. Allen, gent. 

17 17 Mar, 2 Nevill, Mrs. Anne, single woman. 
1728 Nov. 2b Hale, Mrs. Elizabeth. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 



Thk following is a transcript of a deed, marked " D. 19," 
in the muniment room of the Corporation. The original 
p indistinct in places and the writing much faded. Among 
the witnesses is a William Harper, who may probably 
jbc identical with Sir William Harper, Knt, the founder 
6f the Schools. The John Poley, senr., would probably 
be a son of John Pop ley, of Biddenham, an abstract of 
whose will appears in the next issue. 

"Sciant p'sentes ex nos Thomas knyght sen' & Joh'es 
dalles sen' de Bedf' executores tcst'i Henrici Roberds 
>a\m tenore' & exigenc' ult'e volutat' d'ei Henrici dimisimus 
fcofauimus & hac p'sent' carta nra confirmauimus Joh'i 
poley sen. & Thome Row the vna' shopa' sine Opella' vocat' 
le Scaidynghowe situat' in le Bochcryrovve de Bedford int' 
Shopa' priorisse & conuent' de harwolde ex parte occi- 
dental' & ton' chic} Hospital' sci leonards ex p'te orient' 
qua imp' ha'uimus [exj dimissione <\: legato dci Henrici 
Roberds ut in les'to suo numusl dat' et primo die 

Augusti Anno d'ni Mill'mo Cccccxij 0 plenius liquet h'encl 
& tenend' [prefat'J shopa' sine Opella' cu' suis p'tis p'fat' 
Joh'e Poley & Thome Rowthe [& hercd' suis] de capitab' 
d'nis feod' pro s'uic' inde debit' & de hire consuet' inper- 
petuum — intenco'e »ad p'implend' ult' volu'tate' dci Henrici 
Roberds In cuius rei testimonium [huic] ' p'senti carte nre 
sigilla' nra Apposuimus Hiis testib' Thoma West vna' — 
Ville Bedford Ric'o Ward Johe Rolt Will'o Harp' & 
alijs multis dat' apud [Bedfordiam] pdcam vicesimo die 
Septembris Anno regni Regis Henrici octaui quarto." 

(Continued prom p. 118.) 




1 92 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Skeffjngton — SKEVINGTON. — In Vol. [I. of Bedford- 
shire Notes and Queries it instated at p. 195 that I fumph. 
Davisonne was collated to the Incumbency of SheltoriJ 
2nd May, 1554, vacant by the death of .... Skevington, 
Patron, William Malory of Papworth. What was *the 

Christian name of this Skevington ? And by what 

means ? and when did the Malory family obtain the 
patronage? The manor of Shelt.on with the advowson of 
the church appear to have been the property of Sir Wm, 
Skeffington, of Skefif., in 1522, when he made his will (see 
Betham's "Baronetage of England," 1804, vol, iv. p. 189*), 
I should feel obliged if Mr. A. M. Carter Smith would 
reveal the name of the Mr. Skevington to whom Christian, 
the dan. of Edmoncl Williamson, was married [Beds. Notes 
and Queries, Vol. 11. p. 66), with any other particulars he 
may possess. So far 1 have not been able to identify her. 
As I am collecting material for a pedigree of the Beds 
Skevingtons, I should feel grateful for any notes on this 

Titos. Wm. Skevington. 

Shipley, Yorks. U 

The Stiff Family. — The will of Eusebius Stiff of 
Elstow was proved in 1712 ; he names many Stiffs, amongst 
them being Amos, Daniel, Samuel, Gilbert, John, Joseph, 
Joyce, Mary, Eleazar, etc. 1 should be glad to have 
further details of this family and especially to know if it be 
found elsewhere in the county. Particulars of its earliest 
occurrence in Bedfordshire would greatly oblige. Replies 
may be sent direct to me. 

W. P. W. PffiLLIMORE. 

124, Chancery Lane, London. 


Sir, — I should be very grateful to any of your readers 
who would supply me with legends and traditions attaching 
to any holy wells, rivers or lakes, particularly in the county 
of Bedford. 

Answers sent direct will much oblige 

Yours truly, 

R. C. Hope, F.S.A. 

Feb, 14, 189 1, Albion Crescent, Scarborough. 



©♦ 31oIm\$ hospital anU lRcctovy, IBciiforD. 


RE it remembered that in the year of our Lord* Nine 
hundred and eighty, Robert de Parys, Founder of the New 
Hospital of Saint John the Baptist in the Town of Bedford, 
for the Declaration of Estate of the same Hospital in 
future willeth and ordaincth, so far as in himself is, that 
in the said Hospital there be two or three Brethren 
according" to the faculty of the said Hospital, of whom 
the more advanced do hold the place of Master, which 
Brethren together let them say Matins, and other Canonical 
hours, and celebrate Divine offices for the living and for 
the dead, every day, accordingly to the Estate of the 
said Flospital ; and together also let them eat in the 
Hall, and lie in the Dormitory ; and let them bear decent 
clothing, and priestly tonsure, with one mantle of black 
cloth or of other decent color, according to the disposition 
of the Master, which Brethren also at their admission 
shall swear obedience to the Master aforesaid, and that 
they shall stand in the same Flospital for term of their 
life, psalming and praying for the soul of the said Robert 

* One thousand, prefixed in Bp. Longland's copy, but marked as an error 


iy points. 

vol.. in. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

de Parys, the Founder, and for the souls of John and 
Henry Saint John, and of John Le Neve, and also [of 
them] who have given rents or possessions to the same 
Hospital, or shall give in future. The aforesaid Founder 
willeth also and ordaineth that all poor [Men] who arc 
of free birth of the aforesaid Town, in which the same 
Hospital is situate, if they shall have come to that* 
poverty by misfortune, and without their own fault, and f 
ask sustenance in the same Hospital % be charitably re- 
ceived in the same House by the Master and Co-Brethren; 
all poor [Men] born out of the Town of Bedford being 
utterly repulsed, nor shall it be lawful to the Mayor nor 
to the Bailiffs of Bedford, nor to the Burgesses of the 
same Totvn§ to present any poor [Alan] to the said 
Hospital before that he shall have been presented to me 
or my Successors, and with my will or [that] of my 
Successors, he shall be received and that all the excesses 
of the same Brethren, committed within the closes of the 
Hospital aforesaid, or without, be corrected and punished 
by the Master aforesaid. And if the Brethren shall he 
found rebellious in the correction aforesaid, let them be 
corrected by the Bishop. Let the default of the Master 
himself lawfully proved be corrected by the Bishop himself. 
The aforesaid Founder willeth also and ordaineth that 
every Brother at his Admission take a corporal oath to 
hold and firmly observe all the Articles above written. 
And also the aforesaid Founder willeth and ordaineth 
that a copy of this Ordinance, lor misfortune of Fire, or 
other whatsoever do remain in the Common Chest of the 
Town aforesaid and be\\ enrolled with the Mayor and 
Bailiffs who are and for future time % shall be, for the 
greater security of such thing* and to all and singular the 
[things] contained in this Ordinance, and firmly to be 
holden to the presents my\ seal is appended. 

The collation of the same hath- been made by Master- John 
Catryk and it agreeth with the original. % 

* any, Longland. 

t be offered, added in Beaufort's copy. 

\ Added in Longland's copy. 

§ Omitted in Longland. 

|| Both copies have is. 

II Omitted in Longland's. 

'* hereof, Longland. 

t our, Longland. 

X Contained only in Beaufort's Register. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Bishop B e au f 0 rt's R a ti fic ati 0 n . 

To all the Sons of Holy Mother Church, to whom the 
present Letters shall come, Heffry, by Divine permission, 
pishop of Lincoln, Salvation in the Lord everlasting. 
KNOW YE ALL that we have inspected, handled and seen, 
o rtain Letters- of Foundation or of Ordinance, of the 
Hospital, of Saint John the Baptist situate in the Town 
of Bedford, made by Robert de Parys, Founder of the 
same ITospital, and sealed with his seal (as it appcaretJi) * 
(langing in round form, in green wax, being not rased, not 
cancelled, nut vitiated, nor in any part thereof suspected, 
but lacking all faults and suspicion:- under the tenor 
which followeth. lie it remembered (as before). In 
witness of which thing, our seal is appended to these 
Presents. Given so far as to the sealing of the presents, 
in the Priory of Newnham the twenty third day of the 
Month of January in the year of our Lord One thousand 
three hundred ninety nine; and in the second year of our 

A true translation of the foregoing extended copy, 
Examined by me, 

W. H. BLACK, F.S.A. 


At Stock wood Park, Luton, has lately been found an 
old parchment endorsed " S r Francis Crawley's Answer." 
The document is headed 

"The Answerc of S r fTrancis Crawley K l one of the Justices 
of the Court of Com on Pleas to the Articles of Im- 
peachm' exhibited against him by the hon ble house of 

The said defendant savinge unto himselfe all advantage 
of exception to the said Impeachment for answere there- 
unto he saith and confesseth that on or about the month 

* Appears, in the Information, pa, 3. 

Bedfordsliire Notes and Queries. 

of Noueinber 1635 he was one of the Judges of the Court 
of Comon Pleas and had then taken the oath bclonginge 
to that plaee and office And as to the opinion in the first 
article of his impeachment whereunto he is charged to 
have subscribed about the month of Nouembcr 1635 he 
this defendant humbly confesseth that he subscribed an 
opinion well' he taketh to be the same in effect as is con- 
tayned in the said first article of the said Impeachment 
but for certeynly therein referreth himselfe to the same 
And as to the extraindiviall (opinion charged by the said 
second Article to be subscribed by this defend 1 about 
ffebruary 1636 he likewise humbly confesseth that there 
beinge a letter sent from his Ma tlc with questions therein 
inclosed to the effect of the questions mentioned in the 
said second Article of Impeachment he this defend 1 did 
with the rest of the Judges and Barrons of the Excheq r 
subscribe his opinion to [this?] effect as is conteyned 
likewise in the said second Article And as to the third 
Article of his impeachm 1 likewise confesseth that he did 
deliver his opinion in the Exchcq 1 ' Chamber in the 
of John Hampden Esq r that the said M 1 ' Hampden upon 
the matter and substance of that case was chargeable 
with the money in question And this defend 1 further saith 
that all the tymes of the said severall and respective 
opinions and subscriptions made and delivered as aforesaid 
he did conteine the law to be the law accordingc to such 
his opinions Hut this defend 1 doth in all humili'tie ac- 
knowledge his error of Judgm 1 therein and saith that he 
had noe sinister ends or respects ? or euill intentions in 
any of the p r misses And touchinge the fourth Article of 
the said Impeachm 1 ffirst whereas he is charged thereby 
that he this defend 1 declared and published in the Excheq r 
Chamber and Western Circuite where he went. Judge that 
the Kinges' right to Shipmoney was soe inherent a right 
in the Crowne as an Act of Parliam 1 could not take it 
away he thereunto saith that he went divers tymes as 
Judge in the Western Circuite and it is not expressed 
in the said charge at what Circuite or at what tyme or 
place in the Circuite he this defend 1 did make such 
publicaton or declaracon yet for Answere to the said 
p te of the said charge he saith he did not make such 
declaracon or publicaton thereof in the Excheq r chamber 
or in the Western circuite as in the said ffourth Article 
is charged And whereas he is further charged by the said 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


fourth Article that he with diners malitious speeches 
Inveighed against threatened and discountenanced such 
as refused to pay sbipmoncy Although the same are 
generally and | interteynely ?] charged for that he con- 
tcineth he is not compellable to make Answere thereunto 
y* he thereunto and to all matters in the said Article 
conteyned whereunto he hath nut before answered sufficient* 
he saith he is not of them or any of them guilty in such 
planner and forme as is contayned in the said articles of 
impeachment all wch matters this defendant is ready to 
answer and prove as this hon ble Court shall award. 

John Herne: 
Hry A dames 



A PEDIGREE of tins family is recorded in the " Visitation 
of Herts, 1634," published by the Haileian Society, 
vol. xxii. p. 45. A more extended one is also printed iii 
Clutterhuck's "Herts," vol. i. p. 347. Having collected 
several additional evidences illustrating this pedigree, 1 
have here. incorporated them. 1 have placed Thomas and 
Francis, the third and fourth from the left in the last 
line, a generation lower than Cluttcrbuck, as they obviously 
cannot be the children of John and Mary as he prints 
them. Some Monumental Inscriptions, kindly copied for 
me by a daughter of the late Rector of Caddington, 
will be found in the last number of this work. Samuel 
Reynardson was twice Sheriff for this County, viz. in 
1675 and 1677. I have not yet been able to discover 
any record of the marriage of John Coppin with Anne, 
nor yet the name of his wife. 

F. A. B. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

1 99 


CO o 



ca 5 o 

i>. <o 00 r^- 

cr> rrj ro r<~; N tfi 
00 00 OO CO C/3 00 GO 

T 7 T T T T T 

•O O O l O 'O CM O 

-i VO CT~ CO OO O -< 

CO t~» I - i>. r~- J 

m ro (-<-) 

T T T 

H- -+- 












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£ o ■ is 

£ I"S 

1) 3 -M 






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h t? .8 -o 

(U ^ . 

O QJ k OO 

H o 03 O 

5j 'O 4^ 

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PQ pq PQ pq 



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g 3 


•"O lo 

a to , 





S o 
< PQ 

aj </3 t: "x: w 

_ J_ r-J J_ j_ ^ 

T3 E ^ T3 0_ T3 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

O fc/3 

: 1S 5 o 

r->o omd r^co r - 
lo <o m m to <"n cm ro 



co co in »^-co I --. 


O N 




oc oo 

oo oo 



T T 

7 7 


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l/> t/J 


jp ,p 

»-H CO . CO CO 
Wi-h CO • — ' — < 

•~ rt G a cti ^ aJ 

p^'S "C '5 "§ £ '5 £ 


.p. p 
pq pq 


a3 rj a5 rt 

pq pq pqpq 

T3 "C "O 

C P P p 

ni rt 

CO co CO CO 

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pq pq pq pq 



.2 o & S 

*H ' C *- J > O 

~ Ph t/3 . 

"3 u id .2 5 
^ £ o 

<U 4^ 

fq ^ 







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GO ^ 

£ pq 


o u 

co P. 

in *-< 

CD ^ 

fpq £ft£ 

hS pq ' 

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p | 




^ Si 

P CD . 

42 >-4 CD 

o pq ts 

n-, ^ 


. CD 

to P 
to P 

o • 

5 ^ <-p 

a p 

b O « 

pq pq pq pq 


CD t— I 

o >• 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


ff\ mi to 10 rfi 

T 7 

r<~i lo O 

moo CO CO o 
o 1 -co oo 

r» r-vO MD MD' 
ti-, <~<""> <"<-> CO 

I I 

I I 


t 'o + 

— mo 



t-~ r- o <o r~- r-~ 

to ro m ro ro ro to 


I I I I I 

O M N 0 00 

Jr-o o n d> 

JO l>-00 CO 





if. tn 







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rt nj 


* OO 







CO . CO 

jC JS ,C 

U l-l 




























CO "iZ 

z n pq r: 







"G CD 














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o ^ 

O H 




I -CO 

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CO cu 







•~ § 

- -a 












PQ o 


pa £ 








TO- pi 




p £ ^ 

0) o,o 

crj *- ca 

P4 P< 00 

o o 




. ^P 

P „ 

<d'£; p 

> w ^ 

h a o 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Society of Friends. 

Quarterly Meeting of Bedfordshire: 

No. i. Burials f! .. .. 1776-1790. 

2. Marriages 1777-1780. 

3. Births 1 7 7 6— 1 784. 

Quarterly Meeting of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire: % 
No. 4. Burials .. .. .. .. 1776-1794. 

c. Ditto ) o 

6. Ditto j '795-837. 

7. Marriages .. . .. .. J 775- 1 794- 

8. Ditto .. .. .. .. 1795—1 836- 

9. Births . . 1 776—1 794-. 

10. Ditto , 1 793-1 82 1. 

11. Ditto 1819-1837. 

Monthly Meeting of Hitch in : 

No. 31. Ampthill. Births 1643—1756. 

Deaths and Burials 1.660-1756. 

Marriages .. .. 1 058-1755. 

• 3 2 - » Ditt0 • I 75 8 -^77 I - 

Births .. ... . . 1757-1775. 

Burials .. .. .. 1 7 57~ 1 775- 

33- ». Births J?7 6 ~ I 797- 

34. Langford.. Births 1646-1732. 

Burials ... . . 1660- 1745. 

Marriages .. .. 1706-171 1. 

Quarter 1 v Meeting of Bedfordshire and Her itordshire. 

Monthly .Meeting of Hertford : 

No. 1503. Marriage I 7 I 3- 

Monthly Meeting of Hitchin : 

1504. Births 1 665-1 684. 

'Marriages .. .. .. 1667-1677. 

Burials .1667-1682. 

1505. Births 1665—1731. 

Marriages 1684-171 1. 

Burials 1656—1729. 

Original Birth and Burial Notes, and Original 
Marriage Certificates and Copies. 

No. 1446. For Beds and Herts. Marriages .. 1 705—1 824. 

1447. Births .. 1700-1794. 

1448. , y Burials .. .. 1 703-1 794. 

Daniel Hipwell. 

34, Myddleton Square, Cterkenwell, Loudon. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


A N C I E N T C I f A RTERS, E re. 
{Transcribed from the originals iit'tlie Editor s possession.) 

■ v . Beeston, 1346.' 

" Edwardus dci gratia Rex Anglie & ffrancie & Dominus * 
j-fibernie vicecomiti Bedfordie salutem. Precipimus tibi 
quod distringas Rogerum Pud per omnes terras & catalla 
.sua in balliua tua per quod nec ipse nee aliquis per ipsum 
;ul ea manum apponat donee aliud a nobis inde habueris 
fpreceptum Et quod de exitibus eorundem nobis respondeas 
\it quod habeas corpus eius coram Justiciariis nostris apud 
|Vestmonasterium a die Pasche in tres septimanas ad 
respondendum Johanne que fuit uxor Waited de Huntyng- 
feld Chiualer de pl.acito quod reddat ei rationabilem 
compotum suum de tempore quo fuit. balliuus suus in 
Beeston' & receptos denarios ipsius Johanne ut elicit Et ad 
audiendum judicium suum de pluribus defalcationibus Et 
habeas ibi hoe breve Teste J. de Stonore apud West- 
inonasterium xiij die ffebruarij anno rcgni nostri Anglie 
vicesimo regni vero nostri ffrancie septimo. 

Whips n ad e, 1501. 

Sctant presentes & futuri quod Ego laurencius boner de 
Wypsnad Agnes uxor mea in comitatu Bedfordie dedi 
& concessi & hac present i carta mea coivfirmauifnus Ricardi 
(sic) Boner heredibus & assignatis suis unum tenementum 
cum cert as terras -(sic) pascu is & pasturis cum omnibus aliis 
suis pertinentiis in le Wypsnad Eyton Toturnall Kensworth 
& Stodham sicut dictum tenementum situatum in Wypsnad 
inter tenementum Willelmi Cantelowc Armigeri ex parte 
occidentali & clausuram Johannis Morell ex parte oriental i 
& predictum tenementum »J acris terre arabilis divisim 
jacent in campis Wypsnad Eyton Totturnhall Stodham 
& Kensworth predict' super diuersas culturas prout mete ec 
bunde condonant (sic, Pcontinen't) & testantur habendum et 
tenendum predictum tenementum cum omnibus suis pertin- 
entiis prefato Ricardi (sic) Boner heredibus & assignatis 
ipsius inperpetuum de dominis feodorum illorum perseruicia 
inde debita & de hire consueta Et nos predictus laurencius 
& Agnes uxor mea & heredes nostri predictum tenementum 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

& -TJ acras terre arabillis (sic) cum suis pertinentiis prcfato 
Ricardi (sic) heredibus & assignatis ipsiiis contra omnes 
gentes Warantizabimus impeipetuum In cuius rci testimony 
ium huic present! carte mee sigilla mea apposuimus Hiij 
testibus Johanne Blount Thoma Harthong Smyth Thoma 
Yonge Jacobo Boteler Johanne Pybaker & multis alii>, 
Datum apud Wypsnad. predictum die Dominica proxhiia 
ante festum Sancti Thomi {sic) Appostoli (sic) Anno regq| 
Regis Henrici septimi post conquestum Anglie septo* 
decimo (sic). 

Bedford, 1506. 

Sciant presentes et futuri quod ego Robert us Smyth 
de Bedford dimisi feoffaui et hac presenti carta mea con- 
firmaui Thome Knyght seniori et Thome Knyght Junior! 
totum illud tenementum meum ang-larum vocatum lc 
Sterre cum duobus mcssuagiis eidem tenementum ad- 
iacentibus in parochia Sancti Pauli Bedford ie inter Regiam 
viam vocatam Shepiseheryng ex parte occidentali et 
messuagium prioris et Conuentus de Newenham & 
gardinum Johannis Poole ex parte orien.tali et abuttat ad 
capput boriale super regiam viam et ad aliud caput super 
tenementum dicti Johannis Poole aceciam dimisi feoffaui 
et hac presenti [carta] mea confirmaui prefatis Thome 
Knyght seniori et Thome Knyght juniori totum ilhul 
inessuagiujn meum iacens in dicta parochia Sancti 
.Pauli iuxta dictum tenementum vocatum le Sterre infra 
dictum messuagium dictornm prioris et Conuentus de 
Newenham intermediatum et iacens inter dictum mes- 
suagium dictornm prioris et Conuentus ex parte occidental 
et tenementum magistri hospitalis Sancti Johannis Baptiste 
Bcdfordie ex parte orientali et extenclens a regia via 
predicta usque ad tenementum dicti Johannis Poole et 
dictum messuagium vocatum Te Berneplace que quidem 
tenementum cum tribils mcssuagiis predictis cum omnibus 
suis pertinenciis nuper habui coniunctim cum Ricardo Port 
et Willielmo Balle iam defunctis ex dimissione 6%: feoffa- 
mento Philippi Payne et Johannis Cooles ut in quaclam 
carta inde confecta cuius datum est tcrcio die Septembris 
Anno regni Regis henrici septimi octauo plenius licjuet 
habendum et tenendum totum predictum tenementum cum 
tribus mcssuagiis predictis cum omnibus suis pertinenciis 
prefatis Thome Knyght seniori et Thome juniori heredibus 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


ct assignatis suis de Capitalibus dominis feodi illiu's per 
wruicia iride debita ct dc iure consueta imperpetuum In 
cuius rei testimonium huic present! carte mce Sigillum 
mourn apposui hijs testibus Roberto Cokko tunc maiore 
jl'illc Bedfordie Willelmo payne & henrico walker tunc 
balliuis eiusdem ville Ricardo Risele Willclmo Harper et 
rnultis alijs. Datum apud Bcdforcliam predictam vicessim'o* 
gecundo die mareij Anno regni Regis Henrici Septimi 
vicessimo secundo. (Seal, A crescent surmounted by a 
mullet of six [joints.) 

Sciant presentes & futuri quod ego Willelmus Abbott 
dc Woburne Chapel] in Comitatu Bed ford ie Dedi Concessi 
vK; hac presenti Carta mea Confirmaui Willclmo Loryng 
de Arlechchcy in eodem Comitatu Nicholao Wylbon de 
eadem & Michaeli Collop de eadem unum Clausum 
vocatum le Rosewyke jacentem in Campis de Arlechehey 
predicto Qucmquidem Clausum nuper habui" ex dono & 
fcoiTamento Henrici Abbott de Husburne Crawley in 
Comitatu predicto adhuc superstitis Habendum & 
tenendum predict um Clausum cum omnibus suis per- 
tinentiis prefatis Willelmo Nicholao ec Michaeli heredibus 
& assignatis suis ad vsum predicti Willelmi Loryng 
tiered 11 in & assignatorum suorum imperpetuum De Capitali 
domino feodi illius per servieia inde debita ec de iure 
Consueta. Lvt ego vero predictus -Willelmus Abbott & 
heredes mei prcdictum Clausum cum omnibus suis per- 
tinentiis prefatis Willclmo Nicholao & Michaeli heredibus 
& Assignatis suis ad vsum prcdictum Contra omnes gentes 
Warantizabimus <St imperpetuum defendemus per presentes. 
In Cuius rei testimonium huic presenti Carte mce Sigillum 
rneum Apposui hijs testibus Johanne Clyfton de Arlechehey 
predicto Johanne Smyth de eadem taylor Willelmo Baldocke 
de eadem & alijs. Datum apud Arlechehey prcdictum 
decimo die mensis Octobris Anno regni Regis Henrici 
octaui post Conqucstum Anglie primo. 

A R.LESEY, 1509. 

206 Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

©leanings ftom^patisf) Eeg(stcrg> 

(Continued from p. 190.) 



1599 Mar. 26 Barnes, Margaret, bur. 

162 1 May 22 Norton, Alice, wife of John, bur. 

1623 Dec. 1 John, bur. 

1625 Oct. 5 Spenser, William, s. of Thos., of Bedford, 
bur. pi. 

1632 Sep. 29 Carte, Elizabeth, d. of fohn, bapt. 

1633 Feb. 12 Syinmes, Rebeccah, d. of Zecliariah, bapt. 
1634. May 6 Crawley — Winch, John, ami Elizabeth, mar. 
1636 Apr. 7. Ironmonger, Jane, d. of William, bapt. 

1638 July )8 Dell— Hale, John & Susan, m. 
,, May 12 Belgraue, Edward, bur. 

July 26 Marshe, Daniel, s. of Will., bur. 

Oct. 23 IVfountague, Henry, bur. 

1639 Oct. 13 Cart, Amey, d. of John & Amey, bapt. 
164a May 7 Iermonger, Ann, d. of William, bapt. 

May 20 Chew, Eliz., d. of Thomas, bapt. 

164.2 Dec. 18 Tho., s. of Thomas, bapt. 

104.3 Nov. 14 Iermonger, Marey, d. of Win., bapt. 

}uly 25 Plant, fohn, y c Earle of Essex seruant, bur. 

( 1 04.7-56 irregularly entered.) 

1655 Feb. 21 Cart— Wain e, William, widower, & Alice, 
wid., mar. 

1653 „ 3 Marsh, [ohn, s. of Francis & Rebecca, born, 
1656- May 23 Marshe, Jane, d. of Francis & Rebecca, bom. 

1658 Aug. 28 Bringlllirst, Mary, d. of Isaac & Susanna, born. 

1659 Dec. 16 ,, John, s. of Isaac & Susanna, born. 
164.7 Feb. 9 ' Settle, Elkanah, s. of Josias & Sarah, bapt., 

born Feb. 1 . 

1649 Dec. 31 ,, Sarah, d. of Josias & Sarah, bapt., 
born Oct. 23. 

1652 June 4. ,, Josias, s. of Josias & Sarah, bapt., 
born April 26. 

1654 July 14 ,, John, s. of Josias & Sarah, bapt., 

born July 7. 

1657 Nov. 29 ,, Jeremiah, s. of Josias, bapt. 

1664 Dec. 15 Marsh, Francis, s. of Francis, bapt. 
,, Jan. 2 Settle, Josias, s. of Josias, bapt. 

1665 Oct. 7 Lyster, Thomas, s. of Bisshop, bapt. 
















1 by 6 
















1 8 









1 684 


j 68 5 


2 1 








1 »» 


1 1 

[69 1 


1 2 




















1 700 





Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 207 
Wimpew, Samuel, s. of Nathaniel, bapt. 

Powell— Marshe, Tito mas, of St. Bartholomew's 
London, Citizen, & Mrs. Elizabeth, of this 
par., mar., by lames Pack! on, Vicar of 
Houghton, by the consent of Bishop Lystex 
Rector of Dunstable, then sicke at Kens-' 

Crawley, Martha, d. of Robert, bapt. 
Crawley, Katherine, d. of Robert, bapt. 

Rob., s. of Rob. & Jone, bapt. 

Katherine, of the p'ish of Weston, co. 

North ants, mar. 
Hogan — Stevens, Nathaniel, & Mary, mar. 
Poster— Rowland, John, of London, & Judeth, 


Bedford, Ann, d. ofWm. & Ann, bapt. 
Pomfret, John, s. of John & Elizabeth, bapt. 
Niekhill, Richard, s. of Rich. & Eliz., of 

Eckleston, co. Lane., bapt. 
Bedford, Elizabeth, d. of Wm. & Ann, bapt. 
Mason, fohn, s. of Nathaniel & Rebecca, bapt. 

Mason. Mary, d. of Nathaniel & Rebecca, bapt. 
Cecil, Hester, d. of Edward & Martha, bapt. 
Sanderson, Sarah, d. of James & Martha, bapt. 
Mason, Hannah, d. of Nathaniel & Rebecca, 

Downes— Briggs, John, citizen of London, & 
Elizabeth, mar. 

Fownes — Fownes, Joseph, of Deptford, co. 
' Kent, & Elizabeth, of Cotton in Shrop- 
shire, wid., mar. in Dunstaple church, by 
Gilbert Crokatt, curat of St. George's, 
Butolph lane, London. 

Sanderson, Matthew, s.-.of James & Martha, bapt. 
,, Anna, d. of James & Martha, bapt. 
,, Eliz., d. of James & Martha, bapt. 

Chew, Tho., of London, bur. 

Skittlethorp, Eliz., cl. of Edward & Eliz., bapt. 

Sanderson, Mary, d. of James & Martha. 

Marsh, John, gent., bur. 

John, senr., gent., bur. 


Bedfordshire Notes' and Queries. 

I 642 

Tu] v 

1 6 



- 2 

I 64*7 


1 7 
1 / 






2 + 




I 663 





2 i 









I 672 


2 1 


f une 

1 0 


1 j 


B A PT ISMS— CpMM E NCE I 6 2 8 . 

Reddell, Marie, d. of RafTe & Alice. 
John, s. of fohn & Ann. 
Ambrose, s. of Raffe & Alice. 
Alice, d. of Raffe & Alice.' 
Bray, Elizabeth, d, of Mr. Robert & Mary. 

{Desunt 1640-53.) 

Redell, Mary, d. of Master Ambrose & Rebekl 
,, Ambros, s. of Master Ambros aii J 

,, Richard, s. of Ambrose & Mary. 
,, . Thomas, s. of Ambrose Rebecca. 
Parker, William, s. of William & Eliza, 
Reddall, Lidia, d. of Ambrose & Rebecca. 
Parker, Ann, d. of William & Elizabeth. 
John, s. of ,, ,, 
Elizabeth, d. of 
Reddall, Elizabeth, d. of Richard & Eliz. 
being 1 yeare & a ([iiart 1 * old. 
„ 11 Richard, s. of Richard cV r Elizabeth. 

,, Jan. 26 ,, Agnes, d. of Ambros cS: ffrances. 

1675 Feb. 28 Joh, s. of Ambros & ffrances. 

1676 Oct. 14 ,, Thomas, s. of- Richard & Elizabeth. 


Reddle, Doryty, d. of Raph. 
Sketeltlirop, Willia', s. of William. 
Reddel, Mary, d. of Raffe. 
Style, Priscilla. 

Buncombe, Mary, d. of Mr. Giles. 
Button, Thos., Rector. 

(Desunt 1650-1652.) 
Hinghton, George, gent. 
Reddell, Mary, d. of Ralfe & Elizabeth. 
,, John, s. of Ralfe. 
An, wife of John. 
Judeth, wife of Thomas. 
„ Thomas. 

Marriages— commence 1 630, 

1630 Apr. 8 Powell — Skittlethorpe, Phillip & Alice. 
1648 Feb. 15 Presson— Pyggot, Raffe & Joan. 

{JDesunt 1649-1652.) 

[6 3H 




2 1 

> > 


1 641 



j 647 




J unc 





1 1 












1 670 



Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Biz July 25 Taylor — Collop, Humfrev, gent., & Sarah. 
jf>4 Feb. 5 Maridale — Bucking-ham, William, gent., of this 
par., & Katharine, of Flitwic.k. 

June j 6 th 1 72 1 . 

"Then Receiued of the Reverend Mr. Win. Hyde Rcct 1 ' of 
ihh Parish of Eversholt as followeth, viz. : 

li. s. J. 

Twenty fiue Guinnys of King James the Second Coin 26 5 o 
Three half Guinnys of y e s (1 Coin ... ... ... r 11 6 

Three Jacobus's ... ... ... ... ... 3 0 o 

One Jacobus a Scepter Peece ... ... ... ... 1 5 o 

Three Carolus's 1 ... ... 390 

Three Portugal Peeces ... ... ... ... 4 1 o 

All which, Amount to forty pounds and six pence, in full for 
Wainscoting Paving & Railing the Chancel! of the said Parish 
|f Eversholt, T say Received upon the Communion Table in y (1 
Said Chancell in full of all accounts by mee. 

W. Carter." 

" June 22 nd 1721 What the Knaves have Cut out from this 
Leafe is unknown to 

W m Hyde Rect r ." 

"The following years till one thousand seven hundred and 
nine I was in trouble and maliciously persecuted by must wicked 
and unreasonable men who took away all my household goods 
\v ch were considerably valuable seize! upon my Benefice and 
made me pay the land tax vi/.. twenty pounds p annum & to the 
boor & all other payments while they look all the profits and 
all this for neither debt nor any read dammage but to gratitie 
the malice of a Dutch Diocesan a Pharisee of the New reforma- 
tion & an Irish Evidence such a President as can never be 
found but in hell or in Eversall So that as to Christ'nings the 
following years were tempus obscurum to the Incumbent. 

Witness my hand W" 1 1 1 ydk Rcct r 

And Therefore whatever Christnings or Marriages may be 
entered or written in this Book or any other Register belonging 
to this Parish dureing the time whether two years or more the 
Interlopers ursurped this parish from me 1 pronounce them 
suspitious & uncertain. 

W M Hyde." 


1626 Sep. 6 Woode — Cokkine, John, of Fiolwcll, and Rosse 
of Charrington [Cardington], mar. 
vol. 111. 14 

2\o Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

1636 Jan. 16 Henley, John, parson of Holwell, bur. 

" The real] & peacable possession of tie I 
church of Holhvell was giuen by mt ; 
Charles Laurence Rector cccl: de Stondotj 
to Goddard Scour field vppon the foure 
& twentieth day of Januarie An H Dni 1636 j 
in the p'sence of those whose names a,ig • 
here vnder written : 

Charles Laurence. Thomas Wealle. 

Tho: Rotherham. Richard Street." 
" Memoranda I Goddard Scourfield read 
the Booke of Articles agreed on in y< 
Convocation holden at London in y L ' yeere 
of our lord god 1562: in my parish church 
of Holwell the 2 <> Ul of January Anno da 

1637 Feb. 22 Scourfield, John, s. of Goddard & Frances, 

bapt. Bur. 26 Feb. 
1642 Nov. 22 ,, Frances, d. of Goddard & Frances, 


1645 Mar. 5 William, s. of Goddard & Frances, 

bapt. Bur. 28 Apr. 1647. 

1647 May 13 Coningham, Robert, s. of Vivian, gent., and 

Mary, bapt. 

1648 8 Scourfield, Susanna, d. of Goddard & Frances, 

bapt. Bur. 1 <S J une. 

1649 June 28 Cuningham, James, s. of Vivian, gent., and 

Mary, bapt. 

[650 Apr. 1 1 Ausell — Winch, Charles cv Fliza'bcth, mar. 
1651 May 12 Cunningham, K ranees, d. of Vivian, gent., and 
Mary, bapt. 

1658 May 20 Dequester— -Hanscomb, Matthew, gent., and 

Mary, wid., mar. 
,, Nov. 13 Clinton, widdow, of Holhvell berry, bur. 
1659, Oct. 20 Dequester, Elizabeth, d. of Matthew & Mary, 


1660 Apr. 30 Alsop — Lilley, George, citizen, & Mary, mar. 
May 16 Radyard — Scourfield, John & Mary, mar. 
Oct. 23 Scourfield, Frances, wife of Goddard, bur. 

1661 May 16 Halsey — Briggs, William, of Luton, gent., and 

Sarah, of y e same, mar. 
„ July 20 Readyard, John, s. of John, bapt. 
,, Aug. 15 Dequester, Jacob, s. of Matthew & Mary, bapt. 
,, Feb. 4 Stone — Loe, Richard, gentleman, & Dorothie, 


1667 Apr. 20 Readyard, Thomas, s. of John, bapt. 
16G8 Sep. 8 Conquest, Frances, d. of William, bur. 

{Desunt 1671-167.3.) 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. ■ 211 

1676 Jan. 3 Crawley-— Hanscombe, John & Lydia, mar. 
K77 Sep. 20 Heaclyard, Mary, wife of John, bur, 
$90 Apr. 9 Brocket, Robert, bur. 

1695 Mar. 20 Anscell, Edward, s. of Nicholas, gent., & Ann, 

j 72 1 Jan. 21 Edwards, Sarah, d. of Edw. [Rector], bapt. 

• Bur. 29 Jan. 
1723 Mar. 25 ,, Edward, s. of Edward, bapt. 

1724. Mar. 29 Fitzjohn, Mary, d. of Mr., of Baldock, bur. 
f 7 5 3 June 28 Anit — Denton, George, elk., & Rosamond, 

N.B. — This vol. ends at the year 1765, from which date to 
j 8 i 1 the registers are missing. 

%mm TBeDfotDsIjirc Wills* 

Abstracted from the Original Wills, and certified copies, at 
the District Court of Probate, NortJianipton. 

(Continued from p. 188.) 

TilOMAS \ 1:1.1:, of Yielden, 16 Sept. 1532. To be bur. 
in the church of Yielden in St. Katherine's Chapel. To 
my wife all my lands in Nether Deene and over Deene, 
in newenton brownswokle, for life, remainder to son Thomas 
and his heirs, in default to son Richard & his heirs, to 
whom he also gives all his lands & tents, in Buckingham- 
shire and in the town of Yelden, also the castell close in 
Yelden. Mentions Jane, d. of his s. .Richard. To v priests 
for v masses xx d ; To my priest for iiij masses xxj a . 
Makes Emeling his wife & Richard his s. exors. Sir 
John St. John, Master Ric. Throgmorton, sqwere, Master 
William Lee, squere, to be overseers. Witnesses, Gabriel 
Penington, gent., Sir Rich. Impey, Thomas Butler, John 
Bromfielde, &c. Pr. 4 Dec. 1532. 

William Norton, 26 Oct. 1538. To be bur. in ch'yard 
of Streatley. Elizabeth my wife, my 2 daurs. Elizabeth 
his wife to be extrix. Witness, Sir John Cavvte, vicar of 
Streatley. Pr. 23 Nov. 1538. 


2 1 2 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Robert Norton, of Sharpenhoc, yeoman, 28 Dec 155K, 
To be. bur. in Streatley ch'yard. Ment ions brother ThomasS 
Norton, s. Thos. To d. Alice 20s. Cousin Thomas Nor™ 
s. & h. of his brother Thomas, }, an acre of land holden tfa 
the manor of Sharpenhome. Brother Edward) sister Alice, 
cousen Jane, d. of brother Richard. To his 5 godchildren 
viz. Barnabas, s. of his bro. Thos., Isaak, s. of his bro. John/ 
Tlios., s. of brother Richard, &c, to each one bullock § 
Mentions Mark, s. of brother Mark. Appoints brother?* 
Richard and William exors. Br. at Woburn 23 Oct. 1 5 59. 

Agnes Norton, of Streatley, widow, 15 Jan. 1583. To 
be bur. in the ch'yard of Streatley. To s. William £5, &c, 
to s. John £6, to s. Thomas £5, to d. Agnes £5, to d. Jane 
£5, & to youngest d. Margaret £5, &c. To my husband's 
s. [saack Norton a flitch of bacon & to each of his 2 children 
$s. apiece. Makes s. William exor., neighbour William | 
Morcton to be supervisor. Proved 10 Feb. 1583. 

William Nicholls, of .Stagsden, gent, 12 Jan. 1669, 
To eld. da. Elizabeth Faldoe £200 & 2 pieces of old gold. 
To youngest d. Katherine N. £500, i e. of Sir Anthony 
Chesher, of Chichely, co. Bucks, £200 due me by security 
of a judgment, & of Mr. Richard Worrall, of Newport 
Bagnell, sd. co. £100 due me upon bond, & of John 
Chibnall of Sherington in sd. co. £50, due upon bond, & 
of him more £50 & of Hugh Smyth, of Sherington, afsci, 
upon bond L'50, & of Mr. Marston, of Harrold, £50. To 
sd. da. Katherine all my silver plate &c, & a piece of gold. 
To brother Richard N. £5, & to the poor of Stagsden 20.C 
Appoints s. Faldoe, & da. Elizabeth, joint exors. Cozen 
Roger Chapman to be trustee. Pr. 13 June 1070. Admin, 
gtd. to William Faldo & Cath. N. 

Judith Owen, of Oakley, wick, 18 Nov. 1663. To bo 
bur. on the ancient place of burial where my ancestors 
formerly hath been bur. in the par. ch. of Pertenhall. To 
sister Martha, wife of Robert Faldo, £10 ; to Francis Grey, 
of Wellingborowe, gent., £20 ; to my nephews John Symon, 
and Walter Grey, £10 ea. ; to niece Heme, of Godmanchester, 
co. Hunts, £10; to nephew Symon Grey, of Pertenhall, 
£20 ; to niece Grey, of Pertenhall, wife of Symon, 4 rings 
and £3 ; to nephew Robert Marriett, £20; to goddaur. 
Eliz'th, da. of W'm. Marriott, £10 ; to cosen Faldo, wife of 
Osbert Faldo, 4Cb\ ; to goddaur. Judith Macham, £4; to 
Frances Bell, 2 silver spoons. To the poor of Ashton, of 
Pertenhall, and of Oakley 20 s.; ea, & to brother-in-law 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries, 


Robert Faldo, 20s. to buy a ring. Makes Margaret Marriett 
Sole extrix. Pr. 31 Aug. 1664. 

John Pooley, of Biddenhan^ Dom. in A Ibis, 1506. 
To Dame Agnes FitzGeferey, 4s. ^d. ; [Catherine Fitzhugh, 
20//. ; William Erneys & Joanne his wife, my da., $s. <\d. 
Mentions s. John Pooley; John, my other s. Appoints wife 
Johan, s. John, and Win. Erneys exors. Witnesses Mr.* 
Robert Holitrcholme, Rector of Biddenham, &c. Pr. 
2 May, 1506. 

Johanna Pooley, of Biddenham, vid., 29 Dec. 1509. 
To be bur. in ch'yard of St. James, Biddenham. To s. John 
Pooley certain bequests ; to wife of sd. John one black 
girdle. Mentions John Erneys ; Thomas Pooley ; Margaret 
ppoiey of Chicksands; John Pooley, sen., son of John, my s. ; 
Robert Pooley, John junior, s. of John, my s. Residue to s. 
John. Pr. J 2 Jan. 1 509. 

ROBERT PARADINE, of Bedford, 2 May, 1600. To wife 
Mary his dwelling-house, &C, after her decease to eld. s. 
Thomas P. ; to s. Robert, £50 ; to all his other children, 
Edward, William, Mary, George, Elizabeth, John, Sarah 
ik Dorothy Paradine, to each £50. Son Tlios. to be sole 
exor. Overseers, William Newton, Humphrey Newton, & 
William Johnson. Pr. 4 Oct. 1610. 

Mary Paradine, of Bedford, widow, 1 Nov. 161 3. To 
iny 10 children .£20 apiece. Son Thomas to be sole exor. 
Mentions bros. -in-law Mr. William Newton, Air. Humphrey 
Newton, Mr. William Johnsonne, ''supervisors of my late 
husband's will." Pr. 2 Apr. 1614. 

Oliver Peacock, of Keyshoe, husbandman, 26 Apr. 
161 5. To Wife Grace two chests ; to s. Nicholas & d. 
Eliz'th P. .£40 apiece; to Robert, Isabel, Elizabeth & 
Margaret, 4 children of my da. Margaret Diecons, 10s. in 
money each. Mentions s. Henry, Brother Henry 1'eacock. 
To Servant Edward Peacock, 20i\ Residue to wife Grace, 
and s. Henry, whom he appoints exors. Bro. Henry P., 
Mr. Oliver St. John & Michael Hayes to be overseers. Pr. 
7 Oct. 1615. 

Dorothy Paradine, late wife of Will'm P., gent., of 
Bedford, nunc, will, 16 Jan. 161 5. To grandchild Thomas 
P. & his children, & to his bros. & sisters, all tier goods 
& chattels to be divided equally. Appoints said Thomas 
sole exor. Pr. 5 May, 161 6. 

THOMAS Par rate of the Vyne, Luton, gent., 20 Sept. 
1620. To be bur. in Luton ch. near to where lather lies 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

bur. To repairs of Luton ch. £5, poor of Luton £5 ami 
to Mr. Bird, vicar, 13s. ^d. to preach at my burial. To 
wife Elizabeth £100 & all hk household stuff; to brothu' 
John Parratt all horses, carts, ploughs, &c, and to 3 sisters, 
Elizabeth Pruddon, Judith Prior, Audriell Sybley, £io 
apiece. To the 4 children of Eliz, Pruddon and to the 
2 children of Audriell Sybley £20 apiece. To uncle 
Robert Parratt, gent., £20 & to his s. Thomas my godson 
£10. To all the other children of my uncle Robert 40*. 
apiece ; to s. -in-law John Carter £10.; to godson William 
Pilgrim 40^. ; to poor of Shillington, & of Lilley co. Herts, 
40s. ea. ; bro. -in-law Edward Sybley to be sole exor. 
Witnesses John Beecher, Thomas Winch, John Atwood. 
Pr. 7 Nov. 1620. Edw. Sybley renounced & admon. granted 
to John Parratt, brother of testator. 

William Payne, of Podington, gent., 6 Apr. 1624. 
To be bur. in the chancel of Podington, Niece Sybel 
Yelverton my next heire & sole d. of Francis Payne gent, 
my brother, all farms & tenements &c. in Podington, 
also lands in Irthlingboro, now in the tenure of William 
Duncombc gent., also lands in Eynesbury, co. Plunts, at 
Higham Ferrers, a tenement at Uppingham, lands at 
Bcoly, co. Wore. & lands at Wootton Wan-en, co. Warw. 
To wife Sibell the Rectory & parsonage of Podington for 
life ; to Walter s. of Walter Child of Bristol deed. £100; 
to sister Child a mourning gown & £20 ; to Richard 
Child a mourning ring; to godson Thomas Fitzieoffrey 
40s, ; to William s. of Paul C.obbe a mourning cloak ; to 
sister Cobbe a- gold ring ; to nephew Whittaker & his 
wife, and to nephew Oliver Cobb, 20s. each ; cousin 
Richard Payne ; to godson Oliver St. John 4CW., and to his 
father 20s. ; and to cousins Arthur & Roger Goodday, 
Nicholas Knight, nephew William Bletsoe a ring of gold 
value 20s. each. Residue to wife Sibell & Richd. Child ; 
Richd. Child to be exor. Pr. 20 Apr. 1624. 

ROBERT Pairatt, of Mepersall, gent., 21 Jan. 1637. 
To be bur. by father in Shillington church. To eld. s. 
Francis a great long table. To daurs. Mary Lawrence, 
Douglas, Dinah Sidebothan, Ellen, & Elizabeth Luke, I2d, 
apiece. To grandchild Dorothy Taylor 2s. 6d. Residue 
to wife Eliz'th., sole extrix. Pr. 20 Feb. 1637. 

OLIVER PECK, of Harrowden, in Cardington, gent., 13 
Nov. 1647. To wife Elizabeth all his goods and household 
stuff, &c. To s. Oliver all the lands purchased by my 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Father John P. in Cardington. To s. Thomas a messuage 
sn Harrowden, also lands in Staploe. To s. John 7 acres of 
arr. land in Cople, &c. To d. JudiJ.h Maryott £60 ; sons- 
in-law William Whitbread, & Thomas Maryott, 10s. apiece. 
To bro.-in-law, Mr. John Clarke, 4CW. Son John P. to be 
sole exor. & res. leg. Pr. 2 Apr. 1 65 1 . 

William Paley, of Bedford, gent, 25 Aug. 1652. To 
be bur. in St. Mary's Ch. To s. Thomas P. a house in 
Bedford ; mentions s.-in-l. John Beaumont & Kath. (my 
da.) his wife. To d. Mary wife of Edw. Symes 2C\s\, & 
to d. Margaret, £20. Residue to wife Katherine, sole cxtrix. 
Pr- 4 Oct 1652. 

Sarah Paradine, of Bedford, spr., 23 Aug. 1658. To 
Uncle John P. £20 ; to his s. my cousin Robert P. £300 ; 
to his s. William £50 ; & to Mary his da. £100. To cousin 
John Hadley, s. of my uncle John H., & to the children of 
my uncle Robert Hadley £50 to be equally divided among 
them. To children of my cousin Thomas P. son of my 
uncle Thomas P. £60 ea. To cousin Anne, wife of William 
Geary, £6 ; & to Marie, niece of my nurse, Goodwife Field, 
of Goldington, £io. To the overseers of the poor of S. 
Paul's par. £50 to remain in their hands & their successors 
for ever. To cousins Robert P., John Crawley, alderman, of 
Bedford, and their heirs, all my lands and tenements in 
Bedford on Trust to pay the above legacies. Mentions 
wife of cousin Crawley, d. of William Goodwyn. Cousin 
Robert 1\ & his bro. William I', to be exors. and res. legs. 
To be bur. in S. Paul's Ch. near graves of my father & 
mother. Pr. 23 Oct. 1660. 

HUGH Pkitchard, of Melchbourne, gent, 2 Sep. 1657. 
To aunt Morrice, at Crisselton, co. Chester, £5 ; to John 
William, of Higham, £2 & my old sute and coate ; to the 
wife of William Pritchard, of Northampton, and his da. £5 
between them. To the wife of William Boomer & to 
— Kelly, of London, £2 each. To the wife of William 
Ibbut, the da. of Gregory Woodfall, & the da. of John 
Gudgen's, icw apiece. 'To the son of Gregory Woodfall, 
my godson, 40?. The sum of £5 to be laid out in gloves 
and Ribben, to be distributed at discretion of my exors. 
To the poor of Mekhborne, Yielding, Bletsoe, and Riseley 
30J\ each. Residue to friend John Carter, of Melchborne, 
& William Pritchard, of Northampton, whom J appoint 
sole exors. Pr. 1 June, 1669. 

Oliver PECK, of Cardington, gent, nunc, will, ob. c 



Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

jo May, 1676. About 3 or 4 days before his death did 
declare unto Mr. John Pecke, his brother, as follows: 
He did give to John, Henry, cv Judith, the children of the 
said Mr. John P., £2$ in equal shares ; & to Thomas & 
Elizabeth, the children of his brother Mr. Thos. P., £\\ 
in equal shares; & to Alice Bromsall a silver spoon; & 
to Mrs. Dorothy Peck, the wife of the said Mr. John, 
his gold ring & a 22s. piece of gold ; & unto his bro,, 
Mr. Thos. P., a IQS. piece of gold ; & to his niece 
Mrs. Eliz'th Whitbread, do. ; & to his brother, Mr. John 
P., his watch. Pr. 15 Aug. 1676. Admon. gtd. to eld. bro. 

JoriN PlGGOTT, of Sampsill, in Westoning, yeoman, 
7 Nov. 1676. To daus. Mary, Jane, & Eliz'th, £""50 a piece; 
to s. John £$ ; to da. Ann (wife of Samuel Tidd), £20. 
Residue to wife Ann, sole extrix. Pr. j May, 1679. 

THOMAS PlGGOTT, of Westoni.nge, 28 Feb. 1678. To 
eld. s. Thos. my sealed gold ring, & my silver tobacco 
box, also to him & his heirs my freehold house & lands 
in W. ; in default of heirs to s. W. P., to whom he 
bequeaths a close of pasture called Barnefields, in Har- 
lington, after the decease, of his wife Jane. To da. Ann 
Pepiat, X50; to s.-in-l. Thos. Beetch, £$ ; to Thomas 
Beetch, my grandchild, £15, and, Lo William B., my grand- 
child, £$. To da. jane Sanders, £50, & ^50 to her 5 
children in equal portions, & to da. Mary Beamond £$§. 
To. s. Alexr. 1'. .630 if he returns from sea & demands it. 
To Jane d. of said Alex. P. '£20 ; tu VVm. Cockin, 40s.] 
to wife jane all my household stuff; to Thomas and Ann, 
2 of the children of my bro. Chr. P., 40s. ea. ; to 
goddaur. Mary Lcnthrupp, $s. Makes wife fane & s. 
William exors. Pr. 3 Dec. 1679, 

JOHN POULTON, of Hockliffc, gent., 18 Feb. 1689. To 
be buried in PI. ch. To wife Ann all my estate in Hock- 
liffe during widowhood, reversion to s. Edward. To s. 
Nathaniel P. i| acr. arr. land, in Winfield & £$6. Wile 
Ann to be sole extrix. & res. leg. Pr. 28 Apr. 1 690. 

Ursula RAINOLS, of Bedford, wid. To be bur. in 
chancel of S. Paul's Bcdf. near my first husband, Mr. John 
Stanton. Imprimis to Mrs. Crowley my wedding ring-, 
to Sibell J eyes other rings, to the wife of Mr. William 
Fitzhugh my best petticote. Item to Goodwife Jeyes the 
'best of my Carsie gownes and my cloake. Item I give 
to Goodwife Mercer my grcene penistone petticote. Item 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


1 k'ive vnto widdow Bcnnit of St. Peter's, my red shag 
petticote and my stock of Bees. Item I give to Alse 
.Austin my worst petticote. Item I give to Good wife 
Bardoll my old red vvascote. Item I give to Elsabcth 
flcyes my wrought wascote. Item 1 give unto Mr. 
Theodore Crowley, Viccar of the Church of St. Paul's, 
Bedford, all the rest of goods vnbequeathed and make him* 
full executor of this my last will and testament. In 
vvitnesse whereof I have here vnto sett my hand and scale 
this 19th day of March, 163 1. Pr. 7 Jan. 1632. 

JOHN. RlSELY, of Bedford, gent. 10 Apr. 1670. To 
John, s. of my s. Robert, £600, to cozen Robert R. his 
4 children, Robert, John, William and Mary the wife of 

* Carter, ,£20 ea., to cozen Elizabeth Skelton, d. of 

my brother James, £3, to cozen Mary Fenne, d. of my 
brother James R. afsd. 40s., to cozen Abraham Freeman 

• £ , to Petty, 40s. To my friends Francis 

Beckett, Thomas Alderman and Thomas Harding, £5 ea., 
makes them overseers. Cod. dated 24 Apr. 1670, sundry 
legacies to servants, to poor of Bedford £7, to Mr. Brad- 
shaw, minister of God's Word 46s., and 20s. more to preach 
my funeral sermon. Pr. 15 Apr. 1670. 

Ralph Redd all of [Eversholt f] To da. Alice R. 
— hundred pounds, s. Ambrose 11., to poor of Eversholt 
40.9. Residue to s. Ambrose. Pr. ..... 1670. j' 

Francis Reeve, of Biddenham, gent. 29 June, 1689. 
To every one of my sister Clarke's children £10, to Eliza- 
beth Hammond of Bedford, spr. d. of Rich. H., £50, to 
nephew Edward Todd of Willingtqn, £10, to niece Eliza- 
beth Bays of Sharnbrook £10, to Robert Pope, of London, 
silk stocking weaver, s. of Alice Pope, £50, to Win, Boteler, 
Esq. and Elix'th his wife, and Hellen their da., to Wm. 
Fairer, of 11, Esq. and to Mr. Joseph Hanmer, minister 
of Biddenham, a ring of the value of 20s. each. To the 
churchwardens of B. £10 to buy a piece of church plate 
to be used at the time of the Administration of the blessed 
Sacrament. To Wm. Woodmansey, of Stagsden, 30s., to 
every one of the servants being with my master, Wm. 
Boteler, Esq., ick. ea. Residue to Wm, Farrer, Esq., s. 
and h. app. of Thomas F. Esq., of Ailcsbury, co. Bucks, 
sole exor. Pr. 1 Aug. 1.689. 

* Will torn at margin, 
f Will darn aged. 

] I lie was bur. at Eversholt, 27 Dee. 1670. | 



Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Rands, Thomas, of Radwcll, in par. Fclmcrsham, 27 
Jan. 1545. To be bur. in parish church of Eelmersham, 
before the chancell, near the monument of my wife. To 
s. John & his heirs male, my manor of Radwell. To 
daurs. Alice, Margery, and to John — effern and Eliz'th his 
wife, my da. £$ .each. Residue to John s. & heir, sole 
exor., George Danyel, Esq., to be overseer. Proved 8 Jcitu 

Jane Rotheram,. of Harlington, widow, 31 Oct. 1546. 
To be bur. in Harlington church. To Mistress Elizabeth 
Cheyney a pair of hue sheets, my da. As t rye one fine 
sheet, my da. Wingate a ring, &c, my da. Payre 2 gowns. 
To Ralph Astrye, my son, a coffer standing at Hitchin, 
and all my chattels at my brother Robert Pigott's. To 
cousin Thos. Pigott £6, to the youngest cl. of my brother 
Rbt. Pigott £6 13s. 4d., to Master Wingate of Harlington 
3-y 4^/., and to my da. Wyngate's son George Wingate 
26s. 8</. Makes Ralph Astrie, son, sole exor., Edmund 
Wyngate supervisor. Witnesses Margaret Wyngate, Alice 
Astrye, Edmund Wyngate, Elizabeth Wyngate, &c. Pr. 
22 Dec. i 546. 

George Rotheram, of Luton, gent., the cider, 25 

May, .1579. To be bur. in Luton church near where my 
wife was bur. To s. John my house at Thralles end, and 
to s. William my best gowne. Residue to wife Agnes, 
sole extrix. George Rotheram, of Parley, ec William 
Home, clerk, to be overseers. Proved to July, 1579. 

agcmumcntal inscription?. 

(Continued from p. 186.) 

"Thomas Boundy Wigornensis | Eccl : ' dc Shelton | 
annos circiter xxxiii Rector | obijt Aug. 23, 1691 | Hoc 
paternae pietatis memor | primogenitus Petrus, hujus 
eccl' pastor posuit | qui obijt 30 0 Maii 1730 | Quali's erant 
die postrema indicabit." 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


"B.M.S. I Richardt et Annae Hood conjugum | 
Alterius honesta familia oriundi in | civitate Wigornia 
Filiae alterius Tl iomae TayloK de Huntingdon clerici | 
que statu in conjugal i cum annu et | plus compleyerat 
1 ientissime reddidit | pverpera unicu anion's pignus 
praecarq' | conjugi relinquens filia Anno aetatis iii° | 
Christi MDCLXIX." 

" Mic juxta conditur | JOHN NEAL | de Deane in 
Comitatu Bedford ar. | Primogenitus ex decern liberis | 
Johannis Nealc Armig: qui Uxorem | dux it Ann AM filia 
HENRICI CROMWELL | de Upwood in Comitatu Hunt, 
armig. | ex qua nati erant duo filij lOHANNES | HENRICUS 
ires filiae Anna | Bridgetta Elizabetha | Natus 20° 
decern b. 161 2 | Denatus 28 0 , Octob. 1680 | Vir bonus 
et pius." 

JOSEPH NEALE of London, Esq. s. of John Neale of 
Nether-Dean, Esq. gave ^20 a year in lands for founding 
a charity school in this parish 27 Aug. 1702. He ob. at 
London 23 Apr. 17 10, 

There was also a brass to Dom. Robert Parker, Rector 
of Dean & Preb. of St. Mary's Salop, w ho died in 1501. 


Most of the Inscriptions in this church have appeared 
111 print, and are to be found in the. following works : 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries ^ vol. i. p. 72. 
Topographer and Genealogist, vol. i. p. 68. 
Bibliotkeca Topographica Brittaniea, vol. viii. p. 171. 

The last-named collection contains several errors, some of 
which I here correct : 

p. 172, No. 11, for Alcec read Alee. 

p. 174, No. 16, should read thus ; 

©f no* tfymti piMp fov tlje goulrei of ftu&atft pmifoID 1 
an& sdpargacet \m topf flic \v\juht KuljarD DcccoorD | the 
jrjmi tiap of Mmitmbn in tlic pm of our loiD goD I 
9&V®$%17di ou \v\jo$z mu\f$ Jfiu Sane nirccn, amnn 

p. 178, No. 33, for aged 75 read aged 52. 
p. 179, No. 34, „ aged 85 „ aged 65. 
p. 182, No. 40, „ 1668 1698. 



Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

As some alterations were being carried out, I was imab|§ 
to take a complete survey of the monuments, of which 
there are a considerable number, but 1 was able to cop)* 
a few which have not yet been printed, as under : 

"Near this place lye the bodies of | Dan I EL & JoilN 
Marsh e (-Sons of Francis Marshe of Dunstable Gent:! 
DANIEL the elder was an Attorney at Law | and dyed 
June the 20th 17 12 Aged 60. | JOHN was a Physician ancj 
dyed May | the 4th 1700 Aged 42 | .Both of them Eminent 
in their Professions | of unshaken Fidelity to the Crown, 
and true | members of the Church of England. | They livel 1 
belov'cl and dyed lamented by | all that know them, ami 
particularly by | their sister Mrs. I AN E Maushe who in 
memory of them erected this | monument." 

Arms. — Per pale gu. and az., a horse's head couped ar. 
between three quatrefoils or. 

" In I grateful remembrance | of Jane MARSH a worthy 
inhabitant | for many years of the parish of Dunstable 
who I died unmarried 30 th of August 1 730 and was | 
youngest daughter of Francis MARSH I Gentleman by 
REBECCA his wife daughter I of John Briggs formerly of 
this Town. | This monument I is here | placed." 

" In Memory | of GEORGE MADDISON Esquire | who 
departed this life | January the 3rd 1806 | Aged 76." 

"Here lyes the Rod>' of | Mr. William Garnett | 
who departed this life the y ] | of May 1731 Aged 83 
years, 1 Here also lyes the body of I ELIZABETH HEMIER 
niece | of Mr. William Garnett | who died Sept. the 9th 
1777 Aged CS3." 

"Sacred to the Memory | of the | Rev' 1 . SOLOMON 
PlGGOTT, A.M. I Rector of Dunstable. | lie died April 
27 th [845 I Aged 66 years." 


tc l9ic facet trim dBIcna Matoton quontinm Ovomi Dm' 
^bomc aHaUiton miltttgfi otic obur foo hit nmm fcbuinni 
^0 Dm mtlmo €€€€lbw Cm» ammc ppmctw txu$ 

m\t+" — Brass. 

" Here vnder lyeth interrd the body of | M rs . ELIZABETH 
BRAKIN late wife to IoiIN | BRAKIN of Eaton Socon in 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

22 I 

Ipe County of | Bedford Esq 1 ', who departed this life | the 
|§ tl » of November Anno Dni 1655. | Before whom was 
m this place bvried | M rs . Elizabeth Brakin, their davghter, | 
who died the 28 th of December | Annoq' Dni 1650." 

"Here lies M r . OLIVER I BEVERLEY of Becwra | the 
Jni of S K James J Beverley the hosbon | of M is Jane 
BEVERLEY I He died the 30 | day of April 1666." 

"M.S. I Alexandri Blake Armigeri, | cujus reliquae 
Be sunt depositae | Filius fuit HUMPHREDI BLAKE I de 
IJridgewater in comitatu Somersetensi | Generosi : et inter 
quatuordecim fratres | Natu minimus. | Quorum primo- 
ifcnitus fuit celeberrimus | I lie Robertas Blake Anglorum 
[Hal as siarch | Que memorabiles illas victorias | Et de 
Batavis et Hispanis reportavit | llic ctiam et primam et 
jecundam vitae | Temporis partem— am bellica gloria 
patriae | Tertiam sibi ipse — mpertiebat | Annoq' dome 
1690 aetatis suae 73 liu | In pace obiit aeternum in pace 

"Here | Lies the Body of | JOHN DANVERS of Basmead 
Esq. one | of the sons of I Samuel Danvers | of | Svvitli- 
land in y e Count)' | of Leicester Esq 1 ', who | departed this 
Life Sep 1 . | the 1 5 th 1741." 


IT docs not often happen, I suppose, for a monument 
once set up in Westminster Abbey to be disestablished 
and to find a resting-place in a quiet country church, but 
that such an unusual occurrence has actually happened 
is proved by the following extract from the Diary of 
Mr. Toole, Master-Mason of the Abbey, 1 824-1 875 : 

" 1868. The monument of Dame Elizabeth Carteret 
(a pretty monument, 17 j 7), next the north side of 
the organ, had become loose and ruinous ; it was 
taken down and sent to Haynes, near Bedford, the 
residence of the then Sub-dean, who was the repre- 
sentative of the Carteret family." 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

The lady to whose memory this monument was erected 
was (as Col. Chester tells us in his Westminster Abbq 
Registers) " dau. of Sir Edward Carteret, Knt., Gentleman 
Usher of the Black Rod in the reign of K. Charles 1L, 
by Elizabeth, d. of Robert Johnson, Esq., Alderman of 
London. She was born 30 Dec. 1663, and baptized at 
St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Micldx., 12 Jan. following, 
married (Mar. Lie. Vic. Gen. 25 Apr. 1676), in her 
thirteenth year, with her father's consent, her kinsman 
Sir Philip Carteret, second Rait, of St. Ouen, who died 
in 1693, and their only son was born about three years 
later." She died 26 March, 1717, and was buried at 
Westminster Abbey 29 March following'. 

Hunt, of Chalversterne, in Ronton.— On a stone 
slab on the top of a high brick tomb in the churchyard of 
the Church of the Holy Ghost, Basingstoke, is the following 
inscription. Some of the lettering having become almost 
illegible renders it next to impossible to decipher the whole 
of it. C. H.M. 

" Here rests | the body of IoilN 'CUFAN.DE, of Cufande 
descended from the | Ancient Family of y° Cufandes of 
Cufande in the County of | Southampton Esq: who married 

Anne Hunt to Roger Hunt of Chawton in the 

County of Bedford Esq. | He died y e 23 of Nov. 1701 | 
Cuius anima [ ? propicietur] Deus. |* This monument was 
dedicated | to his memory by his | loving wife." 

Arms. — Four, bars and a canton ; on an inescutcheon of 
pretence. A chevron within a bordure engrailed. 

BATTLESDEN.- — On a chalice in the possession of the 
Rector of Battlesden is an inscription as follows : 

" The Gift of Eliz th Reynes for ye use of ye Sacrament 
in ye Parish of Battlesden in Bedford Shire 1696." 

She was the ninth daughter of Nathaniel Reynes, B.D, 
instituted to Battlesden 28th July 1629. He was also 
Rector of Fryern-Barnet, co. Middx. 

* This is a late instance of the survival of the use of Prayer for the 
Departed. — Ed. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 



Newland and Ewer Families. — T should be glad 
m receive any information tending to throw light on the 
Xcwiand family, from whom sprang the eminent cashier 
of the Bank of England — Abraham Newland — who died, ♦ 
I believe, about 1807. Contemporary with Abraham 
Xcwiand was a Mr. Ewer, one of the Governors of the 
pine Bank and a Member of Parliament, whose utterances, 
so far as they have come down to us, show 7 great worldly 
wisdom. 1 think he must have been one of the Luton 
Ewers. Abraham Newland— as man)' people know — died 
possessed of a very considerable fortune, and though never 
married was a man of great kindness of disposition and 
generous instincts. His wealth had been acquired by the 
Steady and continued application of great business ability, 
and its disposal marked the man, for he forgot no friend — 
great or small- -nor passed by any relative that was known 
to him. Indeed, his good deeds lived after him. His 
relations ultimately came into the bulk of his great wealth, 
and, in addition to present bequests, they were made his 
residuary legatees. One of those legatees married John 
Limbery, of Bleakhall and Putteridge, and for her second 
husband William Ewer, of Limbury and White Hill. 
1 am desirous of finding out whether tins Mrs. Limbery, 
|ftei"\vards Mrs. Ewer, was a Miss Eountaine, a Miss 
JFossey, a Miss Stevens, a Miss Edwin, a Miss Taylor, or 
a Miss Stratford. I shall be glad of any reliable in- 
formation that traces the history and descent of those and 
other local families thereabout, nor will any intelligent 
or far-seeing person think the enquiry impertinent, for the 
day is surely coming when the value of timed}' -gathered 
information will be appreciated. Beyond the above my 
quest for the moment is more particularly to trace the 
ancestry of Daniel Ewer, who settled at Stopsley near 
about 1770. He was then about thirty-five years of age, 
having been born in 1735. My enquiry therefore is circa 
of this latter date, and refers to a William Ewer, the 
lather of the above-named Daniel Ewer, of Stopsley. That 
William Ewer is said to have suffered a reverse of fortune, 
and in some way to have lost his estate. My desire is to 
trace him to his old home, which I suppose was situated in 
the vicinity — that is, between Luton and Hitchiri. Possibly 

2 24 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

there art! collateral branches of the family existing, and 
should any note of mine meet the eye; of any to whcjji 
the name of Ewer is known, ,and they can .assist me id 
tracing the Ewer family of the past, I shall be much 
obliged by their communicating with me direct. 

D. Geo. Bruton, 

Bedfords, Havering, Romford. 


Skeyingtons of Bedfordshire. — In answer to the 
query in the April number oi Bedfordshire Notes and Oucrits, 
I can give the following information:- — My great-grandfather, 
Thomas Skevington, of Newton Blossomvillc, co. Bucks,, 
married Christian, eldest daughter of the Rev. Edmond 
Williamson, Rector of Milbrook. They were married at 
Westminster, 1777, as is shown by a letter, which I have, 
written by Thomas Skevington on the occasion, to his 
brother Carter Skevington, and sister Anne Skevington, 
who then lived at Boxend, Kemps ton. Thomas Skevington 
w as the son of Thomas Skevington, also of New ton Blos- 
somvillc, who married Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress 
ot William Carter, of Turvey and Kempston. Thomas 
and Christian Skevington left only two children, Elizabeth 
Christian, who married Thomas Kidman, solicitor, of Bed- 
ford, and Anne Skevington, who died unmarried at St. 
Mary's. Bedford. The Newton Skevingtons were a branch 
of the Skevingtons of Skevington, as is evidenced by their 
arms on some plate still in our possession, viz. Quarter!)" 
Ermine and Argent, three Fusils Gules, in fesse. Some of 
the Skevingtons having, after the. marriage of Thomas, son 
of Sir William Skevington, Lord Deputy of Ireland, with 
Margaret Stanhope, adopted the arms of Stanhope instead 
of their original coat (Argent, three Bulls' Heads erased, 
sable). The Skevingtons of Newton also used the same 
crest as the Skevingtons of Skevington — a Mermaid. 
Newton is in Buckinghamshire, but is only separated from 
Bedfordshire by the river Ouse. 

T. Carter Mitchell, F.S.A.. 

Topclifte, Yorks. 




The five following deeds, which have recently come into 
tnv possession, are interesting in connection with the name 
of Bonyan, a name inseparably connected with Bedford. 
The Thomas Bunyon who signs them was the grandfather 
of John Bunyan, the author of " The Pilgrim's Progress/' 
etc. Anne Bidkin seems quickly to have consoled herself 
jfor the loss of her husband John Bidkin, shepherd, lor as 
he only made his will the 7th of October, 1631, and she 
signs the first deed of the series, as wife of Thomas Bonyon, 
on the 27th of August, 1632, the marriage must have taken 
place some time during the interval. She was his third 
wife and it woidd seem that he left his own home to take 
up his residence with his new wife. His son Thomas had 
recently, in 1627, married again, and was rearing a family ; 
possibly they did not look very favourably upon the new 
.stepmother, hence we may conclude that Thomas Bonyon 
resolved to give up his old home to his son, and to make 
himself comfortable with his third Wife in the home which 
she, out of her love and affection, made him a present 
of. The last deed I have given the pith of, as it was too 
long to insert in full. Subjoined is a short pedigree 
of the Bunyan family, compiled from Dr. Brown's "John 

F. A . B. 

VOL. 111. 



Bedfordsliire A T otcs and Queries. 

Thomas Bonyon, of=Anne, with of John 
Elstow, will pr. 14 Bidkin whose will 
Dec. .1641. was dated 7 Oct. 

1 63 1. 3rd wife. 

Anne Pinney, m. = Thomas Bonyon 
at Elstow, 10 Jan. haul, at Elstow, 
1623. ist wife, 24 Feb. 1603. 
ob. 1627. 

Margaret, d. of Wm. Elstow, 
23 May, j 027. Bapt: 
there 12 Nov. 1603. 
Will nr. Oct. 1632. 


1st wife. 



—•John Bunyan, bapt. at 
Elstow, 30 Nov. [628, 
ph.— Aug. 1688, bur. in 
Bunhill Fields Ceme- 

Eli/abet I 
I.691. 2n.< 

I wife 





l. To ALE XIM'AN PEOPLE to whom this p'sent wrighting 
shall come I Anne Bonyon of Elstowe in the Countie of 
Bedford Send greeting in o 1 ' lord God eu'lasting WlIERAJi 
John Bidkin late of Elstow in the County of Bedford 
aforsaid Shephard my late Husband deceased did by his 
last will and' Testament made the Seaventh day of 
October in. the seaventh yeare of the King's Mait' Ray^ne 
&c, give and bequeth me the said Anne Bonyon 
and m)' heires for euer all his Messuage and Tenement 
wherein 1 now dwell And Three Acres of Arable land 
therto belonging Now IvNOWE you me the said Anne 
Bonyon for and in Considerac'on of the en tyre love and 
affection w ch I haue and bcarc vnto my loving Husband 
THOMAS BONYON of Elstow in the Countie of Bedd. afore- 
said Brasier for his better Maintenannce of living after 
the decease of me the said Anne Bonyon as alsoe (or 
diverse other good Causes & Considerac'ons me herevnto 
Moving IlAUE given graunted enfeoffed & Confirmed And 
by this my p'sent wrighting or deed doc ffrecly Clearly 
and absolutly give Gratmt enfeoffe & Confirme vnto 
Thomas Bonyon my said Husband his heires ec assignes 
for euer after the decease of me the said .Anne Bonyon 
All that Messuage or Ten-em' with aptenn'cs Wherin 
Thomas Bonyon my said Husband and I doe now dwell 
and Three Acres of Arable land Together with all and 
all manno 1 ' houses edifices buildings barnes yards hovells 

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shedds orchards gardens Commons p'ffitts Comodities & 
ap'tenances whatsoeu 1 ' vnto the said Messuage or Ten em' 
and Three acres of Arable laru-I belonging or in any 
wise app'teyning To IIAUE AND TO HOLD .the said 
Messuage or Tenem' & Three acres of Arable land afore 
menconed and all and singular other the p' misses before 
in and by these p'ntcs ment menc'oned or intended to* 
be given graunted Conveyed & assured and eu'ye p'tc 
and p'cell of the same w th ther & eu'ye of tiler app'tcnances 
vnto- the said Thomas Bonyon my Husband his heires & 
Assignes to the vses intents & purposes hereafter in these 
p'sents following menc'oned expressed merit and sett 
downe and to and for non other vse intent or purpose 
That is to say to the vse benefett and behoofe of me 
the said Anne Bonyon fur vnto & during the whole & 
full Tearme & Tyme of the naturall liffe of me the said 
Anne Bonyon According to the true intent and meaning 
of these p'sents and of all p'ties to the same And after 
the decease of me the said Anne Bonyon then to the 
only sole p r p' vse benefett & behoofe of him the said 
Thomas Bonyon my husband his heires & assignes and 
eu'ye of them for euer to & for the vses intents & purposes 
afore menconed & ment & to & for non other vse intent 
or purpose against me my heires Executors or assignes 
and against all & eu'ye other p'son or p'sons whatsoeu 1 ' 
that now haue or att any tyme hereafter shall or may 
law full)' Clay me or p'tend to -haue any estate in the before 
Conveyed & assured p'misses or any p'te or p'cell therof 
shall and will warrant & for eu r defend by these p'sentes 
according to the true meaning of these p'sents and of all 
p'ties to the same In WlTNESSE wherof I the said Anne 
bonyon haue to this my p'sent deed set my hand and 
scale Dated the ^Twenty seaventh of August in the eight 
yeare of the Raygne of our Sou'aygne lord Charles by 
the grace of God of England Scotland ffrannce & Ireland 
Kinge Defender of the ffayth &c. Annex]' dn'i 1632. 

Anne X Bonyon 

her marke. 

2. To ALL XPIAN people to whom this p'sent wrigh ting- 
shall come & it shall reade WlIEREAS John Bidkin of 
Elstow in the Countie of Bed IT. shephard deceased did 
by his liffe tyme give & graunt by his deed bearing date 
the five & Twentith day of September in the sixtenth 


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yeare of Kinge James Raigne of Englande vnto Anne 
Bidkin his loving wife for her better maintenannce if the 
said Anne Bidken should ha*ppen to survive & ou'livc 
him one messuage or tenem' \v th tenn Acres of Arabic 
& one Rood of Meadowe lying & being \v th in the p'ish 
of Elstowe as by the said deed it doth & may more 
plainlie appeare Now K.NOWE ycc that wee Tlwinat 
Bonyon of Elstowe in the Countie of Bedff. aforesaid 
Pettie Chapman & A/me Bonyon my wife late wife of the 
said John Bidken deceased for divers causes & con- 
siderac'ons \ r s thervnto mouinge as alsoe for and in 
Considerac'on of the some of Twoe shillings of lawfull 
money of England to vs in hand paid before the ensealing 
and deliu r ye of these p'sents by Nicholas Waddop of 
Elstowe in the Countie of Bedff. aforesaid matte maker 
wherwith & wherof wee doc acknowledge o r selves. Satisfied 
Contented and paid HaOE Remised released quight- 
claymed and by these p'sents for o v selvcs o r heires 
executors and assignee doe for euer remise release & 
quightclayme vnto Nicholas Waddop all & all mannor of 
gifts grants dowers ioyntures Rights tytles interest clayme 
or demand whatsoeur w ch wee the said Thomas Bonyon 
& Anne my wife now haue may might should or ought 
to haue by the gift and graunt of John Bidken deceased 
of & into one Rood of meadow scytuate lyinge & beinge 
w lh in the p'ish oj Elstow in a meadow caled yuechssonne 
the meadow late belonging to Mr. Spencer west & the 
said Nicholas Waddope East Soe that neither we the 
said Thomas Bonyon & Anne ray wife o 1 * Executors 
Administrators or Assigncs or any of vs shall not att 
any tyme or tymes hereafter wrest sue or p'sente any 
suite vppon any arest or otherwise against him the said 
Nicholas Waddop his heires Executors administrators or 
assigncs for any cause or Coloure of Cause whatsoever 
for & Concerning the said Rood of Meadow as aforesaid 
but from the same shalbe hindered & barred by these 
p'sents IN . WlTNESSK wherof wee the said Thomas 
Bonyon & Anne my wife haue herevnto put our hands 
and scales the ffirst day of June in the yeare of the Raygne 
of our Sou'aygne Lord Charles by the grace of god of 
England Scotland ffraunce & Ireland King defender of 
the ffaythe &c. the tenth Annoq' dni 1634. 

Sign' Thomas T Bonyon Sign' Anne Q Bonyon. 

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3. To ALL XPIAN PEOPLE to whom this p'scnt vvright- 
inge shall come to be reade or scene wee Thomas Bony on 
of Elstowe in the Countie of Bedford Pettie Chapman 
Anne my wiffe and Thomas ffuller of Houghton in the 
said Countie of Bedford Yeoman Send greetinge in o 1 ' 
lord god cverlastinge KNOW YE that wee the said Thomas 
Bonyon Anne my wiffe and Thomas ffuller for and \\\ 
Consideracon of the some of Thirtie Sixe poundes of 
lawfull English money to the said Thomas Bonyon in 
hand paied before the ensealing^ and deliu'ye of these 
p'sents by John Goodwin of Littleington in the Countie 
of Bedford Carpinter and Anne his wiffe the receitc 
wherof wee doc acknowledge and therof and of everie 
peney therof wee doe Acquite and discharge the said 
John Goodwin Anne his wiffe ther hcires Executors and 
Administrators by these p'sents HAUE Remised released 
and altogether for vs and our hcires and the hcires of any 
of vs for ever quite Claymed and by these p'sents. doe 
remise release and quite Clayme vnto the said John 
Goodwin and Anne his wiffe in their full and peaceable 
possession and seisen nowe bcinge ther hcires and Assigncs 
for liver All o 1 ' Right tytle Clayme demannd and Interest 
which wee or any of vs haue had now haue or at anytyme 
hereafter shall or may haue of in and to one messuage or 
Tenem' now or late in the Tenu' or occupacon of Edzvard 
Cratt field or his Assigncs scytuate and bcinge in Elstowe 
aforesaid in the said Countie ol Bed if. the 'Messuage 
in the Tenu' of Mat hew D ymoeke towards the North the 
Comon greene then called Pinfojde towards the south 
and the Kings Ma tiea highway or Comon streete west Sue 
that neither wee the said Thomas Bonyon Anne my wife 
and Thomas ffuller nor any of vs nor the hcires of 
vs or any of vs aqy Estate Right tytle Clayme o 1 ' Interest 
of in to or out of the same Messuage or Tenem' or in 
any p'te or p'cell of the same shall or may Clayme or 
demannd and exclude for ever by these p'sents In 
WITNESSE WHEROF wee the said Thomas Bonyon Anne 
my wiffe and Thomas ffuller haue here vnto sett our hands 
and Scales the Third day of June in the Seavcnteenth 
yea re of the Raygne of o 1 ' most gratious Sou'aygne Lord 
Charles by the grace of God of England Scotland ffraunce 
and Ireland Ivingc Defender of the ffayth eec. Annoq' dni 

The niarkc of the marke of the marke of 

Thomas T Bonyon Anne X Bonyon Thomas X ffuller. 


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4. THIS INDENTURE made the third day of June in 
the Scaventecnth year of the Raygne of o r most gratious 
Souraygne Lord Charles by the , grace of God of England 
Scotland ff ran nee & Ireland Kinge deffender of the ffayth 
&c. BETWEENE Thomas Bonyon of Elstowe in the Countie 
of Bedford Petty Chapman of the one p'te and Thomat 
Carter of Kempston in the Countie of Bedford aforesaid 
gent and Walton Cooper of Elstowe aforesaid in the said 
Countie gent of the other p'tie WlTTNESSETH that the 
said Thomas Bonyon as well for and in consideration that 
An ne Bon yon nowe wiffe of the said Thomas. Bonyon At 
or before the ensealinge and delivery of these p r sentes 
Haue Jointly together with the said Thomas Bonyon her 
husband graunted Bargained and solde one Messuage or 
Ten em-en te scytuate and being in Elstowe aforesaid in 
the said Countie of Bedford the which the said Anne 
Bonyon was Interrested in for the Considcracon aforesaid 
the said Thomas Bonyon beinge moved to provide sonic 
stay and Assurance for Anne his said wiffe Toward her 
better mayntcnanncc of livinge hereafter if in case slice 
shall happen to Survive and overlive him the said Thomas 
Bonyon And alsoe for divers other good Causes and 
valuable consideracons him the said Thomas Bonyon 
therevnto Espeacially moveinge HATH given grauntede 
Assured and Confirmed And by these prcsentes doth 
ffreely Clearly and absoluteH r give graunte Assure and 
ConhTme vnto the said Thomas Cu ter and Walton Cooper 
All that his messuage or Tenemente with all and singular 
the Appurtenannces seytuate lyinge and beinge in Elstowe 
aforesaid in the said Countie of Bedford wheriti he the 
said Thomas ( Bonyon doth now lnhabite and dwell 
TOGETHER with all houses Edifices Gardims 
yardes Easmentes Com'ons proffitts Comodities and 
appurtenannces to the said messuage or Tenement 
belonginge or in anywise app'teyninge which said mes- 
suage or Tenement was lately purchased by the said 
Thomas Bonyon of George Eckles Late of Elstowe afore- 
said Carpinter deceased And doth abutt towards the north 
vppon a Tenement of Thomas Hcivctt Esq. in the Tennor 
of Robert Androwc or his assignes and towards the South 
vppon a howsc Com'only called by the name of the 
Checker To HAUE AND TO HOLD the said Messuage or 
Tenemente and all and singular other the p r misscs given 
graunted Conveyed and Assured as aforesaid and evcric 

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p'te and p'cell therof with their and everie of their 
j\ppurtenannces vnto the said Thomas Carter and Walton 
Cooper their heires and Assignes for ever to the vses 
Intents and purposes hereafter in these p'sentes menc'oned 
Expressed and sett doune That is to say to the vse 
bcneflitt and behooffe of him the said Thomas Bonyon 
and Anne his vviffe for and duringe the tearme of their * 
two natural! lives and the liffe of the longer liver of them 
And after the decease of the said Thomas Bonyon and Anne 
his wiffe then to the Right Heires of the said Thomas 
Bonyon for ever As the same shalbe disposed of by the last- 
Mill and Testament of him the said Thomas Bonyon or 
otherwise And Tin: SAID Thomas Bonyon doth for 
himself his heires Executors Administrators and Assigns 
Covenannt p'misse graunt and Agree to & with the said 
Thomas Carter and Walton Cooper their heires and 
Assignes by these presentes That they the said Thomas 
Carter and Walton Cooper and their heires shall and 
may peaceably and quietly haue hold and Inioye all and 
singular the before graunted p'misses and everie of them 
with their Appurtenannees to the vse and vses before 
lymited and expressed and to noc other Intente and 
purpose without any lett trouble incombrance denyall or 
lawfull Interrupcon of him the said Thomas Bonyon his 
heires or Assignes or an)' other p r son or p'sons whatsoeuer 
Lawfully Clayminge for from by or vnder him them or 
any ol them or by his or their or either ol their meanes 
or p'curements AND THAT the said messuage or Tenement 
and • all other the p'misses are and shalbe Acquited dis- 
charged or otherwise saved and kepte harmlesse of and 
from all manner of fformer and other Bargaines sales gittes 
grauntes Joynturcs Dowers Intayles vses leases Morgages 
tytles troubles and [ncombrances whatsoever had made 
suffered or done by the said Thomas Bonyon which may 
hinder trouble or Impayre the Estate of the said Anne 
if shoe shall happen to surviue and over line the said 
Thomas Bonyon And THE SAID Thomas Bonyon and 
Jus heires the said messuage or Tenement and all other 
the pTni.sses afore Recyted against all p'sons will warranto 
and defend by these presentes 1 N WlTTNESSE WlIEROF 
the said parties aboue namede to these present Indentures 
Interchangably haue putt to their hancles and Scales the 
day and yeare ffirst aboue written. 

the nmrkc of 
Thomas T Bonyon. 


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5. INDENTURE dated 3 June 1641 between John Goodwin 
of Litlington in the County of Bedford, carpenter & Aunt' i 
his wife of the one part and Thomas Bony oh of ElstQSJ 
in the said county, Petty Chapman, of the other part I 
In consideration of the sum of £34 paid by Thomas J 
Bonyon to John. Goodwin and Aline his wife they convejj 
to Thomas Bonyon a messuage or cottage now or* lau|| 
in the occupation of Edward Cranjie/d, situate in ElstQW 
next unto a house of Thomas Hewett Esq. in the tenure 
of Matthew Dymocke towards the north and south on a 
common green there called Pinfotilcl green and the King*i 
Majesty's highway or common street west.— Provided 
always and upon this condition notwithstanding that if 
the said John Goodwin Anne his wife their heirs 
executors or assigns shall pay or cause to be truly 
paid to the said Thomas Bonyon his executors ad- 
ministrators or assigns the full sum of -£35 1 2.v. within 
the now dwellinghouse of the said Thomas Bonyon in 
manner and form following, viz. — £\\ upon the 29th 
of September next ensuing the date hereof & the full 
sum of £21 12.S". upon the 6th of June 1642 then thif 
present indenture bargain & sale shall be utterly void and 
of no effect. Or else absolutely the said messuage shall 
remain continue and abide to the said Thomas Bonyon 
his heirs and assigns for ever. But it is agreed that the 
said John Goodwin ' Anne his wife and their heirs shall 
have, the premise's in occupation until default be made in 
payment as aforesaid without payment «\: rent to the said 
Thomas Bonyon for the same but that which Edward 
Gran field is to pay on the 29th of September next en- 

The niarke of 
Thomas T Bonyon. 


Tins INDENTURE made the Twentith dayc of Julye in 
the ycare of the Raigne of our sou'aigne horde Charles 
by the grace of god lvinge of Ingland Scotland ffrance 
and Ireland &c. defendor of the ffaithe the Sixte 

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BETWEEN E Si' William Briers of Vpburye in the p'ishe 
of Pulloxhill in the Countie of Bedd. Knight And Richard 
Noper al's Sandye Clerk Parson of the p'ishe Churche of 
Lynford in the Countie of Buck: of the one p'tie And 
I'.iiieard Wyngate the younger of Graves Inn in the 
Countie of Midd. gent and Marye his wiffe eldest daughter 
and one of the Cbheires of Raphe Ahvey late of Cannons 
in the Countie of Hertf: Esquyre deceased and Anne 
Ahvey and Dorothye Ahvey Singlewomcn towe other of the 
daughters and Coheires of the said Raphe Ahvey of the 
other p'tie WITNESSETH That whereas the said Raphe 
Ahvey in his life tyme was seised in his demesne as of ffee 
of and in one Messuage and divers arrable lands meadowes 
and pastures late in the occupation of Henry Punter or his 
assignes scituate and beinge in Westoninge in the said 
Countie of Bedd; and of divers other messuages Cottages 
lands meadowes and pastures in Maldon in the said 
Countie of Bedd: And of and in one Messuage or Inn 
called the Bell and divers lands meadowes and pastures 
thereto belonginge in Ampthill in the said Countie of 
Bedd: now or late in the occupacon of Raphe Saye or his 
assignes And of and in divers other rnano vs messuages 
lands meadowes and pastures in Luton Lymbery and 
lygrave and eyther of them in the said Countie of Bedd. 
And of and in divers other messuages lands meadowes 
and pastures in Whipsnade in the said Countie of Bedd, 
And alsoe ol and in one Ahuytie or yearlye rent Charge 
of sixtecne pounds by the yeare issuynge and goeinge 
out of the manor of Sharpenhoe in the p'ishe of Streatlye 
in the said Countie of Bedd. And of and in divers lands 
meadowes and pastures in Ayott Mounfitchett in the said 
Countie .of Herts. And he the said Raphe Ahvey so 
beinge seised of all and singuler the p'misses before his 
deathe made his last will and Testament together with 
a Codicell therto annexed in writingc And therby devised 
and bequeathed all his said mannors Messuages Cottages 
lands meadowes and pastures in Westonynge Maldon 
Ampthill Whipsnade Luton Lymbery and Lygrave in the: 
said Countie of Bedd : vnto Dorothye Ahvey then his wiffe 
And now the wiffe of George Rotherham Esquyre for the 
Terme of her natural! life And he the said Raphe Ahvey 
in and by his said last will and testament did devise 
and bequeathe all the said manno rs messuages lands and 
Tenements after the decease of the said Dorothye then 

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his wi'ffe vnto the said S r William .Briers and Richard . 
Naper al's Sandye and vnto John Vnedeill gent n 
deceased ffather in lawe to him the said Raphe and 
their heires vpon such trust and Confidence as in his sakll 
will and hereinafter is expressed And alsoe did devi 
and bequeathe vnto them the said S r William Brier* 
Richard Naper and John Vnedall and to their heires %\l 
that his the said Raphe Alweycs Rent of sixteene pounds 
by the yeare issuynge and goinge out of the said mar;o r j 
of Sharpenhoe and all his said lands and Tenements 
meadowes and pastures in Ayott Mountfitchctt aforesaid 
in the said Countie of Hertf. To UA\ K and .TO MOLD to 
them the said S r William Briers and Richard Naper aft 
Sandye and John VNEDALL and their heires vpon the 
special! trust and Confidence That is to saye TlIAT they 
and the survivor of them and his heires should p'scntlie after 
the decease of the said Raphe Alwey take the issues and 
profitts of the p'misses devised ymediatelie vnto them an*,! 
all the residue after the deathe of the said Dorothye his 
wide, and the same should vse and ymploye according 
to their discretions to the benefitt and p-fitt of his said 
three daughters Marye Anne and Dorothye vntill such 
tymc as his said three daughters should atteyne to their 
seu'all ages of eighteene yeres And further willed arid 
his ernest entreatie and meaninge was that the said three 
p'sons trusted and the survivor of them and his heires 
should not onlye paye and deliver over vnto his said three 
daughters the said lands so devised accord in-ge to the true 
intent aforesaid Hut alsoe that the)' should convey and 
assure over all their interest and estate whatsoever of and on 
all the said lands tenements and hereditaments before to 
them devised vnto his saiel three daughters and their heires 
at their said seu'all ages of eighteene ycares. That is to 
saye to every of them in equall thirde parts thcrof as in 
and by the said last w ill & Testament amongst other things 
may appeare Now this Indenture ffurther witnesseth 
That the saiel S r William Briers and Richard Naper al's 
Sandye beinge the survyvinge parties trusted by the said 
Raphe Alwey for and in Consideracon of the p'formance 
of the said trust in them reposed and in full satisffac'on 
of all the issues and p'fitts of any the lands' and Tenements 
wherwith they were trustee! which at an)' tyme have cenm: 
to their or cythcr of their hands or possessions vvherof the 
saiel Eel ward Wyngate and Marye his w i lie and the said 

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Anne Alwcy and Dorothye Alwey daughters and Coheirs 
» the said Raphe do acknowledge themselves to be fullie 
ti.sffied And the said S r William Briers and Richard 
(taper al's Sandye and eyther of theni their and eyther 
,-U' their heires execute) 1 '" and Administrator to be at all 
(fees from henceforth clerely acquited and discharged 
Mirof and for divers other good causes and Considerae'ons 
Kicm hervnto movinge have granted enfeoffed released 
Ipnveyed assured and Confirmed And by theis p'sents do 
. iv !y and absolutelie grafite enfeoffe release convey assure 
Confirme vnto the said Edward Wyngate and Marye 
his wiffe Anne Alwey and Dorothye Alwey daughters and 
Epheires-of the said Raphe Alwey being all of them of 
their ages of eighteene yeares and more All the said 
rnanno r,s messuages cotages landes meadowes pastures 
Tenements and hereditaments before menco!ned to them 
the said S l William Briers c\i Richard Naper al's Sandye 
(Ogether with the said John Vnedall in forme aforesaid to 
he devised and eyther of them of in and to the said 
jVmisses above menc'oned to be granted and eu'y parte 
and parcell therof by virtue of the said last will and 
Testament of the said Raphe Alwey or by any other 
jneanes or Wayes whatsoever To have and TO HOLD 
all the said ma no™ messuages Cotages lands meadows 
pastures Tenements and hereditaments and all other and 
pngular the said p'misses above menc'oned to be granted 
with their appurtennces (And to the said S r W il Irani Briers 
and Richard Naper al's Sandye and the said John Vnedall 
to that intent devised) vnto them the said Edward Wyn- 
gate and Wary his wiffe Anne Alwey and Dorothye Alwey 
daughters and Coheires of the said Raphe Alwey And 
vnto the heires and assigns- of the said Mary Anne and 
Dorothye in maner and forme follow-in ge That is to saye 
one full thirde parte-* of all and singular the said p'misses 
with appurtennces vnto three equal 1 partes to be devided 
vnto them the said Edward Wyngate and Marye his wi'ffe 
and the heires and assignes of the said Marye and to their 
onlye vse and behoofe for ever And one other full thirde 
parte of all and singular the .said p'misses with ap- 
purtennces into three equall partes as afores'cl to be 
devided to the said Anne Alwey and to the heires and 
assignes of the said Anne and to their onlie vse and 
behoofe for ever And one other full thirde parte of all 
and singular the said p misses with their appurtennces 


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into three equal 1 partes as aforesaid to be clevided 
the said Doro.thye Alwey and to the heires & a.ssi; 
of the said Dorothye and^to their only vse and bell 
for ever in as large maner to all intents and purj 
as they the said S 1 William Briers and Richard Na 
al's Sandye may or ought to grante the same by vii 
of the said last will and accordirige to the true* in! 
and meaninge therof In Witness wherof the parties L 
thcis p'ntes interchangeablie have sett to their hands 
scales the day and yeare first above written. 

William Briers. 

Richard Nap'eir. 

Signed Sealed and deliu'ed by the within named ft 
William Bryers in the presence of 

Will. Duckett. 

W ill. Wheeler. 

Signed sealed and delivered to the vse of the partcts 
with in named in the presence of 

Richard Naper, Tun. 

John Vnedale. 
Will yam Vnedale, 

M rd That I George Rotherham Esq 1 " tennt to clival 
parcells of the lands & tenements vv th in menconed in the 
Right of [Dorothye now my Wiffe \v tll in named for im 
tenne of her natural] life dee agree vnto this p'sent 
giant*; and attorne u in it vnto the grantees w tll in named 
accordingly in the p'senee of 

FRA: Tauerner. 

Tiio: Awdley. 

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©leanings from Paris!) Registers* 


(Continued from p. 211.) 





Hewet, Dorothie, d. of Thomas, gen. 



„ Judeth, d. of 




,, baran, d. 01 


.riiiierscieii, Jiiizabetli, a. 01 




Hewet, 1 nomas, s. of ,, ,, 




Beaumont, Anscell, f. Johahnis & r remperantiae 



2 7 

Hall, Joseph, s. of Edward, Rector. 



2 2 

,, Thomas, s. of 




„ Mary, d. of „ 


„ John, s. of 





Huit, Thomas. 



Seton, Zachary. 

j 68 6 



Blunt, George. 



Hall, Mary, wife of Edward. 

Ma rriages. 




Sybley— Hardinge, John & Jane. 



Arkesden — Rigbee, William & Eelixe. 




Marshall-- Smith, Robert, minister, & Sarah. 




Blunt— Miles, George &' Dorothy. 


The Registers 

1593-95, 1O03, 1004, 1606, 1607, 1609, 1 610, 1 Oil, 1 OiO, 

1567 July 30 Hewytt, Jane, bapt. 

1 5 8 1 Jan. 21 Pigote, Alice, d. of John, bur. 

j 5 8 3 Mar. 16 Fisher, Philadelphia, d. of Edward, gen., bapt. 

1 5 84 June 17 Moore, John, bur. 

1585 Sept. 9 Coxe — Pigotte, John & Margaret, mar. 

1586 Mar. 13 Burwell, Edward, biir. 

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1586 Mar. 16 Spenser, Ellyn, wife -of, Robert, bur. 

Jan. 24 Mayster — Myddleton, John & Isabell, mar. 

1587 Apr. 21 Povey, Thomas, s. of Wili'm, gen., bapt, 
,, May 10 Wattson, RolitVrt, of London, bur. 

1589 July 5 Norman, Elizabeth, d. of Wili'm, bapt. 

1590 Sept. 1 8 Willcocks, Lawrence, s. of Lawrence, gen., I. ipi,? 
j 592 Oct, 20 Norman, Robert, s. of Win., bapt. « | 
1597 Sept. 5 Moare, Agnes, d. of John, bapt.. 

June 2i Hyde — Mores, Jeames <\r Agnes, mar. 
1598* Nov. 19 Norman, Marie, d. of Wili'm, bapt. 
1597 Apr. 24 Beverlie — Power, Wili'm, gen., & M'ris Matfi 

,, Mar. 10 Moares, John, Baylief, bur. 

1599 Apr. 28 Moare, Robert, s. of John, bapt. 

Feb. 11 Beverlie, Elizabeth, d. of M'ris Wili'm, bapt, 

1600 Mar. 22 Norman, Ellice, s. of Wili'm, bapt. 

„ Nov. 17 ,, — Myddleton, Thomas & Alice, mar. '') 
[ ] Beu'lie [Beverley], Wili'm, gen., dep'ted xx\i,j* 
die Januarij and was bur. at E ay ton. 

1 601 Aug. 23 Norman, Robert, s. of Thomas, bapt. 
1608 ,, 13 Grubbe, Agnes, wife of Laurence, bar. 
1 6 1 2 Mar. 10 Hewit, William, bur. 

1 6 14 Oct, 23 Norman, Marie, d. of Thomas, bapt. 

1615 May 16 Andrewes, Elizabeth, d. of Bartimcus, min.,bap!j 
,, June 13 Browne, Mrs., bur. 

1617 lune 1 Norman, Ksau, s. of Thomas, bapt. 

1619 July 27 ,, fane, d. of William, bur. 

1621 Mar. 21 ,, Elizabeth, d. of Thomas, bapt. 

1624 ,, 13 Moore, John, s. o! Francis, bapt. 

1628 Oct. 16 *,, Anne, d. of ,, ,, 

1633 Dee. 1 9 Beuerley, Willia', s. of Mr. James, bapt. 

1662 June 26 Cole, Nathaniel, "a renowned man," died. 

1 688 Jan. 1 8 Carr— Stackhouse, Mr. John & "Mrs. Judith, marj 

1695 Feb. 13 Carter, Sarah, wife of Mr. John, bur. 

1097 Sept. 20 Eletcher, Frances, d. of Charles & Francis* 

born 3 Sept., bapt. 
1699 Feb. 23' ,, Charles, s. of ,, bapt. 20 Feb. 


* So entered in the Reinster. 

Bed fords// ire Notes and Queries. 239 

monumental Inscriptions. 

(Continued from p. 221.) 


" Hie I Resurgenti salutari | depositi sunt cineres | 
fatANCLSCAE Dilectissimae Uxor is | Gu LI ELM I NOR- 
|iIFFE I Nuper hujusce loci' Armigeri ; | Quae everso curru 
brope Dunstable | ibi mortem obijt violentam | Hanc 
postea Maritus suus | morte subita sccutus est, | Et utpote 
in lecto inventus sit | Eo modo quo fuit composito | Cre- 
ilitur se in somrio decessisse | Cui somnus vidcretur non 
tain imago mortis | Quam revera Mors ipsa | Vita ambo 
pientissime | Ambo Morte subitissima abropti sunt | Tres 
jilios habuerunt j GULIELMUM scilicet natu primum | Qui 
in transmarinis partibus | Veneno (ut fertur) e V r it;\ sub- 
reptus est | Natu secundus fuit MarmaducuS" | Collegii 
porporis Christ i | In Academia Oxoniensi | .Alumnus | 
ARTURUM Magister et Medicinae studiosus Qui tabe 
infectus | Sub hoc Marmore sepultus jacet | In gratam 
menioriam | Parentum et m | Sibi charissimorum | 
(Parvulum sane pigrius) | Columnam hanc marmorem | 
Thomas Norclh-'FE Filius | Solummodo superstes | 
Dellens loeavit | Anno Salutis 1724," 


"Hereunder licth | ye body of TilOMAS Hl'LLERSDON 
6sq I and of Thomas Hillersdon | and Margaret his 
wife daughter of Sr Wm. LlTTON Kt. | grandson to 
Sr Thomas Hillersdon of Elnestowe | in the County 
of BEDFORD K T | both likewise buiyed in this church | 
\\ rh Thomas being descended from the | ancient family 
of the HlLLERSDONS I in deuonsh & having wedded 
ELIZABETH | daughter to John HvxlEY of Edmonton | 
in the County of Midd. Esq. | had issue by her two 
sonns I V z TilOMAS and John yet lining | and two 
daughters | V z MARGARET and ELIZABETH deceased I And 
departed this mortal! life | the xvii day of January | in y e 
25th yeare of his age & yeare of our Lord MJJCLVI | to 

240 Bedfordshire Notes and- Queries. 

whose deare memory | y c said ELIZABETH his sorro\ 
widow I erected this monument." 

Arms. — Argent, on a chevron sable, three bulls' h< 1 
cabossed of the field, HlL'ff ERSIJON. 

Ermine, on a bend cotisecl gules, three crescents ofjl 


{Chancel Floor.) 

" Here lieth the body of Rob't | LOVETT Esq. sutin 
citizen | and merchant of London He | was borne at Kiog&f 
stone in the | countie of Stafford being aged | 67 yearesanq 
7 months. He dep'ted j this Life the 30th day of November) \ 
Alio D'ni 1657. I And was a good | benefactor to ye poore 

Also ye body of ELISABETH wife j of ROBERT CkO.MlTOS 
Esq. I who dyed | ye 24 of March 1698, aged 62." 

" Here lieth the body of | M™' Margaret E.ARRER | second 
daughter of I Dennis EARRER | of Cold Brayfield Bucks,. 
Esq. I who died the 5th of June 1769 | Aged 40." 

" Here lyeth interr'd the body of | JOHN 1 [ I LEERS DON ! 
of the .Inner Temple Esq. who | dyed the 15th day of 
May I In the 29th year of his age | 1684." 

" Here lyeth interr'd y r body of | MARV the wife of j| 
THOMAS HILLERSDON Esq. | who departed this life j 
August y e 6th [689* | In y° 38 yea re | of her age." 

" Here lieth ye Remains of | Thomas PARKER H ILLERS- 
DON I • Esq.. who died | October y c 4 /Etat. sua* 22 | Anno 
Dni: 1728." 

"Here lieth the body of | ANN the wife of DENNIS 
EARRER HILLERSDON | Esq. of this parish I She was 
daughter of HENRY FOUR | Esq. late of Egham | in the 
County of Surry | Dep. this life Sept. the 2] | 1762 aged 
31 years | leaving two Daughters j HARRIET" & ANN." 

(S. Aisle, mural). 

"In spc beatae | Resurrectionis juxta hoc monumentum | 
jacet I Lovetus Crompton I Filius Robertj Grompton'I 
et Elizabe.THAE uxoris eius | dilectae natu maximus inte- 
rioris | Templi Londiniensis Armigeri | Qui undecimo die 
Martij obijt \ Anno Dom: [684 | /Etatisque sua? 30 | 
Quod mcestissima mater | et executrix | posuit. 

Felicem expectans Resurrectionem | Hie juxta jacet' 
Johannes Hillersdon | Ex Interiori Templo Armigeri 

* In P.R. the date of her burial is 8 Aug. 1093. 

Bed fords Iii re Notes and Queries. 


"; pjlius Thomae Hillersdon | ct Elizabethae uxoris 
1 fins. I Obi j t Decimo Quinto die Maij | Anno Domini 1684* J 
i cEtatisque suae Vicessimo nono | J.n cujus memoriam 

Elizabeth a (jam | Gulielmi Bicchar de Howberry in | 
B|)0mitatu Bcdfordiae Militis uxor) | Ejus moestissima mater 

it ! Thomas Hillersdon Armiger Prater | Charissimus \ 
• hoc I Monumcntum | Posuere." 

\ (N Wall of Nave.) 

"Hie juxta jacet | ROBERTVS Crompton Arm: | filius 
BpIOMAE CROMPTON de CreswelL | in agro Stafford : & de 
. Societatc Lincoln: arm: | & REBECCA uxoris ejus filiae 
; : jihicae et heredis | ROBERT! LOUET de Civitate Londini- 
j ensis, Mercatoris | Nepos ex filio Til O MAE CROMPTON de 
<M<Jeam Creswell | militis ct legum doctoris qui fuit curiae 
Admiralitatis Angl: | judex Elizabethae Reginae & Iacobo 
Kegi advocatus | Archiepiscopo Cantuariensi vicarius gene- 
[ Talis & Episcopo | Londiniensi Cancellarius. Duxit in 
r uxorem ELIZA BET] I AM | TlIOMAE HORNE de K'ensworth 
in com Hartfordiae gen. | filiam per quern prolem habuit 
KfARTAM loiTANNl PERRY arm. | nuptam & sine prole 
inortuam. LOVETUM filiu primogenitum | ROBERTUM & 
ELIZAM qui. duo in cphebis e luce migrarunt: | ANN AM 
Barbakam Ion an nem Thomam Carolinam Eliza- 
he n iam I & ReBECCAM in pubertate defunctam e vita 
decessit 22° | Septembris Anno Salu.tis Nostrae 168 1° | 
j /Etatis suae 5 2°. 

In cujus memoriam ELIZABETH A uxor cius & LOVETUS | 
filius natu maximus hoc'posuerunt monumcntum. | Iuxta 
cineres Mariti etiam jacet ELIZABETH AM J praedicti 
ROBERT I CROMPTON Ann: uxor | quae e vita dicessit An 0 
Salutis I 1693° Martij die 24° | /Etatisque suae | 62'V" 

Arms. — Quarterly of 4, — 1. Ar. on a chief vert 3 pheons 
or. CROMPTON. — 2. A chevron between three crosses 
crosslet. — 3. Gu. three swords in pale. — 4. Az. 3 wolves 
passant in pale sable. LOVET. 


"Piae Memoriae REBECKAE SYMON | nupcr uxoris 
Johannes Symon | Londini [ Corpus sub hoc marmore 

* In P.R. his burial is recorded 20 Apr. 1684. 
vol. 111. 16 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

jacet I Obijt 13 day of August | Anno Domini i6S$| 
/Etatis suae 36 | Sub cod em hoc marmore conditum jaceU 
Corpus ipsius Iohannis Symon | predict! qui obijt D\ 
Maij 28 Ann: Dni | 17 11 f lJt et Catherinae conjuj$g 
Iohannis | predicti Alterius quae obijt 8 Scptembris | Anno 
Dom. 1725." 

Arms. — two chevrons . * 

" Sub hoc marmore Corpus quod | m or talc fuit MARIA8 
uxoris AivruROSil I REDDALL hujus villae generosi dep$ 
si turn I quae mutavit banc vitam spe melioris | Octavo 
Die Novembris pro Lit loquiter | sax urn scpulchrale Anno 
Dom 1704 I Annoquc /Etatis 47. Mors mihi lucrum. 

Reader stand back hurt not this shrine | with irreligious 
breath a stone divine. | Sub eodem hoc marmore situ* 
est J Amb. REDDALL Armigcr Mariae | Reddall antediete 
Maritus Ob. Oct. | 3' Ann: Dom: MDCCxxxj 1110 . Annoq- j 
yEtatis xx°." 

Arms. — A saltire betw. four birds, impaling, — on a pile--, 
three wolves' or leopards' heads erased 

" Under this Marble lieth | the body of SARAH wife of j 
Richard Reddall Esq™ of this Parish | who died Dec, 
25 th 1747 I Aged 58 I Also I The Body of the aforesaid j 
Richard Reddall, Esq™ 5 | who died October 7th 1757! 
Aged 67." • 

" Mere lieth the body of | the Rev. RICHARD REDDALL.) 
late of this Parish | the youngest son of | Richard Reddajj 
Esq. I deceased of the same parish | who died Aprill 1 i lt 
1766. I aged 48 years | And also the body of CATHERINE 
REDDALL his wife | who died July 9 th L823 | Aged 85 

Arms.- — As above, impaling — a chevron between three 
garbs — . 

" Under this Marble lieth | the body of | AMBROSE 
REDDALL Esq re | who died May 4 th 1774 | Aged 58 j 
Beneath the Stone next adjoining | are deposited the re- 
mains of Mrs. J LTDY REDDALL widow | of Ambrose Reddall, 
Esq"-' I above mentioned | She departed this life April 15 th 
1797 I Aged 77 years." 

Arms. — As above ; on an inescutcheon of pretence — > 
lozengy, a lion rampant — , impaling — three birds' heads--. 

" Sacred | to the memory of the Hon blc FRANCES HENLY 
OnGLEY I eldest daughter of the first Baron Lord Ongleyj 
of Old Warden in this county | who died Feb>" 24 th 1825 j 
Aged 58 years." 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


{In the Church) 

"Sacred to the Memory of | LUCF MONOUX. | youngest 
daughter of Sir PHILIP MONOUX, Bart. | of W ootton | 
and of Saiul) r in the count)' of Bedford | Born L* st June 
1776 | and died 6 th June 1843 | Aged 67 years." 

"Close to the foundations of these walls lie | the remains 
of I Elizabeth Hyde | Wife of the Reverend William 
HYDE | Rector of this Parish | and daughter of the Right 
Reverend | Father in God, Thomas WATSON, D.D. | Lord 
Bishop of St. David's | Who departed this life August 12th 
1718. I Dum vixit | Inter Virgincs Formosa | In religione 
fklelissima | Uxorum praestantissima." 

Rev. James Reed, B.D., Chaplain to K. George III., IV., 
& Wm. IV., and to H.M. Queen Victoria, Vicar of Hamp- 
Stead N orris, co. Berks, & 32 years Rector of this parish. 
Ob. 10 Jan. [843, act. 74. 

Some TBcirfortJsfnrc W&\\%* 

Abstracted from the Original Wills ; and certified copies , at 
the District Court of Probate, Northampton. 

(Continued from p. 21 8.) 

Thomas Rolte, of Bolnhurst, 27 Oct. 1580. To be 
bur in Bolnhurst churchyard. Mentions wife Margery, s. 
Walter, daurs. Margaret and .Amy, sons William & Thomas. 
Appoints s. Walter exor. Thos. Rolte, yeoman, to be 
overseer. Witnesses Francis Farthwaite minister, Robert 
Haynes, &c. Proved 4 Apr. 1581. 

GEORGE Rotlierham, of Fareley, in the Co. of Beds, 
Esq 10 7 Nov. 1590. To the poor of the par. of Luton 40^., 
To Anne Rotherham my daur. £300 at 17 years, Isaake 
Rotherham my son £200 at age of 22, Thomas Rotherham 
my son ^"ioo at age of 21, Edmond Rotherham my son 
^100 at age of 21, Raphe Rotherham my son /J 00 w ithin 
I year next after my decease. Anne Rotherham, the daur. 
of my brother William 40$". The residue of all my goodes 
& chattels to Anne Rotherham, my wife, whom 1 make 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

sole Executrix. Raphe Sheldon, of Beoleye (?), in the Co, 
of Worcester, Esq re , Overseer. In presence of Richard 
Dafton, John Boulte, John Gj.lbie, Edmund White, Riclvarffl 
Wares al's Mathewe Anthonye Willoughby, Robert CralejU 
Proved 2 May, 1594. (P. C. C. 40 Dixy.) 

GEORGE Rotherham, of Someris, in the Co. of Beds, 
Esq re , 18 Nov. 1599. My body to be buried in my Chapel 
at Luton. Elizabeth my now wife. My Will is that she 
shall have her dwelling- and abode at my house at Someris. 
with my eldest son John Rotherham, so long as she shall 
keep herself sole and unmarried. Residue of lands vS; 
goods to the said son John, whom I make sole Exor, My 
younger children, whom I have left unspoken of in this my 
Will, and left them wholly unto his discretion. In the 
presence of Thomas Snagge, N. Rotherham, William 
Dobson, Edmunde Rotherham, 11 ugh Rotherham. Proved 
2r Dec 1 '. 1599, by John Rotherham. (P. C. C. 95 Kidd.) 

William Stanton, of Southill, 16 Aug. 1523. To he 
bur. in churchyard of Southill. Thomas, my brother, 
John Stanton my cousin, Agnes my wife, to be exors. 
Witnesses, Sir Richard Church, Vicar, John Stanton the 
younger, etc. Proved 17 Sept. 1523. 

JOHN Sheppard, of Tilbrook, 29 Jan. 1557. To be 
bur. in the churchyard of Tilbrook. To John Maxie, 
father-in-law, my house ; mentions Robert my son, Thomas 
m) r son, Agnes my da. Residue to Agnes his wife. Ap- 
points her extrix., father-in-law John Maxc/John Byworth, 
& Will'm. Sam, supervisors. Proved 25 Feb. 1556 (sic). 

Matthew Staunton, of Eversholt, yeoman, 16 Sept. 
1557. To be bur. in church or churchyard of Eversholt, 
All his moveable goods to be divided into three equal 
parts ; J to wife Anne, other 2 parts to his 4 children, 
Francis his eld. s., Mary and Lettice his daurs., & George 
his youngest s. Appoint as exors. Richard Sam, brother 
John Staunton bayly of Woburn, brother Thomas Staunton. 
Appoints exors. as is aforesaid (sic) Richard Home, brothers 
John & Thomas Staunton ; brother William to be overseer. 
Proved at Ampthill, 25 Oct. 1557. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


{Transcribed from the originals in the Editor s possession.) 

(Continued from p. 205.) 


Sciant presentes .& futuri quod ego Robertiis Ratele de 
Stacheden dedi concessi & hac presenti carta mea indentata 
Kpnfirmaui Johanni Worsle de Potynho & Johannc uxori 
;: sue vnum tenementum & octodecim acras terre cum suis 
pertinenciis divisim jacentes in villa & in campis de 
Bedford' quorum dictum tenementum vocatum Tannerys 
jfcjtuaturn est in parochia Sancti Petri de Merton' in 
Bcdfordia predicta inter tenementum nuper Willelmi 
Barton ex parte boriali & quandam vend lam ex parte 
austral i <x extendit se a regia via usque ad Sauernedych 
Dictaruin vero acrarum terre decern acre simul jacent in 
le Buryfeld in predicta parochia Sancti Petri iuxta terrain 
pectoris Ecclesie Sancti Petrie ex parte oceidentali Et 
due acre terre simul iaccnt in eodem campo subtus 
Clapham hy 11 inter terrain Thome Kempster' ex parte 
orientali & terrain Prions & Conventus de Newenham ex 
parte altera Et sex acre terre iacent in eodem campo inter 
terrain nuper Rogeri Dunstall ex parte orientali & terrain 
jjuper [ohannis Muryell ex parte oceidentali quequidem 
tenement um v\ terrain cum suis pertinenciis nuper habui 
ex dimissione Johannis Bowl armigeri Roberti Wasselyn 
johannis Cras Willelmi Bette ec Thome Kempster' 
habendum & tenendum predicta tenementum & terrain 
cum omnibus suis pertinenciis prefato Johanni Worsle 
»x Johannc vxori sue heredibus <x assignatis suis De 
capitalibus dominis feodi illorum per seruicia inde debita 
& de jure consueta sub forma & condicione sequent i 
videlicet quod predict us Johannes W orsle & Johanna 
sol u ant .sen solvi faciant michi prefato Roberto Ratele 
Aut meo certo attornato heredibus vel executoribus meis 
viginti libras stcrlingorum bone & legale monete Anglic 
forma subscripta videlicet in festo Sancti Michaclis arch- 
angel i proximo tuturo post datum presentium vel infra 
quindecim dies cxtunc proximo sequcntes sex m areas 
Et in festo Sancti Michaclis Archarigeli extunc proximo 
sequenti vel infra quindecim dies sex marcas Et sic de 
anno in annum & festo in festum annuatim ad idem vel 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

infra quindecim dies sex marcas quousque predicte vigintjj 
librc plenarie persoluantur Et si defectus fiat in soluciong 
dtctarum viginti librarum in parte vel in toto contra 
forniam predictam vel si predictus Johannes Worslc «'c 
Johanna uxor eius heredes vel assignati sui aliquod vastum 
vel vendicionem in et de predictis tenemento et terris cum 
pertinenciis fecerint sen unus eorum feccrit qubusqui 
predicte viginti libre rnichi prefato Roberto heredibus & 
executoribus meis plenarie fuerint persolute quod extunc 
bene licebit & lieeat michi prefato Roberto heredibus § 
assigiiatis meis in omnia predicta tenementum 8: terras; 
cum omnibus suis pertinenciis reintrare rehabere & possil 
dere ae in postremo statu meo penes me retinere present! 
carta indentata & seseina inde liberata in aliquo nun 
obstantibus In cuius rei testimonium vni parti huius carte 
indentate penes prefatum Johannem Worsle & Johannaiii 
uxorcm eius remanenti sigillum mcum apposui alteri verfl| 
parti eiusdem carte penes me remanenti prcfatus Johannes 
VVorsle & Johanna uxor eius sigilla sua apposuerunt hits 
testibus Thoma [vempston' tunc maiore ville Bed fordid 
Johanne Spery & Johanne .Arthur' ballivis libertatis ville 
predicte Willelmo Ilunte Roberto Colycr' & alijs Datum 
apud Bedfordiam predictam duodecimo die mensis mall 
anno regni Regis Henrici sexti post conquestum vicesimQ 
qui n to. 

Ti 1 kvi:v, 1440. 

Omibus xpi fidelibus ad quos presens scriptum indenta* 
turn pervenerit Robcrtus Mordaunt de Turvey in Comitatu 
Bed ford ie Armiger salutcm in domino sempiternam, 
Noverit universitas vestra me prefatum Robertum in 
plena et pacifica scisina et possessione de & in manerijs 
meis in Turvey predicta vocatis Mord aunts maner & 
Ardes maner existens concessisse per presentes Johanni 
Hampden de Kymbell quemdam annualem redditum octo 
librarum perpiendum dictum annualem redditum dicto 
Johanni heredibus & assignatis suis de & in manerijs 
predictis Ac de & in omnibus terris & tenementis meis 
in Turvey predicta annuatim ad festum . pasche & sanctj 
Michaelis Archangeli equis porcionibus Et si contingat 
dictum annualem redditum octo librarum aretro fore in 
parte vel in toto post aliquod festum predictum per 
quindecim dies extunc ego predictus Robcrtus pro me U 
heredibus meis inperpetuum volo <!x concedo per presentes 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


quod bene licebit prefato Johanni heredibus 81 assignatis 
mis in predictis mancris terris & tenementis cum per- 
jtnentiis intrare & distringere & districeiones que capias 
pcite asportare effugare & in quocunque Comitatu ubi 
$jbj magis placuerit impetrare & retinere quousque sibi 
jje redditu predicto una cum arreragiis misis & expensis 
ea occasione habitis plenarie fuerit satisfactus & persolutus* 
Proviso semper quod si pred ictus Johannes Hampden ac 
Johannes Cheyne miles Robertus Whytyngham Johannes 
Hampden de Hampden Johannes Brekenok Edwardus 
Brudenell & Johannes Baldewyn hcredes & assignati dicti 
Johannis Hampden de Kymbell ac hcredes heredum 
eiusdem Johannis Hampden de Kymbell ac assignati 
assignatorum predictorum & hcredes eorundem pacifice 
habeant & gaudeant omnia ilia terras et tenementa redditus 
reversioners et servicia cum pertinenciis in hardewyke 
Wedon & Briddesthorne in Comitatu Buk' que unquam 
fuerunt mei prefati Roberti absque recuperacione ejeccione 
sen expulsione mei prefati Roberti ant Elizabethe uxoris 
mee aut heredum meorum sen alicujus nostrum sen alicujus 
alterius jus sive titulum de & in cisdem tern's & tenementis 
iredditibus reversionibus & serviciis cum pertinenciis in 
hardwyke Wedon et Briddesthorne predictis ante datum 
presentium habentis quod cxtunc dictus annualis redditus 
octo librarum omnino cesset & non sit levabilis Et in 
huius annualis redditus possessionem ego dictus Robertus 
deliberavi prefato Johanni muim denarium nomine seisine 
In cuius rei testimonium huic prescnti scripto indentato 
sigillum mcum apposui Datum die dominica proximo ante 
festuni sancti 'Thome Apostoli Anno regni Regis henrici 
sexti post conquest um decinio nono. 

CO. B ED FO RD, 1729-1753. 

BEING fully satisfied in my own mind that every scrap of 
information respecting family connexions is of interest 
to the genealogist, 1 have extracted the following notes 
from a Deed of Partition (very kindly lent to me by a 
friend), and send them to you for publication in the hope 
that they may prove of use to some of your reade rs. 

2 4 8 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


William Smith, hue of < Uney, = Ann of Olney, 

Co. Bucks, Victualler, deceased. I relict, 1729. 


fohn Smith, of the parish' of St. Sepulchres, in the City 
of London, Joyner, eldest son and heir apparent, 1729. 

[Note. — These are mentioned in Deed of Partition as being parties, if 
Edward Knight, to Indentures of Lease and Release dated 6th and 71!. \\ 
1729, relating to this property.] 


From a Quadrupartite Deed of Partition of houses and land in Carlton, eUyj 
dated 6th December, 1 7 5 3- 

Edward Knight, of Carlton, gent. = 

died on or about 22 March, 1752. I 

1 ■ 1 1 ■ ■■: 1 

= Elizabeth, William = Kezia I ho mas = Rebecca Thomas— Mam 

Bithrey. widow in Skeving- 
1753. ton, of 

Living 16 Turvey, 
May, 1798. gent. 
[Sec copy 
of M.I. 


( :raner,of 

of Carl- 
ton, la- 

Richard Ashton, of Carlton, yeoman. 
Son and heir of his mother Mary, 1752. 

[Mention is also made of Robert Knight "deceased," 
and John and W illiam Knight "long since deceased."] 

[A tombstone in the churchyard at Carlton bears this 
inscription : — 

" Sacred to the Memory of 
Elizabeth wife of 
Thomas Bithrey Sen., 
who died Jan. 26 th , 18OQ. 
Aged 95 years."] 

Lrom the above .Deed of Partition 1 75 3 . 

Gidion ffisher, the elder, of Carlton, Esq. =Judith 


Gidion ffisher, the younger, son and heir apparent. 

[The ffishcrs are mentioned in 1753 as having formerly 
conveyed certain land " to John ec William Knight, lone 
since deceased."] 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Names of persons, not previously mentioned, appearing in 
Deed of Partition 1753. 

I'Jiiht'ey, Mr. John, Carlton. Barns, Ann, ffelmersham'. 

I „ Mr. Thos. „ 'John, 

p&tin, Mr. Nathaniel, Bost [?], Thomas, 

[felley, Mr. — 

. j&'les, Mr. John, ,, Knott, James, gent., of Sandy. 

Pjfcinnah, William, ,, Alston, Sir Rowland, Steventon. 

[lyambert, Win.., j^cnt. ,, Boston, William, ,, 

I'unis, Wm, ,, Bowyer, Edward, ,, 

PPfcterborough, Rt. Hon. Hen., Bunncy, W illiam, ,, 

Karl of, ,, Coe, Thomas, ,, 

Reynold, Mrs. ,, Harris, James, 

Hudd, Gidion, Carlton & Chellington. Hide, or Hyde, John, ,, 

Su-ff, Mr. Carlton. Lawrence, Thos. ,, 

Tole [? Cole], Eliz. spinster, ,, Tagv, Richard, ,, 

Trevor, Rt. Hon. the Lord, ,, ■ — 

Ward, Isaac, ,, Marsh, John] 

* m ' " r . Vi I ttnesses. 
Cavit, John J 

Appearing- in an Indenture made 1772. 

Brickwood, James, Carlton. Wooding, Thomas, labourer, Carlton. 

Witnesses, Lovesey, Rich 11 . 

- Willis, David, his elk. 

[Most of the above are mentioned as being at some 
time either owners or occupiers of the property in question, 
or as owners or occupiers of adjoining property.] 

T. W. Skevington. 

S/i/p/ty, Yorks. 


In the first number of " Our Columns," being the Journal 
of the Bedford Literary and Scientific Institute and 
General Library, which appeared in March, 1891, there 
is an interesting paper by Mr. Thomas Gwyn Elgcr, 
F.R.A.S., on the 11 Old Bedford Library," from which we 
gather that as far back as the year 1700 the foundation 
of the present Library was laid ; the Rev. Edward Bourne, 
Master and Rector of S. John's Hospital and Rectoiy, 
being the first Librarian and Custodian. This Library 
was kept in the Vestry of S. John's. in the British 
Museum, press-mark 11,901, bbb. 25, is "A Catalogue of 
Books in the Library at Bedford, the Foundation whereof 
was laid in the year 1700, by the Contributions of the 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Gentry and Clergy, 1706, 4° 39 pp," so runs the title of 
the catalogue. About the year 1708 the library w|$ 
removed to fresh quarters iiv S. Paul's Square, till this 
year 1748, when it was again removed, this time to | 
room over the south porch of S. Paul's Church. Here 
the books appear to have suffered from damp and want 
of care, as is evidenced by the sadly damaged condition 
of a valuable " f lorae " ad usum Sanu/i, London, 1524, 
Finally, in the year 1836 they found a more appropriate 
resting place in the present delightful reading room of 
the Literary, and Scientific Institute. There are, in the 
British Museum, two other catalogues of the Library, 
viz. : " Catalogue of the Bedfordshire General Library, 
established in July, 1830," Bedford, lM DCCCXXXV1 i, 
pp. 78, 8vo. ; and " Supplement to the Catalogue, from 
the First of July, 1838, to the hirst of July, 1844.'' 
Bedford, MDCCCXLIV., pp. 26, 8vo., the press-mark-, 

r , . , 1 1 000 cc 38, , J 1 qo i aaa 31. , . 

01 which are — -- --■ and ' Anoth 

Catalogue was printed at Bedford in 1879, which I believe 
to be the latest. Some steps would appear to have been 
taken in the year 1829 to re-organize the Library, as is 
shown by a Prospectus which was issued that year, a 
copy of w hich is here given : 

On Monday, December 7th, 1829, a Committee was 
formed to take preliminary measures for establishing a 



Bedford, December 1 (, 1829. 

Names of the 


Rev. Dr. Hunt. 

Rev. Dr. Brereton. 
Sir William Long. 
Rev. Dr. Moore. 

Captain Smyth, R.N. 
Rev. E. I. Lockwood. 
Rev. E. R. Williamson. 
George Witt, Esq. 

\V r . Thomas, Esq. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 251 

ii a Meeting of 1 lie Committee held this day, Rev. Dr. 
Hunt in the Chair, 


t That a Society be established for the formation of a useful 
Library, both for Reference and Circulation, to be called 
" The Bedford and Bui ford shire General Library" 

1L That this Society consist not only of Annual Subscribers, hut 
of Shareholders of Ten and of Five Guineas respectively, 
it being desirable that a fund should be forthwith raised 
to purchase a good stock of Books for the commencement 
of the Establishment. 

III. That each Subscriber pay One Guinea annually in advance. 

IV. That each holder of a Ten Guinea share shall be exempt from 

paying any Annual Subscription; and that a Five Guinea 
Shareholder's Annual Subscription be Half a Guinea. 

V. That the whole property of the Library be vested in the 


\T. That the Shares be transferable, and that there be no more 
than Fifty Shareholders. 

VII. That on each transfer of a Ton Guinea Share, by gift, sale, 

or otherwise, the now holder shall subscribe Half a Guinea 
annually, and that the transfer of a Five Guinea Share 
shall be similarly subject to an Annual Subscription of 
Sixteen Shillings. 

VIII. That no person hold more than one transferable Share. 

IX. That the management of the Library be vested in a Committee 

of Thirteen Members, of whom Eight at least shall be 

X. That the Committee be chosen at a General Annual Meeting, 

and that Six go out of office annually, who are to be in- 
eligible to serve again for one year. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

XI. That when the number of Shareholders shall amount 

Twenty-five, and that of Annual Subscribers to (in* 
Hundred, a General MeeiRhg shall be convened for tU 
appointment of a Committee, to frame Rules and Ileyulafe 
tions for the future management of the Libra]')'. 

XII. That those Ladies and Gentlemen who wish to be Share* 

holders, or Annual Subscribers, be requested to leave thcif 
names with Mr. Bithukz at the Lest Office, where a Bqq$ 
will be opened for that purpose. 


The following Inventory, though unfortunately incomplete; 
is of interest as giving the values of articles of husbandry 
some 300 years ago, and the equipment of a small farmer 
of that period. Many of the terms then in use are curious, 
such as niaUnde^ a basket; bonding- house] mixing house; 
ballrybb, now sparcrib ; pyxe, a box or bin ; bo//es, drinking 
vessels or bowls. It is also interesting to note the prices 
of farm produce, butter $d. a pound, lambhogs 2s. 8r/. each, 
bullocks 16s. %d. apiece, as compared with the prices of 
to-day. The deceased's clothing is valued at 2QJ., while 
his wife's is appraised at the mere modest sum of 13s. 4;/. 

Ait Inventory of the goods and Chattells of Willm. Gutch, 
late of Eaton in y° dioc e of Lyncoln husbandman 
decesseel taken the xxix daye of Decemb 1 ' in A 0 dfii 
1587 praysed by 1 1 en rye Marlebro gentillman Thomas 
Marcham Robte Wryghte John Kinge and Thomas 
Anelrewe, &c. 

In the Hall. 
I tin A table ij° trestells a forme and a bench 

bord praysed at iiij s 
Itin a chaire, at x* 1 
lull a spynninge whele at x <l 
I tm iij stooles at iiij (1 
Itrh a bensshe at iij li 
Itni viij peeees of pewter at vj s viij' a 

I till all the paynted clothes there at iiij 8 vj J 

In the Chamber 
ItiTi ij° bedstedds at iij 8 
ltm iij coffers at xj s 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Urn a cou'let at vj s viij d 

, I'au v paire of Sheets at xx" s 

IJtjji a Table clothe at ij s vj d 

tiih the paynted clothes in y e chmber * ij s vj d 

Tint all his wearinge apparrell xx s 
: Ihu his wieves apparrell also . xiij s iiij d 

Itm ij° shirts - ij s 

liiii all his vveaveel Lynnen at iiip 

In the vpper chamber 

Itili all the friiyte in the chamber ix 3 iiij d 

1 1 111 a chese at vj d 

vj loves of bredd & iiij or aple pastres xvj d 

Ilm e r tain bonis there at xij d 

Urn iij u of butter ix d 

A dyshe and grease churn iiij' 1 

In another chmber 
Itili iij lynnen wheeles c\: a paire of cards ij s 
Itiii all the woole there at iij s iiij' 1 

Itm all the heni])e \v th the slipp of yarne vj s 
jtiii a bedsteed a blan-kett .& ij° pyllowes xx d 
I till a ladder at xij d 

In the kitchen 
Itrii iiij 01 ' flytches of bakon a ballrybb and a 

chyne xij s 
Ilm .all the brasse & the Iron \v th a laver and a. 

Candell stick viij* 

In the boultinge house 
Itm ij° syves and a maunde a skeppe and a 

cloathe baskett at xvj d 
Itm a wasshinye fatte a frying panne a boultinge 

pyxe a wasshe tubb a skepp and ij (1 

•sickles at v s 
Itm vj holies a clensynge dysshe ij° chesfatts 

and a tankard at iij s 
Itm xj dyshes at vij d 

In the butter)' 

Itni vj trenchers iiij 01 ' spoones iij (l 
Itm an Alestall w th ij bords ami a tubb at ) .... s 
Itm ij° bottells c\: old Iron at ) 1UJ 

In Another chamber 
Itm a sickle at vi) (l 
Itm an Iron dragge & a wood dragge at vj s 
1 1 ill a bedstedd flex \v th oth r emplem ls viij' 1 
Itm ij° sacks at xij d 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

In the Stable 

Itrn vij en horses at . iiij H xiip ; 

Itm all the Carte geares ploughe geares and ij° 

parinells at vhp 
Itm geares aboute the hovell 

In the Yarde ♦ 

Itm a paire of wheeles a carte bodye a brake & 
whele barrowe and oth r woode vnder 
the hovell \v th a ploughe at xiij 6 iiij* 

Itm a shodde Carte at xx 8 

Itili a Teame and oth r ploughe geares w th an 

old wheel e at v s 

Itm x hvrdells & oth 1 ' old tymb r 

Itm an old Carte at vj s viirf 

Itm a shode Carte at xk 
Itm xxx tie lamhoggs at ij s a peece iiij H 
Itivi there are ij° more wanting if they be 

founde to be of y l value 
Itm a market Carte bodye and an hurdell gate hp 
Itm x bullocks at viij 1 ' vj* vii$ 

Itm all the hens in the yarde vj s 
Itm iij hogges at xxj s 
Itm xiiij en store pigs at iij s a peece xlip 
Itm the Strawe & hey in the barn xxx s 
Itm a coeke of haye & another of strawe xij s 

..jiK • '.'.I, S\L 

An Old. Toddington Custom. — I recollect when a 

boy, now some 40 or 5° years since, it was common 
to. every child at Toddington, on hearing the bells at 
Chalgrave ringing lor some joyous purpose, to catch up 
the refrain, as it were, in the following words, " Hang 
Frank Hall, his wife and all." Now, who Frank Hall 
or his wife were, or what their crime, if any, I am unable 
to say; but amongst some antiquated fragments of 
memoranda, etc., 1 lately received from Toddington, I 
found one piece (now worn in two) which 1 should imagine 
the Hall family wrote, and I have no doubt that they 
also belonged to Toddington. 

" Mary y e Daughter of Francis & Sarah Hall born on 
Monday March y e 18, 1757, & bap. April y c 27, 175;, 
& departed this life on Monday July f.8 th , 1757. George, 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


icjji of Francis & Sarah Hall born on Monday, Jul) 14 th , 
f"55, & bap. y e 2cS Day of y° same month & departed 
ihis life Dec 1 ' 28 in y c> same year 1755. Sarah, Daughter 
K Francis & Sarah Hall born on — ' (the paper has been 
clipped off through the following line and is unreadable, 
but on the other side is) " Francis, Son of Francis & Sarah 
Hall, Born on the 13 da)- of November in the year 1762. , 
Itirah My Wife Departed this Lite on Friday morning 
||)Out 2 o clock on y L ' 6 Day of Sep 1 ' in 1765." 
1 add that II all has not been a name in Toddington 

An Early Locally- P hi n ted Book.— Mr. F. Mock- 
Ilffe, of this Town, recently presented me with a small 
volume of which the title-page rims thus : 

"Viudiciae Verae Pie tat is | OR | Fvangelical-Sanctifica- 
tion I truly Stated and Vindicated : \ And the Common 
Mistakes of I Many Detected. | By JOHN HUNT, 
Minister I of the Gospel, in Newport-Pagncl. | Matt. 24, 
15. Whoso Readeth let him Under- \ stand. | 1 Tim. 4, 8. 
jhit Godliness is Profitable unto \ all things ; having a 
Promise of the Life that \ now is, and 0/ that which is to 
come. I Printed at 21 llton- Ernis, near BEDFORD ; | by U. 
Robinson, and Sold by John Wilcox, at j the Green-Dragon 
in Little Britain, and | Richard Ford at the Angel in the 
Poultry, I DON DON, 17 19. 

The book' consists of vi pp. of introductory matter, and 
the body of the work of 168 pp. 

It is not a little curious that there should have been, 
172 years ago, a press at Milton Krneys, or Ernest, as 
it is now spelt, a small village about five miles from 
Bedford, on the road to Iligham- Ferrers. In 180 1 the 
parish contained only 300 inhabitants, and in 1719 the 
population would probably be smaller. 

This is the earliest book printed in this Count)' that 
I have come across, and it would be interesting to learn 
whether any more publications issued from this press, and 
also if anything is known of IJ . Robinson, who appears to 
have worked it. 

256 Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Bogatzky's Golden Treasury, ed. t 77 3. — I am U 

search of a copy of the above work', which seems to have 
been privately printed by the philanthropist John ThorntiMn 
about the year 1773. The Rev. John Berridge was thegj 
Vicar of ' liver 'ton, and engaged in a wide circlfit of 
evangelistic preaching. Vvoin his " Whole Works," 2nd 
ed. 1864, I learn (Letters to Mr. John Thornton; that Mr, 
J. T., before April 3, 1773, had submitted to Mr. B. swine 
Papers of his own, which stand now in the current edition 
of the "Golden Treasury." Mr. B. criticizes these (whether 
the Papers were already printed or not does not appear . 
Next, Aug. 18, 1773, Mr. Berridge w rites : ..." 1 haw 

just received your Golden Treasury It is much 

improved in its present dress" (binding, I presume). On 
Aug. 31, 1773: "A hundred G. TVs are . . . received,'' 
" In reading over your G. 1\ I found the same Paper, with 
a lit tie addition^ in Nov. 5 and Dee. 12///." [This is a 
peculiarity which will identify the edition.] Sept. 25, [775: 
" The G. T.'s are dispersed among my flock, some in one 
town & some in another." Apr. 11, 1775: "1 have rec d 
. . . IOO Treasuries." There is no ed. of 1773 in the 
British Museum. The privately printed G. T., which Mr. 
Thornton interleaved and sent (in 1788) to Air. Berridge 
for his criticisms, is dated 1775. I cannot but think that 
many copies of the edition described above must have been 
treasured in Beds, Cambs, Hunts, etc. 1 am engaged on 
a reprint of Mr. Thornton's G. T., with Mr. Porridge's 
notes and emendations, and greatly desire to see the 
edition of 1773. ClIAS. P. PHINN. 

■25, Kildare Ten:ace x fiayswafcr, Lp/itton, W. 

WILLIAM - MATHER. — Enquiry is being made for the 
National Dictionary of Biography respecting Win. Mather. 
Pie appears to have joined the Society of Friends in 1661. 
Pie brought out "The Young Man's Companion" in 1 68 1 ; 
was a schoolmaster in Bedford and surveyor of highways, 
and published a pamphlet on highways in 1696. He re- 
joined the Established Church in 1700. Can any one help 
with any particulars of this person, especially date and 
place of his birth and his death ? His name does not 
appear in Mr. Blaydes's " Genealogia," nor in the Good hall 
MSS. at the Library. 




(Vol. iii. p. I.) 

Biv attention has recently been called by the Rev. Vernon 
Molt (0.1).), Rector of Lansallos, in Cornwall, to a -pedigree' 
of the Thorne family on p. ['6b .of "The Visitation of 
Gloucestershire, 1623," edited by the Harleian Society, 
which may perhaps afford a clue to the further elucidation 
of the history of the Harper family, of which so little 
appears to be known. Mention of Edward Thorne had 
k\n made, both by Mr. Cary-Elwes and myself in 
previous articles on Sir William Harper which have ap- 
peared in this work, but nothing further concerning this 
Edward Thorne had been discovered until Mr. Holt drew 
my attention to the above-mentioned visitation, from 
which I have extracted sufficient to illustrate the subject- 
matter of this article. The portion extracted is printed 
ia Roman characters, the italics represent additions made 
by myself. There can be, I think', no doubt that the Sr. 
William Harpur mentioned in the pedigree and our Sr. 
William are identical. We know from the Deed of Gift, 
dated 20 April, 1566, by which Sr. William endowed the 
Grammar School in this Town, that his then wife's name 
was Alice, and we have, further, the record of her burial 
at S. Mary Woolnoth, on 15 Oct. 1569, but of her maiden 
name nothing was known. Mr. Cary-Elwes (Bed/. iV. 
and Q., vol. i. p. 32) says that it was Tomlinson, but gives 
no authority for his statement. From the pedigree on 
the next page it would appear that she was one of the 

VOL III. j 7 

2 5 8 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Kughters of Robert Thorne, of Bristol, by J one, his wife, 
jplUghter of John Wythipool, and that she w as the w idow 
[ *}{ Thomas Jaekman. Now the wills of Robert Thorne 
pnd Nicholas Thorne, brothers of Alice Thorne, printed 
I "Bristol Wills/' edited by the Rev. T. P. Wadley, M.A., 
Bristol, 1 886, both mention William Harper; Robert 
Thorne bequeaths to him the sum of £io, and Nicholas 
Thorne speaks of him in his will, dated 1546, as "William 
Harpar my brother-in-law," and leaves him "a goune 
ivhcrof the foreparte is lyned w t damaske a Jacket of 
' tawny damaske a goun furred w* bogc," etc., and £10 in 
money, and to "my Sister his wif" ,£10, also 11 a ring w l 
a dya'mourit and more a ring \v l an esmyrall and a ring 
Ej a ruby," etc. The extracts from these wills thus con- 
firm the relationship between the Thome and Harper 
families, as set forth in the pedigree. We also learn from 
the will of Robert Thorne that he was a member of the 
Merchant Taylors' Company, as was also Sr. William 
Harper, and possibly this fact may have led to his be- 
coming acquainted with the Thorne family. Although 
the brass to Sir William Harper, in S. Paul's Church, 
Bedford, states that he was born at Bedford, 1 have always 
had my doubts whether his ancestors lived in the county, 
and all we know of them is that his father's name was 
William. Now on p. 95 of the last quoted work i.^ an 
abstract of the will of John Sutton, burgess of Bristol, 
dated 1415) in which mention is made of a William 
Harper, who held for life a tenement in Templestreet, 
the rent of which testator bequeaths to his wife Joan. 
There is also a bequest to Thomas, s. of John Harper of 
"Chihncley," wherever that may be. I mention these facts 
for what they are worth, and as perhaps affording a 
possible clue to the history of the Harper family. 

The brass above-mentioned also gives the Christian 
name of Sr. William's last wife, viz. Margaret, and in his 
will he mentions Richard Tethers, "my wife's brother." 
That this was the surname of his second wife is supported 
by the Bishop of Tendon's Marriage Certificates {Bed/. 
iV. and Q. vol. i. p. 32), where the licence for Sr. William 
Harper to marry Margaret Leedare is given. Who she 
was ] have been unable to discover. On p. 3 ante we 
have it on record that Edward Thorne married Lady 
Harker (clearly a misprint for Harper), consequently it 
is safe to assume that the nameless lad)- assigned in the 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

pedigree as the wife of Edward Thorne was none otl 
than Margaret Lethers, or Leedare, the widow of St. 
William Harper, his uncle by marriage ! As I am wril 
I take the opportunity of stating that there are two cost? 'I 
of arms connected w ith Sir William Harper which I ., 
unable to identify- -one, a shield formerly on the brass i 
S. Paul's, in this Town — Per chevron argent and gu]e$S 
three trefoils slipped counterchanged, on a chief or a 
many martlets of the second ; the other on the sin;-: 
side of the seal of the " Masters, Governors and Trustee^ 
of the .Bedford Charity," of which an engraving is ;;iw 
on p. y ante — chequy or ami azure, a less argent freUj 
gules. I have searched Papworth in vain for them. 

F. A. Blayues. 



From the Northampton Mercury of the last century:— 

" 1731- Sheriff, Beds., George Blundel, Esq." 

Monday, March 20th, 1732. — "On Wednesday and 
Thursday, the 29th and 30th of this instant March, a 
Main of Cocks will be fought at the W hite Sw an Inn, W 
Bedford, where will be an Ordinary each day." 

Monday, April 3/7/, 1732. — "Whitehall, Dec, nth, 1731. 
— Whereas on Tuesday, the 30th November last, in the 
night time, between the hours of Ten and Twelve, the 
Dwelling-house of Thomas Page, Esq., at Battlesdcn, in 
the Count)' of Bedford, was attempted to be broke open 
by four persons unknown ; and on Friday, the 3rd instant, 
between the hours of Seven and Eight in the .Evening; 
Samuel Teuton, a servant of the same Air. Page's, wag 
fired at when he was in his Master's Brewhouse adjoining 
to the same Dwelling-house, through a hole in the wall, 
and was in danger of being killed, the bullet taking of? 
two buttons from his waistcoat ; which attempt upon tho 
same Samuel Lenton w r as. supposed to have been made, 
by one of the four persons above mentioned, in revenge 
lor his having discharged a blunderbuss from the Window 
of the House at the time it was endeavoured to be broken 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

v < n, as aforesaid, and thereby wounded, as he imagined, 
C or more of the said four persons. His Majesty, for 
better detecting of the persons concerned in such 
llliainous and wicked actions, is pleased to promise his 
Ipost gracious pardon, to any one of them, who shall 
icover his Accomplice or Accomplices (exept the person 
&£tho fired at the same Samuel Lenton) so as they, or 
Why of them, be apprehended and convicted thereof, 
s HARRINGTON. — And as a further Encouragement, the 
Ntii.1 Thomas Page does hereby promise a reward of .Fifty 
Pounds to the person or persons making such discovery 
[gxcept the person who fired at the same Samuel Lenton), 
and bringing the Criminals to Justice as aforesaid.'- — TlIOS. 

§|ge.' j 

Monday, April 28///, 1735 (No. 2). — 11 Thomas Edwards, 
■A the Bell at Bedford, Sells the best Neat Red and White 
Tort, Mountain, and Sherrey, at six shillings per Gallon, 
Where all Gentlemen may be furnished with I tampers 
and Bottles at prime Cost. The money will be allow'd 
for the Bottles if returned. French Brandy and Rum, 
neat as imported, at Nine Shillings per Gallon." 

"To be disposed ol, at Bedford, a very Good Shop of 
Drapery Goods, by Wholesale or Retail, the Stock' of Air. 
Alderman Hasclwood, deceased. Also the House and 
Shop to be Lett, to the person that buys the Goods. The 
Shop is an ancient Draper's Shop, and a very good 
Custom belongs to it ; and it is very well situated, being 
under the Tow n Mall. Enquire at the said Shop, or at 
Mr. Thomas Edwards's, at the Bell, in Bedford, and known 
further. Note — There is a very good Conveniency for the 
Wool Business." 

Monday-, Aug. 18///, 1735 (No. 18). — "All persons who 
are pleased to deal with Mr. Thos. Cave, or Mr. Robert 
Hattison, Merchants, hi Bedford, are desired to take Notice, 
That they have each of them hired convenient Wharfs in 
Cauldwcll Street, in the said Town, being out of the 
Turnpike Road, and as commodious for any persons 
coming from Ampthill, Woobourn, Hockliffe, Dunstable, 
Leigh ton, Brickhill, Fenny-Stratford, &c, as any other 
Wharf in the Town ; the lane leading to the same being 
very near the back gate of the White Hart Inn, where 
care will be taken that all the - Customers of either of the 
said Merchants shall meet with good Entertainment for 
their Servants and Horses." 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

The following passages are from the London ChronitU 
for 1766 : — 

Page 70. — Last Wednesday se'nnight died, at his si * 
at Shidlingtonbury, in Bedfordshire, John Briscoe, K&X-j 
He has left his real estates in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshifl 
Hampshire and Kent, to the Right Hon. the Ear) cli 
Sussex. After paying some legacies, and purchasing solatia 
annuities to old servants, he has directed the residue <nf 
his personal estate to be applied to the use of St. Georg 
Hospital and the Westminster Infirmary, 

Page 298. — Wednesday last the kiln-house, belonging 
to Mr. Lloyd's tan-yard, at Luton in Bedfordshire, t< 
fire, and the flames soon spread, and consumed two <»r 
three other buildings. 

Page 330.- — On Tuesday last a man went voluntarily 
before a Magistrate at Bedford, and owned himself an 
accomplice in the murder of a gardener at Sutton, near 
Potton, in Bedfordshire, some months ago ; he owns that 
he worked with the said gardener, and got one of hifl 
confederates into the house, who dispatched the gardena 
with a mallet, whilst another searched the house for a 
sum of money, which he missed : proper persons hau: 
been dispatched to apprehend the two others. 

Page 358.— Last week died the Rev. Mr. Reddall, M.A. 
Vicar of Kempston, in Bedfordshire, and Chaplain to tlii 
Duke ol Bed lord. 

Page 362. — A few days ago died John Godfrey, Esq., 
of Harrold, in Bedfordshire. 

On Friday last Mrs, Johnson, many years housekecpci 
to the Duke of Bedford, fell down as she was walking 
across a room, broke one of her thighs in a terrible manner, 
and died on l\ionday. 

Page 366. — They write from Sutton, near Potton, in 
Bedfordshire, that the man (who, a few days ago, wont 
voluntarily before a Magistrate at Bedford town, and 
acknowledged himself to be concerned in the murder ol" 
a gardener at the first mentioned place, and accused two 
other persons as his accomplices in the said murder) had 
been again examined and confronted with the two men, 
when he greatly prevaricated, and at length owned that 
he committed the murder by himself, and that no other 
person knew anything of the matter. He further added, 
that his conscience perpetually accused him, and that lit 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

had no rest till he had made a true confession of the 
above horrid fact, on which lie was sent to Bedford gaol, 
and the two men were set at liberty. 

Page 378. — Mr. Marshall, of Biggleswade, who last 
Monday undertook to ride his pony to London and back 
Rain in twelve hours, performed it in ten hours and a 
half, including better than half an hour he staid at 
Islington to refresh, and baiting several times on the 
road. He has since offered ^"100 that the pony with its 
own weight, comes from Biggleswade (forty-five miles) 
in three hours. 

Page 550. — Last week a gentlewoman, at Potton, in 
Cambridgeshire [ Bedfordshire j, possessed of a considerable 
estate, hanged herself. 

■ ||!|| ..Jilil „ liliL, ||||| „ 

y'iH; l ! l 'ii' ! h^i't'lliii; l ;l>;ii'-i;,i^ 

©Icamnp from parlsf) megfeterg* 

(Continued from p. 238.) 


Mar. 2 ? Eston, Andrew, s. of Wm. 

„ Feb. 23 Eston, Thus., s. of Wm. 

1568 Mar, 21 Dillingham, Christopher, s. of Wm. 
,, Aug. 15 Dillingham, Francis, s. of Walter. 

,, Nov. 20 Eoxe, Thomasin, d. of Chr. 

1569 May 6 Eston, Eliz'th, d. of Wm. 

Dec. 25 Dillingham, Judith, d. of Thos. 

1570 Aug. 1 Eston, Nicholas, s. of Wm. 

„ Oct. 3 Dillingham, Thos., s. of Gualter. 
„ Dee. 30 Foxe, Thos., s. of Christ 1 '. 

1572 Get. 20 Eston, liliz'th., d. of Wm. 

,,' Mar. 1 Dillingham, Eliz'th., d. of Wm. 

,, Aug. 3 Neale, Margret, d. of Wm. 

Oct. 17 Dillingham, Humphrey, s. of Robert. 

,, Mar. 15 Eston, Francis, s. of Wm. 

1573 May 21 Dillingham, Thomasin, d. of Gualter. 
,, Mar. 7 Eston, Abraham, s. of Win. 

* Transcribed from a ropy of the Registers taken by B. 11. Beedharn, some 
years ago. There appears lo be some confusion in the dale.-,, but I have given 
them as f found ihem. Ed. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

■ k 

1 574 



Dillingham, Quaker, s. of Wm. 

] une 


Dillingham, Alice, d. of Margery. 



Fox, John, s. of Chr. 



Neale, Elener, cf! of Wm. 


1 5 

Dillingham, Thos., s. of Rt. 



Beales, Richard, s. of Mrs. Mary. 

» y 


2 1 

Eston, George, s. of Wm. ♦ 

1 57b 



Dillingham, Elizabeth, d. of Gualter. 



Dillingham, Esther, d. of Gualter. 



1 2 

Dillingham, George, s. of William. 


2 1 

Dillingham, Andrew, s. of Robert. 

, ? 


r 4 

Eston, Thomas, s. of Wm. 


1 7 

Fox, Susanna, d. of Chr. 

1 S77 


] une 


Neale, Katherine, d. of Win. 



Neale, Brigetta, d. of Thos. 




Neale, Frances, d. of John, gent. 




Neale, Grace, d. of Thos., gent. 



Dillingham, John, s. of .Gualter. 

> ? 



Dillingham, Christopher, s. of Robert. 




Foxe, Oliver, s. of Christ''. 



2 1 

Eston, Susanna, d. of Win. 




Neale, Frances, d. of Thos., gent. 




Eston, Anne, d. of 1 lenry. 



Neale, Thos., s. of Thos. 


Dillingham, Tims., s. of Robt. 




Eston, Briggofte, d. oi 1 lenry. 

> » 



Foxe, Mary 1 , d. of Christ 1 '. 




Neale, [ohn, s, of M r. Thos. 

| une 


Dillingham, Mary, d. of Rob. 



Neale, Peter, s. of Thos., gent. 



2 4 

Eston, Wm., s. of Richard. 



Foxe, Susan, d, of Christ 1 '. 

1 5 8 9 



Eston, Briggette, d. of Richard. 

j 590 



Gray, Timothy, s. of Gualter. 




Foxe, Christopher, s. of Christ 1 '. 



Eston, Margaret, d. of Richd. 



Dillingham, John, s. of Henry. 




Dillingham, Katherine, d. of 1 lenry. 


Eston, Sarah, d. of Richd. 



' 8 

Earline, Peter and Raul, sons of Oliver, of 

Moles worth, gent. 



2 1 

Dillingham, Ellen, d. of Henry. 



Neale, Raul, s. of Mr. Thos. 




Dillingham, Thomas, s. of Henry-. 

1 600 



Dillingham, Henry, s. of John, the elder. 



Russell, John, s. of James, gent. 

i 60 1 



Dillingham, Anne, d. of Henry. 

1 607 


3 1 

Jackman, Joseph, s. of Mr. Robert. 

Bedfordshire Notes and. Queries. 





i'oj j 




I 2 








3 1 





5 6 1 S 



16 10 

* y j 


1 3 

lt)l I 




1 5 






1 0 





1 3 



1 7 



2 2 






| uric 



2 1 






1 1 


1 1 


1 2 








1 038 



























1 2 







» > 


2 3 






j 652 






1 2 




Foxe, Alice, d. of John. 

Foxe, Anne, d. of Oliver. 

Foxe, Thomas, s. of Oliver. 

Foxe, Alice, d. of Christ 1 '. 

Foxe, Nathaniel, s. of Oliver 

Foxe, Martha, d. of Christ 1 ". 

Foxe, John, s. of Oliver. 

Foxe, Martha, d. of Christ 1 '. 

Foxe, William, s. of Oliver. 

Foxe, Christopher, s. of Christ 1 '. 

Foxe, Sarah, d. of Oliver. 

Eston, Marye, d. of Win. 

Foxe, Christopher, s. of Oliver. 

Foxe, Robert, s. of Oliver. 

Eston, John, s. of Wm. 

Foxe, Alice, d. of Oliver. 

Eston, Robert, s. of Robert. 

Dillingham, Martha, d. of Thos., jun. 

Bendishe, Elizabeth, d. of Mr. Wm. 

Cooclie, John, s. of Mr. John. 

Eston, Anne, d. of Robert 

Dillingham, Sarah, d. of Thos., jun". 

Dillingham, Margaret, d. of John and Mary. 

Eston, Thos., s. of Robert and Dorothy. 

Dillingham, Sarah, d. of fohn and Sarah. 

Neale, Jonathan, s. of Paul and Eliz. 

Moore, John, s. of John, Minister. 

Dillingham, John, s. of Christ 1 and Alice. 

Norton, Thos., s. of Thos. and Grace. 

Easton, Thos., s. of Thus, and Dorothy. 

Easton, Eliz'th, d. of Thos. and Dorothy. 

Dillingham, Theo 8 . s. of [ohn and Sarah. 

Dillingham, Mary, d. of Theo s . and Martha. 

Dillingham, Thos., s. of Theo s . and Martha. 

Dillingham, Rebeccah, d. of John and Sara) 

Pomfret, Peter, s. of Peter and Alar)-. 

Dillingham, Joseph, s. of Geo. and Sarah. 

Eston, Mary, d. of Robt. and Dorothy. 

Pomfret, Mary, d. of Peter. 

PeiTOtt, Samuel, s. of Robt. 

Neale, Noah, s. of Noah. 

Fox, Eliz., d. of Christ 1 '. 

Pomfret, Eliz., d. of Peter. 

Neale, Henry, s. of Mr. fohn and Anna. 

Dillingham, Isaacke, s. of John and Sarah. 

Perrotj Susanna, d. of Mr. Robert. 

Leach, Dorrity, d. of Mr. Rich' 1 , and Sarah. 

Fox, Robert, s. of Christ 1 '. 



l6 55 

T,,l .r 

J n 'y 


I o 5 D 



2 0 



i AAA 
J DO 0 

1 C. 

J 0 

1 0 0 o 


I 0 

I OOcj 






1 673 

A„, r 

' 3 


] unc 


1 6S6 

] une 


t A Q A 
I 0 0 C) 



X vol 

U t C . 

] 009 

1 on 


1 ^90 




I 0 

j u| y 

l 9 

J unc 

2 0 




> > 





2 4 




BedfordsJiire Notes and Queries. 

Foxe, Thos. s. of Christ 1 *, and Alice. 
Foxe, Sarah, d. of Christ 1 *, and Alice. 
Foxe, Christ 1 '., s. of Christ 1 '. 
Foxe, John, s. of Christ 1 ', 
Foxe, Thos., s. of Christ 1 '. 
Dillingham, Sarah, d. of Thos. and Sarah. 
Foxe, Grace, d. of Christ 1 ', and Grace. 
Foxe, Martha* d. of Mr. Christ 1 '. 
Dillingham, Anne, d. of John and Eliz. 
Fox, Frances, d. of Robt. and Mary. 
Dillingham, John, s. of John and Eliz. 
Fox, Sarah, d. of Robt. and Mary. 
Fox, Christ 1 '., s. of Robt. and Mary. 
Leach, Eliz., d. of Theophilns and Mary. 
Fox, Thos., s. of Robt. and Mary. 
Boundy, Thos., s. of Peter and Milicent. 
Boundy, Eliz., d. of Peter and Milicent. 
Boundy, Peter, s. of Peter and Milicent. 
Fox, Mary, d. of Robert and Mary. 
Leach, Sarah, d. of Theos. and Mary. 
Fox, Grace, d. of Robert, yeoman, and Mary 

aionumental inscriptions. 

(Continued from p. 243.) 

Against the N. wall at the upper end of the middle Isle 
of the Church— , • 

Arms — Tarty per pale Az. and Gu. an escallop Or.— 

Crest — An escallop party per fess Or. and Arg. 

Under an arch the upper part of a man in Robes holding 
in his left hand a book — several figs, above, and on each 
side — 



" In memory of S R . HUMPHREY WlNCHE alias Dc la 
Winc.he ECt. who in the 4th year of King James An 0 . Dni. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


'.1 606 was sent by him to serve in Ireland first as chief Baron 
after as Chief Justice and Councillor of State for that King- 
dome from whence recalled he scrvecMiis IMajesty as one 
of his Justices, untill an Apoplexye seised on him in his 
Roabes the 4th of February 1624 in the 71th year of his 
!ge whereof he about 24 hours after died in Chancery Lane 
London whose Corpse embalmed was brought downe and 
buried heareby. i!e took to wife CICELY one of the 
daughters of RlCH". OnslOWE alias Gondeslowe Esq 1 . 
Sollicitor Generall to Oueene Elizabeth by whome he had 
issue 2 sones and 3 daughters (viz.) ONSLOWE, HUMPHRY, 
M.\RG T . HELLE, ec DOROTHY. Humphry, Marg*. & Helleri 
died in their infancy — his wife Dame Cicely with Onslow e 
& Dorothy surviving him— Onslowe married Judith only 
(laughter of ROGER BURGOINE of Sutton Esq 1- . Dorothy 
married to GEORG SCOTT of Hauckhurst in the County of 
Kent Esq 1 '." 

{Lansd. MS. S87, fo. 97.) 

EVERTON.— " Here lay the earthly Remains of JOHN 
Bl£RRIDGE late Vicar of Everton, and an itinerant Servant 
of Jesus Christ, who loved his Master and his W ork, and 
after running on his Errands many Years was called up 
to wait on him above. Reader, art thou born again ? 
No Salvation without a new Birth. 
I was born in Sin Feb y , 1716 
Remained ignorant of my fallen State till 1730 
Lived proudly on Faith oL r Works for Salvation till 1754 
Admitted to Everton Vicarage 1755. 
Fled to Jesus alone for Refuge 1 7 5 O. 
Fell asleep in Christ Jan? 22 (l , 1793." 


In the chancel, on the South fide, under an arch richly 
ornamented with armorial bearings, and hipported by 
Corinthian pillars of beautiful marble of various colours, 
lies Sir Edmond Andcrfon in his robes, and his lady in 
the drefs of the time. On the tombs below are two foils 
and four daughters, kneeling. 

* Reprinted with corrections from "The Projector,'' No. wiv. Nov. 1803, 
pp. 1005-1007. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Over them is this infeription : 

" Mere lieth the bodies of Sir Edmond Anderfon, knfc 
Lord Chief Juftice of the court of Comon Pleas 24 years 
and a half ; and Dame Magdalen his wife, daughter of 
Chriftoper Smith, efq. They had iffue three ions and fix 
daughters viz. Edmond, who married Elizabeth, daughter 
of Thomas Inkpenn, efq, and died without iffue ; Sir Francia 
Anderfon, knt. married, firft, J Lidith, daughter of Sir Stephen 
Some, knt. and after Audrey, daughter of Sir John Bottilef, 
knt. and bart. ; and William Anderfon, who married firft 
Johana, daughter of Thomas Effex, efq. and after Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Thomas Darnell, knt. The two eldcfl 
daughters died yonge ; and Margaret, the third daughter, 
married to Sir Thomas Monfbn, knt. and bart. Katherine, 
married to Sir George Booth, knt. and bart ; Grefill, married 
to Sir John Shefield, knt. eld eft fonne of Edmond Lord 
Sheffield ; and Elizabeth, married to Sir Hatton Farmor, 
knt. The laid Sir Edmond dyed the hVft of Auguft (605, 
being 74 years and upwards of age. And the laid Dame 
Magdalyn departed this lite the 9th of January 1622, being 
79 years and upwards of age." 

On the North fide of the chancel is an elegant monument, 
with the effigies of a man in armour, kneeling between two 
ladies, with this infeription over them : 

"Here lieth the Bodyc of Sir Francis .Anderfon, late of 
Eyworth, in the count)' of Bedford, knt. fori and heire of 
Sir Edmond Anderfon, knt. late Lord chief juftice of his 
Majefties courte of Comon Pleas at Weftminfter ; who was 
firft married to Judith, daughter of Sir .Stephen Soame, knt 
and Alderman of London, by whom he had iffue two fons, 
And afterwards married to Audry, daughter of Sir John 
Buttler of Hatfield Woodhall, in the county of Hartford, 
knt. by whom he had iffue 1 ion and 2 daughters. The 
laid Sir Francis departed this tranfitorie life the 22d day of 
December, Anno Dom. 1616, in whole facred memorie the 
laid Lady Anderfon erected this monument at her own 
p'per cofr. and charges." 

On a lofty monument of white marble, richly gilt and 
decorated, (lands the figure of a man and woman in the 
drefs of the time, each with their left hands on their bread, 
and holding in their right hands a heart between them, in* 
fcribed, l 'To God, [638;" and over the heart a crown, 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


pfcribed, u Ex gratia mei debito." Over them,. on a flab of 
black marble, this infeription : 

" Thefe liv'd in that they lov'd, 
God made them one ; 
lie dies, and thus difolv'd 
Loe .flic is none. 
Delay not then till fate 
Shall Hop her breath, 
To tell what day (he died, 
His was her death. 

" In the fepulchrc of his fathers, towards the upper end 
of the chancel on the North fide, lyeth buried the body of 
Ed mend Anderfpn, efq. eldeft fonne and heire of Sir Francis 
Andcrfon, knt. grand-forme of Sir Edmond Andcrfon, fome- 
time Lord chief juftice of the Common Pleas. He married 
Alice, the fole daughter and heire of Sir John Con (table, 
late of Dromanby, in the countie of York, knt. by whom 
he had iffuc onely one daughter, named Dorothy. He all 
his time truly profeffed and conftantly adhered to the true 
and uncorrupted fayth of Chrift Jefus, and as he held the 
unitie of the fpirit with the church, fo alfo the bond of 
perfe6l peace, love and charitie with men. In fumme he fo 
liv'd here on earth, as juflly argues to all the world, that 
God who gave him that grace hath received him to mercy ; 
to which he went on the 4th of .April, Anno Dom. 1638 ; 
leaving behind him the laid daughter aged 7 years and a 
half, and his wife a forrowfull w idow, who with him hath 
intomb'd her heart, and hath pledg [* here follows a long 
erafure], dedicating this' imall monument to his dear and 
love'd memorie, which in the meane time (he fadly con- 

Over the man, "Morte feparati over the woman, " Tamen 
in Deo convcnimusV' Under the man, " Veni ; domine 
Jefu, cito vein':" under the woman, " Quamvis incumbo, 
tamen vocante magiftro refurgam." 

On a fmall monument, on the South fide of the chancel, 
is this infeription : 

<l Here lieth the body of Magdallcna Gadbury, the fole and 
only daughter of Richard Gadbury, of Eyworth, gentleman, 

* Tradition fays thai the lady made a folcmn vow never to take a fecond 
hufband, and had the vow recorded on the monument; bul very (won after his 
death married afain. and ordered the ink-notion lo he era fed. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

and of Margaret Gad bury his feconcl wife ; which fold 
Magdallena Gadbury lived the age of 5 years and 7 dayl j 
She departed this tranfitorie life r the 16th day of Februarj 
in the year of our Lord God 1618, in whofe faered memory 
the aforefaid Richard Gadbury, her father, hath creeled tim 1 

" ChriJi is to both in life and death advantage. 
" For as in Adam all dye, even fo in Chrift mail bg . 
made alive." 

Arms. Gules, a crofs Or, between four goats Ik. 
erafed, Ar. 

The following inferiptions are on the floor. 

On a black marble (tone, plated with brafs, is engraved a 
man, woman, and child, with this inscription : 

"Here lieth the bodye of Richard Gadbury, late of 
Eyworth, gentleman, together with Margaret, daughtql 
of Thomas Anderfon, late of CanYlethorpe in Lvncolncllmv, 
efq. his fecond wife, who left unto certain feoffes in truA 
for the perpetual benefit of the poor of Eyworth, fix acres 
of arable land lying in the fields of WrefHingworth, and 
acres in the fields of Dun ton. The fuel Richard, being 
about the age of 63 years, departed this life October the 
t6, An. Dom. 1024. And the laid Margaret being about 

the age of . They had ilfue one only daughter, 

Magdallen'a, in whole memory the}' erected the little monu- 
ment placed in the South tide of this chancel wall." 

"Here lieth the bodie of John Glynne, efq. fon of Sir 
William Glynne, bart. and of Dame Penelopic his wife, 
daughter of Stephen' Anderfon, efq. of Eyworth, who died 
the- 12 day of March 1661, aged 37 weekes." 

"Here lieth the body of the virtuous Lady Dame Mai}' 
Anderfon, wife of Sir Stephen Anderfon, bart. and daughter 
oi Sir John Glynne, knt. one of his.Majefbies ferjeants-at-law, 
who departed this life Feb. the 25th, \66l." 

"Here lyeth interred the body of Dame .Alice, baronefs 
Verulame, Vifcounteffe St. Albans, one of the daughters of 
Benedict Barnham, Alderman of London ; (lie departed 
this life the 29th of June, Anno D'ni T650." 

" Here lieth the body of Dame Dorothey Con ("table, the 
widdow of Sir John Conftable, late of Dromanby in York- 
fliire, and daughter and cohcire of Benedict Barnham, 
Alderman of London ; the departed this life the <S day of 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


June, Anno D'n'i. T649. Neare hereunto alfo are interred 
[jhe bodyes of Thomas, John, Eclmond, Francis, and 
Elizabeth, children of John Cotton, efq. (fon and heirc of 
Sir Thomas Cotton, hart.) and of Do.jjpthy his wife, fole 
daughter of Edmond Andcrfon, efq. by Alice his wife, who 
was daughter of the (aide Lady Con (table, which 5 children 
died in their infancy. Here lieth the body of Edmond 
Anderfon, efq. who departed this life Auguft the 6th, [736." 

"Here lieth the body of Sir Stephen Anderfon, bart. who 
departed this life Jan. the 9, 1707." ' 

"Here lieth the body of Mrs. Catherine Anderfon, who 
departed this life April the 9th, 1705." 

"Here lieth interred the pious and generally honoured, 
Miftrefs Kathcrin Anderfon, wife unto Stephen Anderfon, 
efq. She was of a noble extraction, and her virtues above it." 

" In memory of Edmond Anderfon, .efq. who departed this 
life April the lit, 1740; aged 54 years." 

In the church : 

" In his family vault under the chancel of this church lycth 
the body of Edmond Anderfon, of Mag. college, Cambridge, 
defigned to be rector of Broughton, in the county of 
Lincoln, fecond fon of Sir Stephen Anderfon, of Ey worth, 
in the county of Bedford, bart. died l\ Eeb. 1766." 

Arms in the Ealt window. Az. a chevron between 3 
efcalops, Or ; on a chief Or, a lion pafiant guardant. Parted 
by bend fmeflcr, a lion rampant, counter-changed Or and 

In the North window. Gules, a chevron Or, between 
3 pelicans Arg. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


The following' is a copy of the first rate appearing in the 
oldest Churchwarden's Book 1 of the Parish of Potton 

The Accompt of Thomas Waller and Frances Austen 
Overseers for the poorc of Potton John Clarke ami 
Thomas Goodale Churchwardens made and given 
upp this. 

A levye for the poore the 13 th of Maye 1638. 

Mr. Burg'oyne for Potton 

v\ 00 11 



Anil fr>r tnf> frvtli 



jtxiki ior Liic wairen ano 

hpfltn / 1 n ^ r> c 

1 1 0 CI I 1 1 LlUoto 



Mr. Wyncli lor the Parson- 




l\Tr ^li!,-»ro 

jvj 1 . oiners 



l\l I . l J 1 1 ,11 l, 


lilt). VV il 1 i.l 


John Langhorne 


lur. ijouiiye 



Jarrard Butcher 


"William Harper 



I ho. t ,anghorne 


1 < 1 M 10 S tilde 


Tho. Squire 

Ed. Cole 


Jo. Wallys 


Rich. Springe 


Jacobb Miller 


Henry Wallys 



Geo. Searle 


William Geery 


1 0 

Walter Lettys 


Robert: Ball 



Ste. Wichelowes 

1 0 

Tho. Waller 



Wid. Lettys 



Wid. Crouch 


Wid. Emmery 


John Ward 


Tho. Goodale 



Kd. Waller 



Ed, In wave 


I r\ Vi 11 cl v 0 

J. ctllol V L/ 


Wid. Lawson 

.To. Cornelius 

Widd. Cole 


iw arm. /viisien 


I ri At 1.'' i i~\ cr\n 

2 1 0 

1 .I!, v. Ill 1 Kt ✓ 


1 1 » f \ ( t \ Y\~\ w 1 ri 

J I 1 V ) . V-/ 1 ) 11 1 \) It'll 


Rich. Maweolt 


l no.. 1 1 tiw 

lien. Longstalie 


Willm. bland 


I ho. Newman 



t , r^"i . 1, . 

J 0. Chambers 



Air. bromsall 


Tho. Smyth 


Jo. Clarke 

3 + 

Richard Peter 


Matthew Thorn 


James Smyth 


Tho. An s worth 


Tho. Bowtell 


Danyell Py.tts 
Wid. Ward 



Jo. Kyrke 


PI ugh Conye 


Wid. Mayles 


Jo. Compton 


Will. Austen 


Jo. Langhorne 


Willm. Morton 

3 + 

John Wallys 


Wid. Bye 


Wid. Andrews 


Ri. Roberts 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


T C\ r-T 1 vnpr 
J \)» i J. ct i J ;L I 



Jo. Austen 


Jul Pannell 


l.tU. 0 1 1 1 V I 1 1 


I / 1I1 1> h :i n n p 

1 1 -' I J 1 1 X c 1 11 1 1 0 


\\ ill. Kidman 

1 2 

\\ 1 < 1 1 '1 n 11' w"irn A 
11 HI. J jd U 1 J O I 1 lt_. 



YTw] H i rwv' 

\ \ 1 ci. tiarp 


11 1 ('] / n 'i m 1 1 Arc 


jEl*^- Bonyon 


It r A ikI" a 11 
1 1. a Lis 1 1_ n 



J- len. v_ 1 til kc 


Ri. Emmery 


E d . Austeu 


Tho. Owtlane 


Will. Charnock 


Jq. Jeapes 


Rob 1 . Beamont 

Jo. Fynch 


Tho. Sawyer 


Mr. Oxford 



Tho. Searle 


Geo. Pratt 


Ro. Lillye 


Will. Robynson 


Ro. Paine 


Somma est iiii//. 7.9. ib\/. 

The w h . levies hath been gathered six tym 
and sometymes altered as occasion serv< 
so the whole levies cometh to 

Received of the old overseers 

Sum ma total est 


v 1 1 1 








The names of such poor people as receaved week lye 


Burnaby Booker 


Wid. Ceasar 


Wid. Chatton 


Marye Wiseman 


Wid. Buro-vs 

i iiii 

Wid. Knott 


Wid. Bustard 




Wid. Watts 




Elen Doughty 




Coomfes Son 

i iiii 



■Coops Son 

i viii 

John Blaine 


With N en son 


Henry Greene 


Thomas Inglsby 


Henry Robinson 


Which persons have received sometymes more 
and sometymes lesse as appeareth by the 
bills All \v k . cometh to 
Alsoe given to sick and poore people as 
' followeth 

Gyven to Walter Langhorne for rydding the 
towne of him'selfe his wife and children 

Item paid to Parratt for lodging of Ursula 

Item paid to Henry Clarke for the Widow 
Burgys rent 
vol. in. 

xx 111 



Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Item paid to old Harper for the widdowe 

Knotts rent iii 
Item paid to Henry Clarke t&e first of July 

for the rent of Barring-ton and the widdowe 

Knott i 
Item given to Apthorpe to help him out of 

prison vi 
Item given to the Widd. Knott to send her 

quite awaie iiii 
1 Lin . paid to Henry Clarke for one months 

rent for Barrington i 
Itm. paid to Parratt the xxx th of December 

for a quarters rent ii 
Itm. p d to F 1 ' fessopp for Burgess rent for one 

halfe yeare vi i 

Itm. p (1 to Apthorpe for iii 
Itm. p l1 to F r fessopp for Burgess rent iiii 
Given to poor people in harvest tyme, viz. to 

j.'arnaby Chatton, Barrington, Watts and 

Shelton xx 

The some of this cometh to iiii vii 

\V h being added to the weekly contribu- 
tion cometh to xxvii xii 

Soe we charge our selves with tin- some of 33 14 
Whereof ther hath ben laid out 27 xii 

Paid for wryting this Accompt . i 

All which being deducted out of the 33 14 

Ther remains to be delivered to the next over- 
seers the some of 6 0 
Whereof ii//'. iiii.r. vid, for the towne stock. 
The forty pounds given to the towne by Mr. 
John Burgoyne Esq 1 ', deceased the one xx//. 
remains in the hands of John Burgoyne, Esq 1 '. 

the rest thereof cometh to 32s. per 

aim. And the \v lx is distributed to the poore 
according to the tenour of the Will xxxii 
The other xx//. remains in the hands of Mr. 

Sparrow the rest thereof cannot 

be had nor hath ben receaved since the 
yeare 1 626 

Alsoe the Tenn pounds which was the gift of 
Mr. Francis Barker of London remains in 

the hands of Henry God fry Gent the 

rest thereof is distributed xvi 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 275 

- The rent of a Tenement called Potters in Pot ton 

in the tenure of Roger Plesanton which is 

i'iii p. aim. the w h . is Alsoe distributed to 

the poore iii o o 

Alsoe the gift of xiii.v. \\i\d. p. aim. by Mrs. Eliz. 

Worledg out of Clare Hall Cambridge is 

distributed to the poore xiii iiii 

;Alsoe the rent of a Tenement called Romfords 
• in Potton in the tenure of Mr. John Burgo) ne 

p. aim. 6s. Sd. the \v h . ought to be distributed 

but cannot be gotton vi viii 

The towne have nominated for newe Over- 
seers for the pqore John Ward and Thomas 


There is alsoe delivered to the new overseers : 

The Bond of .Mr. Godfrye of x//. 

The Bondof Isaack Boyes for Ratfordschildren 

The bond of Howlett to the towne 

The bond of Will Gyles to the towne 

The bond of Tho. Ferrys to the towne 

The Indenture of Apprentice of Saby Stowman 

The bond of Rich. Jorden to the towne 

The Indenture of Apprentice of Tho. Ratford 

The Indenture of Apprentice of Ed. Ratford 

The Indenture of Apprentice of Tho. Butcher 

The 9th of May 1639. 


Wee whose names arc hereunder written his Majestys 
Justices of the peace for this Countie have p'used ex- 
amined & allowed the Account of Thomas Waller & 
Francis Austine the old overseers and we doe nominate 
& appoint John Ward & Thomas Langhorne w th the 
Churchwardens for the tyme being" to be new Overseers 
of the P'ish of Potion for this yeare 1639. And we do 
order that this account be openly read in the P'ish Church 
the next sabouth day after morning prayer. And. there 
remaynes in stock vi//. os. <\d. 

R. Luke 
Will. Palmer 
Francis Fyshen 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


A true Inventorie Indented q£ all the goods and Chattel!* 
as well moveable as v-n moveable of ChristophSj 
Crouch of Potten Inholder late deceased weare pris\I 
and valevvcd by Richard Paratt Edward Waller ami 
Richard Ampes the xvj th daye of September Ann<> 
dni. 1630. 

In the 

Inprimis one table with a frame one bench 
board with a backe 6 ioyned stooles 
3 Chaires one Cubboard 2 pott 4 Cushions 
one shelfe one fliche of bacon 2 paire of 
potthangers a lire shovell and tonges a 
paire of bellowes 2 lowe stooles 2 cobrorns 
and a fier iron a payer of Cables a cart a 
curteyne and a bower glasse. xxyj s viiji 

In the great p'lor. 

Item one table w th a frame one forme 2 
bench boards 3 Chares one standinge bedd 
and beddinge one curteyne one lowe chaire 
and 3 shelfes. iij u 

In the little p'lor. 

Item one table \v th a frame one bench & 
forme one standinge bed and beddinge 
one trustle bed & beddinge 1 Cubbert 
2 little curteyns one box 1 stoole & cushion 
one curteyne and a halfe. iiij 1 ' 

In y° chamber over y° great p'lor. 

Item one table \v th a frame 2 chayres one 
bench boarde 1 forme 4 stooles one 
standinge bedd w th beddinge Ot curteyns 
one trundle one frame bedd one little table 
\v tu 3 cushions. v 11 x s 

In y e chamber over y e kitchyne. 

Item one little table one lowe stoole one 

standing bedd and beddinge. xxiij 8 iv li 

In the chamber over y° brewhouse. 

Item one saddle 2 shelfes i cradle 1 chaise 5 

cheeses and other ymplem ts . xvj s 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


In y e little lofte. 

Item one board bedd & beddinge a pillion 
and cloak w th * other ymplem ts , xiij s iiij d 

& • 

In the Cocke lofte. 

Item a bushell and stricke a castin shovell 
six paires of newe yron and other ymplem ta 
;■ theire. xxx s 

In the Kitcheyne. 

Item seaventeene pceices of pewter 6 por- 
ringers 6 sawcers 14 Candle stickes 4 
brassc kettles and other ymplera ts theire. iij li v s 

In y e brew house. 

Item one Copper one Mash fat! one yeildinge 
fatt 2 great tubes 6 kymnells and other 
ymplem 1 * theire. iij u 

In ye seller. 

Item 2 barrells of beare 3 kylderkyns 1 run- 
lett 2 drinkinge stooles and other ymplem ts . I 8 

In y c great p'lor. 

Item 3 paire of sheets x to wells. 8 board 
cloathes 2 dozen & a halfe of Napkyns jo 
[allow beares one lace cloath. vj h 

In y e stable. 

Item 3 horses 7 rackes 6 maingers 2 ploughes 
Carts and other ymplem ts . xij u x s 

In y v yarde. 

Item the wood ancj timber w tL hogges 
troughes and. other ymplem ts . v M 

In y° Garner. 

Item y e Malte screene and castinge shovell xv u vj s viij' 1 

In- the in y e toune. 

Item wheat Pease Rye bushell ffann and a 

ladder. iij 11 1 3* iiij d 

In y e yarde in y c toune. 
Item one Hovell 2 rackes and woode xiij s iiij d 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

In y e barne in the towne. 

Item barley Oates hay & other ymplem ts 

xxvj u 

vj s 

In the harm; att home. 

T'n?"ir W^"lw^i1"ii T?\7^ l"\*i T'l to *~\ x\ r\ cf \ ro i iinn rno 
1 1 hiu WUCiiLC IVyC LMIIYL tlllU. bU.tlWL I CJWlII HO 

xvi 11 

( \ r 'i f 1 ' 1 1 ~\\ \ i '* 
KX. <L J LclIlIlC 


In y e hayehouse att home. 

Item II aye and Pease 

V J 

In y e yarde att home. 

Item 4. Sowes 3 bullockes 

x H 

Item 0110 paire of Steers 

iiij 1 ' 

X s 

Item Threescore and 15 sheepe & Lambs 


Item Capons and Pullyn 

XV s 

Item in readie money 

xviij 1 ' 

Item the tylth and stable 

vj u 


Item his wearinge app'el 

iij u 


Item money in his purse 

Richard Paratt. 
Edward Waller. 
Richard Ampes. 


©omc TBeDforD.sIjtte ©Bills* 

Abstraeted from tlie Original Wills, and certified copies, at 
the District Court of Probate, NortJiamptou. 

(Continued from p. 244.) 

William Staunton, of Evcrsholt, yeoman, 20 June, 
1582. To Frances my wife my dwelling-house, da. Margery, 
Edward & William my sons, a messuage, Brother Edmund, 
Frances & Elizabeth, children of John Wright. & Agnes 
my da. Residue to wife, sole extrix. Proved 7 Dec. 
I 582. 

Edward SNAGGE, of Marston, gent., 3 June, 1598. To 
Anne my wife all my r goods & chatties. Son Thomas to 
request my nephew Thomas Snagge s. of my eld. bru. 
to allow my wife a house fit for her. Appoints wife Anne 
sole extrix. Proved 3 Oct. 1600. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Thomas Sam, of Lymburie, in par. Luton, husbandman, 
], To brothers Richard & Robert Sam $s. apiece. 
To brother John £5, to brother William & his children £5, 
and to brother Henry & his children £6. To Edward 
: (dec d ) Sam's children 3 c jr. To sister joaile, wife of Robert 
' Crawley of Wootton, £5 ; to sister Elizabeth, wife of William 
Crawley of Luton, £7 ; to Ann Dudley, my kinswoman, 20s.; 
and to Thomas s. of my bro. George 20s. Residue to bro. 
George, whom he makes sole exor. Proved 20 Nov. ] 606. 

Richard Stocker, of Eaton Socon, gent., 25 May, 
1 61 2. Wife Christian, eld. s. John, sons Richard, Oliver, 
Thomas & William. Da. Eliz'th Smith & her da. Barbara, 
to da. Cicely Mokes £5. Make sons John & Rich' 1 over- 
seers. Pr. 10 M-ay, 1613. 

Jane St. John, of Keysoe, widow, 9 Aug. 1616. To 
grandchild Oliver St. J. 40s..; to Edward St. J. 20s. ; to 
John St. J. IDs. ; to grandchild and goddaur. Eliz'th Graye 
40s.; to the 5 daurs. of my s. Oliver St. J. £4, i.e. to 
Dorothy 20s., Judith 20s., Elizabeth 20s. ; Mary io.w, to 
Anne 10s. ; to Mr. Thomas Dillingham, of Deane, my 
godson, ios.; to da. Margaret Waker 1 stone of wool; to 
pa. Agnes Welles my bedstead ; to da. Frances Welles my 
best gowne ; to Judith Cray my best petticoat. Whereas 
brother John Neale of Wollaston in his will bequeathed 
me a legacy, I bequeath the same to Edward St. John 
above named, towards binding him apprentice. Son Oliver 
St. John to be exor. Pr. 7 Sept. 1616. 

Thomas Stacle, of llattley Port, gent., nunc, will, 3 
Jul\', 1619. W ile Alice to be res. leg. & sole extrix. To 
each of his 3 sons a buff doublet; to Air. Lewis Cokaine 
Calvin's Institutes; to Mr. Laurance Cokaine his dagger. 
Pr. 3 Aug. 1619. 

Christian Stocker, of Wyboston, widow, 12 Aug. 
1621. To be bur. in 4 chancel ot Eaton Socon. Mentions 
{Catherine wife of my s. John S, Christian their da.; s. 
Richard S, Barbara his wife, John theirs., Christian their 
d. ; s. Thomas, his s. Richard S. ; s. William S.; son-in-law 
William Smith & wife Eliz'th, my da., their daurs. Barbara 
Smith, Christian Smith, s. Paul Smith, Elizth. Bridgett & 
Agnes, daurs. of W. & E. Smith. To Richard, Christian 
& Oliver, children of my s. Oliver S. dee'd., £6 \ ]s. 4^/. 
apiece. To Robert & John, also children of Oliver, £3 
apiece. Residue to s. John, whom she makes exor. Pr. 
6 Oct. 1623. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Anthony Scroggs, of Rcnhold, 23 Jan. 1626. Tq 
sons Oliver & Sanders I2d. apiece. To grandchild Kath. 
Allen 2.3J. 4-d. Residue to 2 f-laurs. Katherine (Allen) $ 
Eliz'th equally, and makes them exors. Pr. 17 March* 

John Stanton, of Bedford, gent., 2 June, 1626. 4 TV 
wife Ursula a messuage in St. Paul's. Residue to v, is' 
Ursula, sole extrix. Pr. 14 June, J 62(5. 

Rich. Stocker, of Begwaiy, Eaton Socon, gent., 2: 1 
April, 1656. To Ann Dositor £50; to John Dositor 
to wife Elizabeth a rood & J of an*, land. Makes her sol<j 
extrix. Pr. 29 May, 1636. 

Anne Slater, of Leighton, wid., 27 Aug. 1658. ToJ 
be bur. in Leighton chancel near husband. To da. Eliz'th 
all my goods. Mentions snn-in-law William Slater, of 
Barnett, co. Herts., elk. ; daurs. .Anne Barker, Mary Chajv- 
man. Appoints da. Elizth. sole extrix. Pr. at London 
I May, 1658. 

Anne Skelton, of Ey worth, wid,, 18 June, 1666. To 
be bur. in Luton par. church. To brother Thomas Rother* 
ham £40; sister Susan Bruton, wife of Mr. George R, 
minister of Ey worth, £150. To Arthur ee Edward, sons of 
George Bruton, £10 apiece ; to Mary, d, of George Bruton, 
£200 ; to cosin Trances, wife of James Turney, £20, & to 
James T. his s. £10 ; to cosin Manson, s. of Edward Good? 
win deed., £10, and to Benjamin his brother t'10; to cosin 
Elizabeth, d. of George Ivotherham, of Luton, 1' 100, audio 
George, s. of George R, £io ; to kinsman Thomas Whitej 
of co. Bucks, £.5. Residue to brother George Rotherham, 
sole exor. Sr William Glynrie, of Eyworth, Bart., to be 
overseer. Pr. I 1 Sept. 1666. 

Josias SETTLE, of Dunstable, Barber Chirurgeon, 15 
June, 1666. Wi/e .-Sarah to be sole extrix. To s. Jeremiah 
S. his dwellinghouse in Watling St., Dunstable, called the 
" Nagg's Head," on condition that he pay to my da. Sarah 
£40; to d. Sarah, house called the "Bell," in South St., 
Dunstable, between the "Saracen's Head" & the "George/- 
Residue to w ife. Pr. 29 Apr. 1667. 

William Spencer, of Devilshoe, in Eaton-Socon, gent., 
1 Aug. [668. To Elizabeth S., wife, whom he makes sou; 
extrix., all his moveable goods ; to da. Anne, wife to 
Richard Manley, of Wilstead, 2s. 6d. ; to s. Samuel S., & 
Elizabeth S., my da., 2s. 6d. each ; to poor of Eaton-Socon, 
2C\v. Pr. 25 Apr. 167 1. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Barbara Smyth, of Sharnbrook, spr., 11 Feb. 1675. 
To sister Margaret S. all my money, goods, and household 
.stuff. Appoints her sole extrix. Reversion to sister Sarah 
jfobbe & her heirs. To brother Mr. William S., sister 
jfobbe, nephew Mr. William Cobbe, cosen Mr. Castell 
Druiy, a gold ring apieee. Fr. 3 Oct. 1676. 

Botes front ©to TBcofovDsljitc tDectJ&* 

ELSTOVV.— i6n, Aug. 1 Sir Edward Radclyffe of 
Elnestowe, Knight in consideration of the sum of ^32 
con\'eys to John Radwell of Kempston, ploughwrighte, 
d messuage or tenement with a yard orchard and garden 
situate in Elnestowe between the land of our sovereign 
lord the King on the east and a lane called lambes lane 
Otherwise lambsgate on the west and the highway leading 
from Elnestowe to Kempston on the north and the 
common green 011 the south holden of the chief lord of 
the fee by the rents and services accustomed. Mentions her 
mother Dame Issabelle Kadcliff. Sealed and delivered in 
the presence of Thomas Cater, William i )imock, John Power. 

HARROLD. — indenture dated 3 Oct., 1635, between 
Robert Gi.fford of Harrold clerk of the one part and 
William harrer of Bedford Esq. of the other part after 
reciting an indenture dated 1 Sept. 1033 whereby Wilhn. 
Greenhill of Biddenham yeoman & Anne his wile did 
lease tor a term of 99 years to the said Robert Gifford 
at the yearly rent of 1 peppercorn should the same be 
demanded 6 closes in the parish of Harrold called Priestes 
Close White Pightell and Kay Brookes Arundells Close 
Bullockes Close and' Mumbles, and certain other lands 
estimated to contain 120 acres as set forth in a Terrier 
annexed to an Indenture dated 30 Aug. J 590 Witnesseth 
that for the sum of £5 10 the said Robert Gifford assigns 
unto the said William Earrer all his interest in the above 
for the residue of the term. Signed Robert Gilford. 

HARROLD.— Indenture dated 20 Eeb. 1631 between 
the right hon hlc Henry Earl of Kent Lord Hastings 
Waifford and Ruthin and Edward I sham and Thos. 
Alexander gent, servants of the said Earl of the one part 

* The originals for sale, apply 10 the tulitor. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

and Thos. Yarwaie of Kemps ton gent, of the other part, ! 
After reciting two several indentures dated 6th of Majj 
and iotli of Get. 1630 whereby (he said Earl leased to th<! 
said Thos. Yarwaie all the site eapital messuage or 
mansion house of Harrold, commonly called the great- 
manor house including the lonere house, houses outhouses 
gatehouses buildings barns stables yards gardens hemp- 
lands, &c, and also a close of meadow or pasture called 
Neither alias Neither Mowe hills with the water 
courses and fishings, and a meadow called the Lordj 
meade, and a close or croft of ground called W heat croft c, 
a field called Parke field, a field of arable and grass called 
Courte field, and the Slade or Slades called Keybrookfi 
Slades, and also his freefoldage sheepwalk and sheep* 
course, all in the parish of Harrold, .also three parcels of 
Bushie ground in Harrold whereof one is called Buckercttj 
well, one other is called Banners hedge and the third is 
called the backside of the Conigrce, also the: upper Mowe 
hills, 2 acres of meadow lying in Prcst meadow the Park 
slade, one close of leyes in the common fields containing 
by estimation 2 acres, and I little close of pasture called 
the New close, all in the parish of Harrold, for the term 
of 21 years at the several rents of £27 6s. 8c/., and 
X59 13^. 4d. ^Witnesseth that Edward Isham and Thos; 
Alexander by the direction of the said Earl ratify and 
confirm to the said Thomas Yarwaie the- above premises 
for the residue ol the aforesaid recited term subject to 
the rents covenants and agreements, &c. therein expressed. 
Signed, Henry Rent. Ed. Isham. Tho. Alexander. 

HARROLD. — Indenture dated 14 May 1556 between 
Ralph Farrowe of the City of London Grocer and Margery' 
his wife of the one part and John Cheney of Hanvold 
otherwise Harrojd Esq. and Jane his wife of the other 
part. Recites Letters Latent of K. Edward VI dated 
9 Nov. 1551 granting to John Cheney then of Pychele- 
thorn co. Bucks gent, the Rectory of the parish church 
of Harrold late belonging to the Priory of Harrold and 
all houses barns tythes oblacions commodities obvencions, 
&e. for the term of 21 years at the yearly rent of £16. 
Indenture dated S May 1556 whereby John Cheney 
assigned his interest in the above to Ralph Farrowe, 
Witnesseth that Ralph Farrowe & Margery his wile 
do assign the residue of their term of 16 years to John 
Cheney and Jane his wife, on condition of their observing 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Ipnd keeping' all the covenants of the Letters Patent. And 
v the said Ralph Farrowe & Margaret his wife covenant 
: r that if the said John and Jane Cheney or either of them 
piall be living at the expiration of the term of 16 years 
chat the survivor of them shall be permitted to occupy 
\ the Rectory advowson, &c. as long as he or she shall live. 
■Signed Jhon Cheyne. ' 

REN MOLD.— -Indenture dated 22 Dec. 1659 between 
Sir William Beecher of Howbery of the one part and 
John Huxley of Edmonton co. Middx. Esq. & John 
Huxley of Eaton Bray gent. s. and h. app. of the sd. John 
Huxley of Edmonton, Thomas James <x George Huxley 
H younger sons of the sd. John Huxley of Edmonton of 
the other part after reciting that Sr. Wm. Beecher & 
Elizabeth his mother by an Indenture tripartite dated 
as above made between Sr. Wm. Beecher & Elizabeth 
his mother of the one part, John Huxley of Edmonton, 
John Huxley of Eaton Bray, Thomas James & George 
Huxley of the 2nd part, and Elizabeth Hillersden da. 
of the sd. John Huxley of Edmonton of the 3d. part 
in consideration of an intended marriage between Sr. W. 
Beecher and Elizabeth Hillersden, whereby certain lands 
were charged with a marriage portion, the said lands 
being also charged with an annuity of £"/G a year formerly 
granted to one John Gostwickc now payable to Sr. 
Edward Gostwick Witnesseth .that Sr. Wm. Beecher 
doth convey and assure to the said John Huxley of 
Edmonton and his sons a piece or parcel of land called 
Westmead containing 70 acres abbutting south upon the 
river Owse lying in the parish of Renhold & now or 
late in the occupation of Mrs. Frances Beecher & Mr. 
John Beecher on ,1 yearly rent of £\o.\. to have to 
hold the same lor a term of 1000 years at a peppercorn 
rent upon trust to pay to Sr. Wm. Beecher the yearly 
rent of £76 & all other rents annuities and payments 
which now arc due and payable by any former contract 
or agreement made or done by the sd. Sr. Wm. Beecher, 
or Oliver Beecher Esq. deed., father oi the: said Sr. Wm. 
beecher or Sr. Wm. Beecher deed, the grandfather of the 
sd. Sr. Wm. Beecher or by Henry Beecher deed, great- 
grandfather of the sd. Sr. Wm. Beecher. Proviso that 
if the sd. Sr. Wm. Beecher and Elizabeth Hillersdon 
shall depart this life without issue then this deed to be 
void and of no effect; Signed W. Beecher. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

ELSTOW. — Indenture dated 19 May 1625 made be- 
tween Walton Cooper of Elvestowe gent, administrator 
the goods & chattels of Thomas Cooper late of Elvestowtfl 
gent. deed, his father, of the one part and Arnold Spenser $ 
of Cople gent, of the other part Recites that William '4 
Wawton late of Elvestowe gent, by his last will & testament 1 
dated 16 July 1590 devised unto Bridgett Wawton his* wife 
for life certain lands and tenements in Elvestowe & else- 
where ; that the said Bridgett Wawton by an Indenture 
dated 22 August 1590 made between her of the one part 
and the sd. Thos. Cooper of the other part did demise the 
same unto the sd. Thos. Cooper for the term of 60 yearf 
from the day or time wherein she should be married or 
" made sure to any person or persons/' and that the sdj 
Bridgett afterwards took' to husband Walter Lake, and 
that, after the death of the sd. Thos, Cooper adminis- 
tration of his effects was, according to the Ecclesiastical 
laws of this Realm committed to the sd. Walton Cooper 
Witnesseth that the sd. Walton Cooper sells to the >tl 
Arnold Spencer all that messuage cottage and close of 
pasture in Elvestowe & 45 acres of arable land lying dis- 
persecl in the common fields of Elvestowe, Kempstob 
Kempston-Hardwicke and Willshamsteed agreed to be 
conveyed to the sd. Arnold Spencer by Frances Cooper 
widow, the sd. Walton Cooper ec Elizabeth his wife James 
Greene & Martha his wife, & Thos. F I awes gent, ec Lettice 
his wife to have & to hold the same for the residue of the 
term of years unexpired. Signed Walton Cooper. 

ELSTOW.— Indenture dated 26 April 1651 being the 
Articles of Agreement between Thomas Hillersdon Esq, 
of Eversholte, Sir William Lytton of Knebworth, co, 
Herts, Knight, and Sir Thomas Hewett of Pishocberry, 
co. Herts, Knight, guardians of the said Thomas Hillers- 
don, of the one part, and John Huxley of Edmonton, co. 
Middx. Esq. of -the other part. Recites that a marriage 
is intended to be solemnised between Thomas Hillersdon 
and Elizabeth eldest da. of John Huxley and that the 
said Sr. Wm. Lytton as guardian had received the sum of 
^2300 to be paid to Thos. Hillersdon 011 his attaining the 
age of 21 years, and that .Sr. Thos. Hewett by his marriage 
with Margaret the mother of the said Thomas Hillersdon 
and executrix of the last Will and Testament of Thos. 
Hillersdon Esq. deed, father of the said Thos. Hillersdon 
had received the sum of £-1519 2s. gd. to be paid to Thos. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Hillersdon on his attaining the age of 21 years. Covenant 
on the part of Thos. Hillersdon to charge his estates in 
the parishes of Eversholte, Badlesclon, Tingriff, Tudding- 
ton, Mai don, Steppingley, Kempson,^-and Hockley with 
a sum of ^"35° per aim. by way of jointure and dower for 
his intended bride. Covenant on the part of John Huxley 
that so soon as the said intended marriage shall have 
taken place that he will settle the- sum of ^2800 on his 
daughter Elizabeth as a marriage portion. 

Signed Thomas Hillersdon, W. Lytton, Thos. Hewytt. 

ELSTOW. — Indenture dated 19 Jan 1674 made be- 
tween Sr.- William Becher of Howbery Knight of the one 
part and Thomas Hillersdon of Els-tow Esq. of the other 
part Witnesseth that Sr. Wm. Becher in right of his w ife 
Dame Elizabeth "Becher mother of the sd. Thos. Hillers- 
don being the .guardian of the sd. Thos. Hillersdon stood 
accountable to him for several sums of money therein 
mentioned, and the said Thos. Hillersdon having now 
come of age, releases to the sd. Thos. Hillersdon all the 
sd. several sums of money and securities. Signed W. 


"IN THE NAME OF God A MEN December the 27: 
1652 I Roger ffinch of Dunstable in the county of 
Bedford Mercer doe make this my last Will and Testa- 
ment viz. ffirst I betake my Soule and body into the 
hands of Almightie'God Beinge persvvaded in the merritts 
of Jesus Christ that I shall receiuc forgiuenesse for all 
my Sinnes ; My body to the earth from whence it was 
formed, To be buried at the discretion of my Executor 
in a decent manner ITEM I Will and Bequeath to the 
Boo re of Dunstable Twentie shillings To bee paid within 
a ye are after my decease Item I Ordayne my Wife 
Hannah ffinch my sole and onely Executor of this my 
Will Item I Giue to my Sonne Dariiell ffinch my acre 

* The above will (mi parchment) in the possession <*f the Editor is probably 
the copy made for 1 'robate. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

of Land lyeinge vp pascum pitt hill, And one halfi 
acre of land lyeinge in the feild .of Houghton Regij| 
Being the furthermost to him and his heire's after tmi 
Wifes decease And to my Sonne Thomas flinch the acre 
of land I had of Thomas Ordway And the hithermosl 
half acre in Houghton feild To him and his heires ah » 
after my wifes decease ITEM I Give to my Sonne Samuel!, 
ffinch my dwellinge house that I nowc line in after the 
decease of my Wife Paying Twentie pounds to his Sistcl 
Hannah flinch ; And Twentie pounds to his Sister 
Elizabeth ffinch within a yeare after my wifes decease 
And if one of them doe dye before it is due Then the 
other to inioy the deceased ones money And for default 
of beinge paid the said ffourtie pounds Then it shall bed 
lawful for them to seize one the house and kcepe it till 
it is paid ITEM I Giue him .Mr. Calvins booke and 
Twelue pence in money ITEM I Give to my daughter 
Hannah foure very good paire of Sheetes and two Holland 
Pillowbeeres, sixe good napkins and a Table Cloath of 
flaxen ITEM I Giue to my Sonne Daniell flinch one paire 
of Sheetes and A pillowbecre AND to my Sonne Thomas 
one paire of Sheetes and a pillowebecre ITEM I Giue to 
my Wile Hannah flinch my house in the Westend wherein 
Abell Chessam liiieth ; Payinge out of it to the poord 
euery yeare Three shillings foure pence in bread the next 
numday alter Michaelmas else to foiTeitc hue shilling! 
I i I'M 1 giue to her likewise my other house and Barnc 
beinge in the west Streetc Alsoe slice to sell them to pay 
my debts Item 1 Giue to her Thirtie pounds which my 
Sonne Samuell flinch oweth to me To be paid next 
Midsomer day One thousand sixe hundred fifty three 
And- if my Sonne Samuell doe not pay the said Thirtie 
pounds That then it shall be lawful for her to Seize and 
keepe the said Shopp and Wares till the money is paid 
Item I Giue to my daughter Elizabeth foure paire of very 
good sheetes, and two holland Pillowbeeres and sixe good 
napkins ALL the rest of my Goods vnbequeathed I doe 
giue to my Wife Hannah ffinch who is my Executor And 
in witnesse hereof I haue putt to my hand and Scale the 
day and yeare aboue Written. Roger flinch In the 
presence of Samuell ffinch Daniell ffinch, Richard Sawell. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 



Ox the entrance gateway to Palmer's Almshouse, facing 
the churchyard of S. Leonard's, Bridgnorth, is a tablet 
with the following inscription : — 

HOUSES for ten poor W1DDOWS of | this uper Toun, ♦ 
were Built and Endowed by | FRANCIS PALMER late 
SECTOR of SANDY I in the County of Bedford, who 
had an affection to | this place, his Mother being buried 
in this Church, | and was Sister to Colonel FRANCIS 
BILLINGS LEY | late of Abbots Astley, slain in this 
Church Yard | in the Service of KING CHARLES y e 

On the S. wall of the S. aisle of S. Leonard's Church 
may be seen the sword of Francis Billingsley, below which 
is placed a modern brass, inscribed "Colonel Billingsley, 
Commander of the Town Regiment, in the Service of 
King Charles L st | A.D. 1643-6, was killed in S* Leonard's 
Churchyard in the defence of the Towne against the 
Parliamentary | forces, March 31 st , 1646,. and is buried 
in Astley Abbots Church. His sword since treasured in 
his family | is now presented to S l Leonard's by Mr. . 
Joseph Tustone, December, 1884. In memory of | Colonel 
Billingsley and of his Sister, Palmer's Hospital for widows 
was founded by his nephew, A.D. 1687." This brass also 
bears the aims o) Bridgnorth. 

On the same wall is a wooden tablet bearing a shield, 
A., on a. cross between 4 lions rampant S., another cross 
of the first charged with 5 mullets of the second. Cre.^t, 
a leopard couchant. {Billingsley i) 

C. II. M. 



Extracted from W. C. Sydney's " England and the 
English in the Eighteenth Century," vol. i. pp. 282 284 : 

"In 1735 a married woman upwards of sixty years of' 
age, who resided in the village of Oakley about three 
miles from Bedford, underwent the two ordinary popular 
modes of trying persons suspected of practising witchcraft. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Having" long lain under an imputation of witchcraft, the 
wretched woman at last, through anxiety not only fi I 
herself but- her children to be cleared of it, consented n 
be clucked. The spot selected for her trial by the parisJj 
officers was by a mill on the banks of the A 
concourse of people assembled, ami on the woman pre* 
senting herself, she was tied up in a wet sheet. 1 [or* face 
was left uncovered, her feet and hands were tied together, j 
and a rope was fastened round her body. As pins weti 
supposed to prevent a witch from swimming, her persoj| 
was searched for them. None being discovered, the 
woman was lifted up and thrown into the river, where 
the malignant vigilance of the bystanders was gratift&J 
in beholding that she floated, though her head was all the 
while under water. Seeing this the spectators instantly 
jumped to the conclusion that she was a witch, and a cry 
arose of 'A witch! Drown her! rlang her!' After re. 
maining in the water for a few minutes, the woman wag 
pulled out more dead than alive. As soon as she had 
recovered her breath, she was a second time placed in 
the river, and was again seen to float, which the ignorant 
multitude considered an infallible proof of her guilt. A 
little later she was hauled out of the water and laid down 
upon the grassy bank, speechless and in a dying condition, 
This, so far from exciting the pity or compassion of the 
bystanders, mov ed them one and all only to load her with 
abuse and reproach. Before long, however, .-he regained 
consciousness, but as her persecutors were far from 
satisfied, they proposed to try her by another experiment, 
that of weighing her against the big Bible of the parish 
church; under the impression that, if really guilty, it 
would be impossible for her to outweigh it, as the bible 
was undoubtedly the word of God, and consequently 
would prevail against the works of the devil. The 
question being carried, the wretched woman was weighed 
against the Bible of Oakley Church, which weighed about 
twelve pounds, with the result that she outweighed it. 
This convinced some of the spectators, and staggered 
others, but the parson of the parish went away firmly 
convinced that his unfortunate parishioner was a witch, 
and endeavoured to impress others with the same belief.* 
This shameful outrage, be it noted, was perpetrated in 
a village about fifty-three miles from the capital in i/35." 
* London Magazine, 1735. 



Proceedings of Committee for piunnercD 

(Continued from p. 179.) 

State Papers. Domestic Series : Interregnum. Order 
Books 1-4 F. {Public Record Office.) 


At the Com 1100 for plundred Ministers 22 0 April 
1646 : — 

Resolued that the yearely surne of forty pounds be 
payd out of the p'fitts of the Impropriate Rectory of 
Gould ington Sequestred from the Earle of Northampton 
Delinquent to and for increase of the Maintenance of 
John Knapp Minister of Gouldington aforesaid the 
viccaridge thereof being worth but forty pounds p. Ann. 
And that it bee reported to the house. 

{Order Book 1 F, fol. 4.) 

Old Warden. 
Att the Com ttee for plundered Ministers Aprill 15 0 Anno 
Dni 1646 : — 

Resolued that the yearely sume of forty pounds be 
payd out of the p'fitts of the impropriate Rectory of 
vol. in. 19 

2 go 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Stevcnton sequestred from S r Lewes Dines Kn 1 Dclin f 
To and for increase of the maintenance of Jo! ! 
Craddocke Minister of Old Warden the said pish cofi? 
sisting of 200 Comunicants & the viccaridge thereof 
being worth but sixtecne pounds p. Ann. And that it 
bee reported to the house. 


{Ibid i F, fol. 14.) 

At the Com ttee for Plundered Minist rs Junij ICF*. 
Anno Dni 1646 : — 

By vertue of an order of both houses of pliam 1 of 
the second of May last. It is ordered that the yearly 
siune of forty pounds out of the p'fitts of y e imappriate 
Rectory of Leighton Budezard in y e county of BediJ 
sequestred from S r Tho. Leigh Delinq t farmer thereof, 
vnder M r Duport Prebend of Lyncolnc, be payd to anil 
for increase of. y ( ' maintenance of a preaching Minister 
in y° chap pell of Egginton cu Clipton annexed to y* 
church of Leighton Budezard aforesaid y° pnt maintence 
of y e Minister of y e sd Chapped being but twenty 
shillings p. Ann. And y e Sec]uestrato rs of y e p'misscs 
are required to pay y e same accordingly at such tymcs 
<x Seasons ot the ycare as said p'fitts are payable 

1 1 A R. G RIMSTON. 

(Ibid. 1 F, fol. 36.) 

At the Gom ttcc for plundered Minist rs i m0 julij Anno 
Dni 1646 : — 

By vertue of an order of both houses of Parliam 1 . of 
y c 2 d . of May last. It is ordered that y° yearely sume 
of 50'' be payd out of y° tythes of y e [mppriatc 
Rectory of Leighton Bussard, w eh are arising and growing 
within y e p'cincts of y e Chapelrye of Stambridge in \" 
county of Bedford, sequestred from S r Tho. Leigh Knt 
Delinq 1 . to and for increase of y e main ten nee of y< 
Minister of the Chappell of Stambridge annexed to the 
Church of Leighton Bussard aforesaid his put maintence 
being but I2 / p. Ann. And y e Sequestrato 1 ' 3 of the 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


' p'misses arc required to pay y e same accordingly at 
; riich tymes & seasons of y° yeare as y° said tythes 
and p'fitts shall grow due & payable. 

Har. G rims ton. 

{Ibid. 1 F, fol. 72.) 
Bidden 11 am. 

At the Com ttC1 ' for plundered Ministers July y° first 
Anno Dni, 1646 :— 

By vertue of an Order of both houses of Parliam* 
of y e 2 (l of May last. It is ordered that the yearely 
sumc of 50' be payd out of y e tythes of the Imppriate 
Rectory of Leighton Buzzard w ch are arising & growing 
within y e p'cincts of the Chapel ry of Stambridge in y e 
county of Bedds sequestred from S r Tho: Leigh Kn l . 
Delinq 1 . to & for increase of y° maintennce of, y c Minister 
of Biddenham in y e said count)' y c pnt maintennce 
belonging to y c said Church being but a stipend of icy 
p. Ann. Provided that y e form of y° 7th of May 
last for paymt of 50'' p.. Ann. out of y c rent reserved 
to y° Prebends of Lyncolrie out of their possessions 
in Chichester Rectory be dischardged. And y e Se- 
questrator of y e Premisses are required to pay y c 
same accordingly at such tymes & Seasons of the yeare, 
as y r sit id tythes & p'fitts shall grow due & payable, 

1 [ar. C. klms ton. 

[Ibid, 1 F, fol. loo.) 

( To be continued. ) 


The following account respecting the rights of Common 
in the above-named parishes is recorded in the " Cartulary 
of Dunstable Priory" now in the British Museum, and 
known as " ITarl. MS. 1885." It was printed in the appen- 
dix to Hearne's edition of the " Dunstable Chronicle/' 
published in 1733, but as this is now a scarce work, it 
seems to me that the subject matter was of sufficient 
interest to be reprinted in these pages. It is worth noting 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

how few of the names of the subscribers to this letter ncrr | 
remain; taking" the parish of Stanbridge as an example 1 ^ 
of the twelve names mentioned, only two, viz. " Tearlc*! 
and " Ellingham " are to be found at. the present time. 

" F. [26 b. A Letter testimonial or Certificate of many e| 
the Inhabitants of Dunstaple, Edisburgh, Whipsnadk 
Tilsworth, Stanbrigge, and Kennefworth, touching tU ' 
Right of common of Pasture, which the Inhabitants, 9m 
Houghton and Sewelle claim tn the Fields of Eyton^i 
and Toternho. 

r y0 all Cristen people, to whom this present writyng shall 
conic to sec or here, We, whos names he under wrctuv 
sende gretyng in oure Lorde God euerlasting. Forasmoche of 
it is mcdefull and meritory to euery trewe Cristen man, ta ! 
witnesse, t est i fi e and to- record the trouth in euery mater an(i 
cause doughtfull, variable and vhcerteii, and in especial] in such 
rnateres and causes, as touche title of inheri-taunce. Whereforfc|| 
whereos ther is nowe variaunce, strife and debate hadde an! 
movid bitwene the tenauntes, inhabitanntes and reciantes, of 
Eytoh and Toternhoe oil the oon partie, and the tenantes, inhabi- 
antes, reciauntes of J/oughton and Sewetl on the other partie, fur 
certen com en of pasture, which the seid tenauntes, inhabitauntcs 
and reciauntes of Nought n and Seiveli aske and elayme to hav| 
to theyin for ther bestes and catell in diuerse placis and feldej 
of the tenauntes, inhabitanntes and reciauntes of Eyfm 
and Toternho aforeseid, that is to seye, from the Moore callhl 
the litil Moore unto Lowborgh grene, and in oon feld callid Tolemfo. 
fekl in the same towne ensuyng by the hegge of the Est partie 
of Toternho unto Spilmannestroste, and so by a weye callid Port" 
wey unto a Crosse callid the Porte crosse, and moreouer the same 
inhabitau.nts, tenauntes and reciauntes of Nought h and Seivill 
clayme to have comeil for ther bests and catell in a feld callid 
Litlelnye, in the seid feld of Toternho, if it so be that it be not the 
lorde Zoucke seuerall soile, whiche is lorde of the same Lord- 
ship : We, whos names be vnder wretyn aforsaid, witnesse, 
testifie and record for trouth in this behalve, that ther is oofl 
crosse stondyng in the feld of Toternho, the which Crosse 
stondith in Ikeneld strete, to the- whiche Crosse the waye ledyng 
from Spitmannstroste directly streachith and extendith, at whiche 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


place ther hath be a Crosse stondyng from tyme that no mincle 
is, vnto the day of makyng of thes presentes. Whiche Crosse 
hath be cure, and yette is, named While Crosse and not Porte 
Crosse. And also whereos ther is another Crosse nowe stondyng 
in the Cornea Waye and strete, leding and stretching thorough the 
towne of Toternho beside the meese and dwellyng' place late 
of John Pedder, and nowe John Asshivell of Toternhoe, Whiche 
Crosse the • seid tenauntes, inhabitauntes and reciauntes of 
Houghton and Setuelt now calle and name Portecrosse, and also 
they say that it stode there in the Xth yere of the reigne of 
Kyng Harry the IHIth and before, and that the seid wey and 
strete at that tyme, and all other tymes sith and afore, was callid. 
named and knowen by the name of Portzvey : We, whos names 
be vnder wretyn aforeseid, Witne^se, testifie and record for 
trouth, that the seid Crosse, nowe standing in the seid waye 
and strete, was iirst sette there within the U rine and space of 
XXIIll yere last past next afore the makyng of thes presentes, 
and callid by the name of Pedders Crosse, and nowe late know en 
by the name of Ass/nvell Crosse, ami that in tyme paste, afore the 
making and settyng of the same Crosse, ther was neuer any 
maner of Crosse callid Portecrosse, or by any other manner name, 
Stondyng there from tyme that any man or persone can or may 
remembre, or euer herde telle or speke of in tyme paste by any 
mail or persone trewely and indifferently disposed, and also that 
the seid comen we)' ami strete is not, nor never was from tyme, 
that any man or persone can or may remembre, or euer herde 
telle or speke of in any olde evydence, writing or otherwise in 
tyme paste callid, named or knowen by the name of Portewey. 
And moreouer W r ee, whos names be vnder wretyn aforesaid, 
witnesse, testifie and record for trouth, that ther is not, ner 
neuer was from tyme that any man or persone can or may 
remembre, or euer herde speke of by any olde writing, men or 
perfones, in tyme past any maner of weye, being other on the 
Est partie or North partie of the towne of Totternho } callid } 
named or knowen by the name of Porleiuey. and also that the 
seid tenauntes, inhabitants ner reciauntes of Houghton ner of 
Setvell hadde neuer comen in the seid feld called Liitiinye for 
ther bestes or catell, ner of right neuer vsed to have in tyme 
paste any manor of comen for ther bestes, or any other maner of 
catted, within any of the feldes of the seid towneshippes of 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Eytdn or ToturnJio, but at such tymes os the bests or catell of 
the seid tenauntes, inhabitauntes and reciauntes of Houghi 'H 
and Seweli have be founde pasturing- or fedyng within any of ibe 
feldes of Eytdh or • Totemho r they have be takyn and inpoundid m 
the seid inhabitauntes, tenauntes and reciauntes of Eytdn an I 
Totemho at the tyme beyng. And also the seid inhabitants! 
tenauntes and reciauntes of Houghton and Savelt have he diuerse 
tymes punysshid by presentes and amerciementes in the CourteS 
of the letes of the seid Lorde Zouche holdyn at Tbiernho, os h 
apperith by the rolles made of the same in diuerse yeres for 
Avronge usurpation, trespassyng ami harme doyng within the 
feld of seid towneshippes of Eytdh and Totemho, and so con- 
tinually takyn and punysshid os wronge usurpers, trefpassers and 
harme doers, except oonly in open tyme, at such tyme as no 
keper ner herdeman hath be present, kepyng ner folowyng th«j 
seid bestes or catell, that than how be it, that any of the same 
bestes or catell of the same tenaunts, inhabitauntes and re- 
ciauntes of Houghton and Sewett have escapid, at such tyme 
and sesyn into the felds of Totemho by the space of oofi furlunge 
or II, and also in like wise how be it that the bestes and catell 
of the seid inhabitauntes, tenauntes and reciauntes of F.yh-n 
and Totemho in tyme paste have goone or escapid into the felds 
of 'Hough Mi and Seivdt by the space of oofi furlonge or II, at 
the same tyme anil sesyn nether partie lor any such escape in 
sucli time and sesyn have vexid, troublid, grevid ner impoundujj 
other at any time paste, but of neyghbourhocie & frendly hode 
eyther of them favoured and suffred other, accordyng to the 
composicion tripartly indented bitwene the seid Lorde Zoucht 
ami- the tenauntes, inhabitauntes and reciauntes of Eytdh and 
Totemho on the.oon partie, and the tenauntes, inhabitauntes 
and reciauntes of Houghton and Stwett on the other partie; but 
os of right, nother the tenauntes, inhabitauntes ner reciauntes 
of Eyton and Totemho on the oofi partie, ner the tenauntes, 
inhabitauntes ner reciauntes of Houghton zxi&Snvdl on the other 
partie, at any tyme paste have entercomened in nun other feld 
ner place, but oonly in the grete moore: In which moore the 
tenaunts, inhabitauntes and reciauntes of both parties aforeseid 
have continually entercomericed with ther bestes and catell, 
from tyme that no mynde is, ami yette doo. In Witnesse 
whereof, We, whos names be vnder wretyn aforesaid, to this 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


jTCsent Lre testymonyall have put our seales. Poven the IXth 
day of Marc he, the yere of the reigne of king Edward IHIth. 
le XVth. 

Thomas Priour 
Harry Lenard 
Richard Curfofi 
John Bloiinte 
William Doget 
John Smyth 
Harry Lancaster 
John Pedder 
William Iiebbys 
Edmond Pedder 
Richard Wakeman 
William Blackforby 
John Stratt.011 
John Blackforby 
John Pulton 
Richard Skegge 
William Walsshe 
Nicholas Lucas 
Roberd 1 fey ward 

John Southend 
Richard Smyth 
Hugh Stanbridge 
Thomas Mortimer 

Thomas Yonge 
Laurens Boner 

Thomas Mounte 
Rauffe Haukyn 
John Iiebbys 
John Wymond 
Thomas Huet 
Robert Fuller 

Of Dunstaple. 

John Pyeot 
Richard Todingtoii 
Roberd .Mason . . 
Thomas Sterne 
Hugh Aylewyn 
William Edward 
William Russell 
John Russell 
Thomas Bleok 
Rauffe Attewell 
[ohn Kyng 
Water Bernard 
Robert 1 [yet 
William Cly fiord 
Richard Joynour 
Thomas Thamocler 
Thomas Blounte 
Richard Hegge 
Roberd Alith . . . 

Of Ldisiujrgh. 

William Salcok 
William Wyredrawer 
John Boner — — — 

Of Whipsnade. 

Thomas Herthong 
Thomas Pybaker 

Of Tils worth. 

Thomas Hawekyfi 
Wylliam Bartelet 
John Horwode 
William Coursy 
John Bray 

William FTuwet - - - 

296 Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Of Stanbrigge. 

John Stanley 
r , John Attewell the elder 
John Attewell the younger 
Thomas Elyngham 
John Hogges * 
Harry Boynon 
Thomas Grave 
John Draper 

Of Kennes worth. 

Richard Albright 
Thomas Albright 
John Attewode 
Harry George 

^omc TBctrforDsfttte CHHls. 

Abstracted from the Original Wills, and certified copies, at 
the District Court of Probate, Northampton. 

(Continued from p. 281.) 

John Sheppard, of Eyne, , gent., 16 , 1678.* 

To Humphrey Taylor, of Eversholt, gent., his heirs & 
ass. for ever, all my lands and tents, holder] of the manor 
of. Aspley-Berry, he discharging & paying all such sums of 
money as arc due out of the same unto Ralph Skinner, of 
Hitchin, co. Herts, gent. Also to sd. II . T. all my free & 
customary messuages, lands, &c, in Upper Gravenhurst 
& Nethcr-Gravenhurst, to him and his heirs for ever. To 
kinsman John S., son of my late bro. Henry Sheppard,. u, ; 
to Mr. Thomas Alibis, minister of U. G., 10s. To be bur, 
in chanc. of U. G.^ near remains of my mother. Residue 
to my good friend Humphrey Taylor; makes him sole 
exor. Pr. 5 Apr. 1679. 

I Oliver St. JOI-lNf Esq 1 ' doe most humbly & thank* 

. * This will is damaged, 
t Son of Oliver, 4th Baron St. John, by Elizth. Paulett. 

Thomas Boynon 
Nicholas Attewelle 
John Draper 
Rauffe Honer 
John Terie 
William Barton 
John Hamond 
Laurence Attewell 
Roger Boynon 

Harry Albright 
Thomas Affrith 
Thomas Geffrey 
Richard Geffrey 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


fully acknowledge the bounty & goodness of my gracious 
God who hath giuen me a comfortable support in my pas- 
sage through this vale of tcares, yet having little to leaue 
. amongst my friends I cannot therefore in that measure 
that I desire & they deserue, requite their kindnes to me, 
But I humbly intreate them to accept these litle Remem- 
brances undernamed, as Symboles of my true respects and 
gratitude, for y e favours I have receiued from them, And 
first I giue to y e Right hono ble Oliucr Earle of Bolingbrook, 
& to y e hono bk " Powlett St. John Esq' his Lop's brother, 
two Guineas apeece to buy y m Rings, Item I giue to y e 
Minister of Bletsoe to performe y e Office of my buriall 
twenty shillings, Item I giue to y e Poore of Bletsoe forty 
.shillings, & to the Poore of Melchborne twenty shillings, 
And I constitute Essex Wooclham of Bletsoe gent & 
William Pateman of Mclchborne Executors of this my 
Will Lastly I declare y t I die a Protestant in y° Comunion 
of y e Church of England, And I desire y f my mortall part 
may be interred w th y e Ancestors of my Family at Bletsoe 
aforesaid in an humble confidence y* by y° power of y e 
Almighty & y e merits of my deere Saviour, 1 shall haue a 
ioyfull Resurrection, & behold my Maker & Redeemer, & 
enioy a happy Eternity w th y c Spirits of iust men made 
perfect In witness whereof I haue hereunto putt my hand 
& seal the 4th day of January 168^. 

Oly. John. 

Pr. at Bedford 1 Sept. 1687, wherein he is described as of 
the parish of Blessed Mary in the town of Bedford. 

Margaret Sanders, of Han-old, gent., wid., 20 Mar, 

1697. To Mrs. Ursula Bradley I broad piece of gold ; to 
Margaret Bletsoe, a ring ; to Elizabeth Abraham, senr. 
2$s.; to Elizabeth Abraham, junr. io.s\ ; to Sarah Lord £1 
& 2 pewter dishes. If any one of my relatives come to 
enquire after me, I give them is. Residue to Ann Lord, 
she paying all debts, &c. ; makes her sole extrix. . Pr. 28 
May, J 698. 

John Taylor, of Mars ton, 4 Jan. 1500. To be bur. in 
ch'yard of Marston Morteyn. Thomas Okys a messuage 
in nether Shelton. Robert Okys a house in nether Shelton, 
Residue to Thomas Okys, whom he appoints exor. Proved 
17 Jan. 1500. 

Thomas Taylor, of Stevington, the elder, 28 Nov. 
1528. To be bur. in the ch'yard of Stevington. Johan 
Tawer my da., John Ranold, John Tawer my godson. A 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

priest to sing for the souls of Sir John Fulk priest, Nicho'if 1 
Taylor & Agnes, John Taylor, & Agnes my wife. Housej 
land and meadow to wife Agnes, whom he appoints exofi 
with son-in-law William 'Tawer ; Nicholas Taylor ca 
Chellington to be supervisor. Proved 22 Dec. [no year 
ment d ]. 

John Taylor, of Stevington, 10 Sept. 1544. To be 
bur. in the church of Steventon in the middle space. To 
wife Isabel! house on the hill till son & heir comes of age, 
with all lands both charter & copyhold. To s. Robert, 
his heir, his lease of Beryfield in Cayshoe & part of the 
lease of the parsonage of Steventon, reindr. to John Taylor 
2 son, whom he also bequeaths house called HawkyngS 
with 60 acres of meadow & pasture, &c. To daurs. 
Elizabeth, Alys, & Margaret 20 marks apiece. If my wife 
shall be with child with a son I will ho shall have my 
house at Pyxell with 30 acres of copyhold. To wife 
Elizabeth lease of a meadow close at Woburne & lease 
of land at Bromhain. Residue to " Izabell (sic) my wife," 
appoints her extrix. Robt. Taylcr Father & Robert Taler 
sonne to be exors. Appoints John Wylkinson & Sir 
George Butman " my gostely father " supervisors. Wit- 
nesses — John Wylkinson, Nicholas Taylor, Robert Taylcr, 
junr. & Sir George Butnam vie. Proved 25 Sept. 1544. 

William Tatam, parson of Aspley, 1 March, 1581. 
To the poorest in Aspley 2s. 6d. apiece, to Thos. .Atkins 5$ 
to the reparation of. Aspley Church io.v., to S 1 John Rogers 
clerk his best short gown, to Elizabeth 1 larding the y r ounger 
a little diaper table cloth, to Jane Lewis a sheet, to Blanche 
Lewis do. Mr. William Halkes gent, of Deer Standon 
oweth me £5. Proved 22 May, 1582. 

Thomas Temple, of Turvey, gent. 25 July, 1621. To 
be bur. in ch. or ch'yard of Turvey. To wife joane, all 
his goods & chattels, makes her sole extrix. IV. 15 Aug. 
1 62 1. 

Thomas (s. of Thomas) TAYLOR, of Grymsbury, in 
Bolnhufst, gent. 4 Sept. 1623. All his goods to loving 
wife Judith in trust for his 7 children ; appoints her sole 
extrix. Pr. 16 Dec. 1623. 

Thomas Turner, of Melch borne, gent. — 1624. To 
be bur. in Melchbounie church. To eld. s. Christopher 
£20, to his children £10, 2 s. Thomas T. £30, daurs. Sai'a, 
Margaret, & Anne Turner 100 marks apiece. Wife 
Margaret & youngest s. John to be exors, Mr. Stickland 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


of Yielden & Silvester Addington to be overseers. To 
.'da. Cadwell "halfe a piece" & to every of her children 
I 2s. 6d., da. Harbert's child ?.s. 6d., da Fillbrigges children 
2s. 6d. apiece. Pr. 26 Nov. 1624. *" 

JAMES Todd, of Pertenhall, gent., 24 Nov. 1626. To 
" da. Rebecca £20, to da. Marie 20 marks. Brother-in-law 
W'm Anglesey, gent. Residue to wife Ann, sole extrix. 
Brother Richard T. of Pertenhall, gent., & bro.-in-law W'm 
Anglesey to be supervisors. Pr. 24 Sept. 1627. 

Thomas Ti-IURGOOD, of Gaslins, in Southill, gent., 
4 Jan. 1648. To wife Margaret the 3rd part of my estate 
in Gaslins. To the 4 children of my now wife & the one 
she now goeth withall my lease & all my moveable goods. 
To eld. s. John my house and lands in Gaslins, in default 
of heirs male to s. Nicholas, in default to next heir. To 
da. Mary Upwood $s. Son Nich. to be sole exor. To Mr. 
Taylor, of Southill, 40s. to preach my funeral sermon. 
Pr. 20 Jan. 1648. 

Math i as Taylor, of Eaton Socon, Esq., 17 July, 1676. 
To my loving wile Mary all my goods & chattels what- 
soever, & I appoint her sole extrix. IV. 28 Sep. 1676. 

Robert Thoroyvgood, of Potton, gent., 30 Mar. 1679. 
If my w ife Mary be with child at my death I bequeath 
to such child my college lease & my tithes in Ganilingay 
co. Camb. late purchased of Dr. Edward Reed, in default 
of such issue, to wife Mary until my brother Richard T. 
shall attain the age of 21, when he is to have the remdr. of 
the lease in satisfaction of all legacies given unto him 
by my father Edward T. charged on lands situate in 
Tadloe, co. Camb. which I late sold to Sr. George 
Dowrieinge. To brother Richard & his heirs for ever 
all my freehold lands in Potton, he to pay to testator's 
wife the sum of £'200. All my farming stock &c. to wife 
Mary towards the repayment to my mother-in-law Mrs. 
Parratt, of the sum of £780 which I owe her. Appoints 
wife Mary sole extrix. Pr. 10 Apr. 1679. Admon. granted 
to relict Mary. 

Ann Vaux, of Holcott, 14 Aug. 1670. To be bur. 
in the ch. yard of H. near my mother. To father William 
V. £5 & 40s., to my lady to buy her a ring 20s., to Mr. 
Pynsent Chernock a $s. piece of silver, to little Miss 
Diana a $s. piece of gold, to Mr. Geoffrey 5.V. to buy 
him a pevir of gloves, to Ann Sickling a mourning ring 
& to Thomas S. 20j>\, to the 3 maids of Mrs. Pynsent 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Chernocke a white hood each. Mentions Uncle John. T*.> 
Mr. Paine 10s. to preach my funeral sermon, to little I 
Thomas Pearse my bible, to brother John V. my housd? 
& residue, he to be sole exor. Pr. 6 Oct. 1670. Admen;! 
granted to John Vaux, the brother. 

John Wyngate, of Chalgrave, 8 Apr. 1532. To W. 
bur. in ch. yard of All hallowes, Chalgrave. To Alice 
my wife certain parcel of land called ' Masons/ for which, 
land I will that she cause to be said or sung in the church 
of allhallowes in Chalgrave for my soul and all crystcu 
soulls every yere V masses for evermore that ys to vvctt 
on of the holy gost the second of the trini.te the thredl 
of the assumcion the fourth of the v worrcls, the vth of 
Requiem. After the death of my wife to da. Elizabeth 
& her heirs, to fulfil the same conditions and on failure 
of heirs the ch'wardens & the holl pYche to enter the 
sd. lande called Masons to use as aforesaid for evermore, 
Residue to wife Alice whom he makes sole cxtrix. 
Witnesses Sir John Barford, vicar, &c. . I will that yff 
yt fortune the said Elizabeth my dowghter to depte w'ouf 
heyres of her body lawfully begotten then the said lands 
to Remain e to the church e wardens and holl p'iche of 
Chalgrave and they to use the said lands fur bchoue 
and profett of the said churche for eu'more. Proved . 
4 June, 1532. 

Edmund Wyngate, clerk & master of the chantrie 
of ChicksandSj 17 July, 1532. To be bur. in the chapel 
of St. Leonard at the "grcse of the autor" w th in the par. 
ch. of Chalgraue. To Dame Katherin Wyngayt professed 
nun in Elstow 40.9., to Elizabeth my servant, to Edmund 
Wyngayt my godson sundry bequests, to the church of 
HocklifTe to buy a chalice £3 6s. Sd. t to Edmunde Chanon 
in Dunstable 3^. 4^/., to Sir Nicholas Hey porcioner of 
Toddington 6s. Sd. Sir Thomas Calvvard & Robert 
Fayrford to be exors. William Fossey parson of Milton 
[Bryan] to be supervisor. No probate annexed. 

William Wauton, of Elstow, gent., 16 July, 1590. 
To be bur. in the chancel of Elstow near unto my brother 
George Waulton. To Bridget Waulton, my wife, my 
dwelling house called Cooper's, with all lands, &c, also 
a house called Tibald's in Elstow, also all leases held of 
the Queen in Elstow. To son-in-law Thomas Cooper ;t 
house called Cokes with 5 roods of ground. Frances, wife 
of Thomas Cooper. Da. Elizabeth, Walton, s. of Thomas 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

30 1 

Cooper. Makes wife Bridget extrix, Witnessed by 
Thomas Archer, Rector of Houghton Conq. Proved 30 
July, 1590. 

Thomas Watts, of Biddenhara, gent., 9 Feb. 1600. 
To goddaughter Ellen Watts, d. to George W., my nephew 
£40, to sister Ursula Watts £10, to cousin Mary Allen, of 
maug'hang 1 ' £3 6 \ l\d., to cousin William Butler. £3 6s. 8//., 
to cousin Ursula Butler £10, to cousins dittos, W. Newton, 
senr., Thomas Butler, Oliver Butler, Katherine Butler, 
Elizabeth Butler, Mrs. Anne Farrer, & W'm Newton, junr. 
20s. apiece. Appoints W. Newton overseer. Residue to 
cosin Ursula, whom he appoints extrix. Proved 23 Apr. 
I DO I. 

MARKE WATTS, late of Sundon, Vicar, dec' 1 . Nuncu- 
pative will, 31 Jan. 1599. Da. Joane to have bedstead, 
&c, da. Eliz'th to have a brown cow. I lis laud 23 acres 
to be equally divided between his two sons, Thomas & 
Matthew. Residue to wife Joane. Brother Matthew to 
be steward. Admon. granted to Joane widow 23 Nov. 

William Watson, of Ampthill, 17 Sept. 1605. To 
be bur. in Ampthill ch'yard. "To son Jeremy 40s. To 
Thomas, s. of William Blythc, of Ampthill, 2 tenements. 
Mentions da. Alice Blythc, & Mary, Joane, Eliz'th, daurs. 
of Wm. Blythc. To Oliver, s. of John Browne, 2Cs. 
Appoints William Blythc sole exor. Br. 25 Oct. 160". 

Francis Woodman sky, of Podington, Gierke, & Vicar, 
26 Aug. 1607. To be bur. under a stone lying within the 
ground a foot from the dial on the south side. Towards 
the repair of the ch. 2 of the best timber loggs in my yard, 
& a book called Dr, Bullinger's decades to be laid by Mr. 
Jewell's booke upon a like desk for every man to read 
during the pleasure of God & to be made fast with one 
chain, and also a long ladder to be in the church lor the 
clerke to sweep the roof when need is. To s. Nicholas 
W. a doublet of buffinc, a pr. of breeches & 1 flax shirt, 
a bow and a sheaf of arrows, a sword and a dagger, one 
longhe bill, one axe, one howe, one handsaw, a griftinge 
saw, a joynter, a staffe plaine, a spoakeshave w th other 
cheesells lyinge on my study bench, &c. To Thomas, 
s. of Nicholas W., 3s. 4^/., my owld long black gown not 
furred, & to his da. Eliz'th $s. 4^/. To Henry & Francis 
sons of John W'oodmancy deed. 35. 4^/. apiece, to their 
sister Amy 3^. 4^. To da. Priscilla a cow, to da. Sibyl 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

20?,, da. Eliz'th., To my friend Mr. Payne my polK ax* 
for a horseman. Residue to daurs. Priscilla & Sybil, whom ; 
he appoints exors. Dr. Buckley, William Bletsoe, genti^ 
& Daniel Clarke to be overseers. Pr. 14 Jan. 1607. 

Robert Waller, of Bedford, gent, 4 June, 1607. In 
be bur. in the church of St. Paul. To s. William & his 
heirs dwellinghouse at Bedford, to s. Thomas a messuage, 
to s. Samuel a close of pasture called water close, to eld, & 
Robert ics., to d. Alice, wife of Thomas Phillipp, of- 
Huntingdon, 10s., to d. Dorothy Fletcher a silver goblet, to 
d. Dove a silver goblet. To the children of my s (1 d. Dove 
£20, which William Waller, of Millbrooke, <x ; Robert \\\ f 
my sons, arc to pay me. To Agnes Butterton, my daur*j 
da. and to Milicent her dau. £5 apiece. To Mary Moore^ 
my d. Rose's child, £10. Residue to s. William, whom I 
make sole exor. Thomas Hawes, sen 1 '., gent., and William 
Payne, gent., overseers. Pr. 31 Oct. 1608. 

HENRY WllITEBREAD, of Upper Gravenhurst, yeoman, 
161 2. To eld. s. Lawrence W. my tithe, of arable lands 
belonging to the messuage of i| L > acre called Phillippcs at 
decease of my wife Alice, to s. Henry i?.d., to s. Thomas 
the tithe of certain lands lying in Eyne called Elstoe tithe, 
to John Whitebreade & his heirs a house, &c., called Roses, 
to Henry, s. of Lawrence, a ewe lamb. Residue to wife 
Alice whom he appoints sole extrix. Sons Thomas and 
John to be overseers. Pr. 13 Apr. 161 3. 

Thom as Whitbread, of Lyon, in par. Over Gravenhurst, 
husbandman, 2 Aug. 161.4. To mother Alice 20s. y to wife 
Dorothy the tithe called Llstowe tithe, being in the 
fields of Over & Nether Gravenhurst & Eyon. William 
Whitbread, of Lyon, s. of Lawrence, my brother. To 
brother John )/> of certain tithe. Residue to wife Dorothy, 
whom he appoints sole extrix. William Whitbread to be 
overseer. Pr. 20 Aug. 1614. 

Dorothy Waller, of S. Mary's, Bedford, v id., 3 Nov. 
.1615. To be bur. in ch. of St. Mary, by my late deceased 
husband. To eld. s. Lewes 40^., 2nd s. James £10, da. 
Anne W. £3, da. Wodden W. £7, da. Susan W. £7, 
also 2<ds. for a bedstead w cb the lady Winche, her god- 
mother, did give her. To da. -in-law Jane Waller 4.0s.] da. 
Katherine £10 & residue, & makes her sole extrix. Mr. 
Thomas Hawes, & Mr. Robert Hawes, his brother, to he 
overseers. Pr. 26 Nov. 1615. 

JOHN WinnE, 21 Aug. 1628. To be bur. in par. ch. of 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Eyworth. To eld. s. all my lands in Wrestlingworth 
acres, to next s. £20, wife Martha, uncle Robert 
W. ios. y cozen and godson John Winne, s. of my Uncle 
William W. dec' 1 . 5^., aunt Keiffofd $s., goddaur. Mary 

PHghton ics. Residue to wife Martha, sole extrix. Pr. 

' 20 Oct. 1628, 

ELLENOR WHITBREAD, of Elstovv, wid., mine. will. No 
date. In presence of Henry. & William Whitbread. To 
eld. s. William a silver measure, after his decease to his 
eld. s. Henry, & after his decease to his eld. s. William 
to be a standard for ever unto the heir of the Whitbreads. 
To godsons. William & Henry Whitbread a silver spoon 
apiece, to goddaur. Elenor, sister of Henry, a silver spoon 
& a porridge pot. To William Spencer a silver spoon, 
being my godson, to goddaur. Elenor W., da. of John 
W., a silver spoon & a porridge pot, to godson John 
W. a silver spoon, to Thomas Spencer 46^. Sd. Son 
John to be exor. Pr. 18 Apr. 1629. 

Henry Whitbread, of Cardington, yoeman, 14 Dec. 
1633. To wife Elizabeth £80, to s. John £5 a year for 
life, to. da. Elizabeth £10 & to her da. Elenor £10, to 
da. Frances £40, to daurs. Elenor, Mary, & Anne £100 
apiece. Residue to s. Henry, sole exor. Appoints brother 
VVilliam W., William Brudden, of Hitchin, Thomas 
Margetts, of Bedford, & Henry Whitbread, of Lewton, 
to be overseers. Pr. 25 Jan. 1633. 

Elizabeth Wilsmer, of Sandy, wid., 4 Nov. 1660. 
To bra. Robert Bromsall, of Sandy, £10, and his wile 
Gr ace £3, to Robert, s, of 1 homas Bromsall, of St. 
Martins, London, £5, to Henry Smyth, of Sandy, grocer, 
i0f., to brother George Shawe my watch, to sister Frances 
Shawe, wife of George, £20, to Eliz'th Dixon £10, to 
William, s. of George Shawe, £10, to son-in-law George 
Wilsmer £10, & to 'his brother Richard £10, to s. of 
Richard Wilsmer £5, to servant Mary Bromsall £5, to Dr. 
Walsall two pieces to buy him a ring, & to his da. Eliz'th 
Walsall 2C\\\, to Mrs. Foster, of Bedford, a piece to buy 
a ring, to John Springe, of Sandy, & his wife 10s: ea., to 
Mary Bromsall, of Beeston, 20s., to Eliz'th Bromsall, my 
grandchild, my best bed, &c, & £30, to Eliz'th, Mary, & 
Alice, 3 daurs. of s (1 John Bromsall, all the rest of my 
linen, to grandchildren Mary & Alice Bromsall £30 apiece. 
To Margt, wife of Robt. Richardson, my silver cup, to 
Agnes, wife of William Bromsall, Susan Walker,' Sarah, 

' " 'lit 


304 BedfordsJiire Notes and Queries. 

wife of Thomas Smith, Judith, wife of John Skilliter/ 
Susan Richardson, & Anne Somcrs 5^. ea. to buy thetyjf 
gloves, to my s. John Bromsall £10, to brother Robdflf 
Bromsall my husband's sealed ring & silver cup. Appoint*- 
brother Robert Bromsall, & sister Frances Shawe exdirjj 
Pr. 1 Feb. 1660. Admon. granted to Robt. Bromsalffl 
Frances, wife of George Shawe, elk., renounced. 

Thomas Warner, of Wilstead, gent., 23 Aug. i66p 
To eld. s. Thomas a farm in W., to da. Sarah W. £2(M 
to youngest s. Joseph £250, to youngest da. Susan £'2C0, 
Brother Edward W., of Wilstead,' & William Cropley, of 
Bourne, co. Camb., gent., to be exors. Cosen George 
Baker, of Cranfield, gent., & my bros. John & George 
Warner, of Wilstead, to be overseers. Pr. 26 Nov. 1665. 

Henry Wi-IITBREAO, of Cardington, gent., 22 Sep! 
1675. To Henry, eld. s. of Henry Watson, deed., my 
cottage in the breach where his mother & he now live; 
to his sister 40.5*. To Alice, wife of William Bull, of 
Cardington, my silver tankard, after her dec. to her eld. 
child, in default of issue then to the eld. child of her 
brother, Ambrose Reddall, of Eversholt. Brother-in-lavr 
Robert Smith of Rowny. To Eliz'th Dennis my cottage at 
Fenlake, to Robert Bell, junr , my 2 gold rings & six silver 
spoons, to 2 eld. daurs. of my kinsman Mr. William Hardy, 
of Weston, £10 ea., to 2 eld. daurs. of my kinsman Thomas 
W'hitbread, of Westm. £10 ea., to 5 children of Giles 
Tailour, £5 ea., to Elizabeth, wife of Robt. Smith, of 
Rowny, my dwelling-house in C. & certain lands, for life, 
reversion to Eleanor, wife of Luke Spencer, of Maulden, 
elk. To brother-in-law Robt. Smith, land at Eastcotts, to 
the children of my kinsman, Thomas Shephard, of N. 
Gravcnhurst, £*>0, to the children of my kinsman, John 
Ashbolt, of_ Willington, £25, to the children of my 
kinsman, John Brace, of Rowney, £25. For the highways 
of Cardington certain lands. Desires friend John Pateman, 
of Hardmeade, elk., kinsman Ambrose Reddall, of Ever- 
sholt, & William Bull, of Cardington, to be overseers. 
Elizabeth, wife of Robt. Smith, to be sole extrix. Pr. 
30 Sep. 1676. 

Francis West, of Hockliffe, gent., 31 Mar. 1690. 
To kinsmen Joseph Cooper, of Tebworth, & William 
Grant, of Egginton, yeomen, £400, to be invested in 
freehold land, & the proceeds thereof to be distributed 
among the poor of Hockliffe & Chalgrave in equal 

Bedfordshire Notes mid Queries. 


shares for the encouragement of literature & learning. To 
;wife Joanna all landed estates for life in the par. of 
HK; reversion to my kinsman Francis West, of Cheapside, 
London, haberdasher. To wife leasejhold messuages in 
Winchester Court near Muggwell St., within Cripplegate, 
Ldn., & premises in Addlestreet nr. Aldermanbury, after 
her dec. to sd. Francis \V., on condition that he pay to ea. 
child of my kinsmen Joseph Cooper, Joseph Grant, 
kinswomen Mary Mitchell, Elizabeth Cooper, Sarah Ward, 
kinsman John Francklyn, kinswomen Mary Gardiner, 
Margaret Howard, Jane Trantum, Elizabeth Montford, £5, 
& unto kinsman Fes. Francklyn, £20. Residue to wife 
Johanna, sole extrix. Pr. in P.C.C. 10 Nov. 1690. 

N.B. — This series of Abstracts up to 1700 is now concluded', 
the next number will contain a few miscellaneous abstracts which 
should have appeared in their proper order but which were overlooked, 

I5 G8 



»5 6 9 



157 1 





2 1 



















1 607 












. in. 

©leanings from parisf) Registers* 




Dillingham — Warde, Robert, & Agnes. 
Swan— Dillingham, Trios. , & Mary. 
Abolus — Gabriel, & Elizabeth. 

Eston— Freshwater, Robert, & Mary. 
Graimte ?— Neale, William, & Alee. 
Robines— ,, Alexander, & Katherine 

Coleman — Wm„ & Thomasin. 

Bromsall — Allen, Thos., & Dorothy. 
Temple — Boone, Mr. Saml., & Mary. 
Tyler— Dillingham, Edward, & Anne. 

306 Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Dillingham — Purney, Thos., & Saral 



1 2 

i 686 





1 0 

1 7 1 6 







] 737 













2 1 

1 5 69 


2 2 

1 570 



j 5 7 ^ 


1 2 









> > 

1 0 






1 58 1 








l S 




1 593 


i 2 

1 59+ 


1 596 











1 3 




2 1 







) > 


1 603 


1 0 




1 606 



Eaton — Barry, Thus., & Sarah, of this par. 
Neale — Williamson, John, of Thurleigh, | 

Susanna, of Ravensden. 
Jeffery — Boundy, James, of Rusden, & Jan--, 

of this par. ^ 
Paine — Neale, Thos., & Hannah, both of thit 


Barker — Fox, Thomas, of Rushden, co. North* 
ton, & Grace, of this par. 


Neale's wife. 
Dillingham, Judeth. 
Eston, Elizabeth, d. of Win. 
Moringe, Henry, Ornate. 
Dillingham, Walter, s. of Wm. 
Neale, Richard, gent. 
Dillingham, Thos., s. of Rt. 
Eston, Thomasin, d. of Wm. 
Dillingham, Margery, d. of Thos. 



Neale, Francis, s. of Thos. 
Dillingham, Francis. 

Neale, lUlen, J. of William [qy. Richard], 
Dillingham, John, s. of Thomas. 

"Mar)-, d. of William. 
Eston, William. 

Dillingham, Katherine, d. of Henry. 

Neale, Thos., son of Thos. 

Dillingham, Mary, d. of Rt. 

Eisner, Mr. George, Preacher and MinisU 

of S tot fold. 
Dillingham, John, s. of Henry. 

,, Ellen, wife of William. 

,, Thos., s. of ,, 
Freeman, a child of Mr. Thomas. 
Luke, Alice, wife of Richard. 
Dillingham, Thomasine, widow of Thomas. 

Anne, d. of Henry. 
Foxe, Christ 1- . 

Dillingham, John, the elder. 
,, a child of George. 
,, a child of fohn. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


16 i 0 Sep. 7 Eston, Richard. 

„ Dec. 19 Foxe, Christ 1 '., son of Oliver. 

1 6 1 7 Apr. 25 ,, Martha, d. of Christ 1 '. 

1 6 19 Oct. 28 Eston, Sarah. 

1623 Sep. 2.(. Foxe, Perse. 

„ Nov. 6 ,, Christ'*., s. of Oliver. 

1626 May 5 Beatrice. 

1627 May 1 Eston, Mrs. Margaret. 

1628 Sep. 17 Foxe, Alice. 
1631 Jan. 2 Eston, Richard. 
1633 Apr. 27 „ Joane. 

1636 ,, 26 Alice. 

1637 Nov. 13 Neale, Thos. 

„ Dec. 4 Dillingham, Bridget. 

1638 Nov. 14 Estone,,Thos., s. of Rt. 

1641 Oct. 16 Neale, Mrs. Anne, wife of Mr. Peter. 
„ Jan. 1 Dillingham, Mrs. Anne. 

,, Mar. 23 ,, Susana, wife of Thomas. 

1642 Mar. 31 Pomfret, Lydia, wife of Peter. 

1644 May 13 Dillingham, Rebecca, d. of John & Sarah. 

1646 May 3 ,, Rebecca, d. of John & Sarah. 
,, Feb. 24 ,, Christ 1 '. 

1647 May 15 , 3 Thos., senr, 

1648 Jul, — Martha, wife of Thomas. 
165 r Sep. 24 Neale, Mrs. Anna, wife uf Mr. John. 

1654 Aug. 25 Pomfret, Peter, s. of Peter. 
,, Sep. 1 Dillingham, Thos. 

„ ,, 13 ,, Martha, d. of Thos. 

1655 May 13 ,, Isaac, s. of John. 

1657 Jan. 3 Foxe, a son of Christ 1 '. 
,, Feb. 23 Easton, Thos., s. of Rt. 

1658 Apr. 21 Pomfret, Marye, wife of Peter. 
,, May 10 Easton, Judith, d. of Robert. 

,, ,, 20 Foxe, Christ 1 '., the elder. 

1664 May, 11 Neale, Mrs. Eliz., d. of John, Esq. 

,, Mar. 14 ,, Mrs. Eunice, wife of Mr. Noah. 

1665 Apr. 6 Bowlett, John, son of Mr. John. 

1666 Dec. 25 Easton, Martha, d. of widow. 

1667 Sep. — Brighte, Mr. 

,, ,, 19 Eston, Mrs., wid. 

„ Nov. 4 Dillingham, widow. 

1670 Sep. 16 ,, John, at Townsend. 

1 67 1 Jim. 14 ,, Sarah, wife of John. 

1673 Nov. 3 Neale, Eliz., d. of Mr. Panle. 

1674 Jul. 24 Hewlett, Mrs. Mary, d. of John, Clark. 

1675 Jim. 3 ,, John, Gierke. , 
1680 Sep. 10 Eston, Dorothy, wid. 

1683 Oct. 4 Fox, Martha, d. of Mr. Christ 1 . 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

12 Dillingham, John, senr., of Nether Deane. 
4 John, senr. 

26 ,, violin. 

18 Comfort. 

14. Fox, Jane, wife of Thos. 

g©onttmental inscriptions, 

(Continued from p. 271.) 


"Here lyes the Body of RICHARD OTWAY citizen 
and Marchant Tayler of London who was borne 
and dyed in this parish after he had lived in 
the feare of God threescore & foorteene yeares 
as by his deeds of piety and charity may appeare 
He was bvried the 10 of ianvarie 1621 stilo angliae 

jam sepultus tandem resurgam." — (Brass), 
"Here lieth the | Body of OLIUER I Rands son of } 
OUUER Rands Gent. | And Catherine | (lis wife who j 
Departed this | Life March | the 12th 1675." 

"Here lyeth the Body of | Iohn Leach | 1687 \ Here 
also lieth the body of ] Mr. WiELIAM LEACH" — (remainder 
hid under tlu; organ); Anns, — Ermine, on a chief indented, 
three crowns. 

" Here lyeth y e Body of | MARTHA the wife of | WILLIAM 
A SPIN I Esq 1 ' who was one of | y e daughters of S r | THOMAS 
DUPPA I K\ Gentleman Usher of | the Black Rod. She 
Dep I arted this Life the Six & | Twentyth day of January 1 
Anno Dom. 17 j-J-." 

"Here lieth the Body of 1 OLIVER RANDS Gent who! 
Deceased Sept 1 ' the 22, 172 1." 

"Here Lieth the body of | Mr. DANIEL BERRY | Citizen 
and Distiller of | London | Who Departed this Life j 
September y e 16, 1734 | Aged 68 years." 

" Also the Body of | Mrs. Jane Berry | Wife of the 
abovesaid | Mr. Daniel Berry | Who Departed this 
Life I March the 13th 1736 | In the 75 th year | of her age.'' 

There are also stones, partly obliterated, to the memory 
of Martha wife of Mr. Berry ob. 15 August 1739, & to 
John Berry, gent., who ob. 5 April 1748 ajt. 80. 

1684 Jul. 

1685 Nov. 

„• Dec. 

1698 Jul. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


" Here Lieth y e Body of | Michael son of y e Rev' 1 | 
Mr. Mich 1 - Firth & | Mary his Wife who |. Departed 
this life y° |. Twelfth day of August | in y e year of our 
Lord I one Thousand seaven | hundred & Thirty eight | 
Seaven weeks old." 

"Here Lieth The Body of | Mrs. MARTHA BERRY | 
spinster who departed | this life the twenty fifth day | of 
October in the year of our Lord 1745 in y e seventy | first 
year of her age." 

"Here lies Buried | The Body of | Daniel y c son of J 
Daniel Berry | Gent, and Mary | His wife, he Dep tcd | 
This life Sept 1 ' 8th | 1749 Aged 10 weeks | and 3 days." 

"In memory | of the Rev' 1 MICHAEL FlRTH | Vicar of 
this Parish | who dep' 1 this life Nov 1 ' 3 1:755 | Aged 47." 

"MATTHEW COCK Esq. | Departed this life | the first 
day of Nov. | 1761 Aged 36 | years." 

"Here | Lieth the Body of | Daniel Berry Gent. I 
Who departed this Life | March 16 th 1777 | Aged 51 years." 


" ]})U facet bna aiiaiiova Conquest quodm bxov 
Rennet Conquest milim qui otnit in 9° Din 
Bo CCCC qnamo (sic) qnaito cif aic ppeicf D* 3 

[Cljoa 5Harr] C£ en gentleman $ C^atol) fji$ ft>|»ffl ♦ , 

of £Dftobev 3° ©Fc ylnw Jn nr xxmU | 

on wimt miti$ Jiin jjaiie m'en amni." 

41 Here lyeth the Body of Mr. FRANCIS LOVELL | Who 
died the 25 of Decemb 1 ' | In the yeare of ovr Lord 1676." 

"Here lyes the Hon ble Theophilus | GREY third son 
of Anthony | Karle of Kent, of Burbage | in the county 
of Leicester | He dyed y° 30 th of March 1679 | Aged 
74 years." 

Brass in E. ivall of Chancel ; — 

The english of y (! first four verses : — 
41 A fairer tombe would e better have beseemde 
A man of such desert as here is layed, 
Great Pompe he did forbid even at his ende 
And lesse than this for shame could not be, saied." 

Extracted from MS. 170 at Woburn Abbey. 


Bedfordshire. Notes and Queries. 

The english of y c other four verses : — 

" Thy life was wholie given 
To God, to frendes, and countreis good, 
And so to ende thy daies 
Herein tliy praises cheefly stoode, 
Stay, reade and pause a while 
And then departing sayc, 
Thrise happie such a life 
Thrise happie such a dying daie," 

" ROBERT! IlATLEY Armigeri 
.1 le died in the yeare of our Lord 1585 
the 1 8th of September." 

" Here lyeth the Body of ROBERT | HASELDEN Esquire 
ITe dyed | tho 29 of May 1640 I Whose first wife 
Mary I The daughter of ROBERT | Castkll Esq. by whom 
lie had 4 sonnes 7 daughters | She died the 20 june 1623 
& Margaret his second wife | By whom he had no issue | 
She dyed the 15 March Anno D. 1640." 

" Here lyeth mixed | with his Grandfather's | dust 
BENJAMIN HASELDEN | Nov: 1676 | Here lyeth the body 

of 1 Elizabeth Haselden | 5 th daughter of Robert ! 

HaSEI DEN Esq: who | died the 23 of August | Anno 1). 
1042 I Sempei eadem." 

14 Here lyeth also y e Body | of ROBERT HASELDEN 
Eldest I Sun of Ben. Haselden | who died y u nth of 
April I 1682 I aged 30 years and left issue | by Ann | his 
wife 3 sons and one daughter." 

"To the Memory of | BENJAMIN HASELDEN | of this 
place Esq ve | He married CATHERINE y e daughter of 1 
John Berkeley of Colmouth in this county 1 Gent 11 who 
erected this monument & by whom | He had 4 sones & 
one daughter. He died the | 27th. day of November 1676 j 
in ye 49 th year of his age compleat." 

" Underneath this marble lieth interred | KATHERINE 
relict of the above-named BEN. HASELDEN | She died on 
the 12 th day of October in the | 64th year of her age And 
in y e year of our Lord | 1694." 

" In Memoriam | JOANIS PEMBERTON Gen. | quem pre- 
matura mors (heu nimis | crudelis) n nil is mota precibus 
lachrymiscjj, | maxime sonoris surda in ipso juventutis j 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

(lore carpsit et suis amplexibus arri-puit | Hoc supremum 
prions sui reKfiijpiov | cui internam et perpetua suis pecto- 
nbus | sacravit scdem dedit posintaq, Elizabetha | charis- 
sima conjux unica filia Ben." | Haselden cujus tibi 
memorian representat adsitum marmor, Obiit decimo 
tcrtio | die Jan 1 . Ano Milles sexcentes 0 Octages" | Septimo 
/Etatis suae Viges'; Sexto | Reliquit progenie~ ex pnedicta 
Elizabetha | duos filios totidemq. filias E quibus una | pos- 
jthuma fiu't. Infantes omnes quos | praechara mutui amoris 
pjgnora, pia | conjux tenerrimi amplcctitur: alit fovetq> | 
quibus concedat omnipotens prosperimam | Salutem pater- 
nos annos dot plurimum I superare, eort^unica charifsima 
matris | Solatia benigne protegat." 

"In memoria virtutem JOANES LANGDALE* | hujus loci 
nuper Vicarii posteris pereat | quae hac aetate omnium 
laudabis et insigni fama celebrate sunt ELIZABETHA 
E veterina | 1 1 ASELDENON I hujus loci prosapia qui | Sponsa 
ejus vix conjux dici potest, decern | nun ultra dies durante 
illorum conjugio | hoc posuit marmor." etc., etc. 

"Here lieth the Body of | Benjamin Has eld en Gent 
who died on the 14th | day of May in y c year 1697 | and 
in y c 25 th year of his age | and left issue two daughters | 

Elizabeth & Catherine." 

" Here, lyeth y e body of | JOHN eldest son of | JOHN 
P EMBERTON Gent | by ELIZABETH only daughter of | 

Benjamin Haselden Esq. | A young man of the most 

promising hopes | lie died on the t st of. Feb. in y° year 
V/oo I in y e 1 6th year of his age." 

" Here also lyeth the bod)' oi |. CATHERINE PEMBERTON' 
one of the daughters of the said | JOHN PEMBERTON & 
ELIZABETH his wife | She departed this life on the 8th day 
of May I in the year of our Lord 1729 & of her age 43." 

"Here lies the body of Mrs. ELIZABETH HASELDEN | 

Late wife of Mr. " James Haselden | Citizen & cloth 
worker of | London who departed this life | October y c 
30 th 1720 I Aged 32 years. 5 ' 

"Here also lieth the body of the said j James PI AS ELD EN 
late of London Gent. | Who departed this life Oct. 9 th 1732 
aged 45'' 

" PI ere lieth interred the body of | RICHARD 1 1 ILLERSI >EN 
Esq. I third son of Tl-IOS. H ILLERSI) EN of 'Elstow | in this 
County Esq. | He died Dec. 31 st J 7 3 5 I Aged 48 years." 

* Vicar of Goldington, 1676-81. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

" Here also lieth | the Body of ELIZABETH his wife | 
eldest dan. of BENJAMIN HASELDEN | late of this parish 
Esq. She died | Oct. 14th 1/22. Aged 27 years" 

" Here lyeth the Body of | ELIZABETH HOBBS relict of j 
JOSEPH HOBBS Clerk | Late Rector of Colmworth | in this 
County I And daughter of BENJAMIN HASELDEN Esq. | 
late of this parish | She departed this life in a j jpyfilfl 
expectation of a Better | April y e 23 rd in y c year of cur 
Lord 1726 & of her age 70." 

The subjoined cuttings from The Star of 1794 are of 
interest as showing how readily the people of Bedfordshire 
rose to the occasion under the apprehension of a French 
invasion ! Considering the population of the county at 
that period, the amount raised totals up to a respectable 
figure ; the clergy, moreover, appear to. have responded 
liberally. It would be interesting if one could come acros 
the original documents connected with this scare, to learn 
the total amount raised, and the names of those who 
volunteered to accept commissions. In 1793 the Bedford- 
shire Militia was embodied for the third time for service, 
under the command of Colonel the Earl of Upper Ossoiy, 
and early in March received orders to proceed to camp 
at Harwich. The cam]) was broken up on the 6th Nov. 
1794, when the Beds Militia marched to Yarmouth and 
Aldborough, where it was stationed till June, 1794. 

Swan Inn, Bedford, May 17th, 1794. 
HE Meeting of the Committee appointed for the 14th, and 
postponed to the 17th inst., was held this day: 




Richard Orlebar, Esq. 
William Gibbard, Esq. 
Francis Moore, Esq. 
John Miller, Esq. 
Robert Gars tin, Esq. 
Jer. Fish Palmer, Esq. 
William Dawson, Esq. 
John Dilly, Esq. 

Lord On «ley 
Sir Phillip Monoux, Esq. 
Phillip Monoux, Esq. 

John Harvey, Esq. 
William Gery, Esq. 
John Payne, Esq. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


The LORD LIEUTENANT in the Chair. 

The Lord Lieutenant communicated to the Committee the 
copy of a letter he had received from his Majesty's Secretary of 
State, in which were the following expressions : 

"I have great satisfaction in acquainting your Lordship, 
that his Majesty feels strongly impressed with the loyalty and 
zeal which have been manifested by the Noblemen and Gentle- 
men of the county of Bedford, upon the present occasion." 


That it appears to the Committee, that the carrying into 
execution the plan of Associated Yeomanry on horseback, is not 
at present likely to succeed. 

Resolved therefore, 

That the Militia of the county be augmented by Volunteers, 
to be formed into two additional Companies, and added to the 
strength of the regiment. 


'That the Treasurer be directed to call on the Subscribers for 
two-thirds of their Subscription, immediately. 

That this Committee do adjourn to Saturday the 5th of July 

That these Resolutions be printed in the Northampton 
Mercury, the Cambridge Chronicle, the Star, the Sun and 
the General Evening Post. 

Amount of the Subscriptions to the 23rd ultimo. £ 2034 4 o. 








The March. Grey 




Mr. James Oliver 




John Harvey, Esq. 




Rev. John King- 




Rev. John Eilkes 
Philip Beach, Esq. 




Rev. J . Pemberton 




1 0 



Mr. George Palmer 




Mr. E. Jackson, surg. 5 



John Dilly, Esq. 




Rev. J. Webster 

1 0 

1 0 


Wm. Dawson, Esq. 

2 1 



Rev. Dr. Kettilby 


1 0 


Rev. Law. Smith 




J. F. Palmer, Esq. 




W. Langlay, Esq. 




G. Thornton, Esq. 




i" 2 555 11 0 

By order of the Committee, 

W. KIMPTON, Secretary. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Subscriptions entered into at the above Meeting : 

The Lord Lieu- 

*■ ■ 

tenant /*3 00 


Lord Vis. Hampden 



.Lord Ongle'y 



Lord Carteret 

j 00 


Sir G. Osborn, Bart. 

1 00 


S. Whi thread, Esq. 



Sir P. Monoux, Bart. 



W. T. Astell, Esq. 



John Payne, Esq. 



Sir G. P. Turner, Bt. 



Rev. W. P. Ncthersole 



|. W. [ennings, Esq. 



William Gery, Esq. 



Richard Orlebar, Esq. 

2 1 


Rev. E. Orlebar Smith 

j 0 


Rev. I. Robinson 



Rev. I. 1 look 



Rev. Val. Grantham 



Sir J . Brooks, Bart 



Rev. Philip Monoux 



Rev. Janu s R. J )eare 

1 0 

1 0 

Rev, George Drury 



Robert Gars-ton, Esq. 50 m 

Win. Gibberd, Esq. 21 m 

Thos. Alston, Esq. 21 0 

Rev. E. Williamson 10 10 

Rev. James Hadow 5 5 

Rev. fohn Dixon jo 10 

Rev. John Markham 5 1 

Rich. Livesey, Esq. 10 Q 

Wm. Theed, Esq. 10 0 

Mr. Wm. Watkins 5 c 

Rev. (.'has. Abbott 3 3 

Rev. T. Orl. Marsh 3 3 

Mr. J. Fox, Dean 10 0 

Mr. J. Robinson, Ampthill 3 1 

Rev'. R. Hele Selby Helc 5 j 

Mr. Joseph Pawsey jo 0 

Rev. \V. Hooper 5 £ 

Rev. Anth. Dan vert 5 5 

M r. Theed Pearse 3 j 

Eran. Moore, Esq. 10 jo 

fohn M iller, Esq. 2 1 0 

Mr. W. Smith, bookseller 2 2 

j\Jr. J. Winy, Mayor 5 5 

The Subscription Paper remains with John Miller, of Bedford, 
Esq., who is empowered to receive further Subscriptions. 

April 23rd, 1794. 

At the Committee hoi den at the Swan Inn, in the Town of 
Bedford, this day, in Pursuance of the above Resolution*, 

The LORD LIEUTENANT in the Chair, 
It is ordered, 

That John Miller, Esq., Receiver-General of the County, 
be appointed Treasurer for the Receipt of the subscriptions, 
under the resolutions of this day. 

That Mr. W. Kimpton be appointed Secretary L to this 

That any Gentleman of the Count)-, inclined to accept of 
Commissions in the proposed plan, for the Associated Cavalry, 
do send their names to the Lord- Lieutenant. 

That the plan for .Enrolment of the Corps be printed and 
sent to the Deputy-Lieutenants, the acting Justices, and the 
chief Constables of the county, requesting that they may be 
made known in the best and most expeditions manner, in the 
several districts and parishes. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


That a Sub-committee meet occasionally in London, on 
the requisition of the Lord-Lieutenant. 

The Committee adopt, in the first instance, the application 
of the subscription to the Enrolment of a Corps of Cavalry, 
according- to the 4th article in the plan proposed by Government. 

That the Treasurer be authorised to call upon the Subscribers 
for their several proportions of subscriptions, whenever he is 
required so to do by the Lord-Lieutenant. 

That such persons as shall be willing and desirous to associate 
upon the present occasion, be requested to deliver their names to 
the Deputy-Lieutenants, acting Justices, chief Constables, or 
Treasurer, who are desired to transmit a list of the same to the 
General Committee, to be holden at the Swan Inn, at Bedford, 
on Wednesday the 14th day of May next, at 12 o'clock. 

Resolved that this Committee do adjourn to that day. 

That the above Resolutions, and the Resolutions of the 
County Meeting, be printed and sent to the Under-SheriiY, 
requesting him to circulate the same through the country. 

That the Resolutions of the General Meeting, and of the 
Committee, be printed in the Northampton Mercury, Cambridge 
Chronicle, and in the Star, the Sun, and the General Evening 
Post. UPPER OSSORY, Lieutenant. 

AT a Meeting of the Lord Lieutenant, Noblemen, Gentlemen, 
§> Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of BEDFORD, 
held at the Sessions-House in the Town of Bedford, on Wed- 
nesday, the 23rd day of April, 1794, pursuant to an advertisement 
inserted in the public papers, tor taking into consideration 
measures necessary to be adopted for the Internal Defence of 
the County, and the Kingdom at large, at this alarming crisis, 

The EARL of UPPER OSSORY, Lord-Lieutenant, in 
the Chair, 

The plans recommended by Government were read, ami the 
following Resolutions were proposed by the Lord-Lieutenant 
and unanimously entered into : 

That we are ready and willing at all times to stand forward in 
a Constitutional manner, in support of our King and Country. 

That it is highly expedient, in the present crisis, to take every 
precaution for the internal defence and security of this county 
and the kingdom at large. 

That a subscription be entered into, to he applied under the 
sanction of Parliament, to some orali of the following purposes, 
as may be determined upon by a Committee to be chosen 
immediately, viz. 

1 st. To augment the existing Militia, of the Count)', by 
Volunteers or Volunteer Companies. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

2d. To raise a Troop or Troops of Fencible Cavalry. 

3d. To train, exercise, and defray other expences of 
Associated Cavalry, according to the fourth proposition 
recommended by Government, if such should be agreed upon 
by the Committee. 

4th. That it be recommended to such Committee to dired 
their attention, in the first instance, towards carrying* int<r 
execution the fourth article of the plan recommended bj 
Government, as being the mode of defence, which will the 
least interfere with the regular recruiting service ; will be 
attended with the least expence to Government; and will, 
it is hoped, be an effectual means of providing for the Internal 
Defence and security of this County in particular, an.d of the 
Kingdom in general. 

5th. That the Committee do consist of all Subscribers of 
above ten pounds, and hold their First Meeting this day at the 
Swan Inn, in Bedford. 

6th. That the Thanks of the Meeting, proposed by Sir George. 
Osborn, Bart., and seconded by Lord Viscount Hampden, 
be given to the Lord-Lieutenant, for having laid the Official 
Papers he had received from Government before the Meeting', 
and for having moved the above Resolutions. 

7'th. That the Thanks of the Meeting be given to Lord 
Viscount Hampden, for having seconded the above Resolution^, 

Signed by Order of the Meeting, 

LEO. HAMPSON, Under-Sheriff 

■;. ; iir;ii;-i : ;aiii : ii"ii'i : v vi 

{Transcribed from the originals in the Editor' 's possession) 
(Continued from p. 247.) 

Bedford, 1595. 

To ALL XPIAN people to whome theis p'sents shall 
come. Roberte Parradyne of the towne & Countie of 
Bedford gent sends greeninge [sic] in our Lord god eu r « 
Jastinge Knowe yee hereby that the said Robte Parradyne 
for & in Consiclerac'on of a c'tayne sum me of monye vntd 
him by Edward Williams of the same towne & Countie 
gent well & truelie satisfied & payed & for diu r s other 
good Causes & Considerac'ons him moveinge hathe in- 
feoffed aliened gran n ted bargaynecl & sold & by theis 
p'sents dothe ihffeoffe alien granntc barga'yne & sell vnto 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


the said Edward Williams his heires & assignes for eu T 
one Close of pasture grounde Conteyninge by estimac'on 
jpwe acres be ytt more or lesse \v th a barne stand inge one 
• the southe syde of the said Close w ch Close & barne are 
Piytuate Lyinge & beinge in Bedford' aforesaid abuttinge 
: northe vppon Lurke Lane & southe vppon my 11 Lane &. 
weste vppon towe pightclls whereof the one is belonginge 
to the Corporac'on of the said towne of Bedford the other 
•sometymc John Stewklies deceased & eastward in p'te one 
the streete of S l Cutberts & p'tlie one a garden in the 
tenure of Jonas Androwe & of one Orchard nowe or 
Late Mr. llasseldens & nowe or sometyme in the tenure 
of Nicholas Broughe al's ffurner w th the woods p'ffitts & 
Comodoties whatsoeu 1 ' to the said Close & barne belong- 
inge or app'teyninge & the Reu r con & Reu'cons of the 
said Close & barne wmall Charters Writtings & Myny- 
ments onelie Conc'ninge the same To UAUE & TO HOLDE 
the said Close & barne & all & singular other the p r misses 
w th their & eu v ie of their app'ten'nees whatsoeu 1 ' vnto the 
said Edward Williams his heires & assignes for eu 1 ' to & 
for the onelie vse & behoufe of the said Edward his heires 
& assignes for eu v And THE said Robte Parradyne for 
the Considerac'ons aforesaid dothe by theis p r sents bynd 
him & his heires to warrante & defend all & singuler the 
p r misses w th their & eu r ie of their app r ten'nces herein 
before menconecl to be bargayned & soldo, vnto the said 
Kdward Williams his heires & assignes for eu r againste 
himself e the said Kobte Marie his nowe wife his heires 
& assignes & againste Dorothie Parradyne mother of the 
said Robte & againste all other p r sone & p'sones whatsoeu 1 ' 
Lawfullie Claymeinge or p r tendinge to haue anye estate 
tytle inter rest & demarmde of in to or out of the said 
p r misses w th their app'ten'nes or anye p r te therof by from 
or vnder them or anye of their tytles. In WITNESS 
wherof the said Robte Parrad)me to this his p r sente deed 
his hand & scale hathe sett dated the Thirtythe day of 
Marche in the seven & thirtithe yere of the Raigne of our 
most gracious sou l *aigne Ladie Elizabethe by the grace 
of god of England ffrannce & Ireland Queene defender 
of the ffaythe &c. 

Robert Parradyne. 

318 Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

(Exchequer of Account : First ffiuits. Liber Compositiomnn. P.R.O.) 

" Recusantes Anno 1C62. 

Bedford, S. John Henry Smithe, Incumb. Vol. v. f. 140b 
Higham Gobin Richard Atkinson do. „ 141 

Gravenhurst John Makebrayc do. „ 141b, 

Salford William Nodson do. 

Stcpinglcigh Ralph Sedeleye do. 

Ampthill, Alexander Stockwcll, Recusant, 

18 May, 1599, vol. vi. fo. 125. 
Arlcsey, Charles Brow ne, do. 

16 May, 1579, vol. vi. fo. 62. 
Bedford, S, Cuth. Ralph Jones, do, 

31 May, 1583, vol. vi. fo. 84, 
Biggleswade, John Robinson, Vicar, do, 

20 May, 1577, vol. vi. fo. 57b. 
Bletsoe, Richard Dove, do. 

19 May, 1582, vol. vi. fo. 79. 
Blunham, Thomas Norton, do. 

18 May, 1599, vol. vi. fo. 125. 
Harrold, M arm ad uke Pull en, Vicar, do, 

I 1 April, 1577, vol. \'i. fo. 57. 
Stachden, John Barow, do. 

5 Jan. 1 579, vol. vi. fo. 67b. 
Steventon, William [Ralph] Culchith, do. 

5 Jan. 1579, vol. vi. fo. 67b. 
Silshoe, John Gleeston, do. 

30 May, 1595, vol. vi. fo. 1 14b. 
Stondon, - Thomas Geste, do. 

II May, 1596, vol. vi. fo. 11.9. 
Studham, John [Thos.] Hoop', Vicar, do. 

20 May, 1577, vol. vi. fo. 57b. 
Tilsworth, John Lawson, do. 

11 May, 1596, vol. vi. fo. 119. 
Wrestlingworth Thomas [David] Price, Rector, do. 

20 May, 1577, vol. vi. fo. 57b." 

BedfordsJiire Nates and Queries. 




A correspondent has kindly forwarded to us a curious 
old scrap relating to this parish. It appears to be the 
last page out of some old Church Account Book. 

The first item is to the effect that in 1708 it was the 
custom for the Lord of the Manor to keep a Bull and a 
Boar for the use of the village. 

Then follows the following list of Church Furniture : A 
large folio ..Bible printed Anno 1634. Two common 
prayer book's in folio. A book of 1 [omilies, Cannons 
and Articles. A Register Book of Parchment began in 
the year 1582. A paper booke for the Churchwardens' 
Accounts. A Communion Table and Rails. A Woollen 
Carpet of green cloth and fringed with worsted. An 
Holon Cloath, one pewter Flaggon, one silver Chalice, 
weight eight ounces and an half and two pennyweights, 
whereon is engraved [Eules : de Pertenhal], one silver 
Paton weight five ounces and a quarter and three penny 
weights, whereon is engraved [Eules de Pertenhall]. A 
Velvet Cushion, an Holland Surplice, a cover for the Font, 
a poor box, a table of degrees of marriages, a strong chest 
with three locks, three Bells and a Bier. 

Next follows : 'Repairs : The Church and Furniture and 
that part of the Churchyard Fence which adjoins, to the 
Common Highway, being Pales, Rails and Gates are 
maintained at the charge of the Parishioners. The 
Chancel and the North and Eastern part of the Church- 
yard Fence, being a Quick hedge and ditch are main- 
tained by the Rector. On the South the Church Yard 
is fenced by a pale by the Lord of the Manor, and on 
the west with a Quick hedge and ditch by the Lord of 
the Manor also. 

Clerk. The offices of Clerk and Sexton arc in one 
person appointed by the Rector, who hath for wages of 
each Farmer Sixpence and of every other house keeper 
four pence yearly, together with the accustomed dues, for 
a Churching fivepence, on publishing Banns Sixpence, 
for a Marriage one shilling, and for a buryal one shilling 
and four pence. May 18th, iyoS. This is a just and 
true account as we do verily believe. Tho. Cheyne, 
Rector. Richard Johnson, Churchwarden. Simon Bass, 


Bedfdrdshire Notes and Queries. 

Wm. Peacock, Edw. Wawnor, Thos. Gilbowt, Joseph 
Ward, George Walker, John Ibbot. 

Add to the furniture one silver salver, weight ten ounces 
five penny weight, whereon ■is engraven [Ex Dono Robl 
Paracline. A : M : Rectoris de PertenhalL] 


WRESTLINGWORTH. — The brook which flows from New- 
England Farm in Tadlow Parish (Cambs.) past Mr. Henry 
King's homestead in Wrestlingworth is known as Battle 
brook. A bridge over the brook near the gate to Mr* 
King's homestead is known as Battle bridge. In a field 
known as "black hill" on your left as you go from 
Wrestlingworth to Guilden Morden, some 40 years ago, 
while draining, bones and black earth were found, the 
sides of the drains fell in showing that the earth had been 
■disturbed. "Phis spot is on the crest of a low hill; the 
crops grown here are particularly good. These circum- 
stances seem to indicate that at some period a battle has 
been fought in this locality ; is there an)' record of such? 

II. W. P. s. ! 

An Early Locally Printed Book, viii. 255.— The 
following records the burial of the printer of the book- 
above referred to :• — 


"1719. — Underhill Robinson printer was buryed May 4 th ." 

I hereby certify that the above is a true and exact copy 
of an entry in the Register Books of the Parish of Milton 
Ernest, Beds, extracted thence by me this Eighth day of 
September in the year of our Lord 1879 by me, 

C. C. Beaty-Pownall, 

Vicar of Milton Ernest aforesaid. 



(MS. Dd. x, 28, Univ. Lib. Camb.) 

Regula fratrum hospital is Sancti Johannis Bcdcford 
Johannes etc dilectis in christo filiis fratribus hospitalis 
sancti Johannis Bedeford salutcm etc. Decet religiosi 
habitus portitores aliquarum esse obseruacionum regu- 
larium professores alioquin simulatum est habitus . sui 
signum cui signatum minime corespondet, speciem que 
pietatis habent sed eius abnegant veritatem, sepulcris 
dealbatis se similes ostendentes que foris hominibus alba 
patent, set interius spurcicia sunt rcp'leta. nc igitur quod 
absit tales mereamini nuncupari infrascripta vos volumus 
et mandamus pro regula obseruare ante omnia continuam 
caritatem inter vos habentes sine qua nichil proficit ad 
salutem ilia tria sine quibus nulla subsistit religio obedicn- 
tiam videlicet vestris superioribus exhibendam et con- 
tinenciatn obseruandam vitam sine proprietate ducendam 
profiteamini et scruetis silencium in ecclcsia claustro et 
dormitorio teneatis et illud idem in refectorio defieientibus 
hospittbus faciatis ipsisquc presentibus cum res exegerit 
pro edificacione vel honcstate aut familiaritate seruanda 
breuiter et submisse ac modeste. licet vobis loqui et in eo 
simul comedatts ac in dormitorio quiescatis vniformem 
que habitum et humulem cum cruce rubca superposita 
habeatis, a comessacionibus et potacionibus habendis in 
priuatis cameris et in villa et exitu ad illam sine licencia 
et sine habitu et precipue ab esu et potu quolibet post 
completorium caueatis. Et quia humana fragilitas ad 

voi,. 111. 



Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

lapsum noscitur esse prona peccata vestra deuote con-;, 
fiteamini prout deect singulis que cbdomadis teneatuft 
capitulum saltern semcl in eo excessus sine personarmjfl 
acceptione rationabiliter ct>'rngantur et contra rebel les a$| 
incorrigibiles procedatur iuxta exigenciam regule beati$*f 
simi Augustini hoc semper attento quod pro nulla re* 
bcllione vel mcorrigibilitate post professionem ad seculuni 
victurus seculariter confrater aliquis emittatur set interim 
inter vos vel alibi inter fratres vestri habitus -penitentiarii 
subeat sue culpe congruam et condignam. Inccssus vested 
in ecclcsia et alibi sit honestus, vt nullius sit aspectiu , 
merito offensiuus, diuinumque scruicium cum omni matu. 
ritate absque dissolucione aliqua et festina'cione nimia 
peragatur nullusque cessante impedi.mento legitimo se 
subtrahat ab eodem, in psalmodizando conueniens nictnnn 
fiat, nec sequens versus incipiatur donee preccdens termi- 
netur. Diaconus vel subdiaconus aut in euentu necessi- 
tatis clericus alius in albis sacerdoti ministrct, laici vero 
conuersi loco matutinarum vicesies dicant oracioticm 
dominicam cum tot salutacionibus virginis gloriose et ad 
singulas alias horas scptem oraciones dominicas cum tot 
salutacionibus virginis supradicte. reliquie mense vestrfi 
in vsus paupcrum conuertantur et secundum facilitates 
domus vestre hospitalitas obseructur. et procurentur infirmi 
qui in recepeione ante omnia sua confitcantur peccata et 
de sacramcnto altaris com mil n icon t sic confess i, ac dcinde 
portentur ad lectos singulis que diebus dominicis mcmoria 
de scruicio diei dicatur cisdem, ct aqua benedicta in 
domo qua iacuerint aspergatur. pro fratrum decedentiuni 
animabus trigint' diebus misse celebrentur, corredia dentur, 
corumque indumenta in vsus paupcrum conuertantur 
sigillum vestrum commune sub tribus clauibus conseruetuj; 
tcr vel quater reddatur compotus annuatim, sine nostra 
vel succcssorum nostrorum licencia corredia nun vendantur 
et vestra familia sit honesta non supcrflua non luxuriosa 
non contenciosa vel cbriosa aut alii s viciis enormibus 
irretita. M agister autem acl domus vestre regimen per 
nos sen succcssores nostros iuxta mo rem preterit! 
temporis assumendus in huius regimine sit sollicitus non 
remissus semper modestia comitante, ita quod per remis- 
sionem sua auctoritas non vilcscat nec per verborum 
asperitatem nimiam seu gestum elatum correccionis in 
aliis impediatur effectus, cui familiarium domus seculariuni 
delinquencium correctio obseructur et a pcrcussione eorum 

Bedfordshire A r otes and Queries. 


si excesserint caueant sibi fratres Ceterum cum vita regu- 
larium a secularium vita communi in aliquali abstinencia 
diuidi deceat seu discerni precipimijs vt aduentum domini 
quadragesimaiiter ieiunantes diebus lunc ct Marcis in 
quinquagesima ac singulis diebus Mercurii per annum non 
vtamini carnibus in vescendo sextis feriis a lacticinis 
abstinendo ordinacionem autem vestram de certis penis 
pro certis excessibus infligendis nullatenus improbantes 
vt scructur per omnia ct ad eius obseruacionem suos con- 
fratres Magister artare valeat sustinemus, nostro et succes- 
sorum nostrorum in omnibus iure saluo, videlicet quod 
frater rebellis Magistro et confratribus aut rixosus per 
septem dies peniteat quarta et sexta feria in pane et aqua 
ieiunans et in terra sine mensa et manutergio cibum 
sumens ac in ecclesia seu capitulo coram fratribus dictis 
feriis septem recipiat disciplinas. quod que frater percutiens 
fratrcm suum mittatur ad diocesanum absoluendus a sen- 
tencia excommunicacionis quam incurret in casu quo 
absolui poterit per eundem et in casu alio suum consilium 
auditur' et absolutus per quadraginta dies penitens quarta 
et sexta feria in pane et aqua ieiunct in terra comedens 
sine mensa ct manutergio vt est dictum et triginta coram 
fratribus in ecclesia seu capitulo recipiat disciplinas pretcr 
penam quam sibi diocesanus duxerit iniungendam quod 
que frater in villa solus exiens sine licencia sexta feria 
prox' subsequente in pane et aqua ieiunct et vnam in 
capitulo coram fratribus recipiat disciplinam. si autem in 
villa sine licencia cpmedat sine bibat quarter ct sexta feria 
prox 1 subsequente in pane et aqua ieiunct et si sic se non 
correxerit ipsius secundum quantitatem delicti penitentia 
augcatur, quod que frater apostatans a dorap sua et postea 
reuertens, ac humilitcr domum petens quadraginta diebus 
peniteat quartis et sextis feriis in pane et aqua ieiunans 
et in terra sine mensa et manutergio cibum sumens et per 
tantum tempus in aliquo loco morctur a fratrum consorcio 
scgrcgatus per quantum apostatare presumpsit nisi eius 
contricio relaxacionis gratiam meruerit ciciorem, quod 
que si proprietas . penes quemquam confratrum inuenta 
fuerit in morte quam viuens Magistro non ostendit debito 
seruicio pro defunctis et confratrum careat sepultura. si 
autem in vita de proprietate aliqua conuincatur, appensa 
circa collum eius huiusmodi proprietate, si pecunia fuerit 
numerata per hospitale vestrum nudatis vestibus fustigetur 
et per quadraginta dies peniteat quarta et sexta feria in 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

pane ct aqua ieiunans nisi cius contricio penitenciaiEi 
huiusmodi cicius exegerit mitigari quodque fratcr dc laj>su 
carnis diuulgato conuictus septem diebus dominicis pojj 
egressum populi clc. ccclcsia fratribus presentibus vniuersfl 
per Magistrum sen alium deputandum ab eo nudatul 
vestibus in ecclesia durissime flagellctur et per annum 
integrum subsequentem in aliquo loco segregatus a fratri- 
bus sub condigna penitentia teneatur nisi ipsius ad cof 
reuersio penam huiusmodi meruerit relaxari seu in leniorcnl 
mutari pro aliis a Litem excessibus iuxta regulam bead 
Augustini pen as imponi voluimus ct infiigi. Dat' apud 
Buckeden iiij Non' Augustis Anno domini M°CCC sexto 
ct Consecrationis nostre septimo. 


The Rule of the brothers of the Hospital of St. John 
Bedford John etc. to his beloved sons in Christ the 
brothers of the Hospital of St. John Bedford greeting. It 
behoves the bearers of a religious habit to be the professors 
of certain regular observances otherwise the seal of their 
habit is a mere sham. They have the form of piety but 
deny the truth thereof, showing themselves to be like 
w hi ted sepulchres which appear to men outwardly white, 
but within arc filled with vileness. Lest therefore (which 
Clod forbid) we should be worthy to be named such we 
wish and ordain the underw ritten to be observed for your 
governance. Above all things have continual charity 
among yourselves, without which nothing avails for good. 
Profess and preserve these things as no religion exists 
where they are lacking viz. obedience to your superiors, 
continence, and an existence without property. Keep 
silence in the church, the cloister, and the dormitory, and 
the same in the refectory. Whether guests be present or 
not make provision for what is required, according to 
circumstances, for edification, decency and sociability. It 
is permissible for you to speak briefly and in a low quiet 
voice, and there you shall eat together. Preserve quiet in 
the dormitory, and have a uniform and humble habit with 
a red cross upon it. Beware of eating and drinking in 
private rooms both in the town and going out to it without 
permission and without the habit, and especially of any 
food or drink after compline. Moreover since human 
frailty is known to be prone to fall, confess your sinSf 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

devoutly as is fitting". Let the Chapter be held every 
week, at all events once. Let excesses in it be punished 
in a reasonable manner without respect of persons, and 
let those who rebel and are incorrigible be proceeded 
against according to the exigency of the rule of the 
blessed Augustine, bearing this always in mind that no 
fellow brother for any rebellion or incorrigibility may be 
sent forth, after his profession, to live in a secular manner 
in the world, but let him undergo the meet and fitting 
punishment of his fault within amongst you or [amongst] 
the brothers of your habit. Let your bearing in Church 
and elsewhere be honest that it may deservedly be offen- 
sive to the sight of none, and let the divine service be 
performed with all promptitude without any intermission 
and undue delay and let no one withdraw himself from 
the same except for a legitimate reason. In psalm-singing 
the metre should be convenient and a second verse not 
begun before the preceding one has terminated. Let the 
deacon or sub-deacon or in case of necessity another cleric 
serve the priest in surplice, but the lay brethren in place 
of matins may say the Lord's Prayer twenty times with 
the like number of Hail Maries, and at all other hours 
seven Lord's Prayers and seven Hail Maries. Let the 
remains from your table be turned to the use of the poor 
and according to the means of your house exercise hospi- 
tal ity and let the sick be looked after who on reception 
before all else let them confess their sins, and being so 
confessed receive the sacrament of the altar and then 
carry them to their beds, and on all Sundays a memorial 
of the service of the day shall be said to them and holy 
water sprinkled in the place where they have lain. Masses 
shall be celebrated twenty days for the souls of departed 
brothers. Let their corrodies be given and their clothing- 
be turned to the use of the poor. Your common seal shall 
be kept under three keys and an account be rendered three 
or four times in the year. Corrodies may not be sold 
without the permission of us or. of our successors. Let 
your household be honest not excessive, luxurious, or 
addicted to drink or fettered by other great vices. The 
Master for the governance of your house shall be adopted 
by us or our successors after the manner of past times. 
Let him be guarded in his rule, not remiss, always accom- 
panied by modesty so that his authority be not impaired 
by slackness nor the effect ol his correction hindered in 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

others by excessive sharpness of speech or by haughty 
bearing. The correction also of the secular failings of 
the household is likewise invested in him. And let the 
brothers beware of striking (hem if they have done amia^ 
Moreover because the life of those under rule ought to be 
marked or distinguished from the ordinary life of tho^e 
living in the world by some kind of self-denial we ordain 
that at Advent the forty days last, on the Monday and 
Tuesday in Quinquagesima and on Wednesdays through- 
out the year flesh shall not be used for food, on Fridays 
milk-food to be abstained from. Moreover by no means 
disapproving your ordination concerning the inflicting of 
certain punishments for certain offences let us hold that 
it be preserved in all things and that the master may be 
able to compel his fellow brothers to the observance of it 
(our own right and that of our successors being in all 
things unimpaired), namely' that a brother rebellious 
against the Master and his fellows or quarrelsome do 
penance for seven days fasting on bread and water on 
Wednesday and Friday and eat his food on the ground 
without a table and napkin, and let him receive seven 
stripes in the church or chapter on the said days in the 
presence of the brothers. Also a brother striking his 
fellow shall be sent to the diocesan to be absolved from 
the sentence of excommunication which he incurs in a 
case in which he can be absolved by him and in other 
case' to hear his counsel and being absolved let him do 
penance for forty days on Wednesdays and Fridays he 
shall fast on bread and water feeding on the ground with- 
out table and napkin as is said, and let him receive thirty 
stripes in the church or chapter in the presence of the 
brothers over and above the penalty which the diocesan 
shall have imposed upon him. /V brother going out into 
the town alone without permission shall fast on bread 
and water on the Friday next following and shall receive 
one stripe in the chapter in the presence of the brothers. 
But if he shall eat or drink in the town without permis- 
sion on the Wednesday and Friday next after he shall 
fast on bread and water and if thus he shall not have 
improved himself according to the greatness of his fault 
let his penance be increased. A brother apostatizing from 
his home and afterwards returning and humbly seeking 
the house shall do penance for forty days fasting on 
Wednesdays and Fridays on bread and water and eating 

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lis food on the floor without table or napkin and let him 
dwell in some place cut off from the society of his fellows 
for so long" a time as he presumed to apostatize unless 
his contrition deserves the favour* of a relaxation. If 
property shall be found in the power of any brother at 
his death which he had not revealed to the master during 
his life let him be "denied the accustomed service for the 
dead and the burial of a brother. But if in life he shall 
be convicted of any property let it be hung" about his 
neck, and if it is money, counted ; being divested of his 
clothes let him be whipped through the hospital and do 
penance for forty days, on Wednesdays and Fridays 
fasting on bread and water unless his contrition shall 
demand a penance of this kind to be mitigated sooner. 
A brother being convicted of a sin of the flesh being 
divested of his clothes shall be soundly beaten in the 
church by the Master or other appointed by him on seven 
Sundays after the departure of the people from the 
Church, and during the whole year following shall be 
kept in some place separated from the brothers under 
the penance fitting to him except his return to a better 
frame of mind shall deserve that the punishment may 
be relaxed or changed into a lighter one. Moreover for 
other excesses we wish the penalties to be imposed and 
inflicted according to the rule of the blessed Augustin. 
Given at Buckden August 2, 1306, and in the seventh 
year of our Consecration. 

Abstracted from tlie -Original Wills, and certified copies, at 
t/te District Court of Probate, NortJiampton. 

Richard Duncombe, of Harlington, husbm., nunc, 
will, Feb. 1671. In the presence of William Sam of 
H., dairyman, & Elizth. D. his then wife & his s. Thomas. 
" I do give all that 1 have to my wife & my s. and J 
would not have it parted." Pr. 16 Mar. 167 1. 

* The following, which complete this series, were omitted to he printed 
in their proper < uder. 

Some 115ctifotD,0?)ive 

(Concluded from p. 305.) 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

William Dyer, of Eyon, in Over Gravenhurst, weaver,, 
10 Nov. 1637. To wife Ellin & s. Thomas all his moveable 
goods and makes them exqrs. Youngest son Edward/ 
youngest da. Martha. Pr; 4 Dec. 1638. 

Thomas Estwick, of Wootton, yeoman, 31 Aug. i6y, 
To be bur. in par. ch. of Wootton. To s. Nicholas E, £$o 
(being non. compos mentis), s. Stephen to act as guardkfo. 
Residue to wife Grace whom he appoints joint exor. with 
his s. Stephen. Pr. 4 Dec. 1632. 

Margaret Evered, of Beeston, widow, 13 Nov. 1599, 
To be bur. in the ch. of Sandy. To son Nicholas Evered 
a feather bed, &c, da. Margaret 40s. y da. Denys 40X, 
da. Anne 2Qi\. To Jane & Anne Evered a coffer each. 
Residue to s John whom she appoints exor. Mentions 
Thomas & Jonas Evered. Proved 14 Dec. 1599. 

Maude Ewer, of Luton, wid., nunc, will, 20 Sept. 1626. 
All her wearing apparel to her 3 daurs. Son Thomo| 
to be sole exor. Witnesses Edward Ewer & Eliz'th his 
wife, Christabell wife of Robert Ewer. Pr. 13 Feb. 1626. 

HENRY FISH, of Riseley, 12 May, 1673. 'To son-in-law 
Gregory Brown lOs. & to Henry, John, & Richard his 
sons I2d. ea., & to sd. John Brown 2 doles of meadow 
in Riseley. To son-in-law Richard Trat (or Teat) & to 
Anne his now wife \os. ea., & to Thomas, Richard, Henry, 
William, & Anne their children I2d. ea. To youngest 
da. Juan F. ro lands lying in the East field at Riseley, 
& also a dole of meadow land called the Hall dole. Resi- 
due to sd. da. Juan whom he makes sole extrix. IV. 
30 May, 1679. 

John GOSTWICKE, of Willington, Esq., 7 June, 1 581. 
All his goods' to the discretion of his' well beloved wife 
Elizabeth & his well beloved friend Lewis Dive, Esq., 
whom he appoints exors. " To every one of my servants 
that have attended on me in my sickness 6s. 8^/." Appoints 
his well beloved friends Mr Richard Stonley & Mr. 
Robert Hattley, Esq., to be supervisors. Witnesses Robert 
Hattley, Robert Gostwicke & John Johnsonne, minister. 
Proved 15 Oct. 1583. 

William Haseldine, of Colmworth, 10 Feb. 1610. 
To be bur. in the churchyard. To s. Richard ,£20. Residue 
to wife Mary whom he makes extrix. Pr. 26 Feb. 16 10. 

Isabell "Saunders, of Pottesgrove, widow, 20 March, 
1558. To be bur. in the ch. of Pottesgrove by my husband 
William Saunders. To son Thomas, silver salt, &c. To 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

3 2 9 

da. Ellen 12 silver spoons, &c. To sister Joane, the wife 
of John Sanders, a pair of Kyrtle sieves. Danrs. Ellen 
& Anne, Residue to brother-in-law Robert Cooke to pay 
debts & legacies, makes him exor. Proved 31 Aug. 1559. 

Thomas Snagg, of Milbrooke, Esq., 19 Aug. 1675. 
To 2 daurs. Ann & Judith & their heirs a meadow called 
bymeads, & a close called clay close, the cottages there- 
upon & the fee farm rent vvh. I lately purchased charged 
upon the sd. lands, & a close called little temples & a 
meadow called gang mead, all in the parish of Milbrooke 
for ever. To s. Richard £500, to wife Judith, all the 
furniture in my best chamber, to poor of Marston £6, 
to poor of Milbrook £3, to poor of Litlington £3. 
Appoints daurs. Ann & Judith sole exors. Pr. 8 Dec. 1675. 

Elizabeth Stocker, of Wyboston, spr., 3 Sep. 1667. 
To Thomas, s. of my brother Richard S. £lO, &c, to 
Thomas, s. of my brother Thomas S. ,£10, to Anne, d. 
uf my brother Thomas S. £10, &c, to Joane, d. of my 
brother Thomas S. £10, &c. ' Residue to brother Thomas 
S. sole exor. Pr. 26 Oct. 1667. 


©leanings from partsfj iRcgt.otcr^, 

(Continued from p. 308.) 



1559 Sep. 3 Bryer, John, s. of Willm, 

1560 Feb. 10 Woodwarde, Robert, s. of Robt. 

1 56 1 Apr. 2 Bryer, Jane, d. of Willm. 

1565 Sep. 18 Woodward, Thomas. 
,, Oct. 30 Bryer, Emy. 

1566 Sep. 29 Woodwarde, John, s. of Robert. 
1569 Oct. 15 ,, Alice, d. of ,, 
1571 Mar. 25 Bryer, William, s. of Willm. 

1574 Oct. 24 Taverner, Richard, s. of James. 

1575 Dec. 16 Pedder, Thomas, s, of Thomas. 

j 579 Jan. 7 Thomson, Sarah, d. of John, of London. 

1581 Nov. 26 Pedder, John, s. of Thomas. 

1584 Mar. 7 Lemme, Samuel, s. of Michael. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 




c 86 

J 11 n . 

1 0 



T i 
1 + 



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I 2 




c 8o 

j y 

. 7 



I 2 



2 + 

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Hi ell . 

1 2 




60 1 


60 3 






6 1 0 




62 I 


I 2 


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2 3 



u- y 




) L ' 

6 30 


t 1 1 
1 1 ) 

6 ; i 
L :> 1 

j a 11 * 

2 2 


I ),T 

z u 

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3 1 

6 2 ± 

An (r 

? 0 

u 3b 






> > 

T n n. 

1 2 

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1 9 


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> > 



1 0 




Woodwarde, Elizabeth, d. of Robert. 

„ Alice, d. of 

,, pdmund, s. of Edward. 

Robert, s. of Robert. 
Lemme, Mary, d. of Michael. 
Wooclwarde, Margaret, d. of Robert. 

,, Joane, d. of Ed. 4 

,, Joane, d. of Robert. 
Lemme, Joseph, s. of Michael, born 22 Ma/; 
Woodwarde, Henry, s. of Robert. 

,, Thomas, s. of 
Linge,* Elizabeth, d. of Richard. 
Woodwarde, Mary, d. of Robert. 

,, Robert, s. of ,, 
Pedder, Thomas, s. of Thomas & Alice, bom 
6 Mar. 

Woodwarde, Michael, s. of Robert. 
,, Rebecca, d. of 
,, Jeremie, s. of ,, 
,, fohn, s. of ,, 
Mansell, Marie, d. of Tobie, marchant. 
Binge, An, d. of Richard, gent. [? Kinge]. 
Kinge, Edmund, s. of ,, 
Woodwarde, Robert, s. of Henry. 
,, Martha, d. of ,, 
,, Henry, s. of ,, 
,, John, s. of ,, 

Marye, d. of Jeremie. 
Adeane, Martha, d. of Christofer. 
Woodward, Mychaell, s. of lien. 
Adeane, An, d. of Christofer. 
Woodward, Francis, s. of Henry. 
,, Robert, s. of Robert. 

,, William,, s. of Henry. 

Foster, Rebecka, d. of John, gent. 
Woodward, Henry, s. of Robert. 

,, Elizabeth, d. of Henry. 

Foster, John, s. of John, gent. 
Woodward, Johan, d. of Robert. 
,, Jeremy, s. of Henry. 
,, Alice, d. of Robert. 

,, Mary, d. of Henry. 

Putnam, Elizabeth, d. of William. 
,, job, s. of William. 

* This name may lie Binge or Kinge ; the w riting is about as bad as can be. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 














. /" _ _ 

> 05 3 








2 0 




1 004 



I OO7 

i .,1 

1 60 9 




167 1 

1 2 












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2 1 

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2 7 



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1 007 



1 610 






161 7 



162 1 











1 629 















1 66 1 





1 67 1 



Woodwarde, Anne, d. of Robert. 
,, Michael, s. of ,, 
,, Elizabeth, d. of ,, 
Clerke, Elizabeth, d. of Roger. 
Woodward, .Robert, s. of Robert. 
„ John, s. of „ 

Sarah, d. of ,, sen. 
,, ' Josias, s. of ,, born 
,, Jeremiah, s. of ,, 

Reddell, Mary, d. of Thos. 

,, ' Thomas, s. of ,, 
Sara, Mary, d. of Richard, vicar. 

,, Elizabeth, d. of ,, ,, 
Reddell, Ambros, s. of Thomas. 
Sam, Richard, s. of Richard, vicar. 

,, Anne, d. of ,, 
Thomson, Henry, s. of William, late of i v 
Reddell, Elizabeth, d. of Thomas. 


Butterfield — Pedder, Edward & Joane. 
Bazeley — Woodwarde, John & Alice. 

Pedder — Lemnie, Thomas & Alice, m. at Aspley. 
Bryar— Mulsoe, William & Anne. 
Odill — Bingley, John & Johan. 
Slowe — Woodward, Henry & Alice. 
Hubert — Woodward, Robert of Holcot, & 

Perrye — Woodward, John, ol Haversham, & 
• Eliz'th. 

Woodward — Knight, Thomas & . 

Woodward — Cooper, Robert vK: Johan. 
Biiime — Norris, William & Elizabeth. 
Woodwarde — Chapman, Robert c\: Elizabeth. 
Dimmocke — Gostwicke, Michael & Elizabeth. 
Bryars— Cash, John & Lucia. 
Pickering — Sam, Thomas, of Newport, co. 

Rucks, & Johanna. 
Woodward — Norman, Thomas of Gran field, & 


Breed — Woodward, Thomas, of Aspley, & 

332 Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Bryar, Amy. 
Kinge, Agnes. 
Woodward, Robert. 

Robert, s. of Robert. 
Burwell, Nicholas. 
Bryar, Allice, wife of Willm. 
Peddar, Thomas, gen. 
Burby, Alice, wife of Cuthbert, of London. 
Langford, Martha, gent. 
Woodward, Jeremye. 
Bingley, Martha, ux. Tbo. 
Selbie, Richard. 
Woodward, Mary, wid. 

Alice, d. of Robert. 
Sylbie, Isabella, wid. 
Woodward, Michael, s. of Robert. 
Langford, Mr. Nicholas. 
Deane, Christopher. 
Woodward, Jeremiah, s. of Robert. 

,, Elizabeth, wife of ,, 
Gierke, Mr. Roger, vicar. 
Deane, Anne. 

,, Joane, wid., brought from Handeslop 
where she died, to Sawford, and was bur. 
Woodward, Henry. 
Reddell, Mary, d. of Thos. 
Woodward, Charytie, w ife of Thomas, brought 
from Cranfield, where she died, ec buryed 
at Sawford. 
Sam, Richard, s. of Richard, vicar. 
Woodward, Robert. 

„ William, brought from Aspley, where 

he dyed. 

1677 May 8 ,, John, s. of Robert. 

1678 Mar. 18. Sam, Mary, d. of Richard, vicar. 
1682 May 2 Reddall, Thomas. 

,, Nov. 27 Sam, Francis. 

1688 ,, 9 Woodward, Elizabeth. 

1689 Dec. 27 Sam, Richard, vicar. 
1693 ,, 12 Reddall, Eliz. 

1696 Aug. 24 Woodward, Thomas, of Cranfield. 









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I U44 


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* 1650 












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J tin. 

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1 1 

1 60S 


1 67 1 

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2 3 




Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


monumental 3nscuptfon& 

(Continued from p. 312.) 


/// the Chancel against the S. wall. Arms, ASTRY impaling 
St. John. 

" Here Lieth Buryed the Body of Sr. Henry Astry of 
Woodend in | this Parish of Harlington in the Countie 
of Bedford, Knight he | Departed this life 29th* of A prill 
in the year of our Lord 1638 I and in the year of his age 
54 he left behind him three Sonns | and three Daughters 
his Eldest sonne WILLIAM Astry | lived but a yeare and 
halfe after his Father, and died | A Ward at Lincolnc 
College in Oxford e being at the | Age of 16 and a halfe in 
years he was brought from Oxf | ord and buried by his 
Father they both were happy | In theire Lives and most 
Blessed | In their Deaths giving ass | ured Testimonies 
thereof | unto the World | Finis Coronat." — (Lansd: 3TS. 
887, fo. penc. 90.) 

On a black stone within the rails of the Altar — 

"M. S. I Francisci filij & Hered: HEN: Astry de | 
Woodend in hac paroch: Milit: non minus | No'ine Xtian 
geilcrosi insignis. | Obedient child kind husband tender 
lather | Just Justice charitable man but rather | Religious 
S* fraught w th pictye | To griefe of all \ rt knew him here 
doth lye. I Hoc posuit DOROTHEA filia FLEETWOOD | 
Dorm ER de Lee Grange in com: Buck | Milit: vxor cius 
moesstissima ex qua | prolem reliquit et superstitem 
Maii 1659 /Et. 44." — {Ibid. 887, fo. penc. 90.) 

On a small white marble tablet within the Altar rails — ■ 

"Jacobus Astry | de Woodend Eques Auratus | in 
Curia Cancel 1 aria dudum xii vir | obiit A:D: 1709 aetatis 
suae 55 I Ex Anna filia TliOMAE PENYSTON de Corn we 11 | 
in agro Oxonicnsi Baronetti | prolem suscepit superstitem I 
ETTAM."— (/ bid. 887, fo. penc. 90.) 

* In Archer MS. his death is stated to have taken place 25 Apr. 1630, cf. 
vol. i, p. 97. lie was bur. 27 Apr. 1630, so the above dales are evidently 
incorrect. — Ed. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Against the East end of the Chancel— 

" IT. S. E. | Jacobus Astrey Armiger | Vir | Ingcnio! 
ac Uteris politioribus | Stylo ac rerum usu | Et cum tot 
dotibus singulari simul modestia | Spcctabilis | Egregiatji 
erga cognatos benevolentiam | incorruptam erga amices, 
fidem | Morum erga omnis suavitatem | omnibus desk!era» 
tissimus | obijt A:D: 1716 /Ltatis Suae 42 | Vale, Fratef 
dilectissime, amantissitnae | Tui memor ct tuarum virtutumj 
Hoc marmor I Monumentuin exiguum | Araoris baud 
exigui P. I Franciscus Astry S. T. P." — [Ibid, 887, fo, 
penc. 83.) 

1 ascription in the Church — 

" In Memory of | Richard Gilpin Esq. Dep. Lieut, and 
J. P. for Co. of I Bedford and for many years Lieutenant 
Colonel of | the Bedfordshire Militia. lie died on the 
3 rd J any. | 1841 in the 89 th year of his age. | Also of f 
Sarah, his wife who died the 2nd of January 1847 | Aged 
84 years. | Richard Gilpin was son of Thomas Gilpin Esq. j 
Grandson of Robert Gilpin Esq. and Great-Grandson | 
of the Rev. Robert Gilpin who was Rector | of this parish 
in the early part of the 17th Century. | Tie died A.D. 1641.*' 

Inscribed on a slab in the W, wall of the Vestry— 

" Francis West of this parish | gave four hundred 
pounds for | ever to be laid out in Land one \ half of the 
Annual Rent thereof | being given to teach the Poor j 
children of the parish of J Hockliff to Read & write j 
English, he dyed in the 86 year | of his Age Nov. 2 1690." 

Outside the Church, under the East ivindozv, is a slab built 
into the wall with the following inscription surmounted 
by a shield — GlLPIN impaling NEALE — as under : 

" In a vault beneath this stone are interr'cl the bodies 
of J Robert Gilpin of this Parish Gent, and ESTIIEK 
GlLPIN his wife ; | who was the youngest daughter of 
Matthew Neale in Exx-Iiall | in the County of 1 
Warwick Gent: and likewise several of their Sons & 
Daughters. | This was set up by their youngest Son 
M r Thomas Gilpin Goldsmith of London 1740." 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Inscriptions in the Church — 

"Near this spot lies intcrr'd the Bodies of the Rev d | 
M r Adam Haughton who was Rector of this Parish 26 
years | He died April the 16 th Anno'' 1713 in the 60th 
year of his Age | And also the Rev d M r Adam Haughton | 
son to the aforesaid and 23 years Rector of the said 
Parish | Died May the 7 th 1743 in the 49 th year of his 
age |.. Also M rs Rebecca Wife of. M r Adam Haughton | 
and Daughter to the Rev' 1 M r Hezekiah Slingsby | Who 
was once Rector of the said Parish | and Grand-daughter 
to the Rev d M 1 ' Robert. Gilpin | Once Rector of the 
afore-said. She died Sept 1 ' the I st 1744 | in the 81 st year 
of her Age. I Also M rs Mary Foot, Relict of the Rcv d 
M r Walter Foot | (who was Rector of this Parish 6 
years) and Daughter | to the first mentioned | M r Adam 
Haughton and the aforesaid M rs Rebecca Haughton j 
She died July 24 th 1760 in the 71 st year of her Age." 

" In Memory of the Rev. John Robinson who was fifty- 
one years Rector of Hockliffe And Vicar of Chalgrave in 
the County of Bedford. He died the 15th day of February 
1842 In the 75th year of his age And lies buried in the 
chancel of this Church." 

In the Churchyard — ■ 

" In affectionate memory of | HARRIET SUSAN wife of 
3D A VI 0 BUOMU.OW Esq. | of Haresfield I louse Lancashire 
and of Battlesden Park in this Count)' | who died 25th 
September 1869, aged 47 years." 

Inscription in the Church — 

" In Memory of | LOUISA | The Beloved" Wife of | Col. 
R. T. GlLPIN M.P. for Bedfordshire | Who died on the 6th 
of October 1 87 1 | aged -79 years." 

/;/ the South Aisle — 

"Here Lieth y c Body of | John BLETSOE | gent. s. of 
JOHN | BLETSO yeman I who departed this life | the 22 
day of May 1724 | in y° 19th year of his Age." 

* For other inscriptions, see "History of the Willey Hundred," by W. 
Marsh Harvey, London, 1872-8. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


" Neere vnto 1 this place lyeth interred | the body cl 
Thomas. Halpenny | of Phaldo late of this | PariiS 
together with his | wife ALICE the said Thomas | departed 
this life the 27 th . | day of December 1684 aged | 81 ycarct 

" Near to this place lyeth buried the | body of M 
Sarah Edwards late | widow of George Edward! 
Esq I eldest son of GEORGE EDWARDS | of this paris| 
Esq. which said Sarah | was the daughter of WILLIAM 
WITHERS Deputy Alderman of y e | Ward of Cheap m 
the Parish of S* Mary | le Bow in the City of London* 
Esqr. and | SARAH his wife. She was baptized | the IN 5 * 
day of February 1675, and dyed | the 22 d of January 17a) 
(she left I behind her 2 sons GEORGE & | WITHERS, j In 
memory of whom this | monument is erected)." 

"Neare to this place lyeth | buried the body of | LAWRENCjj 
Edwards | son of Richard Edwards of | Arlsey Esq. j 
who was son of | RICHARD EDWARDS of | this Parish 
Esqr. I He was born in | December 1620 | and dyed the 4^ 
day of I December 1693." 

" Hie juxta jacet | Georgius Edwards Armiger j 
RlCARDl Edwards de Arlsey Armigeri | Eilius natu 
quartos, I per annos prope triginta, | Curiae Surama 
Cancellaria, Seniori Rcgistorii officium supplens. | Et in 
hoc Comitatu ad pacem conservandam Justiciarius Utrique 
Muneri obeundo | Plane idoneus floruit. | Duas duxit 
Uxores I Primo DORCAM HANCHETT ex qua nulli supcr- 
sunt I Liberi J Postremo ELIZ: CARPENTER filiam Roil: 
CARPENTER | Ex hie nuptiis octo Liberos sibi superstitcs 
Reliquit Equi . . nuptum dat. . | 

Georgius Sara Withers 

Ricardus .p. 
Anna Ricardo Buckby . ^ g, 


Obijt 12 0 die July, Anno Dni 1712. /Etatis suaj 79. 

and odd dayes.' 


On a mural Tablet- 

Elizabeth a 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Hie etiam jacet Elizabetha uxor pnxdicti GEORGII 
Edwards Obijt io iuo Aprilis 1726. /Etatis 82." 

In CJiurcJi, on the South Side of the CJiancel — 

"Here licth the Body of ANN BUCKBY | the wife of 
RICHARD B.UCKBY . of | Lincoln's Inn in the County of 
Middlesex | Esq. who was the son of William Buckby 
Serjeant at Law by Mary { his wife who was the daughter | 
of Sir Richard RAYNSFORD Kn l . | late Lord Chief justice 
of England ! the said Ann was the daughter of | GEORGE 
EDWARDS Esq 1 ' of this | place, she had issue by her said | 
Husband five children, viz., RICHARD, Ann, and ANN her 
second daughter | RICHARD her second son and | ELIZA- 
BETH and at her death she left only Ann her second 
daughter | living, all her other children lie | buried in this 
chancel. She departed | this life the 24 day of November | 

1 1 0 U G 1 1 T ON CON 0 UE S T. 

Mural tablet in S. aisle — 

" E DM OND WOODWARD Esq. | Neare this place lyeth 
yntcr'd | Being lineally descended | From the Antient 
family of the | Woodwards of this Parish | Who have 
continued heere Before | And ever since the Raignc ) of 
King Edward the first | I lee w as at the time of his Decease | 
A member of the 1 lonoble Society | of the Ynner Temple 
London | I lee dyed the Eleauenth day of Aprill | J 11 the 
yeare of our lord god 1659." 


In the Churehyard— 

" Sacred | to the memory of | FANNY SARAH LlNOWSKA | 
(nee BLACKS HAW) | Relict of | Colonel CON STAN TIN 
LlNOWSKI I Born 26 April 181 1 | died 15 th Oct 1 . 187 1 j 
This monument is erected to | her memory by their only 
child I Waanu Orsetti," 

Harleian Charter, 83. A. 50, circa 1239. 
" Ego Robertus le Chamberleyn filius et heres Galfridi 
le Chamberleyn concessi ecclesia Johannis Baptists de 

VOL III. 22 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Haliwcll quoddam messuagium cum crofto adjacente ct 
dimidiam virgatam terre cum omnibus suis pertinentiiij 
quam Jacobus nativus metis quondam de me tenuit n\ 
villa de Dunton et messuagium cum domibus desupd? 
aedificatis in eadem villa quod Robertas Tadelowe ad 
terminum vitae suae tenuit ex dono patris mei. — (P[e d\m 
confirms the gifts of his father and ancestors which, 
however, are not specified.) — Hiis testibus Matthaeo le 
Goys de Dunton, Willielmo le Chyld de Potton, Galfrido 
le Lyre de Eyworth, Johanne Paternoster, Plugone df 
Henlowe, johanne Amy, Johanne Clerico de Dunton* 
Willielmo filio Milho, Willielmo filio Johannuj 
Adam Clerico, Ricardo Rixcpaud de Stratton." 

Cott. MS. Faust, A. IV. f. 87. 

William Loreng grants land in Tamiseford to Rogef 
the Prior of St. Neots for the liberation of Bartholomew 
from the King's prison. — Gorham, vol. ii. p. xxxv. 

These lands were — 

One messuage of 3 acrJ next the garden of Hugh de 
Carun, \ Acrl of meadow next the meadow of Hugh de 
Caron in Nortmade, 3 Roods of meadow in Gosecroft next 
the meadow of Ralph fit/. Geoffrey. 

Also 18 Acres of arable land and 3 roods in the fields 
of Temiseford. In the field to the south of Temiseford 
4 Acres, viz. — 

At Alvene Sherd 1 A. 

Next the street at Fuleslou \ A. 
Above Pesefudong 3 R. 

At Drove 2 R. 

At Staples 1 K. 

In Waterlond 1 K. 

In Westmadefurlong \ A. 

At Evcrtonwull 1 R. 

Above Crandon 5 Acres, 


At -Duneswellfurlong 
Against the Monks farm 
In Suarmhulleslade 
At Crandon dihe 

In Pistlefudong 2 ridges & \ 

1 A. 

2 R. 
I A. 
1 R. 


In Clai furlong 1 A. 

At Brockeshulleswell 1 % 
Against a field of Bereford 1 A. 
Above Suarmhulleslade l A. 

" John de Burton was Vicar of Dunton in 1237 - Ki>. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


In the field to the north of Temiseford 9 Acres 3 Roods, 

viz. — 

Against a field of Bereford 1 A 
Against the same elsewhere 
Above Hulsterfurlong 
At Hulstrefurlongesende 
Above Heydiho 
Above Eldehul 
Against Rug we re 
In Hulmo 

In Fulewellefurlong 

1 A. 

In Waterlond 



\ A. 

Above L'ede 



1 A. 

Next Bissopesdol 



i R. 

Against the Street 




\ A. 

In Lesel ond 


1 A. 

Below Eldehul 



•.I A. 

Against Sinodeslabz 


1 A. 

Above Walfurlong 


1 A. 

John C. Tingey. 

iSotes from ©id TBeDfotDs&fre Dcctis.* 

(Continued from p. 285.) 

HARROLD.— Indenture dated 26 March 1631 between 
William Boteler of Biddenham, Esq. & Anthony Clarke of 
Harrold, baker Witriesseth that the sd. Win. Boteler leases 
to the sd. A. Clarke, for the term of 9 years the Mills at 
Harrold containing 2 corn mills & a wheat mill at the 
yearly rent .of ^42, together with all the liberty of free 
fishing in the Ouze from Harrold bridge; to Snelston hedge, 
and the rushes yearly to be growing from time to time in 
the said river. 

"A note of such implements and millstones as were remaining 
in Harrold milles and were delivered to Anthony Gierke 
upon the Feast, day of the Annunciacon of our blessed 
lady S l Marie Alio Dili 1631 upon w ch day he entered 
upon the said milles. 

Imprimis Two Dosen of mill bills for the come milles. 
It. Two Culling bills for the wheat mill. 
It. A Sledge an hatchet and an Iron barre. 
It. Two Tole dishes. 

It. Three Pulley ropes, and Three gable ropes. 
It. Three paire of Bullies. 

It. Three hutches to put corne in, w th lockes and keies 
to them. 

* The originals for sale, apply to the Editor. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

It. Three Bings. 

It. Three meale troughes. 

It. Two foure footed stooles. 

It. To each mill a Fatt? 

It. Three very good new! Brasses. 

It. Sixe old gudgeon brasses of the thicknesse of abooj 
'halfe an inch a peece in the wearing; * 

Millstones remaining in the said mil] cs the day .and yeare about! 


Imprimis Vpon the wheat mill, the runner is twelve inches 
and an halfe. thicke att the skirt; and ihe Bedstone 
nine inches. 

It. Vpon the middle mill, the runner is sixe inches thicks" 
at the skirte, and the Bedstone ^ inches and an 

It. The mill next to Carleton hall) on it a runner in thick- 
ness att the skirt seauen inches; and the. BudJ 
stone three inches." 

GARDINGTON.— Indenture tripartite dated 16 Scpti 

1648 between Sir William Boteler of Biddenham, Knt, tk 
Dame Sibil! his wife of the 1st part William Farrcr of the 
Inner Temple, gent. & Francis Farrcr his brother 2 of the 
younger sons of the sd. Dame Sibill by her former husband 
William Farrer late of the Inner Temple, Esq., deed, of 
the 2nd part, and Thomas Farrer of the Inner Temple, 
Fsq. s. Si h. app. ol the sd. Dame Sibill by her sd. former 
husband of the 3rd part. Witnesseth that she the sd. 
Dame Sibill for the purpose of raising portions for her 
sd. younger sons covenants that she, her husband Sr. Win,, 
& Wm. & Fcis. Farrer, shall on or before the 1st of May 

1649 acknowledge & lev}' a fine in due form of law unto 
the sd. Thos. Farrer & his heirs of all & singular the closes 
called Hun-try field, & one cottage & 72 acres of pasture in 
Carclington ; the sd. Thos. Farrer shall pay to his brother 
Win. Farrer on the 1st May in the year [650 the full sum 
of ^300 & upon the 1st of May 1653 the further sum of 
^300, & to his brother Francis on the 26th day of March 
165 1 the full sum of £200, & upon the 1st of May 1654 
the further sum of £200. If the sd. Francis Farrer should 
die before he marries or attains the age of 21 then the 
scl. Thos. Farrer shall pay to Wm. Farrer the moiety of 
the portion of the sd. Francis & shall retain the other 
moiety himself. The reason that the portion of Francis 
is only £4.00 is hereby declared to be because Dame Sibill 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


his mother did expend £120 to bind him apprentice & 
also expended above £60 upon his education. Signed Win. 
Boteler, Sibill Boteler, William Farrer, Francis Farrer. 

HARROLD,— Indenture Tripartite* dated 25 May 168.0 
made between William Boteler of Biddenham Esq. of the 
first part & William Farrer of the Inner Temple London 
Esq. s. & h. app. of Thomas Farrer of Aylesbury, co. 
'Bucks, & Mary his wife eld. da. of the sd. Wm. Boteler 
of the 2nd part & the sd. Thos. Farrer & Richard Orlibeare 
of Harrold of the 3rd part Witnesseth that in conson. of 
a marriage already had & solemnized between sd. Wm. 
Farrer & the sd. Mary & for providing them a maintenance 
in lieu of a marriage portion the sd. Wm. Boteler grants 
& releases unto the sd. Thos. Farrer & Rich. Orlibeare 
All that capital messuage with the appurts. now in the 
occupation of the sd. Rich. Orlebeare, a close of pasture 
containing 18 acres called Conigrean close adjoining the 
sd. messuage, & a close of 7 acres called VVellox in 
Harrold aforesaid and all the Rectory & parsonage of 
Harrold, and all tythes of corn grain & hay, &c. To have 
and to hold the same to the use of the sd. Wm. Farrer 
& his assigns for life & after his decease to the use of his 
wife Mary for life, & after her decease to the use of their 
heirs & in default of such issue then to the use of the 
grantee. Signed Tho. Farrer, Ri. Orlebar. 

HARROLD.- Indenture Tripartite dated 14 May 1651 
made between Sr. Wm. Boteler of Biddenham, Knt. & 
Dame Sibill his Wife Abraham Burrcll of Meadlow co. 
Hants, Esq. William Robinson of Cheston co. Herts, Esq. 
John Kelinge of Southill Esq. Thomas Farrer of the 
Inner Temple Esq. William Farrer of the Inner Temple 
his brother Thomas Farrer of Brayfield co. Bucks, gent. 
Alexander Baker of Cliffords Inn gent. Robert Papworth 
of Hitchin co. Herts, gent. & Robert H elder al's Spicer 
of Li) ley co. Herts, gent, of the 1st part, Charles Nodes of 
Shepehall Bury co. Herts, Esq. George Nodes of London 
Merchant Taylor & John Nodes of Southill gent, of the 
2nd part & Helen Boteler eld. da. of the sd. Sr. Wm. 
Boteler of the 3rd part Witnesseth that in conson. of an 
intended marriage between the sd. Thos. Farrer & 1 lelen 
Boteler & in order to secure the full sum of £iozo as a 
marriage portion the sd. Si*. Wm. Boteler & Dame Sibill 
his wife covenant to levy a hue of all that capital messuage 
with the appurts. now in the tenure of Roger Pitkin 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

gent, situate in Harrold, and of all that close in Harrojlj 
called Santons or Stantons containing 80 acres in the 
occupation of Stephen Rolt^gent, and of a messuage or 
farm called Priest's close White Pightle Claybrookcs 
Arundells close Bullocks close and Mumbles, and of 120 
acres of arable & pasture, & of a close called New cl^ 
containing 2 acres and of several cottages all in the parish 
of Harrold, a close of pasture of 1 acre & 3 acres of 
arable land in Wilshamstead, also 68^ acres of land 
called Huntry fields in the parish of Cardington to the 
use and behoofe of the sd. Thos. Farrer & Helen Botelef 
or the survivor of them, and to the heirs of their bodies. 
Signed Hellen Boteler. 

A PEDIGREE of Burnard of Arlsey is given in "Collec- 
tanea Topographica et Genealogica," vol; vi. p. 200, but 
no allusion is made to a charter in the Monasticon, which 
appears to supply a connecting link'. The following is 
an abstract : — 

" Kgo Wido filius Tezonis concessi Deo et ecclesiae 
Sci' Ncoti >S:c. illam virgatain quam Rogerus frater mcu.s 
dedit i 1 1 Is in escambio, pro quadam virgata quam habebant 
apud Ailrichesheie. Concessi etiam eis virgatam illam 
quam idem Rogerus clederat eis pro anima Waited filii 
Ricardi." — Dugdale's Mon. iii. p. 473. 

"Roger Burnard and Margaret his wife and Odo their 
son grant (to the Church of S l Neot) two virgates and 
a half in Everton in exchange for that virgate which they 
had in Alrichcscia, for the health of the soul of his Lord 
Walter fitz Richard." — Collectanea Topograph tea et Genea- 
/ogiea, vol. vi. p. 199. 

"No. 288. Termination of the controversy between the 
monks of S' Ncot's and Wido son of Tetho on the church 
of Everton and land in Crandun &c. A.D. 1162." — Gorham, 
Hist, of St. Neots, vol. ii. 

These three charters are all taken from the Chartulary 
of S l Neot's Priory in Hunts ; Cottoniam M.S. Faust, 
A iv. ff. 73 h , $.6 b , 73 respectively. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


When reading the charters, etc., in Collec. Top. and Gen. 
illustrating the pedigree, I was convinced that two indi- 
viduals named Odo Burn arc! were there mentioned, though 
only one is recognized. * 

Since writing the above, I have accidentally met with 
the confirmation of my views. As Odo, senior, was 
certainly dead before A.D. 1200, may I suggest — 

Roger Barnard:::::: 
son- of Odo and i 
Mabilia, Cdllee. \ 
Top. and Gen. \ 

( )do Barnard = 
Feet of Fines, Everton, 
3 1 I ten. III. mentioned 
in Collec. 'Top. and Gen. 
p. 212, No. xxxv. 

Nicholas, son of Odo Barnard = Felicia, 
Feet of l ines, Edworth, 46 lien. Feet of Fines, 
III. and probably the same as Everton, 47 
Nicholas Hurnard, of Bradeton, Hen. III. 
Wilts. (Testa de Nevill) men- 
tioned in the pedigree. 

Did Odo, senior, use a seal — a single leaf on a shield, 
and his supposed grandson three leaves on a shield ? 

John C. Tin gey. 

Proceedings of Committee for piiinUereO 
a@ misters* 

(Continued from p. 291.) 

State Papers. Domestic Series : Interregnum. Order 
Books 1-4 F. {Public Record Office.) 


At the Com ttcc for Plundered Mirtist 1 ' 8 12 0 Augusti Anno 
Dni 1646 : — • 

By vertue of an Order of both howses of pliant* of 
ye 2 (l of May last. It is ordered that the yearely sumc 
of fifty pounds be payd out of y e p'fitts of y e Imppriate 
Rectory of Luton in y c> county of Bedford scqucstrcd 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

from S r Robert Nappcr Barr u Delinq* to and for increase 
of y e maintence of the Minister of y e p'ish Church of 
Dun ton in the said County the viccaridge whereof is not 
worth aboue 30' ayeare. ' And the Sequestrato 1 " 8 of 
y e p'misses are required to pay the same accordingly 
at such tymes & Seasons of the yeare as y e said p'fjttj 
are due & payable. 

Har. Grimston. 
{Ibid. 1 F, fol. 142.) 


At the Com tteo for plundered Minist" 17° Julij Anno 
Dni 1646 : — 

By vertue of an Order of both houses of Parliam 1 
of y c 2 d of May last. It is ordered that the yearely 
sume of forty pounds be payd out of y e p'fitts of y* 
Imppriate Rectory of Luton in y e County of Bedford 
sequestred from S r Robert Nappcr Delinq 1 . to and for 
increase of y c naaintennce of the Minister of the p'ish Church 
of Biggleswade in y c said County the Viccaridge where- 
of is worth but 2(7 p Ann. And the Sequestrato 1 ' of 
y e p'misses are required to pay y e same accordingly 
at such tymes & seasons of y c ' yeare as y L ' said p'fitts 
are due & payable. 

Har. Grimston. 

{Ibid. 1 F, fol. 143.) 
Potto n. 

At the Com ttce for plundered Minist 1 ' 3 Julij 17 0 Anno 
Dni 1646 :- 

By vertue of an order of both houses of Parliam 1 of 
y° 2 a of May last. It is ordered that the yearely sume 
of forty pounds be payd out of the p'fitts of y e Imppriate 
Rectory of Luton in y e County of Bedford sequestred 
from S r Robert Napper Delinquent, to and for increase 
of y e . maintenance of the Minister of the p'ish Church 
of Potton in y e said county it being a m'kett Towne 
and the put maintennce belonging to the said Church 
being but 40' p Ann. And the Sequestrator of the 
p'misses are required to pay y° same accordingly 
at such tymes & seasons of y e yeare as the said p'fitts 
are due & payable. 

Har. Grimston. 

{Ibid 1 F, fol. 143.) 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 345 

At the Com ttee for plundered Minist 1 ' 8 12 0 Augusti Anno 
Dni 1646 : — 

By vertue of an Order of both houses of Parliam 1 of 
y c 2 d of May last. It is ordered that the yearely 
sume of 50' to be payd out. of the p'fitts of y u 
Imppriate Rectory of Luton in y° County of lied ford 
sequestred from S r Robert Napper Kn* Delinquent to 
and for increase of y c maintence of y L ' Minister of y e 
p'ish Church of Simdon in y e County of Bedford the 
said p'ish consisting of 60 families and the viccaridge 
thereof being worth but 28'' p Ann. And the 
Sequestrator of y° p'misses are required to pay y e 
same accordingly at such tymes & seasons of y c yearc 
as the said p'fitts are due & payable. 

Har. Grimston. 
{Ibid. 1 F, fol. 144.)' 

Flitton cum Silsoe. 

At the Com tuc for plundered Minist rs July l mo Anno 
Dni 1646 : — 

By Vertue of an Order of both houses of pliam 1 of 
y e 2 d of May last. It is ordered that the yearely sume 
of qo / be payd out of y° Impropriate Tythes in 
East Hyde & west Hyde in y e p'ish of Luton in y° 
Count)' of Bed lord \v eh are sequestred from S 1 Robert 
Napper Delinq 1 to and for increase of y e maintennce 
of the Minister of Fletton & Silshoe in the said count) 7 his 
put maintennce being but 35' p Ann. and there being 
two Churches and 340 Comunicants within the said p'ish. 
And the Sequestrators of y° p'misses are required to allow 
y e same accordingly at such tymes & Seasons of y c yeare 
as the said p'fitts are due & payable. 

Har. Grimston. 
{ibid. 1 F, fol. 147.) 

Leighton-B uzza rd. 

At the Com tu ' e for plundered Ministers 22 0 July Anno 
Dni 1646 : — 

By vertue of an Order of both houses of Parliam 4 of 
y° 2 d of May last. It is ordered that the yearely sume 
of 40*' be payd out of y e rent reserued to the Deane 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

& Chapter of Lyncolne out of the p'fitts of y* 
Imppriate Rectory of Leighton in y L> county of Lyncolne 
[? Bedford] aforesaid to and for increase of the Minister 
of y c p'ish Church of Leighton the Viccaridge thereof 
being worth but xxx"' p Ann. And the Sequestrator? 
of y° p'misses are required to pay y c same accordingly 
at such tymes & seasons of y e ycare as the *said 
rent is due & payable. And all arrears thereof due 
at or since y e 22th of Aprill last. 


{Ibid, i F, fol. 155.) 


Att the Comittee of Lords and Comons for Sequestra- 
cons Maij io° 1644 : — 

Vpon the Pet icon of the Inhabitants of Leighton 
Beudesert in Coin Bedford. It is thought fitt and Ordered 
by this Comittee according to an Order of reference by 
the house of Comons that [fifty hue pounds p Annu 
bee allowed out of the Tythes of the said {fish in Lease 
to S r Thomas Leigh and vnder Sequestracon for his 
Delinquency and alleadged to bee worth hue hundred 
pounds p Annu towards the Maintenance of such able 
Orthodoxc and godly Preacher there as shall bee Viccar 
there to bee approved by the Assembly of Divines, the 
same to bee paid him quarterly, and to beginne att 
Midsomer next ; And the Comittee for sccmestracons for 
the said County are desired to see the same p'formed 
accordingly. Vera Copia ex (l p me. 

R: Vaugiian. 

{Ibid. 8 F, fol. 223.) 

Att the Comittee for Plundered Minsters Octobr: 7 mo 
Anno Dni 1646 : — 

Whereas the Comittee of Lords & Comons for 
Sequestracons the Tenth of May 1644 Ordered that 
the yearely sume of fine and ffifty pounds should bee payd 
out of the Tythes of the Impropriate Rectory of Leighton 
Beudesert in the County of Bedford w ch are sequestred 
from S v Thomas Leigh Delinquent, towards y L ' Maintenance 
of a godly Minister to Officiate y c Cure of the Church 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


of Leigh ton Beuclesert aforesd the same being- a great 
Markett Towne, and the said p'ish Consisting of One 
Thousand Seniles and the p'sent Maintenance belonging 
to the said Church, being but (forty pounds a yeare in 
the best times as by the said Order may appeare ; This 
Comittec doe Certifie the same to the Comittec of 
parliam*. sitting at Goldsmiths hall, who are desired to 
take such course as they shall think nieetc that the said 
graunt bee not preiudiced by the said S r Thomas Leighs 
Compounding for his estate. 


(Ibid, i F, fob 224.) 

Heath and Reach. 

Att the Comittec for Plundered Ministers Augusti 12 0 
Anno Dili 1646. 

Whereas the Comittce of Lords and Comons for 
Sequestracons of Papists and Delinquents Kstates haue 
by their Order of the 10th of May 1644 Ordered Thirty 
pounds p. Ann. out of the Tithes of the Villages of Heath 
and Reach in the p'ish of Leighton Buzzard in the County 
of Bedford sequestred from S r Thomas Leigh Lessee 
thereof should bee paid to and for the Maintenance 
of such a godly and Orthodoxe Divine as should by 
the Assembly of Divines bee- approved of to Officiate 
the Cure of the Chappell of J loath and Reach aforesaid". 
This Comittec doe confirme the said Order and doc 
hereby order and require the Sequestrators of the p'misses 
to pay the said Thirty pounds p. Annu out of the 
said Tithes quarterly, together with all the Arreares 
thereof according to the said Order of the said Comittce 
of Lords and Comons*. 

(Ibid. 1 F, fol. 224.) 


Att the Comittce for Plundered Ministers Novcmbr: 
1 1° Anno Dni 1646. 

By vertue of an Order of both houses of Parliam* of 
the second of May last. It is Ordered that the yearcly 
sumc of ffifty pounds bee allowed & payd out of the 
Tythes and profitts of the Impropriate Rectory e of 
Leighton Buclezard in the County of Bedford, w cU : are 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

scquestred from S r Thomas Lee Delinquent, to and for 
increase of the Maintenance of the Minister of y e p'i>h 
Church of Leighton Budezard aforesaid, his present! 
Maintenance being worth* but Tenne pounds p. Anna, 
And the sequestrators of the premisses are required to 
allow and pay the same accordingly att such times, and 
seasons of the yeare, as the said tythes and profittf 
shall grow due and payable. 

Gilbt Milling ton. 
{Ibid, i F, fob 246.) 


Att the Conduce for Plundered Ministers: Maij 7 5M 
Anno Dni 1646. 

By Vertue of an Order of both houses of Parliament 
of ye second of May instant. It is Ordered yt ye yearely 
sunie of fforty pounds out of the profitts of the Im- 
propriate Rectory of Neumham in ye p'ish of Gpuldingtoil 
in the County of Bedford scquestred from ye Earle of 
North ton Delinquent bee payd to and for increase qf 
the Maintenance of such Minister, as shall bee by Order 
of this Comtte appointed to Officiate ye Cure of ye 
p'ish Chufch of Cople in the said County, consisting of 
about One hundred and eighty Comunicants, and the 
Viccaridge thereof being worth but Twentie pounds p. 
An nu. And the sequestrators of the premisses arc 
required to pay the same accordingly att such tymes 
and seasons of ye yeare as the same are due and payable, 


{Ibid, i F, fob 247.; 
Billing ton. 

Att the ComTttee for Plundered Ministers Martij: 3 tia 
Anno Dni 1646 : — 

By vertue of an Order of both Houses of Parliament, 
of the second of May last. It is Ordered that the yearely 
sume of fforty pounds, bee allowed and payd out of the 
Impropriate Tythes of the Towne of Billington in the 
County of Bedford disposed of scquestred from S r Thomas 
Leigh [torn] ...,....] increase of the Maintenance 
of such Minister as this Com tteo shall approue of to 
Officiate in the Chapped of Billington aforcsayd within 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


the p'ish of Leighton - in the said Count)', the said 
Chappelhy consisting of aboue 100 Comunicants. And 
the sequestrators of the premisses are requires! to allow 
and pay the same accordingly, att such tymes and seasons 
of the ycarCj as the said Tytkes shall grow due and 

Har: Grimston. 
{Ibid, I F, fol. 332.) 

Houghton Regis. 

Att the Comittee for Plundered Ministers: Martij 4 t0 
Anno Dni 164(3 : — 

By vertuc of an Order of both [louses of ParlianV. 
of the second of May last. It is Ordered that ye yearely 
sume of ffifty pounds bee payd out of the surplus of the 
profitts of the Impropriate Rectory of Leighton in the 
County of Bedford sequestred from S 1 ' Thomas Leigh 
Delinq*. ffarmer thereof vnder a Prebend belonging to 
the Cathedrall of Lincolne (not yet disposed of) to & 
for increase of ye Maintenance of such Ministers as this 
Com ttce shall approue of, to Officiate the Cure of ye 
p'ish Church of Houghton Regis in the saycl County, 
ye present Maintenance belonging to the said Church 
being not Twenty pounds p A ft nit. And the sayd p'ish 
Consisting of aboue ffiue Hundred Comunicants. And 
the Sequestrators ol the premises are required to p;tv 
the same accordingly, at such tymes and seasons of the 
yeare, as the sayd profitts shall grow due ec payable. 

Har. Grimston. 

(Ibid. 1 F, fol 337.) 


Att the Comittee for Plundered Ministers Maij: 17° 
Anno Dni 1(546 : — 

By Vertuc of an Order of both Houses of Parliament 
of the second of May last. It is Ordered that the yearely 
sume of fforty pounds bee payd out of the profitts of 
the Impropriate Rectory of Gouldington in the County 
of Bedford, sequestred from the Earle of Northton De- 
linquent, to and for increase of the Maintenance of John 
Knapp Minister of Gouldington aforesaid the Viccaridge 
whereof is worth but fforty pounds p Annu. Ami the 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries, 

sequestrators of the premisses are required to pay the 
same accordingly att such 'tymes and seasons of the' 
yeare, as the sayd profitts are due and payable, and 
the Arreares thereof payable at or since the 22 lh of 
Aprill last. 

Har: Giumston. 
(Ibid, i F, fol. 338.) 

Bidden 1 1 am. 

Att the Com tL '° for Plundred Ministers July the first 
Anno dni 1646 : — 

By vertue of an order of both bowses of Parlt of the 
second of May last. It is ordered that the yearly some of 
fifty pounds bee paid out of the Tythes of the imppriatc 
Rectory of Leighton Bussard, which arc ariseinge & 
g.roweinge within the p'cincts of the Chapel ry of Stam- 
bridge in the County of Bedd scquestred from S 1 ' Thomas 
Leigh Knt delinquent to & for increase of '.the maintenance 
of the Minister of Biddenham in the said County the 
p'scnt maintenance belongeiiige to the said Church beeinge 
but A stipend of tenne pounds p. Ann. (Provided that the 
former Order of the Seventh of May last for payment of 
50' p. Annu out of the Rent reserved to the Prebends 
of Lincolne out of there- possessions in Chichester 
Rector)' bee discharged) And the Sequestrator ot the 
p'misses are required to pay the same accordingly att such 
tymes ec seasons of the yeare as the said tyths & p'ffitts 
shall growe due & payable. 

(Ibid. 2 F, fol. 520.) 

(To be continued.) 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 



(Vol, 11. pp. 49, 240; Vol. in. p. 92.) 

THE following" list collected, with one exception, from the 
Municipal Records of the Borough of Bedford consists, 
for the most part, of additions to previous lists; in some 
cases the dates, as formerly given, have been corrected. 
The names of "John Williams, 159- and "Mr. 

Beaumont, 1610," II. 240, and 111. 92, should be deleted. 

1453 John' Arthur.* 

1495 John Alwey. 

1496 Thomas May. 

1509 Robert Smyth. 

1510 Simon West. 

151 1 Thomas I leche. 

1512 Thomas Knight. 

1513 Thomas Heche. 

1514 Thomas Knight. 

1520 Thomas Vinter. 

1 52 1 Richard Halam. 

1522 John A 1 bony. 

1 549 1 tenry lutzhugh. 
1 5 6 3 1 1 e 1 1 ry La w re n c e . 

1583 Robert Waller. 

1584 Thomas Abbys. 

1585 Thomas Hawes, jun. 

1586 Alex 1 ' Hunt. 

1587 Richard Bell. 

1588 Thomas Abbys. . 

1589 Thomas Hawes, sen. 

1590 Samuel Chrystie. 

1 591 William Wilson. 

1592 Robert Waller. 

1 593 William Negus. 

1594 Thomas Hawes, jun. 

1 595 Thomas Abbys. 

1596 John Stanton. 

1 597 Simon Beckett. 

1598 William Negus. 

1599 Thomas Hawes, jun. 

1600 Thomas Hawes, sen.. 

1601 Thomas Hawes, jun. 

1602 Robert Waller. 

1603 Robert Lawrence. 

1604 Thomas Abbys. 

1605 Robert Heche. 

1606 Simon Beckett, sen. 

1607 James Pay ley. 
1609 Thomas Hawes, jun. 
16IQ Thomas Hawes, sen. 
16 1 1 Peter Bam ford. 
1612 Thomas Abbys 

1 6 J 7 William Waller. 

161 8 Thomas Hawes. 

1619 William Abbys. 

1620 Robert Hawes. 

1621 Robert Bamforth. 

1622 Peter Bamforth. 

1623 Thomas Spencer. 

1624 William Faldoe. 

1625 William Waller. 

1626 William Abbys. 

1627 Stephen Luxford. 

1628 John Spencer. 

1629 Robert Bamford. 

Early Charter 32 1 1, vi. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries, 

1 630 Thomas Waller. 

1 63 1 William Waller. 

1632 Thomas J \a ratline. 

1633 Thomas II awes. 

1634 William Abbys. 

1636 John Whitaker. 

1637 John Spencer. 

1638 Robert H awe's. 

1639 John Eston. 

1640 Thos. II awes. 

1641 Robert Bamforth. 

1642 Robert Bell. 

1643 William Palye. 

1644 Simon Beckett, sen. 

1645 Frances Banester. 

1646 John Crow,. 

m^.-. ^^1^ ■ . 1 A , . , aahia bmL^mw miistm iiatiamiim mi imuam 


Potter Street. — Can any of your correspondents 
throw light on the origin of this name, by which one of 
the oldest thoroughfares in the Borough of Bedford was 
for centuries distinguished, till the Town Council were 
induced to change it? It has been suggested that the 
Latin "Porta" is a likely derivation; but though it is 
highly probable that there was a vicinal way connecting 
the Roman station near the modern Sanely with Bedford 
which road may have occupied the site of the present 
street, this town was never surrounded by a wall, and 
consequently could hardly have had a gate or bar of 
sufficient importance to give a name to a thoroughfare. 
In the case of the well-known Potter Gate at Lincoln, 
the word ".gate" most probably comes from the Danish 
gata, a street, and does not refer to the neighbouring 
archway, which was erected in the time of Jul ward II., 
but in a recent guide to the city it is said that the 
thoroughfare is called Potter Gate (or Potter Street), 
because a Roman pottery existed close by. The same 
has been asserted respecting our Potter Street, but I am 
not aware that there is even the flimsiest shred of tradition 
to support the statement. 

T. Gwyn Elger. 

Bedford, May 3, 1892. 



Proceedings of Committee for piunoeted 

(Continued from p. 350.) 

State Papers. Domestic Series : Interregnum,. Order 
Books j -4 F. {Public Record Office.) 

South ill. 

By the Comittee for plundred Minist rs February 11 th , 
1652 : — 

Whereas this Comittee the 7 th of May 1646 graunted 
fforty poundes ayeare out of the Impropriate Rectory of 
Steventon in the County of Bedford Seqrd from S r Lewis 
Dines Delinquent for increase oi the maintennce of M? 
John Cradock Minist 1 * of Old warden in the said County. 
For that the said MV Cradock is since deceased and there 
is noc Minist 1 ' setled in the said Church. It is ordered 
that the said fforty poundes a ycare bee and the same 
is hereby transferred vpon and graunted for increase of 
maintennce to M r . William Taylor Minist 1 ' of the parish 
Church of Southill in the County aforesaid togeather with 
all arreares thereof incurred since the 29th of Septemb 1 ' 
last his p'sent maintennce not exceeding ffifty poundes 
ayeare. And the Comission'* for Sequestrations in the 
said County are required to pay the said arreares and 
continue the payment of the said Forty poundes ayeare 
to the said Mf Taylor according to the Act of Parliament 
in that behalfe. 

ex Jo: Bourchier JOUN LOWRV. 

Roger Gratwick. 

VOL III. . 2j 

354 Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

John Lynn maketh oath yt lie examined 
the within written ord r with ye record and ffindeth it to 
agree therewith. ,■■ 

Jo : Lynn a 

Sworn before ye Com™ 

ye 22 th of feb 1652. - 
R M 

{Ibid. 2 F, fol. 655.) 

By y c Commission 1 ' 8 of Seq 0119 for the County of BedcU 

We lately reced an Ord r from you 
of the 4 th of May last past for the pay'em 1 of an 
arreare of 22' vnto M r Richard Reade being ah 
augmentacon paycable vnto him out of y fc Rectory of 
Newnham for serueing of the Cure of Cople in the sd 
County if it should appeare vnto us that y e same hath 
incurred and growne due since the 24 th day of Decern!)* 
1649 and before the 6 th of Septemb 1 ' 1650. In pursueancc 
whereunto we haue examined the buissinesse and vpon 
y e Certificate of the Sequestrat 1 ' 3 to y c former Com tee as 
likewise vpon the Oath of one of the Inhabitants of 
Cople afores'd it doth appeare vnto us that y° sd M r Reade 
did seme the sd Cure of Cople from Michas 1649 to 
hue weekes after Lady day 1650 and that he was not 
(for that time) payde any p'te of the sd augmentacon. 
We doe therefore (being vnsatisfred in y c pviso in yo? 
Ord r ) desire yo r resolucons whether we shall pay him 
y c arreare of the sd augmentacon from Michas aforesd 
to the 5th weeke after Lady day followeing (his halfe 
ycare then ending) or from y e 24 th clay of December 
aforesd to y e s'd 5th weeke after Lady day. In order 
to w ch we haue suspended our judgem 1 and in expectacon 
of yo v answeare remaine. 


Yo 1 ' very affectonate freinds 
and servants 

Edw Cater 
Joseph Barbor. 

Bedds 1 3 0 July 1652 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


For the hon bIe the Com rS for 
Compoundeing &c. 

sitteing at Mabberdashers Hall 
these p'sent 

(Ibid. 2 F„fol. 685.) 

Old Warden. 

By the Comittec for plundred Ministers Nouemb 1 ' 
4 th 1652. 

Whereas this Comittee the 7 th of May 1646 graunted 
(forty poundes ayeare out of the Impropriate Rectory 
of Steventon in the County of Bedford seq rd from S r 
Lewis Dives Delinquent for increase of the maintennce 
of the Minist 1 ' of Old warden in the said County. And 
have by subsequent Orders enjoyned the Comission ra for 
Sequestracons in the said County to pay vnto M r John 
Cradock Minist r of the said Church all arreares of 
the said fforty poundes ayeare to him due. And the said 
Comissioners for Sequestracons in the said County were 
by order of the first of Septemb 1 ' last to pay vnto him 
all arreares of the said Augmentacon incurred since the 
31 th of October 1651 or shew Cause to the Contrary 
the 28 ,u of Octob 1 ' last. And noe Cause hath bin shewen 
to the Contrary although the said order hath bin duely 
serued. But the said M 1 ' Cradock is since deceased. 
It is therefore ordered that all arreares of the said fforty 
pounds ayeare w ch became due and payable the 29 th of 
Septemb 1 ' last bee paid vnto the Executors or Administra- 
tors of the said M r Cradock. Which the Comission rs 
aforesaid are required to pay vnto them accordingly 
w th in one monthe next -ensuing. 

James ffisher. 

Tho: At kin W Cawley. 
Be. Temple. 

James Highmorc of Mary Abchuch Lundon Cloth- 
worker maketh oath this order aboue writen was examyed 
by him with the Bookc remaining with the Gierke to 
the Comittee of Plundered ministers. jAMEg HlGIIMORE _ 

Sworne before ye Com ,s 

^ e R M 

{Ibid. 2 F, fob 748.) 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


(Extracted from tlie Chariulary of Neivenham Priory, 
HeirL MS. 3656;. 

De annuo redditu 1 marcce in Eddeworth. * 

Sciant praeseiites et futuri quod ego Willielmus de 
Hulmo dedi &c. Priori et Canonicis de Newenhara illam 
marcatarn redditus cum pertinentiis in Eddeworth quanj 
aliquando tradidi eis ad firma ad terminum viginti annoruni 
quum omnes terras meas libera verunt a Judaisino, viz. d<S 
Roberto Rafon iiis. de W. Palmere ii is. de Gaufrido de 
Estwyc iiiis. de Ricardo fil Hirgonis xiid. de Ricardo filio 
Willielmi xiid. de Galiena xvid. habendain et tenendum ; 
praenominatis Canonicis de me et heredibus meis in pur- 
petuum pacific-cE & integre Hbcre et quiete ab omnli 
seryitio & exactione ad me & heredibus meis pcrtincntc 
Et quicquam juris vel possessionis habui vel habere potui 
tarn in pnedicto reditu quam in praefatis tenentibus et 
eorum tcnementis. Scilicet in homagiis & serviciis wardh 
releviis & eschaetis & omnibus aliis exeuntibus & perti- 
nentiis suis in villa et extra villain sine aliquo retenemento. 
Salva tenatura praedictorum tcnentium & heredum suoram 
secundum legem terra; & salvo forinseco servitio capital! 
domino faciendo per manus praedictorum Canonicorunil 
Et ego Willielmus et he redes mei quiete clamavimus 
praefatis Canonicis et eorum pnedictis tenentebus sectaiif 
curiae nostra; imperpetuum. Et acquietabimus praefatos 
Canonicos de omnibus sectis cujus-cunque curiae qua; ab 
eis exigi possunt aliquo tempore ration e. Et ego W. et 
hercdes mei &c. Et ut haec mea donatio &c. I Iiis testibus 
&c. (Fol. 213b.) 

Alia ejnsdeni de annuo redditu. IXd. 

Sciant praesentes et futuri quod ego Willielmus dc 
Hulmo dedi &c. Priori & Canonicis de Newenham 
redditum novem denariorum in Eddeworthe qui mihi 
remanserat post quam contuleram praefatis Canonicis unum 
marcatum redditus in eadem villa viz. unius denarii quern 
mihi reddere consueverat Ricardus filius Willielmi & octo 
denariorum quos mihi &c. Willielmus filius Roysiae pro 
tcnementis quae de me tenuerant in eadum villa & quicquid 
in praedictis tcnementis habui vel habere potui sine omni 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


tenemento Habendum et tenendum de me et heredibus 
meis imperpetuum libere & quiete ah omni seculari servitio 
vel ad heredes meos pertinente. Et ego et heredes mei 
prsedictum redditum &c. (Fol. 213b.) > 

Alia ejusdem de I roda term arabilis. 

Sciant praesentes et futuri quod ego Willielmus de 
Hulmo intuitu caritatis dedi et concessi deo et Canonicis 
de Newenham unam rodam terras arabilis in campo de 
Eddeworth versus aquilonem & jacet inter terram Radulphi 
Beluncle versus austrum & terram Nicholai de Piriton 
versus aquilonem & lancat super stratam regiam versus 
Baldoc. Habendam et tenendam imperpetuum integre 
libere et quiete ab omni seculari servitio et demanda. Et 
ego & heredes mei &c. (Fol. 213b.) 

Omnium terrarum et tenementorum & reddituum Ratijicatio 
in Henteworih & Eddeworth. 

Universis ad quos praesens scriptum pervenerit. . Ego 
Stephanus de Eddeworth miles sal litem in domino. No- 
veritis me pro salute animae meae cocessisse et praesenti 
scripto confirmasse Priori et Conventui de Newenham 
dimidium feodum militis in terris tenementis et aliis 
pertinentiis suis in H en xte worth & Eddeworth quod 
habent do dono Willielmi de Hulmo faciendo mihi et 
heredibus meis forinsccum scrvitium viz. releviis & scutagiis 
quam pcrtinet ad dictum dimiduim feodum militis pro 
omnibus aliis serviciis secularibus et curiae sectis. Et ego 
d ictus Stephanus et heredes mei vel assignati mei, dicto 
Priori et Conventui dictum dimidium feodum militis cum 
omnibus pertinentiis suis vvarantizabimus acquictabimus 
& defendemus imperpetuum contra omnes gentes per 
pracdictum servitium in cujus rci testimonium praesenti 
scripto in modo chirographi confecto Ego et Prior 
pra^dictus alternatim sigilla nostra apposuimus. Hiis 
testibus &c. (Eol. 214b?) 

De duabus acris ierrcs in Eddeworth. 

Sciant praesentes et futuri quod ego Galfridus de Astewic 
dedi concessi &c. Priori et Canonicis de Newenham in 
liberam puram et perpetuam eleemosynam duas acras 
terrae arabilis in Eddeworth quarum una jacet in North- 
campo ejusdem villa; dimidia scilicet acra apud Chiselput 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries , 

inter terras Hugonis filii Rogeri et Arnoldi Petteny. Et 
una roda et dimidia in Madfurlong & abuttat versus 
Stokenc inter terras Johannis filii Ricardi et Ricardi 
Beluncle. Et dimidia roda apud Gibwcy juxta terrain 
Gilberti. Propositi. Et alia campo acra de South cujus 
dimidia acra jacct apud Yresine inter terras Galfridj de 
Hulmo et CJmfridi de Glutton. Et alia dimidia acra apud 
Wodhill inter terras Ricardi filii Willielmi et Robert! 
Durdcnt habendas et tenendas imperpetuum libera et 
quicte ab omni seculari servitio ad me vol ad heredes meos 
pertinente. Et ego et liercdes mei warantizabimus &c. 
In cujus rci testimonium. (Fol. 214b.) 

De una acra term in campis de Eddeworth: 

Sciant praesentes et futuri quod ego Johannes filius 
Ricardi de Eddeworth dedi et concessi &c. Priori et 
Canonicis de Newenham unain acram terras cum peril* 
nentiis snis in campis de Eddeworth cujus medietas jacet 
in Southcampo inter terrain ecclesiae ejusdem villa: et 
terra m quae fuit Willielmi Pernull. Et alia medietas jacct 
in Northcampo et lancat versus Wynedell inter terrain 
Ricardi de Stratton & terram praedicti Willielmi Pernull 
Habendam et tenendam imperpetuum in puram et per- 
petuam eleemosynam liberam et quietam ab omni seculari 
servitio consuetudinc et demanda, Et ego et heredes 
mei &c. (Fol. 215.) 

De tot a terra Alexandri de Eddeworth cum capitali 
messnagio homagio redditibus &c. 

Omnibus Christi fidelibus ad quos &c. Ego Alexander 
. filius Alexandri de Eddeworth capellani salutem in domino, 
Noverit univorsitas vestra me dedisse concessisse &c. 
Priori et Canonicis de Newenham in liberam perpetuam 
eleemosynam totam terram meam in Eddeworth quam 
habui de dono Sampsonis filii Willielmi de Eddeworth in 
eadem villa cum capitali messuagio & aedificiis homagiis 
redditibus et omnibus aliis pertinentiis suis infra villain & 
extra sine aliquo retenimento Habendam et tenendam de 
Ricardo filio Willielmi & heredibus suis libere et quiete 
imperpetuum. Reddendo inde prsedicto & heredibus suis 
viginti & octo denarios ad quatuor anni termina ad festum 
S te Thomse apostoli septem denarios,. ad anunciationem 
beatae Maria: septem denarios ad nativitatem S tc Johannis 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


Bapt. septem denarios ad festum S te Michaelis septem 
denarios pro omni seculari servitio &c. Salvo servitio 
domini regis quantum pertinct ad totum tenementum de 
eodem feodo in eadem villa sicut carta piTedicti Sampsonis 
quam inde habent testatur. Et ego &c. Hiis testibus &c. 
(Fol. 215.) 

Ratificatio prcedictomm. 

Omnibus Christi fidelibus ad quos &c. Alexander de 
Eddeworth capellanus salutem in domino. Noverit uni- 
versitas vestra me caritatis intuitu ratam & gratam habere 
donationem quam Alexander filius mens fecit Priori et 
Canonicis de Newenham de tota terra sua cum pertinentiis 
quam dono Sampsonis patris mei in villa de 
Eddeworth sicut carta ejusdem Alexandri quam inde 
habent testatur Praedictam igitur donacionem Alexandri 
filii mei praesenti scripto et sigilli mei appositione con- 
nrmavi. Hiis testibus &c. (Fol. 215.) 

De terra in Eddeworth cum pertinentiis. 

Sciant praesentes et futuri quod ego Sampson filius 
Williclmi de Eddeworth dedi & concessi &c. Alcxandro 
filio Milisent filiae Reginald! de Hulla pro homagio et 
servitio suo totarn terram meam quam habui in villa de 
Eddeworth scilicet in niessuagiis in aedificiis homagiis et 
redditibus cum omnibus pertinentiis suis sine ullo reteni- 
mento. H abend am et tenendam de me et heredibus meis 
libere 8c quictc & intcgre & hereditare sibi et heredibus 
suis vel cui dare vel assignare volucrit. Reddendo inde 
annuatim XXVI I Id. ad quatuor anni terminos pro omnibus 
sectis serviciis et demandis. Salvo servitio domini regis 
quantum pertinet ad totum tenementum ejusdem feodi in 
eadem villa. (Fol. 215b.) 

Confirm ato prevdictoru m. 

Sciant praesentes et futuri quod ego Alexander filius 
Sampsonis de Eddeworth concessi & confirmavi Alcxandro 
filio Milicent filiae Reginald! de Hulla totum tenementum 
cum omnibus pertinentiis suis quod pater mens dedit 
praefato Alexandre in villa de Eddeworth habendum et 
tenendum sicut carta quam habct a pat-re meo attestatur 
Hiis testibus &c. (Fol. 215b.) 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

De annuo redditu Id. in Eddeivorth. 

Omnibus Christt fidelibus ad qiios praesens scriptum 
pervenerit Alexander de Eddeworth chapellanus salutern 
in domino. Noverit universitas vestra me dedisse & con- 
cessisse Priori & Conventui de Newenbam unam denaria- 
tam redditus quam Sylvester Carpentarius & heredcs m\ 
mihi reddere tenebantur pro 111 acris terrse et dimidia 
quas de me tenuerunt in territorio de Fill mere. Et 
quicquid in prsedicto tenimento habui vel habere potul 
sine aliquo retenemento. Habendam et tenendam imper- 
petuum in puram et perpetuam elcemosynam liberam et 
quietam ab omni seculari servicio & demanda. Et ego et 
hercdes mei &c. (Fob 215b.) 

Item ibidem carta Ricardi filii Radulphi dicto Alexandro 
capellano de Eddeworth de dictis III acris et dimidia in 
campo de Fulmere. 

y»tit»ntiM»ili iiitifcl^ir*»iiiiiUiriiiiiMilMa8 

Cleanings from parisf) Eegtsters* 

(Continued from p. 332.) 

Todde Family. 



3 1 

John, s. of Edmunde. 

, bapt. 




Richard, s. of ,, 





James, s. of ,, 

> j 




Mary, d. of 




Edmund, s. of < ,,. 

Bur. 12 Nov. 


1 2 

Anne, d. of 

> > 




Elizabeth, d. of „ 

1 600 



John Todde bur. 




Dorithea, d. of Edmunde bant. Born 20 Nov. 

1 604 



Sarah, d. of 
12 May. 

,, Born in Sussex 

1-6 1 4 



Mary Todde bur. 




Jane, d. of Richard, bapt. 

1 6 1 g 



John, s. of ,, 

1 62 1 



Thomas, s. of 

> > 

1 623 



Edmunde, s. of ,, 





Sibell, d. of ,, 



2 1 

Maria, d. of ,, 

,, Bur. 23rd. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


1626 Nov. 26 James Todde, bur. 

1627 Apr. 1 Walter, s. of Richard, bapt. 

1628 Sep. 28 Francis, s. of „ ,, 

1630 Jun. 30 Elizabeth, d. of ,, ,, 

1 63 1 Aug. 14. Edward, s. of * ,, 
1635 Apr. 15 Thomas, s. of ,, 

1640 Feb. 11 Nathaniel!, s. of ,, ,, 

1653 Sep. 12 John, s. of ,, bur. 

,, Feb. 2 Henry, s. of John, 

1654. Mar. 30 Mary, d. of ,, ,, 

1657 Nov. 28 Richard, gent., ,, 

,, Jan. 11 Elizabeth, wife of Richard ,, 

1663 Feb. 26 Edmund, s. of Nathaniell 

(666 May 29 Mary, d. of ,, bapt. 

1667 Feb. 2 Richard, s. of ,, & Mary, bapt. 

1670 Apr. 16 John, s. of ,, gent., ,, 

1676 Dec. 5 John, s. of Mary, widow, bur. 

1679 Feb. 5 Mary, widow, bur. 

Cadwell Family. 

Alice, wife of John, bur. 

Eliz'th., d. of John & Alice, bapt. 

John, s. of John & Mary, bapt. Born 17 Feb. 

Robert, s. of ,, & ,, ,,28 Oct. 

William, s. of ,, & ,, ,, 26 Apr. 

John Cadwell, bur. 

Rolt Family. 

The Ladle Miriam Livanne, wife of Edward 

Rolt, Esq., bur. 
Walter Rolt & Millisent Parker, mar. 
Oliver, s. of Edward, Esq., bap. 
Frances, wife of Henry, bur. 
Henry Rolt, bur. 
Dorothy ,, ,, 

Stephen Rolt attests Dr. King's reading in. 
Edward Rolt, gent., bur. 

Donne Family. 

1629 Aug. 31 Patrick Donne, bur. 

1656 Jul. 9 Ann, d. of John, born. 

1658 May 3 Martha, d. of Mr. John, Rector, bur. 

,, Sep. — ,, d. of Mr. born. 



1 1 






1 700 





1 0 









l6 37 






1 667 


1 1 









1 2 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Gray Family. 

1 S9° 



John, s. of Jolm Gray, bur. 

1 59 2 



,, s. of ,, , the younger, bapt. 




Katharine, d. of John, bapt. 

J 597 



Oliver, s. of ,, 


r e U . 


John, s. of Thomas, ,, 

1 600 


! 3 

Jane, d. of John, bapt. Bur. 9 Jan. 1601 

1 603 

r eo. 

! 5 

juuitii, a. 01 ,, „, 

1 604 

A 11 rv 


r 5 

Henry Walker & Margaret Gray, mar. 

1 0 1 4 

J ^ ^ • 

2 1 

Katharine Gray, bur. 

i 0 I 0 

A n ( r- 


2 2 

v v alter , , , , 

1 6 1 7 


1 2 

John Harding & Katherine Gray, mar. 




John Gray, bur. 

i > 



Mr. Francis Gray, bur. 



Alice, wife of Mr. Francis, bur. 




Walter, gent., bur. 




Sybell, wife of Symon, gent., bur. 




Sibbel, Gray, wid., bur. 




Judith Gray, bur. 




Susanna, wife of Simon, gent., bur. 

Fisher Family. 

1 670 



Mr. Jasper Fisher & 

Mrs. Mary Gray, wid 

1 672 



Mary, d. of Mr. Jaspei 
William, s. of ,, 

-, bapt. 



gent., & Mary, bapt. 

1 680 


KlU'tk, d. of „ 

& Mary, bapt. 

1 > 


2 1 

Jasper, gent., bur. 


1C93 Jun. 28 Eliz., d. of George Vaughan, gent., & Eliz'th, 

1694 Feb. 10 Geo. Vaughan attests Mr. Cheyne's reading in. 

1695 Jan. 8 Mary, d. of George Vaughan, gent., & Eliz'th, 

bapt. Born 24 Dec. 
1708 Mar. 2 Simon Taylor, of Woburn, & Mary Oliver, 
mar. by lie. His s. Simon T. mar. — Ash, 
& his grandson Simon Oliver T. sold the 
estates to the Rev. Mr. Pagett, & others. 
The grandson mar. Miss Edwards of Hen- 

17 10 Nov. 12 Mary, wife of James Oliver, gent., bur. 
,, Mar. 5 James Oliver, gent., bur. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

apqniimental ^ascriptions 

(Continued from p. 337.) 

L E I G H TO N - B U S S A R D .* 

" Heare lieth the bodye of Ales CARLIL and wife to 
Sur CHRISTOVER Hodsdon deceased in anno Domini 

" Heare lieth the bodey of Sur Cl-IRISTOVER IIODSDON 
Knight howe deseased in anno Domini 16 10." 


" Here lieth the body of | Richard Jones Gent sonne | 
vnto ROGER. IONES shreife | of London he married the 
eldest daughter of ROGER | HacKETT doct r of Divinity 
& I had issve by her 4 sonnes | and 8 davghters & dep'ted | 
this life the 8 th August 1657 | Being neare 73 yeares of 

" Here lyeth Richard J ONES | Citizen and Grocer of 
London | the 2 (1 sonn of Richard Jones who | Died the 
22 th of September Ano | Domini 1669 aged 47 yeares." 

S, side of Chancel — 
"Pray for the soul of Mary LENTTON late wyfe of 
Thomas REYNES sqvery which died the xxviii day of 
Dec 1 ' in y c year of our lord MVvj upon whose sovle Jesu 
have mercy." 

" Sub hoc m arm ore sepulti jacent TlIOMA 8 SNAGG 
Armiger et ANNA uxor ejus qui THOMAS fuit filius primo- 
genitus TlTOMAE SNAGG militis, ct haeres legitimus Avi 
sui Thomas Snagg Armigeri Servientis ad Legem ct quae 
Anna fuit filia primogenita EDMUNDI MORDANT de 
Oakeley in hoc comitatu Armigeri. 

Praed ictus Thomas ex hac vita discessit vicessimo die 
Aprilis Anno Dni 1642 et Anna Obiit Januarij septimo 
Anno Dni 1657. 

In quorum charissimorum parentum memoriam Thomas 
Snagg Armiger filius natu maximus." 

* Other inscriptions will lie found in " Miscellanea Genealogica ct 
Ueraklica " vol. iii., N.S., \>. 33^. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

"Here lyeth the Body of Thomas Snagge | Esq. of 
MARSTON in the County of Bedford. J Who Decendcd 
from Sarjant Snagge in the J Reign e of Queene Eliza- 
beth by Decent the | fifth Generation who left behind 
him two sonnes | the eldest T HO MAS and the youngest | 
EDWARD which he had by his first wife DOROTHY j 
NlCHOLLS Daughter to S r EDWARD NlCIIOLLS of j 
Northampton sheire who Departed this life | the 23 day 
of July Anno Domini 1687 And in the 42 yeare of his Age." 

Mitral Tablet S. wall of Chancel — 

" In Memory of THOMAS SNAGGE | Esq. Eldest son of 
Thomas Snagge Esq. | and Dorotha his wife who 
departed | this life in the 26th year of his Age at | Paris 
in France the 2S tk day of August | in the 10 th year of 
our Sovcraigne | Lord King WILLIAM | the third Anno 
Domini 1698." 

Rev. T. II. Gawthrop ob. 2 Nov. 1836 act 69. 

Rev. James Wood D.D. 19 years Rector ob. at Bath 
26 Dec. 1814. 

"Here Lyeth the Body | of EDWARD SNAGG Esqr. of 
Merston | in the County of Bedford (who Desende | from 
Sariant Snagg in the Reign of Queen | Elizabeth by 
Desent of the 6th generation) | lie left behind him only 
one Son Edward | which he had by his Last wife MARY 
Willys | one of the Daughters of S r John Willys of | 
Fen Ditton in the County of Cam'bridg | lie Departed this 
Life the 12 th Day | of December Anno Domini 17 15 In 
the I 41 st year of his Age." 

Amis — Three pheons. 


"Near this \ Place Lie Interred | The Bodies of | 
Richard & Dorothy Allan, | The only Son, and 
Daughter of | Richard Allvn, B.D. Rect 1 ' of this 
Church I by Dorothea His Wife. | Children, | Whose Good 
Qualities, | Natural, and Acquired, j Rendered them the 
Admiration | Of all who Beheld them ; | The Delight of all 
who knew them. | They were | Lovely, & Pleasant, in 
their Lives : | And in their Death | They were not long 
Divided : | She dying of a Sudden Indisposition, | August 
1 st 17 19. I In the xvi th year of Her Age; | He by a slow 
Fever June iv th 1720 | In His xv th Year." 

Anns — Sable a cross potent or, charged with a label of 
three poin . 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 



A bust on the wall on the north side of the Altar has 
this inscription : — 

" TlMOTHEUS ARCHER, Sacr; TheoTog: | Professor per 
quadraginta duos Annos | Rector hujus Ecclesiae ct dc 
Blunhain | multos expertus casus sequestratus, ct | post 
longam restitutus hie tandem | in pace requiescit ob. 
Decemb. 2 1672." 


In the chancel is a tomb with recumbents effigies of 
a man and woman ; also on the front panel the figures 
of two men kneeling. The inscription is as follows : — 

"Hie jacet Armigcri GULTELMI corpvs HVETTI Vxorisq 
suae Mariae quam fata priorem Eripvere duos natos tunc 
mortua Mater Post se sollicito patri mvndoq rcliquit 1 lace 
est conditio statvs hie Place gloria carnis Nostra sit hacc 
quamvis non est lvx crastina Nostra. 

GULTELMUS ) , f „ mo 1 t r „ 

Maria j J j 7 mo de Jvmj 1602.' 

Arms — I. Quarterly of 4 ; 1 & 4 He wet, 2 & 3 Gules 
billettee argent, a crescent for difference. 
II. Hewett, with many quarterings. 
III. Hewett impaling — Sable, three mascles argent. 


" Memoriae Sacrum | T: R: | Here lyeth interred y c body 
of I THOMAS ROLT of this Parish Esq. | who marryed y e 
Davghter of | Doctor THOMAS COXE | Physitian in 
Ordinary to ] King Charles y e second by | whome he left 
issve two sons I Samvell and THOMAS and three | 
Davghters, JANE MARY and CATHERINE | The said Thomas 
Rolt departed | this life y e 26 September | 1672 and in 
y c 31 ycare of | his age." 

" P.M.S. |. Of Christopher Turnor Esq. | who 

married LSARELLA y° Daughter of S r | WALTER HEARNYST 
K l & EDMUND his Son | Married one of y« Daughters 
of S r W m I WADE K* & ClIR: his Son who Married one \ 
of the Daughters of Esq. ESTWICK | Christopher his Son 
Married HELENA y c | Daughter of Ti-iO: Sams Esq: & S r 
Chr: I his Son K* one of the Barons of the | Exchequer 
He Married JOYCE the | Daughter of TliO: WARWICK 


Bedfordshire .Notes and Queries. 

Esq 1 " | Obijt 19 th of May 1675 | Erected by S r Ed mi 
Turnor K* | youngest: son of y e sd Christ 1 ' | and Helena 
his wife." 

" P.M.S. I Here lies Interr'd | in Hopes of a Joyfull | 
Resurrection | the Body of SAMUEL ROLT Esq. | of this 
Parish, who Dep ed this Life | Oct 1 ' y c 4 th in y° Year $f our 
Lord I 1717 in ye 46 th year of his Age." 

" M.S. I Of Mrs Susanna Rolt, wife of I Sam: Rolt 
Esq 1 ' & third daughter of | RlCH D POULTER of the city of 
London | MerchA • She Exchanged this life for a | better 
Aug. 30 th 1726. zEtatis suae 53. j Erected by Tho: Rolt 
Esq 1 ' I Son of the said Susanna 1733." 

u Here | Lies the Body of | STEPHEN ROLT Vicar | of 
this Parish, He Died | March the 9th 1738 | in y (; 75th 
year of his Age | Here also lies the Body of | ELIZABETH 
Wife of y e above | Stephen Rolt who Died j August 19 th 
1746 Aged 80." 

There is one more inscription with a shield of 4 quarters 
to Francis Barty (? Bertie), of Oakley, Esq., dated 1615, 
but it is so obliterated that it is impossible to decipher it. 


" Plic jacet nonagcnariusplusquam Senex | HUMPHREDUS 
FYSHE Armiger. | Cujus si Vitam non Arinis, sed virtutibus 
metiris Confitebere longiorem | Vixit enim bis quia vixit 
bene | Quatutir genuit Filios Filias totidem Nepotes etiam 
vidit j Omnes sui similes Omnes vere Fyshios | Aliam 
quoque prolem habuit Fere innumerabilem | Nam si quis 
erat orbus puer aut vidua Anus | si quos Ruina oppresserafc 
aut Calamitas, His se ille Patrem, His se patronum obtulit. | 
Ickwelliae obiit 3 : Non: Apr. 1720 | Nec procul pio ab 
Scne Catharina Uxor jacet | Fido Libcrorum agmine j 
Henrico, Humpliredo, Tiioma, Catharinaque | 
Nepote etiam TPIOMA CONINGSBIO circum stipita | In 
JEde Sacra de Northill | Ubi Mortuorum Mac ex Eamilia 
cbnduntur Ossa | Undo et Viventium ascendunt Preccs." 

Anns- — Azure, a ferre argent, over all on a bend gules 
five mullets or, impaling — A chevron — between three cross 


"Near to this place lyes the body of Edward Rolt 
Esq. eldest son & heir of EDWARD ROLT Esq ' & MARY 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

youngest daughter to S r OLIVER CROMWELL who was 
buried the 7th day of May 1698. 

EDWARD ROLT his grandfather 7 Nov. 1616. 

Jane eld. d. of Thomas Baldwin "of Gt. Stoughton 
Esq. his grandmother bur. 28 Dec. 1633. 

Edw. Rolt his father bur. 12 Sept. 1652. 

Mary his mother bur. 30 May 1632. 

Sister JANE Rolt here interred." 

" Richard Gisby of Kimboltdn | gent ob, 4 Feb,, 1699. 
Act. 72 I Richard his youngest s. gent who | ob. 23 Apr. 
1690 Aet. 22." 

"Hie jacet Johannes Eston | Hujus Ecclie Rector | 
per 20 annos | ob. 20 Apr. 1680 Act. 57." 

"Hie jacet Susanna uxor | Simonis Gray, gen/' 

"Agnes Helder als' Spicer | bur. 5 Mar. 1645." 

"James Oliver gent | & Mary his wife of this par. j 
James ob, 1 March 17 10 act. 63 | Mary ob. 8 Nov. 1710 
aet. 65 I Issue 1 s. & 6 daurs. | whereof 5 died in infancy 
at London | Penelope & Mary survived | Penelope m. 
Tnos. Boswell of Dean Esq. | Mary m. Simon Taylor 
of Woburn, gent. | she ob. 21 Jan. 1709 aet. 22 j & left 
behind 1 son Simon Taylor." 

"Rev. ROBT. PARADINE A.M. I Rector of this par. 
31 years | & of Wilden 24 years | ob. 12 Feb! 1742 
aet. 78 I He m. Eliz'th d. of John King | of Chelsea 
who ob. 17 May act. 47 | Mon: erected by Mrs. Elizabeth 
& Mr. Robt. Battison." 

"Svsannae Gray | Filia Gedeonis Fisher | Gen. 
de Carlton in Com Bedd. | Ex Anttqua stirpc Ortae | Hoc 
Monumentum Memoriae | Sacrum Simon Gray Gen. | 
Maritus Mserens posuit in | Amoris inuiolati Testimonium | 
Aetatis Suae 21." 


" Near to this place doe lie buried y c bodies of GEORGE 
FlTZ esquire lord of y° manor of Beeches | & vpburie & of 
ANN his wife eldest daughter of | PETER DUCKETT in y e 
county of Leicester gent they | lived in marriag together 
16 years & had no issue | y e said George deceased y c 
15 day of August 1603 | 63 of his age the said Ann dyed 
15 November 1596 | and among many other of his 
charitable deeds gave | tennc pounds to be bestowed for 
the benefit and | good of the poor of this parish for ever." 

3 68 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

" Here lyeth y e bodies of | SYMON HALE of Puleoxhill J 
in y° County of Bedford | Gen* who dyed y e 2 d day | of 
March 1677 and of | JUDETH his wife (daughter | uf 
BENIAMEN PlGOTT of Neither Graven luirst Esq) who j 
dyed 21 day of May 1680." 

"To the Perpetuall Memory of y e Virtuous | and Pipus 
Mrs. Mary Reynardson | wife | of Allen Reynardson 
of Pulloxhill in the County of | Bedford gent. By whom 
he had two Daughters | Ann and Mary of the latter 
of which She died on y c | 27 th of March 1700 | She was 
third Daughter to ROBERT SauNDERSON of | Diddington in 
the County of Huntingdon Esq. | Where she was horn 
but was Interred near this place | on Goodfriday in the 
year above mentioned and | in the 34th year of her age, 
Yet I She is not Dead but Sleepcth." 

" Here Lyeth the Body of Mrs. | Mary SANDERSON 
widdow and | Relict of Robert Sanderson late | of 
South Carleton in the County of | Lincoln Est} 1 ' who dyed 
y e 19 th . of Feb 1 '? 1708 I Aged 67 years." 

" Here also Lyeth the Body of | Mr ROBERT SANDER- 
SON son I of the Abovcnamcd Robert & Mary | who dyed 
the 22 nd of March 1708 | Aged 38 years/' 

Arms — Paly of six — & — , on a bend — three annulets — , 
impaling — a chevron — between three bull's heads caboshed — , 

"Here Lieth the Body of | Mr. HlNDK BROWNING | 
who died the 18 day of | September 1753 in the 49 | Year 
of His I Age." 
. Anus — Barry wavy of 6 — & — , in chief a martlet — . 


" In faelicis spem Resurrectionis spem ultra Coniunam j 
Iuxta hoc Marmor Sepultus jacet | GULIELMUS BECHEK 1 
de Howberry in hac vicinia Eques Anratus | Filius 
Oliver i Becher Armig ri Nepos autem | Gulielmi 
BECHER Equitis et Elizabetiiae uxoris ejus | Filiaj 
OLIVERI Baronis St John de Bletshoe | sororis Oliveri 
primi Comitis de Bullingbrook | Uxorem habuit Eliza- 
betham, Thomae Hillersdon | de Elstow in hoc 
Comitatu Arm ri Relictam | Filiam vero Ioanis HUXLEY 
de Edmunton | in Comitatu Middlesex Arm vi . | Et ex ilia 
Progeniam GULIELMUM IoANEM et GEORGIUM | et filiam 
Elizabetiiam e quibus Ioanes defunctus. | Insigni Pietate 
Iustitia et Modestia Animi | Probitate morum, miti et 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


libcrali Ingenio | Deo Gratum, Regi ct Patriae fidelem | 
Suisq' se Patrem praestitit | Omnibus charus Vixit, ct non 
sine luctu publico deccssit | Ouinto die Dccembris Ann 0 
yEtatis Suae | Sexagesimo Annoq' Dom' 1694 | In cujus 
memoriam Elizabetha | Quam moestissimara rcliquit 
superstitem | Perrene sui Amoris iudicium | Hoc Monu- 
meiitum Posuit." 

" In hope of a Resurrection to life Immortal | near this 
Marble lies lnterr'd ye body | of Mrs. ELIZABETH BECHER, 
only I Daughter of S r W m BECHER late of Howberry K 4 | 
by his Lady ELIZABETH Relict of | THOMAS HlLLERSDON 
of Elstow Esq 1 ' I Daughter of John HUXLEY of Edmun- 
ton in I Middlesex Esq 1 '. She was a person of a mild | 
& serene Temper ; prudent, modest, courteous | & obliging 
in her conduct & conversation ; constant | & devout in 
y e exercises of Piety ; strictly | observant of duty to her 
parents ; kind | and affectionate to all her Relations | Thus 
decked with y c ornament of a meek | & quiet spirit she 
Resigned her soul to | God that gave it on y e xvii th of 
April in y« year MDCCI." 

"Under this monument lyes the Body of | WlLL M 
Becher Esq r . I of Howberry | Son of William Becker 
Esq r I By his first wife Mary | Daughter of Matthew 
Dennis | of Kempson | in the County of Bedford. | A 
man of Great humanity and Charity | and universal 
benevolence. | He Lived much Esteemed | and died La- 
mented I by all who knew him | the 12 th da)' of June 1751 | 
Aged 54 years. | This monument was erected 1753 by his | 
sorrowful widow Elizabeth who was the | daughter of JOHN 
CLARKE of the County of Middlesex Esq 1 '." 

Brass" tablet 011 floor. 

"The body of MARY the late vertvovs | and beloved 
Wife of Willi A' Nicholls | Gent, and Davghtcr of 
RaLPHE and MAR | THA SMITH was here interred in the | 
yeare of the Lord 16 19 and being of | the age 24 ycares 
her Children 3 | one Davghter only in life Susanna." 

u Here lyeth interred the bodye of Richard Cher- 
NOCKE, Esq: sonne and heire | of ROBERT Chernocke 
here remembred he had two wives the first named Mary I 
Pv THE NAM davghtcr of S v GEORGE PVTIIENAM of Sher- 
fielde in Hamshire Knight | by her he had Issue 6 sonnes 




Bedfordshire A T otes and Queries. 

& 8 davghters. The second wife named Avdrey | 
Fradsom davghter of William Fradsom of Elton in 
the Covnty of | Chester Esq: by whom he had noe issue, | 
He reedified his parish C hurdle at his owne proper charge j 
newe bvilt his mansion House, Thrice bare office of High j 
Shrife in this Shire: And Lastelye Havinge attaynpd 
the | age of 84 yeares peaceablye and piovsly Deceased 
the I 14th day of August Anno Domini 161 5." 

"Here | Lieth the Body | of | ApRIA CllKRNOCKE \ 
2 nd Daughter of S l * VlLLIERS CHERN: Bar 1 | Who 
departed this Life | i6 Ul June 1738." 


" Clavditur hac vrna patriae cinis ater alvmni | Mens 
tamen aeternam solvitur in patriam j Insignis solita Domini 
pietate recessit |. Ad svperos, factis praemia ferre svis | 
Vitta Coronatvs frontem cinxisset honore | At vitac 
Stephano mens redimita sedet | Subiacet ROBERTVS 
SLING SBIE gen. I vnvs Coronatorvm Dom. Regis | Com. 
Bedf. et vxor eivs ABIJA | ille obiit 3 0 die ivnij Ann 0 
Dom. J 1634 aetatis svae 74 | Obedientiae ac pietatis ergoj 
inscripsit H-EZ. SLINGSBIE eiusclem | Roberti filius natv 

"Mr. John Carter | — of Ampthill | departed this 
life I Nouember the 7th | in y e 26 yeare of | his age Anno. 
Dom. I 1 701." 

" Here lieth the Body | of WILLIAM CARTER gent. | 
Who departed this life | the 2S of August 1703 | In the 
26 year of his age." 

monumental Slnsctfptions from otfter Counties 
relating to 'BeDforOsfjire, 

(Continued from II. p. 270.) 

On the wall of the South Aisle of S. Mary's Church, 
Devizes, Wilts. 

"In the Chancel of this Church lie interr'd | The 
Remains of JOHN GARTH Esq r | Son of COLONEL 
THOMAS GARTH of Harold in y e County of Bedford \ 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 37 1 

Esq 1 " I April 17 th 1732, He was chose The Recorder | and 
Feb r >' 26 th 1739 Elected Representative in Parliament \ For 
this Borough of the DEVIZES. | Zealous in its Service 
and Attentive to its Prosperity | This Honour was repeatedly 
conferr'd upon him for y° Remainder of his Life | Ever 
esteeming it a real Honour to represent a Borough | 
Distinguished for its Loyalty, Freedom, & Progress. | To 
the sedentary way of Living | Which he fell into from an 
early and continued Love | for the Pleasures of Literature | 
The illness was chiefly owing that occasioned his Death | 
Which happened on the 26 th of December 1764 aged 63 (?) | 
With his Cotemporaries his Virtues are in Remembrance | 
To Posterity the Example of his Life may be recom- 
mended. I His Wife losing by his Death the tenderest 
Husband His Children an affectionate Father | His Con- 
stituents a faithful Servant | and his Country an useful 
Citizen & a truly virtuous Man | In Testimony of her 
sincerest, & most dutiful Respect | This Monument is 
erected to his Memory j By his afflicted Widow REBECCA 

Anus — Or. 2 lions pass., between 3 crosses crosslet fitche 
sable — impaling or, 3 lions pass. Gules. 

On a stone on the floor of the Church near the entrance of 
the Chancel are the names — 

John Garth Esq. 
Frances Garth. 

Rebekah Garth, wife of John Garth Esq 

On a tablet on the wall of the South Aisle of the Church 
of Roade, co. Northampton. 

"Near | this Place Lies | Interred the Revd. \ Mr. 
Stephen Hoe Hensiiaw, | Late Batchelor of Arts | of 
Pembroke College Oxford | and 29 years Vicar | of 
Chalgrave Bedford Shire | who died May the 24 th | 1772 | 
In the 66th Year \ of his Age. | MEMENTO MORI." 

[There are entries of the Henshaw's in the Register of 
Courteenhall, co. Northampton.] 

C. H. M. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


i6 7 8 f 

1677. Charles Buncombe Esq re and M r John Burr having 
been Churchwardens for the p'ish of Harlington 
for the yeare 1677 gave up their accounts to the 
Inhabitants of the said p'ish the second day of 

Aprill Anno Dni 1678 (as followeth). 

Inp is paid to Patrick Dudgson for making the 

Leavy 00 01 00 

Expended at the first Visitation at Ampthill . . . 01 00 00 

Given to Passengers 00 01 00 

Given to Passengers 00 00 06 

Laid out in going the procession 00 06 00 

Ffor bread & Wine at Whitsontide . ..... 00 05 02 

Given to Passengers * . 00 01 00 

Given to Passengers upon a Special! occasion for 

their reliefe 00 02 00 

ffor Glassing the Church Windows 00 02 09 

ffor catching of Hedghoggs . 00 02 02 

Given to Passengers 00 01 00 

Given to Passengers . 00 01 00 

Given to Passengers 00 01 00 

Paid for Bell Ropes 00 16 06 

Given to 3 companies of Passenger .... 00 02 oq 

pd. for bread & wine for Lhe Holy Communion. . 00 05 02 

pd. for repairing the Vicaridge house . . . . . 01 06 00 

pd. for laying downe Graves in the Church ... 00 05 06 
pd. to George Groome for y e neighbours dinners at 

the Court 00 1 7 06 

pd. to Mr. Crawley for Mole-catching . . . . . 00 13 04 

Given to 2 companies of Passenger 00 01 06 

pd. for brick Lime boards & Nailes & fixing y e 

Seats upon Graves 00 07 02 

paid for 8 Elme boards Posts Rayles & Nails for 

the Church bridge at Gosly end 00 1 1 06 

Given to Passengers 00 01 00 

pd. to the Appariter 00 01 00 

Given to Passengers 00 01 00 

pd. for bread & wine 3 bottles at y e Communion 

at Xmas 00 08 08 

pd. for the Tenths 01 02 04 

Given to 5 Travellers 00 00 10 

pd. for a Warrant 00 01 00 

ffor the Visitacon at Michas 00 13 06 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 


U. s. d. 

pd. at the Court at Michas . . oo 03 08 

ffor a 2 d Communion at Xtmas 00 02 07 

To the Glaziers for the Church . . . . K . . 00 07 02 

To Passengers 00 01 00 

pd. for building a Chimney in y e Almeshouse . . 00 18 06 
for the reliefe of 9 poore Souljers \v he the loss of 

Limbes . 00 05 00 

To Passengers 00 00 06 

paid to the Gierke for keeping the clocke ... 01 06 08 

for Washing the Surplice 00 05 00 

for 10 Days worke of a carpenter in the Church . 00 15 00 

for Nails about y e Church worke ...... 00 03 07 

for drinke for the workmen 00 00 10 

for the frame & cornish at the Communion table . 00 06 00 

for 100 & halfe of Boords to part the Bellfrey 00 14 00 

for Oake Boord . 00 02 00 

for Timber & Sawing 00 17 00 

for Carriage of the Boords 00 00 00 

for bread & wine for y e Communion at Easter . . 00 10 03 

for a pair of Hooks & hinges for y t! Church y d gate 00 00 09 

pd. for Registering this Accompt 00 oi 00 

for Scarlet cS<: purple Cloth a fflagon & Linnen 

cloth about the Communion Table . . . . 05 08 00 

Totall of the disbursements are 21 18 07 

Reced. by Bill 14 11 10 

Reced. of Richard ftVlls a years rent 02 00 00 

Reced. of S r ifrancis Wingate for towne land . . 01 06 08 

Reced. for William a lands ■ . . 00 10 00 

Reced. for breaking up two Graves in the Church 00 13 04 

Reced. in all . . . . 19 01 10 

Rests, due from y e town to y° Accomptants 02 16 09 

W m Iremonger 
•WiHiam Audry 
Richard Carter 
Matt w Makeharn. 

Monumental TBta^cs. 

(Continued from II. p. 275.) 

Attached to the south wall of Biddenham chancel are 

two brass plates (no effigies) ; the second one has, so far 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

as I know, never been printed. A peculiarity about this 
one is that after the word "Johis" an oak leaf is engraved, 
and after the word " zebedei," a trefoil slip. Whether they 
possess any significance, or are merely intended as orna- 
ments to fill up the lines, I am unable to say ; they are, 
at any rate, • unusual. John AylyfT was instituted as 
Rector in 1453 a °d died about 1 47-. 

"{t)ic inert ting 3oJ)c0 #plpff quontram Hector; 
(Bctlr^ie parocfitalts Dc Bp&mlrain tujta li5rD!Tarti 
Cuius amme propmetuc 2Dcu0 3mei.n" 

" ffitu Deti0 csf ttiitu0 in pronto; ramcn tniii0 
]D'pmii0 Hnntg; i^plfptT itugerm 30)310 
C^ccteie quondam IRecroc fiirt ipe llSpDenijm. 
SUinn natura ntoti Dctnt $ movg file sscpcltu 
3fam 0iln 0tt itqiucg in celts tntaque ppce* 
(&t golamen ct Duo nan Dent 3cbcDth" 

ct ii9tc facet ^Dfioma ratolpn quonbam rcrtov run' 
CEcclie qui obut Dcctmo swo.tric s>cpmnlira ft* Out 
cpillmo ££€£Cfy° rut' ate pptctctuv tie' 3tne*" 

same slab — 

" Hoe etiam situs est Thomae Salmon* A.M. per 
triginta et tres annos hujus Ecclesiae Rector, vita defunctus 
primo die Augusti 1706. Cujus propitiatio Christus. Vir 
haucl vulgari dignas praeconio Qui vero hoc tantum 
inscribi vollUt. ,, 


£t IRobcit Mm pm#t unb f rljx0 i5ton Ipetfi 
CJ)at Jim m'cp auD la&p Drip cipetj) 
pvapetfi for out* coule foe cjjavprc uoId 
00 pe toolfce otfici* ticDe foe poW 

(^/. APSS. 17,456.) 

* " 1731 May 10 Died Mrs. Salmon at Hitchin in Hertford. She was the 
relict of the Rev. Mr. Salmon formerly of Mepsell in Bedfordshire. She left 
3 sons. Nathaniel a clergyman in Essex ; Thomas,, well known for his modern 
history, the third a clergyman in Devonshire, and a da. in the Archbishop *>f 
Canterbury's family." — (Jemts. Magazine, 1731, p. 219. 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

37 5 


Bedford, 1473* 

Sciant p;rscntcs & futuri q//<;d ' nos ]o\\annes Astuby 
alias dictus Smyth Thomas Balard & ]ohannes Suger 
dedimus concessimus & hac presenti carta nostra con- 
firmauimus Johanne Plukrose dc Bedford unum clausum 
iacenti?/g in Bedford vocatum duffehous yerd & dictum 
clausum iaeentem in quodam vice vocato poterstrete inter 
mesuagfo Magzstri sancti leonardi Bedford ex vna parte 
& Riuilu#2 vocatum Kyngesdiche ex altera, parte & 
extendit A vico predieto vsque ad terrain magistri sancti 
Johaunis de Bedford predictam habendum & tenendum 
p/rdictum clausum cum omnibus suis pertinencits prefato 
Johanui Plukrose heredibwj & assignatw suis de Capitals 
dominis feodi illius per seruiciuiu inde debit//w & de 
jure consueto mperpetuum. Et ego vero pr^dictz/j Johrz/^es 
Astuby alms dieted Smyth & heredes mei dictuw claus'uwi 
cum omnibus suis perxxnenciis preiato ]o\\ann\ Plukrose 
heredib;^ & assignatw suis contra omnes genstes Waranti- 
zabimus & clefendemus imperpetuum In cuius rei testim^- 
nium \\uic presenti Carte nostxe sigilla/// nostram apposuimus 
Hiis testib//j Waltero Stotfold nuper maiore ville Bedford^ 
]ohanne Halle Ric^n/o Anabull tunc Ballms ville pralicte 
Johtf;/;/e Bedell ]ohanne Bryggus & aliis Datum apud 
HcdfoYd/am predictam decimo die mens/j maij Anno regni 
Regis Ed ward i quarti Uvciodccimo. 


By the courtesy of the Rector of St. Peters, the Rev. 
W. Hart-Smith, R.D., I am enabled to give the following 
copies of some interesting documents preserved in the 
parish chest. — Ed. 


On the rupture of the Treaty of Amiens on May 1 8th, 
1803, Napoleon, under the excuse that England had 
captured certain French merchant ships before war was 

* Original charter in the possession of Mr. Edwin Ransom, Bedford. 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

actually declared, detained all English visitors travelling 
through France and kept them as hostages. Dr. Hunt, 
who was returning from . Constantinople, where he was 
Chaplain to the Ambassador, the Duke of Bedford, was 
thus detained as prisoner — hence this licence. 

" WE George Bishop of Lincoln hereby Licence you Philip 
Hunt Clerk, Rector of Saint Peter Martin in Bedford in the 
County of Bedford within our Diocese, to be absent from your 
Benefice of St. Peter Martin in Bedford for two Years from the 
Date hereof, ■ on account of your being a prisoner in France 
and consequent inability to return to the Duties of your Cure. 

GIVEN under our Hand this twenty seventh Day of January 
in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and four. 

G. Lincoln. 

For the Churchwarden of 
St. Peter Martin in Bedford." 



To the Church wardens and oucrseers of the 
poor for the parish of S l Peter within the said 

We their Majesties Justices of the peace for 
the said Town whose names arc hereunto set, 
whereof one is of y c ' quorum perceiuing that the 
Inhabitants of the parish of S l Cuthbirt within 
the said Town arc not able to Leauy of them- 
selves sufficient sums of money for the relief of 
their poor, Do therefore tax, rate, and Assess 
your said parish of S l Peter the sum of five 
shillings p month to be paid monthly to the 
Churchwardens and Ouerseers of the poor of 
the said parish of S l Cuthbirts towards the 
relief of the said poor, from hence forward 
until it shall be otherwise ordered by such of 
the Justices of the peace for the said Town as 

shall by Law have power therein. And we 
Will: Manley. J , , 1 r . 

J commend you and euery 01 you to pay the 

""""x said monthly Tax of flue shillings according 

l.s. ) to the true intent of this precept giucn under 

W. Foster. 


our hands and seals the one and thirtieth, day 

Will i Bed »t 0 ^ October in the second year of the Reign of 
1 ' >L vL King William and Queen Mary, annoq' Dom. 
1 690. 

Bedfordshire Azotes and Queries. 



Villa Bedd. Ad Gen'al quartial' Session' pacis Dni 
Regis nunc tent/ apucl Guildhall in et 
pro Villa Bedford' p'dict' die m'curij in 
Septi'an' px post cl'm Paschae existen' 
octavo die Aprilis Anno Rgs Gulielmi 
t'cij nunc Anglic &c. Duodecimo Annoq' 
Dni 1700. 

Whereas in and by an Order made about tenn yeares 
since it was then ordered that the parish of S l Peter in 
the Towne of Bedford in the County of Bedford should 
allow and pay to the Churchwardens and Overseers of 
the poor for the time being of the parish of St. Cuthbert 
in the said Towne of Bedford towards the maintenance of 
the poor of the said parish of S l Cuthbert's the sume 
of ffive shillings a month. And whereas it appears to 
this Courte vpon the complainte of the Churchwardens 
and Overseers of the poor of the said parish of S* Peter 
that the paym* of the said sume of five shillings a month 
is become very burdensome and chargeable to their said 
parish of S* Peter by reason of the increase of the poor 
there: It is therefore ordered by this Courte that the said 
in parte recited order doe and shall from henceforth cease 
and is hereby determined cancelled and made void. And 
thai the said parish of S l Peter be and is hereby discharged 
of and from the payment of the said fiive shillings a 
month to the said parish of S' Cuthbert 

J: ffirby Clic pacis 
pro Com' Bedd. 


In a very interesting book,* speaking of bridges, the 
author says : " In many cases the bridge was itself at once 
proprietor of real estate and beneficiary of the offerings 
made to the chapel, and sometimes also grantee of a right 
of toll. Such were notably the bridges of London, of 
Rochester, of Bedford, and many others. John de 
Bodenho, chaplain, explains to Parliament that the in- 
habitants of Bedford hold their own Town at farm from the 

* " English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages," by J. J. Jusseiand, p. 62. 


Bedfordsldre Notes and Queries. 

King, and have undertaken to maintain their bridge. For 
this they 4 assigned certain tenements and rents .in the said 
town to support it, and witty, their alms have newly built 
an oratory on the side of the water belonging to Lord 
Mowbray, by leave of the lord, adjoining the said bridge. 
The burgesses gave to the plaintiff the charge of the rey 
parations, together with the whole revenues. But the 
priest, John of Derby, represented to the king that it was 
a royal chapel which he might dispose of, and the King 
has given it to him, which is very unjust, since the chapel 
is not the king's ; even those who founded it are still living. 
All these reasons were found good ; the judges were en- 
joined to do justice to the plaintiff, and were reprimanded 
for not having done it sooner, as had already been pre- 
scribed to them." 1 — Rolls of Parliament, vol. ii. p. LOO. 


A ddi no n a l Corrections. 


; 4, 




» > 


" bapt." " Bom " 
" Aug." 
line 28. 

, , 

"born" "Bapt." 
" Nov," 


> > 



" d." 




" Gossey" 
" Rawnsy" 

" Fossey" 

» , 

" Rowney ". 





" 1626 Jan. 24" 


J 7> 

" May 7 " 

"May 17" 


> ? 





, > 



"Dec. 6" 

> j 

" Dee. 1 1 " 


, > 


, > 

" Apr, 1 0 " 

"Apr. 16" 

> j 



"Apr. 21 " 

" Apr. 22" 

, , 

y » 


, , 

" May 6 " 

"May .5" 

» > 




> > 


> > 




, ) 

"Sep. 21 " 

"Sep. 8" 



2 5, 


" Kimpson " 

" Keynshara " 

2 3 r > 




" ? Bosanquet " 


2 33, 


"Feb. 11 " 

"Feb. 13" 


2 74, 

j > 


" Edwardi " 




" Porter" 

" Power" 

2 99, 

, > 


" Chinckett " 

" Blunckett" 

i > 


> 1 


> , 

",6 3 8 " 

i > 

" ^33 " 

Bedfordshire Azotes and Queries. 


insert " Colmworth " over line 82 
"Cople" ,, ,, 84 

line 9, after " Pr." add " 15 Sep. 1652 " 

24, for " s. of John ^& Aliee " read " s. of 
Francis & Lettice " 
insert "Warden" over line 306. 
for " Bosanquet " read " Borranskale " 
add s.v. Prisco, " Maria 210," " Thos. 210." 
for " Buckley" read " Buckby." 


I herewith forward copy of the old Plan of Vault made 
by Thos. Gregory, 1785. It no doubt was made at the 
burial of Lady Anne (L). There have been two other 
burials in the vault since, viz. The Rt. lion. Win. Went- 
worth Earl of Strafford, 1 791, and the Rt. Hon. Anne 
Connolly, 1797. I cannot give the exact date when 
the vault was last opened, but I know it must be 
near fifty years since, as my father took me with him into 
the vault at the time, and I recollect many of the plates 
were then quite bright (no doubt gilded), although the 
wood of some of the coffins were very much decayed, 
sufficient to allow of the lead interiors to be seen. My 
father also made a plan of the vault and contents at that 
time (I have it somewhere, but cannot now find it), but 
from a memorandum of my father's, made at the time, 
which is before me, I see he describes the coffin of Lady 
Maria (A) as being different from the rest ; he says the 
top of this coffin is made angular, like the roof of a house. 
I am unable to assign a. position (until I find the last plan) 
for the last three coffins, but I have no doubt two are on 
the W. side and one on the E. side, which quite fill it. 

An obsolete word (Trously *) occurs in reference to 

Thomas Lord W (see E), but I think it implies that 

he died "trustingly or believingly," i.e. to trow, Saxon 
trusian to believe, to trust, or it may be from trowes, 
throes or pains. 

Wm, Horley. 

Page 366 

» 3 6 7 

», 3 b 9 

„ 3B8 

» 4+6 

„ -159 

,, 460 

,, 461 

* Should not this word he " Piously "? The Registers containing copies of 
the above inscriptions have, in addition, "Thomas Wentworth, Pari of 
Stratford, BEHEADED, lies buried at Wentworth Chapel." Ed. 

3 8o 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

Taken and made Feby the 26™ 1785. 


" Lady Maria Wentworth Daughter of Thomas Earl of Cleveland. Died 
January 1632. Aged 18 Years." 


" Here lieth the Body of the Right Honourable Thomas Lord Wentworth 
Knight of the Bath Son and Heir Apparent to Thomas Karl of Cleveland* 
He was in his life time one of His Majesties Guards King Charles Second and 
Gentleman of His said Majesties Bed-Chamber, and one of His said Majesties 
most Honourable Privy Council. " 


" Lady Lucy Wentworth Wife of Thomas Earl of Cleveland who Deceased 
Nov 1 the [23] 165 1." 


"The Right Honourable Lady Henrietta Maria Wentworth Baroness Went" 
worth of Nettlestead. Died April the 23' 11 1686." 

K - 

"Thomas Lord Wentworth Baron of Nettlestead Earl of Cleveland Lord 
Lieutenant of the County of Bedford. Captain of His Majesties Band of 
Pentioniers Colonel of Horse and Master of a Brigade of Horse. 

He lived Honourably and Died Trously. March the 25" 1 A 0 D° 1667 
Aged 76." 


"Ann Wife of Thomas Earl of Cleveland who Died January the 16 th 1637." 


"The Right Honourable Lady Philadelphia Viscountess Wentworth Relict 
of Thomas Lord Viscount Wentworth Died May the 4 th A 0 D° 1696." 


" Sir Henry Johnson Knight Died September the 29 th 17 19. Aged 60." 


"The Right Honourable Thomas Earl of Strafford Viscount Wentworth 
Died Nov r 1 739." 


"The Right Honourable Anne Countess Dowager of Strafford Wife of 
Thomas Earl of Strafford Mother of William the Present Karl of Strafford 
Died September the 19 th 1 754- Aged 70 Years." 


"Lady Anne Campbell Countess of Strafford Died February the 7 th 1785. 
Aged 65 Years." 

This is a Copy taken by me W m Ilorley Sep r 21 st 1S92. From the Original 
Plan done by Thomas Gregory. Feb* 26 th 1785. 


Bedfordshire Notes caid Queries. 


Inquisition Post Mortem 13. Ed. IV r . n. 46. 

Matilda, wife of Robert Bothe (she had previously 
married John Enderby), died Feb 17 5 1 .! 1 1474, and on the 
24 1 ! 1 of the same month an inquisition was held by which 
it was found that she died seized of certain lands &c, 
among which were the manors of Edworth and John do 
Jons in Astwick held of Edward Earl of Salop, and lands 
in Stratton of John Duke of Norfolk. Richard Enderby 
was her son & heir. 

Who is . meant by Edward Earl of Salop? Gilbert 
Talbot was seized of half a knights fee . in Edworth, 
7. H, V. — John Talbot 3 nl Earl of Shrewsbury died in 
June 1473 leaving George his eldest son who succeeded 
him as 4 th Earl then five years old, I am not aware that 
he had any relation named Edward who might have had 
the title by courtesy. Moreover Gilbert Talbot left an 
only daughter who died in infancy, and John his brother 
the I st Earl is stated to have held no lands in Bedfordshire 
at his death ; but John de Mowbray Duke of Norfolk died 
seized of the half fee in Edworth held by R. Bullok, 
11. H. VI. 

Now the clerks of old appear very confused with Salop 
and Sarum, and I should not be in the least surprised if 
Sarurii were here intended. But I cannot clearly find 
who was Earl of. Salisbury at this time. Can Edward 
Nevill Lord Bergavenny be meant ? He was uncle of 
u the King Maker" the last Earl of Salisbury, brother- 
in-law to the above John de Mowbray, and had for his 
second wife Catherine sister of John Howard Duke of 
Norfolk, and niece of the same John de Mowbray. Mis 
father Ralph Earl of Westmorland very possibly inherited 
Astwick from his half-brother John Lord Latimer. 

Who was Edward Earl of Salop and by what right did 
he have these manors ? 

How came the fee of Edworth to John de Mowbray 
from Gilbert Talbot ? 

Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 383 

How came the Manor of Edworth to Enderby from 
Bullok ? 

Is John de Jons manor in Astwick still known? 

J. C. T. 


Where was Dylwyk Manor? Gorham says it was in 
Eton Socon ; but it was a portion of the Barony of Bedford. 
Why not in Astwick? 'John de Nevill of Raby died seized 
of the manors of Dilewyke, Wootton, Cardington, Rcnhold, 
and Bromharn ; and fees in Wootton, Cardington, Rcnhold, 
Bromham, and Astwick, parcel of the Barony of Bedford, 
which seems to take the place of Dilewyke. In the begin- 
ning of the fourteenth century there was a water-mill in 
Dylwyk called Briggemelle, 

. J. C. % 


Particulars are requested as to the exact date, place of 
birth, and subsequent career of one Dr. Edmond H elder, 
native of Beds, circa 1542, "Practitioner in Physick and 
Chyriirgery," who died on March ir, 161 S, in his seventy- 
sixth year, according to the testimony of his tombstone, 
lately discovered near the Potomac Creek, in the vicinity 
of Fredericksburg, Stafford. County, Virginia, U.S. through 
the exertions of Mr. Moncure D. Conway. 

Having seen in an American newspaper a somewhat 
circumstantial statement that St. George's graveyard, at 
Fredericksburg, contained the tomb of "one of the pall- 
bearers of William Shakespeare" (a report, by-the-by, to 
which our own Eraser's Magazine gave wider currency in 
March, 1865), Mr. Conway set to work to investigate the 
matter, with the result that he discovered the tomb in 
question, and disproved the mythical claims preferred on 
behalf of its tenant in regard to the Shakespeare obsequies. 
The history and incidents of his quest are detailed at 
length in a most interesting article, entitled, "Hunting 
a Mythical Pall-bearer," which he contributed to Harper's 
Magazine for January, 1886. His theory in connexion 


Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 

with the genesis of the myth is likely enough the right 
one. He remarks : 

"It is probable that some correspondent, having copied 
the epitaph correctly, added that Dr. Helder was 
a cotemporary of Shakespeare,, and might have 
attended his funeral. A printer may have in- 
corporated the comment in the epitaph, and some 
contemporary evolved the simple statement into the 
startling one . . . Perhaps it will never be known 
who served up the chirurgeon as a Shakesperean 
figure. One can forgive him since he has been 
the means of discovering to the New World its 
oldest English epitaph." 

A facsimile of the inscription illustrates the article, and 
reads as follows : 

" Here lies intered the Body of Edmond Helder 
prectioner [sic] in Physick and Chyrurgery born in 
Bedfordeshire obiit March u 1618 Atatatis sua [sic] 
76." (Notes and Queries, 8th s..ii. 247.) 

The name " Helder," alias " Spicer," is of common occur- 
rence in the Parish Registers of this county, especially 
in the neighbourhood of Luton. I have noted the name 
in the following parishes : — Flitton, Kempston, Marston, 
Pertenhall, Riscley, Southill, Sundon, and Wcstoning. Ia 
1690 a marriage licence was issued at the Faculty Office 
of the Archbishop of Canterbury at London, for Dennis 
Helder (probably s. of William Spicer, alias Helder, and 
Sarah Dennis, m. at Kempston, 25 Dec. 1656) to marry 
Elizabeth, d. of George Mordaunt, of Northill, in this 
county. — Ed. 


„ O ri 

» .a* 

t/> HH O 

R « ^ 1 — »_to 
<o o 'So 

& o o _ 

e.Si fc ~ 

[| .Si p. r . 

II c cu rt 

y p g o 

• 2 £ 

h -o o 5 < 

- /Is^ 

^ o O d 
0 IS ^ X\ 

- 3 ^ > 3 
T3 lift 

tg d <u fi 

H3 c 

-6 ii 3 
t3 o y 

S O p 

o <— ' o 

a ii w 

is j 

^ o f ° 

* y ■ 1 

c ^ 

! g.s* 
SI * 

, "3 r— i <T> 

S 5^ 


c/; i — i in 



*f 6 ~ £ 


rt C rt ri 

&> o 

fl BO 

5 c 

£ Oh 




_cd „ >, c 2 c o 

° 5a ^ <+, ^ *^ 

« - ~ • g o £j g cl 
^ ? rO CO co.,o 2 

0) o S <u 



<U c -s 2 

II — <— 

xs >< 

5 u 

8 « a ■ 
.y ° 


O . i—i 

< C <u 

U <D O 

p ijtrj N 

« ° c . 

- > S ^ 

ri P.h C On 

fl kT 

S ' — ON 

^ c O ^2 fi, I-) 

, -r m <o oo" 

n3 -r; 
" rt 

o <u - 


5^ ° g 

T3 5H 

rt o 


8 sj 

.y ^. 
<; c 




AO* ^ S BO ■ 

O -O fl " ,7 


3 g o 

a y 2 -2 

< o § a § . 

.a d bo m s 

s s ..a a 

o t: y > § 

k 2 


C <L> 

G O 

p3 O, 

,y n3 

-Cfl 2^3 
G U q i) 


(/} . 

<< f*5 

^ On 
- ^ I - 

C M 

_c BO 

fl -r 

J2*H ^ 

0 & 5 

.2 S u 

'S " ■£ 

■5 IS P 

DO- • CO - 

§ c.y a o s 

IK « 

H- 1 r-S ^3 

c M j5 
.2.5 S a - 

<2-o^ H 

.5 ^ C CO 

si m .a 

o c b'SH 
Sw S 

O rt ji h 
H* B O H 


5 -° z « ° 

bd 5 y 

. oo x> »° 

S"' 0 2 

.2 a 
55 o 


03 hTj rt w 

0 ft ™ o <2 

rt . rt t* a & rt 

f e °. o N -!Z5 

| rt ^ £ ^ E o ffi ■g 
13 rt o-q ^3 o 5 c 

2^41 it? 

U .N O 5 eg <3N r 

ft . C W <^ ; 

o_^j oxi 3-S b-t2."J 

-T3^ ni^ 

!_3 rt' 



J^CC _ . Mr rt o v. U 

2 to- 13 

l2 5 » Oh 

6 >u2^ aj o I 
UK rt gH °HA" gffl ! rt 

-oi ec y-r .n Jh ^ • o £ 

, ;:: ,, p;y:: 

I N D E X. 

ABBIS, Abbes, Abbys, Jno. 77 ; 

Tho. 296, 351 ; Win. 76, 94, 

351, 352. 
Abbot, Abbott, Abutt, Rev. Chas. 

314 ; Edm. 74 ; I ly. 205 ; Mr. 

166 ; Wm. 1 10, 205. 
Abbots Astley, 287. 
Abbots Langley, co. Herts. 54. 
Abbys, see Abbis. 
Aber, co. Carnarvon 127. 
Abolus, Eliz. 305 ; Gab. 305. 
Abraham, Eliz. 297. 
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197 ; Mary 189. 
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fohan 331 ; Marth. 330. 
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Adsione, co. Northants. 1 14. 
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301 ; Rog. 79; seen/so Allyn. 
Allington, Jul. 91 ; Lord 91. 
Alliot, Win. 199. 
Allotson, Ann 80 ; Wm. 80. 
Allyn, Dor. 364 ; Rd. 364. See 

also Allen. 
Alsop, Geo. 210; Mary 210. 
Alsion, Ann 104; Jno. 5.2; Sir 

Row. 249 ; Temp. 42 ; Tho. 314. 


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Apthorpe, — 273, 274. 
Archer, Dr. 173; Mr. 153; Mrs. 

172 ; Tho. 8, 301 ; Tim. 365. 
Ardes manor 240. 
Aris, Fees. 114; Jos. 114. 


3 86 

Arkesdcn, Eel. 237 ; Win. 237. 

Arlechehey, see Arlesey. 

Arlesey, Arlechehey, Arlsey 59, 87, 

105, 205, 318, 336, 342; le Rose- 

wyke 205. 
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Arrundells 82. 

Arthur, ["no. 246, 351. 

Ash, -362. 

Ashbolt, (no. 304. 

Ashcroft pedigree 384(7. 

Ashton, 212; Mary 248; Rd. 24S; 

Tho. 248. 
Ashurst, Jane 108. 
Aspelond, Rt. 93. 
Aspin, Martha 308.; Wm. 308. 
Aspinall, Mr. 384a; Nich. 146. 
Aspley, 36, 37, 78, 298, 331; Wm. 

de 136. 
Aspley-Berry 296. 
Aspley-Guise 53, 87, 119, 239. 
Asseldyne, Swynny 75. 
Asshwell, I no. 293. 
Astell, W.'T. 314. 
Astry, Astrie, Astrye, Austrey 218 ; 
Al. 218 ; Anne 333 ; Dor. 333 ; 
Fcis. 333; IJena. 333; My. 333; 
Sic 11 v. i n ! 1 > > ?i 5 v| ; Mary 
333 ; Mr.' 79 ; Pen." 333': Ra. 27, 
28, 92, 93, 218; Win. 333. 
Astuby ell's Smyth, J no. 375. 
Astwick, 382, 383; Calf. de. 357. 
Astwood co. Bucks. 112. 
Athall, Wm. 152. 
Atkin, Tho. 355. 
Atkins, Tho. 298. 
Atkinson, Jo. 272 ; Rd. 318. 
Atte Corner, Mat! I. 95. 
Attewal, Tho. 143. 
Attewel, Jno. 296; Laur. 296; Nich. 

296 ; Ra. 295. 
Attewode, Atwood, Uy. 136; Jno. 

24, 296; Nig. 136; Ric. 95. 
Auborn, Hy. 95. 

Audley, Audeley, Awdley, Cath. 

38;,Edm. 37; Ily. 54; Ja. 107; 

Jno, 52; Lord Chanc. 157; Tho. 

94, 236. 
Audley End co. Essex 184. 
Audry, W ni. 373" 
Aukke, Wm. 25. 
Ault, Geo. 211 ; Ros. 2M. 

Aurifab.' Amf. 134; Ric. 134; Rt 

134; Wm. 134. 
Austen, Austene, Austin, Al. 217 : 

Ann 107; Edw. 273 ; Fees. 272; 

Er. 273 ; Jo. 85,273; Marth.272; 

Mary 85; Sam. 170; Wm. 272. 
Austrey, see Astry. 
Avurslip co. 1 ! mils: 4 r. 4 
Awdley, see Audley. 
Aylesbury co. Bucks. 217, 314; 

Earl of 153. 
Aylewyn, Hugh 295. 
Ayliff, j no. 374. 

Ayott, iVIounfitchett co. Herts. 273. 

HA A, Reg. de 134. 

Babington, Eli/.. 23. 

Baker, Alex. 341 ; Galf. 94; Geo. 

304 ; Walt. 93, 187. 
Balani, Eli/. 182. 
Balard, Tho. 375. 
Baldock, Baldoc 211, 357; Ales 

107 ; J a. 107; Rt. 107; Wm. 205. 
Baldwin, Baldvvyn, |a. 367; Jno. 

247 ; Rug. 25 ; Tho. 367. 
Bale, Tho. 24. 
Ball, Rt. 272 ; Wm. 204. 
Ballican, Galf. 1 36 ; Tho. 136. 
Ballow, Dr. 35. 

Bamford, Bamforth, Dor. 105; Eli/.. 

77 ; Jno. 94 ; Paul 76, 77 ; Pet. 

35 1 Kt- 92, 94, 35 1, 352- 
Banister, Banester, Bannister, — 

181 ; Fcis. 84, 92, 352. £ 
Barbor, Barbour, Bridg. 109; Jno. 

IO0 ; Jos. 354 ; Wm. 93. 
Barcock, Barcok, Leo. 39; Wm, 


Barcole, Rt. 52. 
Bardoll ... 217. 
Bard ways 24. 

Barford 28, 74, 183; Jno. 300 ; 

Little 49, 153. 
Barker, Anne 280; Fcis. 274; Grace 

306 ; 1 ly. 95 ; Rt. 1 59 3 dlio. 306. 
Barking 44. 

Barnard, El. 20 ; Jno. 20. 
Barnardiston, Al. 81; Eli/. 36; 

Jno. 93. 
Barnefields 216. 

Barnes, Bains, Ann 198, 249; Jno. 
242 ; Marg. 206 ; Rt. 75 j Win. 

Bar net co. I Ierts. 2S0. 

Barnewell, Edwd. 80; Ily. 80; 

Jno. 80 ; Rath. 80. 
Barnham, Al. 270; Ben. 270; Dor. 



Baron, Rt. 356. 
Barow, Jno. 318. 

Rarrington, — 273, 274 ; Mrs. 273. 
Barrowby co. Line. 198. 
Barry, Sarah 306. 
Bartelet, Win. 295. 
Bartelot, Rog. 93; Wm. 95. 
Bartley, Lord 35. 

Barton 17, 18, 34, 37, 54, 55 ; 

Dun. 86; Jno. 86; Mary 86; 

Phil. 86 ; Sam. 86 ; Win. 93, 

245, 296. 
Barton lc Gey 32, 50, 89, 113, 114. 
Barty, Fcis. 366. 
Basingstoke 222. 
Basmay 144. 
Basmcad 221. 
Bass, Sim. 319. 
Bassett, Mr. 127. 
Baston, Wm. 25. 
Batell, Rt. 145. 
Bales Close 75. 
Bath 127, 364. 
Bathon, Nich. 93. 
Bathurst, Eli/./ 189; Jim. J89 ; 

Let. 189. 

Battison, Eliz. 367; Let. 114; Rt. 

1 14, 261, 367. 
Battlesden 34, 90, 222, 260; park 


Bayes, Bays, Eliz. 217 ; Mich. 213. 
Bayleham or Baynham co. Suit. 

167, 16S. 
Hayntuu, Aim 58 ; II y. 58. 
Ba/.eley, Al. 331 5 Jno. 331. 
Beach, Phil. 31 3. 

Beadles, Beedle, Hen. 38; Ja. 40, 
41, 42 ; Matt. 8, 40 ; Mich. 40; 
Tho. 40, 41 ; Wm. 40. 

Beake, Ann 84 ; Tho. 84. 

Beale, Beele, Sus. 77 ; Tho. 77, 93. 

Beales, Mary 264 ; Rd. 264. 

Beamond, Beamont, sec Beaumont. 

Beard, Jno. 94; Mr. 37 ; Wm. 94. 

Beaty-Pownall, C. W. 320. 

Beauchamp, Eph. 198; Hugh de 
129, 132, 133 ; Jno de 133 ; Let. 
198; Nich. de 133; 01. de 129, 
133 ; Rad. de 134; Rog. de 133, 
134; Wm. de 133, 134. Sec also 
Bello Campo. 

Beaufort, Bishop 193. 

Beaumont, Bemant, Bemond, Al. 
189; Ans. 237; Jno. 51, 215, 
237; Kath. 215; Mary 23, 216; 
Mr. 92, 351 ; Rt. 189, 273; Tern. 
237 ; Tho. 23. 

Beaurefaire co. Hants. 33, 34. 

Bechar, Becher, see Beecher. 
Beck, Fees. 112; Geo.' 112; Tho. 
166, 187. 

Beckett, Ann 104; Fcis. 217 ; Jno. 

94*' Marlh. 112; Ric. 94; Sam. 

94; -Sim. 94, 112, 351, 352; 

Wm. 54, 94, 276. 
Becwra 221. 
Bedale co. York 64. 
Bedell, Jno. 375. 

Bedford 23, 27/37, 3^> 44, 45, 5L 
56, 77, 82. 83, 90, 119, 138, 142, 
158, 206, 213, 215, 216, 217, 
224, 245, 281, 303, 316; ancient 
97; Archd. of 31, 36; Archdy. 
7, 16, 34; Bell 261; le Berne- 
place 204; Bridge 377; Cauld- 
well-street 26 1 ; Charity 2, 0 ; 
Corp. Records 7 ; Dame Alice 
Street 2 ; Deanery 7 ; Duffehous 
yard 375 ; Duke of 154, 202 ; 
early deed 204; Edward Road 
14; Gram. School 5, 6; Harpur 
street I ; Harpur street chapel 
199; Home lane ioo, ]02 ; Hos- 
pital 150, 152; Howard chapel 
199 ; Kyngesdiche 375 ; Library 
249; Mayors ot 91, 351; Mill 
street chapel 199; Moravian 
church 200; Old Meeting house 
199; Pottei street 352; St. Cuth- 
berts 7, 43, 117, 161, 162, 163, 
318, 376 ; St. John's 7, 17, 104, 
10S, 150, 318, 375 ; St. John's 
Hosp. 193, 321 ; St. Leon. 375 ; 
St. Mary's 7, 17, 75, 109, 161, 
162, 297, 302 ; St. Paul's 2, 7, 
K), 40, 110, 115, 154, 259, 280, 
302 ; St. Pet. 7, 17, 20, 84, 146, 
375, 376, 377 ; St. Peter street 
chapel 199 ; School 3847 ; Shep- 
ischeryng 204; Swan Inn 312; 
White Hart 261 ; White Swan 

Bedford, — 59, 119; Ann 207; 

Ar. 42 ; Dor. 105 ; Eliz. 207 ; 

Mary 44; Mr. 150; Temp. 42; 

Tho. 105 ; Rev. Tho. 44 ; Wm. 

105, 109, 153, 207. 
Bedfordshire, Births, Marr. and 

Deaths 202; Celebrities 119; 

Church Heraldry 21 ; Deeds 281 ; 

Eriends 202 ; Manors ] 19; MSS. 

119; Nat. Hist. 120; Non-Par. 

Regis. 199 ; Wills 23. 
Bedicanford 14. 

Beecher, Bechar, Eliz. -241, 283, 
368, 369 ; Dame Eliz. 285 ; Fees. 


283; Jno. 81, 214, 283; Mary 
369; 01. 283, 3O8; Wm/241, 
369 ; Sir Wm. 283, 285, 368, 

Beeches 367. f 
Beedham, B. II. 263. 
Beedle, see Beadles. 
Beele, see Beale. 

Beeston 57, 203, 303, 328; green 

Beetch, Tho. 216; Wm. 216. 

Begwary 280. 

Belgrave, l£dw. 206. 

Bell, Fees. 212 ; Mary 45 ; Rd, 

351 ; Rt. 45, 94, 304, 352. 
Bellamy, jno. 34. 
Bellie, Mr. 77. 

Bello Campo, Rio. de 136 ; Sim. do 
136; Win. de 136. See Beau- 

Belsham, Ann 43 ; jas. 43 ; Jno. 43 ; 

Sam. 43. 
Beluero, 141. 

Beluncle, Rad. 357 ; Ric. 358. 
Beinant, see Beaumont. 
Bendishe, Eliz. 265 ; Wm. 265. 
Bendovve, Edm. 74; Sir Edm. 74; 

Marg. 74. 
Benham, Tho. 35. 
1 Sennit, — 217. 

Bentley, Marg. 226; Wm. 226. 
Beoly co. Wore. 214, 244. 
Berde, Barth. 137. 
Bereforde 131, 138 *, Amf. de 1 56 ; 
Hen, do' 138 ; Ihnnf. de 138 ; 

Roy. de 1 30 ; Wm. de 130. 
Bergavenny, Lord 382. 
Berkely, Cath. 310; Jno. 310. 
Berkshire Wills 37. 
Bernard, Rt. 50 ; Sergt. 60 ; Wa. 


Ber.nardi, Alb. fil. 135. 
Berridge, [no. 256 ; Rev. [no. 267 ; 
Mr. 37.' 

Berry, Dan. 308, 309 ; ja. 308 ; Jno. 

308 ; Marti). 308, 309 ; Mary 309. 
Bertie, Fcis. 366. 
Beryfield 298. 
Bethewater, Rd. 93. 
Betlowe 54. 
Bette, Wm. 245. 

Betts, Ann 104 ; Bel. 104 ; Bel. L. 
104 ; Bet. 104 ; Chas. 104 ; Jno. 
104 ; Jno. B. 104 ; Maria 104 ; 
Win. 92. 

Beverley, Beverlie, Eliz. 238 ; Jas. 
23S ; Sir Jas. 221 ; Ja. 221 ; 
Marie 238 ; 01. 221 ; Wm. 238. 

Beyst, Tho. 93- 

Biddenham 8, 17, 50, 74, 77, 82, 
83, 191, 213, 217, 281, 291, 301, 

339, 340, 34i, 35°. 373- 
Bidkin, Ann 225, 226; Jno. 225, 

226, 227. 
Biggleswade 15, 42, 120, 121, 122, 

123, i-4> 147, 263, 318, - 344 ; 

Bapt. chapel 200 ; Wes. chapel 


Billingsley, Col. Fcis. 287. 
Billington 348. 

Binge, — 20; Ann 330; Rd. 330; 

see also Linge and Kinge. 
Bingley, Joh. 331; Marth. 332; 

Tho. 332. 
Birche, Rd. 78. 
Birchmore I Louse 1 19. 
Bird, Birde, Eliz. 40; Jno. 30, 167, 

168; Mr. 29, 39, 51, 171, 214; 

Sim. 57 ; Tho! 40. 
Bisshemade, see Bushmead. 
Bissop, Rt. 136. 

Bithrey, Eliz. 248; Jno. 249; Mr. 

252 ; Thos. 248, 249. 
Black, W. 11. 195. 
Blacker, St. John 91 ; Wm. 91, 
Blackforby, (no. 205 ; Wm. 295. 
Blackhed, Al. 54 ; Tho. 54. 
Blackshaw, V. S. 337. 
Blackston, 1 ly. 384?. 
Blackwater field 50. 
Blaine, Jno. 273. 
•Blaiseworth, Blaysword 131, 139. 
Blake, Ales. 22 1 ; I lumph. 221 ; 

Jno. 93, 95 ; Rt. 221. 
Bland, Adam 3847 ; Eliz. 3S417 ; 

Fcis. 3847 ; Rose 3847 ; Sir Tho. 

3S47 ; Win. 272. 
Blaydes, J 1 '. A. 260. 
Bleakhall 223. 
Bleok, Tho. 295. 

Bletsoe 17, 24/27, 37, 38, 30, 118, 
154, 215, 297, 318, 3O8 ; Rector 
of 31 ; Beat, de 138; J no. 345; 
Marg. 297; Ric. de 138; Win. 
214, 302. ( 

Blesworth, Ric. 93. 

Blettesho, see Bletsoe. 

Blighton, Mary 303. 

Bh.c ,111 held 181. 

Blount, Jno. 204, 295 ; Tho. 295. 
Blow, Wm. 180. 
Bliincketl 378. 

Blundell, Eliz. 103, 159, 182; Dame 
Eliz. 103, 182; Fees. 160; Ceo. 

103, 159, 182, 183, 260; Sir Geo. 
103, 182, 183; Sarah 1 60, 182. 


Blunham 147, 148, 187, 248, 318; 

Chapel 200. 
Blunt, Dor. 237 ; Geo. 237. 
Blythe, Tho. 301 ; Win, 301. 
Bodenho, J no. de 337. 
Bogatsky, — 256. 
Bole, Tho. 94. 
Bolehurst, see Bolnhurst. ■ 
Boleme, Marg. de 135; Matt, de 

135; Ric. de 135. 
Bolenhurst, see Bolnhurst. 
Bolingbroke, Earl 368; 01. Earl of 

3i, 297. 

Bolnhurst 49, 55, 136, 144, 149; 
Edm. de 38; Rad. de 140; Rt. 
de 140; Wall, de 137, 140; Zoz. 
de 137. 

Boner, Agn. 203 ; J no. 295 ; Laur. 

203, 295 ; Ric. 203. 
Bonyon, Ed. 273; Margt. 226; see 

Banyan and Boynon. 
Booker, Bur. 273. 
Boomer, Win, 215. 
Boone, Mary 305. 
Booth, Sir Geo. 26S ; Dame Kath. 


Borewell, — 95. 

Borezate, Agn. 95, 

Borne, Rd. 244 ; Wm. 1 6. 

Borranskale 378, 379. 

Bosf, Tho. 249. 

Boston 45, 384^ ; Wm. 249. 

Bosvvell, Pen. 367; Tho. 367. 

Bos worth, Agn. $31 ; |no. de 1 jo. 

Bolder, lioiiler, Bottiler, Lady Ann 

83; And. 208; Eliz. 56, 217; 

Galf. de J 59 ; Del. 217, 341 ; 

Sir lly. 34; Jas. 204; Sir J no. 

268 ; Mary 45, 341 ; Oh 82 ; 

Dame Sib. 340, 341; Sir Tho. 

82, 83 ; Urs. 82 ; Wm. 8, 26, 56, 

82, 139 217, 339, 341 ; Sir Wm. 

45, 340. 
Bothe, Mat. 382 ; Rt. 382. • 
Boulte, Jno. 244. 

Boundy, Eliz. 266; Jane 306; Mil. 

26O ; Pet. 218, 266 -Tho. 218, 266. 
Bourchier, jno. 353. 
Bourne co. Camb. 304; Abra. 56; 

Ann 105, 151 ; Edw. 56, 105, 

108, 109, 150, 151, 153; Rev. 

Edw. 249; Eliz. 305; Sarah 1 09; 

Stts. 108, 150 ; Tho. 305. 
Bouskil, Alex. 84. 
Bower estate 14. 
Bowl, Jno. 245. 

Bowles, Dive 107 ; Mr. 175; Tho. 

Bowlley, Rd. 79. 

Bowinhurst, see Bolnhurst. 

Bowser, Sarah 53. 

Bowtell, Tho. 272. 

Bowser, Edw. 249. 

Boxend 224. 

Boyes, Isa. 275. 

Boyle, Marg. 42 ; Rt. 42. 

Boynon, liar. 296 ; Rog. 296 ; Tho. 

296 ; see Bonyan, Bunyan. 
Boyssedene, Ah de 116. 
Braban, My. 95 ; Jno. 95. 
Brace, Amy 55 ; Ann 41, 112, 1 1 3- 

Dan. 55; Fcis. 41, 112, 113; 

Jno. 304; Sarah 42; Tho. 55; 

Thur. 157. 
Bradfeilds 82. 
Bradley, Urs. 297. 
Bradshaw, Eliz. 56; Jno. 77, no; 

Mary 1 10 ; Mr. 217. 
Braihoc, Cr. de 141 ; Hen. de 135, 

138, 141, 154. 
Brakin, 220; Jno. 220. 

Bramingham, Gt. 33. 
Brandenburgh, 384^. 
Brasyer, Sim. 93. 

Bray, Edm. 40; Edwd. 80; Eliz. 

208; [no. 295; Mary 80, 208; 

Rt. 208. 
Bray field co. Bucks. 341. 
Braysworth, Jno. de 1^9. 
Breed, Marth. 33 1 ; Tho. 331. 
I Brekenbk, Jno. 247. 
Brereton, Rev. Dr. 250. 
Bretteuille, Brituille, Brutteuil, Galf. 

de 134; Hug. de 138; Wm. de 

134, IBS. 
Brickhill parva. 35, 78. 
Brickwood, Jas. 249 
Briddesthorne 247. 
Bridge water co. Som. 221. 
Bridgnorth 287. 
Briers, see Bryar, etc. 
Briggemelle 383. 

Brigges, Eliz. 207 ; Geo. 174 ; Jno. 

220; Reb. 220; Sar. 210. 
Brighte, Mr. 307. 
Brincklo, J no. 152. 
Bringhurst, Isaac 206 ; Rev. Is. 

160; Jno. 206 ; Mary 206 ; Sus. 


Briscoe 379; Jno. 262; Rd. 187; 

Sus. 187. 
Bristol 109, 214, 258, 259. 
Brit tain, Wm. 30. 
Brittuille, see liretuille. 
Brocas 33 ; Ann 34 ; Bern. 34 ; 

Ed. 34 ; Fees. 34 ; Wm. 34. 


Brocket, Brockett, Edwd. 35 ; Ja. 

1 19; Jno. 1 19; Lac. 1 19; Rt. 211. 
Bromeley, Sir Ed. 119. 
Bromfielde, Jno. 211. 
Bromhall, 01. 94. 

Bromham 38, 74, 83, 163, 298, 383 ; 

road 142. 
Bromilow, Da. 335 ; H. S. 335. 
Bromsall, Agn. 303; Al. 216, 303; 

Dor. 305; Eliz. 148, 303; Grace 

303; Jno. 148, 303, 304; Marg, 

148 ; Mary 303 ; Dame Mary 147 ; 

Mr. 272 ; Ra. 148 ; Rt. 303, 304; 

Tho. 147, MS, 3°3> 305 5 Wm, 


Brooks, Jos. 201 ; Sir J. 314. 

Broom 158. 

Brorin, Wm. 93. 

Broughe, Nic. 317. 

Broughton co. Line. 271. 

Broughton Astley 61. 

Broustere, Rog. 95. 

Brown, Browne, — 107 ; Al. 106 ; 
Ann 107; Chas. 318; Eliz. 87, 
107 ; Lady Eliz. 108 ; Rev. F. 
57; Greg. 328; Hy. 328; Hugh 
106; Jo. 121 ; Jno. 18, 106, 108, 
328 ; Mary 89, 106, 108 ; 01. 106, 
108 ; Rd. 106, 107, 328 ; Sam. 
87, 106, 108; Sir Sam. 108; Tho. 
106, 108 ; Win. 187. 

Browning, Hinde 368. 

Broy, Jno. de 137. 

Brudden, Wm. 303. 

Brudenell, Edw. 2.17. 

Brunne 131. 

Bruse, Tim. 25. 

Brussell, Rt.- 135. 

Brulon, Ar. 280 ; D. G. 224 ; Ed. 
280; Geo. 280; Mary 280; Sus. 


Brutteuil, see Bretteuille. 
Bryant, Lor. 46. 

Bryar, Bryars, Bryer, Al. 61, 332; 

Amy 61, 332; Ann 61, 332; 

Lady Ara. 61, 190 ; Emy. 329 ; 

Ja. or, 329; Joan, 331 ; Jno. 61, 

329, 331 ; Luc. 61, 331' ; Wm. 

61, 329, 331, 332; Sir Wm. 61, 

190, 233, 234. 
Bryggus, Jno. 375. 
Brytle', Barth. 17. 
Buch, Umf. de 15. 
Buddy 379 ; Ann 337 ; Eliz. 337 ; 

Mary 337 ; Lie. 336, 337 ; Wm. 


Buckingham 52, 108; Ed. 152; 
Ka. 209. 

Bucks. 45, 211; Sheriff of 181, 

198 ; Brasses in 20. 
Buckley, Dr. 302. 
Buckmaster, J no. 18. 
Bull, Bulle, Al. 304 ; Jno. 95; 

Mary 29 ; Win. 304. 
Buller, — 35. 

Bullinger, Dr. 301. ♦ 

Bullocke, Bullock, Jno. 188 ; R. 

' 382; Tho. 188. 

Buhner", Jno. 24. 

Bunhill Eields 226. 

Bunn, Bunne, Eliz. 331; Jno. 330; 

Win. 330, 331. 
Bunney, Wm. 249. 
Bunyan, Bunnion 225 ; Ann 85, 

225, 226; Dor. 85; Eliz. 226; 

Jno. 153, 225, 226; Jos. 226; 

"Mary 226; Rt. 85 ; Sar. 226; 

Tho. 225, 226 ; Win. 85. 
Burhage co. Leic. 309. 
Burljyf Al. 332 ; Cuthb. 332. 
Burgess, Burgys — 274 ; Hy. 201 ; 

Wid. 273. 
Burgoyne, Jno. 274, 275 ; Jud. 267; 

]\lr. 75, 272 ; Ivog. 267. 
Barnard family 342. 
Burnham co. Norf. 87, 38j.<?. 
Burr, B litre, Jno. 372 ; Rt. 130. 
Burrell, Abra. 341. 
Burton, 131, 1.4 1 ; Jno. 153, 338. 
Burwell, Edwd. 237; Nic. 332; 

Tho. 93. 
Bury (arm 20. 

Bury, Geo. 186; Mary 75; Wm. 16. 
Bury fold 245. 
Bush, Sus. 85. 

Bushmead, Bisshemade, 49, 131 ; 

cartulary 92, 129; priory 60, 129; 

Jno. de 138. 
Bussy, And. 181; Cec. 181, 182 j 

Eli/. 18 r ; Jno. 181 ; W id. 273. 
Butcher, Jar. 272 ; Tho. 275. 
Butler, Ann 119; liliz. 301; Hy. 

92; Rath. 301; Mary 189; 01, 

301 ; Tho. 186, 2ii, 301 ; Urs. 

301 .; Wm. 92, 301. 
Butman, Geo. 298. 
Butterfield, Ed. 331 ; Joan 331. 
Butterton, A_L;n. 302 ; Mil. 302. 
Byatt, Eliz. 182. 
Bye, Wid. 272. 
Byssop, Rt. 118. 
By worth, Jno. 2J4. 

CADBURY closer 49 ; woods 49. 
Caddington 179. 


Cadwell, — 299; Al. 361; Eliz. 

361; Jno. 361; Mary 361; Rt. 

361 ; Wm. 361. 
Caldwell 109. 
Calmady, Jane 58. 
Calton, Hum. 105. 
Calve rton co. Bucks. 1 98. 
Calward, Sir Tho. 300. 
Cambridge, 45, 140; University 8; 

Christ's Coll. 32 ; Clare Hall 275, 

384a ; Magd. Coll. 271 ; St. 

John's Coll. 384'Z ; Trin. Coll. 

"17, 34, 183. 
Campbell, Lady Anne 379, 380. 
Campton 18, 181, 186. 
Cann, Hugh, 46 ; Marg. 46. 
Cannons co. Herts. 233 ; close 82. 
Cantebrigg, Jno. de 152 
Cantelowe, Wm. 203. 
Canterbury, Archbp. of 8, 35. 
Canuci, see Chanu. 
Canuti, Wm. 137. 

Capel, Capell, Mary 112 ; Rt. 112; 
Sal. 138. 

Capellani, II y, 140; Rt. 136. 

Carausius 10. 

Carl)onel, Wm. 135. 

Cardington 8, 17, 34, 39, 75, 76, 
80, 83, 103, 105, J29, 158, 181, 
209, 214, 215, 303, 304, 340, 341, 
383; Cotton end chap. 200; road 

Carlton, Carleton 1^4, 248, 249, 
307 ; Ami. 115; Geo. 1 15. 

( arloton co. Suffolk bo. 

Caih 11, Carlil 181 ; Al. 363. 

Carnarvon 127. 

Carpentarius, Sylv. 360. 

Carpenter, Eliz. 336 ; Rt. 336. 

Carr, Carre, Ann Go ; Sir Ed. 60 ; 
Jno. 238 ; Jud. 238 ; Mr. 173, 

Carte, Al. 206 ; Amy 206 ; Eliz. 
206; 1 110. 206; Win. 206. * 

Carter, Carterc, Al. 24 ; Barth. 25 ; 
Eliz. 22, 224; El. 26, 27; Em. 
26 ; Ceo. 22 ; Hy. 95 ; Joan 24, 
26; Jno. 24, 25, 53, 214, 215, 
238, 370; Mary 23, 217; Nich. 
24, 25 ; Reg. 95 ; Rd. 24, 373 ; 
Rt. 25, 95 ; Sar. 238 ; Tho. 26, 
230 ; W. 209 ; Wa. 24 ; Wm. 24, 
26, 27, 53, 95, 224, 370. 

Carteret, Sir Ed. 222; Dame Eliz. 
221, 222; Lord 314; Sir Phil. 

Cartwright, Ann 64 ; M ann. 64. 
Carun, Hugh de 3 58; Walt, de 135. 

Cary, Jno. 46 ; Mary 46. 

Cash, Luc. 61, 331. 

Castell, Edm. 146; Mary 310; Rt. 


Castleden, Mich. 201. 
Castlethorpe co. Line. 270. 
Carter, Edw. 354; Hy. 28; Joane 

28 ; Tho. 281. 
Caudwell 1 10 ; Mr. 189. 
Caukesnef, Rt. 140. 
Cave, Eliz. 42 ; Tho. 42, 261. 
Cavit, Jno. 249. 
Cawley, W. 355. 
Cawte, Sir Jno. 211. 
Cayli, Alex, de 140, 141 ; Cec. de 

140, 141 ; Jno. de 1 4 1 ; Sim. de 


Cayno, Jno. 95. 

Caysho 136, 298. 

Cetfsar, Wid. 273. 

Ceavvlin, 97. 

Cecil, Ed. 201. 

Chalfont St. Giles 185. 

Chalfstone, see Chalverston. 

Chalgrave 34, 254, 300, 304, 335. 

Charley end 24. 

Chaloner, Alan 95 ; Wm. 93. 

Chalton 03. 

Chalverston, Chalversterne, Chalf- 
stone, 78, 79, 136, 137, 222. 

Chamberleyn, Calf. 337; Rt. 337. 

Chambers, Inn. 7; Jo. 272; Wid. 

Channfeld, [no. 04. 
Chauon, Edm 300, 
Chanu, Di. 137; Jno. le I J 5 ; Rl. 

J "37 ; l^og. 137 ; Wm, 130. 
Chapman, Agn. 26 ; Eliz, 331 ; Jno. 

19; Mary, 280; Rog. 212. 
Charles I. 155. 
Charnock, see Chernock. 
Charterhouse 6. 
Chase, Phil. 8(3 ; Steph. 86. 
Cliatterton, Mr. 52. 
Chatton, Bar. 274 ; Wid. 273. 
Chauton, Chaw ton 222 ; Ade de 

134; Matil de 134; Wm. de 134 
Cheker, the 230. 
Chellington 17, 184, 249, 298. 
Chelsea 1 87, 367. 
Cheney, see Cheyne. 
Chenie, see Cheyne. 
Chenye, see Cheyne. 
Chernock, Charnock, Ad. 370 ; 

And. 370 ; Di. 299; Geof. 299; 

Mary 370 ; Pyn. 209; Rd. 309; 

Rt. 37 ; Sir Vil. 370 ; W in. 273. 
Chesham Bois 33. 


Cheshunt 35. 

Chessam, Chessame, 286 ; Al. 79 ; 
Ed. 79; Jo. 79; Rd. 79; Rt. 79; 
Win. 79. 

Chester, Sir Anth. 212. ' 

Cheston co. Hants 341. 

Chew, Ed. 201 ; Eliz. 206; Jno. 

207 ; Tho. 206, 207. 
Cheyne, Chenye, Cheney, etc. 33 ; 

Ann 187 ; Cath. 198 ; Eliz. 43, 

218; bees. 34; Ja. 282; jno. 

187, 247, 282 ; Lady 35 ; Mary 

33; Mr. 362; Rt. 33, 187; Tho. 

34, 35, 198, 319. 
Chibnall, Jno. 212. 
Chichely 212 ; Jno. 93. 
Chichester 350. 
Chicksands 54, 213, 300. 
Child,. Childe, CJiyld, Agn.. 29; 

Amy 52 ; Ann 52 ; Eliz. 29, 52 ; 

Eds. 29, 52 ; aPs Clarke, Ecis. 

29; Geo. 52; Gra. 29; 1 1 y. 28; 

Hum. 52 ; Jno. 28, 52 ; Jud. 29 ; 

Luke 28 ; Marg. 28 ; Mary 52 ; 

Maud 29 ; Rd. 52, 214 ; Rt. 28, 

29, 52 ; Tho. 28, 29, 52 ; Urs. 

84; Wa. 214; War. 28; Wm. 

52, 338. 
Child ers, Jno. 27. 
Childvviek 29. 
Chilmeley 259. 
Chiltern Green 24, 53. 
Chiselput 357. 

Christie, Chrystie, Al. no; Ann 

41, 43, 1 10; Sam. 351 ; Thos.. 

.| 1, 70, 04, 1 10, 156. 
Church, Ecis. 120, 122; Sir Rd. 244. 
Chinch end 28. 
Clanfere, Ric. 95. 
Clapham 37, 39, 964 by 11 245. 
Clark, Clarke, — 217 ; Anth. 29, 

339 ;. Dan. 302 ; Ed. 272 ; Sir 

Ed. 59; Eliz. 369; Ecis. 51; 

Hy. 273, 274 ; Jno. .29, 38, 215, 

272, 369; Jo. 272; Thos. 26; 

Wm. 26, see Child a Is. Clark and 

Claver, Marm. 54. 
Claverston 127. 
Claye, Tho. 189. 
Clayworth co. Notts. 48. 
Clenawley, Baron 91. 
Clerico, Adam 338. 
Clerk, Gierke, Ann 107 ; Dor. 149; 

Eliz. 331 ; Eees. 149 ; Sir Ecis. 

149; Geo. 149 ; Ric. 93, 95; 

Kog. 331, 332 ; Tho. 107. See 

alio Clark-. 

Clerkenwell 110. 

Clerksone, 01. 107. 

Clervaux, Wm. 93. 

Cleveland, Ann, Ctess. of3So; Earl 

of 61 ; Tho., Earl of 380. 
Cleyton, Eliz. 82 ; Hester 82 ; 

Wm. 82. 

Clifton 105 ; jno. 205. « 

CM in ton — 210. 

Clithero 146. 

Glode, Chas. M. 2. 

Clophill 17, 18, 36, 114, 185. 

Clutterbuck, Jasp. 59; Lawr. 59; 

Mary 59 ; Rd. 59. 
Clyfford, Wm. 295. 
Clyffton, jno. 205. 
Cobb, Cobbe, Al. 24, 27 ; Eliz. 24, 

26, 27; Geo. 27; Jno. 26; Rath. 
85; La'ur. 27; Marg. 25; Mary 

27, 41 ; 01. 214 ; Paul 85, 214 ; 
Rd. 27 ; Sarah 281 ; Tho. 27 ; 
Wm. 24-27, 214, 281. 

Cobham, Lord 8. 

Cobourne, Mary 82 ; Tho. 82 ; Val. 


Cock, Cocke, Eliz. 51; Geo. 55; 
Matt. 309 ; Sam. 51. 

Cockayne, Cokaine, Cokkine, etc., 
M. I. 186; Eliz. 89 ; Jno. 75, 89, 
103; Laur. 279; Low. 279; Mary 
103; 01. 51, 162; Ros. 209; 
Wm. 103, 216. 

Cockayne 11 atley 165, 186. 

Coe, Tho. 249. 

Cok, ) no. 95. 

Cokaine, Cokayne, see Cockayne. 
Coke, Cath. 60 ; Sir Ed. 60 ; Wm. 

Cokes 300. 

Cokkine, see Cockayne. 
Cokko, Rt. 205. 

Colbeck, Al. 26; Eliz. 26; jno. 26, 
26 ; 

78, 79 ; Kath. 26 ; L 
Luc. 26 ; Mr. 158 ; Rd. 26 ; Rt. 
79 ; Ros. 26 ; Tho. 26 ; Win. 

Cold Brayfield co. bucks. 240. 
Cole, Ed. 272; Eliz. 46,249; Nath. 

164, 238 ; Wid. 272. 
Cole MSS. 150. 

Coleman, Tho. 165 ; Thorn. 305; 

Wm. 305. 
Coleman's Catalogue 92. 
Colesden, Colesdene, Colsden 158; 

Al. de 137 ; Sim. d.e 130; Tho. 

de 137 ; Wm. de 137. 
Collaton, Eliz. ,70; Tho. ,70. 
Collier, Mrs. 84. 


Collins, Ann 183 ; Rev. liar. 183 ; 

Bern. 75; Eliz. 30, 183; Juan 

190; J no. 190; Rev. Rt. 183; 

Sus. 75 ; Tho. 35. 
Collop, Collopp, Al. 27 ; Ann 2S, 

52; Edm. 30; Eliz. 27, 28, 52; 

Geo. 27; Hy. 27, 30; Joan 189; 

J no. 28, 30; Kath. 28; Marg. 

30; Mary 52, 189; Mich. 205; 

Reg. 27, 28, 52, 189 ; Sar. 209 ; 

Tho. 28, 189. 
Colmord', Jno. de 135; 130. 
Colmworth, Colmouth, Colmorde, 

Colmorth 22, 49, 60, 137, 158, 

185, 188, 310, 312, 328, 379. 
Colyer, Rt. 246. 
Combe, Gilb. 85 ; Joan 85. 
Compton, Jo. 272; Tho. 272. 
Conduit road 142. 
Conell, Eliz. 74. 

Coningham, Mary 210; Rt. 210; 

Viv. 210. 
Coningsby, Tho. 366. 
Connolly, Rt. Hon. Ann 379. 
Conquest, Al. 41 ; Dame Al. 309; 

Cic. 84 ; Edm. 24, 25 ; Eliz. 24, 

42, 43; Fees. 210 ; Geo. 43 ; Sir 

lly. 309; Joan 25; Mary 42; 

Rd. 40, 92, 93; Sir Rd. 8; Wm. 

24, 42, 210. 
Constable, Al. 269; Dame Dor. 

270 ; Sir Jno. 269, 270. 
Constantine III. 10. 
Constcnlyn, Costentyn, Hen. le 

135 ; Rad. de 135 ; Keg. 135, 

139; Ric. de 135; Sim. 139; 

W m. le 135. 
Conway, M.D. 383. 
Conye, Hugh 272. 
Cooche, Jno. 265. 

Cook, Cooke, Sir Ed. 60 ; El. 94 ; 

Jno. 59, 82 ; Jud. 59; Marg. 82; 

Rt. 329 ; Sim. 95. 
Cooles, Jno. 204. 
Coomfes — . 273. 

Cooper, Edm. 105 ; Edwd. 30, 79; 

Eliz. 284, 305 ; Fees. 284, 300 ; 

Ecis. 30 ; lly. 105 ; Johan 331 ; 

Jno. 27; Jas. 304; Mrs. 107; 

Rd. 28; Rt. 30; Sar. 30; Sic. 

105 ; Tho. 30, 105, 284, 300 ; 

Wal. 230, 284, 300. 
Coopers, 300 
Coops, — . 273. 
Coote, Jud. 189. 

Coper, Copper, Edm. 105, 107 ; 
Jno. 105 ; Mary 107; Mich. 105; 
Rd. 105 ; Rt. 107 ; Wm. 107. 

Cople, 17, 42, no, 138, 165, 215, 

284, 34S, 354, 379. 
Copley 8. 

Copmanford 1 3 1 , 139; Jos. de 130. 
C o pp er£' see C o p e r . 
Coppin 181, 197; All. 198; Ann 
180, 197, 198; Cath. 198; Eliz. 

180, 198 ; Ecis. 180, 197, 198 ; 
Geo. 35, 180, 198; Sir Geo. 180, 
198; J no. 179, 180, 197, 198; Jos. 
198; Eel. 180, 198; Marth. 180, 

181, 198; Mary 179, 180, 198; 
Rt. 180, 198; Sam. 180, 198; 
Sar. 180, 198; Sus. 198; Tho. 
180, 181, 197, 198. 

Corfon, Rd. 295. 

Cornelius, Jo. 272. 

Corner, Mat. atte 95. 

Cornwell co. Oxon 333. 

Con ey, Rt. 1 1 6. 

Cosier, Ann 86. 

Costentyn, see Constcntyn. 

Cosiiii, Nath. 249. 

Cothrstoke, Wm. 93. 

Cotton, Dor. 271; Edm. 271; Eliz. 

271 ; Ecis. 271 ; Jno. 271 ; Dr. 

Nath. 125; Tho. 271 ; Sir Thos. 


Cotton, co. Salop 207. 
Cotton end 75, 183. 
Couckson, Dr. 171 ; Tho. 171. 
Coupere, Jno. 95 ; Wm. 95. 
Coursy, Wm. 295. 
Courteenhall 371. 
[ Courtman, Rt. 23 ; Sarah 23. 
Coven, Sir Tho. 54. 
Coveng, Sir Wm. 25. 
Coventry, Jno. 75. 
Cowne, Ric. 94 ; Rt. 94. 
Covvper, Geo. 121 ; Sir Tho. 74. 
Cox, Coxe, Anne 85 ; Jno. 85, 237; 

Marg. 237 ; Tho. 365. 
Craddocke, Cradock, Jno. 290, 353, 

Crafts, Tho. 119. 
Craley, see Crawley. 
Crandun 342. 

Craner, Reb. 248 ; Tho. 248. 
Cranfield 38, 42, 186, 304, 331 ; 

Edw. 229, 232 ; 13apt. chap. 200 ; 

Register 30. 
Cras, Jno. 245. 
Crawley, North 31. 
Crawley 124; Ab. 29; Ag. 50, 51 ; 

Al. 24, 25, 27, 51 ; Amy 53 ; 

Ann 51, 52, 53, 189, 190; Chr. 

27, 29 ; Dor. 52 ; Edwd. 25, 26, 

30, 50, 80 ; Eliz. 25, 29, 59, 206, 


279; Fees. 29 ; Fcis. 51, 52, 53, 
59> 94 ; Sir I<cis. 195; Geo. 50, 
51 ; II. H. 127 ; Is. 27 ; Ja. 30, 
53 ; Joan 24, 25, 27, 207, 279 ; 
J no. 24-27, 29, 50, 51, 53, 59, 
206, 211, 215 ; Jos. 53 ; Jud. 25 ; 
Jul. 27 ; Kath. 207 ; Lyd. 211 ; 
Marg. 27 ; Marth. 207 ; Mary 27, 
51, 53, 59; Mr. 372 ; Moy. 30; 
Pur. 51 ; Reb. 51, 53 ; Rd. 
24-27, 29, 50, 51, 59, 80, 189, 
190 ; Rt. 20, 30, 207, 244, 279 ; 
Rog. 27 ; Sar. 30, 50, 52 ; Tho. 
24-27, 29, 50-53; Umf. 26; Val. 
25; Win. 18, 24-27, 29, 50, 51, 

53, 279- 
Cray ford, Geo. 81. 
Creeke — 18. 
Cresset, Edw. 122, 124. 
Creswell co. Staff. '241. 
Creling, J no. de 139. 
Crewkirs 74. 

Crisselton co. Chester 215. 

Crofts, Ann 61 ; Ara. 61 ; Dor. 43; 

Joan 40 ; .Sir J no. 61. 
Crokitt, Gilb. 207. 
Crompton, arms of 241 ; Ann 241 ; 

Bar. 241 ; (Jar. 241 ; Eliz. 240, 

241 ; Jno. 241 ; Lov. 240, 241 ; 

Reb. 24 1 ; Rt. 240, 241 ; Tho. 241. 
Cromwell, Ann 219; lly. 219; 

Mary 367; Gl. 157; Sir 01. 367. 
Croot, Geo. 57 ; J no. 57 ; Mary 57 ; 

Tho. 57, 04 
Cropley, Win. 304. 
Cropi idie 50. 

Cropwell, Rt. 159. 

Crouch, AT. 55 ; Ann 55 ; Chr. 55, 

276 ; Edm. 55 ; Eliz. 55 ; Joan 

55 ; Sar. 75 ; Tho. 28 ; Urs. 55 ; 

Wid. 272. 
Crowe, Jno. 352; Rev. J. W. 114. 
Crowle, Alex. 92 ; Win. 93. 
Crowley, Theo. 38,-104, 153, 217; 

Mrs. 216. 
Cufande co. Hants. 222. 
Cufande, arms 222 ; Anne 222 ; 

Jno. 222. 
Culchith, Ra. 318 ; Wm. 318. 
Cullebere, Jno. 117; Sim. 143; 

Wm. 117. . 
Gumming, Anne 1S3 ; Rev. Frog. 

183 ; Rev. Wm. 183. 
Cunningham, Fees. 210; Jno 210. 
Curreye, J no. 1 18. 
Curtige, Al. de 135. 
Curtis — 37, 120. 
Cutliwulf 07. 

I DAFTON, Rd. 244. 

Dalles, Jno. 191. 

Dallison, Anne 48; Wm. 48. 

Danby, Ann 189. 

Danenos, Fme. 134 ; Wm. 134. 

1 >anevs, Bri. le 139. 

Daniell, Danyel, Danyell, Edwd. 
78 ; Geo. 218 ; Ste. 79. t 
I Danvers, Jno. 221 ; Sam. 221. 

Danvert, Rev. Anth. 314. 

Dapage, Wm. 24. 

Darnell, Eli/.. 268; Sir Thomas 

Dashwood, Fcis. 198; Mary 19S. 

I >aubeney, Lord 24. 

I >avenport 181 ; Jo. 36. 

Davie, Al. 55 ; Jno. 175. 

Da-visonne, 1 lum. 198. 

Davyes, arms o/g^ ; Ann 56; Bril. 

56; Hat. 56; Jno. 56; Mary 56. 
Dawley, Chr. 107; Wa. 107. 
Dawson, Chas. V. 44; J. T. 44; 

Mary C. 44; Mary 11. 44; Wm. 

Dawson- L urner 120. 
Day, Daye, Al. 55; Ann 55; 

Edwd. 55; Eliz. 51; Gra. 55; 

lly. 55 ; I no. 25, 55, 180 ; Mr. 

35 ; Ql 55; Rt. 55 ; Wm. 51. 
Dean 120, 121, 122, 218, 279, 367; 

par. reg. 263, 305^ 
Deane, Ann 332; Chr. 332; Joan 

De.ue' Rev. J. R. 314. 
I 1 Vcani, Reg. 135 ; Rug. 135. 
Dec cms, KHz. 54 ; Eza, 53 ; Fcis. 

53 ; Mr,. 77 ; Rd. 53 ; Tho. 53. 
See a/so 1 )iccons. 

i Deermer, Ann 189. 
Dei, I ere, Tho. 95. 
De-la-Port, Chas. 189; El. i8() ; 

J.J. 1S9. 
Dell, Jno. 206 ; Sus. ,206. 
Den, Rog. le 135. 
Denbigh', Edee 55; Edwin 55; 
Eliz. 55 ; Jno. 55 ; Mary 55 ; Rd. 

55 ; Rt. 55 ; Sus. 55- 

Denet, Rd. 24. 

Dengayne, J no. 134. 

Dennis, Denys, — . 32S ; And. 7, 
110, 153; Rev. And. 156; Eliz, 
304 ; jno. 95 ; Marth. 369: Mary 
369 ; Mr. 152 ; Sar. 384. 

Denton, Ann 55 ; Joan 5.4 ; Mary 

54 ; Matt. 54, 55 ; Nich. 17, lS, 
54 ; Rd. 54 ; Rt. 54 ; Ros. 21 1. 

Denys, see 1 tennis, 
Deptford, co. Kent 207. 


Dequester, Eliz. 210; Jac. 210; 

Mary 210 ; Matt. 210. 
f. Derby, Jno. of 37S. 
I De Roches, arms of 33. 
I Devenish, Ann 106 ; Geo. 106 ; Ja. 
f 106 ; Kath. 106, 107 ; Rt. 106, 


I Deverell, Kath. 84. 

Devil end 28. 
f Devilshoe 280, 384(7. 
I Devizes 370. 
[ Devonshire 44, 239, 374. 
\ Dewbury, Ann 104 ; Sam. 104. 
I Dewe, Jno. 79; Sir Jno. 27. 
I Diecons, Eliz. 213 ; J sab. 213 ; 
Marg. 213; Rt. 213. See also 

Diddington, co. Hunts. 368. 

Didius 23. 

Dillingham, Agn. 305; Al. 264, 
265 ; And. 264 ; Ann 264, 266, 
305, 306, 307 ; Uriel. 307 ; Chr. 

263, 264, 265, 307 ; Com. 308 ; 
Eliz. 263, 264 266, 305; El. 

264, 300 ; Esth. 264 ; Ecis. 263, 
306; Geo. 264, 265, 306; Ily. 
264, 306; Hum. 263; Isa'. 265, 
307; Jno. 264, 265, 266, 306, 
307, 308; Jos. 265; Jud. 263, 

306 ; Kath. 264, 306 ; Marg. 264, 
306; Marth. 265, 307; Mary 264, 
2 ^5j 3°5> 3°6 ; Reb. 265, 307 ; 
Rt. 263, 264 305, 306 ; Sar. 265, 
266, 306) 3°7 '• Sus. 307 ; Theos. 
265 ; Tho. 263-266, 270, 3°6, 

307 ; Thorn. 263, 305, 300 ; \Va. 
263, 264, 306 ; Wm, 263, 264, 

Dilly, Jno. 312, 313. 
Dimmocke,Diinock,Dymocke, Eliz. 

331 ; Mat. 229, 232; Mich. 80, 

331 ; Wm. 28 r. 
I Jitchfield, Jno. 54. 
Dive, Dyve, Dives, Levy. 92, 328 ; 

Sir Lew. 290, 353, 355. 
Dixie, Marg. 187. 

Dixon, — 120; Eliz. 303; Rev. 

Jno. 314. 
Dobson, Wm. 244. 
Dockin, Tho. 35. 
Dodekyn, Wm. 95. 
Dodinton 141. 

Doget, Doggett, Eliz. 75; Ecis. 75; 

Jno. 75 ; Wm. 75, 295. 
Dollowe 30. 
Doncaster 384^. 

Donne, Ann 36 1 ; Jno. 361 ; Mar, 
361 ; Pat. 361. 

Dorant, Jno. 95. 
Dormer, Dor. 333 ; El. 333. 
Dositor, Ann 280 ; Jno. 280. 
Doughty, Elen 273. 
Douglas —.214. 

Dove — 302 ; Al. 54 ; Jas. 54 ; 

Jno. 152 ; Rd. 318. 
Do we, William 93. 
Downe-Ampney 48. 
Downeinge, Sir Geo. 299. 
Dowries, Eliz. 207 ; Jno. 207. 
Dowson, Tho. 25. 
D'Oyley, Doyley, Jno. 60.; Kath. 

185 ; Tho. 185. 
Drake, Eliz. 41. 
Draper, Jno. 296. 

Drayton, Draiton 82, 131 ; Di. de 

141 ; Marg. de 139. 
Drayton Beauchamp 33. 
Drogonis, Ade hi. 138. 
Dromanby 269, 270. 
Drury, ( as. 281 ; Rev. Geo. 314: 
Drye, Gilb. 93. 

Ducket t, Ann 61, 367 ; Noah 61 ; 

Pet. 367 ; \\ r m. 236. 
Dudgson, 1'at. 372. 
Dudley, Ann 279 ; Mr. 249. 
Duncombe, Agn. 84 ; Al. 84 ; Ann 

36, 84; Benn. 84, 85 ; Brid. 86 ; 

Chas. 372; Cic. 84; Dor. 84; 

Sir Ed. 34, }5 ; Eliz. 43, 86, 

327 ; Ecis. 84 ; Geo. 85 ; Giles 
208 ; Han. 86 ; Hy. 54 ; Is. 84 ; 
Joan 85, 80; Jno. 54, 84, 85, 
86, 90; Sir jno. 91; Kath. 
84, 85; Luc. 8^; Mnrg. 54; Mary 
84, 85, 86, 208 ; Phil. 86 ; Pln'll. 
85 ; Rd. ^27 ; Rog. 84 ; Sar. 86 ; 
Sus. 84, '85 ; Tho. 84 ; W. 91 ; 
Wm. 36, 84, 86, 214. 

Dunstable 18, 23, 34, 38, 42, 75, 
133, 160, 187, 219, 280, 285, 295, 
300; chapel 200, 201; Jno. de 
118 ; lane 29 ; Priory 291 ; White 
Hart 187. 

Dunstall, Rog. 245. 

Punton 32, 270, 338, 343. 

Duport, Mr. 290. 

Duppa, Marth. 308 ; Sir Tho. 308. 

Durdent, Rt. 358. 

Durham, 114; Jno. 114; 

Let. 114. 
Durrant, J no. 5 5. 
Dutton, Tho. 208. 
Dyar, Dyer 185 ; Agn. 55; Al. 8.;; 

Ann 40, 60, 185; Cath. 55 ; Cath. 

Lady 60; Doy. 60, 185 ; Ed. 60, 

328 ; Dame Eliz. 60 ; El. 328 ; 

9 6 

Fcis. 60; Geo. 56, 60 ; Ily. 56, 

185; Jas. 185; Sir Jas. 60; Jno. 

55; Kath. 185; Dame Kath. 185; 

Sir Lew. 60; Sir Loci. 60, 185 ; 

Lord Chief Jus. 185 ; Dta-me 

Marg. 60; Marth. 328; Mary 

60, 185 ; Rd. 60, 84, 85 ; Sir Rd. 

59, 185; Rt. 55; Tho. 328; 

Wm, 25, 56, 60, 328 ; Sir Wm, 

59, 60, 185. 
Dylwyk manor 383. 
Dymbylton, Jno. 94. 
Dymocke, see Dirnmocke. 
' Dyve, see Live. 

KARL, Edwd. 382. 
Earley, Wm. 201. 
Last, Nich. 164. 
Lastcotts 304. 
Last end 28. 
Easton, see Eston. 
Easton, Mauduit 60. 
East Winch, co..Norf. 198. 
Eaton 55, 82, 252 ; Sar. 306; Tho. 

Eaton Bray 34, 75, 283, 291 ; 

chapel 200. 
Eaton Mill 52. 

Eaton Socon 49, 129, 165, 187, 
220, 279, 280, 299, 384^. 

Eayton 238. 

Eckles, Geo. 230. 

Eekleston, co. Lane. 207. 

Eden, Hy. 1S9 ; Mary 189.,— 14* 

Edlesborough 47, 295. 

Edmonds, Capt. Jas. 22. 

Edmonton 239, 283, 284, 368. 

Edmund, — 38. 

Edward, Wm. 295. 

Edwards 15 1 ; Ana. 336 ; Ann 40, 
41, 88, 336, 337; Cath. 59,88, 
89, 33<J 5 Const. 336 ; Dorc. 336; 
Ed. 211 ; El. 10Q ; Eliz. 88, 89, 
105, 336, 337 ; I^es. 336; Fcis. 
106; Geo. 89, 336, 337 ; Hel. 
108 ; Ja. 104 ; Kath. 106, 108 ; 
Lane 88 ; Laur. 106, 336 ; Mary 
41; Mat. 107 ; Miss 362; 01. 
108 ; Rd. 59, 88, 89, 106, 107, 
10S, 336; Rt. 57, 89; Sar. 211, 
336 ; Tho. 106, 108, 261 ; Vig. 
88, 89, 106, 108; Wm. 40, 41 ; 
Wm, B. 89 ; Wit. 336. 

Edwin, Miss 221. 

Edworth 32, 343, 356, 382 ; Alex, 
de 358, 360 ; Jno. de 358 ; Rad. 
de 360 ; Ric. de 358, 360 ; Samp. 

de 35*>. 359 ; Steph. de 357; 

Wm. de 358, 359. 
Egell, Cut. 189 ; Eliz. 1S9. 
Egginton 159, 290, 304. 
Egham 240. 
Elbone, Rt. 6. 
Eldred, Jno. 176, 177. 
Elliott, Dame Marg. 60; SirTIia 60. 
Elmor — 8 ; Bp. of London 34. 
Elnstow, see Elstow. 
Elsby, Jas. 121, 122. 
Elstow 8, 20, 37, 38, 39, 48, 76, 77. 

80, I IO, 153, 102, 225, 239, 28l, 

284, 285, 300, 303, 311, 368, 

369 ; tithe 302. 
Elstree 198. 
Elton 370. 

Elyngham, Tho. 296. 
Elys, Jno. 95. 

Emery, Emmery, Ann 106, 107; 
Brid. 100; Cath. 106, 107; Clare 
106; Edm. 105, 107; Edwd. 106, 
107 ; Eliz. 57, 105 ; Flo. 106 ; 
Han. 107 ; Ja. 106, 107 ; Jasp. 

106 ; Joan 107 ; Jud. 106 ; Marg. 
105; Marth. 100; Mary 106; 

Rd. 105, 106, 107, 173, 273; 

Sar. 57 ; Sus. 106 ; Tho. 105, 

107 ; Will. 272 
Ernes, Wm. 35. 

Lmley, Cons. 58 ; Jno. K. 58. 
Enderby., Jno. 382;" Mat. 382; Rd. 

EnderW, Tho. 158. 
Engayne, Ccc. 1 39 ; Wm. 139. 
England, Jno. 200. 
Engleys, Wm. le 139. 
Ernest, see 1 learnyst 
Erneys, Joan 213; Jno. 213 ; Wm 

Ernie, Cons. 5S. 

Essex 374 ; Earl of 206 ; Toh. 26S; 

Tho. 268. 
Estamforth, El. 78 ; Ily. 78. 
Esterwine mead 28. 
Eston, Easton, Abr. 263 ; Al. 307 ; 
Arid. 263; Ann 264, 265 ; Brig. 
264 ; Dor. 265, 307 ; Eliz. 111, 
2O3, 265, 306 ; Fcis. 263 ; Geo. 
264; Gra. in ; H y. 264 ; J oan 307 ; 
Jno. 1 10, ii r, 265, 352, 367, 376 ; 
Jud. 307 ; Marg. 264, 307 ; Marth. 
307; Mary no, 265, 305; Nich. 
263 ; Rd. 264, 307 ; Rt. 265, 305, 
307; Sar. 264, 307; Sus. no, 

264 ; Tho. 263, 264, 2(k, 30 
. 263, 264, 2t 

Thorn. 306 ; Wm 



Estwick — 365; Galf. de 356; ; 

Grace 328; Nic. 328 ; Steph. 

32S ; Tho. 328. 
Eton 131-134; Jno. de 135; Nich. 

de 135 ; Rog. de 1 35 ; Win. de 135. 
Everard, J les. 57; Jno. 56, 57, 

139 ; Jos. 56. 
Evered, Ann 328 ; Ja. 328 ; Jno, 

328 ; fon. 328 ; Marg. 328 ; Nich. 
. 328 ; Tho. 328. 
Eversholt 81, 208, 217, 241, 244, 

278, 284, 296, 304. 
Everton 81, 256, 342, 343 ; Mon. 

Inscr. 266; Vicar of 267; co. Wilts. 


Ewer, Chr. 328 ; Dan. 223 ; Edw. 
328; Eliz. 328; Maud 328; Mr. 
223; Rt. 328; Tho. 328; Win. 

Ewleston, Rt. 83. 

Exx Hall co. Warvv. 334. 

Eyles, Jno. 249. 

Eyne, Eyon 296, 302, 328. 

Eynesbury 49, 139, 214. 

Eyton 203. 

Eyworth 18, 37, 41, 268, 280, 303, 
338 ; Mon. Inscr. 267. 

FAB', Mat. 135 j Uic. 135. 
Faireclough, Eliz. 76, 77 ; Laur. 76, 

77; Reb. 76; Rd. 76; Tho. 76. 
Faldo, Faldoe, Faldow, Al. 74 ; 

Amy 104 ; Ann 75, 90 ; Da. 75 ; 

Eliz. 74, 212; Fees. 40; Joan 

74 : Job, 57 5 Jno. 57- 74-77 ! 

Rath. 74 ; Luc. 77 ; Marg. 74, 

75; Marth. 41, 212; Alary, 74; 

Mait. 76 ; Mawde 74 ; Nich. 74 ; . 

Osb. 212; Paul 105, 108, 153; 

Rd. 57, 74, 76; Rt. 3$, 74, 75, 

212, 213; Tho. 74, 77; Wm. 

40, 41, 57, 74, 75, 76, 90, 94, 212, 


Fancelun, Helte 136. 

Fanne, Jno. 273. 

Farie, Al. 30 ; Edm. 30. 

Farley, Fareley 218, 243. 

Far'line, Ol. 264; Paul 264; Pet. 264. 

Farm or, Dame Eliz. 268; Sir Hat. 

Farndishe 16. 
Fair, Eliz. 42 ; Mary 22. 
Farrell, Ferg. no; Wm. no. 
Farrer, Ann 301 ; Den. 240 ; Ed. 

56; Fcis. 340; Marg. 240; Marth. 

83; Mary 341 ; Sib. 340; Tho. 

217, 340, 34i; Wm. 56, 83, 217, 

281, 340, 341. 

Farrington, Mr. 35. 

Farrowe, Marg. 2S2 ; Ra. 282. 

Farthwaite, Fcis. 243. 

Faule, Tho. 55. 

FaulUeriers Hall 51. 

Faulkner, Ben. 104 ; Con. 104. 

Fawkner, Al. 84; Rd. 84. 

Fawley, Tho. 79. 

Fayrford, Rt. 300. 

hells, Rd. 373. 

Felmersham 1 6, 24, 27, 83, 119, 

136, 218, 249, 308. 
Feltus, Jane 53. 
Fen Dillon 364. 
Fenlake 183, 304. 
Fenlake Barnes 76. 
Fenne, Mary 217. 
Ferrers, Dor. 384^; Edm. 384^. 
Ferrys, Tho. 275. 
Ffero, Wm. 95. 
Fferoun, Nich. le 92. 
Fferthyng, Ric. -93. 
Field, Chas. 22 ; Eli/.. 30, 186 ; 

Sir Fcis. 1S6 ; Marie 215; Tho. 

30 ; Vent. 186. 
Fieldon 29. 
Fillbrigge — 209. 
Fiikes, Rev. Jno. 313. 
Finch, Fynch, Chas. 42; Dan. 285; 

Eli/.. 43, 286; Flan. 285; Hum. 

43 ; Jo- 273 5 Wry 42, 43 5 Rd. 

42, 43, 93 ; Rog. 285 ; Sam. 286 ; 

Sar. 43 ; Tho. 286. 
Fincham, Ann 22 ; Ed. 22 ; Jno. 

22 ; Mary Ann 22. 
hirly, J. 377- 
Firlickin in Ireland 1 10. 
Firth, Mary 309; Mich. 309. 
Fish, Fyshe, Cath. 366; Ily. 328, 

366; Hum. 366; Joan 328; 

Tho. 306. 
Fisher, Fysher, Chr. 78; Edw. 18, 

237 ; Eliz. 362 ; Fcis. 275 ; Geo. 

306; Gid. 248, 367 ; Jas. 355; 

Jasp. 362; Jno. 94; J ml. 248; 

Mary 362 ; Phila. 237 ; Sus. 367 ; 

Tho. 93 ; Wm. 362. 
Fishtoft 384(7. 
Fitch, Rev. S. E. 9. 
Fitz 61 ; Ann 190, 367 ; Geo. 190, 

367 ; Mr. 159. 
Fitzgeffray, FitzGefery, Fitz Geof- 
frey, FitzjeofTrey, Dame Agn. 

213 ; Brid. 74 ; Ed. 74 ; Eliz. 

73, 74 ; Geo. 74 ; Jane 74 ; Jno. 

74; Rath. 74; Ra. 338; Thos. 

214. v - 

Fitzhugh, Fitzhew, Geo. 43, 44 ; 


Hy. 351 ; Kath. 213 ; Mary 43 ; 

bar. 43, 44 ; Sus. 43 ; Tho. 44 ; 

Wm. 94, 216. 
Fitzjolm, .Mary 21 1. 
Fitzwilliam 47; Mary 60 y*" Sir 

Win. 60. 

Fleetwood, Dame Anne 59; Sir 

Miles 59.. . 
Fletcher, (..'lias. 114, 185, 23S ; Dor. 

302; KHz. E. 113; Fees. 114, 

238 ; Marg. 113. 
Flitton 17, 23, 28, 29, 38, 54, 7S, 

79, 166, 309, 384 ; Vicar of 189; 

cum Silsoe 345. 
Flitvvick 27-30, 52, 209. 
Flour, Wm. 143. 
Foliot, Folyot Ric. 130, 141. 
Follyn; Wm. 136. 
Foluyle, Jno. 95. 
Fooks, Rt. 37. " 

Foot, Mary 335 ; Rev. Wa. 335. 
Ford, — 113 ; Eliz. 56 ; Rd; 255. 
Forst, Wa. 140. 
Forstar, Wa. 135. 
Fortiscue, — ■ 92. 

Fossey 378; Miss 223; Wm. 300. 
Foster, Ann 42 ; ("has. 76 ; Eliz. 

7C; My. 3<>> 75 J Hugh 93 ; Jno. 

75> 7b, 94, 307, 33^ ; Jud. 207 ; 

Kath. 75; Marth. 76; Mary 41, 

76; Mr. 100; Mrs. 303; Reb. 

76, 77, 33o; Row. 75 ; Tho. 39, 

75 5 W. 37^- 
Fountaine, lountayne, [no [89, 

IQO, in; ; Mail-. 75 ; S 1 22J ; 

Sus. 75 ; Tho. 75, 1S9. 
Fi ilir, Aim 240 ; 11)'. 240. 
Fowler, Foulere, Ann 148; Gab. 

22; Ja. 148; Mr. 36; Rd. 35 ; 

Sam. 148; Sus. 148; Wm. Ie 140 
Fownes, Eliz. 207 ; Jos. 207. 
Fox, Foxe, Al. 265, 266, 307, 384.7; 

Ann 265 ; Bea. 307 ; Chrfr. 263- 

266, 306, 307 - r Dan. 91 ; Eli/. 

265 ; Fees. 266 ; (Ira. 266, 300 ; 

J. 314 ; Jane 308 ; Jno. 27, 264, 

265, 266* 306, 384^ ; Marth. 265, 

266, 307 ; Mary 264, 265, 266, 

306 ; 01. 264, 265, 307 ; Perse. 

307 ; Rt. 265, 266 ; Sar. 265, 
266 ; Sus. 264 ; Tho. 263-266, 
30S ; Thorn. 363 ; Wm. 265. 

Foxcroft, Tho. 37 ; Wm. 7. 
Fradsom, And. 370 ; Wm. 370. 
Francklin, see Franklin. 
Frank, Ann 105, 186; Eliz. 1S6 ; 

Mary 186 ; Ra. 105 ; Tho. 30, 

31, 186. 

; Franklin, Franklen, Francklin, 
S Francklyn, Francklyne, A. 50 ; 
j Dor. 149 ; Eliz. 43 ; Fees. 149, 
305; Geo. 149; Hy. 77; J as. 77; 
i Jer. 77 ; Jno. 43, 77, 305 ; Sir 
\ [no. 149; Marg. 22, 77; Mat. 
i 77; Nich, 50^; Tho. 75, 77; 
1 Wm. 77, 152 ; Sir W in. 14%. 
j Freeman, Abra. 217; Eliz. 29; Est. 
j W. 77 ; Jane 77 ; Tho. 29, 306. 
j Freepurs, J no. 92. 
i Frere, Al. 61. 

Frereman, Ric. 145; Tho. 93. 
J Freshwater, Mary 305. 

Frost, J no. 200. 
! Fryern Barnet 222. 
1 Fulke, Jno. 298; Sam. 17, 34. 

Fuller, Fullere 18 1 ; Geo. 57 ; 
Rt. 295 ; Sar. 95 ; Tho. 22<> ' 

1' al mere 360. 

Furrier — 317. 

Fumivall, Ger. de 141. 

Fynche, sec Finch. 

Fyshe, see Fish. 

Fysher, see 1' isher. 

GADBURV, Magd. 269, 270; 

Mary;. 270; Rd. 269, 270. 
Gadsby, Rev. Tho. 1 10. 
Gadsdon Magna co. Herts. 51, 149; 

parva 55. 
Gale, Gayle, Sir Jno. 77 ; Mary 77 ; 
! Symon 38 ; Tho. 74. 

Gamble, I no. 77 ; Mary 189 ; Sus, 
I 77 ; Tin, 77- 
Ganihngay 57, 290. 
Gard, Agn. 46 ; J os. 46. 
Gardiner, Jno. 32; Mary 305. 
Gardner, Ann 105. no; Edm. no 
Garner, Ann 42 ; Tho. 42. 
( larnett, Wm. 220. 
Garstih, Garston, l\i. 312, 314. 
Garth, Eliz. 370 ; Fees. 371 ; Jno. 

370; Reb. 371 ; Col. Tho. 370. 
Gascoigne, Gascoyn, Gascon, Gas- 
koine 182; Ann 103, 158; Dor. 

181 ; Edm. 158; Edw. 77 ; Geo. 

103 ; 11 «m. 152; I ane 8 ; |no. 

94, 103, i8r ; Mark 43 ; Mary 

43 ; Sir Wm. 129. 
Gaslins 299. 
Gates, Eliz. 107. 
Gawthrop, Rev. T. 11. 364. 
Gayle, see Gale. 
Gay ton co. Hants. 81. 
Geary, Geery, see Gery. 
Geffrey, Rd. 296 ; Tho. 296. 
Gellingeham 15. 


George, Ily. 296. 

Gerrarcl, Jno. 139; Tho. 139. 

Gerneys, Wm. 95. 

Gery, Geary, Geery 129; Ann 

49, 50, 60, 215; C.R.W. 92; 

Eli/.. 49 ; Geo. 49 ; Kath. 49 ; 

01. 49; Rd. 49; Tho. 49; Win. 

49, 60, 144, 215, 272, 312, 314. 
Cost,', Tho. 318. 
( libbard, Wm, 312, 314. 
Gibbons, A. 8, 35. 
Gibbs, Ann 64. 
Gibney 358. 
Gidding', Joan 38. 
Gifford, Jno. 153 ; Rt. 281. 
( rilbowt, Tho. 320. 
Gilby, Gilbie, Jno. 244; Nalh. 153; 

Rev. Nath. 7. 
Gillett, ( ico. 31. 

Gilpin, lien, 86; Esth. 334; Lou. 

335; Mary 86; Mr. ^35; Rd. 

334 ; Rt. 334 ; Rev. Rt. 335 ; 

Col. R. T. 335 ; Tho. 334. 
Gisby, Rd. 367. 
Gittos — 301. 
Gleeston, Jno. 318. 
( llenister, Tho. 38. 
Gloucester 186. 
Glover, Jno. 93 ; Rog. 93. 
Glut ion, Umf. de 358. 
Glynne, Jno. 270; Sir Jno. 270; 

Mary 270; Dame Pen. 270; Sir 

Wm. 270, 280. 
Goddard, Joan [84. 
Gpdd*iidi,*Ger. til. 137. 
Godehous, Jno. 94. 
God ostium, Jno. 93, 95 ; Win. 93. 
Godfrey, Godfiy/ Godfrye, Ainb. 

384^ ; Amb. T. 384a ; Boyle 

384a; Dor. 384^; Dor. S. 384.7; 

Kliii. 384a; Fred. 384. 1 ; Hy. 

274, 275 ; Jno. 262 ; Capt. Jno. 

384^ ; Mary 384^ ; Mr. 272. 
Godman, Mary 75. » 
( lodmanehester 212. 
Goldington 8, 39, 56, 93, 183, 215, 

245, 3°9. 34^ 349 5 Rectory 289. 
Goldsmith, Goldsmyth, Gouldsmith 

181 ; Chr. 55 ; Dan. 84 ; lly. 


Goodale, Tho. 272. 
Goodday, Arthur 214 ; Rog. 214. 
Goodesbrough, Ed. 336. 
Goodhall, H. H. 120; Jno. 94; 
Rt. 94. 

Good ridge, Eliz. 46; Jno. 46. 
Goodwin, Ann 229, 232 ; Ben. 280; 
Edw. 280; Geo. 04 ; Jno. 169, 

229, 232, 246; Man. 280; Wm. 

94, 215. 
Gore, Joan 27. 
Gosly end 372. 

Gostwicke, Gostwyk 44; Ann 103; 

Edw: 47, 78 ; Sir Ed. 94, 2S3 ; 

Eliz. 328, 331 ; Joan 103; Jno. 

104, 283, 328 ; Lov. 44, 47 ; Mrs. 

17; Rt. 328; Wm. 8, 103; Sir 

Wm. 104. 
Gould, Dan. 200 ; Rt. 38. 
Gouldsmith, see Goldsmith. 
Govver, Wm. 8. 
Goys, Matt, le 338. 
Grange, Rd. 186. 
Grange farm 54. 

Grant, Graunte, Al. 305 ; Jos. 305; 

Win. 304, 305. 
Grantesdene, Sim. de 130. 
Grantham, Jno. 95; Rev. Val. 314. 
Grantumsteade 29. 
Gratwick, Rog. 353. 
( nave, Tho. 296. 
Gravele 134. 

Gravenhurst 36-40, 190, 296, 304, 

318 ; Nether 18. 
Gray, Graye, Al. 362; And. 92, 

93 ; Cath. 37 ; Eli/. 279 ; Kris. 

362; Sir lly. 74; Jane 362; 

Jno. 362; Jud. 279, 362; Rath. 

'362; Marg. 362; Mary 362; Ol. 

362 ; Rein. 25 ; Rt. 145 ; Sim. 

362, 367 ; Sus. 362, 367 ; Syb. 

362 ; Tho. 362 ; Tim. 264 ; Wa. 

204, 302. See Grey. 
Granville 155. 
Greathamsteed 50. 
Green, Edm. 6; I'd. 82 ; lly. 273; 

Jas. 284; Marth. 284; Sir Rt. 26. 
Green end 79. 
Green field 23. 

Greenhill, Ann 28] ; Wm. 281. 
Gregory, Am. 331 ; Eliz. 43; Dix. 

43 5 Mary 331 ; Sar. 43 ; Tho. 

379, 380. 
Grenwicke 27. 

Grey, Agn. 95 ; Em. 95 ; Fcis. 272 ; 
Jno. 212 ; The March 313 ; Lady 
Sus. 147 ; Sym. 145, 212 ; Theop. 
309; Wa. 212. See Gray. 

Griffin, Wa. 39. 

Grimston, Mar. 290, 291, 344-350. 

Grindon, Eliz. 305. 

Groome, Geo. 372. 

Growby, And. 165. 

Grubbe, Agn. 238; Laur. 238; 

Tho. 186. * 
Grumont, Tho. 3 1 . 


Grundon field 81. 
Grymsbury 298. 
Giidgen, J no. 215, 
Guidot, Rt. 153.. 
Gutch, Wm. 252. 
Gweneth, Sir ] no. 26. 
Gwin, Mr. 165. 
Gyles, Wa. 34 ; Wm, 275. 

HACKETT, Eliz. 331 ; Rog. 331, 

Haddenham 384^. 
Haddon, Pet. de 140. 
Hadley, Jno. 215 ; Rt. 215. 
Hadow, Rev. J as. 314. 
Hagdell close 29. 
Hagworthingham 384^. 
J [ailworth 60. 
Halam, Rd. 351. 

Hale, Eliz. 190; Geo. 81; Fly. 80; 
Jno. 81; Jud. 190, 308; Mary 
*8o ; Sim. 80, 190, 368; Sus. 41, 
206; Tho. 80, 81, 94, 1S7 ; Wm. 

Halfpenny, Al. 336 ; Tho. 336. 

Haliday, — 95 ; Jno. 93. 

Halkes, Wm. 298. 

Hall, Halle, Edw. 237; Fcis. 254, 
255; Frank 254; Geo. 254; Jno. 
237, 375 5 Jos. 237 ; Mary 237, 
254; Rio. 122, 124; Sar. 254, 
255 ; Tho. 237 ; Win. 92. 

Ilalsey, Dor. 149; Sar. 210; Wm. 
14c), 210. 

Ualsted, I'll/. 147; fsak 147 ; Wm. 

Hammond, Ilamond, Anih. 45; 
Eliz. 217 ; Jno. 296 ; Marth. 45 ; 
Rd. 217. 

Hampden 247 ; Jno. 196, 246, 247 ; 

Lord Vict. 314. 
Ham.pson, Leo. 316. 
1 [ampstcad Norris 243. 
J Lamylden, Win. 24.. • 
Hanchett, Dor. 336. 
Hanckewitz, Amb. J. 384^7 ; Chr. 

Handeslop 332. 
Hanmer, Jos. 217 ; Mr. 154. 
Hannah, Wm. 249 
Hanscombe, Lyd. 211 ; Mary 210; 

Reb. 104 ; Rt. 104. 
Hansley, Win. 32. 
Harbert — 299. 

Harding, Hardinge, — 37; Amy 
104 ; Ann 80 ; Eliz. 80, 298 ; Ja. 
257 ; Jno. 78, 362 ; Kath. 362 ; 
Luc. 7S ; Lew. 104 ; Rd. 80 ; 

Rt. 78 ; Tho. 94, 217 ; Win. 

78, 80. 
11 ai d mead 36, 304. 
Hardvvyke 247 ; Wm. 27. 
Hardy, Hardi, Phil. 138 ; Rt. 13S ; 

Wm. 304. 
Haresfield House 335. 
Harlington 17, 35, 51, 187, 2l/i, 

218, 327, 333, 372. 
Harper, Harpur 1, 274; arms of 

157 ; Dame Al. 257, 258; Dame 

Aud. 115; Sir Geo. 115; jo. 

273; Luce, Lady 115; Dame 

Marg. 259; Tho. 259; Wid. 273 ; 

Wm. 191, 205, 259, 272; Sir Win. 

"5. l S7, 257-260. 

I farringfon 261 ; Lady 60. 
Harris, Al. 52 ; Ann 52 ; Jas. 249; 

Jno. 52 ; 'Marg. 42, 52 ; Rd. 52; 

Tho. 35, 5.2 ; Wm. 35, 52. 
Harrison, Alice 2 ; Rd. 2. 
Harrold 56, 83, 191, 212, 262, 281, 

2S2, 297, 318,335,339, 34io7o; 

Tnd. chap. 200. 
Harrowden, 75, 76, 214. 

I I arthong, Tho. 204. 

Harvey, Harve, Harvye, Dame Dor. 

]8i ; Sir Jar. 181 ; Jno. 64, 312, 

313; Sir Jno. 181 ; Kath. 189; 

Mary 64 ; Mrs. 20 ; Sir Nicli. 19, 

20 ; Tho. 57, 78 ; Wm. 335. 
Haselden, llaseldine, Hasseklen, 

Ben. 310-312 ; Eliz. 310-312; Jas. 

311 ; Kath. 310, ; 1 1 ; Marg. 310; 

Maiy 310, 32S ; Mr. 317 ; Rd. 

328 ; Ri. 310 ; Wm. 328. 
J taselwood, Aid. 261. 
Hastings, llastinges, arms of 152 ; 

Al. de 140 ; Rt. de 140. 
I Litfield co. York 584a. 
Hatfield Woodliall 268. 
I lather co. Line. 18 1. 
Hatley, Hattley, Rt. 93, 310,32s. 
Hatley Port 279. 

llalton, Dame Lrid. 56; Sir Chr. 95. 
Haughton, Adam 335 ; Rev. Ad. 

335 5 Reb. 335. 
Haukyn, see I lawkins. 
Haulsey, Wm. 32. 
Haversham 331. 
Iiavryngs holy 24. 
Hawek, Tho. 295. 
Hawes, Con. 11 1 ; Eliz, 42; Jno. 

42, 43, 94 ; J t'd. 38, 42; Let. 284; 

Mary 22, 41, 42, 105, 114; Rt. 

302, 351, 352 ; Sar. Ill ; Tho. 

22, 42, 92, 04, 111,1 14, 284, 302, 

351. 352. 


1 lawker, J no. 80. 

Havvkes, arms 0/81 ; Al. 81 ; Eliz. 
Si ; Fees. 81 ; Kath. 80; The. 

Ilawkhurst co. Kent 267. 
Hawkins., Hawkyngs, llaukyn 298 ; 

J no. 37 ; Ra. 295 ; Win, 94. 
Iiawnes 38, 44, 59, 167, 16S. 
Hay, J no. 105 ; Phi]. 105. 
Haynes 190, 221 ; Rt. 243. 

I lays, Len. 384^7. 

Hearnyst, Isa. 365; Sir Wa. 365. 
Heath 347. 

I I eaynes, Tho. 32. 
1 [ebber, Eliz. 220. 
Hebbys, J no. 295 ; Wm. 295. 
1 leche, Rt. 351 ; Tho. 351. " 

1 fechebon, Jno. 94. 
Hegge, Rd. 295. 

Fielder, Den. 384 ; Dor. 80; Eliz. 

80, 384; Jno. 80; 01. 80; Rt. 

80 ; Wa. 80 ; Wm. 78, 80. 
Field er als, Spicer, Agn. 367; Edm. 

383; Rd. 80; Rt. 341. See Spicer 

als. Helder. 
Dele, Rev. R. S. II. 314. 
I [eluin, 1 lug. 1 34. 
Fleming, see tJemynge. 
Flemsted 42; Chad. 115; Rev. 

Jno. 115. 
Hemynge, Fleming, etc., Ann 59; 

Catli. 105 ; Edm. 105 ; Jno. 59; 

Jone 105, 107; Marg. 105; Wm. 


1 lenley, 1 no. 210, 

Henlow 3S, 89, jjo, 302 ; Hugh 

de 33S. 
1 ferny 1. 15. 

Henshaw, Rev. Steph. II. 371. 

1 lenxteworth 357. 

1 lerle, Wm. do 134. 

Flermer Jno. 93 ; Nich. 93. 

Heme — 212 ; Jno. 197. 

1 lersey, C. J. 160. » 

Hertford 77; Friends' Meeting 202.. 

Hertfordshire 92 ; Tilths, etc. 202. 

Ilerthong, Tho. 295. 

Hervy, Eliz. 20, 181 ; Sir Ger. 181. 

1 [ewes, Jno. 37 ; Mr. 37. 

Ilewet, Hewett, Unit, etc. Dor. 
237 ; Ja. 237 ; Jud. 237 ; Dame 
Marg. 284; Mary 76, 365 ; Sarah 
237 ; Tho. 230, 232, 237, 295 ; 
Sir Tho. 284 ; Wm. 50, 238, 295, 

Hexlon 55, 58, 124. 
Hey, Sir Nich. 300. 
Hoyden held 81. 


Heyr, Win. le 138. 

I leyward, Rt. 295. 
Hicchecok, Agn. 19; Wm. 19. 
Hicks 181. 

Hide, jv*' I Iyde. 

Higham 215 ; Ferrers 214 ; Gobian 

34, 5°, 77, 3i8, 336. 
Flighmore, las. 355. 
Hill, Al. 78; 80, 81 ; Ann 81 ; Edm. 

78 ; Edw. 50, 57, 78-81 ; Eliz. 

79, 80, 81 ; Fine. 80 ; Geo. 78, 79 ; 

Hy. 79, 189 ; Ja. 78 ; Jno. 50, 

78 81 ; Joan 26; Jon. 80; Jud. 

29, 79; Kath. 189; Mar. 83; 

Mary 79, 80 ; Mich. 79 ; Pet. 79, 

189 ; Phila. 80 ; Rd. 26, 81' ; 

Sus. 189 ; Tho. 29, 57, 78 Si, 

8}, 123 ; Wm. 78, 79, 80. 
Hill Grounds 9. 

Hjllersden, Hillersdon, arms of 
240; Ann 240 ; Den. F. 240; 
Eliz. 237, 230, 241, 283, 311 ; 
Lady Eliz. 368, 369; Harr. 240 ; 
Jno. 239, 240; Marg. 230, 284; 
Mary 240 \ Rd. 311 ; Tho. no, 
159, 237, 239, 240, 241, 284, 285, 
368, 369 ; Sir Tho. 239 ; Tho. 
F. 240. 

Hides als. Arrundells 82. 

Hillsde.n, Tho. 29. 

I I ill yard, Sam. 199. 

11 hide, Hy. 109, 153, 154; Mr. 150. 
1 lindes, Jos. 200. 
1 finghton, ( !eo. 20S. 

I linton, J oh. 3 }t. 
Hinton Hall 384,?. 

I I inxworth 89. 

Hipwell, Dan. 31, 32, 120, 160, 

179, 202 ; l'Mw. 38. 
Hitche, Al. 79 ; Aust. 79 ; Chr. 

79; Fl. 79 ; Wm. 79. 
Ilitchin 218, 290, 303, 3.11, 374; 

Friends' Meet. 202. 
Hobbs, Fliz. 312 ; Jos. 312. 
Hobson, Sam. 201. 
Hockliffe 35, 187, 216, 300, 304, 

334 5 chapel 201. 
1 loddesden — 92. 
Hodges, Ann 158; Fliz. 158; Sar. 

158 ; Sus. 158 ; Wm. 158. 
Flodsdon, Dame Al. 363 ; Sir Chr. 


Hodsone, Thos. 16. 

Hogan, Mary 207 ; Nath. 207. 

I fogges, Jno. 296. 

1 [ogsden 1 19. 

llolbeach, Hy. 15. % 
Holcott 299, 331. 

2 () 


Holitrehome, Rt. 213. 
Holland — . 8. 

Holloway, Aim 104 ; Ben. 104 ; 

Fcis. 104 ; Jos. 104. 
Holme 24. 

Mult, Rev. Vein. 257. 

Halwell, 209, 237. 

Holvvell bury 210. 

I loner, Ra. 296. 

Honnings, Fees. 60. 

Ilonnor, Mary 76. 

Hood, Ann 219 ; Rd. 219. 

I look, Rev. J . 314. 

Hooker, Rev. J no. 57. 

Hooper, Jno. 318; Tho. 318; 

Rev. Win. 314. 
Hoovey, Ed. 79. 
Hopkins, Par. 190 ; Sam. 190. 
Hopley, Rd. 43. 
Hure, Tho. 152. 

Home, Eliz. 241 ; Tho. 241 ; Wm, 

Homsey 58, 1 19. 
Horselieath 91. 

Horsley, Chas. 28 ; Dor. 2S ; 

Eliz. 28 ; Jno. 28 ; Rey. 2S, 29. 
Horton, lly. 113. 
Horwoode, Jno. 295. 
Iloucton, Kic. de 140 ; Win. de 

Hough 112. 

Houghton 54, 229, 292 ; vicar of 

Houghton, Jno. 34; Marg. 52; 

Marth. 52; Wm. 52. 
llovighton Conquest 8, 25, 38, 40, 

153. 3°'. 337- 
Houghton Gilderoy 8. 
Houghton Regis 18, 35, 2S6, 349; 

chapel 200. 
How, Dor. 384(7 j Jno. 161, 171 ; 

Jos. 384^. 
Howard, J. 96; Jno. 382 ; Marg. 


Hovvberry 214, 2S3, 285, 368. 

Howe, Jul. 91 ; Sir Scrope 91. 

Howes, Win. 75. 

Howlett — . 275. 

Howley, Al. 384a. 

Howsonne, Jone 55. 

I ludson, Eras. 8. 

II net, Unit, sec Hewet. 

Hughes, Mary 22; New. 22 ; Rev. 

New. 22. 
Hugonis, Laur. fil. 136 ; hi. Ric. 

136 ; Ric. fil. 356 ; Tho. nil. 


lluleote, Ilulcott 37, 369. 

Hulks, Mr. 145. 
Hull 88. 

Ilulla, Alex, de 359 ; Mil. de 359 ; 

Reg. de 359. 
Hulmo, Galf. de 358 ; Win. de 

356, 357- 
Humphrey, ]o. 122, 124. 
Hundley, Rt. 8, # 
1 ! undon 12. 

[Iungerford, Eliz. 48 ; Sir Jno. 48. 
Huninges, Fees. 60 ; lly. 60 ; 
Wm. Co. 

Hunt, Hurite, Alex. 351 ; Alice 78, 
79 ; Ann 22, 78, 222 ; Barb. 7S ; 
Dr. 376 ; Edwd. 78, 79 ; Eli/.. 
22, 78; Greg. 78; lly. So, 93, 
95 ; Hugh 36 ; Ja. 79 ; Joan 79; 
Jno. 94, 255 ; .Marg. 79 ; Mary 
78, 79 ; Rev. Dr. 250, 251 ; Rd, 
93 ; Rt. 78 ; Rog. 78, 79, 222 ; 
Tho. 78, 79, 80, 94; Wm. 7S, 79, 
94, 246. 

Huntingdon 56, 105, 150, 219, 362. 

I [untsholt 24. 

Huntyngfeld, John de 203; Wa. de 

Hurst, Jone 107 ; Wm. 107 ; Wm. 
de 141. 

Ilusborne Crawley 38, 53, 78, 205, 


Huxley, <n ms of 240 ; Eliz. 239, 
284; Ceo. 283; J as. 2S3 ; Jno. 
239, 283, 284, 368 ; Tho. 2S3. 

I I uylbury, [ no. o 3. 

Hyde, Hide Agn. 238 ; Sir Ceo. 

48 ; Eli/. 243 ; J as. 238, 273 ; 

Jane 48 ; Jno. 240 ; Rath. 48 ; 

Wm. 209 ; Rev. Win. 243. 
Hyet, Rt. 295. 
llyllyfeld furlong 24. 

IBBOT, Jno. 320; Wm. 215. 
Ickenham 34. 
Ickwell 26, 366. 
Ickwell Bury 20, 64. 
lermonger, see Iremonger. 
Impey, Arm 43 ; Sir Rd. 211; Sam. 

Tngatestone 44. 
Inge 24. 

Inglsby, Tho. 273. 
Inkpenn, liliz. 26S ; Tho. 268. 
Inwaye, Ed. 272. 
Ippegrave, Tho. de 117. 
Irchester 32. 

Iremonger, lermonger, Ironmonger, 
Adam 93; Am* 206; Fees. 8i ; 
Hum. 8t ; Jane 206; Jno. 81; 


Jud. 81 ; Marg. 81 ; Marth. 81 , 
Mary 206; Tho. 81 ; Win. 81; 
206, 273. 

Irisscheman, Jno. 95 ; Nich. 95. 

lrthlingboro' 214. 

Isham, Ed. 281. 

Iverye, Eliz. 189 ; Jno. 189. 

JACKMAN, Al. 258; Jos. 264; 

Rt. 264 ; Tho. 258, 259. 
Jackson, E. 313 - Jno. 3841-2 ; Mary 

Jakele 131. 

Jarvis, EJiz. 111 ; G. T. 11 ; Tho. 

Jeakins, Rt. 57. 

j capes, Jo. 273. 

Jeffery, Jas. 306; Jane 306. 

Jennings, J. VV. 314. 

Jessop, Fcis. 43, 274. 

Jewell, Jno. 46; Lov. 46; Mr, 301. 

Jey, Tho. 84. 

Jeyes, Eliz. 217 ; Sib. 216. 

Johannis, Wm, fil. 338. 

Johnson, Al. 82 ; Edw. 82 ; Eliz. 

222 ; Sir 1 ly. 380 ; Jno. 82, 328 ; 

Sir Jno. 26 ; Kath. 82 ; Mr. 36 ; 

Mrs. 262 ; Rd. 82, 319 ; Rt. 222 ; 

Sar. 82 ; Tho. 82 ; Wm. 82, 213. 
Jolles, Sir Jno. 384(7. 
Jones, Ale. 146 ; Ann 103, 104 ; 

Edm. 146; Matt, 103; Ra. 318; 

Rd. 363 ; Rog. 363. 
[oris, 1 no. de 382. 

Jordan, Jorden, Arth, 81 ; Rd. 275 ; 

Win. fil. 1 i7. 
Jordani fil. Willi 136. 
Joy, Joan 81 ; Rd. 83; Wm. Si, 

82, 83. 
Joynour, Rd. 295. 
Junet, Nich. 135 ; Rog. 135. 
Jurdan, Jurdon, Tho. 92, 93. 

KAYSGTA, Wm. de 141. 

Keifford — 303. 

Kelene, Tho. de 141. 

Kelinge, Jno. 341. 

Kelly — 215. 

Kempson 369. 

Kempster, Tho. 245. 

Kempston, Kempstone 8, 24, 25, 

26, 47, 79, 83, 224, 230, 281, 384 ; 

Vicar of 262. 
Kempston, Al. 384^ ; Rog. 93 ; 

Tho. 246 ; W. de 92. 
Kempston Hardwick 159. 
Kenerton, Dav. 95. 
Ken ley 118. 

Kensham, Geo. 93. 
Kensington 384(2. 

Kensworth, Kennesworth 160, 203, 

207, 241, 296. 
Kent, Earl of 54, 281, 309 ; Chas. 

Earl of 147 ; Jno. 94 ; Reb. 104 • 

Sam. 200; Tho. 187, 190 ; Wm. 


Kemer, Wm. 93. 
Kettiliy, Rev. Dr. 313. 
Keynsham 378. 

Keysoe, Keyshoe 39, 183, 213, 279. 
Kidman, Eliz. C. 224 ; Tho. 224 ; 

Wm. 273. 
Kilpins 27. 
Kimbolton 104, 367. 
Kimpton, Kympton, lly. 173; W. 

,.3'3» 31.4- 
Kines, Fcis. 177. 

King, Kinge, Agn. 332 ; Ann 330 ; 

Bet. 331 ; Dr. 361 ; Eliz. 52 ; 

Geo. 52; Giles 175, 176 ; Ja. 61 ; 

Jno. 174, 252, 295, 367 ; Rev. 

Jno. 313 ; Mr. 320 ; Rd. 61, 

330 ; Tho. 79, 199 ; Wm. 79. 

See also Hinge and Linge. 
King's Dilch 98. 
King's Lynn 384c;. 
Kingstone 240. 
Kingstons co. Berks 48. 
Kippax Park 384-2. 
Kippis, Tho. 145. 
Kirkeby, Walt, de 138. 
Kitchener, Kychyner, Mr. 18, 30. 
Knap, Knapp, | no. 207, 289, 349 ; 

Kath. 207. 
Knebworth 284. 
Knelle, Walt, de 134. 
Knight, Knyght, — 331 ; Ed. 248 ; 

Eliz. 248; Joan 28 ; Jno. 24S ; 

Kez. 248 ; Marg. 28 ; Mary 248 ; 

Nich. 55, 214; Reb. 248; Rt. 248; 

Tho. 191, 204, 351 ; Wm. 248. 
Knott, Jas. 249; Wid. 273, 274. 
Kychyner, see Kitchener. 
Kymbell 246. 
Kympton, see Kimpton. 
Kyng, Kynge, see King. 
Kynnersley, Jno. 82 ; Kath. 82. 
Kyrke, Alex. 57 ; Jo. 272. 

LACON, Edw. 118 ; Sir Fcis. 119; 

Geo. 118. 
Laighton 159. 

Lake, Agn. 188, 189 ; Bridg. 2S4 ; 
Eliz. 188, 1S9; Fees. 188; Geo. 
188, 189, 190; Lib. 1 88 ; Marie 
188, 189 ; Rd. 188, 189"*; Sar. 


1S9, igo ; Sus. 188, 189, 190; 
Tho. 188, 189, 190; Wa, 284; 
Wm. 169, 170, 1 88, 189, 190. 
Lambert 108 ; arms of 150 ; Win. 

Lambeth Palace Library 120. 
Lancashire 61, 146. 
I .ancaster, 1 ly. 295. 
Lands, Win. 373. 

Lane, Ann 88 ; Anth. 104 ; Ben-. 
88 ; Ed. 119 ; Eliz. 84 ; Fcis. 
84; Hum. 119; Jane 84; [no. 
1 19 j Jos. 84, 88 ; Mary 84, 104, 
119; Kt. 119; Tho. 84; Wm. 

Langclale, Wid..8; Eli/. 311 ; Jno. 

Langford 17, 159; Eliz. 331 ; Marg. 
77 ; Marlh. 332 ; Nich. 332 ; 
Rt. 77. 

Langford manor 31 ; Friends' 

Regrs. 202. 
Langham 88. 

Langhome, Jno. 272 ; Tho. 272, 

275 ; Wa. 273; Wid. 273. 
Langley, F. W. 63; W. 313. 
Lansallos 257. 

Latham, Eliz. 118; Fees. 118; 

}no. 77; Lew. 77; 01. 118; 

Sim. 118. 
Latimer, jno. Lord 382 ; Mr. 39. 
Laundy, Ann 158; Wm. 158. 
Laurence, see Lawrence. 
Laurencii fil Hugonis 136. 
Laughton 48 ; Mai;;. 22 ; Wm. 22. 
Lavender, Wm. 93, 94. 
Laverocke, Jno. 52 ; Tho. 95. 
Lawrence, Laurence, — . 75 ; Chas. 

210; Hy. "351 ; Jac. 94; Mary 

214; Kt. 351 ; Tho. 17, 249. 
Law ty, Chr. 31 . 

Lawson, |no. 35, 318; Nath. 188; 

Sar. 86; Wid. 272. 
Layton, Hum. 83 ; Joan 83 ; Wm. 


Leagrave 27, 51, 53, 63, 233. 
Leach, Leache, Dor. 265 ; Eliz. 

266 ; Jno. 308 j Mary 266 ; Rd. 

16, 104, 2C5 ; Sar. 265 ; Theo. 

266; Thos. 16, 27; Wm. 83, 


Lec, Jno. 117; Ric. 117. 

Lee, Agnes 159 ; My. 60 ; Jno. 89, 

159 ; Wm. 211. 
Leedare, — 116; Marg. 3, 258, 


Lee Grange, co. Rucks. 333. 
Lefsi, Wa. fil. Tho. fil. 140. 

Lega, 136; Agn. de 141 ; Ric. de 
138, 141 ; Sim. de 138 ; Win. 
de 138. 

Legat, Wid. 100. 

Legge, Mr. 82. 

Leicester 367. 

Leigh, Lew. 94 ; Sir Tho. 290, 291, 

346-350. 4 
Leighton 169, 280 ; Vicar of 22. 
Leighton Bussard 64, 345-350, 363; 

Anglo-Saxon remains at 127 ; 

Rectory of 290, 291. 
Leith, Alex. 41, 42, 112, 113; 

Marg. 42 ; Marth. 41, 42, 112; 

Wa. 42. 

Lemme, Al. 331 ; Jos. 330 ; Mary 
330 ; Mich. 329, 330; Sam. 329. 

Lenard, I [y. 205. 

Le Neve, J no. 194. 

Lenthrupp, Mary 216. 

•Lenton, Lentton, Mary 363 ; Sam. 

Lenueyse, Wa. 139. 
Lepipre, P. 109. 

Lethers — uG; Marg. 258, 260; 

Rd. 259. 
Lettys, Wa. 272 ; Wid. 272. 
Leuerington, Ad. de 130. 
Lewgar, Ad. 187. 
Lewis, Bla. 298 ; Jane 298 ; Tho. 43. 
Leydet, (Jr. 141. 
Lidlington, see Litlington. 
Lilley, Lillye 214, 341 ; Mary 210; 

Ro. 273. . 
Lillingstone, Agn. 83; An. S3; 

Ed. 83 ; Eliz. 83 ; Geo. 83 ; 

JaneS^; foan 83; fno. 83; Li. 

83 ; Rd. 83 ; Tho. 83 ; Win. 8j. 
Lillye, see Lilley. 

Limbery, Limbury, Lymbery 223, 

279 ; Juo. 223. 
Lincoln, Bishop of 737 ; Alex. Bp. 

of 15 ; Hy. lip. of 1 5 ; Cathedral 

3L 349 ; Dean and Chap, of 

15, 340 ; Preb. of 183. 
Lincoln's Inn 337. 
Linford, Lynford, Eliz. 38 ; Mart 

7 ;Rt. 153. 
Linge, Lynges, Eliz. 330 ; Jane 61 ; 

Joan 331 j Rd. 61, 330, 331. Sit 

also Binge ami Kinge. 
Linowski, Col. Con. 337 ; F. S. 337. 
Linwood, Joan 158. 
Liscombe 56. 
Lister, Bishop 160. 
Litlington, Lidlington, etc. 38, 39, 

81, 83, 144, 229, 329, 363 j Win. 

de. 130. 


Little, Tsa 95. 

Littlebur', Jno. de 140 ; Saher de 

Litton, Marg. 239; Sir Wm, 239. 
Livanne, Lady M. 361. 
Livesey, Rd. 314. 
Lloyd, Mr. 262. 
LobbenKam, Rt. de 130. 
Lock, J no. 34 ; Mary 33. 
Lockwood, Rev. E. S. 250. 
Lodyngton, Jno. 19 ; Marg. 19. 
Lue, Dor. 210. 

London, 82, 83 ; Addle-st. 305 ; 
Bank 223 ; Bp. of 8 ; Cheapside 
305 ; Clem. Inn 56 ; Gray's Inn 
198, 384a ; Holborn 6 j Hounds- 
ditch 84 ; Inner Temple 56 ; 
Lit. Britain 255 ; Lord Mayor of 
2, 3 ; Merch. Tay. Comp. 2, 5, 6; 
Poultry 255 ; St. And., Holborn 
86 ; St. Anne, Blackfriars 198 ; 
St. Barth. Great 198 ; St. Bot. 
Bishopsgate 59; St. Bride's 384^ ; 
St. Clem. Dane's 104; St. George, 
Lot. Lane 207 ; St. Mart. 303 ; 
St. M. Abch. 355 ; St. M. Wool- 
noth 3, 115, 257 ; St. Mil., 
Bread-st. 114; St. Paul's 84; 
St. Paul's, Cov. Gdn. 41 ; St. 
Paul's Wharf 22 ; St. Sep. 248 ; 
While Fryers 80; Winchester- 
ct. 305. 

London. Chronicle 1766, 262. 

1 .ong, Sir Wm. 2 50 

1 .ongl'oi d 00. 

] -ouglake 50. 

Longland, lip. 193. 

Longshaw 50. 

Longstaffe, Ply. 272. 

Long Stanton 56. 

Longstow 56. 

Longueville, Kliz. 147 ; Fees. 147 ; 
Gray i..|7 ; Uy. 147 ; Joan 147 ; 
Lue. [47 ; Marg. 147 ; Marth. 
147 ; Mich. 147 ; K.ach. 147 ; 
Bus. 147. 

Lord, Ann 297; Jno. 160 ; Sar. 297. 
Loreng, Loring, Loryng, Al. 107 : 

Eli/. 107; Marg. 107; Wm. 107, 

205, 338. 
Love, Ann 107. 
Lovell, Pcis. 309. 
Loversall Park 44. 
Lovesey, Rd. 249. 
Lovet, Lovett, arms of 241 ; Eliz. 

56; Reb. 241 ; Rt. 56, 240. 241. 
Lovetoth, Nig. de 139 ; Hog. de 


Lowry, Jno. 353. 

Lucas, Fliz. 198; Jas. 32; Mary 

52 ; Nich. 295 ; Tho. 198. 
Luiek, Nich. 144. 

Luke*,' Al. 306; Ann 59, 107; El. 

214; Eliz. 42, 214; Jane 59; 

Jno. 59, Io6, 107, 187 ; Sir Juo. 

59 ; Kath. 59 ; Lane. 41 ; Mary 

4r, 187; Lady Maud 59; Nich. 

7, 59, 92, 107 ; Ol. 107 ; Sir 01. 

59, 94 ; R. 275 ; Rd. 306 ; Sir 

Sam. 59, 94 ; Tho. 59, 94. 
Lumley, Rt. 28. 

Luton 24-29, 35, 38, 40, 43, 50, 
Sr. 53. 59. 63, 170, 210, 214, 
218, 233, 243, 244, 262, 279, 280, 
3°3, 328, 344, 345, 3^ s 4 5 chapel 
201 ; Dane street 24, 51 ; the 

Luton Doe 53. 

Luxford, Steph. 94, 351. 

Lymbety, sec Limbcry. 

Lynford 233. 

Lynges, see Linge. 

Lynn, Jno. 354. 

Lyre, Galf. le 338. 

Lysons, Ann jio; Mary 109; Wm. 

Lysier, Pp. 32, 160, 206, 207; Tho, 

Lytlynge 24. 
Lytton, Sir Wm. 2S4. 

MAC 1 1AM, Jud. 212. 
Maddison, Geo. 220. 

Madox, Cath. 88, 89 ; Tho. 88, 89. 

Madynghani, Tho. 24. 

Madynglee 131, 140. 

Maide-burie 29. 

Major, Dam. 41 ; J no. 4 1. 

Makelraye, Jno. 31S. 

Makeham, Matt. 373. 

Makepee, Jno. 95. 

Malcott, Dav. 187; Isa. 55; Kath. 

1S7 ; Tho. 187 ; Wm. 55. 
Maletrott, Wm. 55. 
Maline, Sim. 82. 
Malony, Wm. 192. 
Man, Ann 159 ; Eliz. 159 ; Feis. 

159 ; Geo. 159 ; J oh. 159 ; Jno. 

159; Rt. 159; Tho. 159; Wm. 


Manden, Rd. 189; Sus. 189. 
M'anley, Ann 280; Let. 41 ; Rd. 

280"; Wm. 40, 56, 376. 
Mansell, Jno. 81 ; Mar. 330 ; Tob. 

330. * 


Marbery, Ann 159; Eliz. 159; Jno. 

Marcham, 1 ho. 252. 
Marehanl, Jno. 42 ; Mary 42. 
Mareschal, see Marshall. 
Margetts, Tho.; 303. 
Maridale, Kath. 209; Wm. 209. 
Market Cell 179, 180. 
Markham, Rev. Jno. 314. 
Marlborough, Duchess of 155; Sarah, 

Duch. of 44. 
Marlebro, Ely. 252. 
Marriett, Marryott, Maryott, Eliz. 

23, 212; Jud. 215; Lyd. 23; 

Marg. 213 ; Rt. 212 ; Tho. 215 ; 

Wm. 212. 
Marsh, Marshe, arms 0/220 ; Ann 

1S7 ; Dan. 1S7, 206, 220 ; Edw. 

1S7 ; .Eliz. 107, 207 ; Fcis. 187, 

206, 207, 220; Jane 38, 206, 220; 

Jno. 187, 206, 207, 220, 249 ; 
• Reb. 206, 220; Rd. 34; Tho. 

187; Rev. Tho. O. 119, 314; 

Wm. 187, 206. 
Marshall, Mareschal, Esd. 123 ; 

Jno. 92, 143 ; Mr. 263 ; Rt. 237 ; 

Rog. 117 ; Sar. 237 ; Wm. 54. 
Marston 16, 53, 75, 77, 159, 171, 

2 7S> 329, 384'; Mr. 212. 
Marston, Mortayne 55, 161, 297, 


Martin — 120; Dor. 187 ; Eliz. 

187; Faith. 187 ; Jno. 187 ; Jos. 

1S7 ; Mary 187. 
Mai Ion, co. Oxon 185. 
Marvaile, Eliz, 187 ; Juo. 187 ; Rt. 


Marylebone 22, 38.^/. 
Maryott, see Marriett. 
Mason, Han. 207; Jno. 95, 207; 

Mary 207 ; Mr. 16.9, 170; Nath. 
•207 ; Nich. 177 ; Rev. Nidi. 31 ; 

Reb. 237 ; Rt. 295. 
Masons 300. 
Massingbercl, Rt. 85. 
Mastick, Jon. 53 ; Mary 53. 
Masvvorlh 54. 
Mather, Wm. 256. 
Matthew, Mathewe, Eliz. 159 ; 

Hy. 173 ; Rt. 173 5 Wm. 159. 

See Wares als. Mathewe. 
Mattemaker, Rt. 95. 
Maithaei, Will. fil. 338. 
Mattison 384a. 

Maulden 18, 35, 54, 57, 74, 78, 
79, 80, 81, 183, 233, 304, 364; 
chapel 20 1 . 

Mavorn, 149. 

Mawcott, Rd. 272. 
Mawldwyke 54. 

Maxey, Maxie, Edw. 4, 258 ; Jno. 

23, 1S7, 244; Marg. 4, 258 ; 

Tho. 23. 
May, Tho. 351. 
Mayes, Tim. 37. 
Mayles, Wid. 272. * 
Mayo, Char. 86 ; Mary 86. 
Mayster, Isab. 2 }8 ; [no. 23S. 
Meade, Al. 85 ; Rt. 85. 
Meadlow, co. Hants 341. 
Medeforlonge 24. 
Meidestan 133. 

Melchborne 32, 172, 215, 297, 29S ; 

Wm. de 137. 
Meppershall 57, 172, 214, 365, 374, 

Mercer — 2 1 6. 
Merkyate 197. 
Merlon 245 ; co. Oxon 60. 
Meryell, Agn. 27. 
Metcalfe, Alex. 88 ; Jas. 22. 
Middlesex 369. 
Mikesgate 98. 
Miles, Dor. 237. 
Milho,. Matt, de 33S. 
Millbrook 83, 173, 174, 224, 302, 

329> 365- • 
Miller, Jac. 272; Jno. 312, 314; 

Tho. 200. . . 
Millington, Gilb. 2S9, 290, 347, 

348, 353- 
Milne, Uy. 05. 

Milton, Brj ant 32, 35, 53, 300. 
Milton, Ernest 39, 188, 255, 320, 

Milward, Millward 29, 181; Mr. 

38 ; Rd. 54, 94 ; Wm. 81, 94. 
Mitchell, Mary 305 ; Sam. 35 ; T. 

C. 224. 

Moare, Agn. 238; Rt. 238. Set 

Mogerhanger 138, 187, 301. 
Mokes, Cicely 279; fa. 28; Jno. 

Mol end, Jno. 95. 
Molesworth 264. 

Mononx, Lucy 243; Phil. 312; 

Sir Phil. 243, 312, 314. ^ , 
Monson, Dame Marg. 268; Sir 

Tho. 268. 
Montford, Eliz. 305. 
Monyngham, Tho. 25. 
Moore, More, Amy 158; Ann 238; 

Brkl. 188 ; Eliz. 188 ; Ellen 158; 

Fcis. 238, 312, 314 ; Gef. 15S ; 

lly. 158; Jef. 188; Jno. 237, 

4 07 

23S, 265 ; Laur. 158 ; Marg. 54 ; 

Rev. Dr. 250; Rd. 158, ibS ; 

Rt. 144, 158 ; Wm. 54, 82, 158, 

1 88. See Moare. 
Moorer, Mary 302 ; Rose 302. 
Morboroughe, Mr. 17. 
Mordaunt, Mordant, Chas. 57 ; 

Edm. 37, 159, 363 ; Eiiz. 57, 

159, 247, 384; Geo. 57, 384 ; 

Sir Jno. 44; Lew. 57; Lord 

153 ; Rt. 246 ; Wm. 92. 
Mordaunt's manor 246. 
Morell, Jno. 203. 
Mores, Agn. 
Moreton, Wm. 212. 
Morgan, Agn. 159 ; Fcis. 7S, 159 ; 

Jane 159 ; Jno. 159 ; Rd. 159 ; 

Tho. 159 ; Wm. 152. 
Moringe, Hy. 306. 
Morrice, — 215. 
Morrill, Gab. 38. 

Morii.s, Grace 188; Jno. 18S ; Rt. 

188 ; Sar. 188. 
Mortimer, Tho. 295. 
Morton, Wm. 272. 
Mose, Golf. 141 ; Rad. 141. 
Moseley, Ldw. 158. 
Moid ton, 384a. 
Mountague, Ily. 206. 
Mounte, Tho. 295. 
Mountfort. El. 158; Hy. 158; Jud. 

158 ; Kath. 158 ; Mat. 158 ; 01. 

158 ; Rd. 158. 
Mourwyne, [no. 28. 
Mowbray, Jno. de 3S2 ; Lord 378. 
Moyne, Galf. le 130. 
M ulsoe, Ann 61 , 33 1 . 
Munduville, see Amundeville. 
Munfort, [lug. de 1^6; Wm. de 

Munn, — 75. 
Munns, Mr. 10. 
Murra [4. 
Muryell, Jno. 245. 
Mviule, Em. de 136 ; Hug. de 136. 
Myddleton S2 ; Al. 238 ; Isab. 238. 
Mylwarde, see Smyth alt. Mylwarde. 

NAGLE, Ed. J. 43. 

Naper, Dame Eliz. 53; Sir Jno. 53; 

alt. Sandye, Rd. 233, 234. 
Napier, Sir Jno. 126; Sir ls.t. 126. 
Napper, Sir Rt. 344, 345. 
Nash, Geo. 1'. 44 ; Han. 44. 
Naunton, Rt. Co. 

Nayler, Eliz. 159; Joan 54; Wm. 
159, 160. 

Neal, Neale, Neele, Nele, Neyle — 

306 ; Al. 305; Ann 219, 265, 

307 ; Brid. 219, 264, 305 ; El. 
264, 306; Eliz. 118, 219, 265, 
3P5, 307 J Em. 211 ; Es. 334 ; 
Eun. 307 ; Eces. 119, 264 ; Fcis. 
306; Gra. 264; Han. 306; Hy. 
119, 219, 265 ; Ja. 211 ; Jno. 27, 
219, 264, 279, 306, 307 ; Jon. 
265 ; Jos. 219 ; Kath. 264, 305 , 
Lac. 119 ; Marg. 263 ; Mat. 334 ; 
Noah 265, 307 ; Paul 264, 265; 
307; Pet." 264, 307 ; Rd. 35, 211, 
305, 306; Sus. 306; Tho. 211, 
264, 306, 307; Wa. 118; Wm. 
263, 264, 306. 

Negus, Str. 172 ; Wm. 354. 
Nelthorpe, Ann 45, 103 ; Dor. 45, 

103 ; Edm. 103 ; Edw. 45, 103 ; 

Sir God. 45 ; Wm. 45, 103. 
Nenson, Wid. 273. 
N.esse 131. 

Nether- Dean 211,219. 

Nether Gravenhurst 18. 

Nether Shelton 297. 

Nethersole, Wm. P. 185, 314. 

Nettlestead 380. - 

Neubold, Jno. 94. 

Neuu, Ily. de 136. 

Nevill, Ann 190; Cath. 382; Ed. 

382 ; Jno. de 383 ; Wm. 190. 
Newdicks, Mr. 173. 
Newdigate, see Nudigate. 
Newebolt — 95. 

Newenham, Newnham 204, 245, 
348, 354 ; Cartulary 92 ; Priory 

155, 35 6 - 
Newenton BrownswolJe 211. 
Newland, Abra. 223. 
Newman, Tho. 272. 
Newmilend 24. 
Newold, Jno. 25 ; Tho. 79. 
Newport 331. 

Newport Pagnell 212, 255 ; chapel 

Newport Pond 57. 

Newton, Eces. 82 ; Hum. 213 ; 

Wm. 82, 83, 213, 301. 
Newton Blossomville 224. 
Nevle, see Neal. 

Nicholls, Ann 49; Dam. 41 ; Dr. 

49 ; Dor. 364 ; Sir Edw. 3O4 ; 

Hy. 49 ; Jos. 49 ; Kath. 212 ; 

Mary 369; Mr. 113; Rd. 212; 

Sus. 369 ; Wm. 41, 212, 369. 
Nickhill, Eliz. 207 ; Rd. 207. 
Nigilli, Hen. fil Will. I'd 136. 
Noakes, Edwd. 18. 

Noble, Chas, 173. 
Nodes, Chas. 341 ; Eliz. 19S; Ceo. 

NoJ son, Wm. 31 8. 

Norcliffe, Fees. 239; Tho. 239*5- 

Win. 239. 
Noreys, Tho. le T40. 
Norfield, Jane 22. 
Norfolk, J no. Duke of 3S2 ; Kath. 

Duch. of 144. 
Norhill 37. 

Norman, Al. 238 ; An. 57, 107, 

331 ; Ben. 57 ; Eliz. 238 ; Ell. 

238 ; Esau 238 ; Ja. 238 ; Jno. 

95 ; Mary 238 ; Rt. 238 ; Tho. 

238 ; Wm. 107, 238. 
Norman's Court 89. 
Norris, Edwd. 26 ; Eliz. 331 ; Wm. 


Northampton 47, 49, 81, 215, 364 ; I 
Court of Probate 23, Earl of ! 
289, 348, 349. 

Northampton Mercury 260. 

Northaw 59. 

Northbroch 134. 

Northill 26, 36, 42, 44, 57, 81, 366, 

384 ; church 20. 
North Tavvton 47. 
Norton — 29; arms of 89; Agn. 

212; Al. 206, 212; Ann 90, 198; 

Earn. 212; Edw. 212; Eliz. 211; 

Gra. 265; [sa. 212; Jane 212; 

Jno. 89, 206, 212; Lady 53; 

Luke 1 So, 181, 198 ; Marg. 212 ; ' 

Mark 212; Maith. 180, 1S1, [98; 

Mary 90 ; l\d. 89, 90, 212; Rt. 

212 ; Tho. 93, 198, 212, 205, 

318 ; Wm. 2 11, 2 12. 
Norwych, Greg. 130. 
Nudigate, Rt. 93. 
Nurse, Agn. 84. 

OADES, Jac. 336. , , 
Oakley 37", 74, 159, 212, 2S7, 363, 

Odill, Johan 331 ; Jno. 331. 

Oflley 78. 180, 181. 

Offord, Darcy 159. 

Okele, Jno. 93. 

Okeles, Tho. 23. 

Okys, Rt. 297 ; Tho. 297. 

Oliver, Olyver, Jas. 313, 362, 367 ; 

Jno. 95 ; Mary 362, 367 ; Pen. 

367 ; Ric. 117. 
Olney 248. 

Ongley, Hon. Fees. If. 242; Lord 
242, 312, 314. 

Onslow, Cie. 267 ; Rd. 267. 
Ordshull 148. 
Ordway, Tho. 2S6. 
Orcsby, An. 10 5. 

Oilebar, Orlabeere, Ceo. 38, 52, 
148; Marg. 148; Rd. 56, 312, 

3H. 34i- 
Orme, Al. 38 ; Jno. 38. t 
Grsett 4, 258. 
Orsetti, Wa. 337- 
Osberti, 136. 

Osborn, Osborne 181; Eliz. 43 ; 

Geo. 43 ; Sir C. 314. 
Ossory, Earl of 312. 
Otway, Rd. 308 ; Rt. 16. 
Overay, 1 >a. 42. 
Over Deene 211. 
Over Gravenhurst 328.. 
Over Standon 298. 
Oving 37. 

Owen, Jud. 212 ; T. M. N. 32. 

Owtlane, Tho. 273. 

Oxford, Corp. Chr. 170; Line. Coll. 

333 ; Mr. 273. 
Oyldebouf, Jno. 130, 135 ; Walt. 


PABENHAM, Jno. de 137. 

Paddon, Jas. 207. 

Page, — 108 ; Ab. 55 ; Ann 106 ; 

Dor. 106 ; Edw. 106 ; Sir Greg. 

91 ; Jasp. 106 ; Jno. 106, 107 ; 

Hon. Jul. 91 ; Mary 31 ; Rd. 24«j ; 

Tho. 91, 1 06, 260. 
Page-Turner, Sir Ed. 11. 33- 
Pagett, Rev. Mr. 302. 
Paine, Ellen 85; Ha. 306; Mr. 

300; Ro. 273; Tho. 306. See 

also Payne. ' 
Pairatt, Fcis. 214. See. Parratt. 
Paley, PayJey, Jas. 351 ; Rath. 215; 

Marg. 215 ; Mary 84 ; Tho. 84, 

215 ; Wm. 94, 162, 215, 352. 
Palmer, Palmere, Fcis. 287 ; Geo. 

313 ; Herv, de 140 ; J. K. 312, 

313 : Mr. 175 ; W. 275, 356. 
Pannell, Edw. 273. 
Papworth 153, 192; Rt. 341. 
Paradine, Parradyne, Dor. 213, 317; 

Edw. 213 ; Eliz. 213, 367 ; Geo. 

94, 163, 213 ; J no. 112, 213, 

215 ; Marth. 112 ; Mary 41, 1 U2, 

213. 215, 317; Rt. 213, 215, 316, 

320, 367; Sar. 213,. 215; Tho. 

92, 94. 213, 352 ; Wm. 94, 213, 


Pargiter, Wm. 164. 

Paris, Rt. de 152, 193 ; Wm. 249. 


Parker, Ale. 146 ; Amy 104 ; Ann 
208; Eliz. 146, 208; Joan 107; 
Jno. 104, 146, 208 ; fno., M.D. 
146.; Mil. 361 ; Rd. 37 ; Rt. 
219; Tho. 146; Win. 81, 146, 

Parkington, Jno. 35. 

Parne, Dr. 151. 

Parr, Marg. 384^7. 

Parratt, Paratt, — 273, 274; Eliz. 

214; Fcis. 214; Jno. 30, 214; 

Mr. 272 ; Mrs. 299; Kd. 276; 

Rt. 214; Sus. 30; Tho. 213, 214. 
Parry, Wm. 85. 
Parsons, Jno I 59. 
Pa.teman, Jno. 94, 304; Wm. 297. 
Paternoster, Jno. 3^38. 
Pateshull, Jno. de 134 ; Sim. de 

Panic, Mr. 83. 

Paulet, arms of 33 ; Lady El. 34 ; 

Eliz. 206 ; Win. Marq. 34. 
Pauncefot, Isab. 139. 
Pavenham, 17, 38. 
Pawsey, Jos. 314. 
Paxton 131, 139, 384a. 
Pay Icy, see Paley. 

Payne, Fcis. 214; Jno. 312, 314; 
Sir Jno. 43; Mr. 302 ; Phil." 204; 
Rd. 214; Sib. 214; Wm. 205, 
214, 302. See a /so Paine. 

Payre, — 21 8. 

Peacock, Edw. 213 ; Eli/.. 213, 305; 

Ida. 213 ; By. 213, 305 ; Nich. 

213 ; Ol. 213 ; Win. 3 20. 
Peaie, Eliz. 54. 

Pearse, Theed W. 91, 314; Tho. 


P'eaucurt, Ric. de 136. 

Pechat, see Petchat. 

Peck, Pecke, Al. 103; Ann 40. 42, 
103, 112;. Dor. 103, 183,216; 
Edw. 24; Eliz. 40, 183, 214, 
216 ; Jly. 216 ; Jno. 40^ 103, 
I II, 112, 183, 215, 216 ; Jud. 
216; Mary 103; Ol. 103, 183, 
214, 215; Paul 82; Tho. 103, 
107, 215, 216 ; Wm. 82. 

Peddar, Pedder, Al. 330, 331 ; 
Edm. 295 ; Joan 331 ; Jno. 293, 

295, 329 ; Tho. 329-332. 

Pekel, Agn. 95. 

Pellinger, And. 183 ; Sus. 183. 

Pemberton, Cath. 31 J ; Eliz 311; 

Jno. 310, 311 ; Rev. J. 313. 
Penn, Con. 104. 

Pennington, Penington, Eliz. 41 ; 
(lab. 211 ; Jno. 4r. 

Penyston, Ann 333 ; Tho. 333. 

Pep, Galf. 140. 

Pepiat, Ann 216; Jno. 42. 

Peplow 384^. 

Perkins, Tho. 75. 

PenwuT, Wm. 358. 

Perrott, Perott, Perrett, Abr. 174 ; 

Eliz.- 53; Jno. 27; Rd. 174; 

Rt. 5.3, 120, 121, 122, 265; Sam. 

265 ; Sus. 2C5 ; Wm. 27. 
Perry, Perrye, Eliz. 331 ; Jno. 241, 

331 ; Mary 241. 
Peitenhall, Pettnall 37, 38, 39, 58, 

136, 212, 209, 3 r 9> 3 6o » 3 66 > 3^4 5 

Ric. de 136. 
Petchat, El. 107; Mich. 107; Rt. 

93, 95- 
Peter, Rd. 272. 

Peterboro', Bishop of 8; Henry, 

Earl of 247 ; Gent's Soc. 143. 
Petet, Wm. 158. 
Peley, Rd. 24. 
Petteny, Arn. 358. 
Pewsey, Mr. 17. 

Pexsall, arms 33; Ann 34; Edith 

34 ; Dame El. 34 ; Sir Rd. 3.]. 
Phaldo 336. 

Phillip, Phillipp, Agn. 302 ; Edw. 

77 ; Tho. 302. 
Phillippes 302. 
Phillipps, Geo. P>. 200. 
Phillips, Dor. 188; Mary 56. 
Phinn, Chas. P. 256. 
Pickat, Jno. 190. 
Pickering, Jno. 331 ; Tho. 331. 
Piekman, Wm. 107. 
Pigot, Pigote, Pigott, Pycot, etc., 

Alex. 216; Alice 189, 237; Ann 

105, 189, 216; Pen. 368 ; Chrfr. 

188, 189, 216; Eliz. 36, 51, 189, 

216; Fcis. 51; lfy. 51, 189; 

Jane 216; Joan 208; Jno. 51, 

105, 18S, 189, 216, 237, 295; 

Jos. 190; Jud. 368; Marg. 237, 

384^; Mary 51, 189, 190, 2 id; 

Mr. 40 ; Rt. 218, 384-/ ; Sol. 220 ; 

Sus. 38 ; Tho. 51, 216, 218 ; 

Wm. 216. 
Pilgrim, Wm. 214. 
Pillinger, Sus. 103, 
Pinfolde, Pynfold 229, 232 ; Marg. 

219 ; Rd. 219. 
Pinney, Anne 226. 
Piriton, oNich. de 357. 
Pishoebury 2S4. 
Pitkin, Rog. 51, 341. 
Pittlesthorne 50. 
Plant, Jno. 206. 



Plenties, Plentisse 24, 27. . 

Plesanton, Rog. 275. 

Plomer, Plomere, Galf. 93, 95. 

Plukrose, Jno. 375. 

Pocock, Jno. I2r, 122, 123, 124. 

Poddington, Podington 52, 148, 

214, 30 1 . 
Pointz, Jno. 90. 
Poire, Iiy. 138. 
Poley, Jno. 19 r. 

Pomfret, Pomfrett, Eliz. 183, 207, 
265; Jno. 183, 207; Jos. 125; 
Lyd. 307 ; Mary 265, 307 ; Pet. 
_ 265, 307. 

Pontearch, Win. de 15. 
Pontifex, Jos. 160 ; Wm. 160. 
Poole, Jno. 204; Mr. 221. 
Pooley 184 ; Julian. 213 ; Jno. 213 ; 

Marg. 213; Rt. 213; Tho'. 213. 
Pope, Al. 217 ; Rt. 217. 
Poire, see Poire. 
Port, Ric. 204. 

Palsgrave, Pottesgrave, etc. 18, 19, 

35, 90, 328. 
Potter, Anth. 52 ; Cath. 42 ; Chas. 

42 ; Khz. 52. 
Potter street 98. 
Potters in Potion 275. 
Potton 36, 41, 122, 174, 189, 263, 

270, 299, 338. 344; Churchvvd. 

accounts 272; Wood 272 ; Rt. de 

1 30. 

Potts, Eliz. 175; Jno. 36, 78; 

Nich. 31 ; Sands 175. 
Pouller, Rd. 306 ; Sus. 366. 
Poullon, Ann 216; Edw. 216; Jno. 

216 ; Nath. 216.' 
Povey, Tho. 238 ; Wm. 238. 
Powell, Alice 208; An. 75 ; Eliz, 

207; Luc. 147; Phil. 208 ; Rt. 

[47 ; Thos. 207. 
Power 378; Eliz. 37; Jno. 2S1 ; 

Marie 238. 
Powers, Jno. 105 ; Mary 105. 
Praepositi, Gilb. 358. 
Pratt, Geo. 273. 
Prentys, Jno. 94. 
Presson, Joan 208 ; Ra. 208. 
Preston, Wm. 29. 
Price, Da. 318 ; Tho. 318. 
Prideaux, Eliz. 46 ; Tho. 46. 
Prior, Priour, Jno. 17; Jud.. 214; 

Thos. 17, 295. 
Pritchard, Hugh 215; Wm. 215. 
Projector, The 149. 
Prosser, Rev. Rd. 149. 
Pruddon, Eliz. 214; Ecis. 53; 

Tho. 53; -Win. 53, 95- 

j Pteseil, Ptesoyl, Cec. 136; Ci is. 
136; Rog. 136; Sim. 136; Wa. 

Pixel, Rog. 203. 
# 'Pullen, M arm. 31S. 
Puller, 11a. 104. 

Pulloxhill 23, 28, 61, 77, 233, 367. 

Pulton, Jno. 295. 

Punne, Tho. 93. 

Punter, Hy. 233. 

Purney, Sar. 306. 

Purser, Jno. 25. 

Puthenam, Sir Geo. 369 ; Mary 


Putnam, Eliz.. 330 ; Job 330; Wm. 

Puttenhoe 245. 
Putteridge 223. 

Pybaker, Jno. 204 ; Tho. 295. 

Pycard, 1 [y. 74. 

Pychelethorn 282. 

Pycot, Pygat, Pyggot, see Pigot. 

Pymer, 01. 76. 

Pynfold, see Pinfold. 

Pyrewell, Rod. 93. 

Pyrle, Wa. de 142, 143. 

Pysshon, Jno. 93. 

Pytts, Dan. 272. 

Pyxell 298. 

Quint, Wm. 138. 

RABAN, fas. 201. 
Raby, Rabey 3S3 ; Ann 105 ; 
Ju. 105. 

RadclitT, Radclyffe, etc., Sir Alex. 

148 ; Ann 14S ; Kdw. 92; Sir 

Ed. 8, 281 ; Dame Isab. 281. 
Radwell 218 ; Jno. 2S1. 
Radyard, Jno. 210, 211 ; Mary 210, 

Ragons 78- 
Rain'ols, Mrs. 216. 
Rakes, Tho. 144. 
Ramsey, Wm. 166, 167. 
Randall, Joan 80 ; Jno. So. 
Rands, Al. 218; Cath. 308 ; Jno. 

218; Marg. 218; 01. 308; Tho. 


Ranold, Jno. 297. 
Ratclifte, see Radcliff. 
Ratele, Rt. 245. 

Ratford, — 275 ; Ed. 275 ; Tho. 

Ravens, Rd. 3S, 39. 
Kavensden, 74, 70, 82, 153, 306; 
Nich. de 1 37 .j Wm. 38. 


Rawlings, Rawlins, Rawlyn, Mr. | 
1 7S, 179; Tho. 374; Wm. 122, I 

Rawiis, Steph. 144. 
Raymonte, lime. 80. 
Raynes, Jno. 35. 

Raynsford, Mary 337; Sir Rd. 337. 
Rea, Easter 384a ; Jno. 384a. 
Reach 347. 

Reade, Dor. 384,7; Rev. Fcis. 384c?; 

Reading 53. 

Reading, Eliz. 384^ ; Rev. Wm. 

Readyard, Tho. 210. 

Redbourne, Sim. de 130. 

Reddall, Reddell, Reddle, Agn. 
208; Al. 208, 217; Arab. 208, 
217, 242, 304, 331; Ann 208; 
Cath. 242 ; Dor. 208 ; Eliz. 208, 
331, 332 ; Fees. 20S ; Jno. 208 ; 
jud. 208, 242 ; Lyd. 208 ; Mary 
208, 242, 331 ; Ka. 208, 217 ; 
Reb. 20S; Rev. — 262 ; Rd. 208, 
242 ; Sar. 242 ; Tho. 20S, 331. 

Rede, see Reed. 

Reed, Dr. Ed. 299; Rev. Jas, 243; 

Mat. 95. 
Reeve, Eliz. 38; Fcis. 217. 
Retinoid, Reynold 74, 82, 280, 283, 

368, 383- 
Rennolds, see Reynolds. 
Rewse, Grace 22 ; Jno. 22. 
Reynavdson, Sir Abr. 1 S r , i<)8 ; 

All. 100, 368 ; Ann 181, 10S, j 

368 ; Jos. 18 r, 108 ; Mary 308 ; I 

Sam. 181, 197. 
Reynes, Eliz. 222 ; Jno. 26 ; Mary 

363 ; Nath. 222 ; Tho. 363. 
Reynold, Mrs. 249. See Ren hold. 
Reynolds, Rennolds, Rev. Dec. 

185 ; Jno. 77 ; Mary 77. 
Ricard, Mug. I'd. 136; Joh. fil. 358 ; 

Wa. fil. 342. 
Richardson, — 34; Jno. 94; Marg. 

303 ; Pet. 79 ; Rt. 303 ; Sus. 

304 ; W. 6. 
Riehe, Tho. 54. 

Ridgmont 4, 38, 39, 41, 55; chapel 


Rigbee, Eel. 237. 

Riseley, Risleia 37, 136, 215, 328, 
384; Jas. 217; Jno. 130, 217; 
Ric. 205 ; Rt. 8, 217 ; Sim. 93 ; 
Wm. 217. 

Rissheden 131. 

Rix, My. 57 ; Jno. 57 ; Mary 57 ; 
Sam. 57. 

Rixepaud, Ric. 338. 

Roade 371. 

Roberds, My. 191. 

Roberts, Eliz. 41 ; Rev. Grif. 127 ; 

[#10. 17; Miss 127; 01. 8, 39; 

Rd. 34, 272. 
Robins, Robines, Robyns, Alex. 

305 ; Jno. 108 ; Kath. 305 ; Mary 

108 ; Rd. 49 ; Sus. 108. 
Robinson, Robynson, Hy. 273 ; 

Rev. J. 314 ; J. 314 ; Jno. 318 ; 

Rev. Jno. 335 ; U. 255, 320 ; 

Wm. 273, 341. 
Rodd, — 1 19. 
Rogeri, Hug. til. 358. 
Rogers, Jas. E. T. 96; Jno. 199 ; 

Sir Jno. 298 ; Rog. 35- 
Rokitt, Agn. 95. 

Rolt, Rolte, Ag. 38; Amy 243; 

Cath. 305 ; Dor. 361 ; Edw. 58 ; 

175, 176, 361, 366, 367 ; Edvvd. 

B. 58 ; Eliz. 366 ; Fees. 361 ; 

My. 361 ; Jane 365, 367 ; Jno. 

191 ; Marg. 243 ; Mary 365, 366, 

367 ; Dame Mary 58 ;.Mil. 361 ; 

Lady Mir. 361 ; 01. 361 ; Sam. 

5^> 3 U 5» 3°6 ; Ste. 341, 361, 

366 ; Sus. 366 ; Tho. 38, 243, 

365, 366; Sir Tho. 58; Wa. 243, 

361 ; Wm. 243. 
Romfords in Potton 275- 
Rorgord, Ric. 130. 
Ros, Dab. de 141 ; Rt. de 141. 
Roses 302. 
Kota, Rob. 16. 

Rotheram, Rotherham, Agn 4 218 ; 
Ann 243; Dor. 233; Edm. 243, 
244; Eliz. 42, 2.14. 280; Geo. 
92, 218, 233, 243, 244, 280 ; Hugh 
244; Isa. 243 ; Ja. 218; Jno. 21 8, 
244 ; N. 244; Ra. 243; Tho. 42, 
210, 243, 280; Tho. A. 171; 
Wm. 218, 243. 

Rouse, Ezekiel 185; 152; 
Wm. 152 ; Rev. Wm. 185. 

Rowe, Jno. 93. 

Rowland, J ud. 207. 

Roulett, Jno. 307 ; Mary 307. 

Rowneinge, — 81 . 

Rowney 304, 378. 

Rowthe, Tho. 191. 

Roxax 52. 

Roxton 28, 29, 36, 37, 52, 78, 79, 
222 ; chapel 201 ; Par. Reg. 22. 
Roysiae, Will. hi. 356. 
Rubert, Marg. 331 ; Rt. 331. 
Rudd, Edw. 147 ; Gid. 249. 
Ruding, Hy. 152. 


Rufforde, Al. 47 ; )nu. 47. 

RufFus, Anc. 135. 

Rugeley, Eliz. 43. 

R ushen 24. 

R ushden 141, 306. 

Russell, Jas. 264 ; J no. 264, 295; 

Wm. 295. 
Rysle, see Risely. ■ 

SACKEFELD, Shackefeld, Jno. 

74; Kt. 74 ; Sir Rt. 74. 
Sackeswell 55. 
Sa combe 58. 

Sadleir, Sir Edw. 87 ; Sir Ra. 87 ; 
Tho. 87. 

St. Albans 54, 141 ; Abbey 4, 258; 
Visctess. 270. 

St. Asaph, Win. Bp. of 85. 

St. Aubyn, Sir Jno. 6. 

St- John, Agn. 37 ; Ann 279 ; Dor. 
279; Edw. 279 ; Eliz. 89, 279, 
368 ; Eliz. Lady 296 ; Henr. 43 ; 
My. 194 ; Jas. 43 ; Jane 279 ; 
Joan 39; Jno. 194, 279; Sir Jno. 
211 j Jud. 279 ; Lady 154 ; Mary 
279; Mr. 144 ; 01. 92, 213, 214, 
279, 296, 308; 01. Lord Il8, 
296 ; Paulet 43, 297 ; Pen. 43. 

St. Jones, Ann 107 ; Fcis. 106 ; 
Jno. 106. 

St. Mary's, Salop 219. 

St. Neot's 49, 131, 134, 342; Roger, 
Prior of 338 

St. < )uen 222. 

st. Paul's, Dean imd Chap, of 34. 
Salamon, |no. 57. 
Salcok, Wm. 295. 
Sale, Wa. de la j 36 ; Win. de la 

Salewy, Ily. 117. 

Salford 61, 318, 329. 

Salisbury,' — 80; Rog. Bp. of 15 ; 

Earl of 382. See also Salusbury. 
Salis bushes 24. 

Salmon, Mrs. 374 ; Nath. 374 ; 

Tho. 374. 
Salne, Jno. de 1.10 ; Marg. de 140. 
Salop, Edwd. Earl of 382. 
Salphobury 76, 81. 
Salphoende 82. 

Salusbury, Marth. 41, 112; Tho. 

41, 112. See also Salisbury. 
Sam, Samme, Ann 331 ; Edw. 279 ; 

Eliz. 279, 331 ; Geo. 279; My. 

279 ; Jane 55 ; Joan 279 ; Joll. 

331 ; Jno. 279 ; Mary 331 ; Rd. 

244, 279, 331 ; Rt- 2 7y ; Tho. 

279 ; Wm. 2-14, 279, 327. 

Sampford Courtney 47. 
Sampsill 216. 

Sams, Mel. 365 ; Tho. 365. 
Samwell, [no. 57. 
,'■ Sanders — 280 ; Ann 85 ; Cath. 85 ; 

Edw. 83 ; Eliz. 85 ; Fcis. 85 ; 

Jane 216 ; Jno. 85 ; Marg. 279 ; 

Rd. 18, 94, 159, 171 ; Sus. 85. ♦ 

See also Saunders. 
Sanderson, — 190; Ann 207; Eliz. 

207 ; fas. 207 ; Marth. 207 ; 

Mary 207 ; Matt. 207 ; Mrs. 189. 
Sandowe, Eliz. 46. 
Sandr, Rog. 145. 

Sandy 42, 43, 56, 57, 243, 249, 303, 
328 ; Rector of 287. See Naper 
als. Sandye. 

Sandys, Ann 59 ; Eliz. 103 ; Lady 
182 ; Marg. 59. 

Sauernedych 245. 

Saunders 19; Al. 85; Ann 86, 329; 

Eli/.. 84, 85, 86 ; El. 85, 329 ; 

Fcis. 85, 86; Ha. 86; I sab. 328; 

Jas. 80 ; Ja. 86 ; Joan 85, 329 ; 

Jno. 80, 320 ; Kath. 84, 85 ; 

Martlia 86 ; Alary 86 ; Nich. 85 ; 

Rd. 84, 85 ; Sar. 85, 86 ; Tho. 

84, 85, 8b, 328; Thorn; 85 ; Wm. 

84, 328. See rt/i«?'Saunders. 
Saunderson, Mary 368 ; Rt. 368. 
Sauston 182. 

Sautre, Ag. de 142 ; Jno. de 138, 

Savage, Edw. 170, 177; Lady 75 ; 

Sir Tho. 15.8. 
Sawell, Rd. 280. 
Sawyer, Tho. 27 3. 
Saxborowe — 78. 
Saxham 61. 
Saye, Ra. 233. 
Schullz, Jno. 89 ; Mary 89. 
Scott, Dor. 267 ; Geo. 2(17. 
Scouri'ield, Fees. 210 ; God. 210; 

Jno. 210; Mary 210; Sus. 210; 

Wm. 210. 
Scraton, Tho. 25. 
Serattee 75. 

Scrog<;s, Anth. 280; Eliz. 2S0 ; 01. 

280 ; Sa. 280. 
Searle, Geo. 272 ; Tho. 273. 
Sedeleye, Ra. 318. 
Segne, Ra. 95. 

Selbie, Rd. 332 ; Them. 305; Wm. 

305. .SV/Silby. 
Seton-Zach. 237. 

Settle, Elk. 206 ; Jer. 206, 280 ; 
Jno. 206 ; Jos. 206, 280 ; Sar. 
206, 2S0. 


Severn water 142, 143. 
Sewell 292. 

Shack efelde, set Sackfelde. 
Shakespeare, Wm. 3S3. 
Sharnbrook, Scharnebrok 24, 27, 

136, 217, 281. 
Sharpenhoe 34, 198, 212 ; manor 

2 33- 

Shawe, Fees. 303, 304; Geo. 303, 


Sheeres, Geo. 174. 

Sheffield, Edm. Lord 268 ; Eliz. 

86; Dame Gres. 26S ; Jno. 86; 

Sir Jno. 268 ; Mary 86.' 
Shefford 47, 51. 

Shefford Ilardwick, chapel 201. 

Sheldon, Ra. 244. 

Shelton 37, 192, 218, 273, 274 ; 

Al. 41 ; Jno. 41. 
Shenley 1 19. 
Shephard, Tho. 304. 
Shepherd, Con. 111 ; Jno. 95; Mr. 

35 ; Rev. Mr. 104. 
Sheppard, Agn. 18,244; 1 ly. 296 ; 

Jno. 244, 296; Rt. 244; Tho. 244. 
'Sherfield 369. 
She) ington 2 1 2. 
Sherman, Scherman, Jno. 93. 
Sherwood — 384^. 
Shidlingtonbury 147, 262. 
Shiers, Mr. 272. 
Shillington 18, 32, 80, 214. 
Short, Jno, 18. 
Shrewsbury, JnofEarl of 382. 
Sickling Ann 299; Tho. 209. 
Sidebotham, 1 )in. 214. 
Sihiford, Laur. de 135. 
Silby, Ann 104; Jas. 104; Mary 

104 ; Wm. 80. 
Silsoe 29, 54, 78, 166, 318. 
Simes, Wm. 173. 
Simons, Mrs. 56. 
Skegge, Rd. 295. 

Skellon, Ann 280; Eliz. 217; Mary 

77 ; Tho. 77. 
Skevington, Skeffington 192 ; a> >/is 

oj 224 ; Ann 224. ; Car. 224 ; Chr. 

[92, 224 ; Eli/,. 224 ; Eliz. C. 

224 ; Kez. 248 ; Marg. 224 ; T. 

W. 192, 249; Tho. 224; Wm. 

248 ; Sir Wm. 192, 224. 
Ski LI iter, Jno. 304; Juci. 304. 
Skinner, Kath. 207; Ra. 296; Wm. 

Skipton 149. 

Skipwith, Al. 54 ; Tho. 54. 
Skitllethorpe, Al. 20S ; Ed. 207; 
Eliz. 207 ; Wm. 208. 

Slater, Ann 280 ; Eliz. 2S0 ; Win. 

Sleaford 60. 

Slingsby, Slingsbie, Ab. 370 ; II ez. 

37o ; Keb. 335 ; Rt. 370. 
Slowe, Al. 331 ; Hy. 331. 
Slye, Jno. 1 18. 

Smith, Agn. 279; Ann 104, 107, 
I 12, 248 ; Bar. 279 ; Brid. 279 ; 
Chr. 268, 279 ; Rev. E. O. 314 ; 
Eliz. 279, 304 ; lly. 318 ; Jasp. 
107 ; jno. 57, 104, 107, 145, 248 ; 
Ken. 104 ; Rev. Raw. 313 ; Magd. 
268; Marg. 60; Marth. 369; 
Mary 42, 114, 369; Nich. 130 ; 
Paul 279 ; Ra. ill, 112, 369 ; 
Rev. 155; Rt. 82, 304; Sar. ill, 
237, 3°4 5 Tho. 104, 304 ; W. 
314; Wm. 25, 82, 248, 279; 
Rev. Win. 42, 43, 113, 114; Sir 
Wm. 26. 

Smyth, Ann 39 ; Barb. 281 ; Capt. 
250; Edwd. 18; Hy. 303; Hugh 
212; Jas. 272; Jno. 205, 295; 
Leu. 273 ; Marg. 281 ; Nich. 
144; Ric.94, 295; Rt. 204, 331 ; 
Sieph. 93, 95 ;■ Tho. 272 ; Wm. 
145, 281. 

Smyth ah. Milwarde, lly. T53 ; see 

Astuby ais. Smyth. 
Snagge, Ann 278, 329, 363 ; Dor. 

364; Edw. 278, 364; Jiid. 329; 

Mary 364; Rd. 329; Sarjant 364; 

Tho. 30, 224, 278, 329, 363, 364 
Some, J ltd. 208 ; Sir Steph. 208. 
Someris 244. 
Somers, Ann 304. 
Somerset 184 ; Wills 57. 
Somertons 54. 
Sorel, Luce 138. 
Sotheby 21. 
Soulbury chapel 201. 
South Carleton 368. 
Southend, Jno. 295. 
Soutliill 17, 24, 80, 158, 244, 299, 

34L 353. 3^4 ; chapel 201. 
Southo 131, 139, 384(7. 
Sowerby 120. 
Sowere, Jno. 93. 
Sowthlest 54. 
Soysfot, 1 lerb. 139. 
Spalldich 113. 
Spark, II y. 94. 
Sparrow, Mr. 274. 
Spayne, Eliz. 26. 
Spellinge, Wm. 17. 
Spencer, Spenser, Abig. 104 ; Arn. 

284 ; Don. 42 ; I'd. 103, 238, 


304 ; Eliz. 2S0 ; JIan. 104 ; Jno. j 
50, 92, 94, 104, 163, 351, 352 ; j 

■ Luke 304; Mr. 228; Kt. 238 ; 
Sam. 104, 105, 280; Tho. 94, [ 
206, 303, 351 ; Win. 103, 104, j 
105, 20O, 2 ho, 303. 

Spery, Jno. 246. 

Spicer als. Fielder, Sar. 384; Wm. , 
384. See Helder.rt/j. Spicer. 

Springe, Jno. 303 ; Rd. 272. 

Spye Park 58. 

Squire, Tho. 272. 

Stacie, Al. 279 ; .Tho. 279. 

Stackhouse, Jud. 238. 

Stagsden, Stacheden 131, 13S, 212, j 
217, 245, 318 ; Wa. de 135. 

.Stomp ford 49. 

Stanbridge 22, 75, 81, 290, 296, i 

350 ; Hugh 295. 
Standon 87, 145, 146. 
Stanford bury ^o. 

Stanhope, arms of 224 ; Marg. 224. 
Stanley, Jno. 296. 

Stanton, Agn. 244 ; Eliz. 189 ; j 
Jno. 93, 216, 244, 280, 351 ; Kt. I 
189; Tho. 244; Urs. 280; Wm. \ 

Stanyate mead 28. 
Stapelford, Rad. de 141. 
Stapelho, Staploe 134, 145, 215, 


Stapley, Grace 1 1 1 ; Jno. in. 
Star, The 312. 

Staughton, Sreat 49, 59, 1S5, 367 ; ! 
p.uv.i 32, 49, 80, 136, 167, 170. j 

Staunton, Agn. 27S ; Ann 244 ; \ 
Edm. 278; Edw. 278; Feis. 214, 
278 ; Geo. 24 j ; Jno. 244 ; Let. | 
244; Marg. 278; Mary 244; 
Mat. 244 ; Tho. 244 ; Wm. 244, j 

Steele, Laur. 123; Wm. 123. 

.Stephens, — 58. 

Steple Morden 152. 

Steppingley 318. 

Sterne, Tho. 295. 

Stevens, Mary 207 ; Miss 223. 

Steventon 249, 318, 353, 355 ; 

Rectory of 290 ; Vicar of 119; 

Rt. de 117. 
Stevington 297, 298. 
Stewkley, Stewklie, Jno. 317 ; Rt. 


Stickland, Mr. 298. 

Stiff, Amos 192; Dan. 192; Ele. 
192 ; Eus. 192 ; Gitb. 192 ; Jno. 
192 ; Jos. 192 ; Joyce 192 ; Mary 
192 ; Mr. 249 ; Sam. 192. 

Stiles, Ann 55. 

Stilton 131, 139; Galf. de 140; 

Rt. de 140; Sim. de 140. 
Stocker, Ann 80, 187, 329 ; Barb. 

187, 279 ; Chr. 279 ; Eliz. 2S0, 

329; Juan 329 ; Jno. 279 ; Kath. 

279; Ol. 279; Rd. 279, 2S0, 329; 

Rt. 279 ; Tho, 279, 329 ; Wr% 


Stockton, Stokton, 135, 13S ; Eus. 
de 130 ; Jno. 82 ; Kath. 82 ; Rd. 
de 130, 133 ; Tho. 130 ; W in. 

Stockvvell, Alex. 31S. 

Stockwood park 124, 195. 

S tod ham 203. 

Stoke Brevverne 54. 

Stokene 358. 

Stondon 39, 210, 318. 

Stone, Dor. 210; Eliz. 41 ; Rd. 41, 

210; Wm. 87. 
Stonley, Rd. 328. 
Stonore, Jno. de 13S, 203. 
Stopsley 27, 51, 223. 
Stotfold 38, 77, 306 ; Wa. 375. 
Stoughtoatford 81. 
Stow man, Saby 275. 
Strafford, Ann, Ctess. of 379, 3S0 ; 

Tho. Earl of. 379 ; Win. Earl of 

379, 3&>. 
Stratford, Jno. 336 ; Miss 223. 
Stratum 338, 382; Ily. de 138 ; 

Jno. 295 ; Lie. de 138, 358. 
Streatley, Stretly, etc. 34, 35, 211, 

2 1 j, 233. 
Street, Rd. 210. 

Stringer — 107; Jno. 153; Rt. 


Strixton, Jno. 93. 
Studham 35, 180, 318. 
Style, Pris. 208. 

Stylton, Rad. de 137 ; Thorn, de 

137, 140 ; Wa. de 140. 
Stystilend 81. 
Suger, Jno. 375. 
Sumeris 83. 

Sundon 35, 36, 175, 198, 301, 345, 

Sunning lane end 50. 
Sussex 360 ; Earl of 262. 
Sutburi, Kog. de 138 ; Wm. de 138. 
Sutton 75, 115, 262, 267; Joan 

259 ; Jno. 259. 
Swakeley 34. 

Swan, Swann, Jno. 41 ; Mary 305 ; 

Rd. 187 ; Sus. 41 ; Tho. 305. 
Swithland 221. 
Swynesheved, Wa. de 152. 


Sybley, And. 214 ; Edwd. 214 ; Ja. 

237 ; Jno. 237. 
Sydenham, Rd. 122, 124. 
Sylam, Jno. 34; Alary 34. 
Sylbie, Lsab. 332. 

Symes, Symmes, Syms, Edwd. 215 ; 

Mary 215 ; Mr. 172 ; Reb. 206 ; 

Zaeh. 206. 
Syinon, Cath. 242 ; Jno. 212, 241 ; 

Reb. 241 ; Ric. 94. 
Sympson eo. .Hacks 154. 

TADELOWE, Rt. 338. 
Tadlow 299, 320. 
Tagg lane 28. 

Taileur, Tailour, see Taylor. 
Talbot, Geo. 382 ; Gilb. 382 ; jno. 

Talinton 131, 141. 

Tannere, jno. 93, 95 ; Tho. 95. 

Tannerys 245. 

Tanslye, Jo. 272 ; Tho. 174. 
Tapp, Win. 38. 

Tatam, Tateham, Win. 74, 298. 
Taverner, Edm. 58; Fees. 58; Fcis. 

58, 23C ; Jas. 329 ; Joan 124 ; 

Joh. 95; Jno. 58 ; Marg. 58; 

Marth. 58 ; Mary 58 ; Pen. 58 ; 

Pet. 5S ; Rd. 58, 124, 329. 
Tavistock, Marq. of 155. 
Tawer, Joh. 297 ; Jno. 297. 
Tay, Tho. 201. 

Taylor, Taileur, Tailour 384^ ; 

Agn. 298 ; Al. 298 ; Ann 210 ; 

Dor. 214; Edw. 96; Eliz. 82, 

158, 298 ; Giles 158, 304 ; limn. 

209, 296 ; Is. 298; Jno. 297, 

298; Jud. 298; Kath. 53; Marg. 

106, 29S ; Mary 299, 302, 367 ; 

Mat. 299 ; Miss 223 ; Mr. 80, 

299 ; Nich. 82, 298 ; Kan. 53 ; 

Rd. 82, 83 ;Rt. 29S ; Sar. 209 ; 

Sim. 362, 367 ; S. O. 362 ; Tho. 

82, 219, 297, 298; 5 

Urs. 184 ; Win. 106, 353. 
Teat, see Trat. 
Tebworth 304. 
Templarii, Ric. 137. 
Temple, Amy 79; Eliz. 79"; Hy. 79; 

Joan 298 ; Marie 79, 305 ; Pe. 

355 ; Sam. 305 ; Tho. 79, 298 ; 

Win. 79. 
Temple Dinsley 87. 
Templo, Rog. de 136. 
Tempsford 18, 22, 26, 43, 15S, 175, 


Tennant, Mr. 76. 
Terle, Jno. 296. 

Terril, Jno. 19S ; Pet. 198. 
Tezonis, Rog. ill. 342; Wid. fil. 

1 hamocler, Tho. 295. 
Thecd/ Wm. 43, 314. 
Theodoriensi 147. 
Thistlethwaite, Mr. 165. 
Thomas, Jno. 24; W. 250. 
Thompson, Anna M. 43 ; Chas. 43; 
Dor. 43 ; Eliz. 43 ; J no. 43 ; Phil. 

43 ; Kt- 43- 
Thomson, My. 3 3 t ; Jnu. 329; Sar. 

329 ; Wm. 331. 
Thorn chapel 200. 
Thorne co. York 384*7. 
Thorn, Thorne 257; Al. 258; Edw. 

3, 4, 257, 258, 259, 20O ; Giles 

161, 162, 163 ; June 258, 259 ; 

Marg. 3, 4, 258, 260; Alary 258; 

Mat'. 272; Mrs. 163; Nich.' 258, 

259 ; Rt. 258, 259 ; Win. 3, 258. 
Thornton, G. 313; J no. 256. 
Thorowgood, Edw. 22, 209 ; [no. 

121-124; Alary 299; 01. 163 ; 

Rd. 22, 299 ; Rt. 299. 
Thorpe, Jno. 152. 
Thrall, Jno. 25. 
Thralles end 218. 

Throckmorton, Jno. 45 ; Alary 45. 
Throgmorton, Ric. 211. 
Thurgood, Jno. 299 ; Alarg. 299 ; 

Nich. 299 ; Tho. 299. 
Thurleigh 73, 82, 105, 151, 1S1, 


1 Thiuloe, Ann 112; Jno. 112, 15;. 
Thwayts, Ihid. 109; Geo. 109. 
Tibalds 300. 

Tidd, Ann 216 ; Sam. 216. 
Tiilbrook 32, 176, 244 ; Win, de 

Tilsvvorth, Tylsworth 17, 35, 177, 

295, 318. 
Tingey, Jno. C. 339, 343 ; Eli/. 44. 
Tingrith 178. 
Titherly 89. 

Todd, Todcle, Ann 299, 360; Dor. 

360; Edm. 360, 361 ; Edwd. 217, 

361 ; Eliz. 360, 361 ; Ecis. 361 ; 

Hy. 361 ; Jas. 299, 360, 361 ; 

jane 360; Jno. 360, 361 ; Alary 

299, 360, 361 ; Nath. 361 ; Reb. 

299 ; Rd. 39, 299, 360, 361 ; Sar. 

300; Sib. 360; Tho. 360, 361 ; 

Wa. 361. 
Todclington 35, 61, 160, 254, 300, 

309, 379 ; l<<*. 295. 
Tole, Eliz. 249. 
Tomkins, Jac. 169. 

4 i 6 

Tomlinson, Al 2, 257. 

Tonipson, Dor. 38. 

Toms, Marth. 56; Win. 56. 

Topclifl', A mh. 8. 

Tornator, Wa. 135. 

Tornour, Reg. le 135. 

Totenhale, Rt. de 139. 

Totnam, Mum. 8. 

Tottenham 198. 

Totternhoe 32, 35, 160, 291. 

Toturnall 203. 

Touleslound 139. 

Tounslal, Rog. 95. 

Tourac, YVm. de 133. 

Towers, Al. 384a ; Dor. 384.'? ; 

Mary 384,7 ; Tho. 384^ 
Towersey, Towersee, Ann 109 ; 

Edwcl. 109 ; Eliz. 105, 109 ; J no. 

105, 108, 109, 153; Rev. 155. 
Townsend 307. 
Trantum, Jane 305. 
Trat or Teat, Ann 328 ; Ily 328; 

Rd. 328; Tho. 328; Win. 328. 
Tremham in. 

Trenchard, Fees. 59 ; ITy. 59. 
Trevor, Lord 249. 
Tring 54. . 
Triplow 56. 

Trumpington 131, 140, 141. 
Tun-tall, Win, 93. 

Turner, Turnur, Turnor, Ann 184, j 
298; Chr. 94, 298, 365; Daw. 1 
120; Edm. 365; Sir Edm. 366 ; \ 
Sir G. *l\ 314 ; Del. 305 ; Isa. 
365 ; J no. .'i)S ; Joyce 305 ; Marg. \ 
2o8;'Saia. 29S ; Tho". 184, J08; j 
Win, le 135. See Page-Turner. 

Turney, Fees. 280; Jas. 280. 

Turvey 41, 43. 44, L53> 17$, 224, 
246, 248, 298 ; chapel 201. 

Tustone, Jos. 287. 

Tutly, Win, 168. 

Twifieham 111. 

Twisell, Mich. 35. 

Tylcocke, Agn. 18; 'Mich. 18. 

Tyler, Ann 305 ; Edw. 305. 

Tymmes, Jno. 26. 

Tyrel, Rad. 137 ; Tho. 137. 

Tyscote 54. 

Tysoe, Eliz. 41. 


Underhul, Win. 140. 

Underwood, Law. 107; Ric. 93; 

Theo. 76 ; Tho. 76, 105. 
Understetune, tvettedei40j Osb. 

de 140. 

Unedale, Unedall, Jno. 234 ; Win. 

236. See Uvdale. 
Upbury 179, 190, 233, 367 ; manor 


U pchurch 11, 12, 64. 
Upper Caldecot 57. 
Upper Gravenhurst 302. 
Uppingham 214. 
Upton eo. Bucks. 88. 
Upton manor 60. 
Upwood co. Hunts. 219. 
Upwood, Mary 299, 
Uvedale, John 234 ; Win. 236. 

VARNAM, Marg. 25. 

V assail, Jno. 64 ; Mary 64 ; Sain. 64. 

Vaughan, Eliz. 302 ; Geo. 362 , 

Mary 362 ; R. 34(5. 
Vaux, Ann 2995 Jno. 300; Tho. 

82 j Win, 299. 
Ventiman, Roger 31 . 
Ver, Rt. de 15. 
Verulam, Dame Alice 270. 
Vigorous, Eliz. 88 ; Rt. 88. 
Vincent, Mr. 179. 
Vinter, Tho. 35 1. 
Virginia 383. 

WADDOP, Nich. 228. 
Wade, Sir Wm. 365. 
Wade-Gery, W. LL 129. 
Waferer, arms of 184 ; Ann 184 ; 

Tho. 184. 
Wagner, I ly. 38 4,?. 
Wa'gstalT, WagsiaiTej Dor. 1S3 ; 

( ico. 40, 1 14 ; I ly. 28, 183 ; 

Mary 40 ; Rd. 306 ; Sarah 39, 

306 ; Tho. 28 ; Win. 40. 
Walne, Al. 206. 
Wakeman, Rd. 295. 
Waker, Marg. 279. 
Walker, Geo. 320; Hy. 205, 302; 

Jos. 94; Marg. 362; Rt. 94; 

Sua, 303. 
Waller, Ann 302; Dor. 302 ; Ed. 

272, 276 ; Eliz. 3(3 ; jas. 302 ; 

Jane 302 ; Jo. 36; Kath. 302; 

Lew. 302 ; Rt. 302, 351 ; Sam. 

302 ; Sus. 302 ; Tho. 94, 272, 

302, 352 • Win. 92, 94, 302, 351, 

352 ; Wod. 302. 
Wallis, Wallys, Hy. 272 ; Jo. 272 ; 

Mr. 119 ; Tho. 36. 
Walsall, Dr. 303 ; Eliz. 303. 
Walsden Wood 52. 
Walssch, Ric. 95. 
VValsshe, Win. 295. 
Walyngton, Wm. 93. 


Wanton, Jno. 94. See Wauton. 
Wappenham 114. 

Ward, Agn. 305 ; Hy. 92 ; Isa. 

249 5 Jno- 35. 272, 275 ; Jos. 320 ; 

Ric. 191 ; Sar. 305 ; Tho. 36, 

272 ; Wid. 272. 
Warden 138, 242, 289, 353, 355, 


Warderene, Tho. 93. 

W ardour — 60. 

Wares a/s. Mathewe, Rd. 244. 

Warner, Wawnor, Edw. 304, 320 ; 

Geo. 304 ; Jno. 304 ; Jos. 304 ; 

Sar. 304 ; Sus. 304 ; Tho. 304. 
Warren, Waryn, Eliz. 309 ; Jno. 

95 J Tho. 309. 
Warwick, Joyce 365 ; Tho. 365. 
Warwickshire 153. 
Waryn , see Warren . 
Wasselyn, Rt. 245. 
Waters, A nth. 163. 
Watford 149. 
Watkins, Wm. 314. 
Watson, Eliz. 243 ; Fees. 57 ; Ceo. 

57 5 Hy. 304 ; Jer. 301 ; Rt. 238; 

Tho., D.D. 243 ; Wm. 301. 
Watts, Wattes, — . 274 ; El. 301 ; 

Eliz. 301 ; Geo. 301 ; Joan 301 ; 

Mark 301 ; Mat. 301 ; Tho. 8, 

76, 301 ; Urs. 301 ; Wid. 273. 
Waulton, Drid. 300. 
Wauton, Wawton, Brid. 2S4 ; El. 

220; Eliz. 300 j* Geo. 300; Rt. 

tic 134; Tho. 220; Wm. jS-Ij 300. 
Wn \ endoh 43. 

W'destonia, Gene de 140; Osb. de 

Wealle, Tho. 210. 

Weaver, Mr. 38. 

Webster, Rev. J. 313. 

Wedon 247. 

Weedon, — ,53. 

Welbone, Edw. 94. 

Weldebof, Ger. de 137, 140; Rad. 

de 134, 137 J Ric. de 135, 137 ; 

Rt. de 137 ; Wa. de 137 ; Wm. 

de 134, 137. 
Wellingborowe 212. 
Wellington 8. 
Wells, ""Prebendary of, 127. 
Wells, Welles, Agn. 279 ; Brid. 

305 ; Clias. 97, 100 ; Fees. 279 ; 

Fcis. 305 ; Mr. 175. 
Went worth, Lady Aim 61 ; Lady 

Henr. M, 380 ; Lady Lucy 380; 

Lady Maria 380 ; Lady Phil. 380 ; 

Tho. Lord 61, 379, 3S0 ; Rt. 

Hon. Wm. 379. 

Wessex, Ceawlin, King of 97. 
West, Fcis. 121, 304, 334 ; Hy. 93; 

Joan 305 ;Jho. 94; Sim. 92, 351; 

.Tho. 191. 
Westhaye 50. 
West Hornclon 44. 
Westminster 224 ; Abbey 221. 
Westmorland, Ra., Earl of 3S2. 
Weston 304 ; Vicar of 136. 
Weston co. Northants. 207. 
Westoning 178, 216, 233, 3S4 ; 

chapel 201. 
Westwode, Hug. de 137. 
West wood held 81. 
Whalley, Dame Prise. 146. 
Wharton, Anth. 304^ ; Edw. 384a ; 

Mary 384a. 
Whalton Woodhall 45. 
Wheatham co. Wilts 58. 
Wheeler, Jno. 56 ; Rd. 8 ; Wm. 

56, 236. 
Wheelowes, Win. 81. 
Whinfield, El. 90; Rev. E. IT. 90. 
Whipsnade 35, 75, 203, 233, 295. 
White, Whyte, Agn. 95, 165, 166 ; 

Edm. 244; Mr. 34; Rt. 165, 

166 ; Tho. 280. 
Whitebread, see Whitbread. 
Whitechapel 42. 

Whitehead, Cath. 88 ; Chr. 107 ; 

Cons. 89 ; Sir Hy. 89. 
Whitehill 223. 

Whitbread, Whitebroad, AT. 302 ; 
Ann 303 ; Cnpt. 75 ;.Dor. 302 ; 
Ele. 303 ; Fliz. 105, 216, 303 ; 
Fees. 303; lly. 105, 302, 303, 
304; Jno. 302, 303; Law. 302; 
Mary 303; S. 314; Wm. 215, 

Whittaker, Whitaker, — 214 ; Jno. 

Whittingham, Mary 384*1: ; Rd. 

384a; Rt. 247. 
Whyte, Si'c' White. 
Wibawdeston, Rad. de 135 ; Sim. 

de 135. 

Wiboston, Wyboston 49, 279, 329. 

Wichelowes, Ste. 272. 

Wickam, lip. of Lincoln 34, 35. 

Wick en 64. 

Wickens, Jno. 1S7. 

Widdowes, Dan. 173, 174. 

Wigham Hall 384^. 

Wigston, Mary 258 ; Rog. 258. 

Wilborne, Wylbon, Nich.- 205 ; 

Wm. 54. 
Wilcock, Mary 56. 



4 i8 

Wilcox, Wilcoxe, Anth, 56 ; Eliz. 

56 ; Jno. 255. 
Wildeit, Wildene 38, 39, 131, 137, 

158, 3O7 ; Agn. de 1 37 ; fno. de 

137 ; Wa. de 137. 
Wilks, Wilkes, Ann 41; Eliz. 40, 

41 ; J no. 41 ; Jud. 41, 42 ; Ma*y 

40 ; Tho. 40, 41. 
Willan, Ann 184 ; Chas. T. T84 ; j 

Eliz. 184 ; Fees. Aug. 184 ; Rev. 

Rt. 183, 184 ; Rt. S. 184. 
Willcocks, Law. 238. 
William, Jno, 215. 

Williams, Ann 186 ; Edw. 316 ; j 
Jno, 35 r ; Mr. 150, 153; Tho. j 

Williamson, dir. 192, 224 ; Ed nr. 

192; Rev. Edm. 224, 314; Rev. j 

E. R. 250 ; Sus. 306. 
Willian cp. 1 lerts. 1 18. 
Willingion, 44, 50, 105, 217, 304, 


Willis, Willys, Dav, 2.49 j Sir Jno. 

364; Mary 364. 
Willoughhy, Anth. 244. 
Wilmer, Wilmere, Agn. 189; Nich. 

188 ; Tho. 188, 189. 
Wilshamslead 8, 57, 341. 
Wilsmer, Eliz. 303; Geo. 303; Rd. 

3 (J 3- 

Wilson — 119; Tho. 110; Win. | 

Wilstead 280, 304. 

Wimpew, Nath. 207 ; Sam. 207. 

Wimundi, Huh. hi. 136. 

Winch, \jtfnche, Wynche, arms of 

266 j lien. 158; Cic. 267 ; Dor. 

207 ; Edw. 106, 108 ; Eliz. 105, 

loo, 206, 210; Fees. 51 ; Ha. 

106; IJ el. 207; Hum. 207; Sir 

Hum. 206 ; Jno. 36, 51, 75, 106,. 

108; Jud. 207; Lady 302; Marg. 

267; Mary 105, 106, 158; Mr. 

17,. 272; Ons. 94, 267; Tho. 


Winchester, Marq. of 34. 
Windsor, Dean and Chapter 121, 

1 22. 

Wingfieid 216. 
Wing, J- 3 T 4- 

Wing-ate, Wyngate — 58, 21S; 
AL 300 ; Edm. 218, 300 ; Edwd. 
233 ; Eliz. 21S, 300 ; Sir Ecis. 
373 ; Geo. 218 ; Jno. 300 ; Dame 
Kath. 300; Marg. 218; Mary 
105, 233 ; Phil. 105 ; Rt. 105. 

Wingfieid, Sir Rt. 49. 

Wingrave 54. 

Winne, Jno. 302 ; Marth. 303 ; Rt. 

W inzar, Hy. 201. 
Wisbeche Castle 157. 
Wiseman, Mary 273. 
Witheridge, Lov. 46; W.-46. 
Withers, Sarah 336 ; Win, 336. 
Witt, Ge>>. 250. 
Witton, Win, 178. 
Woburn 80, 188, 244, 298,. 30*2, 
36.7 ■ 

Woburn Abbey 119; chapel 201, 

Wode, see Wood. 
Woden de, see Woodend. 
Woderoue, Jno. 95. 
Wodhill 35S. 
Wollaston 1 15, 279. 
Wolstenholm, Mr. 37. 
Wolverton 258. 

Wood, Wode, — . 81 ; Rev. Jas. 

304 ; Jno. 209 ; Ric. atte 95 ; 

Rosse 209. 
Woodcock, Bridg. 109 ; Pet. 109. 
Wood Eaton 58. 

Woodend 59, 110, 144, 33}; Wm. 

de 13G. 
Woodfall, Greg. 215. 
Woodham, Essex 297. 
Wooding, Tho. 249. 
Woodmansey, Amy 301 ; Eliz. 301; 
'Feis. 301 ; Hy. 301 ; Jno. 301 ; 

Nich. 301 ; Pris. 301 ; Sib. 301 ; 

Tho. 301 ; Wm. 217. 
Woodward, Agn. 331 ; Al. 320- 

332 ; Ann. 55, 331 ; Char. 332 ; 

Edm, 331), 337 ; Edwd. 330 j 

Eli/. 54, 330, 331. 33^; Fcis. 

330 ; Hy. 330, 332 ; Joan 330 ; 

Job. 330, 331 ; J"o. 329, 330, 

332 ; Jos. 331 ; Marg. 330, 331 ; 

Marth. 330, 331 ; Mary 330, 331, 

332 ; Mich. 330, 331, 332 ; Reb. 

330 ; Rt. 329-33-' ; Sar. 331 ; 

Tho. 3 2i )-3:^ ; Wm. 39, 332. 
Woolhowse, Rd. 163. 
Wootton 8, to, 17, 25, 40, no, 159, 

243. 279. 328, 383 ; chapel 201. 
Wootton Warren 214. 
Worcester 219 ; Dean and Chapter 

of 121, 122. 
Worledg, Eliz. 275. 
Worrall, Rd. 212. 
W'orsle, Jno. 245. 
Worthaston 54. 

Wrestlingworth 270, 303, 31S, 320. 
Wrexhill 56, 152. 
Wricklemarsh 91 . 


Wright, Wryght, Agn. 278 ; Eliz. 

278; Fees. 278 ;' Fleet 189 ; Hugh 

95 ; Jnq. 94.. 189, 27S ; Rt. 143, 

252 ; Tho. 17. 
Wyaii, Geo. 188; J no. 74. 
Wyatt, J as. 2, 6. 
Wyboston, see Wibosto.11. 
Wye, Jane 104 ; J no. 25 ; Wm. 104. 
Wylbon, see Wilborne. 
Wylde, arms of 152. 
Wylkinson, J no. 298 ; Rd. 24. 
Wyminton 1 36. 
Wymond, J no. 295. 
Wyneh, see Winch. 
Wyne, Mary 107. 
Wynedell 358. 
Wyngate, see Wingate. 
Wyred rawer, Wm. 295. 
Wytheypolle, Jno. 258, 250; Jone 

258, 259. 

I Yardley, arms of 182. 

Yarwaie, Tlio. 282. 

Yckewell 26. 

Yeelding 215. 
! Yelling 384a. 

I Yelverton, Eli/.. 60; Sir My. 60; 
! Syb. 214. 

Yeryell, Ann 24. 
i Yieldon. ioo, 153, 21 r, 299. 

Yonge, Young, Anne 107 ; Edw. 
107 ; Rd. 121-12 \ ; Tho. 204, 
Yresine 35S. 
Yuonis, Wm. hi. 139. 

ZOUCIIE, Lord 292. 
. . . derfield, Ann 1S9 ; SU-pE . 

. . . effern, Eliz. 218; Jno. 218.